The White Man’s Burden And The Dunning-Kruger Effect


“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge”-Charles Darwin

We all know the Dunning-Kruger effect of cognitive bias theory. It is the illusory superiority of certain people who mistakenly consider their cognitive ability to be more superior than it actually is. Therefore, less intelligent people with lower overall abilities assess their own aptitudes as average to above average, e.g., almost any person who thinks they could do what Elon Musk does if only given the chance.

“An ignorant mind is precisely not a spotless, empty vessel, but one that’s filled with the clutter of irrelevant or misleading life experiences, theories, facts, intuitions, strategies, algorithms, heuristics, metaphors, and hunches that regrettably have the look and feel of useful and accurate knowledge”.-Dunning

The opposite position of the same argument is that people with above average cognitive ability tend to see themselves as less than. That usually means that they are trying to constantly improve whatever deficiencies they might have or be perceived as having. They understand that there is so much that they do not know or understand, so they truly want to develop their weaknesses to the point of proficiency.


People tend to hold overly favorable views of their abilities in many social and intellectual domains. The authors suggest that this overestimation occurs, in part, because people who are unskilled in these domains suffer a dual burden: Not only do these people reach erroneous conclusions and make unfortunate choices, but their incompetence robs them of the metacognitive ability to realize it. Across 4 studies, the authors found that participants scoring in the bottom quartile on tests of humor, grammar, and logic grossly overestimated their test performance and ability. Although their test scores put them in the 12th percentile, they estimated themselves to be in the 62nd. Several analyses linked this miscalibration to deficits in metacognitive skill, or the capacity to distinguish accuracy from error. Paradoxically, improving the skills of participants, and thus increasing their metacognitive competence, helped them recognize the limitations of their abilities.-Dunning and Kruger

What we do not realize is how much the tribe uses this strategy against us in order to control us. They take complete advantage of the fact that their extreme efforts have caused us Whites to become atomized, hedonistic, individualized, and materialistic. The tribe sees White self-sacrifice and altruism, which are both very central values to the White race, as a weakness and nothing to be admired. They have exploited and capitalized on this to control us goyim to run roughshod over us by turning our strengths into weaknesses.

Why is the tribe so influential over Whites? There is no doubt that they are a very cohesive unit and generally do not counter-signal or subvert other members. As I learned long ago, they have an incessant loyalty to each other and subscribe to an all too familiar Semitic taqiya-esque system of bold-faced paradoxical lying to assist their comrades if needed; trust me, there isn’t a level to which they will not sink when they are up against goys. As a result, they use our sense of fair play to take advantage of our laws, countries, and people without the slightest amount of guilt for its devastating negative consequences.

Why do they do this? According to,

“We Jewish people also want to survive. We are a tiny portion of the 6 billion you mentioned. We’ve been around for almost four thousand years. At times, we made up more than 10% of the world. At other times, much less. Right now, we’re less than a quarter of a percent.”

How does the tribe use White altruism against us in terms of the Dunning-Kruger effect? What Whites do is incorporate the criticism that we receive from the rest of society, to try to “improve” ourselves according to the unattainable lofty standards that have been bestowed upon us by them: don’t be racist, sexist, bigoted or homophobic, and conform to whatever carrot of lunacy that these propagandists dangle from their stick for us. This constant refrain is geared at Whites and only Whites.

The sad truth is that is works on a huge number of us. Whites have a tendency to form groups not based on kinship but on reputation or moral ideal, which makes us much more susceptible to manipulation or pressures from outside forces. This evolutionary genetic response compels us to conform to much of the leftist nonsense that we are dealing with now, while other races carve out huge swathes of our countries’ cities and lands because their relationships and social structures are entirely built on kinship and culture.

Why do we allow this, we often say? The answer, unfortunately, is that we have that DNA-engrained predisposition to do so. We project moral authority and special knowledge onto the media apparatus, and they use it against us; even though, we are the most moral and altruistic of any other group of people combined. We take it to heart when other peoples, groups, or races criticize us, and their use of TV, books,  magazines, newspapers, radio, and the Internet have been an amazingly powerful tool to promote this consistently critical agenda.

Kevin MacDonald in the Culture of Critique wrote,

“Jewish involvement in social criticism may be influenced by social identity processes independent of any practical goal such as ending anti- Semitism. Research in social identity processes finds a tendency for displacement of ingroup views away from outgroup norms. In the case of Jewish-gentile contact, these outgroup norms would paradigmatically represent the consensus views of the gentile society. Moreover, individuals who identify themselves as Jews would be expected to develop negative attributions regarding the outgroup, and for Jews the most salient outgroup is the gentile power structure and indeed the gentile-dominated social structure generally.”

This means that we must be careful when we counter-signal or criticize each other, especially those people who are potential allies. We are now an atomized people with little to no spirituality, not much cohesion, and increasing unnatural family structures; however, we are starting to change that.

All creatures on Earth seek to be around their own kind except White people, but we in the White-Identitarian movement have a duty to bear the burden to change that paradigm. Today’s cucks are tomorrow’s brothers and sisters in arms. We have to look past our conditioned tendency to criticize and verbally eviscerate one another to allow for differing points of view and opinions. Our intent must be to unite and fight our outside enemies while uniting each other. If we divide and conquer ourselves, our enemies have little else to do except rule over us. Therefore, we must be forgiving of each other and be a Polaris for other atomized Whites to find. We will give them and each other hope, solace, and guidance rather than the same kind of degrading negative tactics that our enemies continue to use on us on a daily basis.




  • Sir, if you look at our ancestors, the ancient Celts, Germans and Vikings, they had very strong feelings about honor and fair play. They were highly respected by the Romans for their high moral conduct and by the fact that they lived and fought with a very strict code of honor. I wonder if this comes from climate and geography. I do believe it is in our dna. Look at the Christian European code if chivalry. I don’t see this same code in any other culture. We do have to be careful of parasites because of this conviction.

  • White empathy/altruism/honesty is just adaptation to a sprawling, complex civilization. Acting honorably and demanding honorable behavior from others is the safest all around strategy if you want to scale up your social system. Everyone knows where they stand and can get onto important work. Reputation is everything when people aren’t capitalistic or communistic units, but members of a hierarchy.

    Jews are designed, at a fundamental level, to relentlessly exploit this instinct of ours. This is why they lie so naturally and incessantly, and don’t even seem to know they’re lying half the time. This is what Hitler described as far their relying on a listener’s stupidity–it isn’t stupidity, we just don’t assume that people have a reason to lie the way they do. We can’t comprehend their motives or tactics. This is the source of their success. They do the one thing is so alien to us that we don’t have a proper defense against it.

  • “almost any person who thinks they could do what Elon Musk does if only given the chance”

    I am aware that he is above average intelligence, but all his recent ventures are all now basically getting massive tax payer money from the state.

  • It could also be that Whites are physically afraid given that their lands have been invaded by hostile non-Whites, and the “altruism” is a way to manage that fear without explicitly acknowledging it.

  • “All creatures on Earth seek to be around their own kind except White people.”

    Not quite. White social justice warriors usually live in 98% white bubbles. They spend their lives living in all white suburbs or neighborhoods. They attended 98% white schools from kindergarten through graduate school. Their offices might have a few blacks or browns, usually as clerical workers. When these SJW’s advocate for “diversity” and “multiculturalism” it is never for themselves.

    They white SJW’s probably don’t stop to think which white people will have to endure the diversity for which they advocate. So far, the white people who have actually had to suffer with diversity are poor and working class whites. That will change if blacks and browns become the majority, because then they will have the power they have long dreamed of — the power to build public housing in white neighborhoods, the power to redraw school district lines so that white children will never again be allowed to become a majority in any public school.

  • We’re in this position because our ancestors were Christians who failed to understand Skypes, preferring to see them as misguided Whites instead of hostile foreign parasites.

    If we’re to survive, the Skypes need to be expelled once and for all.

  • “Therefore, less intelligent people with lower overall abilities assess their own aptitudes as average to above average, e.g., almost any person who thinks they could do what Elon Musk does if only given the chance.”

    Good point, but poor example. Musk is a huckster using government largess to get wealthy. It’s hard to believe he is not Jewish, most white goyim would not stoop to stealing tax money.

  • Dude, let’s face it: it’s a wrong DNA, a virus that has been planted into Anglo-Saxons in the mid-’60s.

  • What Whites do is incorporate the criticism that we receive from the rest of society, to try to “improve” ourselves according to the unattainable lofty standards that have been bestowed upon us by them: don’t be racist, sexist, bigoted or homophobic, and conform to whatever carrot of lunacy that these propagandists dangle from their stick for us.

    Generations of white American women looked at men like Andrew Jackson who rejected that nonsense and considered them good husband material. These women knew that traditional white men showed the strength necessary to protect them and their families in a harsh and dangerous world. Only in the last couple generations have white women succumbed to cultural indoctrination to reject racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic men as unsuitable mates.

    I submit that we have the weight of both biology and long-term tradition in our favor if we want to restore a pro-white society that works for our interests and not for our parasites and saboteurs. It shouldn’t take much to hit the reset button on white women to make them see reason regarding the men they want in their lives.

    • Fully agreed. But men in the movement need to embrace strength and intellect. I have experienced some young men in the movement who are very rough around the edges. White women need you to be stronger, smarter, decisive and most of all willing to make your move.
      Yes women need to improve but women are easily moldable when they encounter a man who stronger, smarter, and decisively takes an open shot.
      Believe me I am speaking from experience.

  • The most pathologically altruistic Whites are the former Protestant, now secular Puritan, nations and most are of Germanic/Nordic origin even in the USA. I am not sure about this it’s in the DNA thing. i think one has to look at the religious history of the Germanic/Nordic nations. It has to be a little of both.

  • In my mind the question is were whites pathologically altruistic BEFORE Christianity and Jewish media? I have my doubts. I’m not a blind believer in KMac’s theory.

    How would Japan and China do with Christianity and Jews pushing hate crime laws, miscegenation and interracial porn? Oh, I think they’d implode in one generation.

    All things considered I think whites are actually doing reasonably well. I mean, we have 44 million dindu in America. That’s more dindu than the entire population of Canada, Australia and most European countries. Whites have been carrying a tremendous burden for centuries. Jews are in overdrive now and it’s do or die time in the 21st century.

  • Jews can get away with criticizing us because they appear as fellow whites.
    Nobody would take them seriously when they tried to criticize us but we knew they are Jews.

  • We weren’t always so “altruistic” our ancestors were the toughest people on the planet. The reason we’ve been so susceptible to social engineering is down to our own decadence. I know Chinese and Russians who were subjected to intense communist brainwashing and it went in one ear and out the other. Cheering on your own genocide is insane

  • The reason could be that for decades now whites have been indoctrinated–by the Jewish-owned media–from sunup to sundown with Marxist propaganda, and all of it focused with one goal in mind: the complete destruction of the morals and ethics of those people who once formed Christendom, i.e., the White race. It not only COULD be the reason–it IS the reason. We’ve been turned into a bunch of guilt-ridden, obese, mushy-brained slobs. Time to turn things around. But first ya gotta know who it is that has led you astray.

  • Also why the white sharia memes and anti-boomer stuff needs to stop. We are alienating potential allies with that bs.

    • The SPLC & ADL have spent the last decade trying to connect White Nationalism to terrorism (they constantly compare us to Muslim Jihadis) and the ‘White Shariah’ meme plays into that. It gives them exactly what they want. Considering the meme was created by Weev, who has admitted to being a Jew, I doubt this was an accident.

      And LARPing as Muslims – the people who are invading our homeland – is just plain crazy. No one wins a war by idolizing their enemy.

      • Spot on. I think the dailystormer is trying to lead and manipulate its own movement of ~18-25 year olds into doing something very stupid in order to smear the movement. “White sharia” memes benefit our enemies, not us. Therefore, it is a subversive tactic, and if you’ve ever heard any of anglin’s pre-stormer stuff, he clearly HATED whites at one point.

      • DS may have put wind in its sails but many have been calling for thot patrols for a long time. its a natural reaction when millions of women start running your country into the ground

      • The Left in general paints us as incredibly hostile in order to gaslight us into being passive. In point of fact if we were anything like these Muslim migrants in terms of belligerence we would never be criticized because the Left only ever attack those who they know will not be able to defend themselves from the critique.

        You people who look at Muslims, or any other group of people and simply reflexively do the opposite need to pull your heads out of your asses. This is what blacks do in America and vilify successful traits based on them being viewed as quintessentially white. Meanwhile we’ve always had weak willed and uncertain members of our own cohort doing the same and looking at any non-white group who is getting one over on us and declaring the mode of behavior or tactic as illegitimate.

        Being dangerous is good in and of itself, and appearing dangerous is better so you are less likely to be forced to put those qualities into actual practice.

    • if ur a boomer and don’t feel like the boomers let this eden turn into a swamp ur not an ally. also women need to acknowledge they are not equal to men. they cant defend the land and should not be making the decisions. the only women allies I want are ones pumping out kids so we still have a chance to defend the land 20 years from now

      • Agreed. However, these people are victims of Jewish propaganda, and at this point in the struggle, we need to be recruiting potential allies, not alienating them. Hitler did not condemn German victims of Jewish brainwashing, he wanted to save them. We should be trying our best to build bridges with our fellow whites, not turning them into enemies.

        • The first step in that process is them admitting they were wrong. If the distinction between them being friends or enemies is their inability to approach a cooperative endeavor without their ego it was never going to work out anyway.

          We tried your tactic for decades to no avail. Change and learning in the individual isn’t possible without them first admitting fault. After that they can be directed at who miseducated them.

          • Their ego is in the way because they have been propagandized to be individualistic narcissists. And what most of these people would say is “how does it affect ME?” I think this only changes when we hit hard times. Right now times are good. everything (((seems))) to be working. But it’s all a house of cards. If someone is on the defensive and arguing with you, you gotta try a different tactic, because they are gonna double down on their opinion. Someone should be writing an article “to all oath keepers and 3 percenters, from the alt right.” Not declaring war on them. This is communication 101. If we fight each other, jews win.

      • I am an Xer and Boomers didn’t pass the 1965 Immigration Act. Those politicians were from the previous 2 generations. It is too easy laying the blame on others for the problems of today. A nice, tidy scapegoat. I suggest you dig into Spengler and get a glimpse of reality. As for white women pumping out kids at replacement level in the near future. Keep dreaming!!!! My teenage nieces in conversations have said one kid at the most, and that is if they do decide to have kids. Young men are going MGTOW as well. Wait til the sex bots coming out get replaced with replicants like Pris from Bladerunner. Game over man!!!!!!!! People need to worry about if the human race will survive in 20 years, much less just us of European decent.

        • and millennials didn’t start these wars in asia but we are actually doing something to try and stop it. see the difference? your teenage nieces are going to have kids till they cant anymore like it or not. see the difference? im not pointing blame, im saying what needs to be done

    • Kvetching about it isn’t going to achieve anything.

      Let’s pretend for a moment that the people creating this “bad propaganda” are CIA agents or some other outside group trying to smear the movement. Why would they listen to you when you tell them to stop? Simple answer: they won’t. You can’t stop “bad propaganda” since anyone can upload anything to the internet. The only thing you can do is not engage in it yourself if you think it’s a bad tactic.

      • No, you can either shut up about it, like you advocate, or call out the bullshit when you see it in order to make others aware, especially young, impressionable minds.

        • What makes you think young people are going to listen to your kvetching? It’s not as convincing as you think it is.

          • Why are you so attached to this subject? Why is it important to defend white sharia? Why should we imitate our enemies? Why don’t you have an avatar? Why do you refer to my arguments as kvetching? Is it a sly tactic to try to make me seem jewish? Is a subject less interesting, simply because you decree it so? If you are so important, then are you a jew?

          • You seem pretty much like a Yid to me. What I have read at the Stormer has led me to feel White women are out of control. Either White men will gain control over them once more or they will end under the control of other men who can man-up and dominate them. I certainly plan to read J.D. Unwin. I think that Weev’s big post on coverture was most learned and very persuasive.

          • Its simple, the Jews want you blaming white women, when you should be blaming jews. You cant fix the white women problem without first fixing the Jewish problem. In fact every problem is unfixable without first fixing the Jewish problem. So I’m yid because I don’t like sharia nor do I think it is effective propaganda? Bravo on your logical prowess. Guess what, your boy weev is self admittedly Jewish and indian. But you’d never know that it you never escape the dailystormer echochamber.

          • It’s easier to address the White women question than the Jewish Question.

            Because we have a significant amount of soft power over white women, and can influence (although not fully control) their behavior, even in an environment where we are denied the legal powers that we ought to have.

            Just not acting like a boomer-cuck goes a long way. If we can cleanse the next generation of boomer-cuck behavior towards women, we will improve things enormously.

          • I disagree. Women follow power, and thus, the state. Jews have the power, so women follow jews. Young women can get everything they think they want from the jewish system. Its only after they get older do they feel pangs of regret, which they usually compensate for with alcohol sex food or cats. We internet neo-nazis aren’t changing any women’s behavior, if any of them have even heard of the alt-right, withouttaking power away from the jews.

          • You sound like a pussy and if you are trying to appeal to young men that’s not going to work. The only people you are likely to attract are homos, kikes, and women.

            You think the white sharia meme is some kind of conspiracy to make the movement look bad but anyone with a pair of actual balls and a brain can see the real reasons why it exists. Women are out of control. In Sweden they are inviting brown and black refugees into the country to have sex with them. Young men see this and understand that they are being cuckolded for being weak and need to do something about it.

            Do you know why there are no man-hating feminists in Saudi Arabia? Take a moment to think about it before you respond.

          • Oh yeah, was the white sharia meme what led you to the red pill? If so I’d love to hear your story.

          • No, I just understand why it exists. And no I will not join Islam, but my reasons for finding it undesirable are very different than the reasons some proud girl homo finds it undesirable.

            Are you against abortion? Are you against abortion because it kills black babies? It’s possible that the answer to the first question is yes and the answer to the second question is no.

          • I understand too. However, I think it can be used against us by our enemies, very effectively.

          • It’s not about imitating Muslims. It’s a silly term for a White patriarchal society, designed to create cognitive dissonance in pro-Muslim anti-Whites.

          • Real national socialism had much better propaganda than borrowing terms from desert dwelling Semite savages

          • The White Sharia meme is taking advantage of Islam’s protected status. We can advocate patriarchy and yell “Islamophobia!” at anyone who criticizes us.

          • I think you explain it the best of anyone yet, however it could also be twisted into “you guys are the ones who hate islam, I’m defending sharia from your cultural appropriation” ad nauseum. And I guess I just wish we could do better. I guess it’s gonna be a lowbrow national socialist revolution. Sigh.

    • The generation wars are pointless and counter-productive. It’s all social engineering and we’re living the end result

      • Its more than counter productive at this point. To criticize white sharia gets you attacked by trolls. To defend any group anglin has pointed the finger at is met with a witch hunt. You can be banned for questioning the motives of an alt-right leader. It’s classic divide and conquer. Uniting the white race, and then uniting the other races AGAINST the jew is what the Jew fears most. As long as we hate and fear the other slave tribes, and even others within our own tribe, we will never be able to fight them effectively and the Jew can play us against each other.

        • I don’t believe Anglin simply rants on whatever group is pissing him off at a certain moment, “pototo niggers” women, boomers, but recently the sites got worse

          • A friend pointed out to me that on the 13th of May (when the AltRight held a great rally in Charlottesville, VA to defend a local Confederate monument), Anglin posted an absurd article tying Confederate history to dragons. It sounds ridiculous, but the article is still up.

            It’s pretty clear that he did it on purpose. He knew the media would be looking at his site because of the rally so he decided to craft the craziest story possible. I’m 90% certain at this point that he is purposefully trying to make us look like a bunch of nutters.

    • No, the stupid white fools who are still panting for approval from their jew masters need to be called out, humiliated and shunned.

          • Ive never witnessed anyone be persuaded through attempts to humiliate them. Shunning only works of you are the dominant group, which we are not.

          • One of the core Alt-Right insights is that mockery and bullying is, at times, a more effective form of persuasion than reasoned debate.. if not for the target of your ridicule, then for the people observing the conversation.

            See the cuckservative meme

          • Im having doubts about the alt-right’s effectiveness to save the white race. The term itself was coined by a jew after all.

          • Well, it’s a step up from what came before, although the odds remain rather long.

            Hopefully it will continue to evolve and improve.

          • I pray every day for the reincarnation of hitler. The present stage of things doesn’t leave us whites much hope.

    • I understand that at the present time the Muslim tactic is winning the demographic game in terms of sheer numbers, and that there is a great deal of frustration over the west’s seeming refusal to hold women accountable for their sexuality. I do not think that there is any doubt that we need white women to:

      1. find a traditional aesthetic (i.e. lose the degrading THOT culture)
      2. return to traditional gender roles
      3. orient themselves toward bearing/raising white children

      That said, these are goals that need to be achieved via a return to traditional European social controls, not by short-cutting these norms in favor of the rape fantasy of Muslim-inspired brute force. As a meme, “white sharia” is useful only to the extent that expressed the relationship between demographic success and properly-channeled female sexuality. (Although I would question the utility of appealing to Islam when there are clearly other archetypes for this phenomenon: Mormons, Amish, traditional Catholics etc.) In other words, my quibble with white sharia is not the goal but the means. The meme goes off the rails when the begins discussing barbarous Islamic means (rape, war-brides, etc.) as if they could potentially be viable for our people.

    • Yeah, the anti Boomer stuff was moronic to say the least. They were barely old enough to vote when the 1965 Immigration Act came about or were still in their early to mid 20s. Hyper sexualization was already underway before 1968. Can’t blame them for the race issue either since the nation was 90%+ white still and no real problems really existed.

      • Only thing you might be able to accuse them of us complacency. But everyone grows complacent when times are good.

  • Around 10 years ago, someone wrote to Lawrence Auster that a well known author (C.S. Lewis, perhaps?) had written that the way the devil leads a neurotic person astray is by telling him or her that he or she is not neurotic enough. For instance, if you are already conscientious, then the devil will tell you that you are not conscientious enough. (Of course, I, not being a religious person, mean a metaphorical devil.)

    Does anyone remember this from Auster’s blog or elsewhere? I have spent some time trying to track down the quote, but to no avail.

  • This is a brilliant article. I can personally attest that just “noticing” creates a huge momentum for understanding. It’s remarkable how merely pointing out the hypocrisy of our enemies and observing their ill intention helps with the insight of how the best part of us is ruthlessly exploited.

    If you are worth your salt … it should make you angry.

    And how we as white men can maintain healthy empathy for those we love while maintaining a savage hatred for our enemies is now THE project for our people in 2017.

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