Alt-Right Politics June 13, 2017

Selite, Ritter and Don Camillo the Frenchman discuss the week in politics. Issue 1) Another Long, Hot, Hadji Summer. Attacks in Manchester and London have made headlines, but what about the small-time acts of race-war happening all around the continent? And is terrorism just a symptom of hot-headed Arabs being who they are, or is it part of a greater strategy? Issue 2) Qatar in the Crosshairs. The Mid-East is divided into two camps: The Damascus-Tehran-Moscow Axis vs. the Globalist machine. Qatar found herself in no-man’s land. Join our wide-ranging discussion of Near Eastern history and politics. Why does Qatar matter, who backs ISIS, and what the hell are the Turks playing at?

AltRight Politics
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  • In the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president, Facebook has taken justifiable heat for its role in spreading misinformation and propaganda about the candidates. In particular, its news feed algorithm fueled a cottage industry of fake and intentionally misleading “news” that skewed heavily against anti–Hillary Clinton and pro-Trump, according to a BuzzFeed analysis. These falsehoods attracted far more user engagement, on average, than true stories from the same outlets and drowned out earnest attempts by dedicated fact-checking sites such as Snopes to debunk them.
    This should not surprise anyone who understands how Facebook works. Hate-filled anti-whites (e.g. wiggers, negroes, moslerms) tend to read, like, and share stories thatappeal to their emotions and play to their existing beliefs. Without robust
    countervailing forces favoring credibility and accuracy, Facebook’s news feed
    algorithm is bound to spread lies, especially those that serve to bolster
    people’s preconceived biases. And these falsehoods are bound to influence
    people’s thinking.
    An Introduction to Some Heretofore Suppressed Truths About Facebook
    I have some information about Facebook that the readers of this site may be shocked to discover. Admittedly, it is sensational but its easy to verify on the internet.I will list the facts about Facebook, with the proviso that I will also answer
    any challenges against these facts with verifiable sources.
    1. Facebook was funded by Israel, and works for Israel.In other words, unpopular Facebook politics are derived from Israeli control ofFacebook. Facebook is part of an Israeli government effort to gain control of all social media, world-wide.
    2. Zukerberg, Facebook CEO, is a well known pro-moslem and anti-white racist.
    He is close friends of Hussein Obama and Angela Merkel. Zukerberg controls the
    politics of Facebook with an iron hand. Any subscriber who promotes a political
    cause that Zukerberg opposes is immediately thrown off the site. Freedom of
    speech is anathema to Facebook. Zukerberg works with Obama and Merkel in
    support of the massive Islamic invasion of Europe.
    He is also closely affiliated with minority-parasite mini-tyrants, many
    operating under false names, who control the European Union. In addition
    Zukerberg is involved in the current leftist steamroller targeted against
    President Trump.
    3. Facebook has financed a number of false flag internet blogs and sites that
    are targeted against white Americans, as part of a broader offensive against
    President Trump’s populist grassroots base. For example, Facebook’s blog, White Genocide, is a blog that fraudulently pretends to be against white genocide. However, virulent Facebook propagandists, operating as white genocide spokespersons, continuously attack any white people who subscribe to the blog and state a position against white genocide (in other words opponents of white genocide believe that members of the white race have a right to life, a voice and to work for their own race).
    Facebook writers are given carte blanch use of the White Genocide site to
    attack white citizens as “racists.” They employ the usual coercive repertoire
    of leftist name-calling tactics long-used to intimidate and coerce white
    opponents. American citizens who argue against White Genocide’s obvious false
    flag posture soon have their critical posts deleted.
    4. Three years ago the Israelis signed a covert agreement of mutual support with radical jihad. That agreement has been translated in joint jewish and jihadists actions against white people in America.
    For example, the Nashville (TN) Jewish rabbi association aligned with various
    jihad groups, leftist TN Governor Haslam and his Lt. Governor, the DOJ, the FBI
    and several radical white-hating groups, has forced the People of Murfreesboro
    TN, to allow the building of Jihad mosques in the area. A campaign of intimidation,
    coercion and name-calling forced the terrified white citizenry of Murfreesboro to run for cover. Murfreesboro was recently proclaimed, by a Jihad terrorist group, “the jewel of the American Caliphate.”
    I would like to post, on this site, some verifiable facts regarding the connection of Zukerberg (Facebook CEO) with the Israeli government/Jihad and American communists such as the Armand Hammer family.

  • I don’t know if this site is actually a rightwing populist site. Many cuckservatives, libertarians ans republicodemocrats pretend to be rightwing. I am a rightwing populist and I insist that white people have the right to organize political groups to exclusively represent white interests. Its totally stupid to give up the right to survive and adopt the insanity of “southern baptists.” As a former southern baptist I denounce that cowardly antiwhite wigger association of non-christian cowards.
    Now I ask you: Are you actually alt right? The alt right that the “southern” Baptists raciistly denounced at their recent conclave (BTW those wigger bastards have never had the guts to criticize black racism and black supremacy, in any way! They think it safe to discriminate against pro-whites.)

    If you are right wing populist and the type of people attacked by the southern baptists. Please contact my friends site at: He wants top join a real right wing populist group.

    • If you consider my white identity, my activism for white tribalism and/or my rightwing populism to be offensive on this site, tell me! I’ll parachute out in a New York minute. I am tired of getting on an advertised pro-white site and then discovering they are an establishment front.

  • The trifecta of degeneracy:

    Trannies in the streets.
    STD in the sheets.
    Negroes in heat. (raping everyone)

  • Sweden won’t be the 1st Euro Caliphate because its’ Muslim population comes from too many disparate backgrounds. The UK is probably furthest along because almost all of its’ Muslims are south Asian and many families from the same regions as well. Another civilization has set up colonies in the UK already unlike in Sweden where intra-Islamic terrorist attacks are much more common.

    • Good point. It says a lot that the rise of a hypothetical caliphate depends more on Muslims than Europeans.

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