Alt-Right Podcast Receives Whopping Payout To Remove Advertisements

Thursday night I was sitting down at my computer prepping my microphone to join the cast of one of the Alt-Right’s most successful podcasts, The Daily Shoah, when I messaged Mike Enoch, one of the show’s co-hosts, to ask about what we would be discussing. He immediately messaged me back and asked me if I had not heard the news about the advertising agency they had contracted with who was now asking them to remove the live reads they had read into the last two podcasts of their show. Knowing the guys over at The Right Stuff to be high agency pranksters who love to have a good laugh at the foolishness of our contemporary society’s cultural taboos, the fact they had landed a contract with an advertisement agency delighted my own mischievousness nature, and I could not wait to discover more. I would not be disappointed.

As I joined the call for the pre-show preparations, Sven, also known as Seventh Son, was debating how to respond to the advertising company who was now in full panic mode after he refused to remove the live reads, citing the contract they had signed and how doing so would also affect the shows artistic credibility. Sven had worked hard to ensure that the topics of the show would include stories that could seamlessly weave advertisements into the show’s narrative. Removing them would damage the show’s credibility and the point of the stories they told.

The representative from the company, Ad Results Media, claimed that a junior sales rep had mistaken The Daily Shoah for a sports podcast called TRS Radio. After Sven refused to remove the content as asked, the representative offered to buy out their entire contract. Sven, who had worked out the deal with the company after Ad Results Media had solicited The Daily Shoah for advertising slots, said that he went as far as to send the sales rep links to previous shows as he had with other advertising agencies, figuring that would be the end of the inquiry. However, to his surprise, he received an email back from the representative saying that they knew all about the show and wanted to know how much they would charge for time slots. A little surprised but not one to allow a good opportunity to waste, Sven followed through with contract negotiations and struck a deal.

I sat there as Sven was asking Enoch and others what to do, saying that he felt bad about taking the type of cash they had been offered. I, as well as others, pointed out that his gut reaction was obviously part of his European sensibilities, and that he needed to ignore them. We all knew that a company such as Ad Results Media would fire anyone in their company who was caught sharing our views or advocating for the interests of European people and that taking the offer was not only justified given their breach of contract, but a moral imperative for someone who represented a voiceless people.

Being that The Right Stuff had intended to advertise as well on Fash The Nation, the network’s number one podcast that made a comeback last week, a counter offer of double what the representative had offered was made. We were still discussing the whole debacle within minutes of the counter offer when I heard Enoch shout out “Holy shit!” The company had accepted the counter of a whopping $17,600. We postponed the recording so that Sven could deal with the transaction and fulfill their side of the agreement.

When Sven came back an hour later Alex McNabb, Mike Enoch, and I couldn’t stop laughing about the whole situation. It was amazing to see how after a number of set backs that included the DOXing and subsequent loss of employment for Mike Enoch just several months ago, that Karma had shined her light of cosmic justice upon the network. The struggle for those who speak truth to power is not an easy one, as I and others can attest to. One infamous truth speaker knew by the nom de guerre, ‘Ghoul,’ had his life turned upside down by his real name and personal information being discovered. Ghoul was a regular guest on The Daily Shoah and had started a Facebook page that put out brilliant artistic content satirizing the contradictory beliefs of Cultural Marxists. Before the page, Counter-Signal Memes For Fashy Goys, was shut down in an attempt to end the harassment of his family, Ghoul had gained over 100k followers.

The seventeen thousand dollar settlement is a drop in the bucket for most major corporations, but something to be celebrated amongst us on the Alt-Right. These institutions are currently hell bent on replacing us, as they brag about how “diverse” they are, a euphemistic way of saying they have intentionally hired less White people. Any legal or subversive blow that can be dealt to these corporations, whether economically, socially, and so on, should be ruthlessly pursued if we are to succeed as a movement. A message must be sent to the corporate world; the existence of our people is not negotiable, and those institutions who attempt to promote policies that threaten our existence will be ruthlessly undermined at every turn.

Perhaps the most absurd thing about this entire clusterfuck is the sheer panic and overreaction that occurred as a result of this innocent but lazy “mistake” by a junior sales representative. In the age of the internet, nothing that finds its way on the web is ever truly removed and no amount of signaling will keep Ad Results Media from whatever economic repercussions that may result from other businesses who hear of the mistake and decide to contract with another advertising company. Those involved are obviously normies with no understanding of how the game works and managed to turn a simple mistake that wouldn’t have caused the company anywhere near the damage they themselves imagined it would in their feeble, panicked minds, into a huge victory for us. In fact, within days the whole incident would be forgotten by the general public and people would have moved on to whatever the next “outrage” was.

Nevertheless, we are winning. The alt-right is expanding rapidly across the country, making vast gains on the cultural front. The seeds we have planted now blossom into grassroots networks that are seriously impacting what happens on the ground at political events. The intelligence and confidence of our people are intensely alluring to participants, many of which have been consuming our content in the comfort of their own home, but not taking it too seriously believing that it would never manifest into a real movement. Our own emerging presence, however, is extraordinarily white-pilling to them. They are seeing real, long sought after leadership from men with true conviction, and instantly seeing that their future in their hands.

  • Lawrence

    Hail victory! 🙂

  • “he went as far as to send the sales rep links to previous shows as he had with other advertising agencies, figuring that would be the end of the inquiry.”

    This shows a general sense of fairness and honor. Very good.

    “he felt bad about taking the type of cash they had been offered. I, as well as others, pointed out that his gut reaction was obviously part of his European sensibilities,”

    On the temple of Delphi hung a sign that read “Know Thyself.” Recognizing our sensibilities is evidence of self knowledge, a sign of psychological maturity. There was nothing dishonorable about accepting this money, because Sven went out of his way to make the contents of the show known.

    Overall, I consider this $17,600 gain a gift from God/the gods/Fortune/Kek (or whatever you believe in that transcends the material world). And it happened while conducting yourselves in an honorable and straightforward manner. Remember that.

  • From Ohio
  • Brendan Hume

    Richard Spencer is short sighted hanging with the Likud, Zionists, Mike Enoch crowd.

    History has repeatedly shown us that his ilk will be marched up to a ditch and shot in the back of the head.

    The Great Waves of history don’t care what any of you “Think”

  • Ozymandias

    First time I’ve seen something by Nathan Damigo on here. Great article bro.

    • Nathan Damigo

      Thanks man! It’s only the second article I have written, but I hope to write more in the future.

      • Sir Richard of Wales

        14 brother.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((


  • JosephtheGreat

    Awesome. hey we should start naming our podcast similar to more “normie friendly” sports podcast in hopes of striking gold again. But we have to change the names slightly to avoid any copyright infringement.

    The Bill Simons Show.
    First take, ESNP
    Baseball Tonite with Muster Olney

  • Brendan Hume is a Zionist outfit, due to my deleted comments I will spread the word on other forums

    • Zionist…really!?1? Maybe you’re haldol is not at a strong enough dosage???

    • Alexander The Great

      Yeah ok retard troll

      • Brendan Hume

        Mike Enoch wasn’t pogrammed out of Russia ? and then pogrammed out of Eastern Europe, is Mike going to take his fat ugly wife to India when his tribe has to face the music from the west.

    • Bantz Henriksen

      Spread the word, brother! May truth spread out like a giant tinfoil hat over this flat earth!

    • ThomasER916

      13 comments and that’s the best you can do?

      Try harder Schlomo.

    • The Alt-Right is totally infested with kosher Nationalists & agents provocateurs! This site is no better or worse than the average Alt-Right website out there…

      • MarlinLover

        I swear to god these people are just so desperate to co opt the movement by getting us to go full paranoid on one another. Piss off asswipe

        • crediThor

          So they introduce jews like weev and enoch and then the disruption about it is their first desired effect. Next is calls for mass murder by weev and his white sharia mania, associating the altright with islam and islamic terror.
          So clever to allow jews in. Let them in and the fun starts.

  • Brendan Hume

    Great Picture, Jew, Mike Enoch telling the Goy what to think.

    • Jack Burton

      Mike Peinovich!

      You know, there’s something to a “racial voice.” For the most part you know when you hear a Negro regardless of the accent. Whether the accent is Southern, Northern or British, you know it’s a Negro. Same goes for a Jew a lot of the time but perhaps with less accuracy. Now, when you add in behavior, mannerisms and accent your Jewdar is more accurate. When I look and watch Cernovich I can tell he’s Jewish. I mean come on, he even does the kvetching hand gestures. Peinovich is similar. Whether we care or not is another question. As long as he’s pro-white, eh, I don’t really care.

      • crediThor

        So let jews lead us to glory. We don’t care. LOL at the goyim these days!

  • Brendan Hume

    Mike Enoch with the dark sunglasses looks like a Camel Jockey, what is he doing in European lands?

    • Here we go! Just stop the crazy, my friend. Who are the “real” Whites????!!!! When we are completely own our own and facing a billion + sized army of people that not only want want to kill you but also cut off your balls, are you then going to accuse Mike E. of not being “White enough”, seriously??!!

      • Brendan Hume

        We have taken care of ourselves since the Ice Age some 40,000 years ago against numerous invasions and our spiritual enemies for the the past 2000 years have never helped us, they have only helped the invading forces in the past.

      • crediThor

        LOL he is on record saying he is jewish. And you wish to cling to your favorite program. Like a child.
        The jews even give you jews as leaders and you say: Well, he is on our side.

        It is hilarious.

        • I disavow your statement. Enoch is not a Jew. He was married to a Jewess, but he is in no way ethnically or religiously Jewish.

          • crediThor


            Do you want to be a goy or not? The trs guys love to call you goys after all.

            Peinovich married a B’nai B’rith youth chapter leader jewess who appeared on the TRS broadcast reciting a funny political poem, she was IN ON IT.

            But goy loves his favorite program so much he will gloss over facts and logic with make-believe naivety.

          • Enoch dindu nuffin wrong. I disavow. What do you thing about Guillaume Faye or Tom Sunic?

          • crediThor

            You cannot adress the self admitting of being jewish by Enoch, so you “disavow”. LOL
            Am I talking to a grown up man? Logic and facts rule my worldview, how about yours?
            Faye, Sunic? Faye is an alcoholic who tried to shut up countersemitism in the past and viciously attacked revisionists with lies. So he is questionable. Sunic seems solid but I do not follow his output a lot.

          • I disavow everything but your Sunic statement. What about Spengler?

          • crediThor

            What is your take on Faye? He attacked revisionists with lies. What do you make of his unhealthy face?

          • It’s very difficult to 100% agree with anyone and humans are definitely imperfect, but most of Faye’s writing is excellent. His ideas are better expressed in the French language and lose some of the profundity when translated into English.

  • Soldat für Christus


  • Ike35

    “It’s Jew collectin time, it’s jew collectin money time!” Let’s go collect some rent.

    • vadhajtáska

      Shekels can be even dearer friends, especially when there are many, many of them.

      • Yuri Bezmenov

        Been thinking about jewwwwwsssss!

    • Axe in the Deep

      IT’S RAININ shekels HALLELUJAH IT’S RAININ shekels

  • Joshua Palubinsky
    • JosephtheGreat

      The face you make when you out jew the jew.

    • Mike549

      So awesome. He earned it as far as I am concerned.

  • Sam Cru

    17.6k is nothing. You should have told them 100k or CNN gets a copy of the contract.

    • ThomasER916

      We’re really not in a position to extort. We’re not Jewish.

      • Jaded Diaspora

        Precisely, they had to keep it within a viable “nuisance settlement” range. Ask for too much and it gives them incentive to hire a (((lawyer))) to help them weasel out of the contract on a technicality.

  • PoPshoveit

    Congratulations Sven, good job. Mike, not so much.

  • PoPshoveit

    Left out the best part. They shorted Sven a 100$, Sven made them pay up.

  • ForlornFuture

    Sounds like Ad Results Media could use a company to help them recruit great talent for their company. I hear that Ziprecruiter offers companies the quickest way to find talented people to fill their vacancies. Try Ziprecruiter today!

    • ChippyMcBarkles

      i used to spend all my time just looking through applications

  • Jack Burton

    Jews holding public group therapy sessions to cope with the Alt Right. One of the funnier statements: “Alt Righters are upset with fat, ugly Jews because they stole their GFs.” LOL!

    • Brendan Hume

      They are still in denial, Nationalism is rising.

    • Bob

      This guy is saying that the Alyt Right is Jewish – Brietbrat, S. Bannon and Milo. All Zionist, All support the neo con cage of speech, thought and social – no zog chat… nice…

    • Bob

      25:30 – The Jew hating Jew stuff is classic – they are anti Semites cuz they turn their backs on the Talmud – when did a religion become a ethic group / Race? They mix words and ideas like no tomorrow and think that you are just too goy dumb to understand the clear attempt of social / word control … And they are the victim when you point out their psych opp program…

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Comments disabled for the video! Shut it down!

      • Bob

        Ya you must love the Nationalist Socialist State of Israel …. goys not welcome…

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    I collect, I collect!

  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    The Right Sportsball

  • Jaded Diaspora

    Not related to the article per-se, but Nathan’s bio blurb really should include something about the Moldy Locks incident.

  • Scott Schroeder

    It’s wonderful they have more resources, but, ironically, it is an indication of how far we have to go. After we’ve won the propaganda war, companies will beg to be allowed to advertise on Daily Shoah and Fash the Nation.

  • Aetius

    >tfw unironcially signed up for zip-recruiter

  • ForlornHope

    Soon enough these advertisers will be begging for the privilege of having their products featured on Alt Right programs.

    • ThomasER916

      You have 74 comments, Schlomo.

      • Brendan Hume

        What does that have to do with the truth.

        • ThomasER916

          Oy vey goyim! It’s trooth!

    • Charles The Hammer

      Peinovich is a Slav, but his ex or soon to be ex-wife is Jewish.

      • Brendan Hume

        A supposed Slav who looks like a Middle East Terrorist who runs a show called the Daily Shoah while being married to a Jew, okay, you make a lot of sense.

      • Ike35

        Technically half Slav, half Scandinavian. Ex-wife is half Jewish through her father. Although the trollz in these comments aren’t really interested in nuance me thinks.

        • crediThor

          Peinovich is on record saying he is jewish himself several times.

          His wife was a B’nai B’rith youth chamber head, so it does not sound half enough for me. His wife was on record in TRS radio citing a poem with political funny theme. So she was IN on the content of the show.

          If you want to be cuddly so badly that you fall for known jews like weev and peinovich you are set up for being stomped by jews once again.

          The jew weev is now busy pushing “white sharia” meme into the altright. So helpful to be associated with fundamental islam it is!

          His second big theme that he pushes is his calls for mass murder, violence and brutalization. So there you have your jew weev doing his job and what do the wanna be wokes? They deny reality to stay cosy with their favorite outlets/programs.

          You are played here and if Spencer and his crowd do not interfere soon this altright fun will be cornered by the jew antics.

          It is not hard at all to exclude known jews like peinovich and weev. If altright choose otherwise, they will get defeated.

  • Kate Hikes

    A nice vignette. These little victories are good for the soul.

  • Joshua McFarland
  • Don’t celebrate this as some sort of pro-White milestone. It was a mistake and the way it played out ((( Enoch ))) got seventeen grand for being a Jew perched atop an ostensibly pro-White media outlet while reinforcing the narrative that pro-White media is toxic and that we’re a bunch of trolls amenable to taking payoffs.

    • WR_the_realist

      Mike Enoch was married to a Jew, a marriage that ended (as I understand things) after he was doxed. He is not Jewish himself. The Jew obsession thing is the least attractive aspect of the alt right. No matter what polices left wing Jews may favor, if whites allow themselves and their children to be brainwashed that’s their own fault.

      • That’s false. His wife was a Jew. He is too. That’s why there’s a clip of him talking about other Jews rather than himself. You can read his schtick he went through with the Salon reporter and you can tell that he is a Jew.

      • TLDR version:

      • From the first Salon article:

        As the doxxing unfolded this weekend, Peinovich said nothing on
        Twitter or on his own site. Contacted via email by Salon, he denied
        being Mike Enoch but admitted to having been involved with TRS.

        “I was involved with that site years ago, writing a few libertarian
        articles for them and using my PayPal for the exactly zero donations
        that the site ever got when it was still a libertarian blog,” he wrote.

        Peinovich then claimed he had disassociated himself from TRS after it became
        overtly pro-Nazi: “I cut off ties when they went the direction they are
        going now, and that was 4 years ago. Honestly I have not thought much
        about them. As you can see from all public writings I am libertarian. My
        wife is Jewish. Do you really believe that I am this person?”

        The TRS creator then asked Salon to help him deny that he was Enoch: “If
        you give any fucks at all then you could print that this is all
        bullshit. We are now being harassed not only by communists but by actual
        neo nazis.”

        When asked if he would be willing to conduct a
        telephone interview, Peinovich replied, “Let me talk to my wife.” He
        never answered back.

      • SoulInvictus

        She was on the show immediately before the dox.
        There is video from the HWNDU cam of her hanging out with him and his friends after the dox.

    • Jonathan Walsh

      This was sorted our months ago if not weeks ago, you’re still making this claim?

      “while reinforcing the narrative that pro-White media is toxic and that we’re a bunch of trolls amenable to taking payoffs.”

      Wow, before I call you an idiot, I want to know are you making the claim that making money in and of itself from political works is “being paid off”?

      • “Wow, before I call you an idiot, I want to know are you making the claim
        that making money in and of itself from political works is “being paid

        No, I want pro-White media to be profitable for entrepreneurs (as long as they are not Jews or other non-Whites). Anyone can see that we’d like ventures like pro-White publishing and broadcasting to be considered attractive to advertisers not toxic. Peinovich took money for NOT associating a company with pro-White activity because the company thought it was toxic. Had he not taken the money, depending on their subsequent actions he could have rustled this into a mainstream media story carried nationally about how evil Nazis were holding a company hostage, tying this company to their hateful rhetoric, which we would then in social media flood with the counternarrative that being pro-Jew in this country is laudable, being pro-Black or pro-La Raza (even though they’re a language group not a race, and a muddy one at that even just talking about mestizos), being pro-White is considered evil and companies are afraid to associate with pro-White activity in a way opposite of how they act toward other pro-ethnic activity. It could have been used to shine a big light on how Whites are the only race not allowed to have racial interests.

        • Jonathan Walsh

          Okay, I wasn’t sure if this was some sort of purity spiral.

          I think trying to show discrimination against pro-White organizations by corporations isn’t as big as a propaganda victory as you make it out to be. I think the media, nor the masses would particularly care about at this point in time. I can see the headlines now “Corporation wants to pull ads from Nazi podcast, Nazis refuse”

          If anything, it would be a potential lawsuit and would be damaging to the corporation. Taking them for a good sum of money was the better decision in this case.

          • “Okay, I wasn’t sure if this was some sort of purity spiral.”

            More charged buzzwords of dubious value. Purity spiral is a phrase used to get Jews and faggots in pro-White activity and keep them here. Purity spiral is a phrase that says no values is okay. It says you can attack people who have a rational objection with an emotionally charged buzzphrase that sounds like it came from some Jew.

          • Jonathan Walsh

            There are people out there who will seriously claim that people shouldn’t be making any money off of pro-white media ventures.

          • “There are people out there who will seriously claim that people shouldn’t be making any money off of pro-white media ventures.”

            There’s a valid reason for that stance. You want to be sure people are not projections of state or projections of Jewry. Lemme tell you who’s a goddamn Jew in the Alt-Right: Lauren Southern, That homosexual who hailed from Breitbart with the Greek last name, Mike Cernovich, and Stefan Molyneux, AND Mike Enoch. I would have serious concerns about anyone who spent considerable time arguing otherwise and I’ve had some people argue with me in every case that these admitted Jews were not Jews. You can learn from what I know or not. Your choice.

          • Jonathan Walsh

            I don’t think it’s really worth the argument because I believe one should make money off of pro-White media, especially explicit pro-White media. It is a just reward.

            Alt-Light does not equal Alt-Right.

            Enoch stated on his podcast a couple times that he was not Jewish, and said he was looking into a genetic test to post publicly. So maybe by the end of the summer, you’ll get your answer regarding how Jewish he is.

          • The videos I posted already show proof Mike Enoch is Jewish. I wait for nothing. Only silence from this Jew pestering me running interference for Jew Enoch.

          • crediThor

            weev, (((Andrew Auernheimer))) is a jew. This jew weev is now pushing “white sharia” idiocy into the crowd, with his second big theme being calls for brutalization, mass murder and violence.

          • Yes, it does seem that he is, to the first part. I can’t speak to the second part because I don’t pay attention to what he does.

          • crediThor

            weev is the jew operating Daily Stormer data infrastructure and involved with TRS site as well. He is now publishing opinion pieces on why “white sharia” is the best meme ever for our movement which should be called “white supremacism” anyway. White nationalism is not cringy enough for jew infiltrator’s taste.
            The jew midget is writing long opinion pieces how white sharia is coming and rape gangs are going to correct the whores and bash their faces in on the Daily Stormer. Just as one would expect from the infiltrating jew that he is. Looking like pedophile jew Ginsberg.

            So this jew midget is directing altright opinion pieces, calling for “mass murder” and rape gangs. It does not get better. Spencer, Damigo et al do nothing about this jew. Johnson as well.

            Are the goys even up for a fight or just willing to submit instantly?

          • Mark Davis

            what I find funny is no one looks up weev,s interview on a huff post live. where he talks about getting the skinheads to sing springtime for hitler. what is that? sounds like he is saying we are so stupid that we can convinced to believe that some anti-white bullshit from mel brooks is pro-white and pro-hitler. I saw that interview and thought that was pretty fucking weird. then I see all this retarded anti-white, white sharia shit. with him talking about rape gangs and beating our women for the lols, I guess. sounds like some sick twisted middle eastern shit to me. definitely kosher approved.

          • SoulInvictus

            Purity Spiral=fancy talk for Standards.
            Great minds think alike. At the same time you’re discussing this here I just cut DS out of my diet because I’m tired of the Pienovich felating and the fusillade of bs you catch when even mildly questioning it.
            I guess money can buy friends.

  • ChippyMcBarkles

    The alt-right should defer the Jewish question to another time… Right now shutting the gates at the zoo is the number one priority