Why I Don’t Want to Become a Minority

Every White country is being forced to “diversify” by importing millions of non-Europeans into their nation. Lana tells why she doesn’t want to become a White minority.

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  • If we become a minority in a country where the colored masses are conditioned to hate us, because we supposedly “oppressed them”, then we are fucked.

    • “If we become a minority in a country where the colored masses are conditioned to hate us”
      White children 5 and under ARE the minority in the US.

      White adults now are a disgrace for doing this to their children.

  • Great Video, Lana…….

    Thank you……

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  • Lana is astoundingly dumb. It’s true that the majority of humans live in Asia, but the racial diversity in Asia is extremely high especially if we count the island peoples like Malays, Filipinos, etc. No Korean is going to look at a Vietnamese person and think “that’s one of my people”, let alone at a fucking Arab or Indian.

    • Filipinos don’t consider themselves Asian. Every one I’ve ever known identifies as Pacific Islander.

    • nunyabidnessfoo is astoundingly dumb.
      Making a general statement about asians is just as valid as making a general statement about whites. Nitpicking about the difference between Koreans and Vietnamese is as relevant as nitpicking between Swedes and Italians. Yes ethnic sub-groups have their particular issues. But that doesn’t discount the trends of the racial umbrella, which is the point of that population chart. In other parts of the video she acknowledges inter-Asian separateness; for ex: China’s wars with Tibet and Singapore. Besides, on that chart (with the comment you’re referring to) there’s even separate bars for Chinese and Indians. So yes there are different kinds of asians, but the point is: that’s there’s a ton of fuckng asians.

      Sounds like you’re just ready to incite some pointless division. So what’s ((your)) business, foo?

  • Single white women are the cause of the leftist degeneracy. They almost exclusively vote for more government, more 3rd world immigration and vote lefty. Too stupid to ever see the big picture. She is one of the few that understands what is happening. This is about one thing- eradicating white men from the earth. Shitskins are easier to control with their monkey like IQs.

  • White cultures saved the world
    it was because of White cultures the modern world emerged.
    we have to preserve white cultures in order to preserve the world.

  • We also have the Precautionary Principle going for us. The utopian degenerates bear the burden of proof to show that their social engineering won’t make white people’s live worse, and yet they refuse to do that, apart from hand-waving about the wonders of ethnic restaurants and similar trivialities.

  • Muh colonialism, racism etc is bullox and the shitskins know it, they’re here for gibs pure and simple. Shitskins are parasites, the lot. Just like other parasites when they overcome the host it dies and so do they. What’s going on is glaringly obvious and and our populations are either cheering it on or nigball fan apathetic. The west is finished, the Slavs are the future of the white race.

    • After the black plague, life expendency rose in Europe with almost 100%. Mother nature thus improved the white race by reaping out the weakest. Perhaps mother nature has some great plan with this introduction of “the brown plague” she is now inflicting upon us, perhaps the cucky genes must now be cleansed. Yes, yes, I know, she is fascilitated by jews, but she also had help from similar creatures the other time around.

      • The black death didn’t “reap out” “the weakest.” It weeded out the people most susceptible to bubonic plague. By your logic, whites are weaker than blacks because blacks are more resistant to malaria. All genes come with tradeoffs.

        • My logic?.. “Specialist Sharon DeWitte with the University of South Carolina in the United States and fellow researchers explain that, as shown by previous studies, the elderly and those already in poor health were the ones most vulnerable to the Black Death..
          This means that the plague might have helped increase life expectancy in Europe by taking out the weak and leaving behind a hardier population, whose descendants were better equipped to deal with environmental stressors and live to reach a fairly impressive age. ”

          And btw, those who I referred to as weak were the white cucks, those of us with too little survival instincts. I was not referring to blacks..

  • Slavic countries are not being forced to import millions of ethnic/racial foreigners. Do Slavic countries not count as ‘White’, or is the altright just lax in its terminology?

    • After Jews fleeced Eastern Europe they moved to other White countries: Rhodesia, South Africa, Canada, Australia, America. It’s all one, big, fat, magical Cohencidence that rallying mobs to murder “kulaks” was later more explicit “Kill the White farmer!” by the Litvak (Lithuanian Jew) immigrant Joe Slovo.

      South Africa

      Due to demographics they were overthrown fast. Western Europe will follow the exact same course.

    • More the latter than the former. It is also a matter of convenience. It makes the message wordy to have to explain the differences between the situations of Eastern Europe and Western Europe every time.

    • I speak only for myself, but White means “native European people.” Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, still all Europe, still White. (Jews, gypsies and Muslims are excluded by my definition.)

    • Lana should have said that western European countries, and those countries of the European diaspora, are being required to import millions of non-whites. So far countries like Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic are resisting the borg. For how much longer they can hold out, I don’t know. Remember that the E.U. has said that it has a commitment to diversity, i.e., to fewer whites.

    • White = European

      Slavs are smart enough to resist mass immigration for now, but it seems likely that globalists will keep trying to force it on them.

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