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Help us become an essential organ in the international Alt-Right—a Breitbart for the age to come, not the one that has passed.

Our goal for the summer is to raise $50,000, which would be a tremendous start in professionalizing our operation: hiring more salaried news writers, producing more writing, podcasts, and videos, and securing a dedicated server.

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Now More Than Ever

So . . . Trump has cucked: The Wall is stalled . . . the strikes on Syria were stupid . . . more refugees flood into America than ever before . . . illegals are not even being deported . . . Trump’s political agenda is incoherent and “conservative” in the worst sense of the word.

Of course, it’s not all his fault, and, of course, he is under intense pressure from the existing power structure. But the reality is that Trump’s presidency seems more like what we would have gotten from Mitt Romney, or even Jeb Bush, than anything expected from a “God Emperor.”

In other news, Breitbart—the publication that embodied the Trump Revolution—fired an employee for tweeting something obviously true about Muslims. Apparently, the default setting of “Conservatism”—purge any and all authentically nationalist voices—has been reactivated.

I don’t say any of this as a Black Pill, for despite my 2016 exuberance, I always viewed Trump as a means, not an end . . . as the first step towards something greater, never as a last chance to piece together a multiracial America and save the system from itself.

And the real story is the rise of the Alt-Right.

Radically Mainstream

The Alt-Right doesn’t start with “freedom and tax cuts,” and it is anything but a Trump cheerleading squad and or a “young and hip” version of the same old bullshit.

The Alt-Right starts with identity—the racial, historical, and ideal core of what it means to be European. This, in itself, is a revolutionary act. And despite the fact that we don’t get Soros money—or even Rebel Media money—we have a tremendous impact on the public.

And the disappointment of Trump—and the increasing irrelevance of Breitbart—only reenforces why a real Alt-Right must exist.

So let’s step back and look at what’s happened, and how far we’ve come.

I can remember giving a speech at Providence College in 2010 . It was attended by a couple dozen people, and a handful of squealing antifa. It was fun and worthwhile, but the event hardly made news.

Today, when we go to places like Texas A&M, Auburn, or the University of Virginia, the campus shakes. Hundreds, then thousands, come out . . . protests mounts . . . we trend on Twitter . . . the world is triggered . . . our ideas reach more people than ever before.


The fact is, even the seemingly “bad” things, like the “Hail Trump!” controversy last November and my being assaulted by antifa in Washington (“the punch heard ‘round the world”), have ultimately been good. Through meme magic, each media storm brought Alt-Right ideas to millions. (I’ve actually talked to a number of people who once shared images of me getting punched . . . then became “Alt-curious” . . . and now are Alt-Right!) Moreover, the way we responded to these wild events was what really counted: We stood our ground. We did not cuck. We weren’t afraid of who we are. Crises reveal character.

Put simply, if you’re not being attacked by the Establishment, you’re not doing anything that matters. And a rise in influence and popularity will invariably be accompanied by controversies, assaults, and petty sniping. Put simply, if they’re not fighting you, you’re doing it wrong.

As Rolling Stone reported last fall, we are being “radically mainstream”—breaking into public consciousness without losing ourselves or compromising what we believe.

Conscious European identity—and a real identity politics—must materialize around leaders. And these leaders will be hated. If we can bear the burden of being villains, we will become heroes.

Moreover, the Alt-Right name has become a symbol for something bigger than our movement, maybe even bigger than White identity itself. It stands for a radical alternative to the system—the insistence that another world is possible.

The Great Collab

Long before Trump, the Alt-Right (even if our movement didn’t yet have that name) was alive and kicking. It functioned, effectively, as a collection of one-man, niche operations . . . lone dissident voices outside the mainstream.

The work done by these men over the past 25 years has been remarkable and, indeed, indispensable for where we are today.

But—and really everything I’m spearheading—represents a new beginning. was dreamed up in a New York City bistro, where a friend (the writer “Hannibal Bateman”) and I were treated to a Persian meal by Jason Jorjani. There, we expressed our frustrations regarding institution-building and the difficulty of collaboration. Our solution was to form a new body, which brought together the essential people in the Alt-Right, and those who wanted more.

The Board of Directors is the team of intellectual entrepreneurs who will be setting the tone for the movement for the next quarter century, at least.

Every Board Member is open, full-time, and totally dedicated. In other words, we’ve taken on the burden of leadership, and all the slings and arrows that entails. We are building the institutions that our movement needs. We are ready to win.

Replacing the Moribund “Conservatives”

Our vision for is not as a niche or single-issue site. It is as the Bretibart of the future. A site that is “radically mainstream”— that will feature news writing and breaking opinion that’s fun and timely, as well as the bigger, deeper “think pieces” that define our ideology.

The Alt-Right seeks influence, and Breitbart proved how a news site could influence an election. We, of course, aren’t interested in electing just another Republican; we seek a more profound, generational change—a change that’s cultural, not merely political. “Alt-Right” has become a global brand, one that’s bigger than any one writer or activist. will be the centerpiece of our movement.

The creation of, a sister site sharing our URL—which, we hope, will be followed by similar sites for other European languages and regions—demonstrates the extent of our ambitions.

The following are the components, as we see them, our what our media project needs to change the world.


We are working with a full-time news writer and editor, Vincent Law, who keeps the site lively and up-to-date. He is being compensated, but not at a level commensurate with writers at sites like Breitbart or The Daily Caller. We want him operating at full capacity, and we want to hire additional news writers, as well. We’ve already selected these writers, who are prepared to go full-time if we can approximate their current “wage-cucking” salaries. People like Gregory Hood—who write the powerful, think pieces—need to be professionalized, as weekly columnists, who are compensated as such.


We were recently “no-platformed” by Soundcloud, the largest social network for music and podcasts. We also had our YouTube monetization removed (which means that our videos and podcasts can go up on the site, but generate no ad revenue.) We are in the process of rebuilding the AltRight Radio feed, which will include the 150 podcasts I did with RADIX and all of my classic conversations with Jonathan Bowden.

Our goal is a weekly count of 2-5 new podcasts, many of which will feature me: Alt-Right Politics, Counter-Signal With Richard Spencer, Eurocentric with Daniel Friberg, and my new pop culture podcast with Mark Brahmin, Unconscious Cinema.

More Public Appearances

Public appearances make international news. Our Charlottesville event (a collaboration with Identity Evropa and other activists) was reported on by media, not just in the U.S., but as far afield as Europe and South America.

This April, when I took my college tour to Auburn University, we faced serious opposition from the university itself, which cancelled our event due to “safety concerns.” I stood firm—as did the whole Alt-Right, who came out in force! With the help of noted attorney Sam Dickson, we took the university to federal Court and won, earning a restraining order against the university and setting a major legal precedent for events in the future.

In other words, we were challenged . . .

. . . we fought back . . . and we won! has co-sponsored all my events. We need to do even more of these in the future.


Unquestionably, YouTube is the most important medium of our age. And we are making a splash, with both my timely commentaries as well more inspirational videos created by Mark Brahmin.

This month, we’ll be launching a new section at, Red Pills, which will be the basis of a book published by RADIX in the fall/winter. These are articles on the basics of Alt-Right thinking: race, identitarianism, the Jewish question, sex and gender, and more. It is designed as the “first word” on the Alt-Right, but not the last. While thousands might buy the book, millions could watch video presentations, particularly when done in Brahmin’s compelling and inspiring style.

New Dedicated Server

Many of you have been receiving messages like when visiting

These are actually not a result of hackers, but simply due to the fact that our server getting overwhelmed with traffic. In other words, it’s a good thing!

But we obviously need a more permanent solution—a dedicated service with top-level security. Budget: $3,500.

To accomplish all these things—to hire more news writers and columnists, to produce more podcast, to take our videos to the next level, and get a dedicated server—we need your help.

I understand how some balk at fundraising appeals, which often get derided as “eBegging.” And for good reason! The fact is, the “conservative movement” has raised billions, with very little to show for it besides tax cuts for billionaires and make-work jobs for doofuses.

Think of how much has changed in the past two years . . . how much of an impact our movement has had . . . how “Alt-Right” and even “Richard Spencer” have become household names . . . All of this was done on a shoestring budget!

Imagine what we can do when the battle station is at full capacity, when we have an institution that does not compromise . . . that is fearless . . . that is radically mainstream!

Sincerely yours,





Richard Spencer
Co-Founder and Co-Editor

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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  • Breitbart has cucked to the Alt-Lite agenda, embracing homosexuality and second-wave feminism like a bunch of degenerate, white-knighting Boomers.

    Time for the Alt-Right to take its place.

  • I’m Canadian European.. until you feature an interview and articles by Ricardo Duchesne Council of European Canadians I’ll just tag along with your schtuff Dicky.. and of course.. there have been some shares and features within my media outlets up here on the eastcoast… I’m indie, and I plan to remain that way… its called being cautious… your photo with Laura Bush made you suspect dude.

    • Dicky? What a supercilious little prick you are, not to mention stupid enough to be fooled by an obviously photoshopped image.

  • Breitbart is trying to reposition itself as a cuckservative outlet, so there will be an opening in the market. The young goys who were drawn to the anti-islam stuff will be looking for something edgier.

  • This is a stupid, generic alt-lite site and not anywhere near the the quality of content Radix had. Apparently it is you who where cucked into becoming Breitbart and not the other way around.

    • Part of the reason for the perceived quality loss which I also noticed is that is more newsy, while Radix was mostly by necessity into metapolitics only. The change of the editorial nature reflects the changing political situation which allows now for much more direct activism in day-to-day politics.

      There is no reason why these lengthy background articles shouldn’t return to, all the Radix writers are still alive and breathing. But the movement has grown to the point where good writers need to be recompensated for their analyses. Alt-Righters too have to cover their bills.

      • “Movement was grown”

        What this means is that it is now a movement for normies, patriotards, Islamophobes, gay-rights advocates and Trumptards.

        “the changing political situation”

        This has led Spencer and his movement subordinating themselves to fashionable Identity Politics that’s been introduced, no less, by Jews
        and Judeo-centric merchants into our current political zeitgeist exactly for the purpose of deconstructing white/heterosexual/Christian society, effectively becoming part of the political milieu where Jewish discourse sets the standard, while the “Breitbartisng” of the Alt-Right means that it is the Breitbart paradigm that cemented itself as the dominant strain of the “alt-right” swallowing the old “real” Alt-Right in the process. Which means that the Milos, the Gavin McCucks, Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyfag are far more relevant, and for Spencer to have any relevance he must now embed himself with them and augment his message accordingly, and not the other way around as this “fusion” was initially sold by Spencer. In other words it is Milo who is using you, not you using Milo, just as it is Trump who used you, and not you who used Trump.

  • Have you tried to get the podcasts on Spotify? I’ve known a few kids who got their homemade music on the platform so it can’t be that difficult. And Spotify is consumer payed, so the more people who listen, the more money AltRight would get. Eh?

  • I donated.

    For the Red Pills section, you may find useful this alt-right Propaganda base I put together.

    Here you will find quick points, responses, and arguments, Hate-facts, links to good articles & vids, Memes and graphs, all categorized, that you can copy & paste to blog and youtube comments.

  • I donated.

For the Red Pills section, you may find useful this alt-right Propaganda base I put together.

 It looks awful, but here you will find quick points, responses, and arguments, Hate-facts, links to good articles & vids, Memes and graphs, all categorized, that you can easily copy & paste to blog and youtube comments.

  • Hannibal you better be writing a book or 14ing some 88s. There’s no other excuse for your absence. You are missed. Deebly missed.

  • I gave at Radix last year. One of the downsides of changing websites and organizations is that it lowers the comfort level for potential donors.

    • i make it myself and avoid the communists at the cafe, its a two-fer but i think donating is for pussy cucked bitches… Dicky has bucks .. he’s funded thru his policy institute .. don’t be a sucka

  • New to this site, intelligent civilised discussions. Can actually make an anti-Christian comment and not have twenty people jump on me. Excellent site

    • First not going to jump on you. Second, I believe that most people here have serious criticism of modern Christianity, especially in places like America and the UK. I do not believe that most people here are “anti” Christian, so to speak,

    • We’re just pro-White. We have our own commandments. The most important:
      Thou shalt secure the existence of my people and a future for White children.

      And of course:
      Thou shalt not cuck.

      Christianity doesn’t care about either and as a matter of course it is diametrically opposed to the prosperity and survival of the White race. Many of us have swallowed the bitter pill that Christianity was a marketing ploy to the goy to virtue signal they’re the better White. It’s fallen out of favor because modernity offers better rewards for White cucks to virtue signal, and the church wants you to wait until you’re dead.

      • I consider it rehashed Judaism for illiterate European serfs just as Islam is for illiterate midevil bedouins

        • Hit the nail right on the head.Religious leaders are all ways the ones telling some one else to die for the cause.

          • We had our own indegenous religions in Europe and the aristocracy forced Christianity on us for control wiping out thousands of years of our culture. Semetic religions are inherently foreign to us

          • Right again Syd the gods of old were replaced by the one god idea by power brokers as it was easier to control all tribes under one banner ,in fact the start of globalization.I don,t think the heads of any of the new religion,s really believe in what they are trying to sell and the jew is the manipulator of them all.

          • Christianity was a jew plot from the beginning, we should have stuck with Oden and the Roman gods

        • I recently came across a view of Jesus by Romanian author Alexandru C. Cuza from 1900 or so, and he makes the case most convincingly that Jesus was about one effing thing and that is fighting the jew ! So fight is the task of the Christian, not cucking, and specifically fighting the jew. He makes a very strong case for that, and I feel we are in exactly the same situation as then: we are confrontred by the lie = lying media which is all jewish, and the exterminatory hate of the jews, their aggression and violence against us, etc. Author says that the theologians have twisted the writings of the NT and we only need to refer to the very obvious orignial idea of the NT.

          This view could a)reconcile us WNers with the idea of christianity, and b)bring back Christians into our fighting ranks in the fight against the jewish global destruction.

          See The Teachings of Jesus:
          Judaism & Christian Theology, Part One
          Alexandru C. Cuza

          • The text are true as there are thousands of manuscripts. However, teachers can twist the meaning for their own agenda.

        • Possibly the weakest argument in the whole of the Alt Right is this embarrassing anti-Christian one. I’ve never met a serious man who puts it forward, and never will.

          • Let’s see where you stand: You have the ability to save 20 Blacks or any other non-Whites sinking in a boat or just one White who is non-Christian (but not ((( )))). Who do you save?

          • I’d save the white you sophomoric American man-child. That has nothing to do with believing Christianity and not atheism is what has caused whites to spiritually decline. My god, how mediocre are you people? Did I say I prefer non-white Christians?

          • Good answer.

            Some others on various pro-White sites who have professed Christianity have answered that they would rescue the non-White Christians.

            One poster even said he would let his White daughter marry a Black Christian rather than a White Pagan. That put him beyond the pale for me.

      • Musn’t throw the baby out with
        the bathwater. The message Christ
        came with was . .
        “Beware of these f****** jews”

  • What about Millennial Woes as a writer? Also, how bout someone writers who are Christians, to have some kind of Christian representation?

    • Woes is arguably the most intelligent figure in this movement and he hasn’t been pushed to the forefront…

  • I noticed that Red Ice videos are no longer being posted on the site, I hope there hasn’t been a falling out.

  • Exciting !! Great great visionary perspectives !
    Here a funding idea: it´s from Cernovich / Alex Jones. He says: “if everybody just only buys his tooth-paste over infowars, we can triple our operation”. I think that´s ingenious.
    A. Jones funds his operation almost entirely as a salesman. Maybe doesn´t have to go that far, but to make a small cut on some mundane purchase – multiplied by some tens of millions (of participants, obviously)? Could that not even be a way to take over the whole economy !? We finally only “Buy White”, and establish a whole White Economy !?

    • No. Just no. Part of the reason Spencer is believable is that he doesn’t try to shill blue pills and supplements. Asking for donations is fine, losing credibility by shilling bullsh!t products is not.

      • Yeah! That´s the economic savvy that will bring us forward ! Money grows on trees. Don´t be economically active, that stains you. We are noble, we are above money.

        • Fine sell Alt Right Milk. Just don’t literally shill Snake Oil like Alex Jones and Gorilla Lawyer.

          • Saw them once with Ozzy, he was a doddering idiot and people left because they were blown off the stage by Iron Maiden.

            Saw Sabbath twice with Dio before he died and both times the band was incredibly tight and kicked ass.

          • Good to hear. He was really bad 10-15 years ago when he was on pills and his Jew wife made Ozzy do that dumb reality show. And he still has Tony and Geezer playing with him.

          • You should have seen Iommi and Geezer play with Dio, or the Geezer and the 3 Wops lineup as Ozzy called it (the drummer was also an American wop like Dio, Vinny Appice).

          • Sabbath with Ozzy was the first concert I ever went to in 2001 at Ozzfest. Good times.

          • Don’t listen to so much metal now, like ambient and classic country, but live is brillant

    • While some people would indeed view that as shilling, I would be more than happy to buy products that I would normally buy anyway, from my political advocates. This makes too much sense to me. It is a good idea that the Alt Right community needs to look at seriously.

        • I’m less disgusted with sharia law then canadian values. Brothers? where? I have only met backstabbing commies.

          • I hate the state of my country just as much as you probably hate the state of your own, if you live in the west. Liberal values are not Canadian values IMO. If I could vote for a Canadian Trump I would. I utterly despise communism.

          • There is no Canadian Trump. Are there other Canadian values hiding somewhere? Liberal values are always labeled as Canadian values. If you kill your enemies, they win lol.

          • Trudeau is an idiot, he won because of single women. I realize your just trolling now…

          • He won because people were tired of Harper. He won’t win again in 2019. The Conservatives will and then we’ll go back to being a centre left country again.

          • This factored in as well. Believe me, if you speak to any rational Canadian idiocy is often a topic of interest. He has the intellectual heft of cotton candy.

          • I’m not trolling, I’m just sick and tired of canadians playing the
            morally superior to me. I wasted 24y of my life in this communist dump
            and I hate it more then ever. I’m saving every penny to get out of here and yes, I’d be more then happy to hear canada got nuked.

          • Which do you prefer, a brainwashed white Canadian who is still in ‘The Matrix’, or a totally based Somalian? Which would you prefer to marry your daughter to if you have one?

          • The Somalian is probably more reasonable then the white canadian lol, but I’d want white sperm for the babies. Maybe have the white canadian be just a sperm donor and never see him again.

      • Canada’s vast supply of natural resources props up Americas decadent culture. Be careful who you threaten to nuke.

    • Dude move to America. All whites whether they be from Europe, Canada, or Australia should move to America. We have our best shot at making America a white ethnostate. America has always been a center right country and the alt right has serious momentum here

      • Negative. Canada is still 75% white. Most European countries are still even more white. The US is 60-40 (probably closer to 50-50). Even Argentina and Chile are more white than America. Maybe if you guys get a seccessionist movement off the ground, but a long as Americans think their going to reform or fix America, there is no point in us going there. Best of luck with your struggle though.

    • Canada’s not a lost cause at all. Nationalist spirit is high here, it’s just not on the Internet alot right now. Once the conservatives get back in we will be at the forefront of the alt right.

  • Good article, excited for the future. By the way there’s a spelling error that needs fixing under the title: Replacing the Moribund “Conservatives”…

  • I’m willing to donate the full $50,000 for employment of some kind. I would go a step further and make it $100,000.
    Will I get a reply of any kind?

    • if you are willing to donate 100,000 dollars to the website i dont think discus would be the best place to try to set that up

    • Go to the contact page. They will get back to you very quickly, I imagine. Verify that you actually have the resources, that you are sane, and that you are acting in good faith, and I’m sure you will be welcomed.

    • Am I reading this right?

      Employment is something earned due to having a skill set, not something you can just buy. If I donate a million dollars can I be a writer for this site even though I failed 5th grade English? (I didn’t really fail 5th grade English, I’m just making the point.)

      Also if you can afford to donate $100,000 why would you be so desperate for employment? That kind of thing would actually destroy the quality of the site because people would be getting employed over someone with better skills simply because they gave more money. Why don’t you just fill out an application or something?

      But I’m not in charge of this site or anything and I have no say in it, so it would be whatever Spencer decides I guess.

      • It’s the result of a brain injury + heartache + suicidal depression + repetitive mundane environment but hey… I’m trying to stay positive 🙂

        • Sounds like you have bigger issues then that requires professional help. Finding employment at an alt right site isn’t going to make your suicidal depression disappear.

  • Great Post, Richard……..

    Thank you……

    And thank you to Henrik, Hannibal, Vincent, Jordan, Daniel, Gregory, and all the others……..

    Vincent is GREAT and needs to be compensated appropriately……

    I don’t make too much but I’ll be donating……

    ……as long as you don’t go too Anti-Trump……


    My Economics depends on how the Economy is doing……..

    And the Cultural Marxist Democratic Left is not good for my Bank Account………..

    President Trump is though…..

    I work HARD for my Money……..


    And if I donate it to the AltRight……..

    …..and you guys go Anti-Trump…………


    Then, I’ll have to find a New Tribe…….

      • That’s fine, My Brother…….

        I’m not a Control Freak……

        I don’t worship President Trump……..

        I just kind of LOVE how he infuriates so many people………

        …..because he nauseates their Gay Neurotic Leftist PC Senses……

        I also LOVE how he really wants to help the US Economy, Businesses, and Working People……..

        Without Money in White Hands……..

        How can we combat White Genocide??

        • I appreciate your comment and your concerns about economics. It is true that if Whites have no money, we will have a harder time fighting our extinction.

          Trump is strongest on the economy. I believe he deserves some criticism in the realm of immigration and ME FP though. Of course I do not have feelings strong enough on this subject to fight with an obvious ally like you though.

          • He totally cucked, gutted me but we haven’t had an Issis attack in eight months, when the muz nig was in it was every other month and he isn’t hanging around mosques, encouraging nigs to kill cops and flying invading beaners all over the country

          • His administration allowed the Amnesty of over 124k illegals in the first quarter of his presidency. That is more than Obama did in his last quarter at 122k. This crap will cost him his second term. Please do not give me some snarky BS post insinuating that there is nothing to complain about.

          • That’s not what I meant, I said he totally cucked, I’m fully aware he’s a con. All I meant was compared to obama.

          • Fair enough. My apologies. Although I wouldn’t go so far as call him a con myself, people that do have plenty of ammunition.

          • When he bombed Syria I did my nut, I do believe he’s a zog con, but I really hated the muznig

  • Encourage youth groups along the lines of the hitler youth and give them a sense of pride in being a white boy or girl with a sense of cultural pride .Teach them to engage with each other only this time make it for all white people not just Germans.When i was a young man in Australia we had national fitness camps young people like to bond around activity back in my day we were 99% white and we were proud of being part of the british empire.Groups sharing ideas will expand use this forum as a platform for these groups to expand.Good luck to all.

    • I agree, nationalist youth camps are an excellent idea. Foster racially solidarity and community to counter the jew brainwashing

    • I second that this is an excellent idea. Rather than writing them off, I think there’s a lot of potential to be tapped in white millennials. The Regime’s gas-lighting, guilt-tripping, and alienating them, combined with youth’s propensity for rebellion, can/is making them more and more receptive to something like the Alt-Right, which will give them a sense of pride and purpose that simply is not available to them otherwise at this point.

      • Thank you for your reply Brian you articulate my thoughts and message much better than i can .Keep spreading the word ;My Best Regards “Stavros”

  • “Through meme magic, each media storm brought Alt-Right ideas to millions.”

    Not really. The AltRight is probably about 40k members max; 99% anonymous of course. Millions have heard of Richard Spencer but only in the context the media allows. “Oh hey it’s the Nazi guy again. He looks evil!”
    Our ideas haven’t reached millions, sorry fam.

        • Nope. The left isn’t afraid of Breitbart and Milo. She actually described us pretty accurately. Milo and Breitbart are just warmed over Republicanism. Milo even called Dick Spencer “the white Jesse Jackson.” The left fears us and Hillary devoted a whole speech about us precisely because we are Pro White and stand for White Identity, and consequently that makes the Alt Right Anti Muslim, Anti Immigrant, and Anti Feminist.

    • To borrow a phrase from Spencer, “it is all about where the arrow is pointing”, and for White people ,the arrow is pointing in the direction of the Alt Right, and similar “movements” in my opinion.

  • I’m too broke to donate these days, but I do my best to tell everyone I know about the alt right and white identity, even if that gets me a shower of insults, especially from white people. I guess I’m doing something right.
    You should have seen my roommate’s reaction, started screaming at me, calling me an idiot and a white supremist. I had to give my notice and I’m leaving this apartment. I guess I’m lucky he didn’t attack me yet.
    If only I had a lower IQ, I could be a turd-eau voting normie.

    • No one is too broke to donate $20. If you are that broke then get on Welfare. I’d rather have 20 million Whites on welfare than one non-White.

    • You can go on welfare now, but make it your burden to pull yourself up. If you are smart and dedicated, you will succeed—if you ever need any advice or help hit me up…

  • I think you’re being unfair to Trump. The man has the whole system against him. They try to block him at every turn. He does deserve criticism for the strike on Syria, but otherwise he’s been very consistent and he wants to build the wall.

    It’s like when people say Germans are all cucked. Germany is still under Allied occupation.

    Trump is a rising tide and by him we have all been elevated.

    Breitbart is now managed by Jewish lawyers so they’re done.

    • Breitbart was invented in BB Netanyahou’s Howdy Room, , Breitbart was Jewish. The thing alt-right has to solve is will it stand up to Israel. I think yo u have many coming here that want you to and if you don’t, you will be little different from Breitbart because Jews are behind White genocide and the anti-white movement

      • What you have to understand is that you have Jews that will stand with you knowing other Jews will stand against you, in fact counting on that because Jews participate in all movements if there’s a way and they have a game plan not openly talked about that balances all this together

        • Don’t trust ’em–ANY of them (well, maybe Johannes Pfefferkorn). They form a fifth column in any movement created by the goyim. Watch out for them.

        • But you give Jack Heart a pass?

          Understandable. He’s a Gnostic warrior. Just curious really.

          You like his stuff. You’re that far out? Interesting.

          • I have a history with Jack Heart going back to 2012 and was the one to convince him to apply for writing at Veterans Today. He’s a hard one to figure out and tolerates the clear leftist mindset of Gordon Duff which basically ended our interacting for I was outwardly slamming Duff and VT as I grew more perceptive of their game playing. As far as his material goes, it is mostly irrelevant and overly technical and unnecessary once it is understood who the true enemy is and how long they have subverted us successfully and hiddenly
            He tolerates limited hangouts which then makes me ask if he is one and always was careful about associating with me since I have been openly claiming the Deep Stated is the Richist Part of the Jew race

          • You believe the Jews are in a superior position to the bloodline families then?

          • You don’t think they might offer up the Jews at the first sign of trouble?

            I don’t know. I don’t think any such tactic would work though, if one group is going down they’re all going down.

          • Jews have made it hard to simply offer them up. Jews have mind controlled everyone to such an extent those mind controlled are clueless and might claim to fight Jewish power while supporting most of its foundation. Protocols reaffirms that belief
            “For a time perhaps we might be successfully dealt with by a coalition of the “goyim” of all the world: but from this danger we are secured by the discord existing among them whose roots are so deeply seated that they can never now be plucked up.We have set one against another the personal and national reckonings of the goyim, religious and race hatreds, which we have fostered into a huge growth in the course of the past twenty centuries.”

          • basically, in subtles way, that says the Christianity was the beginning of Jewish behind the curtain trickery protocols 5-5

          • The end times will change everything.

            There’s your opportunity to exterminate the Jews once and for all.

            The Nazi breakaway civilisation as the shadowy monster created by Jewry it is will also have its chance. Depending on how things play out.

            Those pesky good guys might want to interfere with these kinds of genocides. Ask yourselves good guys: Are those disgusting Jews worth all that trouble? You might as well defend Dero scumbags.

            (Jews and Deros are of a similar vibration. Indeed, it is often true that the most vile of Jews are incarnated as Deros as punishment for their horrific ways.)

          • Not as simple as that. There are energetic factors to take into account, it won’t just be the shit hitting the fan in a mundane manner.

            Solve et coagula. The universal solvent will rip reality itself apart.

    • Agreed, Donald Trump is the goddamn President…. and the most creative way to take advantage of this by the “alt-Right” is calling him a cuck!? That’s a one-dimensional assessment and an unimaginative way of harnessing all the momentum he’s created.

  • We must build our own institutions if we are to survive as a people, which necessarily requires money and funding. This is a great first step. Hail our People, Hail Victory.

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