More Protests In Russia From Navalny And The Liberal Nationalists

Today is “Russia Day”. Its a new holiday that was born in the 90’s in the aftermath of the Soviet collapse.

I’ve said it before, and I hope to say it less going forward, but Russia is a strange place. Some historians think that Moscow is the inheritor of the Eastern Roman tradition. If that is true, then the main legacy Russia inherited was Byzantine politics. Which brings me to the topic of Navalny and Russia’s Liberal Nationalists.

Navalny’s opposition movement held yet another day of protests. I went to the one in St. Petersburg to snap some photos and see what it was all about. Almost immediately after I got there, the police started cracking down and I narrowly avoided being arrested. It all started innocently enough though.

I had just begun a friendly conversation with some really young (possibly underage) kids waving a Gadsden flag and an AnCap flag right in the center of the square.

The square is partially walled off.

I had just started to hear about how Russia needed more free market reforms and how private property was great- typical Libertarian stuff- when four riot gear sporting police barrelled into us. They snatched the budding captains of industry and started to goosestep them towards the minibuses that were going to drive them away to the station. The rest of the crowd and I started scattering.

I ran for it because I was afraid that they were going to arrest me as well. The meeting was technically illegal, seeing as they didn’t get permits beforehand. Most importantly for me, I don’t think I could ever live down the shame of being arrested at a Liberal rally or for being mistaken as a free market advocate. Going to jail for my race is one thing, but going to jail for Capitalism is quite another.

There were probably about 200 protestors by the time I got there, and they were all in this partially walled-off square in the center of the Field of Mars that surrounds the Eternal Flame commemorating World War II.

Once inside the walls, you’re kind of trapped and a sitting duck for police to pick you off and haul you to the station. After I bailed out of the cauldron, I collected myself and snapped a few pics of the guys who just got arrested being driven out of the protest. If they are underage, they get fined and their parents pick them up a few hours later. If they are older, they get fined more seriously, but they also get let out usually by the end of the day.

Navalny kids being hauled away.

But who is Navalny? There hasn’t been a definitive expose of the guy written up yet. This could mean he’s still considered small fries by the regime or that they are still doing their homework. For now, here’s a quick rundown.

Imagine a US president who studied at Moscow State University.

A handful of Nationalists seem to like him. But he is definitely not the Nationalist choice in the 2018 elections, that’s for sure. While Navalny has had a bit of a shitlord past where he would throw out ethnic slurs from time to time and talk about Russia for Russians, it’s really not as controversial as all that. Lots of Russians used to say similar things, especially in the 90s. And lots of Russians say these things in the company of their friends or colleagues. It’s not really a massive declaration of one’s true loyalties. In fact, latent nationalism is a powerful force in Russia, and every opposition candidate tries to dip into it.

Navalny’s core base are young liberal arts students who want to live in the West. They’re nice enough, even if they’re a bit cucked and naive about the nature of the modern West.

I’ve found that dyed hair does not mean SJW in Russia. I’ve met hardcore racist chicks with green hair. But admittedly, they were from Moscow. Russians just blindly imitate Western trends without understanding the social phenomenon behind them.
For all the talk of State repression, they still feel safe enough to share these photos on social media, so go figure.

Overall, it was a poor showing. And the main event in Moscow was a bust as well. Navalny was arrested at his apartment before he could even make it to the main square. Anatoly Karlin lives in Moscow and wrote a detailed take on the whole drama unfolding there.

The Western media is making it out to be a huge day of unrest in Russia. It really wasn’t from what I saw in St. Petersburg (the most liberal city in Russia). There were way more people nearby just enjoying the festivities of Russia Day than there were protesting on the Field of Mars.

As for the crackdown, well it sent a message. And the message is simple, Putin is the only game in town.

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  • “the meeting was technically illegal”

    So the contributer admits to participating in criminal anti-Russian agitation…in Russia?

    God Bless the Russian police.

  • I was in Moscow 2 weeks ago. Judging based on the capitol alone, Russia isn’t on the verge of collapse as the neo-cohens would like to think. Not even close. There’s enough English around, like on the subways and in more upscale restaraunts, and everyone wants western style. But it’s the same story everywhere: everyone wants American comforts and luxuries but hardly anyone wants American culture, whatever that is now. Contrary to Full Metal Jacket there is not an American inside every gook waiting to burst out.

    You see a few girls with pink or blue or whatever hair but the one thing that really stands out is how modestly all the girls are dressed there. They’re fashionable and nice looking but the difference is that in America once it gets above 70°F half the girls go full on thot and put their titties on display. Not in Russia which was refreshing to see.

    I think Russia will be fine. The problems (and corruption is a real problems, Soros and co aren’t making that up) that Navalny and his supporters protest against will start to dissipate once the people who came up during soviet times are dead.

  • I have seen a number of similar protests while while passing near Myakovskaya and Pushkinskaya subway stations. But they are neither material nor significant in any nature. Putin’s regime reflects stability and order, expansionary and nationalist (in macro sense) policies and no Navalny has any chance to present a formidable challenge. Suffice to say that the regime has been undermined by the sanctions and decline in oil prices, but not anywhere where Soros would like it to see. The Russian believe in Tsardom has not evaporated throughout 70 years of the socialist ruling and Putin is a good role model for it.

    The only significant protest electorate in Russia are business interests that have been sidelined by Putin’s team and, sorta, members of the Saint Pete clan. A part of Rublevka may not be happy and moving to London or Miami, but it’s just a fraction of semi and quarter oligarchs.

    The teens in the picture are totally deluded about the West. I’ve always said that the same way most of Americans are clueless about the Russian reality, the way are Russians unaware of what the real life in the West is.

    • minimum wage in Russia is 0.75$ per hour.
      minimum wage in US is 7.5-15$

      That is the reality about West.

  • “Most importantly for me, I don’t think I could ever live down the shame of being arrested at a Liberal rally…”

    Yes, this is my greatest fear with covering Navalny protests. Not getting arrested per se. Not the fines. Not the risk of a day or two in detention.

    It’s the fact of getting arrested at a Navalny protest.

  • Russian here, and WHAT THE HELL is this headline?

    You could call these protesters ‘liberal’, some of them may even be nationalists (Ukrainian, Jewish nationalists), but they sure as hell are not Russian ‘liberal nationalists’. Anyway, you can guess from the fawning coverage in Western media that protesters are scum.

    • I think these people have found the way to jew the Soros, US State Department or whomever pays for the whole Kabuki theater thing. They do their fag “protest”, get into avtozak without any fuss and get out three hours later slapped on the wrist, then immediately proceed to receive their protest bux and wait for the next session. Considering that Lesha hastily inserted himself into the niche Borya occupied before he got shot, it`s so very transparent now it`s not even funny anymore.

      Putin has nothing to fear from these, general russian public would beat them up by itself, deservedly so, before instruments of opression even arrive.

  • The bigger rallies in Moscow have been over plans to tear down 1950s era apartment buildings called “Khruschevskies” and replace them with more modern buildings. This probably makes some degree of sense but people fear they’ll lose out in whatever property they’re offered in exchange for their apartment in a Khruschevsky. The criticism is mostly of the mayor and city administration of Moscow, not of Putin.

  • Saw report on Fox, the “protestors” all seemed to be millennial useful idiots. Soros is still trying for whatever colour revolution in Russia. Hopefully Navlny eats something.

  • As for the crackdown, well it sent a message. And the message is simple” – FOLLOW THE LAW AND GET A PERMIT… These people want their leader to be Pres but do not understand the basic idea of freedom – THE LAW…

  • Anatoly Karlin lives in Moscow and wrote a detailed take on the whole drama unfolding there.

    The linked article was not written by Anatoly Karlin.

  • Hearing about this makes me very happy for our 1st amendment rights here. Germany is just as bad about protesting with permits in a certain area.

      • however, the police stayed out of that Berkeley battle and the fight was fought and won by the free speakers. So as wrong as it seems that the police weren’t interfering when folks were getting beat down, you can’t say that the state was squelching the right to protest. Antifa is not the state, and pray God they never will be.

  • If the writer isn’t a supporter of the free market system, what DOES he support? I thought I was #AltRight, but maybe I’m not. The free market system works VERY well when the Gov’t doesn’t interfere and tip the scales via regulations and ridiculous laws in favor of the corporations. That’s exactly what’s happened to America and it’s capitalist system. It hasn’t been capitalist for over 50 yrs and that’s why it’s falling apart and ppl are suffering.

    • The Free Market has seriously limitations, in particular it cannot deal with ethnic cartels (Hollywood, OPEC, De Beers, et al) since it was conceived by people who do not understand them. More importantly, the Free Market will sell off your country to the highest bidder, which is precisely what is happening in America. Saying “America hasn’t been capitalist in over 50 years” just ignores the fact that America ended White ethnic immigration quotas over 50 years ago. America has the same economic policies as the non-Whites the government is mass importing.

      • I would say that a Nationalist free market would have rules to the operation of its over all goals – like do as you will … but leave the Volk alone

      • Hear hear! Il duce had it right, the capitalist sector working with the govt for the benefit of the state, ie. The people

      • We tend to blame the government for forcible and life-destroying integration policies with the 3rd world. But it’s Corporate America which shares a large degree of blame for destroying this country by forcing integration and anti-White discrimination in the work place and turning our lives into the 3rd world.

      • Ethnic Cartels……..

        Like the Waltons??


        In any Future White Ethnostate……..

        Whites will form Micro-Tribes……..

        …..and COMPETE against each other……..

        … we ALWAYS have……

        Who will be designated at the Socialist Leaders of the Future White Ethnostate??

        Will it be a Free Market Decision??

        Or will it be an Aristocratic Determinism…….

        …..enforced by Violence and Oppression??……..

    • Complaining that the current system isn’t true capitalism is like an antifa excusing the Terror in the Soviet Union on the grounds that Russia didn’t have true communism. Inevitably capitalism creates horrors of its own that require some regulations to end those horrors. Child factory labor didn’t end in the United States because of free market forces, it ended because congress made it illegal. Our rivers and air are cleaner than they were 60 years ago because we put into place laws to forbid polluting them. The best system is one that satisfies no ideologues — it’s a well regulated capitalism. OTOH, we do need tax payer funded political campaigns so that the most successful capitalists can’t buy our government, as they do now.

    • Lets try a thought experiment:

      You own a gas station in a small, economically laissez-faire, all-White town. All the townsfolk buy their car gas from you. They have no real choice, as you’re the only game in town because you’re just that good for some reason. You, being #altright, decide to refuse to sell your gas to non-Whites because you don’t want them living in your town. Life is good, and no one really has a problem with it.

      One day you notice that a second gas station has opened up in town. You find out that the guy that owns that one sees only the color green and will sell gas to absolutely everyone and everything that wants it.

      So here’s the question: What are you going to do?

      Well, you can either throw away your racial principles and become just another shekel chaser in order to stay afloat, or you can adhere to your racial principles and pack up your dead business, because the new guy is going to to outcompete you because his economic game is not retarded by economically inefficient racial principles like yours.

      At some point, you’re going to have to choose between capital and race. Karl Marx himself, ironically, had one of the best definitions of capitalism that I’ve ever read. It was something along the lines of a system that creates and perpetuates the production and free movement of CAPITAL.
      It ought to be obvious that such a system is incompatible with racism/nationalism, because the production, perpetuation and free movement of capital demands the abolition of everything that stands in its way -things like particularism, identity, exclusivity and discrimination.

      Pick one.

      Will your race serve capital, or will capital serve your race?

      • “At some point, you’re going to have to choose between capital and race.”


        For many Jews…..

        Capital serves their Race…….

        And for Other INTELLIGENT Races…..

        “Buy my Product……..whomever and whatever…….

        ……I’ll take your Money and help Grow my Family and my Racial Community”…….

        • There’s a difference between dedicating yourself to capital-ism, and using it [capital] to further your own racial interests.

          Jews and the white nations are not in the same ‘position’ in relation to capital. For whites to use capital the way Jews do, will require us to accept the implications of being in a position that enables such a grasp. You’d have to become like the Jews, the same way the pre-modern European polities had to imitate Napoleonic France in order to fight it, with the end result being the destruction of Europe’s old aristocratic order. You can try beating the Jews at their own game and accept becoming Judaized in the process even if you win, or you can try and quit the game, but you can’t do both, nor can you use capital as a racial tool without accepting the conditions required to be able to do it.

          Capital, like communism, is unsuitable as a tool in the arsenal of white nations.

    • The free market says a woman staying home to raise her children is a loser. The free market wants children to watch porn. The free market only builds using steel, concrete, and glass because beautiful architecture isn’t cost effective. The free market want to turn America into northern Mexico to save a few pennies in labor costs.

    • Don’t get too bogged down with the economics of the Alt Right because this a social and cultural movement
      first and foremost. Besides theres hardly a consensus, save for the shared understanding that the economy should serve the people and not the other way around.

      Not to mention that 20th century or older economic models are soon to be outdated with the rise of automation and general AI, the entire means of production and capital itself will likely change in the near future.

    • People Suffer……

      It’s called Life…….

      I’m glad I’m not Venezuelan……..

      There is a Spectrum of Suffering……..

    • Would you consider high tariffs to be part of “free market system”? Because that’s exactly what we had for most of American history. Really wasn’t until 70s that tariffs began to get cut back and the process accelerated under Reagan. And now we are where we are today, with crumbling industry and Wal-Mart jobs. In fact, the government used to get the majority of its revenue from tariffs before the income tax. The United States used to actually have what the Germans always wanted, autarchy.

    • If Industry, the media and education (Public and Private) are run by racially conscious, racially and culturally loyal White people then most kinds of capitalism – provided there are safeguards for workers safety, environmental protection – yes this works OK.

      But anything goes capitalism, with the media and education system, lots of labor unions controlled by racial and ethnic/tribal groups (White hating Jews) – NO. And that is a loud NO.

      The US mass media is dominated by a Jewish ethnic mafia that hates us, corrupts our women and children and is openly working to destroy us – I’m not good with that.

      Anything goes Capitalism, Libertarianism – when anything goes, everything goes.

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