Victory Has Destroyed You

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  • I have to take issue with Andrew’s statement about Farage destroying the BNP movement. Yes, it’s true that Farage harnessed all of Britain’s nationalism power on a single issue, the Brexit. It’s also true that British Nationalism is exhausted at the moment, and has no power. But, that was the price that had to be paid to get Brexit done. British Nationalism will return and Farage will be a key player in that for the next big battle: immigration.

  • Regarding Richard’s comment about not going down with the ship: Quite right.

    The object is not to lose with honor. The object is to win.

  • No one is more constrained than a politician. Since all politicians do and say the same things, pretty much, they obviously don’t have a lot of power. A curious person might ask “OK who DOES have power? Where does power REALLY come from?”

  • Under political correctness, the only people you are allowed to hate are white people. So people’s natural anger gets redirected toward white people. Psychologists call this displacement.

  • Andrew,

    Best analysis of May’s persona and her Harmartia that I’ve heard.

    You should be hosting Newsnight bro.

  • good podcast, but you need a guy to adjust the levels, Andrew Joyce was hard to hear with my phone on max volume

    I agree with the theme of this episode. If there is one lesson we can learn from the failure of previous incarnations of the movement it is that Republicans and libertarians will not deliver nationalism through the back door, doing our job for us.

    Instead they will siphon off those energies and use them for their own purposes, leaving us with nothing.

  • A good discussion, it should be noted though that in 2011, the UK government did hold a referendum in whether to switch to an AV voting system, the LibDems forced David Cameron to hold this referendum in exchange for their support, it was soundly beaten with 67.9% of voters voting against the change.

    Personally, purely from a utilitarian outlook I support First Past the Post as it means that if nationalists can take over a major party they can easily gain a majority in the Parliament or if nationalists can only garner support from a minority of the electorate but can gather it under one banner, they can win. For example if the Left has 60% support but is splintered into several different parties but you have a right wing party which can garner 40%, it can easily win 60% of seats, whereas in a PR system, that right wing party would never gain a majority.

    I think it is much more likely that in Western Europe, nationalist parties might never get above 40%, but with a First Past the Post System, if the Left is fractured into multiple parties, the right can gain a majority. With PR, this is not a viable option.

    • That is exactly how the Cultural Marxist left too over in the USA. They simply too over the Democratic Party and turned it far to the left.

    • Yeah. Europe has lots of problems with voting systems. Even France, which does not have PR but a Two-Round System which is even more of a pain than the version used for the Presidential Election (witness this today in their Parliamentary election, & try to see how many seats the FN win). At least with FPP the “worst” you can get is winning with little more than 25% (as some MPs from Northern Ireland do).

  • This was a way to obstruct Brexit, a Step 1 if you will. Vote as many times as you like as long as you vote their way. What did they give May for this I do not know. It is simple the “Establishment” has ZERO interest in the people. Simple as that.

  • There is a real change of worldview going on. We will have an opportunity. One. We need to play this perfectly. We need to stop calling for extermination of Jewish people. It is not a solution. It is an easy answer to say log off and do nothing. My answer is apathy toward them. I believe nothing hurts vain “chosen people” like apathy. The focus must be on us. It is not something the mass man can get behind. We NEED to BETTER OURSELVES & WORLDVIEW! What do you think the world will think when they see comments on self betterment rather than JQ Abstractions. Now picture the ammo you hand them when you say this stuff. Imagine the reverse now. To my knowledge Hitler the stirrer of the masses never discussed this openly. Everything must be catered to the common man. Without the Normie’s like it or not we are not a movement but an ideology without teeth. Also the bickering on this when I see it I think is black-pilling anyone open to this that visits the site before they can even be red-pilled. THIS IS MY HUMBLE OPINION OF COURSE! 🙂 I am also very humbly trying to help. Also WHEN THEY fake “hate crimes” over and over don’t you see this is exactly the picture they would want to make of us. THIS IS A REVOLUTION AND REAL CHANGE IN THINKING GOING ON & WE MUST RIDE THIS PERFECT WAVE OR THE NEO-LIBERALS WILL! I also know this from taking people to this website. Thank you for reading my comment.

  • Spencer needs to stop trying to meme this “euroskpeticism destroyed British nationalism” crap. UKIP was never going to be anything other than a vehicle for getting Britain out of the EU — and its dissolution is actually a boon to opening up a vacuum for a hardline nationalist party to mobilize those UKIP voters that are amenable. Joyce’s mention of the symbolic shift of poor, white, traditionally labour-voting districts to someone as repulsive as May is instructive here: (((cosmopolitan))) Labour is hemorrhaging their traditional base even when the Tories offer nothing. That’s how deeply the antipathy of the white working class runs towards a cucked Labour party that has sold them down the river for catladies, kebab, and spear-chuckers.

    The conclusions we can take away from this election are nothing but positive. The neoliberal hag that campaigned against Brexit is assuredly about to get the boot from leadership, white working class voters increasingly hate Labour enough to break traditional political allegiances and effectively protest vote for the Tories, and the impending irrelevance of UKIP is opening up space for a new, white working class centric, anti-immigrant, anti-neoliberal nationalist party. Pan-European solidarity in the face of the migrant/dispossession onslaught should always be encouraged but the present European Union has nothing and will never have anything to do with pro-white interests. The best solution is the path of least resistance: dissolve power back to national polities and mobilize the discontent of the white masses.

      • Lol, Spencer just can’t help himself. But it begs the question, how is leaving the EU and therefore weakening the Jew union not a boon to all European nationalist movements? The collapse of the euro alone alongside millions of violent kebab could spark the kind of socioeconomic destabilization that would impoverish the middle class and create the classic conditions for radical nationalism. Spencer needs to drop this strawman that the present (((EU))) is the only vehicle for pan-European solidarity, its not.

        • Euroscepticism attacks the symptom and not the disease. Farage launched barbs against “Polish plumbers” while talking about how the real Britons were Pakis and Jamaicans from the Commonwealth. What good would leaving the EU do if it just shut off white immigrants from Poland so immigration from the Commonwealth could continue unabated?

          Opposing an institution like the EU is just stupid reactionary politics. The EU is like public schools. The idea itself is not bad, what’s bad is who runs public schools and the EU.

          • > polish plumbers
            You sure he wasn’t dog whistling? I doubt any white in Britain minds the Poles as much as they do the Pakis.

  • Andrew Joyce points out – while bemoaning the lack of any real racial, ethno-nationalist party in Britain today – that at its greatest popularity, even the BNP had begun soft-pedaling its ethno-nationalism, and (I specifically remember) denying that Britishness was exclusively white, and (cucking out by) “parading Sikhs in front of TV cameras.” He wants any future ethno-nationalist party in Britain to be uncompromisingly forthright about their racial beliefs.

    But that’s illegal in Britain – isn’t it? I thought the BNP was cucking because they were under legal attack from the government about being an all white organization, one that by its very nature was based on discrimination, and the British government made it very clear that racial discrimination in deciding who could be, and who could not be, a BNP member was against the law. A horrible law, a law seemingly designed to deny white Britons the ability to organize a white political party, but still the law that the government threatened to use to destroy the BNP if it did not…cuck.

    So my question is, given these laws, how can any explicitly white political party – which is what Andrew Joyce is apparently calling for – ever get off the ground in Britain?

    • I don’t know the law but presumably you could allow non-whites into the party without up-playing their presence.

      • Perhaps. Perhaps they could admit “allies of color” who would legitimately support an overwhelmingly white Britain and an end to immigration. But given the increasingly totalitarian nature of racial politics in western nations, the “add-on” requirements for certain levels of Diversity in all aspects of life, including the leadership and MPs of any political party, it would likely be a really weird looking bird that could never actually fly.

        • In Denmark there is a new party called “nationalpartiet”, the national party. Founded by muslims to be a competely orwellian inverted version of the very meaning of the word. They want any restriction on muslim immigration removed, secularism broken down etc etc. Their slogan is “we are denmark”. They organised welcome committees for the immivaders, and for people to drive them to sweden from the german border. They are treated gently in the press. Then there is a ethno nationalist party for and by danes called party of the danes, and they are labelled extremists and nazis. But at least they are not required to have brown representatives..

    • This is exactly what happened. The government tried to destroy the BNP by use of this obscure law. One wonders if any organisation that explicitly prohibited whites would ever be treated in the same fashion.

    • Well this is certainly a better fate than the British Union of Fascists (BUF) led by Oswald Mosley. They won legitimate seats in Parliament and opposed the second World War. They were taken from their rightly elected seats imprisoned and some were killed. This is my understanding of what happened. But I FIND IT VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER with the topics at hand in Britain. If Fascist or Nationalist labeled parties win seats in the modern day would they be killed too? I was never taught this in school. The opposition in Britain to fight the Germans and the British Union of Fascists have been SCRUBBED OUT OF ANY HISTORY TEXTBOOK I HAVE READ IN THE UNITED STATES.

      • Interesting to read about the Battle of Cable Street, because of the mirror like resemblance to our present state of affairs, with the Trump marchers again being attacked by the excact same lot:

        “The Battle of Cable Street took place on Sunday 4 October 1936 in Cable Street in the East End of London. It was a clash between the Metropolitan Police, protecting a march by members of the British Union of Fascists,[1] led by Oswald Mosley, and various anti-fascist demonstrators, including local Jewish, Irish, socialist, anarchist and communist groups.”

        And the realizations by BUF members such as A. K. Chesterton that:

        “The corporate state, he came to believe, would rule in the interests of the whole nation, whereas democracy was the plaything of special interests and privilege.”

        It really seems like a repetition of what transpired back then.

        It really is simply the european revolting against the jewish stranglehold and transformation of his homeland and peoples. Our near forefarthers were defeated in the ontake. Will we bare through this time?

        • Yes. Exactly. Who can see this happening here? And to what degree? That would be an important question to ask?

    • If the party dont exclude but dont promote and advance non-white applicants the law would probably be irrelevant, as long as the party program was centered around promoting white interests and repatriation of non-westerners. The national socialists also cooperated with zionists in fascilitating the home journey for jews heading for the promised land.

  • Good interview. One point, though the petty nationalisms can end in internal squabbling, they don’t have to. Good fences make good neighbors. Ireland for the Irish, Sweden for the Swedish and so on. Mass movement of Whites from differing nations, tribes, histories (what we once called races) only plays into our enemy’s hands.

    • Nords living in the same “nation” as eastern-Europeans, Italians etc is just as much a lunatic dream as Africans living together with Europeans. Have Richard Spencer ever traveled to eastern or southern Europe? If Sweden, Denmark and Norway (which are 99.9% alike) couldn’t form one nation then sure as hell the rest of Europe can’t. Read about the Hajnal line, Richard.

      • “Nords living in the same “nation” as eastern-Europeans, Italians etc is just as much a lunatic dream as Africans living together with Europeans”

        Stop and think about how dumb your statement is. You just compared Poles living in England with Africans living with Europeans. We can see from the fact that many Poles live in England today that it is nothing like Africans living with white people. Many Poles and Italians moved to Germany in the fin de siecle era because of better wages, today they are just Germans whose names end in Ski or i or o.

        • The Poles and other Whites remain seperate in the UK. That is the reality. In fact it is just as our enemies planned. Mix all the White nations so they squabble amongst themselves. It makes the White Nations hate one another. They love to see us fight each other. It ensures our final defeat and genocide.

          • The same was true about the Ruhr Poles in the late 19th century. They don’t exist anymore. Their descendants are just Germans with Polish surnames.

  • How long will neoliberal capitalism be able to inoculate the populace to their own genocide? I don’t see Britain saving itself through the political process before whites become an ethnic minority. Rivers of Blood will be the future.

    • White genocide is what the new world order has in store there are only two options fight like lions or be slaughtered like sheep.The rivers of blood are already flowing.

    • Britain would be better of if the whole political establishment and system disappeared tomorrow, and they would have to start from scratch. People in western europe would be as real as the eastern europeans if it wasnt for the press and politicians constantly propagandizing them. We have been lulled into living in a mental clownland. Away with the press and politicians (and tv) and the populus would come out of their present dreamlike state.

      • The policy differences betwen western European countries and its eastern European neighbours, especially when it comes to massimmigration from MENA, is exactly what the globalist mafia need. If you stay in Poland for a while – and are able to follow the genuinly nationalist media (the majority of ordinary people have no access to it, as InterNet is too expensive) you might realise that Poland:s role in the globalist scheme is to provoke Russia. Did you know that at least 2,5 million people from Ukraine, a country where anti-Polish propaganda is encouraged/promoted by the authorities, have come to Poland? Many Poles actually starve in the by “nationalconsevatives” governed “prospering” country.

        • Poland is tool. Russian hatred runs deep. Soon the american negro army will start impregnating Polish women. Czech Republic and Hungary are more independent. Many Poles think that they will retake Ukraine! For what? What will they do with it?

          • Dear Chraicher! As I have relatives in Poland and in the Czek Republic, I follow what happens in these two countries, and I agree with you that the latter is more independent. I think that Poland distinguishes itself from other countries in Central and Estern Europe by being the perfect tool in the globalist hands. When I lived in Poland, where I grew up (born in 1951) there was very little – if any – hatred for the Russians. The state of matters probably have changed after the so called liberation from communism in 1989; coat turning would be the more accurate term. Media in Poland, not only the MSM but also the media that pose themselves as truly conservative (those within the Catholic church included) are crowded with distorted information – and often even sheer lies about the “rogue” Russia and its “uncivilized” inhabitants.

            With other words Russia is painted as the worst enemy of the Polish nation, and the NATO is the only protection from Russian invasion. That Russia have no territorial claims on Poland, which the after Maidan soo “friendly” Ukraine definitely has, remains a fact that those in power keep quiet about.

            IBy the way, I wonder where you got the information that many Poles would wish to retake Ukraine. The truth actually is right the opposite, even though you certainly would be able to find some revisionists among elderly Poles. As the Ukrainian media are since a while demonizing all Polish and the “famous” leader of UPA, Stepan Bandera (the one behind the Wolhyn-massacre on Poles in 1943) has once again become a hero in Ukraine (monuments are built to honour his memory), the number of Ukrainians who declare themselves ready for retaking the land that Poles “have stolen” from them is in fact growing rapidly.

            Naturally, this negative outlook on Poles doesn’t hinder the Ukrainians from seeking a better life in Poland. About three million people from Ukraine have recently come to Poland, many of them work for lower wages than Poles would have demanded. Not quite surprisingly, not all of the Ukrainians who came to Poland are just poor workers who needed a job. If so was the case, there wouldn’t be so many demands for Ukrainian schools and for making ukrainian Poland’s second language, etc. As Poland’s role in the globalist game is to provoke Russia, its deep state absolutely must blame all crimes committed by foreigners – that the authorities didn’t succeed in covering up – on the Russians.

          • I lived in Silesia about 10 years ago. Even back then there were Poles telling me that Lvov was Polish and that they wanted it back. Stupid. What would the Poles do with Western Ukraine and likewise what would Ukrainians do with Poland?

            Our enemies are behind this idiocy.

            Incidentally I will be in Poland next week.

            Pretty soon the American negro army will occupy Poland as they have Germany for over 60 years.But at least those evil Russians will get their comeuppance.

          • I guess that those Poles were the ones that got kicked from Lvov after the war. In the little town where I grew up, every third inhabitant had a close connection to Lvov or its vicinity. I actually find it a myth that Poland has a homogeneous population, as Poles of today are a mixture, not only of Slavic or German such, as many others came to Poland after the war. Not to mention the “annihilated” geniuses from the Tribe. They simply have the same language and religion; the latter not seldom just a facade. OK, Poles are a homogeneous people in comparison to the Brits and French of today.

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