The Manning Interview Marks A High Water Mark In Bizarro Politics

Bradley Manning has gotten very far into his transitioning process. I mean, just look at him/her.

Some call Chelsea a hero. Some call her a traitor. All I know for sure is that she is definitely a he.

Manning gave his first interview since being released. You may want to strap in for this one:

Released from prison on May 17, the upcoming interview with “Nightline” is Manning’s first public interview as a free citizen, but maintains that despite her experience, she has “nothing but utmost respect for the military.”

“The military is diverse, and large, and it’s public, it serves a public function, it serves a public duty,” she said. “And the people who are in the military work very hard, often for not much money, to make their country better and to protect their country. I have nothing but respect for that. And that’s why I signed up.”

Manning’s story is frankly bizarre. It seems that he got out of prison by conveniently becoming trans just as transgenders and gays in the military suddenly became a hot button topic.

During her trial, Manning was acquitted of aiding the enemy and explained that she didn’t leak the information to sabotage the United States or to compromise national security, but to spark conversation in the public domain.

Manning announced that she was transgender just days after her 2013 sentencing, and the U.S. military initially denied hormone therapy while she was incarcerated.

As a result, Manning attempted suicide twice.

Manning’s ACLU lawyer, Chase Strangio, filed a lawsuit in September 2014 to fight for her right to hormone therapy.

Strangio noted that Manning was “the first military prisoner to receive health care related to gender transition and was part of a shift in practice that lead to the elimination of the ban on open trans service in the military.”

The story is so bizarre that it is hard to pick a side. But as it stands now, Manning hasn’t achieved Jenner status in terms of media accolade. No one is sure what to make of Manning just yet. I’m not sure whether thats a good thing or a bad thing.

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  • My biggest problem with gay and trans bashing is it is what cuckservatives do because they are too cowardly to call out anti-social behavior in non-whites because it is safe. Breitbart fired its editor for calling out Muslims yet that didn’t stop them from going into overdrive on trans issues afterwards to ‘compensate’.

    Also, the Southern Baptist Convention laughably condemns the alt-right while demanding to do the same to LGBT folks.

    I can’t help but feel like a tool of cuckservatives going down a diversionary rabbit hole everytime I say something too similar to them about LGBT folks.

      • Denial of the Holocaust plays into the “muh human rights, genocide is immoral” humanist narrative of which I am not a subscriber. I prefer to say that the Holocaust happened, and I deny that it was immoral. The strong are good. The weak are evil.

      • It happened, just not the way Jews want people to believe it happened. The total number of deaths and the means by which those people died according to the official narrative are rightly disputed. The Slavs also killed quite a few Jews during WW2, but those deaths are generally just lumped in with the magical 6 million number that the Germans are blamed for.

  • What did you expect? Trannys are the in thing now. Since Kaitlyn is no longer a hot item they have to bring in another tranny to keep the momentum going. Anything to push their agenda of attacking the norm.

  • “The military is diverse…”

    and that’s why the military is completely fucked up. Not to mention America.

    Dickless Frankenstein named “Chelsea” gets a million dollars in vivisection by Dr. Moreaubergblattstein yet actual, normal vets are homeless and tossed aside; all the while, Turd World invaders get free housing, HC, food, and tuition paid for by Whitey.

    Yeah, f*ck America.

  • Stick to your guns and call him “he”… Please!

    And a side point: I hate seeing this thing compared to Edward Snowden. I don’t like Snowden’s politics, but he selectively released information about civil liberties being mass-violated in the United States and abroad, in an effort to educate the populace.

    Manning released a dump of raw military information that we now know got American assets killed.

  • He is not “Chelsea”. He is “Bradley”.

    The whole case certainly is strange. His lawyer is even named “Chris Strangio”.

  • Why does this bag of filth think he should be given a chance a chance at what?He should be chucked back in prison.That half witted coon obama should be chucked in prison with him they are both traitors .

  • Manning is definitely mentally ill but I wouldn’t say he’s immoral. Mentally ill people can have a good sense of right and wrong, sometimes even better than some non mentally ill people. And Manning was talking about the desire to become a woman before he was arrested so I don’t think this was something he concocted to get out of prison. His refusal to really criticize the military even after all he’s been through shows he’s very subdued in way that’s disturbing yet proves he’s not malicious.

  • If Snowden is a hero, Manning is a hero. If Snowden is a traitor, Manning is a traitor.

    Apparently Manning suffered from mental illness for a long, long time and not all of it related to sexuality and “gender.” The real question might be why was someone with pretty obvious signs of mental illness going back a long time given a security clearance or even allowed in the military in the first place? Was the military really that hard up during the Obama years?

    “LGBTs” are heavily over-represented in the military and especially intelligence and the “transgendered” more than anyone. There are reasons to believe that military and civilian intelligence agencies are heavily influenced by “LGBTs.” AryanSkynet just wrote an article about the man who essentially invented the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover: AryanSkynet: Did Israel Own Hoover?

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