Saudis Snub Moment Of Silence For Terror Victims At Soccer Match

It is funny to see how hard the Left tries to cover up Muslims’ absolute loathing for European Whites. They shame and bully fellow Whites who notice this unbridled bloodlust towards us and our culture. But their job is increasingly made difficult by stunts like this:

How do you cover that up? After all, the whole point of these games is two-fold: to provide entertainment and to foster friendly relationships between countries.

I’ve heard constant odes to the power of sports to bring different peoples together my entire life. Was it all a lie?

Saudi Arabia met Australia for a World Cup qualifier at the Adelaide Oval stadium in South Australia. The two teams were preparing for kick off when the announcement was made for a minute’s silence to take place.

Images from the match show a single player from the Saudi team, Salman al-Faraj, seemingly standing for the silence, with his hands behind his back.

At the end of the minute, Australian fans loudly booed the Saudi team as they ignored the show of respect from the other team.

Honestly, the Saudis probably went too far this time. It is bad enough to sponsor terrorism and Wahhabi fundamentalism abroad, it is quite another to violate the sacred tradition of Sportsball. Thousands of soccer fans will see that, and it will resonate deeply.

Deeper probably than any essay produced by the Alt-Right.

See, the Saudis completely snubbed a moment of silence to terror victims AND violated the sacredness of Sportsball as an institution. Coincidentally, this is why Colin Kaepernick was such a big deal. He got up and shoved his hostile face right into the big screen TVs of sports fans all over the United States. They couldn’t pretend to be color-blind anymore because Colin wouldn’t let them indulge themselves in that illusion when he took his famous knee during the anthem.

Colin’s stunt ended up backfiring, and the Saudis arrogance will as well.

They’re pushing around the wrong people: soccer fanatics that is. Remember the attack earlier this week? Know who stood up to the Muslim attackers? A Millwall soccer fanatic faced down three armed Muslims on his own. He did it with the battlecry of his beloved team on his lips:

Recalling the events of Saturday night, he said “They had these long knives and started shouting about Allah. Then it was, ‘Islam, Islam, Islam’.

“Like an idiot I shouted back at them. I thought, ‘I need to take the piss out of these bastards’. I took a few steps towards them and said, ‘fuck you, I’m Millwall’. So they started attacking me.”

The Muslims are getting between Western man and his sports. What a huge tactical blunder.

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  • Both the UK and Washington have inflicted so much damage in the Middle East, it is a bit sickening to watch either country play victim. So maybe the Saudi team has a point (if indeed they were trying to make one). Sorry kids. Terrorism directed the US or UK is political blowback. You don’t see Muslims going after Mexico or China or Brazil or Japan. Why? Those countries aren’t waging aggressive wars against non-threatening, distant nations.

    It’s time for Washington and Great Britain to roll back their teetering empires and leave other countries alone.

  • I’d like to see someone bring this up sometime (Tucker, maybe). Liberald love to claim that we have “separtion of church and state” – that the U.S. government, or state governments, can’t be involved in the promotion of any religion, even tangentially.

    So………….shouldn’t that also apply to foreign governments? The government of Saudi Arabia (or, at least, Saudi sheiks – which is to say – the Saudi government) promotes wahhabist islam in the United States (often in prisons). Why are they allowed to do that? If our government shouldn’t be allowed to do that, why should a foreign government be allowed to do it?

  • I’m unimpressed by the notion that sportscucks will remember much of anything or that their attitude towards anything will be much affected.

    They are sheep. The needful thing is to replace the idiocy they follow with something real and productive.

  • Hey Spencer,
    I just watched this interview between you and two black gentlemen.
    I just wanted to say you shouldn’t speak so arrogantly and disrespectfully when you are being interviewed by decent non-white interviewers. These two black men were being straightforward and courteous with you even while you called them fags to their faces.
    You can’t talk to these people like you’re talking to an AltRight message board without sounding like an asshole. I do want separation from other races, not because I hate other races, but because I want to preserve my own.
    You’re great in most interviews, and I follow your work, but I found this one to be working against us and just plain awkward.

      • Sadly, if and when a real killing occurs, those that get so used to fake killings that they immediately scream hoax can hardly be blamed but tell me, since you worry so much about ppl who died supposedly in a routine unbelievable tv production. Have you shown any concern for folks in the middle east that are living in hell because the Jews find it inconvenient to have a stable neighborhood of Arabs surrounding them?
        The other issue is, the obvious crisis actors routinely brought forth to validate events have created an atmosphere of unbelievability to where it will require validating the identity of anyone who makes a case surrounding these ridiculous events
        Rather than blame me, for not being a stupid goy, how bout holding the lying media accountable or you just assuming they have a right to lie to us?
        Your emphasis on me being “unpatriotic” for refusing to believe habitual liars would be comical but for the fact so many trained seals out there accept their word as gospel
        the fact that folks like you who many know better but keep their mouths shut simply gives a false credibility to the ongoing and now routine fear porn these things represent. You can do better and I hope you will judge our rulers by the standard they set than me for seeing the lies created in the standards they set

        • “Have you shown any concern for folks in the middle east that are living in hell because the Jews find it inconvenient to have a stable neighborhood of Arabs surrounding them?”

          No, not really – because I don’t know them. They aren’t my countrymen, and I don’t particularly care about them. I could lie and say I care, but I don’t really. However, I don’t think we should be involved in the wars over there, and I certainly don’t want their blood on our hands. I have said as much on many occasions at this and other such forums.

          “Your emphasis on me being “unpatriotic”….”

          I have never said you were unpatriotic. I don’t know if you are or not, nor do I care one way or the other. Patrotism doesn’t really exist anymore – that requires a country, and we don’t have one anymore.

          I think you are gullible and deluded. though.

          • Let me put it his way. Taking anything the happy to lie Jewish media says seriously is a mistake especially when it can be attached to a globalist agenda. SO, I guess if I were to be totally honest, not sure why anyone would report the story that is aware of their propensity to lie and the delusion of so many unawake to believe the lying. why humor them?
            We should either hold our tongue or question the poor lap dog reporting methods of the press.
            I can tell you this. As bad you think it is in Europe, it’s worse by far in targeted Muslim countries and to perpetuate the fiction that Jews and Muslims are colluding against whites when the fact is Jews with shabbuz goy are colluding against Muslims and whites to promote Protestant Reformation like slaughtering in the name of fake justice is something I would believe a coopted Jew op would do. Jews are promoting chaos and to take these silly events at face value is doing their bidding or same ole, same ole. When whites could have stood up for their race at the perfect time, 1939, they preferred to believe Jewish fabrications and attack a goy ruler while following Jewish ones,
            I see the same thing happening now and the use of false flags is major and can’t be ignored if you want to focus on the true enemy

    • Question… Would this be fake honor even if the the confused masses were sincere?… Here’s the problem we deal with. To the American psyche, as bad as the loss of 3,000 people on 9/11 is, the concept of that being a false flag is too awful to conceive. All they “know”, all the believe would be wrong. This is the ultimate denial.

  • Things like this are great. Minute silences, etc. are totally empty gestures, combined as they are with a refusal to actually do anything about the real problem, but Saudi idiots disrespecting them will help to harden attitudes against Muslims.

    This sort of thing is ideal to share on normie Facebook, etc. ‘Look how awful! They didn’t respect the silence for victims of terrors’. You needn’t even bring race and religion into it, for people will see that for themselves.

  • Islam can not co exist with democracy. It never has and it never will. It caused the crusades, Vlad the impaler, the Inquisition and the expulsion of the Moors. The agenda driven text books leave the causes out. Deliberately at first and then when everyone’s trained and indoctrinated they repeat the incomplete picture. Now no one knows their real history and they’re about to repeat it.

  • I don’t think I’ll ever really be happy again until the last Muslim on Western soil is either deported or hanging from a street light. F_CK ISLAM!!!

  • “Sportsball” haha.

    “Deeper probably than any essay produced by the Alt-Right.”

    That is part of the problem. When a people, and perhaps most importantly their young men, care more about a goddamn game than real life, then there’s a real rot in the very core of the entire culture which no amount of Jew-blaming can alleviate.

    I remember (back in 2015, I believe) when the Serbian soccer team won some game in NZ, and when they arrived back home in Belgrade the team was greeted by an enormous crowd and all-together they started singing Serbian nationalist songs. You’d think they were soldiers, returning from Kosovo after having reconquered it, but no -they returned from an irrelevant Island in the pacific after kicking around a plastic ball. I thought it was a disgrace.

    That’s the rot in the culture of Europeans globally: our heroes are irrelevant athletes, while the heroes of the Ummah are mujahids. ISIS plays soccer with the heads of the kuffar.

  • Richard!!!

    Please review this song. It’s the anthem of our moment! It’s the song of the last 70 years. It’s the song of the pain we’ve endured! It’s an inspiration!!

    Please do a video! Make it ours!!!

  • If you count on some low IQ drunks to save your country, that country is finished. Also, the cops will do anything to kiss muzzie ass, they’ll even shot at those fans if they have to. Pointless article.

    • When the elites of a nation are 5th columnist traitors and the populace doesn’t realize it or doesn’t have the balls to do something on their own it is game over.

      • That would be an interesting experiment. There is – to my knowledge – no religion on Earth more tied to a particular place than is Islam. Mecca is the irreplacable center of the islamic faith. All good muslims are supposed to face Mecca and pray five times a day. All good muslims are enjoined to make the Haj at least once during thier lifetime.

        If Mecca were to just disappear, wouldn’t it tend to indicate that Allah doesn’t exist.

        I don’t think there is any other religion that has such deep attachment to a particular location, unless you want to count things like Shinto – nationalist animist religions.

  • The whole muzlim community should have been kicked out of my country along time ago.This is just one more episode of the hatred these vile animal,s have towards non muzlim,this is typical of the non violent muzlims backing their jihad.Wake up western world it is coming for you Lamb or Lion your choice.

      • Syd ;there are not a lot of traditional aussies left the jew marxist filth are hard selling this diversity crap it is taught in schools and colleges and backed by our weak as piss politicians.I organize resistance where and when ever i can.All i can tell anyone is stock up arm up and get ready.Spread the word Syd i know you slavs love a good fight so lets give the rotten bastards one.Regards “Stavros”

          • Syd ,I have owned two BSA motorcycles made in birmingham i loved them they were great bikes.I hear you have a lot of muzlim invaders in birmingham . My family came to Australia from a small town named little Gaddesden near St Albans in the year 1865 . My brother visits London on occasion and my mother used to spend i lot of time in sommerset(love scrumpy cider).Will talk to you soon Syd ,stay safe.

          • Workshop of the world donkey’s years ago. Started the industrial revolution, invented and manufactured everything. Paki shithole now with a nice canal district for the elite. A lot of beautiful architecture

          • I lived ther for a while in my misspent
            youth. Curry down the Ladypool Rd.
            It’s foreign country though,
            thats for sure.

  • the most common excuse normies give for not being anti-islamic is that all terrorist attacks are just some small twisted minority that dont represent Islam or ordinary Muslims at all. this completely shatters that illusion. the saudi soccer team was told three days in advance that there was going to be a minutes silence for the victims and the decision was made not to participate. this was no cultural misunderstanding. it wasn’t just team members and team officials either. an Australian member of the crowd tweeted that the Saudi fans were shouting while the minutes silence was going on. and as if that’s not enough a Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi went on to explain that the players would have been ridiculed back home if they participated. “Sheikh Tawhidi says under Islam Sharia law it is not ‘wrong’ or a ‘sin’ for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim.
    ‘In their eyes the attackers are martyrs who are going to paradise. And if they stand for a minute of silence they are against their Muslim brothers who fought for jihad and fought the ‘infidels’,’ he said.
    Sheikh Tawidi also added the team would have been ‘ridiculed’ back home if they had commemorated the victims of the London terrorist attack.”

    • They have been our enemies for millennia and are well taking advantage our our faggotism. Wouldn’t try it in Poland!

    • Even the “moderate” Muslims are no joy to be around. They stink, their rude, their inconsiderate, their arrogant, their completely incompatible and disrespectful to our culture and way of life. They all have to go back!

  • Oh come on, Kaepernick is already forgotten. Same will happen here, only faster: soccercucks are the most placid of all. They expend their emotional energy before the telly, you see.

  • Heaven forbid reality interrupts the White man’s bread and circuses!
    SA apologized though, so all is well! Back to the sportsball so we can finally decide who’s the best sportsball team of all time…until next year.

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