Is Tucker Getting Old?

Tucker Carlson is the youngish (born 1969) replacement for Bill O’Reilly at FOX News. (Tucker got his show last November, but was bumped up to the coveted 8 PM ET time slot after Bill O’Reilly’s remarkably non-erotic sex scandal led to his ouster.)

For the Alt-Right and identitarians, Tucker unquestionably marks a dramatic improvement over O’Reilly and O’Reilly-ism. Indeed Tucker Carlson Tonight often seems like a bastion of the so-called “Alt-Light” (civic nationalism with the combative, uncucked style of the real Alt-Right).

But we might be witnessing the limits of Tucker and Tucker-ism, as well. And that’s worth talking about.

“Getting Tucked”

O’Reilly’s shtick was to “dadsplain” GOP talking points to the masses and bully various representatives of the liberal Left. Tucker has developed a very different tactic: essentially, he invites on various social-justice warriors, BLM activists, and the like, and through a gentle Socratic questioning, teases out their logic.  In other words, he gives his guests enough rope for them to hang themselves.

Essentially, Tucker is “concern-trolling,” staring blankly back at his guests, with his patented open-mouthed bewilderment, asking them whether they really mean what they say. Tucker presents himself, effectively, as an opened-minded Classical Liberal.

Where Tucker’s concern-trolling of Yvette Felarca was epic, his encounter with Kurt Eichenwald was beyond epic.

“The Tuck” has unsurprisingly become a meme.

After Kurt Eichenwald’s performance on his show, Tucker made sure to follow up. Last night, he reported on what some /pol/ trolls had noticed on Kurt Eichenwald’s Twitter, namely his proclivity for shokushu goukan japanese tentacle p0rn.

Unlike other lukewarm conservative commentators, Tucker clearly enjoys these battles. You can see him taking pleasure in picking Kurt apart, and he does it with that open-faced naïveté that has become a staple of his on-air personality.

Kurt’s porn preferences.

Unfortunately for Tucker, he fundamentally remains one of them while on air.

Muh Civil Rights Dogma

Tucker’s game began to get old when Tucker interviewed some woman who dared throw a “Blacks Only” Memorial Day Party.

Tucker is effectively arguing, “But . . . but . . . what about the “I have a dream” speech!?” We ain’t supposed to see race!”

This is typical of all conservatives. They always resort back to DR3 (Dems R the Real Racists). Tucker had a golden opportunity to hammer home an important point: If Blacks are allowed to have their own “Blacks only” events and movements, then isn’t it high time for Whites to be allowed to do the same?

But no, of course not. The point of the segment was to portray BLM activists as unhinged for seeing race and wanting to be with their own kind. The clear implication of Tucker’s segment was that this kind of racism shouldn’t be tolerated in America for anybody.

Kudos to him for pointing out the double-standard: Blacks enjoy de facto segregation in the United States and no one does anything about it. It is only Whites who are attacked when we organize along racial lines, either explicitly or implicitly (whether it be at a Christian Schools or a NASCAR race).

But Tucker had a chance to push forward with something new and bold, and instead he fell back on Boomer Nationalist talking points about color-blindness and all that Kumbaya nonsense.

We expected better, Tuck. Become who you are, fam!

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • You know damn well that he would have been branded a white nationalist, lose sponsors and probably lose the job altogether had he done that.

  • Excellent, just excellent. You got Tucker down pat, 100%. This is not sarcasm, just a genuine “thumbs up”. Good job,

  • I think it was more a case of Tucker drawing attention to the hypocrisy & double standards, (which is the best way to communicate to a normie audience)

  • I do not like Tuck because I know just how important ethos is, and I can tell that his rudeness is not good for us.

    • I feel that way about Ben Shapiro at times. If he could stick to his logic that destroys liberals, and not get snotty; he would be more convincing to all sides.

  • I enjoy Tucker very much, but I agree that he misses some opportunities to effectively bury his guests. I’ve often thought a “closing arguments” segment would be appropriate, or perhaps a half-hour at the end of every week to summarize. Due to how he engages some of his guests, many viewers may miss his intentions.

  • For Making…….

    ….more White Babies…….




    Peace, Fams…….

  • Being a Normie has MASSIVE Advantages………

    But, it’s the Pioneers who Discover, Create, and Settle……….

    ……New Territory……….

    ……..for Normie Human Existence………..


    That’s why I Love……..the AltRight…….

  • Well-off, semi-normie, semi-alt-lite guys I know, businessmen really, have become noticeably more open to my once radical message since they started watching Tucker. Yes, of course he’s going to be color blind, but the interviews themselves may gradually change Tucker as well.

  • Perhaps I’m jumping the gun, but I do sense a change of tone in the media, mostly because the media senses the growing power of the altright, and is frightened. First of all, it has been a long time since a “unarmed black male shot by police” story has become national news. How many times did that happen in 2015-2016? (And how many riots did these stories precipitate?) Perhaps the media is afraid of push back — people going on Twitter and pointing out that blacks kill a lot more white people than vice versa.

    I also have not lately seen any stories about how “older white people feel this isn’t the country they grew up in.” Perhaps the media is afraid that the altright will point out that this really isn’t the country that older white people grew up in, and that it’s getting blacker and browner all the time. The media does not want to alarm whites by reminding us that we are on track to become a minority.

  • And to think I used to regard Carlson as just another bow-tied douchebag at the National Review.

  • Jesus H. Christ.. born in 69 is old now? Born in 66 and graduated highschool in 1984 when we still read George Orwell and were taught critical thinking skills, individualism and real life skills [cooking, woodworking, metal work, sewing, bookkeeping] .. I think you’ll find a lot of conservatives are waking up to just how cuckservative their ‘leaders’ are… for example.. here in Canada a new wonderkid at 38 is leader of the national conservatives he employs a ‘resting pleasant face’ and does a lot of comedy schtick… dumbing down ‘let’s all get along’ agenda is the status quo… if you’re not sick of it yet .. and you still think the status quo is the way to go .. give it 2 years … the alt right will be here .. waiting……

    • Christopher Hitchens liked Tucker a lot and he hoped that Tucker continued to write.. but I think Tucker in front of the camera in this day and age is a better option, who reads these days?

  • PS

    Richard Spencer: in case you or anyone else here responsible for read this, I’d ask you to reconsider opening a forum on this site. I feel like there is need for a slower place of exchange again.

    I can’t be the only one who is aggressive and fast on twitter, the chans, and comment sections, but more thoughtful (and moderate if you will) in a “slower” atmosphere such as a forum.

    And right now, there already are enough meme-heavy, aggressive places like the two chans, twitter and several chats, discord, cytube etc. Now instead of offering a place for a slower and more reflective exchange (as a moderated forum could be), there is just yet another discord chat with pepes and sam hydes.

    But Trump taking on the system and having lost should actually be more than enough evidence that you can only get so far with memes and “alpha” behavior etc. We need to go beyond the memes.

  • Separation is the line you’re not supposed to cross. FOX News was never shy of “criticizing” Islam, but only as long as that “criticism” could be used to justify the imperialist wars of the US regime and/or to promote the global terrorism of gay and women’s rights activists. Same rules apply to the Kekservatives. They may make white Americans feel that there’s still a place, albeit a subcultural one, for them left in the colorful apple pie that is the US; but they can never go so far as to actually promote a kind of separation, neither along racial lines nor one simply based on an old-fashioned Japanese immigration policy.

  • “After Kurt Eichenwald’s performance on his show, Tucker made sure to
    follow up. Last night, he reported on what some /pol/ trolls had noticed
    on Kurt Eichenwald’s Twitter, namely his proclivity for shokushu goukan japanese tentacle p0rn.”

    They caught Eichenwald red-handed. Or eight-handed. Or sticky-handed. Or something.

  • Tucker probably goes as far as he can – any further and he’d be replaced. And perhaps he doesn’t want to go further.

    Take what you can from his show: he is showing middle-class Gen-X-ers, whose kids are approaching college age, what colleges today are really like. He features the likes of Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter, Mike Rowe, and James Howard Kunstler on his show. He’s brought attention to “The End of Work” – the coming automation revolution that will throw millions of people out of work (and which undermines the pro-immigration narrative).

    He’s the best advocate we are likely to get on mainstream television. Until Steve Sailer or Jared Taylor get their own show, that is (one can always dream).

    And – it goes without saying – the rest of the FOX lineup is crap.

  • I’ve also had certain problems with him being soft on many issues. A point when he really astounded me was when he had this feminist on, and he claimed women were just as capable as men. I mean, all conservative (even phony ones) should fight that idea. Yet he didn’t.

    Though he is of a lot of value in his spot, obviously. And he is an example to follow with his rational takedowns freaks he’s got on.

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    Please review this song. It’s the anthem of our
    moment! It’s the song of the last 70 years. It’s the song of the pain
    we’ve endured! It’s an inspiration!!

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  • Tucker’s brilliant, he takes the piss with finesse but being he wants to keep his job he can only get away with so much. I’d like to see Ann Coulter with a show.

  • I don’t find him all that smart, but apparently the kids are impressed by him, so ok. Unfortunately, he employs the same method that others on FNC (e.g. Hannity and O’Reilly) do, which is to shout over and cut off guests who start making potentially reasonable counter-points. I’d bet that they’re trained to digress and deflect when the discussions go beyond the outline of talking points they’re given prior to segments. To be fair, this doesn’t make him any worse than the vast majority of other TV personalities.

    • Agreed. TV show guests typically have a much deeper knowledge of the subject than the host, so he has to stick to his talking points and game plan or he risks losing out badly. Tucker’s attitude though is just as annoying as that of most MSNBC hosts. Smugness apparently sells pretty well.

  • I like Tucker and he does good work, but he needs to close his mouth when he’s not talking. The mouth-breather look is not good.

      • I could excuse it if it were selective like that, but he always does it. That’s just his resting face which back to my point makes him look like a mouth-breather.

  • The “equality” is reverse Alinsky. This is ideological judo. You can’t use George Wallace as one of their heroes to prove their hypocrisy. Hold them to their own impossible standards.

  • The black lady he brought on couldn’t even articulate her own points. Like always, we will have to argue for her.

  • He’s irredeemably CUCK. Number one with him is his ego and his career (“Look at me, everybody!”). Forget about any real help from the likes of Cucker.

  • Who the hell still watches cable news?

    Cable news is in the same situation newspapers were in 10 years ago. Still profitable, but everyone could see the writing on the wall that papers, and now cable news, were going the way of the dodo bird. This is not just exclusive to cable news but cable TV in general. ESPN, the sports opiate of the masses, is bleeding money hand over fist.

    Tucker is kind of edgy but he’s still irrelevant. The public sphere that matters is the internet and social media. Trump mastered both, and he won.

  • “Tucker had a golden opportunity to hammer home an important point: If Blacks are allowed to have their own ‘Blacks only’ events and movements, then isn’t it high time for Whites to be allowed to do the same?”

    That “important point” is just about as lame as DR3, Mr. Spencer.

    • Tucker has never been pro-race. He’s at best Alt Light like Gavin McInnes.

      We all like that he shows leftists for the mentally ill losers that they are, but his conclusions are just basic-bitch conservatism that will not solve the problem. White nationalism is the only solution.

      Think about the policies of Gavin, Tucker and other conservatives, and then compare to Alt Right policies. In a 1000 years what would our countries look like?

      The Germans were ahead of their time in science and politics. It’s too bad they chose not to develop the nuclear bomb to secure their existence.

    • Some muzzie bitch was on there this evening arguing for “muslim safe spaces” all the typical pc tosh. He massacred her, asked her”and what would muslims talk about in a safe space”? Lol

    • Taking your cynical, world-weary act over here from Occidental Dissent, eh, Buonaconti? You shan’t escape from me, I am always at least two chess-moves ahead of you.

      • “……cynical, world-weary act”? I would characterize it more as a “smug, insufferable blowhard act”. You are more charitable than I am..

        • Why does Bonaccorsi post over at Occidental Dissent just to constantly insults Southrons? It’s truly weird.

          • “Why does Bonaccorsi post over at Occidental Dissent just to constantly insults Southrons?”

            Because he’s a horses’ ass.

  • D3R is the number one point that needs hammered home for the time being. It is a concept that can’t be unseen. A real Overton mover, IMO.

  • The black woman put him in the position of either going full boomer cuck or drawing the obvious, shocking conclusion that everyone is content with segregation. The only other answer would have been, What if whites excluded blacks from their events? Would that be okay? But that line might lead to way too much truth for Tuck and Fox.

    • Fox is basically controlled opposition. The GOP are using nationalists now the way they used evangelicals in the 80’s 90’s. They want our votes so put out a softcore message

    • Getting “news and commentary” (or any information, really) from TeeVee is not very smart. Acknowledging lots of SWL and “muh conservatives” tune in is useful.

    • Despite his failings he does good work. Like much of the Alt Light, you’re getting about 50 cents on the dollar. Their responses to anti-white hatred are pretty good, but their solutions are wrong.

  • Ohh, so this article is to provoke Tucker into acknoledging the Alr Right.
    Eventually leading into RIchard being a guest. Stone by stone, I suppose.

    • I wasn’t thinking about that but now that you mention it I’d love to see it happen. What would they even talk about, though?

    • Spencer, Heimbach and other Alt Right people are a serious threat to the cuck narrative and while Tucker might talk to them privately, as I don’t think he’s a douchebag, he probably won’t do it on his show because he would likely be fired if he had a friendly conversation with them and agreed on anything.

  • this article is a bit silly. Mainly because tucker DOES push borderline WN talking points on his show often. His performance the other night was sad. But its the first of its kind so far. Time will tell but im almost wholly convinced tucker is a different breed.

  • Very good ! My strongest argument for ethno-identitarianism is always the reality of self-segregaton: but I always only pointed towards White-flight ! I never pointed to the reality of pervasisve Black self-segregation. Very good additional fodder for argumentation.

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