How Euro-Skepticism Destroyed British Nationalism

Richard Spencer discusses Theresa May’s catastrophic victory in the 2017 General Election, how UKIP was ruined by its success, and how British nationalism paid the price for focusing on “Euro-Skepticism.”

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • If anything, Euroland, (and it’s corrupted, arrogant, unelected, so-called politicians) has undoubtedly bought nationalism to the fore.

  • The British elites have always hated the people. My great grandmother was sent oversees as a “home child” at age 7. According to an account by her siblings, her parents put her in an orphanage as a temporary measure, they came back for her after three months had passed, but she was already shipped out, to face 10 years of hard labor in Canada. She never saw her family again.

  • The proper critique of UKIP is not that it absorbed nationalist tendencies – which is true but incidental – rather it is that UKIP was a single-issue party and when that issue was disposed of it couldn’t do anything but die.

  • Against their will, Negroes were brought to this country by slave traders–a large number of whom were Jewish–and sold to greedy white southern aristocrats who owned tracts of acreage too large for one family to work. It’s true that the percentage of white southerners who owned slaves was exceedingly small, yet their unbounded greed and desire to be big shots in the New World (which they were NOT in the Old one) was emblematic of a spiritual malady which left an indelible stain on the history of this nation, and a stain the consequences of which we in the 21st century are living through. Our beloved “Founding Fathers” owned large numbers of slaves (and those Fathers ALL somehow became very wealthy after the Revolution). The greed of those men is what has caused the plague that we are currently witnessing. There will not be a Balkanization of the United States. Negroes will not, and cannot, survive (outside of Africa, that is–the only land they are suited to live in) in any situation where they are prevented from mixing with whites who live just across the fence. They WILL cross that fence, and then one of two things will happen: 1) the whites will allow them to once again mix with them and let them diddle white women as they are presently doing, or 2) the whites will kill them–all of them. But we’ll never get to that point because there is going to be huge blood bath just around the corner. If you look closely and intently you can see the signs of its approach. The nasty little worms who own the various communications media have been quite busy behind the scenes fomenting the coming race war. I think it’s going to backfire on them, though. White people are (finally) going to ascertain just who it was all along causing the trouble. Then it will be house-cleaning time.

  • Freedom from Brussels is a necessary but insufficient condition for the revival of British nationalism and the UK’s ability to determine its own destiny — economic, cultural, and demographic. The EU superstate is, in the final analysis, the enemy of all people whose nations are brought into it or influenced by it.

  • No one has to be more careful of what they can say than a politician. As in America, anti-whitism is still firmly in power in Great Britain. Our job is to put pro-whitism firmly in power. After we’ve won the propaganda war, no anti-white politician will even be able to get on the ballot let alone elected. The group that controls public opinion is the group in power.

  • Nick Griffin did more for British nationalism than anyone since Mosley. He worked courageously and tirelessly, preventing WW3 by brokering peace in Syria. The bnp was crushed by zog and he was thrown out in a zog coup. Younger people are mostly judeo-globalist socialists and the future is very bleak. No sane Englishman trusts a frog or German either, history is history

    • Nick Griffin was a Cuck fag on Question Time with David Dimbleby. His career was OVER after that.

        • As Moly says, Not an argument. The BNP collapsed after Griffin took over. They would have been better off with Brons or Tyndall leading the BNP.

          • Why? He drove the BNP off a cliff. Even during his time in office, Brons was better and just plowed ahead and ignored the interviewers with pro white talking points.

          • Obviously Nick Griffin was not brilliant.

            See how he destroyed the BNP for proof. But he had a Cambridge degree!

          • The BNP made enormous, unprecedented and unparalleled strides under Griffin. That may not be saying a great deal, but it’s true. I don’t know why things collapsed so suddenly at the peak of the BNP’s popularity.

      • Wow. He bungled that. Then again the deck was stacked.

        Never play by their rules. Get our talking points out. Don’t grovel. Don’t apologize. Don’t play their game.

      • Damn, that would have been an impossible crowd to win over even for the best – Johnson, Taylor, etc.

        • Wrong. See how David Duke handled his appearance on Donahue for how a White Advocate deals with a hostile audience.

      • I assume you are American. Griffin dedicated his life to Nationalism in the UK and at its zenith the BNP WAS breaking into mainstream politics. Griffin underestimated the determination of the Brit state to utterly destroy the Party using all the “democratic” institutions at its disposal – the Courts, the BBC, the Police, the Press and of course MI5. The BNP’s entire membership list was published on line not once, but twice. He may have been a flawed individual, but who isn’t? Consider the conflicts that have arisen amongst US alt-right leaders (Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson and Daniel Friberg). These individual do not lack courage or determination but that doesn’t prevent friction or errors of judgement.

    • Griffin made grave mistakes,he was surrounded for the most part by men of character. Financial
      impropriety and ego got in the way.Whilst Zog is ever present the BNP was also destroyed by its own from within.

  • I challenge anyone to live in England, get to the know the nation, the people, the streets and then come away believing their is hope for England or the UK. I used to live in Brighton and that was a better place. The UK is beyond repair. And that is not just with the immigrants. The degeneration of the English people is past the point of no return. Get to know some English people and find out how much honor they have. How trustworthy they are. I’m sure there are some good people in England and the UK and I have met some but in general the place is screwed.

    I guess it is karma for destroying Europe in two World Wars.

  • I have no hope for Britain. It is like Yockney says once an Empire falls it is gone forever. I even think the English language will fall by the wayside in coming decades. Once the Asians realize the rot and decline in the West they will lose interest. The Chinese are now building their own self sustaining systems where they will not need the West. Once they are powerful enough they will demand that we learn Chinese to deal with them. This is, of course, 50 years or so in the future.

    A resurgence of Europe will only come from Central/Eastern Europe. This is clear. The Slavic languages will dominate.

    Folks the world is going to splinter. globalism will not last.

    • No one is going to learn Chinese, despite the efforts of the Chicoms. It is an impossibly complex tongue.

        • You speak it, yet you can’t write Chinese. Languages that don’t survive in written form die out.

          • Actually I write it as well, about 1,000 characters. I could read an easy newspaper when I lived there. The characters are a barrier but fascinating

          • I bet you have a 100 plus IQ. Most people do not have the intelligence to learn to read and write a language like Chinese or Japanese. It’s why English will dominate the world.

          • Cheers, I finished school at 15, working-class lad and believe my IQ to be average. I’m interested in languages but it’s just rote learning, retard wogs learn them

          • The working class decide the world. Marx knew this back in 1848. Idiots ignore the working class their own peril (SEE: Tsar Nicholas, Kaiser Wilhelm, Reza Pahlavi, Hillary Clinton).

            Most third world shitskins are not as smart as the white or Asian working and peasant classes who inspired Marx and Mao, and don’t have the intelligence to learn a hard language like Chinese or Russian.

          • I wholeheartedly agree, it’s the upper-class tossers who’ve got us into this. Soulless scum only concerned about status

          • But if you think Marx or Mao were right about anything, you’re a Commie!

          • Never been a Maoist, obviously once in power Mao was a moron, but the man was a political genius to mobilize a billion heathen Chinee at his beck and call. The destruction of entrenched shibboleths and taboos by Mao during the Cultural Revolution is something the Alt Right should seriously look at. Forget BS about “White Sharia.”

          • Europeans don’t treat our women like that. Mao like many Chinese emperors became besotted by power and paranoid. He really was quite brilliant especially in the context of that time. If you read Chinese history many of the ancient emperors started out revolutionary and succommed to megalomania and paranoia.

          • As the English speaking world declines (unless there is a resurgeance) then so will the language. Just as Rome. When American is a third world cess pool no one will care about English anymore.

          • White Americans won’t stand for it. We will carve out a piece for ourselves, and ourselves only. An the only ones trying to stop us will be Jews and muds.

  • Richard!

    This is a song that needs to be made ours! Please make a video about how this song applies to the last 70 years. It is the anthem of the moment. It is the song of the Zeitgeist of our people!

  • Nice effort, but it’s clear that Spencer doesn’t really know a great deal about British politics.

    A few notes on UKIP. Essentially, there are three groups that comprise UKIP: traditionalist conservatives who feel left behind by the modern Tory party; libertarians of various types, and; working class ‘conservative socialists’ hostile to mass immigration.

    These groups do not have not much in common; indeed, their interests often directly collide. The first and second can be work together, as can the first and third. The difficulty is that each group can go elsewhere: the first can go to the Tories; the second can go to the Tories or Lib Dems; and the third can go to Labour. Anti-EU rhetoric and policies were able bind them together, but UKIP had to make a choice following the Brexit vote. It tried, correctly in my view, to choose the first and the third but was weighed down by many people, including its only MP, from the second. The problem is that both the parties that can absorb these groups are ideally placed at present: May’s Tories can offer a more traditionalist party that Cameron ever could, while Corbyn offers redistribution and strong public services which appeal to the conservative socialists. So UKIP got squeezed, not helped of course by a rather lacklustre leader.

    Spencer’s analysis of UKIP supplanting the BNP is accurate as far as it goes, though many of the BNP’s wounds were self-inflicted. It’s also worth remembering that the BNP was actually prepared to speak truth to (((power))), and that, as we all know, is something that cannot be tolerated; UKIP, on the other hand, is so kosher that it actually ran an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who burnt a bible as a candidate, and therefore is a safe enough (or so they thought!) outlet for nationalist thought and energies.

    On Spencer’s general thesis, I’m afraid that while what he suggests is great for the new world, it isn’t really practical for the old world. The peoples of Europe speak different tongues, we have diverse cultures, and we possess thousands of years of history that have made us who we are. These are not easy barriers to overcome, nor it is desirable to do so in my view, but rather it is these very differences that must form the basis of our nationalism. That does not preclude cooperating with our European brothers and sisters, but we cannot just begin to see ourselves as merely White in the same way that Americans can and have.

    • Most of the European tongues will be dead in the next 50 years because of the predominance of English and Globalization. Spencer is thinking long term. Embrace White Identity or become irrelevant.

      • ‘Most of the European tongues will be dead in the next 50 years’ What makes you think this?

        • No one learns to speak Swedish, Czech, Magyar, Lithuanian, et al. Most White Europeans learn and will speak English.

          • Russian will once again become the lingua franca of it’s former
            sphere in Eastern Europe. It is much easier for them to learn, there is a
            history, and the West is in full decline, decay, rot. The Polish go
            home from cleaning toilets in London and tell their people that England
            is a sh..hole. forget about it.

            Word is spreading fast. Ten years
            ago you could go to places like Ukraine and just being British or
            American (an English speaking Westerner) would get you rock star status.
            Not so anyone. One day a Brit or American will have the same status as a

          • The Poles go to England….and learn English. They also learn English as their first language. English is not going to decline. Russian is not coming back as the primary second language in the old East Bloc. English is the most powerful language in the world, the lingua franca in North America, Europe, and India.

          • English is widespread only because of the British Empire and then America taking over after WWI and II. Once America turns into Brazil, English will fade. It may not happen in our lifetime but it will happen.

          • America turning into Brazil is just going to increase the centralized control over the white American nation by a handful of Jews. The labor of our entire people directed by a more singular will. Globalization and endless war will ramp up, not down. America’s castizo military will still be superior to the rest of the world and it’s white plurality will still be enormously economically productive.

            “The Collapse” isn’t going to happen.

          • Yes, they do. Maygar, for example, is spoken by 100% of people in Hungary; it is the language of instruction in schools, and the means through which national culture is reproduced and expressed. English is spoken by roughly 20% of the population. I should imagine that the number of the English speakers will increase over time, but I see no reason to believe that it will replace Maygar.

          • 20 percent of Hungarians already speak English. 30 years ago, very few Hungarians spoke English, East Bloc nations had to learn Russian as their second language. How many Hungarians will speak English in 30 years? 50 percent? Clearly, English is on the upswing throughout Europe. It is the first language taught in every country except Finland, where they have to learn Swedish for some stupid reason.

            In the future, how many Hungarians will be speaking English and insure their children learn English? This is how languages begin to decline, people pick up another tongue and don’t see the point of learning their native tongue. What use is Magyar outside of Hungary?

          • In 30 years, people in Hungary will use Maygar to talk to other Hungarians and to produce and reproduce Hungarian culture, precisely as they do at present.

            No language is at risk because more Europeans are learning English as a second language (and even this may slow a little with Brexit, etc.); even minority languages in the UK, like Welsh and Gaelic, are undergoing a resurgence.

          • Muslims will be expelled from Europe. “If you will it, It is no dream.” -Theodor Herzl.

          • Can’t predict the future, I sincerely hope your’r right. I see us in the west as irredeemable. I view a western European caliphate and the Slavs conquering it

          • Muslims WILL be expelled from Europe. Don’t be so pessimistic. The Spaniards managed to expel Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula when they clung to a tiny sliver of land in Asturias.

            When I say Muslims will be expelled, I mean ALL Muslims, including Albanians and Bosniaks.

          • The Spaniards did so when life was relatively cheap. I’m not confident that Western societies will ever again find such actions acceptable – even in their own defense.

          • Shomer f’ckin shabbos!!

            Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    • Finkelstein is right. At this point in the decay of western Europe any hope for separate European nationalism just seems like an absurd joke. I mean you’re being flooded with shitskins right now, you’re losing on all grounds to globalism. Eventually you’re just going to have to embrace white nationalism. There was a point in American history where we wanted to remain white protestant English but that didn’t last and eventually America just became a country for all Europeans and that’s how nationalism is defined now because now we have shitskins to worry about and whites are going to become the minority.

      In places like Poland I think they can still have their separate nationalism because they’ve managed to keep most of the shitskins out while remaining strongly Polish (and I would encourage that to continue.) But in places like the UK you’re just losing too much ground on all sides. You’ll have no choice but to concede some ground. England will never be England again. Same with Sweden. Same with Germany. Same with France.

      • Creating an identity is not a matter of desire but rather the result of historical processes that take decades and centuries to play out. Even forging together existing identities into a new one, taking elements from each, requires central government action (see 19th century France) and control of cultural production (good luck getting those in control of it at present to push for a common White identity!). It worked in the new world because people found themselves in a new land, with different political, social, environmental, etc, conditions.

        Why would we go through all that when we have already-formed identities which we simply need to fight for? It’s much better to use our existing solid bases and work to cooperate with other European peoples.

        • Americans seem to only be able look everything through their own perspective. They look at themselves and see they are a mix of different Europeans, then look at Europe and see no difference between us. European nationalists can and should work together to preserve our different cultures and ethnicities while still being allies.

        • And the historical process of third world invasion is going to forge a new European identity that places the friend enemy distinction at the level of RACE, rather than nation.

          • Will it? That may be how you and I might wish things to play out, but I don’t see much evidence of it I’m afraid. Could you explain why you believe that to be the case?

      • I was watching one of those Spengler videos on You Tube a couple nights ago and a guy in the comment section who spent time in Germany and had a lot of German friends stated that only 2 of the 34 guys he met while there were married with kids. Hard to keep up with even the smallest amount of immigration if you are not continuing your own species. I mean that is saying that just above 5% of German males are reproducing. If the guy was not exaggerating, it is game over and you can’t blame the Muslims with that pathetic rate. That is what pure socialism and other leftist ideologies get you, an anemic economy and a bunch of self centered, oversexed, non interested guys that are not getting the job done. The women are worse!!

    • “we cannot just begin to see ourselves as merely White in the same way that Americans can and have.”

      I agree 100%. Pan-Europeanism is cool as a group strategy against a common existential threat but as a concept for long term nation building it is a mistake. I don’t think “white nationalism” even really works in the American context. After all the “darkies” are removed a lot of the old time rivalries between European groups that have faded into the background for now will begin to re-emerge. I’m against the idea of a proposition nation and it doesn’t stop at being applied to non-whites. America is a failed social experiment and I hate seeing Europe follow America down this road to nothing but dispossession and doom.

        • Some regional cultures are distinct and should be preserved. To be fair America has done a better job of building a National Identity than Canada has (I live in Canada) but in my view both National Identities are artificial. Abandoning our old world identities for new world ones was a mistake.

          • We belong to the white race regardless of distinct cultures.The links forge with other European Nationalists is the way forward now.I don’t see this as an either or paradigm?

          • I see White Nationalism as a post-American ideology. Regardless of what the founding fathers “meant” to say, America has evolved into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society. White Nationalists taking over America and deporting all non-whites is probably never going to happen. Secession is more likely and I personally would rather return to Europe than be part of either a white ethno-state on American soil or Americas multi-ethnic future. At the end of the day being white has very little meaning to me, being Italian actually describes who and what I am. Thats just me though, a lot of people are perfectly happy with just being white. Their not wrong, it just seems hollow and empty to me.

          • There is nothing hollow about being white.Our race is in our soul,we can’t avoid that.I make every allowance for you being Italian.I am English,that is who I am.When I am introduced to a black person as a British man I recoil,he can never be British.Being born in a European country will never make someone European.DNA is paramount.Our culture is a product of our race.If Africans were like us Africa would look like Europe used to look.Importing other cultures is a sideshow,they will never add or enrich our culture or nations.

          • A black person can never be British or Italian, but they can be and are American. They have contributed to the American landscape as workers, artists, soldiers etc.

            Personally I would give them semi-autonomous city states where they have control over their own schools, police departments etc. I would do the same for Hispanics with legit citizenship. I would end all further immigration from incompatible cultures. I would set policies to encourage a rise in White American birth rates. I would set policies to limit Jewish influence and power in America. But I don’t see America going in that direction. It’s heading in the same direction as Brazil. It isn’t impossible to make it work but its going to be extremely difficult and there are too many factors pushing against it.

            I would rather fight to keep Italy, Italian. That’s just me though. It’s simpler and seems more attainable. A lot of WASP’s are much more ingrained in American and Canadian culture than I am, and I totally get them not wanting to give up on America, but thats not my perspective. I’m only third generation. I grew up with relatives from the old country. I always considered myself Italian first and Canadian second. The only Canada I’ve ever known has been multi-ethnic. The thought of a multi-ethnic Italy makes me feel physically ill.

          • Black people are less integrated into American Whiteness than Blacks are to various European nationalities. You are simply trying to reassert your lost Italian identity by deconstructing other people’s identities.

            The “liberals” tried to integrate Blacks into “Americanism” and it never worked because neither Whites nor Blacks wanted them to be “Americans.” Black people don’t even call themselves “African-Americans” – they are “Blacks” – Malcolm X saw to that.

            You should just go ahead and move to Italy and stop bothering North American Whites and stop trying to deconstruct our identity like a Jew. There is no confusion with “Whiteness” among North American White people – it’s you that is confused. It’s you projecting your own actions on to Americans. American White Nationalists are not trying to merge all European identities into “white” – you’re trying to split North American Whiteness into factions due to your own personal identity crisis

            We know who we are.

            Of course it will be amusing when you do finally go to Italy and find out that they don’t really accept you as an “Italian” – you’ll still be a “Yank” – even though you are from Canada. Then you’ll come back to North America and try to start trouble again.

          • I’m not trying to deconstruct American whiteness, I support their cause. I wish them the best, but like you said I’m Canadian and American White Nationalism is not my cause. I’m well aware the Chinese are colonizing Canada right now and I don’t think anything can be done to stop it. Theres neither a political solution or a popular movement against it. It is what it is.

            I’m just stating my honest opinions as I see them. European cultures were built organically over thousands of years and hold a lot more meaning than America and especially Canada’s attempts to create new ones. Like I said I see White Nationalism as a post-American ideology. As long as American White Nationalists are trying to integrate WN into America as it currently exists I don’t see anything coming of it. If you disagree thats fine, but address my arguments, rather than getting triggered and attacking me personally.

            I don’t have any identity crisis by the way. I’m very comfortable with who I am. My roots don’t go that deep in North America and as things get worse in Europe I find myself caring less about what is happening here. I’ve stated my case, I don’t owe you an explanation or an apology.

          • North American cultures have been built organically for over half a millennium. You can deconstruct American identity into its constituent parts just like you can deconstruct British identity into English, Welsh, and Scottish. Just like you can deconstruct Spanish identity into Catalonian, Basque, and Andalusian.

            Italy wasn’t even a unified state until the 19th century, the USA is older.

            There is nothing “post-American” about White Nationalism, America is the origin of White Nationalism, literally, America is the White Nationalist state. “White” itself is basically a synonym for “American.”

            I’m not “attacking your personally,” you yourself have explained over and over again your personal identity issues and how that relates to your rejection of American and Canadian identities. But those are your personal issues and don’t reflect on the identities of the vast majority of North American Whites, in fact not even the majority of North American Italians.

          • And how do you plan on getting rid of all of the non-whites who hold American citizenship? If you offer insentives for blacks to repatriate back to Africa I promise you very few will take it. Mexicans feel they have a legitimate claim to the South West portions of the US. East Asians and Middle Eastern immigrants who hold citizenship are legally entitled to be in America. Their just as American as you are right now. I know thats not how the founding fathers intended it to be, but thats what it is right now. I see the options as being Balkanize or Segregate (the latter not really being White Nationalism) and I don’t see either happening anytime soon.

            Italy as a unified state only happened in the late 19th century, true, but obviously the culture predates unification.

            I don’t have personal identity issues. I know who I am and where I come from. Being Canadian doesn’t mean anything to me besides the country I currently reside in. A Somalian can move here next week and have the exact same rights as a Canadian that I do. As I have acknowledged America has done a better job at building a national identity than Canada has, but with America being what it is right now I’m fairly certain if I had been born south of the border I would feel the exact same way right now.

          • How is Europe going to do it? Europe is being flooded with Muslims and most of these terrorists are citizens of European nations and were born in those nations. You’re trying to posit this is a problem unique to America when it is clearly not, all in the service of your attempt to deconstruct North American White identity/identities.

            “Being Canadian doesn’t mean anything to me.”

            Clearly, you use your status as a Canadian citizen and a resident of North America to attack White identity in Canada and North America generally. If I was a Brit born in Italy decrying how Italy is an artificial construct, and because there are Blacks and Muslims, it’s therefore a failed experiment – the Italian people would rightly say I’m just being an asshole and tell me to get lost.

          • Muslims are currently 2.3% of Italy (and rising). 70% of Italians do not want Islam in Italy. That is a fixable problem. The EU is a barrier standing in Italys way. Remove the barrier. Fix the problem. Oversimplifed, but I have hope. Some European countries are more screwed than others. I don’t know how Britain, France, Sweden and Germany are going to fix their problem. But I hope they all get through this invasion in the end.

            Once again, I’m not trying to attack white identity in general. As a group strategy against a common threat I’m fine with it. As a long term nation building concept I don’t support it, for me personally. A lot of others will be fine with it and good for them. Personally I don’t want to trade my actual identity for a vague one defined by nothing but skin colour. I get it though. If your an Anglo who is 10+ generations deep in America, American is your identity. Different life experiences are going to influence different world views.

          • I’m not offended, I just have to counter the arguments you are using constantly, they just usually come from anti-whites. It’s not often that ostensibly pro-white people use the typical Jew arguments to deconstruct my identity. “Whiteness is a social construct, there is no such thing as ‘white culture’ … Palestinians are an invented people” etc.

            I’m an American, my ancestors were not “immigrants” – my ancestors didn’t “immigrate” to some existing nation then “assimilate” – or refuse to assimilate. My ancestors literally conquered the North American continent, established White hegemony here, and are now the world’s sole superpower and the global hegemon. Nothing “artificial” about it, my identity was forged in blood just like everyone else’s.

            Because of our almost super-human magnanimous nature, we even allowed other Europeans to come here and join us, we only expect these johnny-come-latelys to show some proper respect and join the cause, not constantly counter-signal it like a Jew.

          • Alright to be clear, I’m not making any of those arguments that you mentioned. Whiteness isn’t a social construct, it’s a skin tone. Europeans have many different cultures. I’m Italian and am proud of my Italian culture. If I was British I would be proud of my British culture. If I was Swedish I would be proud of my Swedish culture etc. But I’m not British or Swedish. Non-White groups like the Palestinians also have a culture. I support their right to practice their culture in their own country (and the right for them to have their own country, free from Israeli occupation.) I’m really not making anti-white arguments. And I’m certainly not a Jew. What I am arguing is that skin colour is the least important aspect of culture. Sure there are similiarities between the different European cultures, but there are also just as many differences. Those differences are what makes them unique and I don’t want to see that unqiueness fade away. Thats why I’m critical of Pan-Europeanism.

            I get that your American and your ancestors weren’t immigrants. Mine were. Again different life experiences are going to influence different world views.

            I remain a pro-white advocate. I’m skeptical about the feasibility of a return of America as a White Nationalist nation, and no White Nationalists have ever really been able to convince me otherwise. Its a nice idea, but a little too utopian for my tastes. Still, if thats what you want to push for I support it. I’m not countersignaling just for the sake of it or to cause division. I have genuine doubts.

            I do support the cause. I donate what I can afford each month to several different Alt-Right outlets including this one. I do hope to see this movement grow and continue to make a difference.

          • “White” isn’t just a “skin color.” In America, “White” isn’t even just a racial designation, it’s a full fledged ethnic description, just like “Black” and “Red” and “Yellow.” We use the term “White” as an exact synonym for what used to be called “American.” We use the term “White” because we are trying to avoid confusion between “US citizen” and “actual American which is by traditional definition white.”

            “White American” vs. “Black American” is the same thing as “Sicilian Italian” vs. “African Italian.” Hunter Wallace recently posted the historical context of this, the earliest North American colonists referred to themselves as “English, Christian and free” – but after a certain amount of time they stopped using “English” as the ethnic designation and started using “White.” Lower-case “white” can mean a skin color, and it’s usually also a synonym for “Caucasian.” Arabs are “white” – but they are not “White.” Europeans are “white” but they are not “White” either because “White” is specifically an ethnic designation for North Americans from a European background. A white guy from Toronto – or Montreal – can be “White” but a guy from Glasgow or Dusseldorf of course has “white” skin and is a part of the “white race” but isn’t “White.”

            Hence, in America, and Canada, it’s “White Nationalism.”

            Your arguments are indistinguishable from the typical anti-white arguments, you’re hitting every single anti-white talking point. I have no idea why. Just stop.

          • But Asians don’t describe themselves as “Yellow.” They are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Philipino, Lao, Vietnamese and so on. Blacks do define themselves by skin color, because they were uprooted and often don’t know what part of Africa they come from. I fail to see how the argument I’m making is at all similar to anti-whites or Jews arguing that Whites have no culture. Thats seems like quite a bit of stretch.

          • HR is a WASP from the American South. The Whites who live in that part of America are overwhelmingly of British stock with a little bit of German, French, etc. immigrants who assimilated into the local ‘White culture.’

            To HR’s people, ‘White’ basically equals ‘English speaking American who has ancestors that have lived in the country for hundreds of years.’ I’ve tried getting these people to embrace their British ancestry / culture but they normally won’t because their identity is closely tied to America’s Founding Fathers, the American War of Independence, and a sort of Classically Liberal White Nationalism.

            I myself am an ethnic nationalist and I admire you for holding on to your Italian identity, but trying to get people like HR to embrace that sort of ethnic nationalism simply won’t happen. Their culture is too attached to WN ideas to ever embrace the sort of counter-Enlightenment ethnic Nationalism common amongst continental Euros.

          • @AVickstrom:disqus

            Mostly true, but it’s pointless for Americans to ignore our nearly half a millennium of years of history and LARP as Brits. If you go down that road, “Brit” just gets deconstructed into Scots, English, and Welsh. While Canuks, Aussies and Kiwis are still closer to the Brit heritage than Americans are, we’re generally in the same position.

            I’d just suggest we add instead of subtract. I don’t go out of my way to distance myself from my ultimate British ancestry but neither is it useful to pretend the differences don’t exist. We may as well “become who we are” – looking to the future – as opposed to “go back to what we once were” which would be rather artificial.

            I would not want millions of Russians to move to the USA and co-opt the term “American” and change the language to Russian and toss out Protestant churches for Orthodox, but neither am I going to worry too much about some Russian immigrants – they are “white.” Since we can’t change the past, “American” it is now and going forward. I’d support a pan-North American “White Identity” inclusive of the 50 states and Canada including Quebec. I wouldn’t dream of expecting Quebec to abandon French.Nor would I want all the diversity of North American White identity to be forcibly merged into some generic “whiteness” either.

            As for the Enlightenment, “going back” to before the Enlightenment is LARPing, but that doesn’t mean we’re forever stuck in the 1700s Enlightenment ideas either. I’m fine with “post-Enlightenment” ideas – Americans are good at embracing new trends after all.

            “America” has been around long enough to warrant it’s own ethnicity – we call that ethnicity “White.” E. Michael Jones talks about the triparate melting pot” theory – the theory that after two generations in America the primary source of ethnicity becomes religion, therefore America has three ethnic groups, Protestant, Catholic, and Jew.

            But E. Michael Jones is simply incorrect. In America after a few generations, race becomes the primary source of ethnic identity, hence from the very beginning you had three ethnic groups: White, Red, and Black. Reds have gone away to be replaced by Brown and Yellow.

            So, for America, it’s “White Nationalism” – that does not mean that Dixie is going away, nor that New England WASPs are going away, but any conflicts between those groups are essentially intra-family conflicts. We’re all “White” and we’re all not Black, not Brown, and not Yellow.

          • In America they call themselves “Asian-Americans” – “Yellow” – because they have more in common with each other than they do with White Americans. “White” is a broad ethnicity that includes Southerners, WASPs, Hoosiers, Canuks, Quebecois, white Creoles, etc.

            You are doing exactly what Jews and anti-Whites do – you’re trying to “deconstruct” White identity by pointing out it includes various sub-identities – “How the Irish Became White.” You do this consistently, you literally JUST DID IT in your comment, just now.

            “Blacks do define themselves by skin color, because they were uprooted and often don’t know what part of Africa they come from.”

            This is a word-for-word copy of a typical anti-White talking point that was used on reddit just last month – it’s ok for Blacks to define themselves by skin color because “muh uprooted” but Whites can’t define themselves by “White” because reasons, white supreeemacy, etc.

            I hereby withdraw your “Whiteness” – just stick to being diaspora Italian and stop telling us White people how we can or can not define ourselves.

          • Maybe it’s a Canadian vs American difference but Chinese-Canadians define themselves either as Chinese Canadian or simply Chinese. I have never heard them define themselves as Yellow. Truth be told a lot of these Asian groups don’t even get along with one another. Canada is a cultural mosaic though, not a melting pot. We’re supposed to hold onto our old country identity up here. Non-whites definently do. Whites not so much.

            Let me put it like this. If a blind person asks me what color my skin is I tell them white. If they ask what my ethnicity is I tell them Italian. If they ask me what my nationality is I tell them Canadian. They all have different meanings to me.

            Whatever though. If you want to define yourself as White, go ahead. I’ll continue to define myself how I’m comfortable doing so.

          • Johnny, I’m close friends with an American chap who has pretty similar views regarding ethnic-nationalism / tribal identity / European-Americans emigrating to Europe, etc. He’s a mod on this forum (goes by the name Jared Yaxley):


            If you’re interested, stop by and tell them I sent you. I’m sure he’d love to network with you.

          • Would you rather we called ourselves euro-americans? White is descriptive, accurate, blunt, effective, and true. No need to hyphenate. Whites are the REAL AMERICANS. I agree Europe an nationalism for europe. White nationalism for America, as was intended. This is a stupid semantic argument you keep making. I like reading comments, but your point is so far from being important. When we say white nationalism, everyone knows what we are talking about. When you speak, no one knows what you are talking about.

          • Well before this got totally out of control, I was agreeing with the OC from Kate Hikes that European countries shouldn’t embrace an American style Pan-European nationalism. I went on to mention that I am skeptical about the real life applicability of White Nationalism in America and Canada as well. Then the usual suspects started sperging. I don’t know how WN’s plan on getting from point A to point B and I remain skeptical. Not a single WN I have talked to has anything resembling a coherant plan and I’m growing tired of trudging through the same tired arguments again and again. That being said I remain a pro-white advocate and a sympathizer to WN though I’m a skeptic.

            For the record I identify as an Italian-Canadian. Not a White-Canadian. If you identify as a White-American thats fine, I don’t have a problem with it. I just find it lacking in describing who I am and where I come from. I’m not 10+ generations deep here and I still have ties with the old country. I really don’t get why this would piss some people off so much, or how this is “anti-white” but the Alt-Right and WN seems to attract over emotional, infantile autistes who like to bicker over irrelevent nonsense. It is what it is.

          • I agree. My skepticism about WN wasn’t even addressed. It never is. Just the usual accusations of LARPing, shilling and Jewry.

          • I see your point. Right now WN is just spreading awareness. Things aren’t THAT bad yet for most white americans. The invaders are here, but the stock market is up. When that falls, and it will, people will want answers, and we will be here. Until then growing the movement is the plan. We take all of America back if we can. Then the world. If god is real, and he is good, then that is what he would want us to do. Filthy savages aren’t human.

          • Why should we address your skepticism about WN? You aren’t White, it’s none of your business. You aren’t one of us, voluntarily, you merely use these “concerns” of yours to tell us White people why we have no identity and tell us how we’re a “failed social experiment.”

            Who the hell are you to demand that your “concerns” are addressed? Get bent.

          • But I am white. The whole “White” American or Canadian thing is lacking though. It’s a physical characteristic, not a culture. We might as well band together around the colour of our hair. Groups like the Chinese are able to take over Hu-White communities with ease because they have strong group identities that Hu-Whites lack.

            If you want to fantasize about Americas all Hu-White and only Hu-white (not Italian, Polish, Greek etc) future thats fine. Some of us are realists and would rather not LARP all day everyday.

            America has turned out the way it has, because of the principles it was founded on. Thus it is a failed social experiment. I don’t want to see European countries follow them down that path, and become one entity that speaks the same language and only identifies by skin colour. It’s hollow and empty.

            Go F-ck yourself.

          • Italian identity in Italy is pretty weak. Their “identity” is based on 19th century individualist liberalism like every other western nation. So to be an Italian for a huge portion is to believe “Italian” is an invalid category by which to group people. Being a patriotic Italian means believing Italy isn’t anything but lines on a map and the people who built everything quintessentially Italian were enjoying an accident of birth. Italy’s conception of itself isn’t fundamentally different from Canada’s.

          • I disagree. Italian culture didn’t start when the country became unified. Examples of Italian culture prior to European were more regionally based, than nationally, and there remain differences between the regions, but it is still part of Italian identity. I know exactly where my family comes from and still have ties with family from the old country. Italian is my culture, Canadian is my nationality, white (or olive to be exact) is the colour of my skin.

            Canada doesn’t have a culture. When Trudeau says Canada is the first “post-nation” he isn’t even wrong. Canada is just a place where anyone from anywhere can come to work, make money, and buy things. There are regional cultures, but not where I live. Southern Ontario is just third world dumping ground. America is mostly the same thing, though at one time they did do a better job of building a culture and a national identity (which of course can also be broken down by region.)

          • You aren’t entitled to your own facts. The form of your argument is wrong and you think you can make it right by filling it up with different content. Italy is exactly as I described it. To be “Italian” is to not be Italian and it has “no culture” and people with “culture” must be imported from Africa.

          • Better sign up with some volunteer group then Johnny, because Italia, won’t be Italia for long.

          • Thanks to America and it’s unholy alliance with Israel. I should totally embrace Anglo Americanism as my identity though and let my ancestral homeland die. Right…

          • I agree, I’m English and for better or worse am more comfortable with my own although I have pan white solidarity

          • Yeah. I have no ill will towards other white groups and I wish them best. To some it is triggering that I don’t simply identify with the colour of my skin. I don’t get these people.

          • The two of you were at cross purposes. In the US white is a proper ethnicity because most Americans are made up of mixed European nationalities(although predominantly German/Irish) whilst someone like you naturally identifies as Italian because it’s what you are. Well done you.

          • I don’t see why it has to be more than it is. My skepticism is meant to be contructive not deconstructive. As long as people like HR are going to get triggered by differing opinions, he’s proving Sargon the Fat Slob right about the Alt-Right being Right Wing SJW’s. It’s a bad look.

          • At the end of the day we’re all white, WN groups should work together and support each other, we do. However I’m English, not a Frenchman or Spanaird, so be it.Frankly I’d be perfectly happy if Russia would conquer us, rid us of the wogs and then leave

          • In my opinion abandoning our European identities is why whites have become so de-racinated. We need more than shared skin colour to keep our communities together. And I’m extremely skeptical about the feasibility of a white nationalist future in America or Canada. I consider myself 1) a Fascist 2) a Pro-White advocate and 3) an anti-semite.

            That could change when I see a tangible path forward for white nationalism, but right now there isn’t one. If I have to abandon my Italian identity it doesn’t even seem desirable. Better than the multiculturalism we have now sure, but that isn’t saying very much.

          • Why on earth would you want to minimise your Italian identity? The Romans, Renaissance, Micehangelo, art,opera,il duce, that’s quite a pedigree. It’s what you are, it’s you. Your’e spot on, identity,fascism, anti-semite. Hope you speak Italian, I’ve travelled from Genoa to Sicily, beautiful fascinating country. Salute duce!

          • How many whites in the US are distinct? Very few. I am half German, quarter Swede, and of course quarter Scottish. 90% of whites came here from 1870-1940. The first two of these generations probably stayed within their nationality, but they eventually intermarried with other Euro nationalities. I am proud of being who I am and of my ethnic background, but I am an American of European descent, and that is an accurate description of the majority of whites in America. Very few purebreds around unless they are relatively new arrivals.

          • Thats true, there has been a lot of breeding between white groups in America. For many identifying as American or Canadian is a must. It just doesn’t apply to me.

          • I think it is cool you are pure Italian, but most whites are mixed, especially ones that are from families that have been around awhile here in the US.

      • How are you not just making trouble? You aren’t an American, you’re Canadian, and no one cares that you’re Italian, except for you. In North America you’re just “whitey” and if you want to play up being a wop and only marry a wop girl, no one cares at all. Canada is literally being bought up by the Yellow Horde and you want to LARP as the Godfather lest you lose your identity to the Anglos you pretend to hate?

        The old time rivalries are not going to begin to reemerge at all – that’s just your LARPing. You are, in fact, using leftist rhetoric (“How the Irish Became White”) in order to divide North American Whites.

        Just join the Knights of Columbus and be done with it – no one is stopping you and no one cares.

      • It’s weird how Western Europe refuses to fight, despite all the cultural advantages they have.

        • It continues to baffle and frustrate me. Especially Sweden. No history of Colonialism, Slavery, WWII guilt or anything of the sort. I just don’t get it.

          • I’ve known Swedish women, they have a guilt complex about being affluent Europeans and find their own culture boring.

          • Sweden had a large empire ruling over Baltic and Slavic and Finnic people. Karl XII lost it at the Battle of Poltava. But most Swedes have no clue about this. Their education system purposely makes them historically ignorant. For the Swede history started at the holohoax.

          • I was unaware. Thanks for correcting me. You learn something new everyday.

    • what he suggests is great for the new world, it isn’t really practical for the old world.

      I’ve seen this issue come up in the pro-white movement consistently, Euro micro-nationalists always signaling against “white” nationalism because it’s American (which is true) and Americans simply bewildered at the complex permutations of nationalism in Europe.

      But I’ve never understood why we just can’t have both: nationalisms for Europe and a big tent White nationalism in America. Problem solved.

      • No one’s being attacked today because they’re Scots or Poles. They’re being attacked because they’re white. Since we’re being attacked as a group, some pro-whites suggest maybe we should defend ourselves as a group.

        White Germans are not an existential threat to white Frenchmen today. Their own traitorous leaders acting in concert across national boundaries are the threat. The problem for any particular white ethnicity today is not another ethnicity, it’s the anti-whites. And the enemy is not “globalism.” No “globalist” is flooding Japan with millions and millions of non-Japanese. The problem isn’t the EU, it’s that fact that government at every level is ANTI-WHITE. If anyone asks “what’s a white country?” you can answer “any country the EU would threaten sanctions against if they don’t allow mass third world immigration.”

        Wesley Clark said there is no place modern EUROPE for ethnically pure states. Not Asia or Africa. And he bombed the hell out of Serbia to enforce the Clark Doctrine. The Clark Doctrine is not aimed at any particular ethnicity, but ALL white people.

        So let’s say you are an ethnic nationalist in Europe. What is your biggest threat, white nationalists or the anti-whites? If your answer is white nationalists, you are are just plain INSANE. I’ve never heard a white nationalist ever say we need to get rid of any of these ethnicities, genetically or culturally, and if any “white nationalist” did so they’re probably an anti-white troll and I would disavow them. Yes, the inability of ethnic nationalists to grasp the obvious is bewildering. They’re still obsessed with something one of their neighbors did to them 300 years ago.

        The white nationalists have it right and the ethnic nationalists have it wrong. We have something similar with southern nationalists.

        Anti-whites are masters at getting white people to redirect their anger at anyone but them, so they stoke ethnic hostility. Europeans love to signal their moral superiority to American, too.

        Kai Murros predicts the current crisis will wipe away centuries of ethnic resentments in Europe. We’ll see.

        • Spot on, eyeslevel. Anti-whites (most of them from the chosen tribe) definitely are masters at inspiring hostility and even hatred among us, the white Europeans. Naturally, most people have no idea who is behind this nowadays highly irrelevant “concern” about whether or not one has purely German/Swedish or Polish roots. Not quite surprisingly, many of the “concerned” ones (instigators if you ask me) pose as great patriots. So is anyway the case in Poland, where they so masterly incite hatred for Russians with reference to the “impending military aggression” and for Germans with reference to a financial taking over.

        • Or you have idiots like Nigel Farage creating new ethnic resentments against “Polish plumbers” while saying that Pakis and Jamaicans are the real British people.

        • Indeed embracing whiteness and preserving unique European cultures is the preferred best case scenario we all should wish for. Also USA white COUNTRY culture should be preserved. That is WN, in essence.

        • “No one’s being attacked today because they’re Scots or Poles.”

          I am not a citizen of the UK, but my understanding is that – in Britain – Poles are often attacked “as Poles”, and often for the simple reason that they are one of the only kind of foreigners that one is permitted to criticize,……….because they are white.

      • The best rhetorical response to the idea that “white” can’t ever be a salient national identity is that at one time there were people who fought tooth and nail against the idea of a “French” nation, an “Italian” nation and a “German” nation. After all, prior to 1871 there was no such thing as a political “German” or “German nation;” there were Prussians, Franconians, Swabians, Schleswig-Holsteinians, etc. And people said that there was no way these disparate ethnic groups could be welded into a “nation.”

  • It was during the 16th century that England began its ineluctable slide into the cesspool of impotence and debauchery it now finds itself in. Merry England turned its back on Christ (the vestigial Christianity of the few remaining Anglicans notwithstanding). Finis.

  • Spencer is an American who seems bent on commenting about British issues, so I – a Brit living in America – am going to offer my own two cents on American Nationalism:

    – Most White Americans don’t want to hear about Brexit, they want local solutions to their own problems.

    – Pan-racial solidarity is never going to happen. People have tried to make it happen for years and it’s consistently failed. Focus on tribal identity, it works (of course, having allies in other nations is still good).

    – Most people aren’t going to listen to 22 minute video, keep things short and to the point and you’ll get a bigger audience.

    – Keep the message simple, straightforward, and easy to relate to. It’s obvious that you’re a very smart man, Mr. Spencer, but people want to be led by father-figures, not professors. You have to keep the message simple.

    • Pan racial solidarity has to happen or Europe is finished. If the Chinese can become one tribe with hundreds of disparate languages in an area larger than Europe, so too can Europeans in an age of globalization. Spencer is thinking long term. Languages like Czech and Swedish probably won’t exist in 50 years. Languages like German and French might even be threatened. Your German, Czech, French, et al identities can all be easily erased. What can’t be erased is Whiteness.

      Discard your ethnic identity. Accept your White identity, or die out.

      • Saxon,Slav,Celt,Norse,Anglo and any white race i left out, the above statement is so true if we do not fight this war as one people we are doomed, support white people over others any way you can most important educate your children to be proud of their culture not shamed into self loathing by the marxist filth which is the enemy among us.Fur Blut und Ehre

        • You left out the Balts, the Basques, the Magyars, and the Finns you soulless golem!

          • Sorry to all of the above noble races for the omission must be old age catching up with me.

      • Why would Czech go away? You are wrong on that. Why would Swedish go away? England or America is not an empire ruling over them in the way that Rome ruled Gaul. The native tongues of Europe would have to be outlawed to be wiped out.

        • The pressure of globalization and the strength of English will render languages like Czech and Swedish irrelevant. All Europeans will have will be White Identity.

          • That is ridiculous. The nations/tribes of Europe are not going to give up their native tongues, their traditions, their histories to become some bland White mixed people who speak English.

            Even the most English saturated nations like Sweden will simply adopt many English words (they already do) but Swedish will not die out. Unless of course they become the Calipahte some predict.

          • The Gauls aren’t going to speak Latin! The Bretons aren’t going to speak French! The Irish aren’t going to speak English! The Sorbs aren’t going to speak German!

          • Yes that is the point, Irish was outlawed and suppressed. Who is going to outlaw Polish and impose English?

            As to your comment above Polish is their first language not English.

            Why is it important to you to destroy the nations of Europe? Sounds very weird.

            And again, as America becomes a turd world nation, English will decline. The corrupt and rotted British nation certainly will not be the backbone of the English language.

      • We had this exact argument a few months ago and you are, once again, repeating the same claims:

        1. China is over 90% ethnic Han, it is a de facto ethno-state not a pan-racial Yellow Empire. What you are talking about is more akin to convincing the Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and Japanese to abandon their ethnic identities and embrace ‘Yellow Nationalism.’

        2. Discard your ethnic identity. Accept your White identity, or die out.

        In the time it would take to discard our ethnic identities, Europe will have already turned into a caliphate. We can either go with what works or waste time trying to promote an alien, American ideology.

        3. Sweden – a nation with 8 million people – can field larger ethno-Nationalist rallies than America (which has approx. 170 million Whites). What does that tell you? White Nationalism simply doesn’t inspire people because it is too vague and has no coherent plan.

        Do you want a White racial state in the PNW or do you want to invade Canada (something you told me you wanted to do the last time we talked about this subject)?

        • How many different languages are spoken amongst the Han Chinese? Yet they don’t seem to have any problem uniting. The difference between a Swede and Serb is analogous to the difference between a Heathen Chinee from Beijing and a Chinaman on the Vietnamese border.

          Obviously, European ethnic identity is not working out so well for Europeans. Read Benedict Anderson’s Imagined Communities to understand how European national identities are a recent invention. Your identity as an Englishman is a complete invention of the 18th and 19th Centuries when people began to read newspapers and language became standardized. The same is true for German, Czech, Swede, identities. Before that, people only had regional identity, the concept of the nation comes from the French Revolution. Some of these identities appeared on the scene for the first time, with the introduction of written languages like Hebrew and Croatian being asserted by Nationalists who created identities like Zionism and Yugoslavism.

          The American Alt Right presence in the public sphere in 2017 is obvious: Berkeley, Charlottesville, Auburn. What have the English petty nationalists done? Nil. UKIP is in the rubbish bin with the BNP now.

          Canada is a complete joke and clearly needs to be Anschlußed into America.

          • 1. The vast majority of Han Chinese speak Mandarin with a smaller minority speaking Cantonese. China has also existed as a distinct state / culture for several millennia.

            (But you already know this, don’t you?)

            2. You completely ignored my point about Sweden so I’m going to ignore your nonsense about invading Canada.

            3. All you’re doing is writing factually incorrect yet well thought out replies intended to waste other’s time. It’s plainly obvious.

            I see exactly what you’re doing, Mr. Y.

          • China has numerous dialects and is a huge nation with vast differences in local regions.

            You come to AltRightDotCom and make a stupid and false argument about the ineffectiveness of the American Alt Right not holding public rallies in response to Spencer’s video which lays bare the sad state of English nationalism. Clearly, you’re triggered and lashing out.

          • Nope, I just pointed out what I thought was wrong with his video. I’m also a regular here so it’s not like I suddenly showed up out of nowhere.

            You, on the other hand, are a contrarian who loves to argue with everyone in sight (and you often ignore what people are actually saying so as to find something to argue about).

          • If you look at historical patterns it does appear that each time whites coordinate together, it’s is in larger and larger tribes. Tribe, region, city-state, state, union, and next might be…race.

    • Whilst the message should be simple,we are still in debating and discussing mode. We are running headlong into violence from the savages.Once that happens,tribalism will prevail.I don’t intend being on the losing side.

      • The issue is that Europeans have already moved passed the debating / discussing mode. We are ready to tackle our respective national issues (I’ve even spoken with members of Golden Dawn who insist that the only reason they haven’t launched a coup d’état is that they’re afraid NATO will bomb them).

        This is why many of us get frustrated when Americans say ‘ahh, but let’s try to get rid of ethnic Nationalism.’ It puts us back into the debating mode and unravels years of work.

  • I fail to see how euro-skepticism has destroyed British nationalism. A British nationalist should not want Brussels making the laws for his country, whether about immigration or anything else. It is true that UKIP focused solely upon the Brexit issue, and seemed unconcerned if Britain was being destroyed provided that that was done by British politicians in parliament, rather than by bureaucrats in Brussels. But it’s not as if the BNP is a force anymore, nationalist voters had no place to go in this election. I know Richard Spencer has a fantasy of the European Union turning into some grand pro-white superstate, but that’s not what its creators wanted, not what any of the leaders within the EU want, and it’s just never going to happen.

    • UKIP was never a Nationalist party.I believe and many others do too that it was a set up from the first.UKIP had no ideological base,it will never be an ethno Nationalist party,a brief glimpse at its candidates will attest to that.I heard at a recent Nationalist meeting that this more ‘liberal’ softly spoken Nationalism would bring greater numbers.I disagree.Hard line Nationalism is called for.UKIP is dead but Nationalism is needed.The EU in many ways was a distraction from the planned alien invasion.White genocide was the aim all along.

  • do some research on DUP.

    It would be nice if the Alt-Right could be a bridge between Britain, Ireland, and Scotland

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