When They Come For Trump They Come For You, White Man

“The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”- William Shakespeare from Julius Caesar.

Another group of leftist idiots did something that they consider brave. They held a free play in Central Park at the Delacorte Theater in NYC for the annual Shakespeare in the Park. The group that runs Shakespeare in the Park is called The Public Theater, and it was started by a man named Joe Papp, real name (((Papirofsky))). During the play, these degenerates pretended to assassinate President Donald Trump. They did not call the main character Donald Trump, but he was made to look like Trump, with all the over-the-top caricatures, and an Eastern European wife with a thick accent to boot. The play was supposed to be Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, but this one interjected (((pinko communist))) lunacy into the mix. The play ended with, you guessed it, Trump being violently slaughtered, complete with geysers of blood after each stab violently plunged into the actor’s body.

According to the Public Theater’s spokesperson regarding this play, “Shakespeare’s political masterpiece has never felt more contemporary.”

You honestly cannot make this stuff up!

Or is it that they are just trying to condition us mentally to get used to the idea of what they are going to truly attempt if Trump’s impeachment falls through? The left definitely believes that they can eventually impeach Trump-do not doubt it for a second. They hate his politics, believe he is an illegitimate president, conspired with the Russians, is a liar, and worst of all, he is White. They consider him the Hydra of Lerna leader of the White race, who only requires that one fell swoop to end their pain and misery once and for all.

These blatant suggestions, displays, and calls for the homicide of our president are rampant throughout every medium of entertainment. Cathy Griffin stated the reason she felt justified in doing the photo with the severed and grotesquely bloody Trump head was,

“I’m not afraid of Trump. He’s a bully. I’ve dealt with older white guys trying to keep me down my whole career.”

So Trump was keeping her down by being White.

White guys, she was only kidding around.

Another absolute moron, Snoop Dogg, shoots Trump point blank in the head in one of his equally terrible videos for his song called Lavender.

That’s what you do to White people, I mean racists.

Snoop Dogg then apologized by not apologizing and doubling down on what he said with an f-bomb filled tirade.

Even the pop-diva, Madonna, got into the act by stating, “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”, one day after Trump took office.

Wow, just wow.

Like every other form of degeneracy from homosexuality to miscegenation, the lefties want you to know that any form of irrational behavior that they deem worthy of exaltation in this POZ world is A-ok. They always want to control the moral high ground and dictate the narrative, while trying to convince others that they are backwards or too stupid to “get it”. The problem with the fact that they are pushing this call to violence is that they are sincerely hoping that some unhinged psychopath may feel justified by their constant signaling and act to eliminate a man that has been labeled a scourge to humankind.

As we all know, this is nothing more than overt dog-whistling from the left. Death threat after death threat ad nauseam. Those evil leftists are just hoping that someone will take the baton and run with it if the impeachment playbook does not accomplish their minimum goal of removing him from office; however, they would be so much more ecstatic if they could complete their ultimate goal and pull off the three D’s: deracinate, deconstruct, and dehumanize; all of which contribute to same endgame: White Genocide, which also includes President Trump to be sure. That is what they want for all White people, and it’s something they try to accomplish on a daily basis.

Remember, hating Trump is hating you; we are indistinguishable to the left. He is an evil White racist bigot homophone misogynist just like you, and that is all the justification that they need to carry on with our destruction. They see it all as a sick and twisted sort of  revenge, where death, and only death, is payment for our original sin of being born White.

“I’m nervous with this election, I saw the headline today: ‘Race tightening, Trump ahead in Ohio and Florida.’ If this race is even the week before the election, somebody is going to have to go out there… Why do you think they let Hinckley out?”- (((Bill Maher)))



  • I was in Portugal last year and many told me every Portuguese who visits Angola (an old colony) comes back a total racist. I had to visit London to witness the total invasion to become unashamedly white and a total racist. White Americans had to witness the natural devolution of civil rights to become white. Very soon we will see South Africa collapse live online. Every white person has a tipping point and more and more are reaching it.

    • I suspect that the following tactic may work as a means of red pilling suburban whites: point out to them that the blacks and browns will build public housing in their neighborhood (or their kids’ or grandkids’ neighborhoods) when the blacks and browns take control.

  • Lefties are making asses of themselves, but I am not going to be all lovey, dovey with Trump. He has done little to stop these moronic foreign entanglements and immigration as well. He wants travel bans for Muslims, ok that is cool, but the ones flooding the borders are Asians and Hispanics. We are still being displaced!!! What is he doing to encourage the native population to have more kids? Would help if he actually had a real economic policy. Right now it seems all he wants to do is privatize everything, which isn’t such a great thing. Will every Interstate in the US become a bunch of toll roads? Every bridge a tool bridge? Corporations are even more corrupt than most state governments as they are the ones behind the corruption. Don’t get me wrong, I voted for the man, and he was way better than Hilary, but he is still all over the place. Why give the Saudis billions in contracts, when they are the biggest supporters of terror around?

    • You make some good points, but there are other issues to consider. First of all, Trump’s bad ass attitude is discouraging illegal immigration. Illegal crossings at the southern border are way down. Trump can’t do anything to encourage reproduction (other than help create living wage jobs) that wouldn’t also benefit the blacks and browns.

  • I prefer anti-white, militant blacks to the sneaky black conservatives and their white wives.

  • As a white person it is illogical to not be antisemitism – Ask yourself – why are there antisemitism

  • I said 25 years ago liberals were getting out of hand and were going to destroy this country. Everyone laughed at me.

  • All those quotes are irrefutable evidence of sedition. Let them all dance at the end of a rope, no one will miss the traitors.

  • Cathy Griffin holding a bloodied head of Trump
    Actor playing Trump is brutally stabbed in a kind of recreation of Julius Ceasor
    Antifa thugs attack anyone who openly supports Trump
    Accusations of Russian interference in the elections which just backfired due to Comey’s testimony
    Rabid intolerance of anyone who supports or even voted for Trump among their rank and file.

    The liberals are using every weapon they fear the most against Trump, those who elected him and by that America…and losing.

  • “If Trump is brought down on the basis of what Putin correctly labels “nonsense,” this city will have executed a nonviolent coup against a constitutionally elected president. Such an act would drop us into the company of those Third World nations where such means are the customary ways that corrupt elites retain their hold on power.”

  • “Remember, hating Trump is hating you; we are indistinguishable to the left. He is an evil White racist bigot homophone misogynist just like you, and that is all the justification that they need to carry on with our destruction.”

    100% FACT…….

    Thank you, Trey……….

    • Really? There are a million reasons to hate Trump, him being white is one possible reason.

  • Overt attacks on Whites are good for us, nothing galvanizes our identity like persecution. We need two things in order to survive; a sense of ourselves as a people and the moral license to act in our own interests. The left and anti-Whites are actively cultivating this consciousness among our people, in their hubris they are committing a grave tactical error. The Whites of the future will have a keen sense of their identity and no matter how much we lose, no matter how much they destroy we can build it all again because our civilization is a reflection of our spirit, not of theirs.

    • Well written and very true .I am personally preparing for what is coming and advise white folk worldwide that white genocide is what the nwo has planned.I wish you and yours good luck and keep spreading your message . Best Regards” Stavros”

          • Whether or not Dershowitz is right that it wasn’t obstruction, it was something worse: an attempt to corrupt the Flynn investigation and to corrupt the FBI itself.

          • Corrupted the FBI? What do you think the FBI does?

            Comey corrupted the FBI last summer when he ran cover for Loretta Lynch and Democratic party. Actually, J. Edgar Hoover corrupted the FBI from the get-go when he ran it as his own personal private detective agency for 48 years.

            If you think the FBI is some kind of shining institution of the Republic you are much deluded.

          • If Comey is corrupt – and he probably is – he still could not hold a candle to Louis Freeh, who was actively involved in covering up the WTC bombing in 1993 and 9/11 itself. In fact, Freeh was put into place specifically to obstruct the investigations into the bombing which is why Sessions and Clarke were ousted to make room for him.

          • There is no there there… And an oldie but a goodie…”what differance does it make ” I hope rank still has its privilege. Trump has been beat on by jew bankers a long time… He aint going down easy.

          • There’s plenty there, which is why Trump was quick to deny it. Digging himself in deeper.

          • Your delusional dreams will not come true… Hes not getting convicted by Senate and hung at nuremburg.

    • Did you even pay attention to what Comey said? He came off like a weak, vaccilating ninny.

      He didn’t say anything that implicated Trump in any kind of crime. Trump’s detractors will still hate him; his supporters will still support him. This is hardly “the end”.

      You also predicted Trump’s loss last November.

      You’re predictions aren’t much good.

      • In speaking to the FBI director, deliberately out of the hearing of others, Trump insinuated that he, the director, should find some reason not to bring a charge against Flynn. That’s corruption.

        If you think Trump himself doesn’t know that, you should ask yourself why he was so quick to have his personal lawyer deny it. With that denial, Trump has dug the hole deeper for himself, as I noted in another comment in the present group of comments.

        • I’ve never been a big fan of Trump. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Trump did, technically, “obstruct justice.”

          Who cares? The entire government is beyond corrupt – look at, I don’t know, 9/11? Dennis Hastert? The DNC?

          It’s just politics, and right now the only people who can take down Trump are the Republican party. No White people in America care one bit about the likely manufactured “Russian” thing. Trump is a target not because he’s a Jew shill for Israel, he’s not a target because he’s a shady businessman with 30 years of corruption. He’s a target because White Americans voted for him.

          If it hasn’t happened already, Trump will probably order the CIA to murder an American – all Presidents do it, Obama made it legal.

          Trump is almost certainly not “going down” for this penny-ante bullsh*t. If he DOES – that just means it’s time to up the stakes in this war – Whites vs. Anti-Whites. Who knows, maybe Trump going down would work in our favor.

          “Obstructing justice” because of this? Pfft. We’re fighting against people who are openly promoting White Genocide. When we win – and we will – a lot of people will be punished for crimes against humanity, which is a far bigger deal than “obstructing justice.”

        • “That’s corruption.”

          No, that’s politics.

          How many investigations of the Obama administration did the FBI undertake? You want to talk about corruption.

  • We’re rapidly moving beyond “What do you think?” into “Whose side are you on?”

  • When obama was in they were going for the jugular and Trump’s victory upset the apple cart. These filthy jews and their tools have become completely hysterical. Unfortunately all their wogs and millennial zombies support them. We need a military coup.

    • You are dead right Syd the marxist jew filth will not stop, Trump has slowed them down but they want white genocide we must be prepared for them.

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