The Cucks Will Rue The McHugh

They purged Katie McHugh this week. And for Conservatism Inc., it looks like we’re back to business as usual. Purges aren’t just a tradition; they are the tradition of the self-styled “conservative movement.” Its whole point is to complain about problems, profit off alienation, and divert potential recruits away from seeking root causes or pursuing real solutions.

You’d think it hard to muster outrage when you can’t even summon up surprise. Many have shared McHugh’s fate; many more have suffered far worse and have not had a Patreon or WeSearchr to fall back on. Indeed, within a few weeks, it’s possible McHugh will not just have a bigger platform, but will be making more money and have greater opportunities.

And so it’s easy to sneer or be cynical. It’s tempting to ask why we should care. Bluntly, a young woman is going to have an easier time attracting money, sympathy, and assistance than a young man in a similar situation. And for an older man, the financial and emotional consequences are far more severe; the late Sam Francis compared his termination from the Washington Times as psychologically comparable to rape.

In contrast, what did McHugh lose, really? She didn’t have a television show. She was not a celebrity like Milo Yiannapoulos. She was not directly connected to the Trump Administration. She was, objectively, a minor figure in the conservative movement.

Yet for this week, and perhaps longer, Katie McHugh is the most important person on the American Right. For she is not just a remarkable personality—a sincere and frank young woman—but a symbol of something so much larger, a harbinger of something that will shock the West with its fury.

We can see hints of it in the way so many have rallied to her, despite her being relatively unknown. The reason was that for us, she wasn’t just known, she was the most important person at Breitbart, someone whose mere presence indicated nationalist views were being given an airing and could be talked about in editorial meetings.

Her confrontational style exemplified what Breitbart fans believed (and what some Alt-Righters wanted to believe) about Andrew’s legacy—that it was still the site of “honey badger don’t give a shit,” the mentality at the heart of the Trump Revolution. As the site steadily became less daring, interesting, and influential in the months since Trump took office, McHugh was to Breitbart as Steve Bannon was to the White House, a sign there is still some hope.

Of course, like /b/, Breitbart was never really good. Founded in Israel, it was always limited by the clichés of the American Right. Andrew Breitbart himself was well aware of Cultural Marxism, once witnessing to me about William Lind’s Free Congress Foundation documentary on the subject with the fervor of a convert. But he still caved to Max Blumenthal at CPAC and declared Jared Taylor “despicable,” lest the left-wing reporter call him mean words.

What made Breitbart the conservative site that truly different on an ideological—or rather, symbolic—level was the 2016 election. Initially supportive of Cruz, and flush with money from Cruz’s allies Robert and Rebekah Mercer, Breitbart institutionally supported the Trump campaign by the late primaries. Many of those who backed Cruz eventually left the site. The Michelle Fields affair drove out Ben Shapiro and revealed the split between those who wanted to get along with the leftist press and those who wanted to destroy them.

For the latter part of the campaign, Breitbart was, explicitly, a nationalist, populist, anti-free trade, and anti-Beltway Right publication. There was a lot of stupidity mixed in, much as with Trump himself. And Breitbart certainly was never Identitarian. But it made an unequivocal break with conservatism’s usual operating pattern. And the mainstream press was scared. Breitbart, in short, mattered.

Following Trump’s inauguration, Breitbart has become stale, boring, unimportant. It no longer matters. The self-defeating strategy of becoming a right-wing version of The Hill has led to censorship of writers’ social networking. When leftist watchdogs stamped their feet about Virginia Hale (now perhaps the last nationalist at the website), her Twitter was taken down, presumably either out of fear or under orders. But McHugh remained, and she continued her efforts in best tradition of the Great Meme War of 2016.

McHugh matters because what she suffered was not a typical conservative movement purge. Even by Breitbart’s 2016 standards, she could have been fired long ago for various tweets. But the tweet that got her canned was not offensive, edgy, or even controversial to most American conservatives. Far from being “Alt-Right,” it was like a typical posting from a BoomerCon at

Katie McHugh was not fired for crossing a line. She was fired for staying within the lines, expressing the exact ideological program that Breitbart has been promoting all along —and is still promoting when foreign leaders say it. And this is why it was unforgivable.

Katie McHugh was Breitbart. Of all the personalities left at the site, she exemplified the brand’s ideal image. For Breitbart to destroy her was to destroy itself. And the fury that has accompanied her termination suggests many readers understood this on an emotional level.

Reading the reactions, it’s striking how many outraged readers and donors refer to McHugh as “Katie,” a person they felt they knew. McHugh. of course, is not a major media presence, with a few scattered interviews (mostly on Breitbart Radio) to her credit. Mostly, she was just a byline. It seems absurd to refer to a reporter, as opposed to a television personality, by his or her first name.

But everyone knew there was something more.

From even the restrained articles cleared for publication, you could tell there was someone didn’t just believe what she said, but demanded you take it seriously. McHugh didn’t just “care about immigration.” She wept for the parents whose children were slaughtered by illegals. She raged against a sick culture that poisoned the innocent. She never gave into the cynicism of accepting the status quo as natural or inevitable and she tended that holy fire of anger against the rulers who have so contemptuously betrayed us. And she rejoiced in those precious few things of beauty and innocence that remain in the ruinous dystopia these unspeakable bastards who destroyed our country have left us.

Like so many other young conservatives, she was sucked in, used up, and thrown away by an institution, which, whatever its slogans, has an even lower purpose than that which animates the merchants of pink sludge and aspartame. Breitbart, like the conservative movement generally, is a racket, a scam, a con, a meat grinder. It attracts readers and donors by promising them an aggressive attack on political correctness and a defense of a civilization that even the average conservative, however dimly, knows is crumbling. It asks its employees to put themselves on the line, defy social norms, and jeopardize future economic prospects to defend this ideological line. And again and again, at Breitbart and at conservative institutions generally, the most dedicated and effective activists are gunned down from the rear like Soviet conscripts, while their well-heeled superiors fundraise off the achievements of others.

The homeschooled Christians, the unironic patriots, the avenging activists hailing from the rusting industrial heartland, all come to Mordor on the Potomac ready to fight for their country. And they learn quickly that only those who don’t really mean it will prosper in this movement. Those who throw themselves into the struggle fully sacrifice youth, health, income, reputation, marriages, and the possibility of family only to learn their leaders not only never wanted to win, but never wanted to fight. Underpaid, overworked, always taken for granted, “the movement” has ruined more lives and relationships than no-fault divorce.

Katie McHugh understood this. She was warned against it. She saw the examples of those who had gone before her, and what “the movement” had done to them. And yet still she fought and sacrificed for people unfit to even speak to her, let alone command her energy and intellect.

Breitbart’s treason and cowardice is so blatant and undeniable it can only be called evil. The Purge of McHugh is so important because her defenestration was such an obvious betrayal, so naked a repudiation of Trump Republicanism and of Breitbart’s brand, that it is a clarifying moment. It’s worse than what was done to others because there wasn’t even the pretense of an ideological justification.

The Beltway Right hacks who love to cite (but not read) Burke should vaguely recall his passage about how a glimpse of Marie Antoinette made him think “ten thousand swords must have leaped from their scabbards to avenge even a look that threatened her with insult.” Then let them consider the tittering filth who gleefully menace McHugh with rape, poverty, and death.

I don’t blame the egalitarians for disgorging their inner corruption any more than I blame a dog for consuming its own shit. But those who enabled McHugh’s termination, and, worse, collaborated with reporters to enable it in a manner indistinguishable from the “leakers” sabotaging President Trump, are morally responsible for each slur and threat, and each should be held accountable when the time comes. Worst of all (and yet, most oddly appropriate), the journalist who targeted McHugh for removal started out as a “conservative activist,” meaning that, once again, the conservative movement has accomplished its de facto mission of using its donors’ money to ensure its own defeat.

Leftists always mock right-wingers who unironically speak with true emotion about concepts like patriotism, beauty, and destiny. Partially in response to such mockery (and partially to get around censorship and programmed hostile responses), the Alt-Right subculture is usually characterized by an ironic and even surreal aesthetic.

Katie McHugh wasn’t about that. McHugh was not the edgiest or most extreme journalist at a mainstream conservative website. She didn’t present some incredible theory to explain our situation, nor did she even speak particularly frankly on racial issues. She’s a reporter, not a stylist.

Katie McHugh was singular, because she always, in every article, put herself entirely and earnestly on the line defending the principles that her superiors specifically sent her out to defend. She fought. Her words dripped with righteous fury against her, and our, foes. There was no insincerity in her work, none of the faux superiority of the “movement conservative” with their cheap cigars and ill-fitting suits desperately attempting to foster the illusion of power and status. She was the most authentic of personalities in the conservative movement.

That is why she is so despised by our enemies, these soulless meat sacks animated entirely by social cues, devoid of humanity and identity. And that’s why many of us who demand something more for ourselves, our children and our race than the defiled scraps of a ruined civilization love her so fiercely and so protectively.

One of the concepts being kicked around now is the “Fifth Political Theory,” the reluctant admission that most people in the West do not want to be saved and Europeans should think of themselves as a diaspora or a tribe. Regardless of whether one entertains or dismisses the concept, the obvious question is what would unite this European diaspora, as we are devoid of a unifying religion or single cultural tradition.

Yet the experience of McHugh gives us some indication. We are united by our suffering. We are united by our alienation and exile. We are united by the hatred emanating from our declared enemies, which awakens us to ourselves, our own identities, and our higher purpose. For they will not allow us even to exist unless we gleefully and enthusiastically assist in our own genocide. It is not hoary rhetoric but the declaration of a simple truth to name the choice as between victory or extermination.

On a far smaller scale, it’s the choice each of us faces every day, as Katie McHugh just learned. Even a modicum of a survival instinct is far more threatening to our occupiers than a thousand Islamic terrorist attacks. To speak against terrorism costs you your job; to enable the death of your countrymen brings praise and media admiration. And so, after inevitably being cast out, the outcast must return as king by his own hand, or die alone in the wilderness. Even the possibility of compromises is an option fading further with each passing day.

When Sam Francis died, Pat Buchanan paid tribute to his fallen friend by observing Francis, like his Confederate ancestors, always rode to the sound of the guns. Courage, we are told, is the supreme virtue because it makes all the other virtues possible. Having lost our entire country because of the stupidity and cowardice of “conservatives” who never hesitate to sound retreat, we have a powerful counter-example in little Katie, who is worth more than all the replaceable cogs of the putrid conservative movement.

I don’t know what the future holds for Katie. Even if she does nothing else, she already has lived with purpose and significance.

But I suspect her influence is likely to grow and her future accomplishments will make her enemies regret involuntarily unshackling her from an institution as dead as its namesake. Having been extricated from the life-draining effects of the “movement,” we can hope someday she’ll be a wife and mother who will defy the fate of those bitter and barren “conservative” politicas that sacrificed their souls in the Greek temples of Washington on the altar of career, serving those who hold them and their race in contempt.

Her views should not be associated with mine or’s editors. Nor do I know if our paths will ever cross. But, Katie, I doubt this will be the last time I hear your name spoken by the hateful voices of our enemies with well-deserved loathing. I would only tell you to cling to that courage that inspired so many, to welcome the hatred offered by such specimens as the highest form of tribute, and, most importantly, to remember even the fiercest hatred of your enemies is matched by the support of your friends.

For the rest of us, Katie McHugh is quite archetypal, because her fate could be ours at any moment. There is no conceivable scenario where America draws back from increasing polarization, where European-Americans can retreat into a kind of Boomer version of a “safe space,” where we will be allowed to quietly consume and run out our clock living a First World lifestyle. And as the Trump presidency continues to flounder and disappoint, European-Americans are stepping forward in increasing numbers to do what is necessary.

Some of us will be pushed into this struggle against our will. Some will be compelled to step forward because of our own sense of purpose. Yet all of us must be prepared for that day, if it comes, when the entire shrieking malice of The System and its innumerable eldritch manifestations is directed against you as an individual. It will be the day when your false friends flee, when leftists feel righteously emboldened to commit violence against you, and when nothing can be taken for granted. It’s a terrifying prospect. But it’s a possibility that faces each one of you who reads these words.

Are you prepared for that possibility?

Can you stand up to that tide of endless hatred when it comes?

If Katie McHugh can do it, how could you not?

  • The homeschooled Christians, the unironic patriots, the avenging activists hailing from the rusting industrial heartland, all come to Mordor on the Potomac ready to fight for their country. And they learn quickly that only those who don’t really mean it will prosper in this movement.

    Conservatism and libertarianism are scams.

    • Krafty Wurker

      Is Katie McHugh, Roy McHugh’s granddaughter? If I recall correctly, my Magic 8 Ball told me some time ago that she was.

      If you are wondering who Roy McHugh was, he was a newspaper man in the old newsie style of Mike Royko, Jimmy Breslin, and Damon Runyan.

  • From the Washington Post article:

    an advertiser blacklist of Breitbart organized by an anonymous online group called sleeping Giants appears to be biting hard. Only 26 companies had ads on Breitbart last month, down from 242 in March, according to the marketing-news site Digiday. It said the remaining advertisers were primarily smaller direct-response companies, although remains one of its sponsors, despite pressure from its employees to cut ties to the site

    Breitbart and these other online properties make money through advertisements. Advertisers are businesses.

    American business – capitalists – have shown that they support anti-white policies. They support White genocide. They are far more interested in catering to homosexuals than Christians. Google ignores Easter while celebrating Jewish and Muslim holidays. Facebook and Twitter will ban pro-White sentiments while allowing open calls for violence and genocide against Whites.

    If you want to find who the “real enemy” is, I found a good place to start:

    The “left” has been able to organize boycotts and have seemingly succeeded. Why hasn’t “the right” or pro-whites?

    • Smash Islamophobia

      Good points. A side note– I’m sure you realize that it’s illegal for any US company to cooperate with a boycott of Israel, and that there’s actually a federal government office tasked with investigating and enforcing this. They realize the power of this tool, and don’t want it aimed at them. Boycotts (often secret) are a traditional jewish tool.

      “American business – capitalists – have shown that they support anti-white policies. They support White genocide. They are far more interested in catering to homosexuals than Christians. Google ignores Easter while celebrating Jewish and Muslim holidays. Facebook and Twitter will ban pro-White sentiments while allowing open calls for violence and genocide against Whites.”

      Absolutely true. The obvious place to start is with the media and Hollywood. Cut the cord. No cable/ satellite TV. It’s just poisoning your mind. The real problem is where to start, and how to organize. Every major company is on the side of evil. Staying away from major name brands where possible is a start, but it’s not as good as deliberately organizing, and targeting them one by one.

      Some of the problem likely lies with the more individualistic, fair-minded attitude of most on the Right. If they don’t like a business for whatever reason, most people on the Right, from mainstream cuckservatives to ebil not-sees, will just stop patronizing that company. The idea of organizing a bunch of other people to retaliate doesn’t come naturally to them the way it does to leftists and skypes. There’s also the issue (as always) of legacy media support vs. demonization. That’s a significant factor as well.

      I don’t think the

      • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

        I haven’t eaten Kellogg’s cereal since last year.

    • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

      I’ve posted about this. We need a comprehensive list of anti-White companies that can be disseminated in comment sections.


      Heineken: promoter of globalism –

      • All companies want to be global brands, so it is understandable that corporations are globalist and promote that image. But it’s confusing to me why so many use overtly anti-white advertisements.

        The (((ad industry))) itself pushes anti-white advertising for the typical reasons, but you wonder why brands such as Home Depot or Kellogg put up with it.

        I’ve read that white men are the only demographic that won’t complain about anything while all other demographics do, so they never get letters when they portray something anti-white men specifically.

        But why the Kellogg’s ads pushing the “blacks on blondes” perversions? Why did they boycott Breitbart but not (insert thousands of anti-white online media sites here)?

        Sometimes they run “controversial” ads just to get publicity, of course, but the anti-white pattern is too consistent to be explained easily. I’m really not sure what is behind some of it.

        • Chadwick D. Prestington

          I wonder if part of the reason is the general darkening of America and how TV is taking up less and less of people’s leisure time, and I suspect that whites are watching proportionally less TV than other races. This means the general TV audience is far more non-white than it was before Netflix and cord-cutting.

          To non-whites, race-mixing is aspirational. It is the ultimate form of being accepted into white society. You have repeatedly posted the empirical evidence that dating is one area where people ruthlessly seek their preferences without regard to PC or anti-racism, and most non-whites that have so much as set foot in a singles bar have experienced this. So when non-whites see a mixed family on TV, it appeals to them and makes the related product seem aspirational and desirable. Like you say above, the whites tend not to mind, be mildly annoyed, or scared to complain.

          • Cookie Rus

            This is a straightforward theory that’s very solid. Blacks watch a hugely disproportionate amount of television and it does make some sense that it’s more tailored to them than you would expect for being only 13% of population.

            When you couple very high black consumption of television with whites tuning out in record numbers. it wouldn’t surprise me if blacks were something closer to 40 to 50% of the viewers that are actually influenced by the ads they see.

            It does make for a shock when you tune in and it looks like your watching ads targeted at a country with a black majority.

        • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

          If a company wants to expand operations internationally, more power to ’em. But to run campaign on “a world without borders”, in this climate, sends an intentional signal.

        • Bingo Banjo

          Bankers own all the stocks and populate all the boards of directors. They are in the power business, not the capitalism business. We all know who (((they))) are.

          Private ownership in the equities and bond markets is at an all time low. If you remove the retirement funds (managed by the Banksters) it is almost nil.

      • stavros

        Check the label on all your food if it is halal approved do not buy it the money it raises pays for terrorist,s world wide.

        • DaveMD ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗᴰʳ

          There are halal labels on packaged foods? I’ve never seen them.

          • stavros

            There are in Australia not all foods but you can get lists that tell you what is what.If you can,t find any you can research on line .

  • Charles Martel

    This is all one big psy-op mind scam designed (gradually, incrementally) to make us feel hopeless. There is a point not to far off now where the vast majority of us WILL feel totally hopeless. People are much more manageable when they feel hopeless, and they can be disposed of with little or no resistance. That’s what this is all leading to. So, who’s bringing us all of this psy-op mind scam?

    • Alphonsus Jr. ✠ Dᴇᴜs ᴠᴜʟᴛ


  • Not_your_avg_millennial

    Great article!

  • Alphonsus Jr. ✠ Dᴇᴜs ᴠᴜʟᴛ

    Nothing gives those white ethnomasochist suicidal xenophiles now known as cucks–of both the avowedly liberal and the unconsciously liberal (cuckservative) variety–greater pleasure than the prospect of eternally cranking it in the corner while watching Paco, Jamal, and Abdul gang rape Lady Liberty. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein
  • Demography is Destiny

    Those who throw themselves into the struggle fully sacrifice youth, health, income, reputation, marriages, and the possibility of family only to learn their leaders not only never wanted to win, but never
    wanted to fight. Underpaid, overworked, always taken for granted, “the movement” has ruined more lives and relationships than no-fault divorce.

    Amen. But it is not only the cowardice of pseudo-conservative media, groups and organizations, but also the eternal timidity of the average conservative readers, voters and sympathizers to stick out their neck which can make journalism and activism so frustrating and unrewarding. The whole conservative movement lacks this inner drive of going out and trying to conquer the world; it’s almost like conservative normies expect invitation cards for getting active themselves and a written assurance of the left not to say ever something bad to them.

    • ThomasER916

      Go back to nannying for mudsharks and niglets.

  • adolf binladin


    • Will Windsor

      I was wondering where Hood went, he just disappeared for months. So glad to see him back

      • Ris_Eruwaedhiel

        I missed him, too. IMO, Gregory Hood is the best writer in the Alt-Right. He’s the son Sam Francis never had.

  • slipperypeople

    Dear Editor,

    A bunch of the links are messed up because the auto-formatting to italicize “Breitbart” screwed up the urls

  • Joel Hanson

    There are plenty of cowardly cucks, but there are also plenty of conservatives that feel it is a lost cause and not worth fighting for, and one cant really blame them. The whole nationalism, fully uncucked marxism has been enlightening and strengthening. I feel things have become clearer and thus my fight stronger. The Right has to be pointed in this direction to have any real direction.

  • The Dank One

    “And that’s why many of us who demand something more for ourselves, our children and our race than the defiled scraps of a ruined civilization love her so fiercely and so protectively.”

    Well, about that…

    I was over on WeSearchr a few days ago, about to donate to a fund that had been set up for her, and I saw this in the comments:

    Not long after I called it out and posted the screenshot in the WeSearchr comment section, the account appeared to be deleted and all of her/his/its comments disappeared. I do not know if it was actually McHugh or if it was some kind of troll. From other posts that were made with the account, I was leaning toward it actually being her.

    I just can’t bring myself to donate if there is a possibility my money will be going to support a future for her and Tyrone’s mulatto abominations. This is why I am hesitant to support women in the movement who are not married with children or widowed with children – WHITE children.

    • Jotunn Dovregubben

      That comment section was absolutely infested with leftist trolls, it was reported by Wonkette and other deranged Leftist mouthpieces. I suspect that it might have been a troll account trying to dissuade people from supporting her. Even if she did date black men I doubt she would have been so brazenly foolhardy to announce this on her fundraising page.

      • Demography is Destiny

        Even if she does indeed date black men, future single mothers should have our support too.

        • Johnny Fascismo

          No… they shouldn’t.

          Unless, her white husband died in a tragic accident or at war that is.

          • Smash Islamophobia

            Exactly. Shaming works– that’s why feminists are always on about “slut-shaming,” “fat-shaming,” “whatever-shaming.” If you reward an action, you will get more of it.

    • Three Stars

      Pretty obvious it’s a troll. Leftists really love to bring up racemixing any opportunity they get.
      She used to date a race realist a couple of years ago, so its fairly certain she’s race aware.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Speaking of which, where the hell is Kevin DeAnna?

    • Chadwick D. Prestington

      The ‘really into black guys’ thing is a sure sign of a troll. Mudsharks generally view the world without any understanding of race – they find themselves attracted to a negro and they go with it without thinking of the long-term consequences. Lots of us here would admit we find certain non-white women attractive, but we don’t act on it because we understand the importance of race and identity, particularly when it comes to future children. Take that worldview away and suddenly that Korean girl you work with is looking pretty good.

      • Captain John Charity Spring MA

        Interesting point. Someone like Freda Pinto is attractive but I’d probably not act on it if offered. Of course women generally get hit on and respond to the men they select from the suitors based on the menu of tingles.

    • Of course it’s a troll.

      • Krafty Wurker

        My guess, if she is who I think she is, and there’s no guarantee with it. She probably thinks inter-racial dating is going out with an Italian. LOL.

    • ThomasER916

      “The Dank One” – you’re probably the stupid, most gullible, indoctrinated, loser on these boards.

    • Jack Burton

      I followed Katie for a while on Twitter in 2015 and 2016. I never once read anything remotely Negrophilic from her. On the contrary she was a big fan of Flaherty and exposing black crime.

      I’ll need some better evidence.

    • Mike Enoch

      C’mon dude this is an obvious troll account.

  • Ike35

    Da Hood is back! About time too.

  • (((Finkelstein)))

    Breitbart is no more.

    • Bingo Banjo

      Their hits and advertisers have been shrinking by the month. Some of that is the natural decline in post election politics. They keep hiring from the left and drifting to the GOPe. Their choice in articles is glaringly controlled opposition gatekeeping.

  • DIMS

    That was an innocent and rather polite tweet. A more provocative tweet would have raised the question what the ordinary British folks had gained from the massive immigration of Asians and Africans.

  • Diversity Heretic

    Great to see Greg Hood is back–I was starting to have “straight from the shoulder, unsugarcoated truth” withdrawal symptoms.

  • Einar von Vielen

    We are writing too much and acting too little.

    • Chadwick D. Prestington

      We need to act more, but the writing is very important. We’re working to take these online communities into the real world, but it’s a slow process.

  • Jarod

    Well someone’s trying to court Katie over to the AltRight now aren’t you?

    • Adolphin ++

      Very subtle too

  • J.j. Cintia

    Who cares what they say or think? All their money and power are come from US. Have you ever considered what would happen if all the Whites simply stopped taking the Monopoly Money and just formed their own economic sphere? No taxes, no interest, and the enemy and foreigners can suck eggs. How much do you need China Mart? Can the government actually take everything away from you if all of you stand together? You have to fight now. This is War. Voting is pointless. Trump is a member of The Club. Did you ACTUALLY BELIEVE this clown was on your side?

    • Ever notice that Ron Paul style Libertarianism is perfectly mainstream – yet they never breathe a word about credit unions? You can bellyache about the Federal Reserve all day long, you can shout at the top of your lungs about the gold standard and fiat currency.

      But talk about credit unions and … silence. The banking industry spends billions a year lobbying for restrictions on credit unions.

      Libertarianism, “Austrian economics,” the gold standard, etc. – they are “controlled opposition” – a pressure valve. When Ron Paul asked Ben Bernake, “do you ever think about gold?” – Bernanke just smirked and said “only how much of it to sell” (left unsaid: sell to suckers like your fans.)

      Banks spend billions on advertising – credit unions don’t. Go ahead – try to start a pro-credit union movement, watch how quickly you’ll be attacked by the Usual Suspects – including plenty of “right wingers” “conservatives” and “libertarians.” After all “unions” are leftist, right?

      Our biggest enemies are the Fortune 500 – they are the ones that rule America.

      • J.j. Cintia

        That’s because the Credit Unions are voluntary and The Federal Reserve controls the currency, issues interest rates, fund all the NGOs and Anti-White programs and chooses the winners and losers based on whether they’re White. Quite a difference really. Not hard to see by normal observation.

        • I think you’ve missed the point. Credit unions are something that White people can do, right now, without changing any laws, asking any permission, or getting any legislation passed. It’s a way to move economic power away from the banks and towards civil society that we control.

          It’s not glamorous, it won’t fix all of our problems, but it’s a first step toward effective results.

          Libertarianism, goldbuggery, and complaining about the Fed (usually based on misunderstanding) is never effective, and even if it was, it would be a case of “out of the frying pan, into the fire.)

          • alzaebo

            Brilliant tactic.
            First mention.
            Hellooo, crowdsourcing.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            All the libertarian Goldbugs are Jews. Some were even gold dealers like Burt Blumert. Self dealing.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        Credit Unions comes from Northern Europe and are the definition of Huwhiteness.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    GREAT Article……..

    Thanks, Gregory…….

  • ))) Depeche Europa ((( is Vastly Superior to (((Breitbart)))………

    The AltRight is the Future……..

    (((Breitbart))) Cuckservatism is the Past………….

  • sites like Brietbart are useful if they report on the actions of anti-Whites. This disseminates information to the White masses that they wouldn’t get elsewhere. Did Brietbart report this case?

  • Michael Poile

    Breitbart’s problem, like the legacy media generally is it’s dependence on advertising. Advertisers are rather like sheep, they flock together and are easily startled. The new media outlets which can solve the funding dilemma will be the ones that prosper in the new era. I wish you all the best with tackling that particular issue.

    • The idea that advertisers and like sheep that flock together and are easily started doesn’t make sense – advertisers have no problem being controversial – as long as it’s anti-white. Advertisers never made anti-Black ads, anti-Asian ads, anti-Jewish ads – but they consistently make anti-White ads.

      They are willing to put up with plenty of “controversy.” So there has to be something else going on.

      • SLCain

        Indeed. Corporate management is now pretty thoroughly pozzed. They are all Davos-men, or wannabes. And the Ad agencies who advise them and create their commercial campaigns are completely down with the agenda. The Ad-business is part of the “entertainment industry”. One may draw his own conclusions from that.

      • Ingoldo

        Then again anything anti-White (short of perhaps outright wishing for the White genocide) can be hardly called controversial in the true sense of the term. More like faux-edgy (i.e. at least implicitly supported by the who Cathedral/Synagogue)

  • Marathon-Youth

    If not for this article I wouldn’t know how important Katie is
    As for Breitbart I was booted out twice for pointing out the truth about Jews.

    • Adolphin ++

      Daily reminder that Breitbart was founded in Israel.

    • Bingo Banjo

      6 times. I think I am going to finally stop vising at all.

  • So she’s going to STFU and have 5 kids now right? That’s what she’s supposed to do, not be a public political figure. You people who will undoubtedly send her your orbiter beta bucks are to blame for all of this. You want her to do the right thing? Tell her to go away and have white babies like she’s supposed to.

    • Aurelius

      I dont think she is white.

      • ConantheContrarian

        Based on what?

        • Aurelius

          There is a wiki article that says she is on indian dencent.

          And she has that tara mcCarthy swarthy look kinda

          • Johnny Fascismo

            I really don’t get why Alt-Right people watch Tara McCarthy’s interviews, even if she wasn’t mixed race. She’s probably the most boring interviewer I have ever encountered.

          • Aurelius

            I only ever go to her channel to tell her that she shouldn’t be talking, but having children who have a chance at being white.

          • Jack Burton

            Women are supposed to be boring. They should be good-looking, well-mannered, obedient, and boring.

          • Johnny Fascismo

            True enough. I’m just not going to lie and pretend I enjoy her interviews at all. I only watch when I like the guest, and even still it’s always pretty forgetable. She seems to get okay views so I guess someone enjoys her show… I can’t fathom why though.

          • Bingo Banjo

            No it doesn’t. You are a moron. It talks about her questioning the IQ of Indians. WTF.

          • Aurelius

            oh, lol, yea, I skimmed it


      • ThomasER916

        Yeah, she’s another Elizabeth Warren.

        You’re being a fucking retard.

        • Aurelius


          • ThomasER916

            She’s done more for us than you ever will, you counter-signalling cuckfag.

          • Aurelius

            Um, no, women dont contribute anything except getting beta bucks from betas like you who project their orbiter tendincies unto others.

            Also, I started a nationalist organization in my state. There’s 35 of us.

            What have you done?

        • Aurelius

          youre being systematic af

  • Cascadia

    Truly there is no warrior more fearsome than the online white knight.

  • maxsnafu

    When reading every new Gregory Hood essay I think “Best one yet.” And then he writes another–like this one. God bless and protect Gregory Hood and Katie McHugh.

  • Bannon Dale

    This is where I don’t buy into the defeatist 5th political theory. It’s not that whites don’t want to be saved, it’s just that most of them DO NOT FEEL IN DANGER. Once this changes, and it’s changing, the survival instinct kicks in and it’s GAME OVER. (((They))) know this, hence the persecution of the alt-right. We are so big now that they can’t ignore us, so they have resorted to persecution.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Can’t undo the McHugh

  • WHAT

    Isn`t this a bit too much whiteknighting?

    • Crud Bonemeal

      The tone of the piece was a little awkward at some points.

      But our support of McHugh is not based on sex, most of us have little knowledge of her as a person, it was just nice to see the radicalism of the Breitbarts comments section being expressed by a contributor.

  • Jack Burton

    Breitbart has been an experiment to see how far right and pro-white a Jewish news organization could be. We found out. With Jews you lose, white man. Jews will never allow whites to be free and fulfill their destiny.

    Sure, you can have some Jews as contributors like AmRen does, but white men must be leaders and Jews must be kept in check with little to no real political power (as they always were historically until Jewish emancipation) or banned entirely. If Jews have political power it will always manifest eventually as anti-white because we do not have shared interests. Jews are naturally exploitative and whites don’t like being exploited.

    Gilad Atzmon is a self-declared proud, self-hating Jew and explains this. I recommend his videos on YouTube and elsewhere.

  • feroxmill

    Maybe we should look at the Indians and start small. How can a nation be created?

  • part of “removing the spectacles around our noses” is exposing a false flag when you see it. Any of you retards walking back 911 to 19 Arabs with pitchforks

  • Jane Weir

    Thank you, Gregory. And thank you, Katie—hope to see the byline in more salubrious and appreciative precincts.

  • Stephen Hollabaugh

    McHugh was fired for stating the obvious. Outrageous.