St. Louis Begins Removing Confederate Memorial; White Cuck Volunteers To Take It Down For Free

In the next phase of this creeping culture cold war, historical monuments will be removed.

There were protests at the monument Tuesday night in Forest Park. Wednesday, with no warning, workers set up a barricade around the Confederate monument to create a 50 foot perimeter. Workers then used a bucket truck to take down the Confederate drive street sign.

Koran Addo tells FOX 2 that this is the first step in removing the monument. Engineers will need to figure out the best way to take the monument down. This could take weeks to complete.

The city says it will cost between $100,000 – $130,000 to disassemble. It will be put into storage out of public view. The city says it’s also open to public input on what to do with the monument.

The Confederate monument was placed in the park in 1914 by the Daughters of the Confederacy. About two year ago, then-mayor Francis Slay created a committee to discuss how to remove the monument.

This is akin to what Mao did in China with his Cultural Revolution.

Temples and statues were smashed. In this case, the White man’s history is being erased. Then he himself will be erased. It looks so much more tame nowadays.

Of course, what is happening in the United States is progressive and just, not at all like what Mao did. Or what ISIS is doing.

When ISIS does this its barbaric. When the Left does it, its progressive.

Just like when the Taliban blew up those ancient Buddha statues.

What the Left is doing is no different.

And I’m sure history will look with the same fondness on Social Justice Warriors as it does on Mao.


St. Louis is filled to the brim with Blacks and self-loathing Whites. That’s why they elected Mayor Krewson. When asked about her rationale for taking down the monument, she had this to say:

“I know this is an emotionally-charged issue for people on both sides. But this monument is hurtful to so many people and I believe it should come down.”

Literally, “muh feelings”.

Lets take a gander at her. Guess what, she’s a frumpy white cat lady.

One of the many cucks living in St. Louis is Stuart Keating, a local businessman, who was kind enough to offer to take down the monument on his own dime earlier. 

Business owner Stuart Keating says he has the equipment and the volunteers to take the 32-foot-high granite statue down.

“We’re pretty good at demolishing things, we have the equipment. And we thought we’d like to be good citizens and do our part,” said Keating who has spent the last year demolishing and rebuilding a new space for his business, Earthbound Brewery.

His offer comes just days after the city of New Orleans removed four Confederate Memorials in their city. In 2015, Mayor Slay said St. Louis’ memorial, which was erected and paid for by the Daughters of the Confederacy in 1913, needed to come down.

Unsurprisingly, he is a rich beta male hipster who opened a craft beer brewery.

Do you see a lot of Blacks clamoring to take down this monument? Or do you see self-loathing whites virtue-signaling against the Bad Whites yet again?

And strangely enough, the city of St. Louis has ordinances against the removal of monuments. Yet this doesn’t seem to matter. The only ray of light in this story is that they removed the street sign quietly and with little fanfare. The reason for that is simple: they saw what happened at Charlottesville and were afraid of attracting attention.

As usual, only the Alt-Right gives a damn. Everyone else in the country has given up a long time ago.

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  • We don’t demand that the whole world be white, but anti-whites demand that the whole world be non-white just like Muslims demand the whole world be Muslim. Religious fanatics, including those indoctrinated into the Religion of Political Correctness, cannot allow any heresy anywhere. They cannot agree to disagree. They cannot coexist.

    Anyone who DEMANDS the entire world follow their religion is an extremist. Currently, the EU is DEMANDING that Eastern Europe let in genocidal levels of non-whites, that is, that they follow Politically Correct “sharia.” That makes the EU extremist. We, on the other hand, just say whites should have the same rights to homelands and self-determination allowed every other race. Nothing extremist about that.

    Anti-whites and Muslims are extremist. Pro-whites are not.

  • “only the Alt-Right gives a damn. Everyone else in the country has given up a long time ago” – that ought to be our fucking motto.

  • Arguing with blacks is like trying to talk termites into leaving. Words don’t matter. Face it, the real problem isn’t them, they are just bioweapons of terror. Fight or die. You may not want War, but War is what this is. They are just being sneaky now, but wait and Uganda’s Idi Amin and Zimbabwe’s Mugabe is where this will go. You know its true. The fake government considers you an enemy. Do you believe they have any intention of protecting you or your family. Wise up. War has been going on since the Hart-Cellar Act and the sham of Civil Rights.

  • Screw St. Louis. I rarely go there. I live close but avoid it as much as possible. The place is dump and my $$$ won’t be wasted there.

  • They Hate Whites and they Need Whites……

    They can’t Live without Us……..



  • They’re out to destroy our civilisation, our culture, our history and our race. No matter where we are born, we are all in the same boat together. In my mind I see a big battlefield where we have all joined forces. Confederates, romans, greeks, vikings, celts, crusaders and wehrmacht. All charging together one last time against our mortal (((enemy))). It could make a powerful meme or picture if anyone is good enough with photoshop because I ain’t.

      • You have the blood of Dusan the Mighty “King of Serbia and Greece ” .In the 1300,s he showed the filthy muzlim invader what real men were, history will repeat it,s self .What all the brainwashed liberal faggots didn,t learn at college was real history we have been at war with islam since the times of the coward prophet mohamed.Slavs are on the front line again, maybe this time all white warriors can work together to wipe the filthy muzlim from the face of the earth.And if the self loathing whites can not stay out of it they can share the same fate as the muzlim swine. A Golden Dawn awaits.

        • Hear Hear! We pushed them back at the gates of Vienna, poitiers, kicked them out of Spain and kicked out the vile Turks. The Slavs are the only whitemen left with any bullox!

  • “Lets take a gander at her. Guess what, she’s a frumpy white cat lady.”

    ?? Is this an insult of her looks? She looks fine to me.

    There’s an odd myth among the Right that left-wing women are fat, ugly, and lonely. This is very frequently not the case.

  • I’m convinced, that if approached, you could get more help out of the “United Daughters of the Confederacy”, than you could get out of the “Sons of Confederate Veterans”. Worth trying.

  • Sorry, but ISIS has balls. White liberals are self loathing, spineless morons. The Muslims are looking to conquer, while white liberals want to commit ethno suicide.

  • I am ambivalent about the Confederacy for the same reason I am ambivalent about Hitler. In either case, i.e. the American Civil War and WW2, the losing side ended up with a much worse outcome than it would have gotten if it had steered away from war. The outcomes of both wars had far-reaching implications, including equal citizenship rights for negros and the establishment of the Jewish state, respectively. It seems likely that these were unstated purposes of the two wars, respectively, from the beginning, and that both the South and Hitler’s Germany were maneuvered into war by strategists (likely including Jews) who realized that wars make things possible that would not otherwise be possible.

    Of course, I am not in favor of taking down the monuments, but it is difficult to see how keeping the monuments can be justified using arguments that stay within the current bounds of mainstream political discourse. Standing up for the white race and talking about innate racial differences are off-limits.

    • Consider that the monument was put up in 1914, a generation after the end of the war. Many of the Confederate symbols on state flags were put there during the 1960s to signal against the forced integration of the time.

      When I was growing up, the Confederate/Dixie flag was a completely uncontroversial symbol that was common in the North and the Mid West – even in California. When the hugely popular show the Dukes of Hazzard was on TV, kids all around America were wearing Confederate flag t-shirts.

      There’s a interesting story by a White former neo-conservative during the Bush administration getting red pilled. He was writing a book about the Civil War, and one of his fellow neo-cons, a (((neo-con))) asked him why? The author told him that the Civil War essentially defined what America is – the (((neo-con))) responded that it was as distant to him as the “War of the Roses.” Of course, to this (((neo-con))) some mythological war in ancient Palestine against the Romans was of great importance.

      The War between the States never ended – this is merely another skirmish.

      The convention voted decisively to remain within the Union. Pro-Southern Governor Claiborne F. Jackson ordered the mobilization of several hundred members of the state militia who had gathered in a camp in St. Louis for training. Alarmed at this action, Union General Nathaniel Lyon struck first, encircling the camp and forcing the state troops to surrender. Lyon directed his soldiers, largely non-English-speaking German immigrants, to march the prisoners through the streets, and they opened fire on the largely hostile crowds of civilians who gathered around them. Soldiers killed unarmed prisoners as well as men, women and children of St. Louis in the incident that became known as the “St. Louis Massacre”.

      In California we had non-English speaking “immigrants” attacking White people who they assumed were voting for Donald Trump.

      “The past is never dead, it’s not even the past.”

      I never owned any slaves and no blacks alive today ever picked any cotton as a slave. This isn’t about slavery – it’s not even about the war. It’s about anti-whiteness.

      • This isn’t about slavery – it’s not even about the war. It’s about anti-whiteness.

        We can try to make it about anti-whiteness instead of the war, but the anti-white side can just as easily make it about the war, slavery, and white “racism.” Our side tends to be suppressed in the mainstream.

        The War between the States never ended – this is merely another skirmish.

        To the extent that the current controversy is about anti-whiteness, your statement is incorrect. The pro-white cause has a much broader scope than the Southern nationalist cause.

        • The anti-white side can try to make it about the war, slavery, and white “racism.” We can just as easily make it about anti-whiteness.

          The anti-Confederate flag movement has little to do with Southern nationalism proper, it has everything to do with anti-whiteness.

  • Over on Unz Review Steve Sailer has an article up on CSA statue removal. Most people are overthinking this: it’s simply racial dispossession, celebrated by Goodwhites who don’t realize the Negroes despise them more than the people defending the statues.

  • These people are repulsive. They are quite unworthy of having a Confederate monument in their city.

  • So, these pithecoid idiots were able to amass enough power (with no help from any other race) to prosecute an all-out war on white Christians, a war which they are winning. Uh huh. Don’t forget: behind the scenes our busy little (((friends))) are pulling the strings. Duping Negroes into doing the heavy lifting for (((them))) in their efforts to topple Christian society has been one of the most effective ploys.

  • When wogs reach critical mass they’ll destroy all your patrimony, monuments, holidays and then come for you, ie. Rhodesia, S.Africa

    • And that’s exactly the reason we must publish more books, hold more dinner parties and conferences and specially engage is electoral processes. Those are the best weapons against white genocide.

      In other words, we must fight fire with fire!!!

      • Educate the white children to be proud of their race instead of self loathing teach them the value of brotherhood with other white kids get them to bond through camps teaching them how to hunt and survive give them the practical skills they will need for the trouble ahead and most important teach them how to identify the enemy ,if we fail then it will be white genocide.Syd gave you two examples Rhodesia and South Africa what is happening there can happen anywhere ,i live in Australia and our government is doing every thing it can to destroy our white heritage.I wish you and Syd the very best and hope to read more of your posts on this site .Best Regards “Stavros”

        • Cant’ remember. By my [sarcastic] comment I would say that he was saying how bad is our current situation as a people….

  • They are removing the statues of heroes, the ancestors of white Southerners.

    It’s all being done by ethno-masochists, too, as the article above says. They are self-loathing whites like Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron.

    These include cat ladies, like mayor Lyda Krewson, a Democrat politician. And rich cucks like Stuart Keating. I hope each will soon be attacked by Muslims terrorists and/or vibrant criminals. They deserve it.

    I would like to see the Martin Luther King memorial in DC removed. It should be blown up, into thousands of small pieces. It’s an stupid statue, very ugly. MLK was an evil degenerate, typical of the sort of person admired today by the white-left.

    And the Holocaust museum should be converted to a different task, to show the holocaust committed by Jews in Russian from 1917 to 1941.

    • It should be called the Jewish Holocaust….This museum pertains to what happened in a foreign nation, of foreigners. They act like that’s the only holocaust that ever happened.

      And get this, US taxpayers now pay Holocaust survivors in the US. Besides sucking money from Germany now it’s sucked out of us.

  • If you wanted to remove every symbol of slavery you’d have to remove every flag of every Muslim country and every flag of every black country.

  • Just think, the source of all the black crime, poverty and dysfunction in that city was because of some statue that most people never even bothered to take notice of. And it will only cost the White taxpayer $130k to unceremoniously tear it down? Oy, such a deal!

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