St. Louis Begins Removing Confederate Memorial; White Cuck Volunteers To Take It Down For Free

In the next phase of this creeping culture cold war, historical monuments will be removed.

There were protests at the monument Tuesday night in Forest Park. Wednesday, with no warning, workers set up a barricade around the Confederate monument to create a 50 foot perimeter. Workers then used a bucket truck to take down the Confederate drive street sign.

Koran Addo tells FOX 2 that this is the first step in removing the monument. Engineers will need to figure out the best way to take the monument down. This could take weeks to complete.

The city says it will cost between $100,000 – $130,000 to disassemble. It will be put into storage out of public view. The city says it’s also open to public input on what to do with the monument.

The Confederate monument was placed in the park in 1914 by the Daughters of the Confederacy. About two year ago, then-mayor Francis Slay created a committee to discuss how to remove the monument.

This is akin to what Mao did in China with his Cultural Revolution.

Temples and statues were smashed. In this case, the White man’s history is being erased. Then he himself will be erased. It looks so much more tame nowadays.

Of course, what is happening in the United States is progressive and just, not at all like what Mao did. Or what ISIS is doing.

When ISIS does this its barbaric. When the Left does it, its progressive.

Just like when the Taliban blew up those ancient Buddha statues.

What the Left is doing is no different.

And I’m sure history will look with the same fondness on Social Justice Warriors as it does on Mao.


St. Louis is filled to the brim with Blacks and self-loathing Whites. That’s why they elected Mayor Krewson. When asked about her rationale for taking down the monument, she had this to say:

“I know this is an emotionally-charged issue for people on both sides. But this monument is hurtful to so many people and I believe it should come down.”

Literally, “muh feelings”.

Lets take a gander at her. Guess what, she’s a frumpy white cat lady.

One of the many cucks living in St. Louis is Stuart Keating, a local businessman, who was kind enough to offer to take down the monument on his own dime earlier. 

Business owner Stuart Keating says he has the equipment and the volunteers to take the 32-foot-high granite statue down.

“We’re pretty good at demolishing things, we have the equipment. And we thought we’d like to be good citizens and do our part,” said Keating who has spent the last year demolishing and rebuilding a new space for his business, Earthbound Brewery.

His offer comes just days after the city of New Orleans removed four Confederate Memorials in their city. In 2015, Mayor Slay said St. Louis’ memorial, which was erected and paid for by the Daughters of the Confederacy in 1913, needed to come down.

Unsurprisingly, he is a rich beta male hipster who opened a craft beer brewery.

Do you see a lot of Blacks clamoring to take down this monument? Or do you see self-loathing whites virtue-signaling against the Bad Whites yet again?

And strangely enough, the city of St. Louis has ordinances against the removal of monuments. Yet this doesn’t seem to matter. The only ray of light in this story is that they removed the street sign quietly and with little fanfare. The reason for that is simple: they saw what happened at Charlottesville and were afraid of attracting attention.

As usual, only the Alt-Right gives a damn. Everyone else in the country has given up a long time ago.

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