The Religion of Peace Declares Jihad on Trump

Just your average day here on 5th Ave. in NYC

“This is the recompense of those who fight against Allah and His Messenger, and hasten about the earth, to do corruption there: they shall be slaughtered, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall alternately be struck off; or they shall be banished from the land. That is a degradation for them in this world; and in the world to come awaits them a mighty chastisement.”-The Quran

If you think Europe is the only place where open jihad has been declared, think again. In fact, this religion of death, murder, rape, pedophilia, and mayhem, which is billed as the Religion of Peace (more like the religion of resting in pieces), has been at war with White people from its inception over 1400 years ago.  It is a religion that always attempts, and usually accomplishes, complete dominance over all those who have the misfortune of falling under its sword.

After the most recent attacks in London, where dozens of White people had their throats and various body parts filleted and splayed wide open in the most vile manners imaginable because they had the audacity to be walking down the street and breathing, it is abundantly clear that Islam must go. It is a cult of insanity that has no place in the modern world nor should it ever be allowed in our White homelands. Nevertheless, it is about to become the largest religion in the world and is growing at an astonishing pace that does not seem to be slowing any time soon. In the U.S.A., it is currently the 3rd largest religion, and will probably overtake 2nd in the next few decades. This cannot be allowed to continue.

President Trump reacted to the horrors in London via some angry and impassioned tweets.

Right away, several people counter-signaled President Trump about his reaction because it’s never the heinous Muslim terrorist acts themselves that deserve the criticism or repudiation, no. To be sure, it’s someone’s angry Twitter reaction to the genocidal crimes that deserves all the vitriol one can muster.

A CNN host named Reza Aslan, a man of Iranian decent and someone who ate human brains for “good TV“, even called Trump a “piece of shit” due to Trump’s call for a new travel ban.

(he has since deleted the tweet)

Hours before the London attack in NYC, a group of Muslims decided to protest Trump’s Freedom of Speech and blocked off the very heavily fortified street in front of Trump Tower to protest Trump’s racism against Islam, even though Islam is not really a race.

The Hamas-linked nut job, Linda Sarsour, who is a strong advocate for Sharia law, organized this protest in Manhattan’s Midtown. She has been the most recent face of Islam propped up by the leftist media in the U.S.A. lately. Here is an example of her demented affinity for her interpretation of the wonders of Islam:

We have seen this Islamic show of force many times over that the Muslims display around the world to let everyone know they have planted the flag of jihad, and it is coming for us all. It is part of their call to arms and a direct assault on its host-country’s people and culture. Islam does not seek to live and let live; it only seeks to conquer.

Muslims will not stop until we have all been killed or converted. Take the Middle East for example. It is where Christianity began, and currently almost every Christian has been systematically removed by flight from fear of violence or outright murder, along with destroying virtually every non-Muslim culture, and nearly every former Christian city or church is under the rule and control of the moon flag of Islam.

I just cannot understand why we are importing this brand of insanity to our homelands. Where is the moral imperative for more Vibrant Diversity? What is truly in it for us? Why must it happen in White countries, and only White countries? No one is pushing for more White people or Christians in Saudi Arabia. They will not even allow a Christian church to be built there, let alone encourage anything resembling Diversity. However, we all know what it means for us and all other White European nations: more death, more destruction, more rapes, more hatred of our people, more police state, never feeling safe, never trusting anyone (especially not your PC peers), and living in constant anxiety.

In 1970, there were fewer than 100 mosques in the entirety of the United States. Now, there are well over 2,000 and growing, along with its skyrocketing millions-strong Muslim population.

“US Mosques increased by 74% since Sept 11, 2001.”-MV Media

“In this climate of fear, the calculating but apparently non-violent Islamist compares favorably with the uncompromising, blood-soaked Islamist terrorist. He is thus regarded as cause of hope – indeed, as a moderate – by government and opinion elites. This, despite the fact that his agenda is essentially the same as the terrorist’s: Only their methods differ, and even those differences are shades of gray.”-Andrew C. McCarthy is the former federal prosecutor who convicted the notorious “blind sheikh” and other jihadists for waging a terror war against America, including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.


  • It’s a very strange reality – but it is reality that in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada – Liberal Leftist, anti White Jews overwhelmingly support mass Muslim migration invasions of the USA, UK, Western Europe, Australia – the White West.

    Just as it was a seemingly impossible reality that international Jewish financiers like Jacob Schiff, the Warburgs, the Rothchilds overwhelmingly supported the Jewish Bolsheviks/Jewish Communists like Leon Trotsky.

    Jews took the Muslim Arab Moor Side against White Catholic Christians in Spain during the 700 year Muslim Moor occupation of Spain.

    Jews were expelled from Spain or forced to convert to Catholicism in large part for taking the Muslim Moor side against Whites, serving as tax collectors, selling White girls in to Muslim harems, similar to what Jews do now in the hard core porn industry.

    We wrote about this strange alliance between Muslims and Jews against Whites at Occidental Dissent:

  • It is very simple – the West is broke, the US defaulted under Nixon. Our politicians went begging to the Oil Sheiks and cash is king. There are strings attached to that money. The Gulf states and their Jewish and Gentile Western lackeys heavily influence Western politicians, media outlets, academia, Wall Street and the City of London.

    Collaboration of western interests with the Caliphate is nothing new. The French, Italian, German, Serbs… were all Islamic allies or in non-aggression pacts at some point in history.

    • Obama is Muslim Brotherhood and Hillary’s lesbian lover Huma’s entire family is Muslim Brotherhood and the dem elite are all sympathisers

  • Travel ban must be enforced and extreme vetting must be done for any Middle Easterner coming here for sure!!!!!! Not sure we should call a blanket war on Muslims just yet. For most of my life, from 1974-2012, with a few short stints elsewhere, I have resided in Allen Park, MI, which is just due south of Dearborn, MI and Detroit. The Arabs/Muslims stay to themselves and rarely cause trouble. Only thing I can remember was a honor killing in the 90’s, where someone was decapitated. Radicalization seems to be with those that came here in the late 90s to the present, and I have never seen anything like that here.

  • Muslim Terrorist Attacks in the West are partly the Continuation of the Clash of Cultures between Arab Islamism and African Savagery.

    There’s long been a violent Clash of Cultures between the Muslim World(especially Arab) and the Afro-pagan World. Arab Muslims considered black Africans to be wild, savage, lascivious, and beastly. So, Arab Muslims not only enslaved black Africans but castrated them to tame their Jungle Nature. It was Jihad Justice against Jungle Junk. This went on over many centuries. Scholars say Arabs enslaved millions of black Africans, seeing them as little more than animals.

    But Arabs also spread Islam among black Africans, and many black Africans became Muslims and waged Culture War on other black Africans who seen as mired in tribal-pagan-savagery.

    As both the West and the Muslim World were dominated by spiritual institutions, the main thrust of their moral-cultural narrative was directed against black African savagery that was regarded in a negative light, not good for much of anything. White Christians and Arab Muslims felt that black Africans had value only as slaves or converts to Christianity or Islam. They didn’t find intrinsic value in black African-ness.

    That was then, this is now. With the ebbing of religion and morality in the West, Pop Culture became the main mode of cultural expression and experience. Also, with the fading of traditional modes of worship, the new religion became Political Correctness or Cult of Social Justice. PC came to be controlled by Jews.

    This gave a huge advantage to blacks. With the rise of electro-amplified Pop Culture, black music or black-inspired music came to dominate the modern world. The most popular music among Western elites is reggae. Among ordinary people, it’s Rap or Hip Hop. Also, sports as the new national culture led to worship of blacks as heroes since blacks are most athletic. Also, the erosion of moral values led to sexual licentiousness, and the cult of black twerking booty and hung black dong became iconic in the Western/Modern mind.

    So, if the religious-moralistic Arab Muslim World and the White Christian World once had in common their low regard of black savagery as just backward, animal-like, crazy, and beastly, those facets of blackness came to be admired, adulated, fetishized, sensationalized, and even revered in the Age of Electronic Mammon.

    White girls now grow up to Rap music and Jungle Fever. White boys now grow up admiring black athletes who routinely beat up white males and colonize white wombs. Cuck-dom is the state of the Modern West, and most white men(except those in the Alt Right) have accepted their cuckdom. Much of Pop Culture in the US and EU are variations of Jungle Fever where white girls imitate black girls and fantasize about having sex with blacks and having mulatto babies. And there is hardly any resistance from white males since they’ve been lobotomized and castrated. (White fathers are more afraid to say, “I wish my white daughter marries a white guy” than “I’d be proud to see my daughter be knocked up by a black guy.” ) Indeed, after these Muslim bombings, these cucked out males condemn Islam in defense of concerts that promote Jungle Fever among white girls and Cuck-wussiness among white males. For most whites, Homomania and Jungle Fever are their main cults or neo-religions.

    But blacks prevail over whites not only with sports, music, and sex. Because of the Slavery Narrative(and milking of ‘white guilt’ by PC) and the bellowing voice of the Negro, whites also see blacks as the Magic Race, the Holy Race, the soulful people of god. Your average white American worships MLK more than God; your average European worships Mandela more than Jesus.

    But if White Christian West surrendered to Black Savagery, the Arab Muslim World is still in a state of Culture War with Black Africa. Arabs never felt sorry or apologetic for their imperialism in Africa or black slave trade. If Christian morality is steeped in the cult of guilt, there is no such in Islam. Muhammad preached to his followers to be warriors, hardy and ruthless. So, Arabs don’t feel sorry or guilty about their historical role in Africa. Also, if Christianity is a spent force and only survives in its secularized form of PC, Islam is still very much alive as a spiritual and moral force. As such, it still continues to see black African culture as savage, backward, beastly, and satanic. If the West gave up its traditional certitudes and now worship Negroes as heroes, studs, angels, and gods, the Arab Muslims still regard themselves as culturally, morally, and spiritually more advanced than black Africans, indeed by light years.

    So, it must be strange when Arab Muslims come to the West and realize that black savage culture is favored over Muslims by the white natives who are into reggae, jungle fever, black sports, and Magic Negro devotion.

    Even though Muslim terrorism is characterized in terms of Islam vs ‘Western Values’, it is really a Culture War between Arab Islamism and Black Africanism(that has culturally colonized the West and is now sexually colonizing the wombs of white women, often to the sheepish delight of pathetic cucked-out white males). It is Jihad vs Jungle, a Clash of Cultures that’s been going on over a thousand years. This battle is being waged on Western Soil since both black Africans and Muslims have been allowed in huge numbers.

    This aspect of the clash might elude our perception because some of the Muslim attackers are black Africans and most of the victims are white Europeans. But black Muslims have made the cultural shift from Jungle Jive to Jihad Justice. They’ve come to reject Afro-pagan-savagery. Also, those white victims are like ‘whiggers’ in the sense that their main modes of entertainment and enjoyment are immersion in black sports, sex, and music. So, the so-called Clash of Civilizations we see today isn’t Islam vs the West but Islam(still a spiritual-moral force) vs Whiggers(whose main objects of worship are electro-amplified Afro-savagery and homomania).

    • Blimey! thanks, that was illuminating. I’d come to the conclusion after Manchester that the Libyan blew up the concert because of it’s vile wiggerism but you explained this phenomenon perfectly. Brilliant post!

  • Which is why those in the Alt-Right who want to abandon President Trump……

    …..and abandon the Voting Booth…….


    You do what you want…….

    But, Wisdom isn’t Neurotic………

    • Can’t take Trump all that seriously yet, as his foreign policy seems to be all over the place and is glaringly inconsistent. He gives the world’s largest terror supporter weapons up the wazoo, then sics the world on Qatar. Cui Bono? We all know who benefits from this and it isn’t the United States of America. As for the voting booth? What happened to Ron Paul and now Bernie Sanders should have woken a lot of folks up. We are indeed in the empire of illusion as Chris Hedges said in a book of the same name. A rigged game is a rigged game. I am still hopeful about President Trump, but his foreign policy thus far is the same US foreign policy from 1990-present. In 2020 the question about Trump will be answered and if he does fulfill a lot of what he promised, then he will again get my vote. Right now I am a bit skeptical. Too many Bush era types hanging around.

  • My question: where is Gregory Hood?! Haven’t seen hide nor hair of him in over half a year.

  • says that there are 104 passages in the koran calling the moslem to violence against the non-moslem, this is in addition to the 1000 other times that mention how their God the Allah will burn the non-moslem in a painful and fiery underworld

    • It’s pretty disgusting that people Photoshop Garrison’s signature onto cartoons obviously not made by him.

    • My Shitter account has been “suspended” over a dozen times because the constitutional “right” of free speech does not comply with Shitter’s terms of service.

      • If May and co get their way, this website and many others won’t exist. These people are totalitarian twits that want to blame the net for letting nut jobs into Europe. Like the net is the only way radical Islam is spread.

  • If the number of mosques has increased by 74%, we have Bush 43 and BHO to thank for that. Muslim violence will come to America very soon. I keep wondering when I will have to use my concealed pistol fending off terrorists at the local, suburban mall.

    • Interesting, Trump’s been in for 8 months and we haven’t had a single attack, when the muslim nig was in it was one every other month.

    • Dearborn, MI and East Detroit is the biggest Muslim community this side of the Atlantic and you never hear of any problems like they have in Europe, and probably never will, as they are multi generational and pretty much adapted for the most part. Any Muslims that repatriated here during the Second Gulf War and after should be watched very carefully and if not remigrated like KateBushfan suggests. These are the ones that tend to be radicalized.

  • Islam must be pushed out of Europe except in European nations which are dominantly Muslim for centuries such as Albania

    Islam will have the most followers but Christianity will have the most power.
    -4 of the Security Council Members are Christian based nations (US, UK, France, and Russia)
    -All the major banks are in Christian based nations including the mega banks of the IMF, World Bank and the Asia Development Bank
    -All the most powerful militaries are in Christian based nations.
    -The highest standard of living includes all of Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia. and few nations equal the high standard of living as these nations
    -The greatest innovations to the number of Nobel Prize winners in Science are dominated by the Christian world. Our capacity to innovate is so powerful it is a major game changer in the world.
    -Control of Space including the moon to most of our oceans falls under Christian power.
    -The Americas, Australia, Europe and large sections of Asia (European Russia for instance) are Christian
    -Vast natural resources in these lands belong to the Christian world.

    Most of those who follow Islam live in some of the most poorest nations in the world. (Subcontinent alone has 550 million Muslims. India – 185 million, Pakistan – 190 Million, Bangladesh – 160 million. Africa has millions of Muslims)

      • I like the idea in theory but in practice it’s not going to happen. Once citizenship is given to these people they are here to stay unless they choose to leave, unfortunantly. Ideally after Trump got elected no new Muslims would have been given citizenship (the Muslim ban was one of the main reasons people voted for him) but that has not happened yet.

        The situation in Canada is even worse. A recent study says that by 2100 only 12 per cent of Canadians will be white. I’m black pilled tbh.

    • You shouldn`t think of banks as christian institutions. Banks began their very existence as a way of circumventing christian usury ban.

  • No one has said it better. Only thing missing is what tribe is behind all this. Who is bringing them In? Our president unfortunately is continuing the tradition of serving that tribe, and ignoring the welfare of the people. With him, it is a family thing. We have to begin preparing for 2020, for this traitor has to go.

    • It’s not like the next one is going to do any better. Trump needs to declare martial law and deal with them directly.

  • The Koran builds to the conclusion, that total submission to god requires believers to kill or subjugate non-believers. That’s the bottom line on Koran & Islam.

    Everyone should read the Koran, you can get an unabridged copy at your local used bookstore for $2 or $3 dollars.

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