Reality Winner’s Russia Leaks Will End Up Destroying The Left

Reality Winner is a white woman with a black woman’s name. She is also the leaker behind the latest “russia leaks”.

A cursory glance at her Twitter history reveals that she is a typical neurotic, bat-shit insane careerist white girl. She has all the correct credentials.

The federal contractor, who was charged by the Department of Justice for stealing classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) and leaking it to a media outlet, is a pro-Iran liberal activist who believes being white is terrorism.

According to the resurfaced social media accounts of Reality Leigh Winner, who was arrested on Saturday over leaking classified information to The Intercept and reportedly confessed the wrongdoing, the 25-year-old didn’t hide her contempt for President Trump or her country, and repeated far-left talking points.

On Twitter, she tweeted at rapper Kanye West suggesting he should make a shirt stating that “being white is terrorism”, despite being a white woman herself.

Her leaks accomplished literally nothing. The reports about Russian phishing of ballot machines have already been reported in the media, and if the report she leaked to the Intercept is as compromising as the media makes it out to be, it would have already seen the light of day. Still, you can take a look and decide for yourself:

The top-secret National Security Agency document, which was provided anonymously to The Intercept and independently authenticated, analyzes intelligence very recently acquired by the agency about a months-long Russian intelligence cyber effort against elements of the U.S. election and voting infrastructure. The report, dated May 5, 2017, is the most detailed U.S. government account of Russian interference in the election that has yet come to light.

She probably thought that she could be the next Chelsea Manning. Judging from her pics, she was also in the process of transitioning.

Some people are saying that this was a psy-ops to implicate Trump and create yet another Russian connection where it doesn’t exist.

I say its something else. The Left has created this meme of Russian intervention in the elections, and they have people who have bought into the lie hook line and sinker. More than that, they have emotionally invested in this lie. From there, its easy to see Russians lurking in the shadows everywhere. Now, they’ve set up a self-feeding loop of revelations regarding Russia.

And what was Reality’s motivation?

We can only speculate.

  • Maybe she didn’t really think this one through, and just emotionally sent an already known report about Russian phishing attempts to the Intercept thinking it was definitive proof of the whole Trump=Russian agent narrative
  • Maybe she wanted to LARP as a Resistance fighter against the new American Fuhrer and finally found a sword sharp enough to fall on.
  • Maybe she thought this would kickstart her career as a professional dissident and was counting on the media bailing her out with sympathetic coverage and crowdfunded campaign for her legal defense
  • Maybe she was prodded to do this by a slightly cleverer Deep State guy who wanted to reinforce the Russia narrative by using this dumb girl

Regardless, inspired by her example, the Left is rallying to her cause.

Michael Moore has launched Trumpileaks on his website so that apparatchiks in the US government can leak compromising information about Trump’s administration. Enterprising trolls have already started submitting some of their “leaks”.

And you can too.

This has indisputably become the hill that the Left has chosen to die on. The “Russian hacker” angle is the focal point of The Resistance ™ and they are now fully committed to impeaching Trump on these grounds.

But they are making a mistake. There is no real proof, only a monstrous lie that requires blind belief and nothing more.

We can break the Left on this hill. We can destroy their credibility forever. They are slipping their own heads into a noose and soon the rope will start to tighten. Let them keep reporting on Russia and pump up this bubble of paranoia. When it pops, their credibility will vanish along with it.

Vincent Law
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