Why We Won’t Wake Up

Richard Spencer discusses the London Bridge attack and why Europeans won’t wake up to the Islamic conquest of our lands and civilization.

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Appropriate this my friend! It’s the song of the current year, I’m afraid! Please do a video reviewing it! Make it about us!

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  • Poor ol’ Orwell must be turning in his grave lately. He was only wrong about the year.

  • The alt right should leave meme culture on the image boards if they want to win and are not simply looking for the lulz. The amount of support a group can get by constantly yelling about dindus and kangz is not enough to achieve what the alt right wants. A group whos culture is based around jokes and gags will always end up a joke themselves.

  • Its not that we are not awake – its that you ARE awake and you understand that to “fight back” means that you will in a short time be up against your own WHITE LE. That the enemy is guarded by the same WHITE LE that you play gold with, your kids school with and you go to church with – you understand to fight back will be yet again the very thing you do not want and know that the race cannot win – CIVIL WAR….. no?

  • Don’t let Soviet-minded Jews control your media. Don’t let Soviet-minded Jews create hate speech laws. Just listened to Vox Day prattle on about hate speech, SJWs and the Bible without ever mentioned it was created by Soviet Jews after WW2.

    East Asians don’t have Jews running their media and creating their laws. They’re doing a lot better than we are. Even their form of “diversity” isn’t pathological like ours is.

      • VD – major, major, insecure narcissist.

        Q. What kind of a man creates a taxonomy of sexual hierarchy that just happens to place him at the pinnacle and re-classifies his extreme narcissism as, wait for it, “special?”

        A. A self-promoting clown act with serious daddy issues

  • I disavow Hate……..

    I disavow the Alt-Right……..

    I found LOVE…….


  • Trying to reason with parasites is pointless. The enemy has no shame. You cannot talk your way to freedom. The Founding Fathers didn’t vote their way out of Rothschild’s outhouse did they? The 2nd amendment was their gift to you. Let the Feds fight. Do you think waiting will get these whores to feel sorry for you? They’re all sorry. So very, very sorry.

  • This event is most likely another hoax. It is an interesting question, why exactly elements within our governments are terrorizing people with these hoaxes. One general possibility is that it is part of a problem-reaction-solution strategy, in which a problem is created in order to justify a preordained solution. This leads to the question of what “solution” is going to be offered. A new war? Enhanced security measures? Perhaps a comprehensive program of integration. This could be sold as the “solution” to terrorism, when the real purpose is to conduct further demographic warfare against the white populations.

    Don’t assume that just because the supposed perpetrators are Muslim this can’t possibly be part of a broader anti-white strategy. The people responsible for these hoaxes may still have an anti-white goal in mind. They might eventually create hoaxes in which whites attack Muslims in retaliation for the current round of hoaxes. Moreover, these hoaxes could eventually lead to real violence.

    • Theresa May has already shown their hand, as Spencer points out in the video. The desired outcome of this latest atrocity is internet censorship.

  • Decades of effective anti-white propaganda has put white people into a brainwashed state called “demoralization” as explained by Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov:

    “What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interests of
    defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country.”

    No volume of facts will dissuade a demoralized person from their anti-white views. That demoralization must be reversed with counter-propaganda. Repeating well crafted talking points. Discrediting anti-whites and the anti-white system. Pro-whites have to win the propaganda war and take power. “In power” does not mean “in office.” “In power” means you control public opinion. After you control public opinion, anti-whites won’t even be able to get on the ballot let alone elected.

    If you look at what is happening in Europe -massive terrorist attacks, the third world just pouring in- you see these people are obviously demoralized. They cannot come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves.

    Political reality only exists in human consciousness. That’s the battleground.

  • Why we won’t wake up? because diversity is our greatest strength. There Richard, I answered your tough question lol.

  • nice vid dude. its just hard to even take offense when we put up with going to war over 9-11 rather than reform immigration. the awake factor is greater than anyone can calculate. people are totally polarized. we need to convince everyone who the enemy is and we can do nothing more targeting the left or naming the jew. we need to call out the courts and police

  • Saw that comment and was not impressed, “We shall not be cowed by fear” Khan is basically doing a hit job on the British people there, insinuating that we are completely helpless and no action can be taken. Avoiding suggesting any direct action or policy changes, of course he will not change any policies, he has in group preference for these people. Worse still he is using the word fear in describing how we should or should not react, very slippery character. The UK needs a complete clean out of the government, but with the upcoming elections the two choices are pitiful, would not want to be living in the UK right now, must be like choking on a big black pill.

  • Instead of getting mad at the muslims, lets focus our anger on specific politicians and elitists.
    Pick one and hound them in public, protest outside their homes and go after their business associates and anyone they support.

    You need to focus the reactions into a beam, think of it as the difference between the light of a candle vs a flashlight.

    This requires a physical presence to confront them, as social media is where they want you to react, its their safety valve.

    Take it to the streets, their streets, and make them pay for it.

    • “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.”

      –Alinsky, Rule 13

      We have to remember that the Left is made up of individual people. They are just as subject to fear, intimidation, and demoralization as we are; given the centrality of weakness, cowardice, and passivity in their thinking and decision-making, probably more so

    • social media is their echo chamber that we used against them. they will not be intimidated and they have more puppets rdy anyway. rahowa or surrender. that’s the choice were born with

  • We can’t underestimate the human capacity to adapt. Humans will become acclimated to the worse things given enough time. We might be seeing the creation of the new normal. That’s what the establishment ultimately wants. They want people to accept terrorism as a fact of life and from what I’m seeing it’s happening. Mass awakenings only happen in the movies. Let’s stop fantasizing about a V for Vendetta style awakening. In real life most people keep their heads down and try to avoid confrontation. For now, the average person can still do that because the violence is confined to very specific areas.

  • Spencer didn’t answer the question as to what we can do, “and we must have a bold answer”.
    He told us what the state should do to be bold: return Muslims home.
    The state isn’t going to do this.
    Therefore the question remains what do we do as non state people?

  • England needs a Ghandi/ MLK figure to lead nonviolent protests against the establishment. Round up homeless White British and stage demonstrations knowing everyone will be arrested. ZOG is too powerful to face head on, so pull on the public’s heart strings. Get crowds of homeless women and grooming victims to follow government officials around and ask them why they don’t deserve protection.

    • Ghandi or MLK could only exist because they were allowed to exist, if Ghandi faced someone like Mao or Stalin then he would have been executed. The same applies to the grooming victims, they have zero chance to pull on the public heart strings because those that control the mass media/entertainment will never allow this to happen.

      We can never ever be under the illusion that playing the victim is a strategy that will work, our enemy is hell bent on eliminating us. We need to work under the assumptions that they are our enemy and can never be reasoned with, we also need to know that their victim ideology will absolutely never be applicable to white people.

      • but as Kevin MacDonald has often stated, white people appeal to moral arguments. We need to play the victim to win fellow whites over, at least at first.

    • they struggle with isis cowards. the real warriors don’t serve zog. America would fall in a week if we actually rebelled

  • I think the White West will wake up eventually, but it will take a few more years and sadly a lot more terrorist attacks. I’m old enough (60 yrs old) to remember the Vietnam War. It took years for American public opinion to change about it, it had great popular support in the mid 60s, became bitterly divided by 1968, and finally most were against it after 1970. News happens instantly, but the human mind is much slower to change.

    • The problem is that if they wake up (and I am not sure how possible this is) it could be at a point where the demographics are something like South Africa, which would make it pretty pointless.

      • I see young people mass converting to Islam in 10 yrs and the ultimate struggle being between Slavic eastern Europe and the western caliphate.

      • South African whites would be fine if they didn’t have all the guns of globalism pointed at them. When the U.S. falls, who will police the world?

  • We need to emphasize explicitly that Muslims serve no other purpose in white countries than to spoil white people’s lives. You simply can’t contrive an argument which makes any utilitarian or humanistic sense to show that Muslims in our countries have made white people’s lives better.

    I keep trying to communicate the humanist aspect of the Alt Right’s message, in that we have become the defenders of an increasingly vulnerable and besieged population in the world, at a time when no one else gives a crap about us and we have adversaries working to erase our existence from history.

  • A big reason why people aren’t “waking up” is the alternative media chooses to continue with fear porn in the way the msm news uses the “if it bleeds it leads” mentality.

    There is no “solution” journalism going on out here. Everyone wants to prove how “awake” and “aware” they are rather then articulate intelligent options for the rest to resist the madness.

    Unable to organize anything beyond advertisers and counting hits on google analytics is not resistance, it is just another form of mind control.

    • What are you talking about?
      The solution to this problem has been addressed by multiple folks from left and right who are not part of the mainstream. The reason nothing is changing is because the levers of power are held by a few and they are not letting go without a fight.

      • I’m talking very clearly about “part” of the problem as stated. A reluctance of the so-called alternative media to actual be counter culture activists and not fear porn distributors.

        It is difficult to present positions of understandings in comment windows when people don’t have some common grounds of facts and figures.

        Of course most all people “know” the obvious controllers like Jesuits, NWO, Skull&Bones, Council of 300, Majestic 12, Zionists, etc. That isn’t the point. The point is alternative media is really no different then any msm or leftist one when they continue to do fear porn instead of SOLUTION reporting. Do you understand that?

        It is part of the mind control. They rarely drift from the script and talk about things like the Fukushima life extinction event, the reality of Chemtrails, the continued spraying of the ocean in the Gulf, toxic food and water, etc.

          • If you are talking about sh*t on the bottom of your shoe you don’t say pudding or chocolate.

            That’s all I will say to someone who is unable to articulate above adolescent mumbling and has their profile blocked so others can’t track your pattern of disruptive posting. Goodbye.

  • So called moderate Muslims support jihadis and given the opportunity would slit your throat. Islam means submission and any Muslim follows the hadiths. Also Islam is a semetic-wog religion and it’s adherants have an innate visceral hatred of white people. Our people are so cucked thru social engineering the only solution to our survival is fascism.

    • You are right, we need regime change in the West. This crisis was caused by international finance and their desire for a wage slave, hyper debt based economy. It basically is a war on humanity. Terrorism is a perfect tool to get the people focused on Islam as the new bogeyman, but it wouldn’t be one if our elites didn’t stir up the hornets nest with bombing the Muslims’ nations into oblivion, encouraging violent blowback.

      • Piss off.

        We’ve only had 1,500 of constant war and conflict with Islam.

        The United States Marines was formed to fight Arab slave raiders that were stopping American ships and forcing White Americans in to slavery.

        Read up on the Ottoman Muslim Turks sack of Constantinople, enslavement of White children boys and girls.

        How dare you take the name of a proud Scottish fighting man you cowardly puss*.

  • People are waking up, the governments of the West aren’t as they work for the same master that is international finance and need constant bogeymen and other problems to act like distractions when the world economy takes a dive. They want us at each other’s throats, so they set up immigration, etc to do just that. We need to quit wasting time and decide to call out Western governments and work for regime change, however long that may take.

  • We must organize. Not just as alt righters or pro-White-ers but in real organizations. We need an American Golden Dawn that delivers services to people within our organization. Golden Dawn is powerful because they are more reliable than the Greek government. Another example of a successful organization is the Muslim Brotherhood. Say what you like about them, they went from a powerless organization, somewhat similar to us, to running entire districts in various countries and even winning national elections. How do they do it? By being organized and delivering better services to members than the government. If a Muslim is in trouble, they are there with bats to defend them, or with food to feed them. Golden Dawn operates the same way for Greeks.

    We need to create a pro-White organization to take control of the streets.

    • Impractical

      The government can provide better services through the welfare state and infinite debt.

    • The Latter Day Saint Mormons pretty much do this. LDS also have lots of good looking wives and mothers, good looking children.

      I have been in the LDS Mormon church for 20 years.

      Unfortunately the LDS Mormons tend to really suck in politics – almost as bad as the Jews on immigration. LDS Mormons keep re-electing John McCain. LDS Mormons go out of their way to prove that they aren’t racist anymore – they even love all Muslims.

      • Agreed. It’s very frustrating about the LDS. They have the most pro-trad system going when it comes to men and women and families. But they’re also ultra-cucked on race; like, appallingy so. I flirted with the LDS for a year or so, a couple years back, but ultimately had to leave, because I could see no way to uncuck its members.

        A pro-white Mormon organization/faith/whatever would be very helpful, but would be very difficult to configure.

        • Yes, very frustrating indeed.

          The LDS Mormons are good and very bad at certain things. Good at the traditional family as you mentioned. Also, good at music and good at sports.

          LDS Mormons really suck on politics, especially immigration. They’re like the Irish:

          “We were once discriminated against, now the Muslims are being discriminated against. We’re not racist anymore”.

          Shut the F***** Up!

          LDS Mormons also tend to be really boring, terrible public speakers, they let anyone speak and they have nothing to say. I’ve offered so many times to give them some instructions in to become better public speakers – they will have none of it. They like things as they are, it works for them.

          • Also, the way in which the LDS encases its members in a bubble of belief and business is also both a good thing and a bad thing. On the good side, it keeps women from getting sucked into the degenerate culture of the modern world, or at least gives them an all-encompassing alternative to it, and — what is especially important for women — female colleagues who think as they do.

            But on the down side, this bubble of church business distracts members, esp. men, from considering solutions to problems for which their church either has no answer, or refuses to give one, or worst of all, gives them the WRONG answer (i.e., anything to do with race).

    • You are terribly wrong. The only way to win this battle is trough memes, ‘cultural struggle’ and the most radical of all: electoral process….didn’t you read all the beautiful articles by Vincent Law and others in this site where they explain us, poor blokes, how real life resistance is completely useless?? don’t you know that those who support real life resistance are LARPers?

      • don’t you know that those who support real life resistance are LARPers?

        Depends on what you mean by “real life resistance.” “Real life resistance” can be actual resistance or it can be LARPing. What are you suggesting specifically?

        • Real life resistance: dinner parties, conferences, publishing books, and in the end voting our way to ultimate victory.

          Those strategies are fail safe, just look at the many victories for the white resistance movement in the last 60 years using that sensible and wise approach.

          • For the last 60 years the “pro-white movement” has not been engaged in “dinner parties, conferences, publishing books, or voting.”

            For the last 60 years, the pro-white movement has been engaged in: dressing up like “Nazis” and doing publicity stunts (George Lincoln Rockwell, (((Frances Cohen))) the (((Wolfgang))) guy, NSM, etc.) – fantasies about “revolution” and “guerrilla wars against the government” like Pierce & the Turner Diaries, David Lane, the militia movement, Covington and sub-cultural fandom, like skinheads and black metal bands.

            Being snarky doesn’t change any of those facts, the “pro-white” movement has a consistent 60 year record of failure precisely due to “hard core” posturing and LARPing.

          • The pro white movement in Europe has been using dinner parties, books and electoral politics since the end of the WW II. Number of victories? zero, and the situation there is even worse now than in 1945.

            Try to deny that.

            The pro white movement in USA has been doing exactly the the same. Number of victories? zero.

            Try to deny that.

            Now, how many armed acts did the John Birch Society? the NSWPP? the National Alliance?? The only act of armed resistance in the entire history of the pro white movement in the USA is The Order. I repeat, the only one.

            So, where is the hardcore ‘LARPing’?

            You are totally ignorant about the history of the movement in your own country, or you have a specific agenda to promote through your comments.

          • I don’t know about Europe but of course you are completely 100% wrong about the American movement, which has done nothing but LARP.

            Plus, you can’t give a single example of “real life resistance” that involves “armed struggle” or even “street resistance” that rises above the level of cringe-worthy LARPing. Sure, some street theater is effective – some. Most pro-white street theater has tended to be extremely counter-productive, which is why it’s so often led by (((them.)))

            The only act of armed resistance in the entire history of the pro white movement in the USA is The Order.

            And what a pathetic spectacle that turned out to be – it likely set the movement back 20 years.

            There are serious people that understand the realities of guerrilla warfare and armed resistance, people who went to war college and served in the military – none of them posture online as “hard core” guerrillas. They understand the theory and the practice, but also understand that there is no “sea” for the guerrilla fish to swim in, ala Mao. To create that “sea” you need cultural and metapolitical organization.

            So any talk about “armed resistance” – especially on public internet forums – is nothing but cringe-worthy LARPing.

          • I gave you the facts about Europe, and you totally ignored them.

            “Most pro-white street theater has tended to be extremely counter-productive, which is why it’s so often led by (((them.)))” OK, besides Collin, how many jews are or were involved in pro white street ‘theater???? this is simply the old fallacy of ‘don’t rock the boat’ / ‘you are a jew if you do something in the real world’.

            You are contradicting yourself: you say that the movement in the last 60 years is only LARPing; I pointed the only ‘LARPer’ example and you simply said that they “(…)set the movement back 20 years”? So, the movement is not LARPing then? there are other examples of LARPing?? where? show me??

            “[The Order] set the movement back 20 years” what movement? lol

            By the way, the ‘sea’ for the guerrilla to ‘swim in’ is not created by cultural and metapolitical organization, is just the plain population of the geographical location where the guerrilla acts.

          • I have no reason to believe your alleged “facts” about Europe considering your “facts” about America are wrong. JBS was never a pro-white movement and even the militia movement wasn’t pro-white. The single example of The Order just shows how pathetic and wrong headed guerrilla posturing is – it was a complete failure with zero chance of anything at all positive or pro-white coming from it.

            Considering that the Order couldn’t even get it right, why would anyone think that LARPers posturing online about how we need to be more “hard core” could get it right?

            ” OK, besides Collin, how many jews are or were involved in pro white street ‘theater??”

            The “Wolfgang” guy, at least two (((writers))) on a certain famous site, not to mention countless FBI agents like Hal Turner. Are there any examples of street theater that has even had a neutral outcome, considering that vast majority of them have been counter-productive?

            By the way, the ‘sea’ for the guerrilla to ‘swim in’ is not created by
            cultural and metapolitical organization, is just the plain population of
            the geographical location where the guerrilla acts.

            The IRA swam in a sea of people that supported their ultimate cause, if not their tactics. In America, the majority of the White population does not support the ultimate cause. When a significant faction of White people support the ultimate cause, and that cause it blocked by the powers-that-be, then – and only then – will guerrilla tactics be called for.

            Until then, it’s nothing but jerking off online – LARPing, in other words.

            You can’t even organize a dinner party or a political coalition yet you want to posture online about a guerrilla war?

          • You know what, you convinced me. You are so right.

            As you say, the fact that dinner parties, conferences, publishing books and electoral politics for the pro white movement in Europe and USA since the last 60 years have bring zero victories does not matter. That really is the way.

            Maybe, in 50 years, when all the majority white population in all those white countries in Europe and North America will be educate enough to support the pro white movement, then we can do something in real life.

            Things are getting better for us day by day….

          • You can’t even snark online convincingly, yet you are going to posture about a guerrilla war? LOL.

            Maybe try to organize a dinner party, a blog, or get a single person elected to local office. Do that first, then maybe – maybe – you will have enough credibility to talk about a guerrilla war and “Resistance in Muh Streetz!”

            Organizing a dinner party is surely easier than organizing a war against the world’s only superpower, right? Yet you can barely manage to get four people to show up at Applebee’s at the same time, yet you want to snark online about how we need to be more hardcore?

            Face it, you got nothing but talk online – that is the beginning and end of your “hardcore” posturing.

          • Calm down tough guy, you don’t know who I am, so cool it with the cheap ad hominems.

            Now, you really are a lost cause. Go jerk off trying to build a ‘respectable movement’ doing dinner parties, conferences and party politics…but remember me in 50 years when your are a minority in your own country, your government is explicitly Jewish and your tranny grand kids rat you out to you to the Police because they found you posted comments in pro white sites back when existed freedom of speech.

          • “Go jerk off trying to build a ‘respectable movement’ doing dinner parties, conferences and party politics”

            I’m gonna say that you’re both right, and both wrong. “dinner parties, conferences…” doesn’t change culture or metapolitics, and neither does excessive LARPing. Effective propaganda does.

          • Direct action is not ‘LARPing’, is the only solution to the problem.

          • “Direct action” – that’s a glittering generality. Give us some specifics. What action in what direction?

            You have got the attention of the audience of the most high profile pro-white site on the internet – You have convinced everyone you are serious and not satisfied with wimpy, soft crap like dinner parties, conferences, and politics.

            So, direct action – what, where, and how? Give us our orders, General Joe.

          • Nope, you are projecting your own emotionalism because I called out your bullshit.

            If you have some specific “direct action” that is superior to all the soft “dinner parties and politics” types – let’s hear it.

            I’m guessing you don’t really have anything.

          • OK so you can’t organize a dinner party, a respectable movement, or a conference.

            Tell us where we should show up with our guns and who we should shoot. You’ve convinced me, I’m ready to join your guerrilla movement.

            Give me the coordinates, the targets and the time and I’ll be there. Post it right here on – that way we will know you aren’t once of those pussies who do nothing but hold dinner parties, build respectable movements, conferences, and win elections.

            You’re the REAL revolutionary. I’m all in, man – just give the orders General Joe.

          • Direct action doesn’t necassarily mean taking the streets with guns and waging war with the police. If we attempted that today we would lose.

            This is direct action:

            “The Bastion Social is an abandoned public building, located at 18 rue du port-du-temple in the second arrondissement of Lyon, which we have requisitioned in order to offer housing to the French most destitute.
            The state no longer assumes its responsibilities as protector of the people, we have decided to act! It is time to apply national preference in all areas!
            Help us restore hope for the French, the first victims of capitalism and the financial crisis.
            The system tries to intimidate us, via police raids, electricity cuts, the visit of ushers … but we will not bend!
            Our compatriots need all of you! Ours before others!”

            There is a total lack of these kinds of actions in the North American pro-white/right wing movement, and these kinds of actions actually do make a difference.

          • So squatting then?

            It’s likely a really bad idea to simply ape the tactics of the left. But certainly no one is stopping some skinhead club from squatting an old abandoned building in the bad part of town and … well, whatever the point is supposed to be.

            Hipsters take “direct actions” all the time – they don’t squat buildings, they buy or rent urban buildings, price out the diversities, and open cool coffeeshops and art galleries and start a family (although they tend to move back to the suburbs when they have their second, but that’s ok because they will turn over their apartment to the next hipster couple in line.)

            No one is stopping anyone from taking those kinds of “direction actions.”

          • Gabriele D’Annunzio and 2,000 volunteers occupied Fiume kicking out the allies post WWI before the left had ever done anything like occupying a building/town/city. This is how Casapound started. It’s not a letist tactic. Taking a building that has been abandoned for years and isn’t being used for anything and using it to house poor white people is direct action and does make a difference to the community, if you are interested in standing up for working class and poor whites. Hipsters buy real estate and make that neighborhood unaffordable for poor and working class people, it’s not the same thing at all.

            The rally in Charlottesville a few weeks ago was a good look. Why not go back when their actually taking the monuments down and chain a few people to the statue preventing them from taking it down. The left has been winning these kinds of social causes because they are willing to put their bodies on the line. The right has been losing because their unwilling to do anything that might get them arrested. When you really care about a cause, consequences should be an after thought.

          • “To create that “sea” you need cultural and metapolitical organization.”

            True. But this comes much more through effective propaganda/ rhetoric than through dialectic.

          • we need to use logos for the thinking white man and pathos for the normie white men/women/etc.

          • “the John Birch Society”
            You should read Revilo Oliver on the JBS if you think they were anything but controlled opposition from the start.

          • I know what RPO said, but I think that there is a personal component in there. They weren’t perfect but I don’t think they were controlled opposition.

          • Look up how many JBS founders were CFR members. Also, think about their whole approach, the image they cultivate. It’s like the inverse of Communism; as if they were deliberately trying to associate the Right with the upper class, to reinforce the image of the Left as fighting for the working man. This could be just incompetence, but Oliver didn’t think so. The sale of the Welch candy company to the Rockefellers, for considerably over its market value, doesn’t look good either. That’s not to say they haven’t taken some good positions, but they seem like an organization designed to have limited appeal. Buckley was the obvious level of controlled opposition, and the JBS the second.

            Never underestimate how complex the manipulation can get– take a look at Joshua Ryne Goldberg’s history sometime, and remember that he was just some 20 year old, literally living in his mother’s basement.

          • JBS was a great example of funneling pro-white sentiment into generic “right wing” uselessness. JBS was full of people who supported segregation, were pro-white and racially realist, but it was carefully cleansed of any overt pro-white positions.

            By the 1980s, the JBS magazine was featuring photos of “based” IDF soldiers and neo-con articles proclaiming their love for “Our Great Ally” in occupied Palestine.

            They were the libertopians of their day. You could be against “Communism” all you wanted as long as you never mentioned the Communist Conspiracy was headquartered in Manhattan, not Moscow.

          • Yeah, I didn’t even bother to bring up the JQ issue.

            “as you never mentioned the Communist Conspiracy was headquartered in Manhattan, not Moscow.”

            This is seems to be a difficult issue for people to grasp. Not just the first half of the 20th century, when the best-selling Communist newspaper in the US was not the “Daily Worker,” or any English-language paper, but the Morning Freiheit, published in Yiddish. And that the USSR was just one of many startups that they invested in, but it was the one that happened to hit it big, instead of failing early.

            They fail to realize that the “Soviet agents” of the 30s, 40s, and 50s were not really betraying their country on behalf of the USSR. They were betraying it on behalf of world communism and international finance capitalism. They were betraying the country, but not the establishment. They were the establishment.

            Just take a look at FDR’s fair-haired boy, the notorious Communist agent, Alger Hiss. His career (including after he was accused of being a spy and after being in jail) included stints at: the State Department, the United Nations (he founded it), clerking for Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, the Justice Department, some Senate Committees, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and (of course) Harvard Law. And he was a member of the CFR, of course.

            (((Samuel Dickstein))), who founded the committee that later became HUAC, was a Soviet agent on the NKVD payroll throughout the 1930s (no one disputes this, i t’s mainstream history, verified by the Soviet archives). In addition to his work on the committee persecuting anti-Communists, he also arranged visas, and even citizenship, for a number of Soviet agents. He’s still got a street named after him in NYC to this day.

            Walter Duranty received the Pulitzer Prize for his work in glorifying the USSR and Communism generally, and covering up the Holodomor specifically (it’s still hanging on the wall at the NYT today). Only 2 journalists reported the truth about the Holodomor in any mainstream publication: Malcolm Muggeridge and Gareth Jones. Both were shunned professionally after their heretical works were published, and Jones was murdered a year or so later by Communist agents.

            This is where McCarthy went wrong. Treason never prospers, because…

            Antony Sutton was fired by the Hoover Institute for writing “National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union.” Kerensky, the man who handed over Russia to the Bolsheviks, then waltzed off to the safety of the US, had a lifetime sinecure there. (Sutton’s “The Best Enemy Money Can Buy,” and “Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development” (long version of “National Suicide” are good, too).

            Francis Parker Yockey’s “Imperium,” though a little out there at times, is good. “What Is Behind the Hanging of the 11 Jews in Prague” is far shorter, and raises a lot of good questions about the Tribe’s influence and the origins of the Cold War. Joseph Finder’s “Red Carpet” is an interesting overview of “capitalist” support of the USSR, including the roles of David Rockefeller and especially (((Armand Hammer))), who is the quintessential combination of (((capitalism))) and (((communism))) in one man. And of course, McCarthy’s books, and Elizabeth Dilling’s.

            But if you try to tell someone, even most people on the Right, that the postwar plan was for a much stronger UN/ world government, and that the man most responsible for stopping it was… Josef Stalin? It just doesn’t compute. That’s a tough one. And the idea that the Cold War was, at least in part, an internecine war; a rift between Trots/ Cultural Marxists and those “socialism in one country” heretics? Or that “capitalism” supported Communism all along? Forget it.

          • Apart from the ones i recommended in the comment above? They’re all available online, except “Red Carpet,” which is out of print, but available used. Armand Hammer sued, and managed to Shut. It. Down. Of course. I can’t think of a single book that would capture all of this– it covers too much ground, and it’s too much of a shift from the standard narrative, to really cover in a single book.

            That said, it’s important to understand that this is not an all-encompassing explanation; nothing is. It’s a way of looking at reality, a narrative, a “frame,” that’s more useful in some contexts than others. It’s much more applicable to those in positions of power, for instance, than to the average American. And it uses a more expansive definition of “Communism” than the strictly economic “command economy” one. But every explanation of history is an abstraction, of course; a massive simplification of reality. Otherwise it would be too complex and unwieldy.

            One of the lessons of this is that ideologies can be very complex and slippery things, that are often manipulated for reasons that have nothing to do with the the stated values and aims of the ideology. One of the reasons that identity > ideology (which is really the bottom line).

            Where are you starting from in terms of your understanding of the history of this period? Also, 1 comment? Joined 5/30/17?

          • you’re not going to strong arm the American gov’t with a few pea shooters

          • Central and Eastern Europe have never looked better. Russia looks great. If you are down and depressed watch these videos of Russian Cossacks whipping Antifa degenerates “pussy riot”. I like how the Cossacks call them:

            “American whores”

        • I think he means to save the world through facetious comments on the discuss boards. we may have found our new leader

        • Depends on what you mean by “real life resistance.” “Real life
          resistance” can be actual resistance or it can be LARPing.
          What are you
          suggesting specifically?

          I’m getting ((( federal agent ))) vibes off of that.

      • they did, it’s just that they didn’t stand a chance against the global media powers that pointed all the guns in their direction. When the U.S. wakes up, who will police the world? No one.

      • Replace that statement with “swept up”

        DO you know any ex-pats who hail from there? She got angry at the jeers when she told people she was Afrikaan and always assuming black. She looks as Dutch as you can imagine rather which is not a surprise. The thing is her views would have broke a lot of “rules” in what you can and can’t say in the West. But to her she was just reciting what she saw with her own ideas and upset that nobody seemed to understand. We western men dream of such a girl who gets it, who does t have to have everything explained. Another girl I know from hungary…same thing

  • Leadership wakes people up. The Germans would have stayed degenerate leftists if it hadn’t been for Hitler and the National Socialists.

    Europe has no leaders willing to spill blood. Until that happens, it will continue to die.

    • I read you loud & clear, but we also need to take precautions:

      – Jonathan Bowden was starting to become the sort of charismatic leader that the British Nationalist movement needed. Then he died from a ‘heart attack’ (he was only 49 years old and had no previous heart troubles).

      – Jorg Haider was rising in Austria – it was looking as if he’d eventually become their Prime Minister – and then he died in a mysterious car accident.

      This why is Nationalist leaders need top-notch security measures. There are people out there who will actively knock off rising stars.

      • The idea of managing your risk factors for cardiovascular diseases apparently hasn’t caught on in the UK.

        • If it only happened once or twice, I wouldn’t be quite so paranoid. The issue is that this happens a lot in Europe. Smart Nationalists show up on the scene & die untimely deaths.

    • Serbia did that alrdy and the boomers let out government slaughter them. we need to take back America if we want to save europe

  • The tacit alliance between democrats and Islamists is something that all Americans should be concerned about.

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