Coordinated London Terror Attacks Signal a New Era of British Terrorism

Submitted by Tim Keary


A triage of coordinated terror attacks has hit London as the streets are in a state of panic. A campaign of terror attacks in London Bridge and Borough Market has seen London citizens run down and stabbed as part of vicious assault on the capital.At London Bridge, Holly Jones of the BBC stated that a van was driven by a man, ‘travelling at about 50 miles an hour’, before he swerved past her and ‘hit about five or six people’. Similarly, in Borough Market, one cab driver recalled that three men ran towards the marketcenter stabbing passersby, including a young girl.

At this stage the perpetrator or their motivations have not been identified, but the incident has all the characteristics of an Islamic terrorist attack. The use of vehicles and organized knife attacks is straight from the Jihadi terrorist instruction manuals that have recommended the use of vehicles to plough down pedestrians en masse and knives to attack others in the vicinity. The masked men, the van and the knife attacks present at London Bridge are all characteristic of the terror attacks that mainland Europe has become all too familiar with.

Yet tomorrow will begin the cycle of apologism that has characterized the aftermath of every Islamic terror attack. Liberals will declare that the attack has nothing to do with Islam, and proceed to shout down anyone who points out the connection between Islam and terrorism as ‘islamophobic’.Next we’ll be overwhelmed with empty messages of ‘solidarity’, as we conduct a minute’s silence and wait for the next attack to come.

This campaign of attacks marks a change in the nature of Islamic terrorism in the UK. It signals that European terrorism has firmly taken root on British shores. Through Britain is no stranger to terror attacks, it has seen nothing comparable to the frequency of terror attacks in mainland Europe. However, this has all changed. The harrowing Manchester attack, the Borough market and London Bridge attacks has marked the beginning of a new era of terrorism in the UK. The frequency of terror attacks has been climbing in the past year and it is certain that more attacks will come.

Sadly, the English response will be characterized by indifference as we trip over ourselves to avoid upsetting the Muslim community. With a mainstream media infatuated with political correctness, a Muslim London mayor who insists that terrorism is ‘part and parcel’ of life in a big city and a citizenry obsessed with pandering to Muslims, life will go on unchanged. So long as the mainstream media and apologists bury their head in the sand, the atrocities will continue. Unfortunately, London Bridge is only the beginning of a new era of British terrorism.






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  • The UK Election is proving this article to be right. The Brits are showing total indifference. They are literally voting to get slaughtered, even just days after watching yet another vicious attack from Team Haji.

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  • See it this way. Terrorists are doing the job white patriots won’t do.

    What did it take Vietnamese to kick out the foreigners? Terror against collaborators and invaders.

    What did it take Algerians to kick out the foreigners? Terror against collaborators and invaders.

    UK should be filled with Brit Cong. They should be using ‘any means necessary’ to deal with collaborators and invaders. But they are addicted to globopium of hedonism, debauchery, and mammon. They are so addicted to fun, homo-decadence, and afro-jive — the culture went from the Twist to the Twerk — that they won’t come to their senses.

    So, it seems the ONLY EFFECTIVE fight against globalism is coming from the Muslims. This is ironic since it was globalism that made it possible for Muslims to end up in Europe in huge numbers. Still, Muslims are throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery of globalism and messing it up. That’s something.

    Just think about it. If Muslims really are globalist and want to take over the West, they should not be doing terror. They should just smile and pretend to be nice. That will have a disarming effect on cucked out Europeans who welcome their own racial and cultural demise. So, No Terrorism is actually better for globalism and non-white takeover of the West.

    But these Muslims carry out acts of terror that is making native people think twice about the globalist project. Europeans are now so cucked and defenseless that they don’t mind mass invasion of their own nations by foreigners as long as foreigners take on homomania, slut culture, and jungle fever.

    Indeed, you don’t see any objection to black African immigration since white are all into ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs, and white men are totally cool with white wombs hatching mulattoes than white kids.

    As it stands, most Europeans don’t mind the browning of Europe. They don’t mind ACOWW. They don’t mind non-whites becoming majorities. All they want is for non-whites to accept homomania. And blacks and Asians accept homomania. The ONLY people who resist it are certain kinds of Muslims. Also, Muslims are the ONLY ones who resist and denounce Slut Culture and Filth. Yes, yes, I know there are Muslim rape gangs and such, but they aren’t acting religiously. They are just horny men of Muslim background who are just overly ‘boing’. Islam has nothing to do with it.

    Anyway, White Europe now worships Diversity and wants its nations to become majority non-white. White Europe worships homomania, slut culture, feminism, and hedonism. And black Africans and Asians easily assimilate to that culture, so they are welcomed by whites. Many black Africans fail economically, but they have no problem with current ‘Western Values’ that are mostly derived from homo celebration, rap music and black sports, slut feminism, and etc. As for Christianity, Catholic Church is led by Poop Francis who’s for open borders and is probably a closet-homo. And most European churches are empty or celebrate homos. Many have black Africans as clerics. Pop music and Hollywood movies are uppermost on the menu of European elites when it comes to culture.

    The ONLY effective force that wages any kind of war on this globalism is the Muslims. Now, the Muslim agenda isn’t the same as that of white nationalists, BUT both have the common enemy of the decadent globalists.

    This is why it makes no sense for white nationalists to denounce Muslim terror in their defense of homos, cucks, sluts, interracists, and degenerates. Those very people denounce white nationalists and call for more immigration-invasion and replacism. They call for more homomania, even the forcing of churches to bend over to homo degeneracy. They call for raising white girls to jungle fever rap and black sports and submitting to ACOWW.

    These globalists are the worst enemies of white nationalists. So, if white nationalists don’t have the will to deal with that scum, they should at least enjoy the spectacle of Muslim terrorists apply the wrecking ball to globalism. I mean, who’d care if terrorists blew up Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Corbyn, May, Khan, Cold Play(they did some good songs though), U2(they had some good songs long ago), and etc?

    Just sit back and enjoy the spectacle. At any rate, national liberation comes only through violence. Just look at the American Revolution. And look at Algerian War of Independence. Algerians didn’t smile goofily like Nigel Farage.

    Muslims, you’re doing great work. Keep it up.

    By the way, this ‘war’ isn’t about religion. After all, Malaysians are not attacking the West. Indonesians aren’t doing it either. Even Iranians are not doing it because it hasn’t been invaded and messed up.

    This is the result of the chaos created by Wars for Israel directed by the US against the Muslim World. To be sure, it goes back to the Cold War when the West decided to arm Jihadis against communism. One thing that the US realized was that Islam is a powerful force against secular communism. After all, East Asia fell easily to communism in China, North Korea, Vietnam, etc.

    Confucianism was no match. But communism failed in Indonesia, a Muslim nation. Communism also made inroads into Catholic Latin America. It came to power in Cuba and Nicaragua. It had powerful footholds in other Latin American nations even if they failed to take power. Communism also took over some African nations: Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Angola.

    But almost no Islamic nation turned communist even though there were some Marxist-Muslim organizations. Communism was like a new religion, and it seemed to be on the move around the world. It seemed to have messianic fervor. Against it, native reactionary values and American pop culture seemed to offer nothing compelling. After all, the Spartan Marxists in Vietnam won out over Coca Cola US imperialism in Vietnam. Even though capitalism is ultimately the more productive system, it takes time for capitalist economies to grow and come together. In contrast, communism allows for instant totalitarian unity and power. This was why North Vietnam was favored over South Vietnam. If South Vietnam could be protected for several decades, it could develop a capitalist economy that could produce enough wealth and arms to defend itself from the North. But in the short term, the totalitarian north was more united and disciplined than the south. Likewise, North Korea could have whupped South Korea until 1985 even though South had double the population and more wealth. North had greater unity and discipline. Capitalism needs time to produce enough wealth and productivity so that it can afford a military that can defend itself.

    Anyway, there was a time when the US really did fear the messianic power of communism. And they feared nations would fall to communism one by one all over the world. Communism offered a simple idea, something like a modern gospel.

    In contrast, the US offered money, but money was without values or meaning. It was mercenary and even demoralizing.

    US stood for ‘democracy’, but in third world nations, it caused more problems. Also, democracy allowed leftist subversives to operate. So, democracy became risky, and the US ended up backing right-wing autocracies. But this was bad for US because it got associated with unsavory figures like Pinochet and Somoza.

    But the US realized that Islam was one force that will now cower to communism. Islam was a powerful force. It knocked out US puppet in Iran. This alarmed the US, but it also gave the US an idea, especially as the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan happened at the same time. If Islam is powerful enough to topple the Shah, it is powerful enough to mess up Soviet Union in Afghanistan. USSR would have its own Vietnam. And the US proved to be right.

    US couldn’t do much with Bay of Pigs because the mercenary Cuban exiles were unpopular in Cuba. Also, Castro’s brand of national-marxism had messianic power in Cuba. In contrast, the Mujahadeen, though cruel and barbaric, were also tough and heroic. They were willing to risk all and fight like hell, like Zealots against the Romans. Also, their David-vs-Goliath struggle inspired many Muslims from other nations to join the Jihad. And as USSR was then close to India, it gave Pakistan a chance to play a key role as an Islamic leader against godless communism.

    So, radical Islamism all started there. But why did the Afghan War prove to be far more problematic than the Iranian one? One reason was Iran is Shia, which makes it relatively isolated as Muslim power since most Muslim nations are Sunni. Also, the war with Iraq made Iran focus mostly on its next-door foe than anything else. Also, Iranian Revolution, despite its internationalist outreach, was essentially a domestic affair. It was Islamic Nationalism. After all, the Iranian Revolution was made entirely by Iranians themselves. Also, as Persians are an advanced people, they maintained a modern society despite some of the Islamic fervor and craziness. They were not like Taliban crazies or Wahabi extremists. Also, it had taken a short time for the Muslims in Iran to topple the Shah and take power.

    In contrast, it took a long bitter war in Afghanistan. Also, as Afghanis are a backward people, they have no means to create a modern society like Iran. Also, the Afghani struggle soon became an pan-Islamic struggle and attracted Jihadis from all over, not least from Saudi Arabia, the funder and sponsor of extreme Islamic ideology. So, Afghanistan proved to be the training and breeding ground for the Jihadis that would come to define so much of the Muslim world after the Cold War.

    Now, if the US had not meddled in the Gulf War, there would be no Jihadis messing up Middle East. Sure, there would be some terrorists and extremists, but most of them would be kept under wraps by ruthless regimes of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and etc. Even though all such regimes, like US and Israel, lent a hand to terrorists, none of them tolerated terrorists within their own borders. So, things were mostly safe.

    But the Gulf War fatally weakened Hussein in Iraq, and then sanctions weakened it further.

    Still, Hussein was in power to keep things in order. So, terrorists couldn’t run freely in Iraq.

    But US made a fatal mistake. After Gulf War, it placed US troops in Saudi Arabia, and this pissed off Muslims, especially those who’d been battle-hardened and radicalized in the hellfire of Afghanistan. So, allies turned enemies. US that had aided the Jihadis in Afghanistan found itself at war with them. Now, if Afghanis had defeated the USSR on their own, it wouldn’t have mattered. Afghanis didn’t much care if US were in Saudi Arabia or not. But because Afghanis won with the aid of foreign Jihadis, they got pulled into the global conflict. As a token of appreciation, Afghanis opened their nation to foreign Jihadis since they’d fought in the Afghan War against the USSR. Afghanis didn’t know that Osama and others of his ilk were plotting global war from the hills of Afghanistan.

    9/11 happened, and the US entered Afghanistan. Even at that point, the horror could have been contained. All the US needed to do was flush out terrorists and Jihadis in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan. Also, Iran and other nations were willing to help. Syria helped too. Not only did they fear the ire of the US but they too had no use for extreme Sunni terrorists. During the Afghan-Soviet War, those Jihadis had their hands full fighting the Russkies.

    But after the war, they still had trigger-finger and were looking to serve a cause. It’s like German military men after WWI still looking for a fight. So, when US decided to flush out Jihadis in Afghanistan, most Muslim nations were relieved. Better that than have those Jihadis come to their nations and start trouble.

    But then, the real craziness happened. Zionists figured they could use 9/11 to wage Wars for Israel and reset things in the Middle East. Maybe US could topple existing regimes, prop up puppet ‘democratic’ regimes, and make the Middle East a vassal of the US. But Iraq went horribly. Absent Hussein and Baath Party networks, the nation spiraled into chaos. The US invasion threw out the baby with the Baath Party. Iraq soon turned into a haven of terrorists. And contrary to US expectations, the new democratic regime in Iraq grew closer to Iran than to the US.

    US intended to take out Iraq as a first step toward taking out Iran, but it only strengthened Iran. And this pissed off Jews almighty. So, Jews had to cook up some new scheme to mess things up. So, Jews kept on creating hysteria about Iran nukes to push sanctions to cripple Iranian economy. And then, under Obama, the US exploited Arab Spring to encourage mass revolts that led to social chaos and civil wars in Libya and Syria.

    And it was then that the US and its allies aided the Jihadis to run wild.

    Unlike Afghan Jihadis who were romanticized as heroes, martyrs, and freedom-fighters by the US Media in the 1980s, the new Jihadis couldn’t be openly supported. They were Alqaeda remnants, and despite American amnesia, people still remember 9/11 = Alqaeda. Also, ISIS was worse. As ISIS terror was shown all over the internet, it was impossible to spin them as good guys. So, the US couldn’t support them directly. But like the neo-Nazis in Maidan in Ukraine, these crazy Jihadis were useful in messing up Libya and Syria.

    Though ostensibly modern, civilized, and urbane, the Jewish Supremacist elites in the US are no less radical, zealous, ruthless, and vicious in their animus, vendetta, and deviousness. As supporters of Israeli Supremacism in the Middle East and US globalist supremacy(as US power is now synonymous with Jewish power), the Jewish Supremacist elements in the US will do ANYTHING to further their interests. They may be modern but they have ancient tribal blood flowing through their veins. They are like cosmopolitan Zealots. It’s like their use of ‘gay rights’. It’s not just tolerance for homos but something to be shoved up everyone’s ass.. or you shall be stoned for ‘homophobia’!

    Terrorists in the West are the result of the total mess in the Middle East stemming from Cold War against communism in which Muslims proved to be especially useful. And then, after the Cold War, Islamic radicalism that had been encouraged during the Afghan War was made even more rabid by Wars for Israel: Gulf War and Iraq War.

    And it was under Obama that the Jews figured out a way to use this Jihadi terror AGAINST nations hated by Jews. Under Bush II, the plan was for the US to take out Arab tyrants under the cover of fighting terrorists and replace them with democratic puppets(brought to power by US money). But it didn’t turn out that way. US got rid of Hussein but got mobbed with Jihadi problem 100x worse than in Afghanistan. So, Jewish power got bitten by Jihadi madness.

    But under Obama, Jews got clever and figured out a way to direct Jihadi violence against the Arab tyrants hated by Jews. And the opportunity came with Arab Spring. While Arab Spring unleashed genuine populist demand for reforms, things soon spiraled out of control to the point where the Arab world faced one of three options: (1) free elections and rise of Muslim regimes, like for a time in Egypt. But did Jews want Muslim Brotherhood to take over every Arab nation? (2) Existing regimes remaining in power by crushing populist politics. But this would mean regimes hated by Jews would still remain in power (3) total war where Jihadis running amok and setting back modern Arab nations 30 yrs. Jews figured #3 was the best bet, and the result is Libya and Syria.

    Though terror attacks in the West are unpleasant, they are mere ripples of the true horrors that were unleashed in the Middle East by US globalist meddling.

    But this sort of thing happens all over. Consider what happened to the American South when the North upended the old order. Blacks were suddenly freed, and white southerners lived in fear because more muscular and bigger-donged Negroes were acting wild like in D.W. Griffith’s THE BIRTH OF A NATION. The chaos led to the rise of KKK that committed acts of terror and counter-terror. And US and Vietnamese meddling in Cambodia led to fall of Sihanouk and rise of Khmer Rouge. And the Japanese invasion into China gave a huge opening to Mao and his crazies.

    So, how about leaving nations alone?

    Anyway, the West is now being invaded and taken over. If most whites are hapless cucks, Europe will turn into big Morocco and US will turn into Brazil. And Canada and Australia will turn into India-China. But if whites wake up and want to take back their nations, they must become like Viet Cong. There is no other way. So, there is something to learn from the terrorists. Though their ways are crude and ugly, war is cruel and ugly, and a nation in danger can only be saved through war.

    Would the Irish have gained independence without terror?

    Ireland is now under greater threat than ever before. Irish minds are infected with globalist virus that makes Irish want to be demographically taken over by Africans and ruled by a homo hindu.

    In some ways, mental colonization under national freedom is more dangerous than foreign military occupation. When Ireland was ruled by Brits, the potatoheads knew they were under foreign British rule.

    But because Ireland is now independent and free, the Irish are blind to how their minds have been colonized and infected by globalism that tricks them into believing that Ireland is a ‘nation of immigrants’ whose destiny is for Irish women to have black babies under the leadership of a hindu into homo fecal penetration. With their minds infected with PC globalism, they think they are FREELY choosing this radical transformation of their own nation when, in fact, they are acting against national interest under the program of mental virus spread by globalism.

  • Perfect, so correct. I got into an argument on Instagram today with a guy saying he hated white people and that the people who died deserved it

  • Don’t forget the attack at Westminster prior to Manchester.

    Since March, the UK has gotten 3 (arguably 4) terror attacks. UKIP needs to be reborn as an Alt-Right party and pick up members from other nationalist parties. It could even be Alt-Light with Farage at the helm.

    This is insane, the British people need to create a government that will first allow them to speak freely, halt refugees and immigration, followed by deportation. Then once that’s done, finish deporting the rest of these brown people.

    The UK has become an Orwellian police state for anyone seeking political change.

  • Does anyone know why they accept one boat with Black&Brown migrants after another off the coast of Italy? If they are so preoccupied with human rights, can they refuel those boats, put adequate food and supplies and send them back to North Africa? Isn’t it enough human? They do it one time and the flow of migrant boats will dry out.

  • You didn’t explain why you love the Mohammedan occupation. If it was implied I didn’t get it.

    (I’ve heard that Moslems dislike the term ‘Mohammedan.’ So I intend to use it.)

  • Go to places like Stratford (not the one on Avon) and Leytonstone. Go to a church or a cemetary there. It is like the fall of Rome. You are in the ruins of a civilization. You will clearly see that London is gone. There is no getting it back. At least many parts of it.

    Write London and most of England off.

    • England is the only part worth a damn left in the U.K, maybe Wales if Brexit is anything to go by.

      London needs to be cratered though….while parliament is in session.

  • They take our laws and use them against us. Our laws in the US, and I assume British law is similar, in that we are called to respect all religions equally in that we are to respect none of them through government action or inaction. Muslims know this and they kill us for it. The US Constitution is a document written by mere men that were trying to do the best they could under the given circumstances. If you’re one of those people who puts the Founding Fathers in this Godlike class, let me just tell you this much based on what I know of those men: if they were here now, they’d be chugging beer at the pub and slapping every leftist in the face until they got the message. They never meant for us to kneel down like cowards because of what they wrote. And I’m sure the men who wrote those British laws would feel exactly the same way. GET OVER YOUR WORSHIP OF THOSE MEN AND LETS DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM.

  • Came across this video: 90 min . About crisis actors. For the record, I believe that. Here´s what caught my attention (again, think I´m nuts as much as you want, there´s ample reason for that view) : he says, these circles have to announce their attacks in advance in order to so that those affected are so deliberately: because the accordance of the participants IS essential to all that they do. And hence: you can PREDICT these events as they have to ANNOUNCE them. Now the video falls short to elaborate on that approach but still has enough details for all that kind of thinking. Also, admittedly, it´s contradictory that he claims that there are no victims in these events (all crisis actors) but before makes the premise that the events are annoucned, if cryptically, for compliance of the victims….
    Bottom line: all that stuff is staged, false flag operations.

    E.g.: noticed the neatly positioned shoes at Westminster bridge victims… or missing shoes? He explains it. Date of events, location of events, not accidental. Westminster bridge, woman under bus: no shoes, and: no blood. Somehow fishy, anybody??… etc…

  • I’m glad this happened and I hope it continues to happen at an accelerated rate.
    If the frog boils slowly enough he will be dead before he knows he is being cooked.
    By turning up the heat, the Muzzies may inadvertently wake the Natives.

    We can only hope.

  • I gotta say I respect the balls and craftiness of these Muslims.

    They don’t have nukes, or high-grade weapons, or high-tech drones, or self-guided missiles.
    They literally just walked into Western countries, got on welfare, started shitting out as many kids as possible, lied to our faces, started to gradually put their own people into positions of political power, and casually just kill us in public whenever they feel like it.

    • The West invited them in. I predict that Millennials will see forced conversions to Islam in Europe, and the left will say that anyone who opposes such conversions must be Islamophobic.

    • That’s what the West gets for having abandoned religion. The nationalistic atheist is a rare specimen.

        • Christianity wouldn’t need to be as universalistic and egalitarian as it now is if Europeans hadn’t abandoned it.

          • If Christianity was more appealing, maybe Europeans wouldn’t have abandoned it

            Regardless, there is no excuse for kissing the foot of a Muslim invader

            Even if the Pope doesn’t care about race, bringing in a rival RELIGION that is eager to replace and dominate you is just suicide

          • he is trying to appeal to the subsaharan black africans where there is a huge battle between islam and the rcc for converting the dindu

      • the church is still angry too and so she is happy facilitating the destruction of Europe for her eternal redemption

    • The boat is sinking because the water has “balls and craftiness?” Or maybe we should look at who’s drilling the holes in the boat, hmm?

      • I am wise to the JQ.
        I have more respect for the direct tactics of the Muslims than I do for (((those))) who can only lie and cheat.

        • i am still waiting for the explanation of how Judaism and Islam are different religions… obviously we have white Europeanized Jews in greater numbers than white Europeanized moslems but it is pretty much the same system of religion, one with mahomet and one with moses

          • I wish I knew them better.
            My main takeaway of Judaism is that it’s about the struggle and genealogy of the Israelites. Fundamentally racial and tribal in character.
            Islam I don’t know well enough yet.
            Christiantiy is more about universal ethics from what I gather, aka not racially focused.

          • Yeah. The purpose of Judaism is to support the tribe. In a way, the real god of Judaism is the jewish people. Islam, like Christianity, is a universalist religion. That said, as far as beliefs and rituals go, Judaism is much closer to Islam than to Christianity. Not just pork and circumcision; there are many more. The “Judeo-Christian” meme is deliberate propaganda. “Judeo-Islamic” would make much more sense. A couple of references:


            Or, straight from the (((horse’s))) mouth:

            “Islam, like Christianity, accepts the Jewish Bible and is based largely
            upon Jewish ideas and traditions. The philosophical underpinnings of
            Islam, however, are more closely aligned with those of Judaism.”

            Compare to the same site’s article on Judaism vs. Christianity– the whole thing is an attack on Christ:


            Some more specific correspondence between the texts of Judaism and Islam:


            An interesting theory about the origins of Islam:


          • If you took a ten year old kid from Idaho and had him go to Arabia and follow around the moslem and then took him to the west bank and had him follow around an Orthodox Jew settler and asked the kid if these men were different in culture, language, race or religion the kid would say no. For all the intellectual observations we can make about the similarities between jews and the moslem there are just as many glowingly obvious similarities, their languages sound alike, the Orthodox dress and pray alike, one three times a day the other five, they have big beards, they follow dietary restrictions, they trace their bloodlines to a similar region… judeo-christian is like saying straight-transvestite

        • You can see that even online. Muslims may disagree with you (of course), but they’re far more straightforward.

  • What’s there to worry about? I’m sure Theresa May will bravely step forward to ‘condemn’ these attacks and then all will be well again.

  • So the one side tells us that these terrorists attacks have nothing to do with Islam. Another side tells us these terrorist attacks have nothing to do with anything except Islam.

    What was the purpose of this attack?

    Rex Tillerson apologized to the British government over “leaking” information about the recent Manchester terrorist attack. The British government had gone “ballistic” over the US authorities leaking the name of the attacker. Apparently, the terrorist had been traveling back and forth between Libya and the UK coordinating with the British backed terrorists that had overthrown the Gaddafi government.

    Now, British citizens can’t post a complaint about terrorism on Twitter without being prosecuted by the British government, but apparently Muslims with links to Western backed internationalist terrorist organizations can go to radical mosques, parade around in the streets with ISIS flags, and travel freely between Europe and the Middle East coordinating attacks.

    We’re supposed to believe that the British government is just very “liberal” and “tolerant” and “naive” which is why this keeps happening over and over again.

    It would truly take a child’s credibility to believe any part of the narrative the “left” and the “right” are spinning, frankly.

    • We’re supposed to believe that the British government is just very
      “liberal” and “tolerant” and “naive” which is why this keeps happening
      over and over again.

      • What is the reason that the British government allows known radical Islamic terrorist organizations to form in their own cities, give these people visas to travel internationally knowing they are coordinating with foreign terrorists, then prosecute English people if they notice or complain?

        The idea that they “really believe” in the benefits of diversity or that they are just “naive liberals” is off the table. Presumably, there is a hard-headed, rational, self-interested agenda here. What is it?

        • Muslim fanatics are the useful idiots of western intel agencies. Sometimes like a rabid dog, they bite the hand the feeds them, but the masters of the universe think it’s a small price to pay for the usefulness of coddling and growing these Islamic terror groups.

        • I imagine some of them are intelligence assets, used for the usual deep-state purposes of foreign subversion. But probably not the ones who are randomly slitting peoples throats on the High Street. Although some of them maybe. It’s not like secret policeman can control the actions of thier recruits all the time. Boys will be boys after-all, and muslims will be muslims.

          The british government (and non-governmental elites) don’t like the british people, or the historical nations of Britain, and don’t care about them. The country is being diversified – the better to rule it – and people are going to get killed. They – those in power – just don’t care. Ordinary britons are just collateral damage. Needless to say, a lot of those in power are not Britons – not really.

          I think it’s very much as it is in the US with black crime. It does not serve the agenda of the elite and powerful to point out the realities of black crime. The result is that a lot of white people get robbed, raped, and murdered. Those in power just don’t care. That doesn’t mean they plan and coordinate every dindu-caused crime, or indeed any of them. But I think they like the climate such crime creates – a climate that is brimming with opportunities for the police/surveillance-state.

          • Exacty, this is all about increasing surveillance and promoting censorship of “extremists” online, as PM May stated in her address. She took care to avoid singling out Islamic extremism so that Alt Right and anti immigration agendas can be controlled as well.

          • A known group of radical Islamists from Manchester visits family in Libya at the exact same time as the British government is recruiting their relatives to help overthrow Gaddafi, but the British government had no idea they were really networking with terrorist groups to help further the British government’s foreign policy goals.

          • Father of Manchester bomber was a member of El-Mujahid unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina (90s), all those people came there with western agencies help ( CIA, MI6) , also lot of 9/11 guys were part of the unit, and had BH passports.
            Now what is this all about, i can only guess, just like you.

          • It’s best not to be cryptic. It’s just annoying and pretentious. Just tell us what you think it is .

          • I’m not being cryptic – how would I know what is going on? I’m asking genuine questions. So far the narratives of both the left and the right are nonsensical and neither incorporates what is obviously relevant information.

            I’m asking people to come up with a reasonable explanation of what is going on that incorporates basic facts about these radical Muslim groups and their collaboration with Western governments and their use as proxies against various Middle East regimes.

        • The British Government allowed Marx to live in London. Dangerous minds are always welcome in the UK.

        • Well Hipster-boy you asked, and I shall attempt to answer. This was explained to me years ago by an Anglophobe Italian. London is one of the major international financial hubs of so-called “petrodollars.” This petrodollar mongering is a MAJOR source of profits, as well as a post-imperial stratagem of substituting finance for industrial and naval power. All in the service of the venerable tradition of putting a thumb in the eye of the wogs on the continent and generally acting like the anti-European assholes that Brits are naturally good at.

          But all of this comes at a price. The unspoken, but clearly understood corollary to this arrangement is that the Brits must-how shall I put it- “go easy” on the Muscle Man if they don’t want their cozy financial privileges withdrawn. This more than anything explains, for example, British authority’s complicity in the cover-up and damage control of the Rotherham abomination.

          Toodle-pip, old shoe.

        • 1. Yinon Plan/ “A Clean Break”/ PNAC– Greater Israel

          2. This means that the countries surrounding Israel must be fragmented/ reduced to failed states

          3. It wouldn’t hurt if they could be at least partly depopulated, either– especially of military-age males.

          4. Terrorist attacks in Western countries lend themselves to a “Your enemies are our enemies, goyim!” narrative, that can be manipulated to justify further destabilizing attacks in the Middle East. Note that “Islamophobia” applies to Arabs/ Muslims/ North Africans only after they get here, not while they’re still over there. Obama droning 200 or so kids, or the hundreds of civilians killed in the airstrikes on Mosul, or the civilians being bombed and starved in Yemen now… that’s OK. Or remember Madeleine Albright’s response when asked about estimates that sanctions against Iraq were responsible for the deaths of several hundred thousand children? “Yeah, it was worth it.” But “hate speech” against Muslims once they make it here? Oy vey! It’s like anuddah shoah!

          To get more psychological about it, terrorist attacks in the West create fear and loathing of Muslims, but that is not allowed to be expressed domestically, so it is displaced onto the targets of our Middle Eastern adventures. Remember Bibi after 9/11?

          5. Attacking them over there helps to feed the “Look at all these ‘refugees!’ And it’s our fault! We must take them all in!” narrative. Then more terrorist attacks>>> more bombing the Arabs over there >>> more “refugees” >>> more terrorist attacks…

          6. The place of immigration in the domestic “diversity” anti-White narrative is clear, but it’s hard to see what the terrorist attacks do for ZOG’s domestic agenda.

          7. And of course, the terrorist groups, ZOG’s proxy armies in the Middle East, and ZOG’s Emmanuel Goldstein’s are all very similar bands of internationally-recruited Salafists. Often the same groups, as in this case, where the bomber and his family were involved with LIFG, which was a major player in the Western-backed attack on Qaddafi.

    • Clearly, the only answer to this attack is to bomb “ISIS” some more. Obviously, this will create more “refugees,” who must be admitted to Europe and the US. A few of these “refugees” may be unhappy, and may carry out further terrorist attacks, to which we will respond by…

        • Yeah, I know. And Beach Boy’s father, though originally from Syria, was fleeing the brutal civil war in Turkey when his kid drowned. That’s one of the propaganda functions that the wars serve in the narrative, though.

          Though it’s interesting to note that they seem to have dropped the “Syrian civil war” part of the “refugee” narrative for now, probably because of its geographic implausibility in accounting for invaders coming via the Libyan route. I guess they’re just coasting on the already-established “war refugee” meme? They figure that the association has already been made, so they can pull it off at the level of a straight emotional appeal, without even an attempt at a rational justification?

    • The simplest and most parsimonious explanation for the actions of all western governments is that they hate white people. Accept that as axiomatic, and everything they do makes sense.

    • The only thing they can arm themselves with is double barrel shotguns and primitive weapons, unless they storm a military or police arsenal. Maybe someday the British people will go full Rawanda on the Muslims, but I don’t expect to see it anytime soon.

  • All denizens should be removed,starting with the Zionist deep state who have permitted and facilitated the invasion of the savages.We are now in uncharted territory,we cannot rely on the anti British government to defend us.

    • If you think “Zionists” are the cause of Muslim savagery in the West, you are as insane as Muslims themselves.

      • Did I say that?Zionists are responsible for the co-ordinated invasion there is a great deal of evidence if you wish to research.Savagery is not just confined to Muslims.

        • Yes, you did say that. It was implicit in your statement that “Zionists” are somehow to blame. Such anti-Jewish tropes need to be driven out of the alt-right in the same way that Bill Buckley drove anti-Semites out of mainstream right in the 60s and 70s.

          • Implicit?Do some research and then come back for debate.
            Who is co-ordinating the alien invasion?Let me give you some help,Barbara Lerner Spectre?? The evil creature receiving a prize from guess who Rabbi Abraham Geiger.One of hundreds of goy haters,must I name them all??hashtag (((end white people))) Enough hatred for you??

          • Muh William F. Cuckley! Top kek.

            Meanwhile, you’re welcome to give an example of a Jewish organization that supports reasonable restrictions on immigration. For Western countries, that is. They all support a restrictive immigration policy for Israel. Doesn’t have to be ADL or AJC-tier, or even have representation at the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations. Just any legit, openly-Jewish organization that supports a patriotic immigration policy for the US and/ or Europe. Good luck.

      • Very sad that you would choose to undermine Judeo-Islamic tradition in such an unwarranted and egregious fashion.

  • Terrorism is part and parcel of living in the majority wog capital of globalism with a paki mayor. You reap what you sow londonstan!

    • Terrorism is part and parcel of living in a city with a sizable Muslim population.

    • I disagree with this: The people inside Constantinople fought fiercely against the Muslims. They just were overwhelmed and at the end betrayed by someone.

      These people fail to feel fear of the other and hatred even for terrorists! As long as they are not white…

      • I don’t think he is implying otherwise its just an example of what happens when the muzzies aren’t kept in check

      • This meme is targeted at Anti-Whites.
        Exposing that the policies they embrace will lead to the surrender of a great Western City.

        I’m certain those whom I target haven’t a fucking clue as to the conditions that led to the fall of Constantinople, what’s more, they will likely think the citizens of Constantinople deserved to be conquered because they were racist.

        Propaganda sometimes just needs to make a point, the details are irrelevant to the larger theme being promoted.

          • I will give it a try.

            As for Constantinople I am Greek and got enough books and some old shows on the subject…

            If you know Holger the Dane Konstantinos Palaiologos is our version of him as the marble king
            This is a song about what we once thought about the whole situation…

          • No need for apologies friend, these things mean everything to us…
            Especially when we see those incapable of comprehending and condoning a repeat of darker days.

            Making memes helps me vent my rage and turn it into fuel.

  • Westerners desperately want to have a “diverse” high-tech Sodom by all means necessary; and they rather have a “diverse” high-tech Sodom with the flaw of occasional terror attacks than no “diverse” high-tech Sodom at all. ISIS will breath their last soon and given the current state of surveillance and everything, there will probably not be a bigger (think: more than thousand victims) attack any time soon. So it will just go on…

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