Coordinated London Terror Attacks Signal a New Era of British Terrorism

Submitted by Tim Keary


A triage of coordinated terror attacks has hit London as the streets are in a state of panic. A campaign of terror attacks in London Bridge and Borough Market has seen London citizens run down and stabbed as part of vicious assault on the capital.At London Bridge, Holly Jones of the BBC stated that a van was driven by a man, ‘travelling at about 50 miles an hour’, before he swerved past her and ‘hit about five or six people’. Similarly, in Borough Market, one cab driver recalled that three men ran towards the marketcenter stabbing passersby, including a young girl.

At this stage the perpetrator or their motivations have not been identified, but the incident has all the characteristics of an Islamic terrorist attack. The use of vehicles and organized knife attacks is straight from the Jihadi terrorist instruction manuals that have recommended the use of vehicles to plough down pedestrians en masse and knives to attack others in the vicinity. The masked men, the van and the knife attacks present at London Bridge are all characteristic of the terror attacks that mainland Europe has become all too familiar with.

Yet tomorrow will begin the cycle of apologism that has characterized the aftermath of every Islamic terror attack. Liberals will declare that the attack has nothing to do with Islam, and proceed to shout down anyone who points out the connection between Islam and terrorism as ‘islamophobic’.Next we’ll be overwhelmed with empty messages of ‘solidarity’, as we conduct a minute’s silence and wait for the next attack to come.

This campaign of attacks marks a change in the nature of Islamic terrorism in the UK. It signals that European terrorism has firmly taken root on British shores. Through Britain is no stranger to terror attacks, it has seen nothing comparable to the frequency of terror attacks in mainland Europe. However, this has all changed. The harrowing Manchester attack, the Borough market and London Bridge attacks has marked the beginning of a new era of terrorism in the UK. The frequency of terror attacks has been climbing in the past year and it is certain that more attacks will come.

Sadly, the English response will be characterized by indifference as we trip over ourselves to avoid upsetting the Muslim community. With a mainstream media infatuated with political correctness, a Muslim London mayor who insists that terrorism is ‘part and parcel’ of life in a big city and a citizenry obsessed with pandering to Muslims, life will go on unchanged. So long as the mainstream media and apologists bury their head in the sand, the atrocities will continue. Unfortunately, London Bridge is only the beginning of a new era of British terrorism.






Vincent Law
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