Will The Next Secession Crisis In The United States Be Over Global Warming?

Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

I can’t think of any move that would create more stink among the liberal class than this one. Celebrities in particular must be fuming. All that time fear-mongering about Global Warming and trying to make the United States more European has failed.

Because that’s what the elite of the United States really wants. They want to become as effete and castrated as the Swedes. Imagine, an entire country of metrosexual, stuck-up snobs with perfect white teeth and sculpted hair busy virtue-signaling and turning up their noses at the Bad Whites. That’s Hollywood for you, that’s Manhatten, that’s Stockholm, that’s Paris, and that’s what the whole Global Warming thing is really all about.

But the Liberals are fighting back. They want to comply with the Paris Climate Agreement. And Bloomberg, the Big Apple Liberal, is developing a coalition of U.S. states, cities and business leaders who will defy the President’s decision and comply with the terms of the original deal anyway.

 Bloomberg made the announcement as California, New York and Washington are forming a pact to enact policies to help meet the emission reduction targets called for under the Paris Agreement.

The Democratic governors’ new agreement would seek to meet the same goal of reducing emissions 26 to 28 percent from 2005 levels as the U.S. committed to under the Paris deal. Details on individual state contributions are still to be worked out.

Global Warming is really the perfect Liberal issue to champion isn’t it? It requires absolutely no effort on the part of the people who champion it and you get to accessorize while doing it. A few tweets imploring people to look at photos of polar bears drowning and buying coffee in a “green” eco-friendly container is all you really need to do.

Or how about a BPA-free reusable workout water bottle to avoid having to buy plastic? You can get one in pink to match your Nike Airs. Your friends will approve AND its good for the environment. Less carbon burned to make the plastic, just like your salad bought for 8$ from Sweet Green. Cows produce methane, so its important to cut back on meat. Besides, only redneck hicks eat ribs and at burger joints. And in Europe they have those adorable scooters zipping along cobblestoned roads. You’ve been to Paris and you wish that your city had bike-sharing. Its good for the planet- the bikes and the scooters that is. PLUS its so romantic and Europeeeeen. They have socialism in Europe don’t you know? And you can drink at 18. Why can’t America do that? Ah yes, its because of the rednecks. They hold us back.

There are really two countries now in the United States. There are the coasts vs the heartland. Culturally, politically and arguably even linguistically, the two are at odds. When one is in New York, one uptalks and kvetches about Trump. They do the same in Hollywood, and they do the same in Stockholm. Travel a bit to the Western European metropolises, the people are virtually indistinguishable from one another. And when you compare them to New York, you see the same people again, (albeit a little fatter).

That’s what this whole Global Warming thing is really about. Its about feeling like the Prius you bought was worth the investment. Or conversely, its about feeling like your pick-up truck is a political statement. Its about proving that California is better and more European than the rest of the country. Its about listening to Swedish House music and drinking vodka, not Country music and whiskey. It’s about being part of the “international community”. Its about bike-sharing and being able to drink when you’re 18, tolerating gays, and wearing those casual exquisitely-tailored European suits.

These cultural issues just serve as wedge-points to distinguish the Good Whites from the Bad Whites. In their minds, Trump is an illegitimate president. He is the Bad White’s president. They want a Macron or a Merkel. Possibly a Trudeau. Instead they got stuck with Literally Hitler.

Well, even if we won’t secede through force of arms, we will secede culturally, mentally and eventually politically. We should look across the Atlantic to our allies in Europe.

America is already balkanized, all it took was for Trump to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement to prove it.


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  • What has waste and starvation in India got to do with homeless in Paris? Both have the elite who are removed from these problems, do not care to fix them or enable them telling me what I need to do with the environment in America.

    the rich French man who lives in a gated community in Paris may feel good about himself that the Homeless are allowed to live and defecate on the streets of Paris but the common Parisian suffers because of him.

    The American elite peddle global warming here but will not do a thing about the massive climate nightmare called India (and across Asia)

    When parts of the Barrier Reef are bleaching I have to feel guilty. the problem lies above Australia and in the Indian ocean when every single river ending in the Indian Ocean from South Asia (close to 2 billion) South East Asia (billion) belch out their pollution in an endless flow…right over the Barrier Reef.

    time the US Elite to Australia deal with that region regarding the Barrier reef…and do not tell me I am responsible

  • The difference between America and India:
    Here we enforce the law with efficient redress laws if they violate.
    Not in India. Laws do nothing to raw sewage and Industrial waste in rivers, land and air.

    Get the pro Global Warming people to straighten out a good deal of the developing world first.

    To put things into perspective India’s population is greater than all humans from the tip of Argentina to the tip of Alaska or around 1 billion 100 million . India’s population is 1 billion 250 million .
    South Asia is around 1 billion 700 million or 600 million more than the Americas.
    Fix just South Asia and close to 15% of our global population of 7. 5 billion will not pollute.

  • When India is home to the worlds largest number who defecate in the open (between 700 to 800 million if not higher). then you have fixed nothing.

    when India is home to some of the world’s largest slums in some of the world’s most expensive real estate .,corruption rules. when cities have massive beggar populations with a good deal working for Mafia style gangs. that is a mess.

    Over a 100 million are street dwellers. Some have lived their entire life on a street. born on a street and die on it. some go back a few generations of living on the street. millions go to high rises to work but never earn enough to afford a place in a slum let alone in an apartment. we have major housing issues. Nothing has been fixed.
    (India Shattering the Illusion. Birth of New Nations Kashmir to Elam – Columbus Falco)

  • We have done an exceptional job with our environment, but the world has not.
    One example:
    India wastes 21 million tons of Wheat per year, world’s largest waster of Fruit and Vegetables, millions of tons of rice per year . While 3 thousand Indian children die EACH DAY due to malnutrition and starvation. India is also a major food exporter. the waste includes millions of cubic feet of fresh water, pesticides, herbicides, Fertilizer, gasoline to man hours wasted.

    India is a massive polluter with raw sewage and industrial waste emptying into major and minor rivers. She is the world’s 2nd largest consumer of Asbestos and her air pollution includes asbestos particles.

    this is because of Corruption and not poverty. This single nation of 1 billion 250 million and what little I wrote is a example of an environmental disaster

  • One of the biggest problems across the developing world is electrical production. Most cannot meet the demand and rolling brown outs and black outs are common.

    Because of this a good deal of American corporations in those nations have their own back up generators.

  • Trump’s decision to pull America out of the Paris Summit could still save the US economy.

    Under Obama our electricity production and consumption are about the same. We are now producing and consuming around 4 trillion Kilowatt hours (KWh). Production is down by billions of KWh. If demand increases or if production drops the US faces rolling brown outs and black outs.
    {Net Right Daily : Trump pulls out of Paris climate accord, puts American power grid first}

    This could happen in July, August or by next year (2018). Also under Obama the Coal industry almost died. Had Hillary won it would have died. Coal is central to making steel and smelting metals. Steel is central to our infrastructure.

    China makes cheap steel but at the cost of American jobs. Coal is an important product of our security outside of making energy.

    For China to make so much high grade steel she has to burn a lot of coal. Then it does not matter how much coal is burned whether we buy from China or make our own. Both China and the US will burn coal to make steel.

    Remove that and we have US jobs lost because of Chinese imports. China burns coal, we lose jobs and the environment remains the same in either case.

  • Take Solar Energy as an example. The sun is central to my existence. It is not just “free” to me but all life on this planet is due to the Sun. Mankind is the child of Earth and a creation of the Sun.

    When a man pays to another for electricity from the sun where both get free, that is wrong.
    When that same man can make his own electricity from that sun and yet he pays another for that electricity that is exploitation.

    When there is plenty of technology to allow anyone to make electricity from the sun and only some have access to it then we have elites who hold technology for a price to the rest of us.


    when the rich who promote solar energy do not use or consume the product they endorse and expect the poor man to shoulder the change, we have elitism.

  • Energy industry who used Coal, Gas, Oil are the reason for most of the problems we face today including pollution to global terrorism (OPEC and Islamic terrorism). During this time they earned trillions.

    Now the energy industry wants to sell alternative energy to replace non renewable energy with the potential to make trillions more. The only problem is to get consumers to switch from one product to another. A threat to planet earth does that job. Nothing sells better than fear.

    Outside of the many uses of Petroleum (Plastics, Rubber industry, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical industry, Infrastructure [Asphalt, Tar,] & Coal (smelting metals to making steel) energy use by Mankind was independent of the state… till the mid 19th century and the early 20th. I live in a historic home built in 1840. Back then all the energy needs of this house came from logs, coal was also used. Not anymore.

    We have the technology and the resources to make each citizen energy independent of the Grid … again. It can be done in the 21st century using Solar or Thermal energy, those who support Global Warming want us to pay for this energy to big energy companies.

  • Christianity is a religion built upon science. There is concesus. Men women earth snakes and apple trees are real.
    Therefor priests must rule and plebs must pay tithes.

    Climate change us a religion built upon science. There is concesus. Co2 warms. Climate changes. Therefor bureaucrats must rule and plebs must pay carbon tax.

    Both climate change and Christianity have the original sin in common too. Existence therefor we must atone

    • There is an interesting spin to that in that that is a Protestant view of man and sin and atonement and man’s ability to perfect the world. The Traditional Christian view is quite different and fatalistic. And that is why in the Traditional Orthodox sphere in Russia, scientists say that it is cosmic events causing climate change, not man and therefore we can do nothing about it. A fatalistic, all powerful God believing view.

      So, don’t paint em all with the same brush. It’s fascinating how religion (or ideology) shapes man’s views of the world.

  • The USA was never even actually signatory to thet Paris Treaty. Obama never submitted the treaty to the Senate for approval.
    US treaties require Senate approval.
    Virtually EVERY SINGLE LIBTARD has no idea what so ever as to how the constitution operates.

  • Eat LOTS of Meat, My White Brothers……

    Pump LOTS of Iron, My White Brothers………

    Work Hard and Make LOTS of Money, My White Brothers……..

    Impregnate White Women…….

    Build White Families…….

    Let’s be BAD WHITES……


  • America is already balkanized, all it took was for Trump to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement to prove it.

    This is an excellent point. In a nation as large and diverse as America, balkanization is inevitable. My personal advice to American WNs who are watching their nation balkanize is:

    – If you want your own ethnostate(s) you’re going to need to get your people motivated & angry. What symbols do White Americans like? What is your ‘Treaty of Versailles’? What colors & imagery appeal to Americans?

    – Don’t get distracted about losing land that you never needed in the first place. Who cares if Mexicans take New Mexico? Germanic & Celtic Whites weren’t born to live in scorching deserts. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let minorities get under your skin. A cool head will help you out when Deshawna is screeching at you.

    – Every White Nationalist attempt to ally with Black Nationalists has, in the long run, failed. Blacks simply aren’t good allies and it’s a waste of time trying to get ‘based’ Black guys to desire their own ethno-state: Blacks want access to Whites. They need us far more than we need them. So if you want to ally with POC then I’d focus on groups like Native Hawaiians (who want sovereignty) or maybe Navajo Indians. Just don’t get distracted by Negroes.

    – People are going to try to get you to say & do illegal things. Don’t listen to them.

    You guys can do this. And as someone who isn’t an American but who is living in your nation, I want you to know that your people have some very good tendencies that often get forgotten about. White American men tend to be both pugnacious & confident. Play to those skills.

  • In the long run our cosmopolitan enemies will eventually lose the United States ,because rust belt Americans out number them.

  • This is a really poorly written article with an embarrassingly stupid premise. This site clearly has abysmal standards.

  • Nah. Half the country + literally the rest of the world vs red states. This one of the worst hills to die on. Racists used to create national parks. Now we’re just cucking for corporations just to be petty.

    • If you think anyone outside the Acela corridor and West Coast cares about Trump shredding the Paris Climate Accords, then I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

      • I know for sure there’re people in NC who don’t like it. Plus Chicago. Austin, or whatever the liberal city in Texas is. Any sizeable metropolitan area, really. Where half of people and money live in or around. Stop adopting the opposite position of liberals just to be contradictory. It’s retarded. This whole article was just rhetoric, no facts or even an argument.

        • “I know for sure there’re people in NC who don’t like it.”

          Where? The Research Triangle? Asheville? So some academics and hipster doofuses are mad at Trump for tearing up some climate agreement. SHOCKING!

          “Stop adopting the opposite position of liberals just to be contradictory. It’s retarded.”

          You don’t get it. Trump tore this up because like Kyoto years ago, Paris screws the American economy forever while the Chinese and Indians, who already have a cheap labor comparative advantage, will continue to pollute. This is about more than rustling liberal jimmies.

          “This whole article was just rhetoric, no facts or even an argument.”

          Some of you have trouble understanding this, but no one is persuaded by facts and logic. Like Richard Spencer said to some Libertarian at Auburn, facts are lame. How many people did Ross Perot persuade with his facts and numbers based pie charts?

          • Yeah, all those places. That’s where the money is and that’s where most of the people are gonna be soon. Obama already won there once thanks to them.

            I know facts don’t persuade people but you still need to include them to win some people and bolster your argument. Otherwise you’re just appealing straight emotion like some sjw. Or you’re just reacting against the left for the sake of reacting which is stupid. We should stand for something not just against something.

            Seriously, I don’t get it. Teddy Roosevelt wanted to preserve nature from destruction and he was a white nationalist by modern standards. White people made the world more beautiful with art and architecture so it makes sense we should preserve nature.

            As for the economy, it’s like god, works in mysterious ways. People will adapt and we could do something positive like help support people who lose their jobs. We know they’re not parasites.

          • This is such a bad argument, I don’t know where to begin. Let’s all resign ourselves to white people in the Rust Belt falling further into despair because of a worthless Climate Agreement. But it will all work out in the end, because “Muh Creative Destruction” or something.

          • The Randbots are here.

            Christ you can be petty.

            His purport was clearly that the economy works mysterious ways, not that it’s the most important thing in the world (“god”). Taken too literally, that’s somewhat ignorant, because a great deal of economic behavior is actually quite intelligible. But in terms of what twists and turns the economy will make in the future, his statement is more or less correct.

    • Climate change is a global rent seeking scheme, it has nothing to do with practical measures to have a clean environment

      The above is true, EVEN IF, the climate science is accurate

  • Every rich liberal who squawks about the need for a climate treaty should be asked this: In any such treaty, would you support – as an absolute requirement – the banning of all non-commercial jet travel, all full-sized SUVs, all limos, all sports-cars, and all yachts. No Lear Jets, No G-5s, no private 757s – for anybody, including Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio. You fly, you fly packed into a tube with 200 other people, just like the rest of us. If you are willing to sign on to that, maybe we’ll entertain the idea that you are serious.

  • I live in California, the heart of the beast. The secession talk is just posturing. There is no chance they would do us a favor by seceding because they aren’t about to give up the political power. Even just California seceding would mean no more Democrat presidents of the USA. Not to mention they would lose access to the White working class men in fly-over country who provide the effective core of the military machine.
    The climate accords are voluntary anyway. If localities want to adopt the carbon reduction goals they are free to do so on their own. Trump isn’t going to force them to convert their Prius’s and Tesla’s to direct coal fired steam power. (Of course they are running on that anyway. In California when you plug in your car to recharge it what is ultimately on the far end of the power cord is largely power plants in the four corners area burning strip-mined coal and pouring the exhaust into the pristine desert air.)

  • These cultural issues just serve as wedge-points to distinguish the Good Whites from the Bad Whites.

    The reactionaries never fail to engage in this campaign to divide Whites either, with their constant signaling against “perfect white teeth” (the horror!) and their love of pollution and obesity-causing fast food, apparently. I recall the horror from reactionaries – the same ones that complained the cities had terrible air – at the idea they might have to put catalytic converters on their muscle cars.

    People with healthy teeth and gums, who breath clean air, and don’t eat crappy food are faggoty SWPL hipsters, don’t you know! Real men eat at McDonald’s, wear Chinese clothing from Walmart, and listen to good old fashion country music like Billy Ray Cyrus!

    • “I recall the horror from reactionaries – the same ones that complained the cities had terrible air – at the idea they might have to put catalytic converters on their muscle cars.”

      Cars have had catalytic convertors for over 40 years. If you actually remember that, it makes sense, given the bitter old bastard tenor of your post.

      • There were exemptions in my state for older cars, 20 years ago, when I was a child.

        Your constant biting of my ankles says a lot about you. It’s also funny that you posted the same Grandpa Simpson cartoon I originally posted at you like a month ago. I have free space in your head, apparently.

        • Keep blowing a gasket every time an author points out the fact White urbanites are overwhelmingly leftist, like Vincent did in this piece. It’s quite amusing, your inability to accept reality.

          • You remind me a lot of another “right-wing” Jew, James Howard Kunstler, who also pretends to honor the rural White working class, but has a hard time keeping his contempt and hostility under wraps for long. He goes back and forth between pretending to identify with them, only to subconsciously project his own phobia of rural Whites into his rather faint praise of them.

            It’s a common pattern among people who are alienated from their own tribe but will, for obvious reasons, never fit into another.

          • So tell me how Portland, Seattle, West LA, SF, Boston, the Beltway, NYC, Boston are all hotbeds of a right wing renaissance thanks to Urban Hipsters.

          • Why would I do that, it’s not true. It’s you that admitted you don’t care about truth, merely insults. Frankly I don’t particularly care about “right vs. left.” I’m a White Nationalist.

          • You won’t do it because you can’t. Because all those areas are well known vectors for spreading left wing, anti-huwhite filth.

          • I just said it’s not true, so of course I’m not going to tell a lie – that is your department, remember? I must have wrongly assumed that the “verbal intelligence” thing correlated with reading comprehension. My bad.

          • So why are you upset at the premise of the article? Hits close to home?

          • Not left-winger not right-winger but white-winger… 😉 as said the now somewhat little present Stan Hess (of old Voice-of-Reason radio fame).

          • It’s not like the average small mid-western or southern city is a hotbed of right-wing renaissance either, you know.

      • I think HR’s point is that one does not have to signal against many of the lifestyle preferences of SWPLs – that it is in fact counter-productive to do so. Just because SWPLs like wholesome food, clean water, exercise, and hand-made goods, doesn’t make these things bad. Quite the contrary. These things are good in and of themselves, and in fact they are very right-wing, because they promote the agency and well-being of the local community.

        • It’s not signalling, it’s fact. Most SWPLs buy into the anti-white narrative. Hipster Racist has some problem with this being said, apparently because he identifies as a hipster or a SWPL or some sh!t. His attempts at tone policing are gay. It would be like if a commenter attacked an author as “Anti-Christian” for pointing out that many white Evangelical Christians are useful idiots for Israel.

          • Most non-SWPLs are into the anti-white narrative as well. I don’t see HR’s comments as tone-policing. The fact is that SWPLs are white. I don’t think we should write them off, anymore than we should write off evangelical christian cucks. Someday, we’re gonna need every white we can get, regardless of whether they get their morning coffee at the neighborhood espresso-bar or a Chik-Fil-A.

        • Signaling against the environment, heath – and even white teeth – is just being a moronic reactionary. It’s exactly how cigarette smokers used to complain about “anti-smoking nazis” and would point out that “Hitler was against smoking too!” There is nothing “manly” or cool about smoking. There is nothing “authentically white” about eating at McDonald’s. There is nothing traditionally European about pollution.

          It’s also extremely insulting to actual working class Whites. It’s certainly true that Americans have an obesity problem but there are plenty of healthy and respectable working class White people.

          This is the White equivalent of Negroes telling each other to “keep it real” and “don’t act white.”

          • “Signaling against the environment, heath – and even white teeth – is just being a moronic reactionary”

            But the author isn’t doing that. He’s pointing out that liberal SWPLS buy fair trade coffee, organic produce, ride Vespa scooters to work, and do yoga to keep up with the SWPL Joneses, not to lead a healthy lifestyle. How many of these liberal SWPLs are “Pro Environment” but ride on Jumbo jets for their European and Tropical vacations? Have HVAC blowing in their homes 24/7? It’s all a charade for them.

          • Clearly you didn’t even bother to read my original comment, you simply jerked your knee and started ranting the second you saw my handle because of your comical obsession with me.

            No one suggested that the author wasn’t correct that people posture as caring about the environment when in fact it’s little more than class signaling. My original point was that the author and reactionaries are doing the exact same thing, simply in reverse, posturing as not caring about the environment because that what “the liberals” do.

            That is the problem with reactionaries, they are as easy to herd as sheep, simply tell them to do the exact opposite of what you really want them to do.

            As I pointed out in another comment, “climate change” isn’t even about the environment, it’s about currency reserves. That hardly means that you should therefore avoid BPA-free drinking containers because some fat tard might call you a “liburul.”

          • The author never stated that he didn’t care about the environment. You just got sand in your vagina like you always do when your precious liberal SWPLs were mocked.

    • Agree, just because one doesn’t want to be genocided doesn’t mean one has to live like a 19th century throwback

    • AS well as hurting the movement’s image. Just another little item for the MSM to dig up and call us the dreaded F word. I like that Richard has balls, but damn, this might not be the way to grow his gang. Giving the enemy ammo isn’t a good thing

      • See Spencer’s follow up tweets. No feigned outrage when someone says honkey or cracker. Or when Jamie Foxx gloated about getting to kill white people in “Django Unchained.” Shock value works.

      • Tawana Brawley was a hoax. The media didn’t apologize.
        Duke Lacross was a hoax. The media didn’t apologize.
        “Hands up don’t shoot!” was a hoax. The media didn’t apologize.

        Quit cucking.

    • Gfl… you know I hate you, Yehudah Finkelstein… but this is one hilarious find… man, that is brutally funny!

  • “Climate Change”/”Global Warming” has more in common with a mystery cult than science.

    • It’s really amazing how stupid people are who believe that politicians can dictate or legislate the weather. That’s dumber than dumb.

      • Not the first time this has happened in the US. There was a cap and trade scheme on acid rain in the 90s.

        • You knew the fix was in when Goldman Sachs created a fund to invest in Carbon Credits.

          The entire “climate change” movement is an attempt to tie monetary creation to energy use. It’s meant as a replacement for the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights, because it’s kind-of-sort-of quantifiable.

          It’s also not at all irrational to tie monetary creation to energy use, likely better than gold or even bitcoin.

          • You knew the fix was in when Goldman Sachs created a fund to invest in Carbon Credits.

            You’re generally a very solid poster, so it’s disappointing to see you make ignorant statements like this.

            Carbon-trading schemes reward environmentally friendly production methods. There’s no serious dispute about this whatsoever. The big stink from lefties is that it doesn’t reduce carbon production to zero – something which is simply unrealistic.

          • None of what you posted contradicts my point at all. Carbon trading schemes are being used as an energy tax and a way to coordinate money creation, which as I pointed out is more rational than gold and more objective than political measurements of economic production.

    • At least King Canute was sensible enough to demonstrate to his courtiers that he couldn’t stop the tide.

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