Pat Dollard Launches The White Majority Project

Regular readers of Alt-Right sites are well aware of the demographic crisis facing whites in our own nations. Even those who tangentially pay attention to such things as demographic change are becoming aware that the countries they once knew are no longer theirs. We are told that demography is destiny, and are told by both Democrats and Republicans that immigration isn’t only inevitable, but it is necessary and should be embraced. Without low skilled third-world workers doing “the jobs Americans won’t do” society would crumble. And we are told that for America to retain its position as the world’s leaders in science and technology we need Asian immigrants.

To oppose either measure will get you called a bigot, racist, xenophobic and probably Islamophobic. Few can risk their careers and family life to oppose the invasion of the United States from across its Southern Border. But Pat Dollard has a plan, and he isn’t afraid of the repercussions that come with taking unpopular stances or touching the third-rail of American politics.

There is also a decline in white birth rate in America as well. It now sits below replacement level. Women and men are encouraged to put off families until they “can afford them” or to lead the “childfree” life of self-satisfied hedonism. But no amount of incentive to have children can maintain the white majority of the historically white America as long as the flood of third-world immigrants continues.

Pat Dollard, a Hollywood insider turned war correspondent, turned activist has a plan to stop white replacement. He wants to make sure whites who built America and who were always its heart and soul are not relegated to second class citizens in the land of their forefathers.

He calls it the White Majority Project (WMP).

It goes without saying that this project is utterly necessary to preserve America as a nation rather than as a passport. So why after nearly four decades of mass third world immigration do we only get the WMP now? Dollard explained, “I think that for the longest of times white Americans didn’t like to think in racial terms. I don’t think they liked to think in terms of white self-interest. But I think that the hyper-aggressiveness of the left’s vitriolic and hate-filled anti-white campaign of the last 8 years has changed all that for good, though certainly not as much and as broadly as we’d like. I think most white Americans are beginning to understand, if only vaguely and instinctively, that they cannot afford to lose the political and social power that come with being the majority ethnic group.”

In our daily lives, those of us born after about 1965 simply saw a multi-racial, multi-cultural America. We were often forced to attend public schools on the other side of town for the sake of racial diversity. But is this natural? Why do we think this way?

“Norbert Schlei, the Jewish lawyer (and convicted felony fraudster) who wrote the 1965 immigration Act, does this very specifically in a videotaped interview where he recounts his thinking while writing the law. So some Americans naively believe that letting broad Third World immigration continue is the right thing to do, but most don’t even know that it’s happening at the level it’s happening, and therefore aren’t sure why the country is becoming so much more brown and so much less white.”

Dollard understands very well that there is a concerted effort on the part of our ruling elites, especially the Jewish elites in Hollywood to force Americans to think in multi-cultural terms. And what is perhaps most infuriating is that this is done out of some sense of revenge. “From 17 years of first-hand experience at the highest levels of Hollywood, representing the professional interests of A-listers from Steven Soderbergh to George Clooney, I’m here to tell you that yes, it is true that Hollywood is run and populated almost exclusively by Jews and other leftists. And yes, the anti-white sentiment is very strong. It’s natural for Jews, they’re not white, and their history of conflict with the whites of Europe and America vastly embellishes their natural instincts to work against us and to accumulate power, political power as much as financial power, to do so.”

So what is there to be done? What do racial aware whites do? For years we’ve been told that Social Security is the third rail of American politics, but it’s clear now that while contentious, it is race that is the real verboten topic in America. But thankfully Americans do seem to be waking up. It’s the goal of the WMP to, “repeal the 1965 Immigration Act.” For those not in the know, Dollard explains the Act’s purpose. “In short, the purpose of that act, as pushed by B’nai Brith and other affiliated groups since 1924, until they finally got traction with John F. Kennedy, who unleashed the D.C. forces that ultimately made it a reality, was in essence to end white immigration from Europe and replace it with black and brown immigration from the Third World.”

The WMP is very new, I asked where they stand now and what is most needed. They need funds of course, and volunteers, but mostly, “we need a Treasurer, a position which requires being named in public documents. If someone out there has accounting experience and is up for it, please volunteer.” This isn’t an easy position as the usual suspects will no doubt go after anyone associated with the WMP as a white supremacist and neo-Nazi. Dollard understands this, and so to must their treasurer. Though they do have others participating in the project, they are just not publicly named.

What is the next step? What is key right now? “Smart, very carefully crafted, PR-friendly lobbying and education efforts are the most important ones. A site called the White Majority Project is key as a resource and community for the base, and for expanding the base, but is not necessarily the best way to lead off lobbying efforts with politicians for changing our immigration laws. The changing of the 1965 Immigration Act can be publicly advocated for under different terms. So, the creative work behind the content of educational and lobbying materials, and the strategizing of the best ways to get those messages across, to both the public and politicians, are the next steps.”

Anyone wishing to contribute to the White Majority Project can contact Pat Dollard through his website.


Everitt Foster
the authorEveritt Foster
Everitt Foster is a former geologist and historian. He holds an MA in military history. He is also a novelist and short story writer. He is the co-founder and co-editor of Follow him on Gab at


  • This is good, but we also need funds and support groups to help white people have more children. Fertility rate is key.

  • Great idea… repeal and reinstitute the Racial Integrity Act along with segregation and anti-miscegenation laws. Our forefathers knew what it took to preserve our people.

    Here’s what’s curious though about how far we have degenerated. Even a lot of so-called Alt Right people today would not support our old immigration laws because they discriminated against Southern and Eastern Euros.

  • I support White Power……


    White Privilege…….

    The Privilege is what our Ancestors gave to us……..

    The White Power is what they had which is still in us…….

    When we REJECT White Privilege……..

    And find our White Power…….

    Then, we’ll be Moving……

  • Love it. Long overdue.
    Lots of marketing ideas whether thought provoking memes on billboards on busy feeeways to taking part in local action, to
    C span, YouTube and Twitter social media to fliers. Best of luck.
    Will make donation next payday.

  • The European Christian culture that shaped American and European societies is the reason why the world progressed in every level and across every aspect of life. The very best of our modern world is the result of the European Christian societies and not due to immigration or migration from the non European world

    Most of our current social problems are due to open borders, the influx of European Christian hating migrants who come for the benefits of a better job and a better life while deeply hating the Christian and European aspect of our culture

    In order for us to continue to shape the world for the better we have to limit entry of migrants from the non European Christian world. We are most creative when we are free of harassment. At the end the world benefits when our society is free to develop within our European heritage

  • Jeez, I thought I could take a break from promoting the Cause for awhile, but events keep driving the Alt Right’s agenda.

    The Alt Right offers the real alternative for protecting white nations from Islamic terrorism: Criminalize the teaching and practice of Islam in our borders, stop all immigration from Muslim countries, and deport the Muslims already here.

  • So, Jacob Javits, et al, blackmailed–yes, BLACKMAILED–the 1965 Congressional members into voting for a bill that would eventually swamp the US with darkies, mestizos, Hindus and ragheads. And now we’re to believe that the present blackmailed Congressmen (many of whom regularly diddle prostitutes, regularly ingest illegal drugs, regularly engage in sodomy with members of their own sex–wait, that’s now considered to be a positive attribute and a career builder–and have sold their very souls in order to continue living the aristocratic lifestyle in Washington DC) are going to buck the system and repeal the 1965 Immigration Act?

    • I can see it happening, within 5 years, yes. There can be wars, economic collapse, and eventually secession of some states, particularly Texas. Facing dissolution of the Union, or shutting off the immigration invasion, it can be done, yes.

    • That is a major part of my point that this while a well intentioned and noble endeavor has a snowball’s chance in hell of ever coming to fruition unless you get regime change in DC. Corporations want immigrants to drive down wages, minorities want to become a majority, and older and upper middle class whites aren’t that affected by immigration to so it as a major issue. It was the white blue collar types that voted in Trump, not the white middle class, which was basically split. Also, even if the act is repealed, the immigrants here now are out reproducing whites by a significant rate.

    • It needs to be voted on by Americans, not pushed by our lawmakers in us! That’s the point.

  • I want to congratulate Mr. Dollard on his work. It takes a lot of courage to come out in public and say what he is saying!

    I also think that, since Dollard is a former media insider, he could be an amazing asset for the burgeoning pro-White media sphere. Obviously the WMP is going to take up a lot of his time, but I really hope he will write an article or two telling Nationalists how to produce live news reports, how to interact with journalists, etc.

  • Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech August 28 1963

    I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history
    as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our

    Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic
    shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This
    momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions
    of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering
    injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of

    But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free. One hundred
    years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the
    manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the
    Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast
    ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro
    is still languished in the corners of American society and finds
    himself in exile in his own land. So we have come here today to
    dramatize an shameful condition.

          • It’s amazing how often they’ll come up with that one. It’s almost as if leftists don’t reason in any meaningful sense; just parrot slogans.

        • Are you saying IQ is heritable?

          Because the average Negro IQ is 80, and the average mestizo IQ is 87.

      • Exactly why I have a better shot at getting laid by a Playboy Playmate than the Alt Right leading the way in changing things. The MSM and co are against us and you write this stuff. Heil Gate was bad enough, but damn. Like it or not, to win we are going to have to win over the main stream to get the support we need to get the job done. Stuff like this isn’t going to cut it. It is black pill time to do a reboot. Quit coming off as whiny, angry white men and actually package yourself in a better light. Show some sophistication!! With the political realities of the world we live in that might get us somewhere.

          • I owe you a major apology. The guy was trolling and I saw the N***** and I was like this crap is going to make the rounds. Sorry for being a major ass!!!!!

        • I don’t understand why you visit this site and pose as pro-white if you’re so opposed to explicitly pro-white politics. Increasing white fertility is very important, but it’s very far from being the only relevant issue.

          • I am a realist. Why waste time with positions that at this time can’t be won back as we will never be allowed to in the first place. In a rigged election system that is run by corporations, do you think we are going to get the House and Senate to repeal the 1965 Immigration Act? The money and time will be better spent creating a party or at least running alt right candidates for office. Creating some foundation or organization such as a think tank usually is a useless endeavor that only makes a few people some money off of donations and does very little politically. Ron Paul and his Peace Institute comes to mind. It keeps him busy and barely relevant, but it is politically useless.

          • It’s not “realist” at all to think step 1 would be ‘destroy the corrupt political system’ or that a 3rd party is viable in the US.

          • Bringing awareness to it alone is worth the time. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

    • MLK was reading a Jewish script, the same way media jesters still do today like Colbert with his 18+ Jew and cuck writing staff.

      MLK read Jewish communist scripts by day and had drug-addled parties with white hookers at night.

  • A waste of time at this point, especially since you have no power in reversing it. The one thing we can do is start promoting procreation, the one thing we do have the power to do with or without the state. The powers that be want mass immigration to get their world of drones in order to introduce slave wages. You could stop the 1965 Immigration Act tomorrow and we would still be in dire straights. Young white women do not want to have multiple kids, if they want them at all. Can’t ever get a white majority back if your females aren’t interested in reproducing.

    • Not a waste of time at all. I’ve also called attention to the idiotic 1965 Immigration Act and many people have never heard of it. It’s a disaster and floods our nation with non-Whites–and that was its goal. The blenders want to blend away pure White people and make us all Brown.

      • You live in a democratic republic where we are fast approaching being only a plurality. More importantly, all we have is an illusion of democracy, thus even if we did get a majority, the powers that be that want the West flooded with immigrants to provide cheap labor will manipulate the press and split any movement. You want to maintain a majority, focus on the promotion of white families. That can be done with taking the government out of the equation. Nobody in Congress or the Senate is going to jeopardize their cushy jobs and wealth. The problem with this whole thing is you are hoping that the corporate whores in the legislature are going to bite the hand that feeds them.

        • Robert – you are very correct about promoting white families and how it’s something we can do independently of politics. But I wouldn’t be so quick to criticize other people’s political work. We need to fight on all fronts and encourage each other.

          As far as white women not wanting families, men are a large part of the problem too. If you move to a red part of the country, educated, make a good living, are decently clean and attractive, and are willing to support a wife and multiple children, you will have women beating your door down trying to get a ring from you. You’ll also have a better relationship and more happiness with that type of woman than a coastal career-oriented feminist. But you probably know all this, we just need to get this message out to the young men in our movement.

          • Reality has to be part of the game plan and that reality is that the enemy has taken the moral high ground seemingly with immigration. By this reason alone, a great majority of Americans are not going for this and it isn’t realistic. Minorities want to be a majority and they can taste that becoming a demographic reality, so they will not be on board for a repeal. The owners of this country want cheap labor and bringing in low skilled and high skilled immigrants helps achieve this. These are the people that basically own our political class and keep them nice and comfy, and rather wealthy, so the economic and political elites have no desire to repeal this act. Evola talked about this predicament in an older interview he gave back in the 60’s where he stated he did admire men that fought for lost positions, but in doing so stated that those positions were indeed lost. The current is too strong at this time to change things. You have large swathes of the population as well as the elites that don’t have a vested interest in it. On top of that, you have an aging white population that doesn’t give a damn as they are going to check out soon anyway. And last but not least you have millennial women that have no intention of reproducing at replacement levels, if reproducing at all.. All is not lost, but a different tact , the only tact that might have a chance of success with the population as a whole is the economic aspects of all of this and how it will affect the naturalized population in terms of wages and living standards. This includes citizens of all races. Going about it in the direct frontal assault of having race be the main issue isn’t going to be a winner as a majority isn’t going to come rally around that banner because of the political climate that has been firmly entrenched for at least 30 years.

          • Chadwick,
            You make an excellent point and I have seen the results of what happens when young women come to the Alt Right and are sadly disappointed by the lack of community IRL but most of all the young men who seem to come with a lot of baggage and are really no different then the men they are meeting outside the movement.

            Chadwick’s points of education, employment, being clean and attractive as well as willing to be serious about marriage and family will get you a long way. I would also add be willing to be the leader in your relationship.

      • Again I am going to point out that our government controls the media, manipulates the masses with a rigged electoral system, and is owned by the people that want exactly what you described as to be able to lower wages to almost that of a slave. In short, you have no control over that in reality and unless we experience regime change in DC, you never will. Have you read the other articles on the site? You have white blue collar males killing themselves, young white women not wanting to reproduce at replacement levels, and the nations’ white youth still dominated by brainless SJW twits. This endeavor will get nowhere, but might make a few people some money along the way. What we do have control over and might be able to advance the cause is to do everything to advance the white family and get young women to want families, but even that will be a monumental task, trying to reverse feminism, MGTOW, etc.

        • Well, I guess there is nothing left for us but to go out in our backyards and eat worms…Nah! We do not need defeatist attitudes. Existence itself is a struggle and this is part of the struggle. Some of us will survive and thrive and some will go eat worms. Count me in the former category.

  • after watching the screaming blacks on a video at ‘evergreen the loonie bin’ do whites at this point have any alternative but to start friggin getting organized? its only going to get worse .. in fact .. its already really just a crime to walk in a body with white skin, isn’t it?

  • This “White Majority Project” sounds like a good idea. We need something between race-neutral cuckservatism and white nationalism (as in calling for an ethnostate). Anything that is explicitly pro-white helps our cause.

    • Ethnostate isn’t in the offing anytime soon. Stopping immigration is only half the puzzle. Young whites are not reproducing hardly at all, due to bad economic conditions, feminism, and its male equivalent(MGTOW), on top of the hyper sexualization of Western society.

      • The worm may be slowly starting to turn on the white birth rate issue. There are enough 40-year-old cat ladies and pathetic middle-aged hairplugged manchildren hanging out at 20-something singles bars that the under-24 crowd is starting to reassess their life plans. It will be a long process to get back to an expanding or even stable population, however.

      • Don’t forget the problem of miscegenation.

        Creating explicit white racial solidarity is the most important thing. As Richard Spencer has stated, it is already too late to preserve a white majority in the U.S. Hypothetical increases in whites birthrates and decreases in nonwhite immigration are all well and good, but without explicit white solidarity these things only delay the inevitable.

        • Challenging Affirmative Action should also BE top priority. White Men will especially back it even normies.
          Freedom of Association via bill of rights also needs challenged as part of white genocide. We have it as a right.

      • Japan has a lower birthrate than any European country and yet Japan is 98% Japanese.

        The issue affecting us right now, is massive immigration and forced integration, targeting all White countries and only White countries – White Genocide. Diversity is used to chase down whites.

        If you want the white birth rate to increase that’s great, but in 50 years if racial integration is still forced on whites, you will make no difference. If forced integration is not stopped very soon, it won’t make a difference because the third world will be in the first world.

  • I don’t think they liked to think in terms of white self-interest. But I think that the hyper-aggressiveness of the left’s vitriolic and hate-filled anti-white campaign of the last 8 years has changed all that for good.

    This indicates an incomplete understanding of the problem. Whites have been punished for openly standing up for their race for many decades. Non-Jewish whites did not choose their current attitude towards white racial consciousness. It was was imposed on them from the top down. Also, a key insight for pro-whites is to realize that the mainstream of the political right has been controlled opposition for a long time, at least going back to when the CIA installed W.F. Buckley as the unofficial leader of mainstream conservatism. It has been many decades since explicit explicit expressions of white solidarity have been allowed in mainstream political discourse, either on the right or the left.

    • “Whites have been punished for openly standing up for their race for many decades.

      Yeah, that’s why they don’t like to think in terms of white self-interest. He didn’t say it wasn’t because of propaganda and punishment. I thought it was implicitly clear, I mean, come on, we all know why, I didn’t need it spelled out for me.

      • Whites don’t think in self interest because Pro White intellectuals have not allowed them to do so. It has always been endless articles about blacks, jews, muslims, IQ, etc, because that gets the most clicks on their money raising websites.

        Is massive immigration and forced racial integration, AKA White Genocide, a good thing for Whites? Good luck finding any Pro White intellectual to talk only about that.

        I blame the intellectuals.

  • This is excellent news. We need an above ground, serious, official, explicitly pro-white political organization. Internet trolling, memes, and fashy haircuts are nice and all, but we need boring accountants and lawyers and political lobbyists to do the actual heavy lifting.

    • I like Pat Dollard. But, isn’t this what Vdare and a plethora of other groups already do?

      Meanwhile, Gab is growing exponentially, and they have a missing person report out for Spencer offering him a TV show on Gab TV. They also, have a translate button, added for the German speaking audience.

      • Vdare is just a blog, great though it is. AmRen is ok, although they don’t do policy either. Last year, NPI was poised to be an actual policy organization and it was rumored to have the ear of the Trump administration, although that all went away with the embrace of Chan trolling.

        Hopefully Dollard’s group will get us a few more yards down the field, even if a touchdown isn’t likely any time soon. It’s a game of attrition and a long slog.

        • I suggest Landowners Associations… or else everything else will slide faster … Landowners are the stakeholders the communitarians never wanna address..

        • Is there any proof that NPI had the Trump administration’s ear? I ask because I just can’t see Trump, with his connections to Jewish high finance, supporting an explicitly pro-White platform.

          I think the only reason it took him so long to dissociate himself from real Nationalists is that he wanted their votes & online support.

          • Spencer is friends with Trump’s speechwriter and hinted numerous times that he knew people in the Trump admin.

            You don’t have to convince me that Trump is a tool of the Jews, I’ve been on the record saying that since Trump announced. But it’s clear that the Likud faction is cozying up to the “White Right” now that the Evangelicals are in the old folk’s home.

          • I looked up the Miller x Spencer connection and Miller says he doesn’t know Spencer and repudiates his views ( Miller definitely has an incentive to lie, but I just can’t see them being real friends if he’s saying things like this.

            You’re definitely right about the Likud faction though. I’ve noticed that the Jewish editors of Breitbart let a lot of ‘soft WN’ content slip by so long as it isn’t overly pro-NS or counter-Semitic (gonna have to steal that term from you, really love it).

    • I don’t think we can win anything in the courts but the message does need to be spread in as many ways as possible. this is a nice sophisticated variety

  • Do we know who the people behind this are? Any bonafides in the movement? Not a setup of some type is it?

  • I’m going to have to let Dollard know that Kennedy lawyer Norbert Schlei was not a Jew. He was of Germanic extraction from the Dayton/Cincinnati, Ohio area. Pat makes the usual mistake of assuming that a liberal/agnostic with a Germanic surname is a Jew.

    Pat would be better off looking into wealthy Roman Catholic lawyer Phil Hart who the 1965 Immigration Act was named for in the US Senate. Remember the name of the Act is Hart-Celler. Celler being a New York Jew/Roman Catholic Congressman from New York.

    Of interest Phil Hart’s father-in-law owned the Detroit Tigers.

    BTW, Gab is up and running, and growing exponentially. Easy to sign up for, with no wait, and easy to sign into. Lots of interesting features too.

      • You won’t find a quotable reference that says Schlei was a Jew, or had Jewish roots. I’m sure Alex Linder would agree with me. He’s not one for calling someone a Jew who isn’t.

        That Schlei was an agnostic, or even a deist, of Germanic origin is of little doubt. None of his relatives or descendants are, or were Jews.

        There is a description of Schlei’s funeral floating around, where after his cremation, his remains were scattered to the winds of the Pacific by his family. Pagans, maybe?. LOL.

        • I hear you, but given all the online sources that say he’s Jewish, and the fact that I can’t find any that say he’s Catholic, it’s a stretch to say Pat “assumed” Schlei was Jewish. I’m gonna keep digging, I’d be curious to see if you find anything that confirms he’s Catholic or pagan or New Age mystic or whatever.

          • Schlei wasn’t a Roman Catholic, I’ve never said he was.

            Paganism was sort of “hip” at one time back in the 1950’s. Look at Jack Kerouac, and some of the beat generation influenced by Oriental paganism & philosophy. I’m sure you are not old enough to remember Eric the Red cigar advertisements using Viking funeral pyres. LOL.

          • I must’ve read “Germanic” as “Catholic” in a pre-coffee scan. My bad.

          • And the law was pushed by Jews since 1924 in the first place, and they were the force behind it in 1965 as well, especially Emanuel Celler. Are you Jewish?

          • Me, a Jew. LOL. No way, Jose. Are you a Roman Catholic?

            Always remember this, the Jews are always problematic, but, luckily they only make up 2% of the population. The Jews have to form alliances to get their legislative agendas passed through Congress.

            The Jews looked to the Roman Catholics for an immigration alliance, because the 1924 Immigration act had cut off Roman Catholic immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe. As you know the Roman Catholics make up a large % of the population, and some groups like the Irish Roman Catholics have always been enemies of the White Protestants for imagined slights going back to their immigration to the USA and before.

          • Yeah, there’s a very creepy, unholy alliance there. And let’s not forget, it was the Church who empowered the Jews in banking, WAY back in the day, with their bans on Christians charging interest. Makes one wonder.

    • And Lev Bronstein wasn’t a jew, either, because he was an atheist. Honest.

      The Hart-Celler Act led to 59 million immigrants entering the US, 85% of which are from the Third World, representing 51% of US population growth. As a result, Whites in America are forecast to become a minority by 2055. In addition, 51% of these new Americans are on welfare, of which 70% of Latinos.

      Though Kennedy was the face of the 1965 Act,he was a freshman senator with little clout. The Act was the culmination of a 40-year effort by Jewish lobbies including the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith, the American Federation of Jews from Eastern Europe and Jewish members of Congress.

      It was the American Jewish Congress that proposed the basic elements of the 1965 bill – nine years earlier in 1956.

      As for the legislation, this was written by Norbert A. Schlei, a Jewish lawyer who also drafted the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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