Opium Has Become The Opiate Of The Masses

Submitted by Conor Macaulay


Whether or not positive attributes are revered by a culture, good traits of character are objective and will always be the same. Today in ‘Weimerica,’ drug addiction, self-destruction, and weakness are romanticized in popular culture through the archetype of the martyr and the emphasis on bodily pleasure and material gain. Our politically correct culture sells gender dysphoria and obesity as positive qualities as we’re told to embrace our flaws and define ourselves by them. To Hollywood, nothing is sexier than drug addicts, especially death-obsessed heroin users like Kurt Cobain. This is what they promote to an impressionable generation of Whites who already lack understanding of a deep-rooted meaning in life, therefore no epidemic is more probable. Paired with the disdain for White culture and history in mainstream academic institutions, their goal is revealed, and that is to get us to ‘check out’ on our own, so to speak. For the intense individuals, suicide, although tragic, is depicted as righteous in a way, and a thoroughly analyzed option in this life. Or, as an alternative, we can simply mask the instincts that tell us our modern lifestyle is not in accordance with nature by taking prescribed drugs daily.

From a capitalist standpoint, politicians have a reason not to address the drug epidemic, which is that it would give Big Pharma, the suit-wearing dealers, a bad name. Big Pharma is a trillion dollar industry, and the goal of capitalists is profit by any means necessary. Yet, this ‘capitalism’ was not always the economic model here in America- we once had a free enterprise where hard work and useful inventions were cherished. Now, we have capitalism in the literal sense of the word: the merciless quest for selling more ‘units,’ a system which trickles down and poisons our culture, in turn creating a population that worships money. In most cases, it doesn’t matter to capitalists what they’re selling or how it harms us or our environment. We can support policies designed to slow down such destructive forces, but ultimately, whichever spout is spewing the most cash will be pandered to by our political system. We mustn’t be afraid to recognize the influx of opiates, for example, as a kind of warfare on our people. Historically, opium has been weaponized against populations and used similarly as a means to reach a political goal. In this context, our government does not have our best interests at heart because they can’t, even though out of the 40,000 people who died from drug overdoses  “up to 60 percent of these deaths come from prescription medication” according to Robert Pearl, M.D.

Widespread chemical dependency is an inevitability in the modern world and more so, dramatically, in our culture today; not only is there perpetual insistence away from tradition and family which isolates individuals and distracts them from embracing their natural instincts, but there’s also never been a medicine industry so huge. It is all part of a divide and conquer scheme.

Once the traditional family is broken and money is set on a holy altar, people become restless. The next step in this equation is simply to drug them. Doctors and so-called ‘psychiatrists’ diagnose normal human emotions as ‘chemical imbalances’ and prescribe sedatives to suppress them, and even deal out additional medications for each side effect one suffers from as a result of masking human emotion. In other words, if one is stressed out by the prospect of meeting new people on a daily basis, or is overwhelmed with college debt at the beginning of their adult lives, it is not because this is totally normal according to psychiatrists- it is the effects of a mental illness or ‘chemical imbalances’ which one could surmise exist simply because one is reacting to stress and/or sadness brought on by a modern lifestyle. Even without such symptoms, young boys are put on Ritalin and Adderall to make them behave like robots in school and get used it early. ‘Nip them in the bud,’ so to speak, and they’ll become permanently incapable of self-sufficiency.

Among adults, at least one out of every handful is either an illegal drug user, a ‘medicinal’ marijuana toker, a drinker, or a pill patient. Legal users of antidepressants and opiates alone make up 13% of the population as of 2013, millions of whom in the latter group go on to developing habits, even progressing to heroin use. Karl Marx famously called religion the ‘opium of the masses.’ Today in America, an increasingly vacant nation in spirituality as it were, opium itself it wreaking havoc on White Americans in droves. Arguably, this is the result of an absence of collective spirituality and its replacement, material religion or the worship of money. At its altar we are merely slaves, yet shrouded with facades of independence, dignity, and overwhelming material comfort by the money-printers. In a world where money is the most popular god, medications, diagnoses, and so-called ‘scientific evidence’ are used to justify the mass-drugging of a depressed and anxious society, ensuring a continuation of this mindless worship.

Basically, if we instinctively recognize that our society repudiates nature, we are likely said to be suffering from a chemical imbalance, a mental illness, whereby we are given a pill in order to carry on. This causes us to become even more dependent and less likely to change ourselves for the better, or wake the hell up in any sense. In this context, drugs don’t fix any problems; they merely mask them by providing temporary alleviation from intense emotion. To quote Jim Goad, “antidepressants are designed to make you feel OK about the fact that cockroaches are crawling on your face.”

Furthermore, isn’t it timely that in the same era when millions of people are being prescribed opiates by doctors, our interventions in the middle east caused a boom in opium exports which have thereby been imported through multiple fronts into our country while our most lax-on-the-border president is in office? And the heroin epidemic, killing over 50,000 in 2015 goes unaddressed by this president, who instead would rather, for example, lionize Black Lives Matter? Heroin kills mostly White people- an 114% jump in the last decade, and it’s not taking place only in cities, but is frequently exported into the suburbs and small-town America as well where there is a demand among prescription opiate users who have run out of pills and/or funds. Richard Fochtmann, a Jewish Democrat in Maine implied this is a good thing. ‘Yeah, great,’ he said, white men are killing themselves. And bit by bit, the mask slips off. They want us dead, plain and simple. And it seems that many of our own people are flirting with death on their own as well.

Depression, anxiety, and restlessness are to be expected while the world around us obsesses over individual financial gain. Yet, taking drugs, legal or not, to temporary separate ourselves will only worsen the cycle of entrapment. Idols put in place for us to worship are in most cases false, especially if they’re coming from the machine of Hollywood or major record labels. What is promoted in this context is death. As happiness is defined as material success and the modern way is made out to seem like the only way, martyrdom is considered the only way to rebel, the only way to escape. In a way, it’s the manifestation of the Christ archetype. But, again, it’s an empty promise, one that only plays into the hands of those who hate us, and in so many cases eliminates smart and sensitive individuals who could otherwise join us.

Only by keeping a clear head and direct access to emotions does one have any chance of finding proper role-models and overcoming the detrimental modern worldview. Every day should be used to make ourselves more independent from the lifestyle which causes anxiety and depression. By reading daily, learning skills, becoming more self-sufficient, and putting ourselves in the context of an ancestral story, we have a chance of achieving freedom; yet, no such thing will be achieved as quickly as the effects of a pill are felt. It takes time, intellect, effort, and strength. When we begin to separate ourselves from the modern world, truth, freedom, and identity await.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • This heroin epidemic is by design to destroy the white male who is the last bastion stronghold against the NWO. The drug renders him helpless and so focused on his next fix that he cannot function. Afghanistan supplies 90% of the worlds heroin with distribution channels operating as a well oiled machine into the smallest towns of America. The drug starts with the poppy in Afghanistan and distributed in Mexico and Canada to be brought to the USA into white neighborhoods. Mexicans are the main drug pushers who sell it to the blacks for profit who then sell to the white kids. The culture, the movies, the music and video games are all geared to drug abuse. They are not only replacing us with third world immigrants, they are killing our children to speed it up. One of the first things Obama did when he took office back in 2009, was to stop any and all eradication efforts of the poppy in Afghanistan…..revenge for what happened to the black race in the 60’s and 70’s. We are doomed as a race and we should be helping our kids who have unknowingly gotten addicted to the most evil drug known to man…..and it must be stopped if we are to survive as a people.

  • Here’s what you need to do, right before you go to bed in time bend your knees and say:
    O Mary conceived without Original sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

    Whenyou wake up do thesame. Do this every day. If you think im talking nonsense then just do it for a month and see what happens.

  • Hi, I just read this article and totally agree with mostly everything that is said, but is there any cases where antidepressents could be a good or beneficial thing to someone? If a person is suffering from a traumatic experience in their life and cannot cope or properly function I think antidepressants could be useful. For example, my mother died when I was twelve years old leaving me with an alcoholic father and a younger sister to take care of. In the last year my older brother died as well.. I have always been against drugs and refuse to even go to the doctor, but after some really hard times I decided to try antidepressants. I have been on them for a two weeks and there is already a world difference. I’m more calm and patient. I don’t get as upset with people or fight with the people closest to me.
    I’m hoping to eventually ween myself off of them, but for now in my life it’s been positive.

  • It’s funny: Jared Taylor has always scoffed at the conspiracy theory that crack cocaine was brought into the black ghettos on purpose. I’ve been racially aware since the 1990s and a right-winger, but I also knew that was not a theory but precisely what occurred. And here we are, you calling this a deliberate attack on our people. It is, I agree, but so was the crack for the blacks.

  • A good deal of those addicted to Opiates are due to pain related problems and a failed medical system. Pain is a terrible suffering and what causes pain is a long list. A good deal are due to emotional and physiological problems where no relief is there

    Our medical system should be able to deal with pain but a combination that includes Obamacare to an overall bad health and medical system millions do not have access to proper treatment for ongoing pain. The slippery slope from prescription to illegal drugs is short .

    We lead the world in medical discoveries and innovations but all that cutting edge technology basically serves the elite. The rest of us have to do with whatever is left. that is so wrong. When it comes to medicine and health all should have access to the best medical care.

    Medical care should not divide us based on wealth and the wealthy should not have exclusivity to cutting edge Medical research that our society help develop. If the elite did not hog health care drug addiction could be eradicated in the US.

    I can write about the opium trade with China by the Jewish Sassoon family that caused the death of over 20 million between India and China or I could write of the current global opium trade but that would miss the point of our health system and how cruel it is.

  • Hormonal contraception has really screwed up women as well. Women on the Pill will put out for men that they would find sexually repulsive in their naturally cycling state without the artificial hormones.

    And no, I did not make this up. College textbooks on human sexuality discuss this phenomenon.

    • it is well documented in the scientific literature / manosphere sites reported on it heavily

  • My partial answer to this is to get involved in cultural activities. Join your local Irish, German, French or Whatever the bleep you are club. Also study things like midieval fighting with friends. Women should take cooking, sewing classes etc. Grow a garden and exercise. Turn the tv off and gtfo!

      • Yeah, a pal of mine on here sent me some videos and there are two groups in my area that meet and practice fighting techniques.

    • For an American, trying to reconnect with inauthentic European identities is an implicit admission that America is an illegitimate nation. We are a nation of immigrants!

        • In response to the question you asked me about 11 hours ago on another thread about a certain individual’s ethnicity– yeah, could be. I’ve seen arguments on both sides of that one. Personally, I’m pretty much agnostic. A lot of times I reply to people, not so much to convince them, but for anyone else reading the thread. He asked a good question, and “orbit” did seem a little too eager to promote the idea that those Elsa videos made it to the top of the recommendations solely via the automatic functioning of the machine intelligence of joogle’s algorithms, so I wanted to countersignal a little on that, just to go a little farther than merely asking the question.

          As an aside– I find that it’s is a good principle in general, that if the usual suspects put a lot of effort into shilling against something, it’s likely to be both correct and important. They really don’t like the idea of the goyim talking about things they’re not supposed to. If they can’t shut down the discussion, they have to at least attempt to control or divert it. For instance, I’ll read Vox Day from time to time; despite being kind of an a$$hole and an alt-lite type addicted to countersignaling “not-sees,” he has some good insights, and some decent commenters. It’s interesting to note that every time he’s posted something about Pizzagate, or just about anything negative about Hillary, or several other topics, the shills show up within minutes. He linked to a rather poorly-documented and porly-thought out theory once about Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell getting “suicided” because he was going to expose the Clintons, Pizzagate, Mena, etc. 20 or 30 comments in, someone said something like “Not only does this sound pretty weak, but it hasn’t attracted a single shill. Must be bogus.” It was a good point.

      • Speak for yourself, son. The South has always been a captive but separate nation. Even today, the majority of White Southerners give their ethnic origin as “American”, but in reality we are English, Scottish, Scotch-Irish, and Irish. Or, as Dr. Michael Hill is wont to describe us, Anglo-Celtic.

  • “Basically, if we instinctively recognize that our society repudiates nature”……


    Our Society DOES NOT repudiate Nature………

    Nature is Brutal, Violent, Genocidal, Pitiless, Directionless…….

    Nature is Extinction, Change, Parasitism, Blood, Death, Life, Evolution, Genetic Drift, and NOW…….

    Nature is Winners and Losers……

    Nature is Hierarchy……

    Nature is Food Chains………

    Nature is Cataclysm……

    And Nature doesn’t give a F***……..

    …..if the Winners become Losers……….

    ……and the Losers become Winners……….

    And the White European People are Nature……….

    Billions of Years of Organic Evolutionary Programming in each of the 15 Trillion Cells in our Body…….

    We are Programmed at the Fundamental Level to Survive, Compete, and Overcome……..

    But, at the Cerebral Level………

    ……Viral Cultural MEMES have taken us off course……..

    And that is Nature also…….

    Time to Adapt Resistance……..

    ……and Fight Back, Survive, and Overcome………


    • We’re taught in school that everyone is equal. Anti-nature rhetoric is shoved down our throats constantly. Nature exists and rules over us, duh, but we’re brainwashed to think working against it is virtuous.

      • There is NO working against Nature…….

        There is NO such thing as Anti-Nature Rhetoric…….

        Nature is all there is……..

        • If All is Nature, then this article is nature, and its purpose is to cast red pills. 🙂

  • This is going to sound a bit crazy, but trust me on this:

    If anyone reading this has a drug addiction problem then I recommend trying Goldenseal Root. The first time you take it, it’s going to give you a stomach ache but I’ve heard that it helps folks feel less addicted to whatever it is they’re on.

  • Why are we equating pot and opiates with medicines that help people like Ritalin, Adderol, Prozac? Medicines that help a chemical imbalance in the brain don’t change your politics for the worse.

    • We don’t believe in (((mythical substances))) like serotonin and dopamine!!1!

      • If you don’t believe in them, then don’t take them. Spare us the moralizing. People are smart enough to determine methods to deal with their problems, including taking drugs for mental health issues. I’d like to see this authors attitude toward opiates with a fucking drill bit sticking through is hand.

        • Never using opiates is NOT advocated here. Romanticizing junkie lifestyle and self-destruction IS. Using medication as it helps is FINE, over-using them to nullify ourselves is detrimental.

          • Well drugs can be a double edged sword can’t they? Such is the tragedy of life. And who is romanticizing Aderol and Ritalin usage, the people who use them? Most people who take them need them to function unfortunately and would prefer not to have to take them at all. They usually keep it to themselves out of shame as well.
            So all the moralizers have fun with your alcohol and caffeine or porn or internet or ideology or whatever your drug of choice is.

    • Kids are put on that stuff as young as Kindergarten to so they’re ‘leveled out.’ Adderall is methamphetamine. It matters more what it does to your soul and humanity than your politics.

        • I’ve experimented taking Adderall. It keeps you awake, makes you lose your appetite and also makes it very difficult to get an erection. I only experimented with it a couple times and then stopped. Luckily it’s not very addicting. At least not with short term use. It is definitely not something I would ever give to kids and I certainly would avoid any long term use with it. I don’t see how anyone takes that drug long term and doesn’t end up with sleeping problems and erectile dysfunction.

        • He’s not talking about something subjective. Chemically, Adderall and Ritalin are amphetamines.

      • Ok, so if you have a horrible accident and need pain medication then we can just not administer them to you? You and the author can just spare us the moralizing about drugs that help people. Have depression or ADD? Anyone in your family? No? Its all the people who don’t suffer from mental health issues like this author who preach to us all about how drugs are destroying will power or whatever. I’d like to see

        • The problem isn’t opiates being prescribed after horrible accidents obviously, it’s they’re being over-prescribed to turn people into addicts, and antidepressant do turn people into zombies

        • Uh huh. And getting defibrillated is probably a good thing if your heart stops. That doesn’t mean you should get shocked every day. What’s your point here?

          • It’s a very exact analogy. To consider a treatment independent of the condition being treated; to think that the risk-benefit analysis is the same regardless of the particular disease or injury being treated; to believe in panaceas, as you seem to, is not simply moronic. It’s magical thinking. It’s not even a pale imitation of actual reasoning.

          • Ha, ha, ha! Magical? Really? Next time I have a heart attack, I’ll ask my doctor for some Ritalin! And for my ADD, I’ll get some heart resesatation.

  • The culture does nothing to support mental health or positive development. Sometimes it is directly harmful. Meanwhile the institutions that once supported both necessities are crumbling (church, community orgs, strong nuclear families, extended families). The culture is in a dark age about what it takes to produce a healthy human being capable of contentment and fulfillment.

    People forgot the purpose behind the old traditions and so they were allowed to lapse. I wasn’t there in the 50’s or 60s (not sure if I should put that at the 18th or 19th century), but I can only assume that these lapses occurred because (((they ))) had good (but wrong) arguments for change, and nobody remembered why things were as they were.

    I have a hypothesis that the loss of the best males (and their roles as fathers) in war after war is a major culprit that allows certain cultural (((parasites)) to thrive, but rather than blame, we should rebuild.

    • “People forgot the purpose behind the old traditions and so they were allowed to lapse. I wasn’t there in the 50’s or 60s (not sure if I should put that at the 18th or 19th century), but I can only assume that these lapses occurred because (((they ))) had good (but wrong) arguments for change, and nobody remembered why things were as they were.”

      Exactly. Many traditions and social institutions are solutions for problems that were solved so long ago that no one remembers the reason for them.
      G. K. Chesterton and “Chesterton’s Fence”

      “In the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming them, there is one plain and simple principle; a principle which will probably be called a paradox. There exists in such a case a certain institution or law; let us say, for the sake of simplicity, a fence or gate erected across a road. The more modern type of reformer goes gaily up to it and says, “I don’t see the use of this; let us clear it away.” To which the more intelligent type of reformer will do well to answer: “If you don’t see the use of it, I certainly won’t let you clear it away. Go away and think. Then, when you can come back and tell me that you do see the use of it, I may allow you to destroy it.”

      “This paradox rests on the most elementary common sense. The gate or fence did not grow there. It was not set up by somnambulists who built it in their sleep. It is highly improbable that it was put there by escaped lunatics who were for some reason loose in the street. Some person had some reason for thinking it would be a good thing for somebody. And until we know what the reason was, we really cannot judge whether the reason was reasonable. It is extremely probable that we have overlooked some whole aspect of the question, if something set up by human beings like ourselves seems to be entirely meaningless and mysterious. There are reformers who get over this difficulty by assuming that all their fathers were fools; but if that be so, we can only say that folly appears to be a hereditary disease. But the truth is that nobody has any business to destroy a social institution until he has really seen it as an historical institution. If he knows how it arose, and what purposes it was supposed to serve, he may really be able to say that they were bad purposes, that they have since become bad purposes, or that they are purposes which are no longer served. But if he simply stares at the thing as a senseless monstrosity that has somehow sprung up in his path, it is he and not the traditionalist who is suffering from an illusion.”

  • “Doctors and so-called ‘psychiatrists’ diagnose normal human emotions as ‘chemical imbalances’ and prescribe sedatives to suppress them…”

    Citation, please. Thanks.

      • Depression is not a “normal human emotion” – it’s a pathological condition.

        • Even so, drugs don’t cure it, only mask it, and surely don’t inspire people to get up and change their lives to get out of it.

        • That may be, but anti-depressants are being prescribed irresponsibly and offered to people who are suffering from normal negative human emotions… and not as last resort either

          It is known

        • It seems to effect mostly women, most of them I’ve known didn’t exercise or have any tangible interests, they just sat around self-indulging. A daily run or swim would cure most of it.

        • I’ve never been able to understand the point of supplements like Abilify. If your anti-depressant isn’t working, just raise the dose a bit? But instead Big Pharma wants you to take yet another pill.

          • First, there are established dose limits for virtually all drugs, and it’s standard to raise anti-depressant doses to those limits before adding second drugs (or switching classes). To complicate things, though, different people react differently to varying levels of neurotransmitters, so while Prozac might work for most people, others might do better with Effexor or Abilify (different medication classes, the latter of which actually being an antipsychotic as well).

          • “as well”

            That’s what it is. If you think it works as monotherapy for depression, you’re a very enthusiastic shill for psychopharmaceuticals.

  • I was drugged as a boy ,I weaned my self off years ago and never want my mind clouded again . This article is right on target!

  • Kurt Cobain was seen as the voice of Gen X. A self identified male feminist, heroin addict who killed himself at 27 abandoning his wife and child. What a role model. For Millenials there wasn’t a single, voice of our generation, who was white. We got Jay-Z. I don’t follow pop culture anymore, but I’m sure for Generation Zyklon the scene is even worse. We need positive white role models for white people who promote good values and healthy living. Drug addiction is killing our young people, and we can not expect our (((leaders))) to solve the problem when it is they who created these problems.

    Alt-Right doing outreach in communities that have been affected negatively by offshoring of manufacturing jobs would be a good place to start. These communities are where addiction and suicide rates are highest. The republicans really should be making fighting this trend a focal point of their platform as whites are overwhelmingly their voting base, but instead they are silent on this issue. I personally think addressing this should be one of the Alt-Rights main concernes. No establishment politicians will touch it, even Trump glossed over it during his election campaign.

    • Interestingly, almost all the Gen X singers killed themselves: Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell, Layne Staley. Nihilism. As someone right on the cusp of X and Millenials in my age cohort, I bet X will go down like the Silent Generation and never produce an American President.

      I think many of the late 80s/90s Millenials were overloaded with Multiculturalism and Negrophilia. As a result, the Hegelian pendulum is swinging the other way and the young Millenials are now the shock troops of the Alt Right.

      • Nihilism it is.. Just out of curiosity after the recent suicide of Cornell, I went back and listened to some of his stuff and others. Stuff from when I was a kid. The negative vibe was overwhelming. Pure poison! But when you are 16, you want to be cool.

        My advice is to put all negative pop culture out of sight and out of mind. I know I do.

        Also, when I am in the states I notice how much pop culture permeates people’s minds. People will compare you to someone on tv or a singer. You look like so and so. Or that is what so and so says on xyz show. Americans are truly zombified by ZOG’s mind control apparatus.

        • It is really bad with the hold pop culture has on society in the States. People will just randomly start discussing some reality show and I just tune out the conversation for awhile because I don’t watch TV.

        • GnR was way better and more musically advanced than most of the grunge sh!t that started popping up in the 90s. Alice in Chains and Soundgarden were exceptions.

    • Weird Al Yankovic was the real voice of Gen X. Why do you think so many people in the alt right make music parodies?

      • He’s mentioned it in passing. Apparently he doesn’t care enough to build the wall asap and stop the flow of opioids across the border. He’d rather use that money to bomb third world countries most Americans can’t find on a map, because Israel says so.

    • I can assure you that Kurt Cobain was not at seen as the “voice of Generation X” despite the media desperately trying to make him some sort of John Lennon figure. I was in high school when he killed himself and while we all listened to Nirvana none of us gave two sh*ts about his political opinions and we did nothing but make jokes when he offed himself. We never identified ourselves as “Generation X” and every time the media tried to use the stereotype to advertise to us it was met with, at best, mockery, but usually it was just completely ignored.

      • That’s true. He was only liked for his music, not his political views or anything else. I didn’t even know he was a “feminists” because I never cared and I don’t think anyone else did either. Kurt Cobain wasn’t a particularly charismatic or intelligent guy to be any kind of voice or leader of anything. He was just a rock star and most of us thought it was rather dumb that he killed himself considering how rich he was. The media tends to exaggerate and glorify someone after they die. I think if he hadn’t killed himself, he could have just become another aging rock star like the lead singer of Metallica. And more people probably listened to Metallica than Nirvana.

      • Well the millenials I went to high school with seemed to think he defined the generation. At that point it wasn’t just media people saying so. I’ve always thought Nirvana was the most overrated band since The Beatles. Unplugged in New York was one of the first albums I ever bought though.

          • lol whatever. The whole “voice of a generation” thing is almost always inaccurate. Maybe to one demographic of the generation, but I don’t think theres one band from any era, that every member of that generation looks up to and takes seriously. Nirvana was definently a huge band and when I think early 90’s Alternative Rock music, Nirvana is always the first band that pops into my head. I’m not even a fan of theirs at all. I prefer my obscure Black Metal bands. Mayhem > Nirvana.

  • I think it’s a matter of time before middle Americans are offered opiate fortified fast food and Mountain Dew in return for sterilization and remaining out of politics.

  • Now that “the USA supports ISIS” has moved from “conspiracy theory” to acknowledged reality, maybe we can now also acknowledge the “Deep State’s” decades long role in heroin and cocaine trafficking?

    In his 1991 introduction McCoy makes it clear that his book was written with CIA help. The Politics of Heroin is managed opposition to a faction of leaders at the CIA and was probably masterminded by William Colby to distract from his personal involvement with the heroin trade in Vietnam.

    When McCoys publisher Harper & Row warned the CIA about McCoys immanent book, Seymour Hersh (then with The New York Times) suddenly appeared on the scene and was granted interviews with Harper & Row staff, so that he could write this article which preempted The Politics of Heroins publication: …

    …Note Hersh’s use of “failed to stem the heroin traffic” rather than the more accurate was complicit with or participates in the heroin traffic.

    William Colby On the Pentagon Papers (

    • Afghanistan is the #1 Heroin growing region. it’s why the Great Game has always been fought there.

      • The US military has also been “involved” in Colombia, the capital of cocaine, for my entire life.

        Good point in the article to about the entertainment industry’s role as the advertising agency for the drug trade (not to mention the Deep State’s deep involvement in the entertainment industry itself.)

        We all know about the music industry’s promotion of marijuana (and the CIA’s favorite drug, LSD) during the 1960s. By the 1970s, “disco” records were all but openly advertising cocaine in the music and the album covers (usually via references to snow, etc.)

        In the 1990s, at the time of the rise of “alternative” music (Cobain, “Spoonman” by Soundgarden, etc., which was directly promoted to Whites – and the rise of the KLA in the former Yugoslavia which engaged in NATO-protected heroin trafficking leading up to the first NATO bombings in 1995) – White neighborhoods and small towns were flooded with high quality white powder heroin. Most young Whites are not going to stick needles in their veins, but many will snort something up their nose. A percentage will become addicts and will eventually resort to needles and black tar heroin, in what amounts to a generational cycle.

        The street addicts shooting black tar will destroy the “glamor” of heroin, then once forgotten, the high quality powder will be reintroduced and the cycle repeats itself.

        “Ramparts,” the CIA sponsored New Left magazine, in the 1970s ran a cover of an attractive “hippie” girl snorting heroin. Even the hippies that were promoting marijuana and LSD balked at this, as heroin was not up to that point associated with the “cool” parts of the counter culture. Thus in the 1970s, Ramparts began the promotion of the coming heroin wave of the 1970s, that petered out during the AIDs and crack epidemics of the 1980s.

        Then the cycle started over in the 1990s.

        By the end of the Bush administration, after a few years in Afghanistan, the high quality heroin appeared yet again in White neighborhoods. It is a predictable cycle.

        • By the end of the Bush administration, after a few years in Afghanistan, the high quality heroin appeared yet again in White neighborhoods.” I can attest to this as well

    • Still, it’s pretty hard to get people to take up heroin. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could get an addictive opioid approved as a “safe” prescription drug, then promote a meme that “We’re undertreating pain?” Then you could market it, and pressure doctors to prescribe it. No one wants to be the one “undertreating pain.” Once you get hooked on the “official,” “medical” version, then the jump to heroin doesn’t seem like such a big one anymore, especially once you lose your job, and your health insurance, and the withdrawal starts. Of course, you may not make it that far. You may just OD on Oxycontin.

      Meet the (((Sacklers))) and their privately held company, (((Purdue Pharma))), makers of Oxycontin. Deaths from prescription opioids have, of course, more than quadrupled since the late 90s, and they are now the commonest gateway drug to heroin. But hey, the Sacklers made $35 billion, and the dead are just goyim.

      Every. Single. Time.

        • Better in some ways, worse in others. A little too much Marxist analysis, and not enough of the specifics of the Oxycontin case, perhaps. Striker is actually a very good writer, and a solid researcher. Your piece avoids the JQ (of course), but also avoids the history of Purdue Pharma– a company that did just about the same thing with Valium (although with not nearly the same death toll), which was a relatively low volume drug with a specific indication as a muscle relaxant for spastic conditions, until they marketed it for “anxiety” in the early 60s.

          It also skips the prosecution of multiple Purdue Pharma executives, and the additional facts that came out in that trial, including the behind-the-scenes machinations they were involved in to promote the “undertreating pain” meme, and to push the drug. That 2007 trial resulted in convictions for three Purdue Pharma exeutives (all jewish, of course) and for Purdue Pharma, for manufacturing an intricate conspiracy to obfuscate the known addictive potential of their product, along with other forms of malfeasance.

          The active ingredient in Oxycontin, oxycodone, is an old drug. It was first synthesized in 1917, and was known to be quite addictive (as all opioids are). Encapsulating it in a different manner, in a sustained-release form, was the “breakthrough” behind Oxycontin. Dr. Curtis Wright signed off on Oxycontin’s approval at the FDA, then resigned and went to work for… Purdue Pharma.

          In addition to being overprescribed, thus getting a lot of people addicted, one of the problems with Oxycontin specifically, that’s not mentioned in either article, is that it was approved only for 12 hour dosing, but it lasts more like 8 hours. This was clear from the clinical trials, but Purdue wanted 12 hour dosing for marketing reasons– 8 hours would be too close to the dosing interval for (cheap, generic) non-sustained release opioids. They got it approved with 12 hour dosing, and the recommendation that if the effect wore off early, to increase the dose. Increasing the dose, of course, increases the duration of effect a little; but increases the risk of OD a lot.

          This part is ironic: “Doctors, who have decided to prescribe highly addictive narcotics in large quantities leading to addiction and fatal overdose, should be re-educated and monitored or face the loss of their license and prosecution”

          Since that’s what they did to get the stuff prescribed in the first place (in addition to marketing, of course). The carrot and the stick.

          And it also misses the role of the media, medical licensing boards, hospital accreditation agencies, continuing medical education, etc. in promoting the drug, and in punishing those who were not prescribing enou– “undertreating pain.” “Eventually, Sackler affiliated papers and organizations began listing doctors throughout Appalachia and the Midwest with “pain management” reviews next to their names. In 2000, the premier American medical journal, the Journal of American Medical Association’s published a study claiming that the wider use of narcotics was harmless.”

          There was some increasing pushback from the FDA and physicians at this point. The Joint Commission (the private organization that is in charge of evaluating hospitals), coincidentally headed by a MOT, Mark Chassin, jumped in.

          “They put “pain treatment” at the top of their agenda. And who did they put in charge of their pain management courses? A United States General Accounting Offices inquiry into the matter found the answer: Purdue Pharma itself! OxyContin advertisements that openly defied federal law on Drug and Cosmetic advertising (the FD&C Act) were the locus of the nation’s top medical accreditation agency’s “task force” to “fight pain negligence”. By the early 2000’s, the few doctors left who disbelieved the FDA, who dismissed Purdue Pharma’s flashy advertisements and medical journals, who did not take bribes from “detail men”, who resisted the non-binding bad reviews…found themselves in danger of losing their license to practice medicine unless they started prescribing synthetic heroin for minor ailments.”

          “The Sackler Jews’ “pain movement”, emboldened with official capitulation (or empowerment from fellow Jews in strategic positions, depending on your perspective) , used their support from the Joint Commission and JAMA to push state governments to make it a criminal offense not to prescribe opiates. Local medical boards were taken care of, for example Purdue gave the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) at least $100,000 dollars in “donations”–and that’s what we know of.”

          There were not only state medical board actions, but criminal prosecutions, for “undertreating pain.”

  • Interestingly enough, in some circles, the opposite seems to be true. Like, when boomers grew up, they drank much more alcohol and smoked much more cigarettes than their children do now. I even remember my parents mentioning that a couple of times; they always say that they drunk a lot when they were young but that younger colleagues hardly drink anymore. It’s not long ago that politicians smoked on TV and that people had a beer for dinner and a whiskey at 5 PM etc. All over.

    Many children of former middle-class families rather seem to try to optimize themselves for an economic competition that is getting harder and more brutal by the minute. Boomers could just drink and party and show up half-drunk at an interview and still get a good job, while their children must have a perfect CV with all kinds of extra activities mentioned in it to get a job that pays half the money.

    And if it doesn’t work out and they snap THEN they really destroy themselves with drugs.

    • Yeah a good point. The millenials have had to really hustle to get somewhere whereas Boomers have been on cruise control their whole lives.

      • I call BS on that. My dad worked multiple jobs to get through university and get his mech engineering degree. Yeah the economy was better and jobs were plentiful, but you still had to bust ass to get somewhere. That is the same with any generation. Nothing is just handed to you!!! Also, this millennial whining needs to stop. Any specific generation can’t really control the conditions of society it was born into. I mean Boomers could say that millenials have all this technology at their disposal, etc. I am an Xer and my millennial and gen Z nieces and nephews have a lot more than me and my sibs did at their ages. We are not bitching about that, as that is simply how it is. Playing the blame game is simply SJW snowflake crap. The economic pie is shrinking and it is getting tougher to get a great job for younger folks. The fact that the economic powers that be want to drastically lower global wages doesn’t help at all. Maybe you should focus on them and their agenda rather than get involved with useless generational tiffs. Whites are divided along many lines, why add another division?

        • Disagree. I know MANY MANY boomers including my parents who got professional and management jobs without even having a college degree. The competition in desirable areas was also far less intense. A friend told me his dad managed to land a tenure track Professorship at a great school in the 70s with just a Master’s degree. Now, the school won’t even look at applicants unless they have a PhD.

          And as a Gen Xer, you probably also faced less generational stress competing for entry level jobs into your field because there were far less of you than there are Millenials. When the smaller Silent Generation was leaving the workforce, the older Gen Xers stepped in to replace them. There are far more Millenials than Gen Xers, a consequence of the Echo Boom when their Baby Boomer parents had children.

          Really, a lot of this can be explained by demographics. It’s not due to one generation being “snowflakes” or “entitled.”

          • Millenials have been especially screwed by wog immigration, Chinese competition for university slots, H1B’s, student debt etc. If they’re not from a rich family they don’t stand a chance.

          • Yeah the guy I responded to had an engineer dad who probably got out of college with zero debt because tuition was 100s of dollars for a whole year of college education back in the 70s.

          • The deans and wankers need to pay for their 7 figure salaries with extortionate tuitions and foreign students

          • The deans always existed. Now there’s diversity officers and counselors and tons of administrative bloat.

          • Yep, construction work is a joke. All the Mexicans have driven down the pay for laborers so these kids don’t have a chance to spend time in an apprenticeship for carpentry unless they have parents willing to put them up forever….

          • Ditto that, young guys have told me they wanted to get a stem degree or engineering but did law or mba because of h1b’s and wogs. They’re stealing everything.

          • They still had to bust ass is my point Yed, nothing was handed to them. Every generation has to bust ass to get anywhere. It is harder for younger people to get good jobs as the economic pie is getting smaller, and with the immigrants it is even more tough. Still if one busts ass he/she should make it. Thing is you still have these kids and their parents believing the BS that a college degree automatically gives you a job. You still have to bust ass.

          • These days a BA is the equivalent of yesteryears high school diploma, there’s a glut of degrees making them useless

          • Really? That was pretty much true for us Xers as well. Bottom line is bust ass!!!!!!!!!!!

          • “Still if one busts ass he/she should make it.”

            Someone still believes in the American Dream…

        • Serious social engineering started when the boomers were children and millenials are the end product. It’s all part of the plan.

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