Students At Evergreen State University Lead Rebellion Against Liberal Professors

Evergreen State students are in open revolt against the faculty.

There is still something noble and seductive about the imagery of rebellion in many people’s hearts and minds. But there was none of this on display at Evergreen State.

The faculty, comprised almost entirely of aging White Boomers, completely caved. They caved and collapsed so completely that it is hard to believe they didn’t turn into jelly right on the spot. The faculty showed they had no spine, and the reason for this was simple. In their hearts and minds they already had a zero day sympathy for the students who were hooting and chimping at them about White Supremacy.

You want to know what the future looks like? Imagine Deshawna’s boot in your face, forever.

The students forced the President of the University, George Bridges, to comply with a long list of ridiculous demands. More humiliatingly though, they got the “man” to put his hands behind his back, as if he were a prisoner when speaking with them. And the cherry on top was making him start using gender pronouns when referring to he/himself.

George Bridges cucked so hard that I thought he would trigger a Cuckaggedon right then and there. I half-expected flaming dildos to start raining down from the sky, crushing Boomer professors left and right.

Its hard to feel sympathy for the faculty, because it is literally all their fault.

These University professors have bred a howling mob of hyenas that are now laughing at them, barking at them and baying for blood. Have you noticed how it’s always like this? It’s Liberals getting blown up by terrorists, and its Liberal professors that are now the first target of the New Left.

Washington State is also overwhelmingly White. So of course, these people decided to import a huge amount of Diversity, all while expanding their affirmative action programs to pay for it all. These do not sound like racist White Supremacist policies, but try telling that to the student activists protesting the university.

Funny isn’t it? Its the Liberals who do programs like Teach For America, and experience diversity first-hand. Its Liberals who live in the vibrant part of town, who travel to Africa or India to “help” some poor village or other. And yet, despite all of their efforts, they remain White, and therefore the enemy. And despite their face to face encounters with Vibrancy, they remain Liberal.

This is what religious fanaticism looks like. We are dealing with True Believers.

Now, Evergreen State University was a joke even before this incident. They don’t have grades or classes, they have their own hippy-style of doing things, replete with “holistic” evaluations and a terminal fear of anything quantitative. The truth is that these “universities” are just fronts. They produce political cadres. Unable to find a job with their degree, and with their heads filled to the brim with Cultural Marxist talking points, the students become the activist core for the lunatic left.

As for Whitey, well, you can see for yourself that there were a lot of White students that joined in the events. They hung up banners decrying White Supremacy. They were in the crowd that chanted “Black Power”.

But hold on, what was the trigger for all of this?

Apparently some Professor protested the President’s decision to ban White students for a day:

Student activists at Evergreen State College have been campaigning to get one of the school’s professors fired for his refusal to support a proposed Day of Absence, in which white students would be banned from attending the school for a day.

The Professor in question, Bret Weinstein had a lynch mob on his heels for disagreeing with this proposal. Police told him to not come on campus and that students were looking for him. Is Weinstein a shitlord? Nope, he’s just a typical yesteryear liberal:

The professor argues that George Bridges, Evergreen’s president, upset this balance through the creation of an Equity Council in 2016.

The Equity Council mandated an “equity justification” for each new addition to Evergreen’s faculty, which Weinstein argues constituted equality of outcome.

“[I could] accept the plan and let the intellectual descendants of Critical Race Theory dictate the bounds of permissible thought to the sciences and the rest of the college, or insist on discussing the plan’s shortcomings and be branded as racists,” Weinstein said. “Most of my colleagues chose the former, and the protesters are in the process of articulating the terms. I dissented and ended up teaching in the park.”

So the President was trying to push some SJW-style reforms and one of the more classically liberal professors objected. This triggered a shitstorm from the students that backfired on all the faculty, especially the President who was then forced to give even more ground.

What are we supposed to make of this?

It is so absurd that it defies belief.

Ah, well, the Revolution devours its own children, I suppose. I hope that the first to go will be Whites like President George Bridges.

  • ROCK ON!!!!

    That just made MY MOOD!!!!!


    I need to point out that I am a millenniall.

  • Well you know cucking is never the answer…

    From the headline I thought that the revolt was from right-wingers though…

    • GermanEngineered

      I was praying that was the case, but I knew it was leftists attacking leftists haha. I mean honestly, real conservatives cannot write conservatively in college – trust me, I know first-hand. They definitely can’t revolt openly against the school. Not only would the school not cave, but, they’d expel those students (at least the white ones for sure), and then absolutely consider arresting some of them.

      • I thought that because in Greece whenever there are revolts (they pale in comparison) they ‘re done by student party associations whom no one stops no matter from where their coming. The next day though there is a riot by anarchists if there is any success by rightists. By the way this doesn’t change the fact that most if not all professors here are commies… literally commies and members of the Communist party of Greece… Whenever you hear about our economy you can understand why it is in such a mess.

        Still the boomers were making this thing when they were patronising shitskins and minorities… I am surprised it didn’t blow up earlier. This is also Karma because the boomer hippies that right now cave in to every demand of these barely human creatures also did the same to their own professors.

  • Zxer91

    The professors are the ones who created this crap. How’s that karma tasting?

    • bitter for them, sweet for the students and for us it is served cold!

  • Marcus Antonius

    This whole debacle is hilarious. Liberal ‘academics’ destroyed by their own bullshit.

  • WHAT

    Shouldn`t it be the other way around? Children of the revolution devouring its fathers?

  • Dutchman

    Let them eat cuck.

  • Jarod


    that is all

  • From Ohio

    There was a time when women and blacks weren’t allowed into universities…

  • WR_the_realist

    Evergreen State has always been a haven for every brand of leftism, so the professors are reaping as they have sown.

  • Champagne Hangover

    This dude I used to date employed a lot of Black people (unskilled labor). He would be constantly stupefied at the moronic things they would do and say. When venting to his friend about how he just couldn’t understand such idiocy and ridiculousness the friend’s reply stuck with me all these years. He said, ‘A n*gger is just gonna be a n*gger’. This type of insanity reminds me that as much as I really don’t want that statement to be true, there’s a hell of a lot of truth to it. It’s time to accept it and move on. Appeasement, special treatment, etc. just makes them worse. The ones who are capable of rising above it already have.

  • A Wise Man

    One reaps what one sows. Beautiful karma. Once all the soft, leftist, self loathing whites are killed off by black animals it will leave only us left, and then those black animals who thought they were in charge for a little while will be in for a rude awakening.

    • GermanEngineered

      I agree. It seems inevitable that all White people, whether they be Alt Right, cuckservatives, or even leftists, will realize – non-whites want us all dead. This story, while unfortunate, is exactly what Whites need to see right now and understand, to say they want us all dead, is not an exaggeration.

      • A Wise Man

        Right. Survival is a competition, a fundamental concept that white leftists are in complete denial about. This leaves them ripe for exploitation by Jews, and easy targets of black and grown aggression. Our enemies can be said to be winning at the moment, but they are unwittingly sculpting a much harder and fiercer race of whites. I only hope there’s enough of us left when the time comes to fight the war to end all wars.

        • GermanEngineered

          Don’t consider “war” as the inevitability, my friend. We must do everything we can to avoid violence. Of course, if you have to defend yourself, you should – but we must consider fighting to be the absolute final option to save our race. Maybe you agree with me, I don’t know, but I just want to encourage you to see it that way.

          • A Wise Man

            Unfortunately I don’t see white genocide slowing down any time soon, and I think we are rapidly approaching a point of no return where we could have somewhat peacefully have turned this thing around. At there very most I would give it another ten to fifteen years of mass immigration until war will be inevitable.

          • spahnranch1969

            This is no time for faggotry. GTKRWN!

          • Cam

            Western Europe is on the verge of being overrun; will probably happen in the twenty years. Even with the primitive nature of the African, the sheer numbers point to inevitable attempts to overrun the Americas as well.

            The numbers are simply staggering and we’re going to need the robots. The robots offer a unique psychological advantage in the sense that, properly trained, they can simply be turned loose to hunt.

            That’s the future.

          • Robert Bruce

            Problem is that European men are pussies and are totally cucked like American white males. Can’t keep the women in line and now the Muslim men are going to show them how it is done(keeping the women in line). That is what you get when Western men worship pussy.

          • harman1

            I disagree.Whilst there are many of those you describe there is a polarisation not of left and right but right and wrong.Women dressed like prostitutes are treated as such,the pornographic sewer that is television is being switched off on an increasing scale.Our European Christian roots are breaking through the dross, the distinctions clearer.

          • Robert Bruce

            Trouble started with the hypersexualization of
            Western society. Sex is everything and men voluntarily became cucks to get laid, which played into the hands of feminists. Lord Acton said evil happens when good men do nothing. Men again got seduced by the thought of cheap sex, thus giving women all the sexual power. Feminism would have never gotten off the ground if men didn’t become pussy worshipers.

          • Smash Islamophobia

            Brave New World

        • harman1

          That time is near.

        • altright_sobriquet

          There is a complete asymmetry in the ability to wage modern warfare. Without industrial production and supply chains, Islamic countries are still in the 1600 and 1700’s, Africa still in the BC era. If civil war breaks out the world economy will collapse and regional conflicts will explode.

          The question may be what Eastern Europe, Russia, and China do. I think you would see Russia and Eastern Europe eventually aid their historical Western European allies. France and Russia have been aligned for 100’s of years. You could see Russian troops in the US.

          China has no experience projecting modern military power beyond its borders and is counterbalanced by Russian nukes. China also hates Islam – they’d likely go for a land and resource grab in Africa and South America.

      • A hymn to Hermes

        There are still race-blind leftists in South Africa. It’s not inevitable. Whatever transformation takes place in the future will have to be something we force. Nothing positive is going to happen naturally.

        • A Wise Man

          I agree. But I think the context of South Africa, e.g. being on the actual continent of Africa and being an extremely tiny minority is working against them. Even if whites do in fact become a minority in the USA there will still be two hundred million of us.

      • harman1

        There is an everlasting stream of (((the left))) calling for our genocide.If whites on the left wish to join them let them,they are no loss to our race.

    • Jack Burton

      Exactly, as white liberals like him and other faculty despise us and the South. He’s the same scumbag who is happy about Dresden, that the Confederacy was destroyed, and that the South was held at gunpoint by JFK and forced to integrate. I hope they choke on their own ethnomasochism.

    • spahnranch1969
    • Cam

      We’re certainly in a period of accelerated evolution, mostly driven by technological advance. Just takes awhile for minds to catch up, but ours are catching up it appears. ’bout time.

  • GermanEngineered

    Herbert Marcuse is looking down, “I told you this would happen.”
    To anyone who is White and not Alt Right, or at least not pro-White, take a good look at that story and ask yourself, what will happen when Whites are but a fraction of society. Do you think these non-white gremlins will actually spare you from a horrific fate because you were a “good diversity-preaching white person?” I think we all know the answer to that question.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      Funny point. Marcuse created a lot of this mess. But he was actually culturally conservative and openly mocked feminists.

      • GermanEngineered

        I think in a lot of ways, he was writing as a political scientist, and not about his own beliefs. He simply knew that at some point, the New Left would eat itself, and, as the headline aptly points out, it is.

      • RileyDeWiley

        He was a Marxist who ate every meal from bone china, served by (colored) waiters.

    • Chadwick D. Prestington

      I think a lot of the whites on the old left genuinely wanted to uplift the lower races and thought that it could be accomplished by passing enough laws and pushing cultural Marxism hard enough. I think that many of these people are actually potential converts because they are at least open to reason and evidence.

      I was on a train the other day and overheard a conversations between two strangers, a older white (maybe jewish) guy and a young black. The talk turned to racism and the white guy who apparently was a lawyer, said “I spent my whole career defending your people”. He was enriched with a vibrant impassioned speech, and I believe he learned a valuable lesson about striking up a conversation with a random Dindu on the train.

      • Ken

        possible for some outliers I think. I have dealt with these people. They leave reason at the door when it comes to their “religious” beliefs. It is scary, the cognitive dissonance, sometimes.

      • harman1

        At which point during his impassioned speech did the dindu attack him?

        • Chadwick D. Prestington

          The Dindu just screamed at him after the lawyer said ‘your people’ because that angered him, luckily there was no physical attack. The Dindu was middle-classish so less violent that usual but still not afraid to make a huge scene on a public train because some liberal Jewish lawyer said the wrong thing.

          • harman1

            Did the (((lawyer))) feel threatened??I certainly hope so!

    • Smash Islamophobia

      Yet (((he))) promoted ideas that inevitably led to this. He just wanted to jump off the Cultural Marxist train when it got to a certain point, but it’s not as if he designed it to have brakes.

      “Repressive Tolerance” is “no platforming.” It’s the same thing. He just wanted it to apply only to non-self hating White Europeans, not the Tribe.

  • Le Happy Pepe

    “As for Whitey, well, you can see for yourself that there were a lot of White students that joined in the events.”

    White or (((white)))? We do have to be careful to make the distinction here. In my experience, any “white” man that is still a leftist is overwhelmingly likely to be either jewish, gay, or both.

    • Ken

      Most definitely a SMALL and loud enough minority to support your suspicion.

    • spahnranch1969

      No jews would attend a shitty, low-end joke school like Evergreen State College.

      • Yehudah Finkelstein

        This. Jews take over elite Unis in every region. They even did this in the South with Emory and Vandy, and in St. Louis with Washington University.

        • listenupbub

          Vanderbuilt actually made it policy at one point to quadruple the Jewish student enrollment. Why? Don’t know.

          • Yehudah Finkelstein

            Money. Jews have it.

  • itzmatthias

    Total clown world. Give them an inch…

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    I would love to enter that Fray……

    Throw up a Roman Salute and say “White Power!”…….

    …..and see what the Snowflakes would do…….

    I’m sure I’m not alone here……


    • WHAT

      Nah, come on, you were dreaming of being a globalist Shlomo just the other day. You`d make that masonic triangle thing and say something like oy vey goyim what a nice happening you`ve got here I`m shvitzing all over.

      • ))) Depeche Europa (((

        Hey, Schlomo…….

        Disqus allows you here……

        But, Jews aren’t allowed in the Alt-Right…….

        Strictly for White Goys ONLY……..



        • WHAT

          Then why does altright allow Enoch Peinovichsteinberg, Shlomo? Or you?

      • ))) Depeche Europa (((

        No Homosexuals allowed either…….

        I know it hurts……..


        Troll on, Tzipi……

        • WHAT


          It`s you who`s trolling, Shlomo. Stop being coy!

  • Tyron Parsons

    Let me get this straight. A white President decides to use the Marxist “perception is truth” SJW crowd to take over the more rightish hard science portions of the curriculum and he does this by telling the Police to stand down as they “attack” an old liberal professor who takes a stand on race neutrality. Dude is almost accosted and has to leave the University grounds to teach his course in the park as the Orcs are not satisfied with the blood of the one trying to hold the line, and want more blood, so they go after the hand who fed them and now the wanna be revolutionary President of Evergreen is being held hostage cucking up everything to their Bolshevik demands including maybe his first born for fear of being branded a racist or worse, being killed because of the color of his white skin.


    Serves him right.

    This will go down as THE prime example of the absolute insanity that IS the left.

    • Damien Kalvin

      These are terrible things to see, perhaps I am not jaded.

    • Luke Mackay

      Exactly. A snake eating its tail.

    • Smash Islamophobia

      And even better, it’s a (((liberal))) professor. Unless they’re being even sneakier, and using this to shape the narrative to promote a (((Weinstein))) as a victim of the Far Left? Hmm…

  • Alfa158

    The primary objective of this university, if not all of them is to produce income for its staff. The welfare system most benefits the bureaucrats who run it, not the so-called beneficiaries. Evergreen benefits from the income generated from government grants, scholarships and student loans. From this revenue stream the professors and other staff get good salaries, pensions and job security in return for very little work. How much work are they even doing when there are no tests to grade?
    The biggest worry they have is not getting mau-maued in self-criticism sessions, it would be the college losing accreditation which would cut off the revenue flow.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      “How much work are they even doing when there are no tests to grade?”

      Unless they teach STEM or Bus/Econ, they spend Academic breaks doing the vital research on why white people suck.

    • Smash Islamophobia

      “The primary objective of this university, if not all of them is to produce income for its staff.”

      Though they have to provide jobs for those majoring in Gender Studies, Negroid Studies, and the like, too.

      • Alfa158

        Yes, the dream of all those useless majors is to get cushy university administration or teaching jobs and never leave, but those are becoming increasingly hard to come by. The administrative staffs are growing by leaps and bounds to provide openings, and so that the staffers can build little empires of underlings. However that has an upper limit we are approaching because of the cost burdens. All those people making good money and benefits are a huge overhead, so the cost of college has been growing by double digit percentages. I saw that one of the top level schools had a staff of 27 people in it’s diversity enforcement department.
        Based on my experience in real businesses, which by the way, pay less in salary and benefits than universities, that staff would eat a budget of six to eight million dollars a year. There is a tremendous amount of overhead and not all schools have huge endowments like Harvard, or big science and defense contracts like Berkeley’s Lawrence Livermore lab to help cover the costs. Compounding this, non-White students expect as their right to get full ride scholarships so the money has to come from the other students.
        This sort of thing is why college costs $50,000 to $100,000 dollars a year.
        Students taking these courses are piling up unsustainable debt so eventually a lot of these schools are going to start to fail.
        I would be happy if these people did stay in the university, but tragically many get positions in private companies or government where they do the real damage. If you go to any company, you will find that the human resource, community relations, communications. political action etc. departments are universally staffed with the shiltibs who majored in Negroid, Womyn and Peace studies and are now moving up the ladder, writing policy and procedures and directing who the companies make donations to.

  • Ghetto Tarzan

    The Jewish Golem turned on it’s creator.

    • harman1

      We must continue to point at and expose (((the creator))) though.

  • Chadwick D. Prestington

    A question I’d like to get some other opinions on…

    In my mind, there’s no doubt that having a white-dominated (ideally all-white) university system would be a huge boon to our people. It could be a place of learning and excellence, and would be much better than anything we could create by going off the grid (i.e. apprenticeships, online learning, homeschooling, etc). It could even be a place where future white families are formed, much as the universities of the pre-war era were.

    However, given that the laws prevent this, it seems our only option is to defund the existing system and let it collapse upon itself. But I can’t help but feel this is a loss for us… we built something that was the envy of the world, it was Dinduized, and now the cancer is so deep that the only option is total destruction.

    Am I missing something? Is there any potential for reform here?

    • What do these institutions have, of value, that we built, that will be lost?

      The physical buildings? The institutional memory? The books? Lab equipment?

      It may be that the academy, as it exists, is simply obsolete. Defunding would be fine and allow something else to take its place.

      Perhaps whites could start our own “non-traditional” institutions of learning and accreditation.

      • Chadwick D. Prestington

        Well, I grew up in a small town and going to college in 1996 was the first time in my life I was intellectually challenged. I wasn’t red-pilled back then but knew enough to stay clear of social-justice type classes and focus on my computer science studies. There was no way I could have gotten that education from my local community, in fact my family didn’t even own a PC at the time.

        The sad thing is that at one time, many Universities were truly excellent and contributed to developing and passing along white culture. Now they have been ruined and I think that is truly a loss for us and a tremendous victory for those who want whites to be uneducated, deracinated, and without a culture of our own.

        • The situation has changed quite a bit since that time. Everyone has access to the internet, thus everyone has access to all the libraries of the world. Their is no need for a central building with books anymore.

          Considering that the teachers that used to staff the universities are now likely to be anti-white and increasingly non-white, the college institution can no longer perform the mentoring function it once did.

          There is nothing stopping White people from forming a new kind of academy that fulfills the functions the current institution no longer does. One of my brother learned Greek and Latin from an old guy in the neighborhood, there is no reason we can’t teach the Western humanities to our children and grandchildren ourselves – we do not need the infrastructure we once did.

          For technical things, chemistry labs and mainframe computers and the like, the modern US universities still do an excellent job teaching STEM.

          Our problems are social (and economic) not technological. I’ve constantly harped on the need for pro-white people to start reforming the civil society institutions we lost to the TV. The former blogger MindWeapon spelled out a very good strategy for dealing with our economic problems and building resilient businesses.

          Unfortunately, our practical ideas have lost out to internet trolling, for now. But I expect once the younger set grows our of shitposting on twitter they will start looking for something of substance. After all, White women are not impressed with your five year long internet trolling career, but they are mighty impressed by the local business you run and the community dances your fraternity puts on ever summer.

          So once the younger crowd gets tired of masturbating to Japanese cartoon child pornography and starts getting serious about things, we’ve already shown the way forward.

          • Chadwick D. Prestington

            Great points as always.

    • harman1

      NONE at all!

  • Ofelas

    The Evergreen SJWs are advocating apartheid — isn’t this what the alt right advocates too? I feel like there should be some way to make common cause.

  • Ryan McDonald

    I’ll give these lunatics of the Left this … and it’s a lesson for us … they ARE successfully moving the Overton Window. Their normal crazy is beginning to look moderate. We need to insist on HARD right positions. Gas first ask questions later.

  • Johnny Fascismo

    The liberal arts professors get no sympathy from me. They have created a Frankenstein monster the rest of us have been dealing with for years. The beast can not rise up and slay it’s creator soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

  • WHAT

    Now where is the article about impending ecogeschaft suicides and entirely climate neutral rivers of leftoid tears? Where is Carbon Neutral himself, for that matter?

    Trump suddenly does what he promised, fucking Elon Musk is in fullmeltdown and AR is somehow silent.

  • White Sands

    Globalists Among Us – Gravediggers of the Irish Nation

  • Ike35

    The title should be “When liberal pets attack their owners”

  • Ah, I’d rather have Muslims occasionally crashing the parties of godless faggots, rebellious females and degenerate lolita pop stars than a nation ruled by genderqueer mulattos and with cities full of feral ghetto thugs who have probably raped more Aryan cunts and killed more Aryan cuckolds over the last few months than Muslim have over the last decade. (Let alone “right-wingers” who are only opposed to these degenerates because they’re not hard enough on Islamic “sexism”, Islamic “homophobia.” Everything’s just so disgusting.)

    • nunyabidnessfoo

      Islam certainly has attractive aspects but the baggage its adherents bring outweighs the positive.

  • Gem Leola

    I find the students to be as or even more obnoxious than el-presidente.
    Expel them for a full semester or two. They will appreciate affirmative action benefits they receive.

    Oh, and the language…. loud shouting of the f-bomb — intended to intimate, I guess. They should get out of the hood-speak and use formal linguistic standards. For their own sakes.

  • August Landmesser
  • Scott Schroeder

    You can’t be anti-white enough for the modern zealot of the Religion of Political Correctness. They’ve entered into a purity spiral. It reminds one of the Red Guard humiliating first gen Communists.

  • Scott Schroeder

    Tonto and the Lone Ranger are surrounded by hostile Indians. LR asks “What should we do now Tonto?” Tonto replies “What you mean ‘we’ white man?”

    The non-whites don’t need their white benefactors any more.

  • Damien Kalvin

    This is really unbelievable. I would go mad if I were there in mere seconds…

  • USA 1776

    Why not just establish ethnostates? Us Eurpoean peoples need our own society free from other racial parasites. We do not owe Africans anything, they should have their own country with complete freedom to turn it into a shithole which they would, no doubt.

    • Good idea, let’s do that. What’s our first step?

      • USA 1776

        Educate the public. The idea of ethnostates has to be mainstreamed as the solution to multi-culturalism. I think if people gave it conscious thought, they would want ethnostates.

  • Marathon-Youth

    There is an article in the American Spectator titled “The Fight Before the Greatest World War 11 Battle” . posted on 6/2/17.

    It is about a Hollywood movie on Churchill but many of the comments including mine, deal with that war including how inaccurate our history is.

    Suggest others to check that article read the comments and share your opinion

  • eigenverantwortlich

    amazing article. The Alt-Right is the truth! My god, what a degeneracy in the video! It is hard to watch.

  • David F. Strauss

    Technically, it’s known as The Evergreen State College and sometimes referred to as TESC in short.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    Can Righteous Jews ever be considered Honorary Whites??

    Probably not…….

    But, I can’t Hate on this Guy……..

    Even though he would Hate on the Alt-Right………given a chance………

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      It’s Jewing at its finest by the Prof. Race doesn’t matter! We’re all the same.

      The Alt Right should encourage more activities like this from minorities.

      They don’t want to be around white people, and we don’t want to be around them.

  • Let’em Crash

    I liked Les Purce. I’ll always remember his sincere smile and handshake at graduation.

  • Hitler 2

    These little bourgeois family quarrels are so tiresome.

  • Churchillian

    Let them wallow in their own excrement. Meanwhile we stick with our own. Apropos of nothing, I have been looking at bands with the best fashy haircuts from the 80s. Death in June looked good circa ’82. Warsaw and early Joy Division good. But Kirk Brandon consistently the fashiest haircut of all. Have a nice weekend all.

  • Martin


  • Martin

    On the 6th day God created the beasts of the field.

  • Churchillian

    Let them wallow in their own excrement. Meanwhile we stick with our own. Apropos of nothing, I have been looking at bands with the best fashy haircuts from the 80s. Death in June looked good circa ’82. Warsaw and early Joy Division good. But Kirk Brandon consistently the fashiest haircut of all. Have a nice weekend all.

  • John Locke

    He wants to make sure whites who built America and who were always its heart and soul are not relegated to second class citizens in the land of their forefathers.

    I’m pretty sure, as I have seen growing up after the 1965 Immigration Act, that this has already occurred. “White males need not apply” That is policy and upheld by the SCOTUS. Some of us have been aware for decades. It started slowly and became more evident as time passed. My ancestors that made this country and sacrificed would be up in arms if they were here today to see it.

  • DIMS

    That’s what can be expected since 2% of the US population is Jewish. If you mean by being smart, that they are networking much better within their own group than whites do, than I’d agree. The belief though, that Jews, or East Asians for that matter, are somehow more intelligent than Whites is hogwash, in my experience.

  • Smash Islamophobia

    It’s due far more to jewish privilege/ ethnic nepotism than to putative “high verbal IQ.”

    From (((Ron Unz))):

    Jewish privilege in Ivy admissions.

    Main point of the article:

    Relative to the population of high-achieving students of each race (National Merit Semifinalists), Asians and whites suffer about equal adverse effects from “affirmative action” (racial preferences). However, if the “white” category is broken down into Jews and non-Jews, the findings are startlingly different:

    “Consider the ratio of the recent 2007–2011 enrollment of Asian students at Harvard relative to their estimated share of America’s recent NMS semifinalists, a reasonable proxy for the high-ability college-age population, and compare this result to the corresponding figure for whites. The Asian ratio is 63 percent, slightly above the white ratio of 61 percent, with both these figures being considerably below parity due to the substantial presence of under-represented racial minorities such as blacks and Hispanics, foreign students, and students of unreported race.”

    If we separate out the Jewish students, their ratio turns out to be 435 percent, while the residual ratio for non-Jewish whites drops to just 28 percent, less than half of even the Asian figure. As a consequence, Asians appear under-represented relative to Jews by a factor of seven, while non-Jewish whites are by far the most under-represented group of all, despite any benefits benefits they might receive from athletic, legacy, or geographical distribution factors. The rest of the Ivy League tends to follow a similar pattern, with the overall Jewish ratio being 381 percent, the Asian figure at 62 percent, and the ratio for non-Jewish whites a low 35 percent, all relative to their number of high-ability college-age students.”

    This anti-white discrimination is, somehow, even less newsworthy than the discrimination against Asians. The primary beneficiaries of “affirmative action” (at least in the Ivies) are not blacks and Mexicans, but Jews.