Open Source and Nationalism

Making the right decisions concerning open source, and applying open source wisely, can be an entry point to fruitful contacts with anti-globalists around the world.

Nationalism is alive and growing in many forms, and as a consequence of that growth we must consider strategic choices, much as other major movements and organizations do. Our strategic choices mainly pertain to organisation and methodology, and no reason exists to try to change this or to discuss the topic of technology for technology’s sake, but one exception is evident: we need to choose a particular type of technology, whose case I will argue.

The technology of open source is, at present and in principle, a complete platform, amenable to usage in nearly all combinations and for all requirements, and which satisfies the highest requirements for functionality. The idea of open source is software which is in itself free of cost and transparent with regard to its source code and documentation, and whose originator’s business model is consultation regarding the software itself and its applications.

With open source, we can achieve control over our destiny in a fundamentally different way and on a higher plane. The media and other inimical organisations have already built their platforms, but we don’t have to copy them. On the contrary, we can learn from their mistakes and do better. Open source requires a higher level of competence for its development and use, but it is exactly that competence which we need and must seek out. Such competence and other high-level faculties are key to rolling back the enemy. Sheer necessity also drives us: no power transfer in history has occurred with compliance or consent of the entity being displaced. Power transfers happen because a more competent adversary makes sure to carry it out.

Furthermore, open source technology affords us control over our integrity and confidentiality. A whole subculture within the enemy’s ranks makes both a business case and a living out of persecuting individuals among those of us who hold unpalatable political opinions. It is hard to have faith in the willingness of large, software-based companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, or Facebook to truly oppose the enemy on an institutional level. When he comes calling for information about troublesome political malcontents, they are more than willing to comply, even offering information which has no connection to any sort of criminal activity.

But open source software for cryptography and security is also open with respect to its source code and functionality, and hence it can be tested by a collective of knowledgeable enthusiasts the world over. We can close and lock the door to the enemy in a completely different and robust way with open source of this variety, and the enemy can call on Microsoft or AT&T for assistance to no avail.

There is nothing as much fun as finding faults in what others have created, and this motivation gives open source great leverage in the process of bug correction and testing, providing a sort of leverage with which Microsoft, IBM, or anyone else can never contend when they assign their salaried workers to accomplish this. For those who are interested, Eric S Raymond’s book, The Cathedral and the Bazaar, is recommended reading.

Moreover, we can start up a new battlefront altogether – the front on which the war for our jobs and our wealth throughout all of Europe and the Occident is being fought. Jobs and wealth follow from competence, and a militant determination to obtain and develop that competence locally and in conflict with national and transnational organisations across the world. Part of what the enemy does to alienate and atomise us using globalisation as a weapon is to separate us from such important knowledge and skills. Their ultimate purpose is to turn us all into disposable and replaceable cogs in a machine, as identical to one another as lumps of sugar, and under the constant threat of being victimised by offshoring and outsourcing. Open source gives us the option to reserve such skills for our own local communities, in particular, software competence, so as to prevent large-scale job transfers out of the Occident which can take place with the stroke of a pen in a boardroom. Software competence is critical toward this end and is strategically important for our future. It would also be a wise idea for nationalists to be the ones to lead the struggle to keep our jobs here, in our own lands. We can expect greater and wider support for this effort as a tributary of the ideological mainstream.

Anyone is free to call me a visionary or an escapist, but my contention is that we have potential friends who we have simply failed to discover as of yet. Making the right decisions concerning open source, and applying open source wisely, can be an entry point to fruitful contacts with anti-globalists in China, Japan, and Korea. Public opinion in these countries, which are nowadays highly developed, holds a fair measure of scepticism against globalisation, a scepticism which is reflected in the high-level strategic choices of their software platforms. The People’s Republic of China has given political priority to the open source operating system Linux, which is rooted in UNIX. The Korean telecommunications corporation Samsung uses the Android operating system, which is derived from Linux. Which possibilities for collaboration currently exist are probably determined by the scope of our collective imagination, but it is up to us to take a chance on it, and favourable auspices are already in place considering that the Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese are as tired of globalisation as we are and equally sceptical of the idea that major decisions having ramifications for their wealth and daily lives should be taken behind the opaque doors of distant headquarters.

We do not face the media, government, Microsoft, IBM, or any of the others alone, and we can make sure they do not always get their way, as they have up to this point. We hold part of the solution in our own hands and brains if we can make use of open source wisely and strategically.

David Gellerman
the authorDavid Gellerman
David Gellerman is a long-time Swedish Nationalist with political roots in the movements of the early 90's. His interests run to writing and ideology, particularly Identitarianism. At present, he has no firm affiliation with any organizational entity, and in the absence of such, he likes to market mutual understanding, tolerance and a general ecumenical standpoint among Nationalists of all extractions.


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  • Multiculturalism is Not about Tolerance of Minorities. It is a Cancer that Demands Endless Demographic Imperialism until the Native Majority is Reduced to a Minority.

    Multiculturalism is like a cancer that keeps on metastasizing. It never stops. It grows bigger and bigger and demands more and more Diversity until the native host population is consumed and devoured by it.

    PC or Political Correctness is the mental virus that fools a people into seeing Multiculturalism as a magic cure than as the cancer that it really is.

    Those who ignore cancer because it begins as a small tumor doesn’t understand its true nature. Unlike a birthmark or mole that remains fixed in size, cancer cells tirelessly grow and spread, eventually to sicken and kill the person.

    Likewise, those who ignore multiculturalism as just some small thing fail to realize that it is a radical ideology designed to keep increasing foreign populations until the native folks are reduced to cowered and powerless minority.

    It is natural for a society to have minorities. That is not the problem. Every society has some minorities.

    However, multi-culturalism isn’t about humane tolerance of existing minorities. It is a radical ideology insisting that MORE minorities and foreigners must be added UNTIL the native majority is reduced to a minority and shamed and intimidated into obeisance.

    It is about immigration-invasion and destruction of native folks and culture.

    There is no negotiating with multi-culturalists. They will not accept any limits on the percentage of minorities. If a nation is 99% white and willing to accept multiculturalism until the nation is 90% white, multiculturalists will only insist on more diversity. If the white majority settles for a 80% white nation, that won’t be acceptable either. Indeed, the more you try to negotiate or compromise with multi-culturalists, the bolder and nastier they get. So, if you seek compromise for a nation that is to remain 60% white, the multi-culturalists will again say NO!

    Then 50%? 40%? 30%? No, the multi-culti process is radical & ravenous and continue with zeal even when whites become 10% or less of the original population.

    THAT is multiculturalism. It is a cancerous mechanism that never compromises and insatiably presses fore more conquest and concessions.

  • When white people uncover the ‘genetic code’ that makes white people special, i wonder whether they will open source it, which would effectively allow the rest of the world to do with our ‘genetic code’ what ever they see fit, including but not limited to finding ‘bugs’ in it that they could use against us, and using it to enhance themselves.

  • “Nationalism” without the world “White” in front of it as in White Nationalism is not good in the long run for Whites. A better term for conscious Whites would be Whiteism. In other words, Whites in all nations now face an existential and external enemy like never before–all non-Whites, whose very presence in our formally all White lands pose a danger of miscegenation and our being blended from White to Brown, Black, and Yellow. We MUST remain White and we MUST evolve along an exclusively White path.

  • Doesn’t seem like a really useful tactic to be honest. In reality, you should use whatever tool you’re most comfortable with. This war demands efficiency and if you’re most efficient with a mac, use a mac.

    Linux is great for servers and potentially running on our war robots that will be unleashed upon the mud races. Linux is really not well suited for personal use on a daily basis.

  • Nitpicking: “The Korean telecommunications corporation Samsung uses the Android operating system, which is derived from Linux.”

    Android may be technically open source but is entirely dominated by Google, which uses it as a surveillance platform. Samsung tried to develop an alternative, but it didn’t go anywhere. I agree with the overall thrust of this article, but Android is not a good example. Android is at least somewhat preferrable to iOS in that you at least know what data collection goes on (assuming you have the time to review the code).

    But what we should be aiming for is a totally open platform, which is what Mencius Moldbug/Curtis Yarvin is going for with Urbit:

    I highly suggest that people pay attention to that, as it aims to displace Facebook and Twitter. Other worthy efforts that people are probably already aware of are,, and (these aren’t really open source).

  • Can someone give me a quick rundown as to what this guy is on about?
    t. software engineer with open source contributions.
    Is it, “there are global and (somehow) white nationalist consequences to not using Microsoft or Apple’?

    • As I stated above, MS and Apple (and big tech in general) import thousands of Indian and Asian engineers to the US to build their technology. They are nepotistic and come from the highest part of their races’ IQ distribution which makes them far more threatening to whites than the dimwitted local minorities we’re used to dealing with.

      Further, these companies have internal corporate cultures that are at the bleeding edge of anti-whiteness, where whites are held to excruciating performance standards while nearly illiterate token black females are given engineering positions and told they’re “badass” for making the cut in such a white-dominated world. Any white who speaks up in the slightest is quickly dismissed.

      Finally, their profits are used to fund all sorts of ridiculous social justice causes, from the fairly harmless Google ‘doodles’ on Black History Month to Bill Gates’ global civilization destroying quest to drastically increase the population of Africa.

      These companies are the worst of the worst and should be undermined at every opportunity.

  • Extreme times call for powerful personalities.

    The threat that Europe faces is the greatest ever. Past wars and repressions were horrible, but WWI and WWII were still about white Europe. So, even after millions died, it was the same white Europe. And as bad as communism was, it didn’t change the demographics in most commie nations.

    But now, it is different. Not only is Europe being colonized physically by foreign masses but European minds have been PC-colonized to ‘welcome’ this as a good thing.

    We need a new set of leaders and rulers who can eradicate the mental virus from European minds and purge them of this ‘guilt’ and ‘fever’. Indeed, the task is daunting because whites welcome mass invasion not only out of ‘white guilt’ but because of ‘afro-fever’, aka jungle fever. European women are turning into sexual deserters who are offering their wombs to millions of African men who are storming the beaches of Europe. As African birthrate is 6 or 7 children per women and since EU has a policy of ‘saving’ millions of self-stranded Negroes in the sea, the demographic and sexual math for Europe is horrible.

    White minds are colonized by Jewish PC, white lands are colonized by Third World mobs, white males bodies are brutalized by stronger Negro men, and white females’ wombs are colonized by Negro seeds. It is White Nakba.

    In Jewish history, there were two kinds of cleansers: prophets and warriors. Prophets cleansed Jewish minds of the virus of pagan idolatry and reminded them of the Covenant with God. And the warriors took up arms to do battle with enemies of Jews. (The third kind of Jews were diplomats who used wit and cunning to seek an understanding with rivals, enemies, or overlords of Jews.)

    Anyway, unless warriors have vision and conviction, they are mere mercenaries. In order for white knights to rise, white souls must be cleansed and purged of the PC virus of guilt-and-fever.

    It’s like Islam has two meanings of ‘Jihad’. One means to do physical combat against infidel, but there is another meaning that says souls must be cleansed of infidel ideas and images.

    In the present, even if great white leaders were to rise, majority of white masses will curse them and denounce them since their minds have been infected with the crazy idea that ‘racism’ is the greatest sin when, in fact, race-ism is the noblest creed.

  • Open sourcing and crowd sourcing are basically two different forms of the same thing. Let’s crowd source the jews into ovens and the niggers back to the Congo.

  • I’m using Ubuntu also and its pretty good, but I don’t like the name which means “humanity towards others” in some african language and that makes it very kumbaya. Is there a more huwhite distribution of linux?

    • I doubt any are fashy, but there are a lot to choose from. Maybe Mint? It’s pretty. Debian is ‘upstream’ from Ubuntu so it mostly works the same, though with less polish. There’s Fedora, too, or even CentOS. Hrm – since you have to ask I assume you’re new to the whole thing. OpenSUSE? Anyone else have suggestions? But if I were you I’d just ignore the name and go with Ubuntu. It’s got by far the largest user base, so there’s more help and experience for it than for any other distribution, and you’ll probably be glad of it.

    • Just use Ubuntu. See my comments above about the problem Big Tech companies pose. If anything, a system build entirely by the higher races being named in honor of the Bantu is quite funny.

    • If you want to be hardcore you could try Arch Linux or Slackware (no hand-holding, get ready to edit text files to connect to wifi). Ubuntu is a modification of Debian so that’s also a possibility. There are a lot of Linux distros. You could also check out the BSDs. (Are pufferfish huwhite?)

      But really it’s kinda anal to get hung up on the name. You aren’t actually giving them any money, so what does it matter?

      • I’ve been using Ubuntu for years and I love it, much better then Windows. Also tried other distros, Mint, Lubuntu etc. I guess I’ll stick to Ubuntu then, its made by blacks, just like the pyramids. What’s pufferfish huwhite?

    • Try CentOS. Its the open source equivalent of Red Hat. Its by far my favorite operating system

  • “With open source, we can achieve control over our destiny in a fundamentally different way and on a higher plane”
    If Nationalism includes “control of our destiny” then the problem is too great for this technology and requires some fundamentally new concepts of wealth management which we do not have now.
    I have my own opinions on such new concepts but they would take away from what David is presenting in this article

    • Our problems are social, not technological. In fact, the problems with “open source” are themselves social, not technological.

      I’m computer literate enough to be able to use linux, and anyone so inclined I’d suggest they do for all sorts of reasons. But it’s completely orthogonal to the pro-white movement.

      What we need is more people using Bob Whitaker’s White Mantra talking points unabashedly in public. When we reach a critical mass of White people using the term “anti-white” we will have already won.

  • Open Source suffers from the same problems as Universal Morality. Only Whites practice Universal Morality, while everyone else pays lip service and practices Tribalism. Open Source still has Duh-versity bullshit like “Color Coders.” Whites, who built Silicon Valley, are supposed to fund non-White “coding camps” for Negroes and Mestizos, especially females. Why? Duh-versity.

    The autism of Universal Morality also comes into play when morally policing Whites. The same pathological Whites who scream “racist” because Whites point out they’re being raped are forcing Whites out of the technology we created. This is where I discovered Milo Yiannopoulos over a year and a half ago. He was exposing the SJWs ruining the tech industry.

    Whites, in particular White men the creators of the modern world, are being chased out of tech by the government. If Whites are not writing our laws and interpreting our laws (the Supreme Court is Jewish and POC) then anything we create will be stolen just like in the Book of Ester.

    Open Source is just another tool. If we’re not blowing up the system and ruining the lives of Cucks, Jews, Muslims, and POCs then there’s no point in using it.

    • “Open Source is just another tool.”

      Yep. I think the point was that it’s better to use open source code that we have some control over, or can at least see what’s going on, versus paying a multinational corporation which is actively undermining Whites. Nobody said it’s perfect, just that it’s better than the alternative.

      On a more abstract level, you’re right in that open source is an example of the “tragedy of the commons” that works in a White society but not anywhere else. Only Whites could ever have conceived of the concept, because only Whites have Christian-influenced ideas of knowledge for its own sake, without regard to monetary benefit.

      It may be that we have to abandon the idealistic concept of free knowledge sharing, because Jews and Asians take advantage of it. But let’s mourn the loss of that ideal, rather than dismissing it as autism.

    • Isn’t Weev building neural-nets for racial recognition?

      The first step, or one of the first steps, for the robots to take on the niggers, would be a system capable of automatic racial recognition. Robot machine vision spots human. Robot machine vision determines race of human to be negro. Robot moves to war mode, vaporizes target, leaving nothing but a pile of gray dust. Easy as 1,2,3.

      I’ve always thought that niggers must be scared shitless of robots. You could probably herd a pack of niggers with a little remote-controlled RC toy monster truck.

      • Yes. I suggested that facial recognition is not necessary. When I served in military we worked with multi- and hyperspectral imagery. We would use satellites and planes to identify molecular compositions based on spectral signature. Translation: every atom and molecule reflects a particular spectrum of light like a mirror. This is why some objects look white under a black light. We would be able to tell where camouflage was made because we could identify the ink from high orbit.

        How does this help Whites?


        We don’t need facial recognition. We just need hyperspectral optics.

          • Ken, you’re not familiar with the subject. Weev is building racial recognition using facial features. Go learn something.

        • Very interesting.

          However, it seems like that would require specialized equipment that’s likely expensive and rare. Might be hard to make use of these for general-purpose robotic solutions.

          With Weev’s open-source neural nets, every-day cameras, assuming a certain resolution, should be able to precisely identify the race of any human being detected.

          Considering the explosion of African population, and their inevitable attempts to overrun us, we’re definitely going to need the robots.

    • “Universal morality” doesn’t mean that we have the same obligations to everyone universally. We are nationalists because we are united by a common ancestry. So it relies on the truth (if group x has a common ancestry then then group x is united). To deny universal morality is to deny universal truth, which is self defeating.

    • Some years ago I did try to make a move to open source… it wasn’t successful so I kept going with windows.

      The problem is that open source Operating Systems have such a small variety of programs that can work with them and these programs tend to be low quality by comparison to other ones, like open office with Microsoft Office, that makes the move not worth. In the end you limit yourself to a platform that whatever you can find in it, it can be used everywhere else and… it appears archaic.

      The term Ubuntu is quite accurate as the end result is something that came out of Africa… and it wasn’t the king of Zamunda!

      • If you go with Linux and Ubuntu, you’ll find all the programs you need, utilities, office and other. It’s mostly computer games that don’t interoperate. If you play that much computer games, then, honestly, you ought to rethink somewhat. Installation and upkeep of open is easier is than ever.

          • The Linux world is much better now than it used to be, and Windows is becoming worse with every update. It’s a pretty good time to try making the switch. I have a Windows system for certain tasks and a Linux one for other tasks. Old computers make good Linux test systems.

        • Autodesk programs run on Windows and Windows only. I wish this wasn’t true, but it is.

          ESRI the same.
          Bentley same.
          Prolly a bunch of applications that don’t run on Linux.

          I’d move to Linux if I could, but I can’t.

          • You can do a dual-boot where Ubuntu and Windows live on the same system. I keep my old Windows around this way when I want to run an app or play a game that isn’t on Linux.

        • +1 can confirm. I recently moved my home PC to Ubuntu and everything works out of the box – even my obscure USB micro wifi dongle I use instead of an ethernet cable. The last time I tried Linux was 10 years ago with Mandrake, the progress has been amazing and it’s so much easier to migrate today.

        • OMG anti-gamer raysizms.

          There are plenty of games on Linux these days. SteamOS is Linux-based, and you have RetroArch that let’s you play basically every console and arcade game made before 2000.

    • Microsoft imports thousands upon thousands of Indian and Asian technology workers to the US. Using their products financially supports this displacement. Ubuntu does not, so as far as I’m concerned they can change its name to DinduOS and I’ll still use it.

      • Exactly. You move to ever higher echelons of clear thinking everytime I read one of your posts, Chadwick D. Prestington.

        We defund the enemy and the job relocators everywhere by going open, plus the companies and jobs that WE build on open source aren’t going anywhere.

        • Haha, thanks. I forgot to mention that Billy Gates spends these ill-gotten monies on ‘uplifting’ Africa, so that instead of having 12 children, 8 of whom survive, they can simply have 8 children, all of whom survive. Great success.

      • I agree, Canonical (company that develops Ubuntu) is trying their best to compete in a less hyper-shekel driven way with giants like Microsoft and Apple. The founder Mark Shuttleworth is White (obviously). The Ubuntu branding is basically just a marketing ploy aimed at SWPL.

    • The Open Source world is indeed awash in Leftism, but dig deeper. Ubuntu is a commercial front for the noncommercial Debian. Debian’s developers are not committed Leftists but merely default Leftists. Almost none of them is an SJW. At bottom, they are apolitical nerds.

      What they are fanatical about is not Leftism but the principles of Open Source. The typical Debian developer would be most displeased to learn that Debian inadvertently (or, worse, purposely) impeded an Alt Rightist’s free use of the system.

      Debian even has a smattering of Alt Right developers. Debian does not purge them. As I said, at bottom, Debian is apolitical — and since Debian is arguably the heart of Open Source, this means that, at bottom, Open Source is apolitical. Leftist, yes: hard Leftist, but mostly only by default. At bottom, it really is mostly apolitical.

      Some may remember that the Debian Project did boot one proto-Alt Right developer in 2006, but this is because the developer in question had played an elaborate prank in which he caused the rumor to spread that the attractive female executive HP had sent to Debian’s annual conference was a hooker.

      I realize that my point will not fit understandable Alt Right preconceptions of the matter, but it does fit the actual facts, to the extent to which one is actually familiar with the relevant facts. Open Source is not the foe. Microsoft, Apple and Google, on the other hand, are indeed the foe, at least to a degree.

      You’re all used to SJWs being so persistent and insidious. Open Source developers are, as a rule, politically hapless and clueless. It’s just not the same thing.

      David Gellerman is right, and what he is saying is important. Open Source provides a path forward for the Alt Right that no other kind of software does.

      And remember that Mencius Moldbug was an Open Source developer. This was not an accident. No, Gellerman is quite right. Open Source is very, very much the way to go.

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