The Birth Of Arktos And Its Role In The Alt-Right

Some of the books published by Arktos in the current year.

How did this occur? Charles Lyons had a brief discussion with Daniel Friberg, Tor Westman and Jason Reza Jorjani about how this happened.

This interview was conducted with the managerial staff of Arktos, Daniel Friberg, Tor Westman and Jason Reza Jorjani, in May 2017.

To start with, please tell us a bit about how Arktos came to be.

Daniel: It all started with four people from my Scandinavian, New Right think-tank ”Motpol”, getting together in Aarhus, Denmark, in November 2009, for a meeting about starting up a new publishing company. I had previously been running a successful Swedish publishing house called ”Nordic Publishing” for seven years, but me, as well as the three other participants, felt it was time to do something bigger, with a wider scope than just catering to Swedish readers. Hence this meeting, between me, Jacob, Patrick and Tord — one Swede, two Danes and one Norwegian, all writers at Motpol, and all eager to create something bigger. Jacob and Patrick had previously started the fairly small traditionalist publishing company Integral Tradition Publishing Ltd and were already running a small office out of a Hare Krishna base in Mumbai, India, for that purpose, where John B. Morgan was working.

Daniel Friberg, CEO and co-founder of Arktos.

During that weekend, Arktos was born. We came up with the name, the logotype, and the general direction we were about to take. We also managed to bring an important Swedish investor on board in the coming weeks, also from the Motpol think-tank. After that, we got started on our aggressive investment strategy where we acquired the rights to the most important books by Guillaume Faye and Alain de Benoist right from the start, effectively monopolizing the most important New Right works shortly after founding the company.

Is it true that you started the company in India? How so?

Daniel: Not at all. We founded the company in Denmark in 2009, and I was working from Sweden, parallel with my regular job as a management consultant, during our entire first year. I constructed our first online store from my apartment in Sweden during my spare evenings after work in the first four months of 2010.

The main reason our first main office was located in India is that we a couple of months after founding Arktos purchased and absorbed the company Integral Tradition Publishing Ltd, which was already based in India, with two full-time employees, one of which left the company on amicable terms shortly thereafter. But nevertheless, we already had some sort of base there, including John B. Morgan who was the editor-in-chief of ITP, and therefore I saw it pertinent to relocate there together with a Swedish colleague to try to forge the former ITP office into a professional operation for Arktos. I, therefore, together with a Swedish friend, moved to Mumbai in January 2011, where I met John B. Morgan for the first time, who was at that time the editor-in-chief of Arktos and remained so until Summer 2016 when he was replaced with Jason Reza Jorjani.

It was quite an adventure operating out of a Third World country, but we managed very well in spite of this and although working for meagre wages (around 1.5 USD per hour) managed to turn a very small company into a serious publishing operation in the time-span of three years. After that, I personally had enough of the Third World and decided to move our main operations back to our own civilisation, Europe, in early 2014.

What was your initial business strategy that set you apart from other publishing houses started at the same time?

Daniel: Aggressive investments, funded by our own money, a keen sense of what ideas are needed in the Anglo-Saxon World and the West in general, and a general knowledge of which authors are most important. Combined with a strictly business-oriented model of our company, never relying on (or even asking for) any donations, but instead making sure to create a steady cash flow as quickly as possible.

When did your most important breakthrough occur? Please tell me and the readers about that.

Tor Westman, Marketing Chief of Arktos since 2014.

Daniel: I would say that was in 2014 when I hired Tor Westman and taught him to take over many of my previous tasks. Up until then, I had done the layout of all of our books myself (which amounted to around 70 at the time), managed our website, taking care of most of our marketing, and so forth. Now I had finally found someone who could replace me in those functions — and in some cases even do it better. *Laughs* This freed up a lot of time for me so that I could spend more time on translating, editing and writing. This resulted in not only my Swedish translation of Michael O’Meara’s New Culture, New Right, but also in several new important book projects co-written or edited by me, as well as my own first political work, The Real Right Returns. All of this would have been impossible without getting Tor on board. Besides, Tor is a fast learner and extremely productive. Getting him to join our core team was definitely the key factor in taking Arktos to the next level.

And how did it happen that you, Tor, started working for Arktos? Have you ever regretted it? 

Tor: Absolutely not. Working full-time for our cause has been my main ambition since my early teens.

I got to know Daniel around 2007, after following several of his projects – which I would say were the most impressive in Sweden at the time – and started helping out on a project basis. There was something about Motpol and Nordiska förlaget (“Nordic Publishing”) and its surrounding projects that gave me the sense that the people behind it were heading in the right direction, which turned out to be true.

In the spring of 2014, I was offered through one of the shareholders to start working full-time for Arktos. The decision was easy.

What do you identify as your primary success factors?

Daniel: Hard work, idealism, and a keen business sense.

Jason: Also, our time has come.

How many books have you published so far, and how are your financial development and sales?

Tor: We have published 137 books so far, in 14 different languages. And our productivity has increased immensely in the past year, making it likely we will reach 180 unique titles before the end of 2017.

How many people are currently working for Arktos?

Daniel: We have three full-time employees — me, our Marketing Chief Tor Westman and our Editor-in-Chief Jason Reza Jorjani. Apart from us, we have roughly 26 translators, editors, proofreaders and graphic designers and artists working for us on a project basis, many of them full-time. So we would say nearly 30 people in total, all over the World.

What do you foresee for the future, and which are currently your most important projects?

Daniel: When it comes to our most important projects, we are currently translating and publishing Alain de Benoist’s magnum opus, ”View from the Right”, in three volumes, with the first volume coming out very soon. Apart from that, we continue to publish books by Guillaume Faye in a more rapid pace than ever before, with two new titles by him coming out in 2017. And then we, of course, have Alexander Dugin, one of our most popular authors, of whom we have five exciting new projects in the pipeline, where at least three should be possible to publish this year. We are also currently working on two new books by Julius Evola and a whole arsenal of quality manuscripts from both new and old talents. Not to mention the continuous translation of our key English titles into other European languages, like Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian, German and French.

Dr. Jason Reza Jorjani, Editor-in-Chief of Arktos since 2016.

Jason: In addition to consolidating our standing as the leading publisher of the AltRight, a movement that is only expected to grow throughout the West, we foresee an expansion eastwards into the broader Indo-European world. Within the next couple of years, we plan to begin issuing translations of texts by leading intellectuals in the Iranian Renaissance movement. This is an Indo-European Identitarian metapolitical movement that aims at bringing about a cultural revolution in Greater Iran on the basis of the Pre-Islamic Aryan heritage of the Persians and other Iranian peoples. Ultimately, I foresee Arktos becoming something akin to the 18th century Republic of Letters, but on a global scale. The intellectuals whose writings we publish today will be looked back on as the vanguard of a paradigm shift not only in politics but also in the sciences and the arts. Arktos is more than a publishing house. It is the nerve centre for a worldwide network of anti-establishment thought.

A small selection of the 137 books published by Arktos to date.

What are your editorial policies? How do you go about getting anything published with Arktos?

Jason: We are of course looking for the highest quality texts, in terms of their depth of reflection, their elegance and sophistication, as well as their relevance to the Identitarian metapolitical struggle. These need not only be explicitly political or sociological texts. We are as interested in revolutionary scientific writings that challenge the reductive materialism of the modern world as we are in fiction that envisions or inspires a future re-rooted in our living Indo-European tradition.

What are your primary marketing strategies? Obviously, you sell more books than any other publisher in our circles, so please tell us your secrets!

Tor: Our primary marketing channels are 1) reviews in friendly inclined newspapers and magazines, 2) our own quite popular newsletter, 3) our own websites, and finally 4) speeches and interviews in various podcasts from our many authors. Only a very small portion of our marketing budget is spent on advertising, due to empirical reasons.

Any closing words?

Daniel: We have experienced a steady growth since the start, which is only increasing percentage-wise with every year, especially in the past twelve months. I, therefore, see a very bright future for us.

Jason: I believe Arktos is destined to play a key role in the redemption and revitalization of the Indo-European Tradition.

Tor: If you haven’t done so already, please make sure to visit our website at, to read more about us, our company, our authors and our books. You are bound to find something that interests you.

  • Sieg oder Tod

    Love Arktos, they just really need to reprint Pagan Imperialism by Evola!

    • Neoptolemos

      Strongly agree. One of Evola’s greatest works.

    • We have tried that as well. But we also don’t want to direct-compete through dual translations, and at the moment Gornahoor has a brand new edition of Pagan Imperialism coming out. For us, the most important thing is that these books become available, not necessarily who ultimately publishes them.

      • Lt. Drebin

        Could you please tell me, is that a new edition of Gornahoor’s translation of Evola’s completely rewritten (I’ve read) German version of Pagan Imperialism, or a translation of the original Italian version? Thanks so much.

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    Cue the Anti Duginists….

  • Yehudah Finkelstein

    “In addition to consolidating our standing as the leading publisher of the AltRight, a movement that is only expected to grow throughout the West, we foresee an expansion eastwards into the broader Indo-European world. Within the next couple of years, we plan to begin issuing translations of texts by leading intellectuals in the Iranian Renaissance movement. This is an Indo-European Identitarian metapolitical movement that aims at bringing about a cultural revolution in Greater Iran on the basis of the Pre-Islamic Aryan heritage of the Persians and other Iranian peoples.”

    Sorry Jason, your cause in Iran is separate from that of the Alt Right. I don’t care if you choose to use Arktos for Persocentric books, but don’t expect many of us on the Alt Right to embrace or care about the Iranian Renaissance. The Alt Right is about White Advocacy. Furthermore, I question the value of bringing about a “cultural revolution” in Iran. Iran is about as moderate and restrained on the world stage as an Islamic society can be.

    • Lawrence

      Are we not finished cucking? The rejection of cucking for jewish ethnic interests is the greatest accomplishement and asset of the alt right, only to then be substituted for the cucking of another middle eastern ethny? So strange, and sad to see this development. The weeds of “the white mans burden” must have deep roots in our racial conciousness. They must be fully weeded out for us to ever get healthy again.

  • ))) Depeche Europa (((

    I am Neck Deep in the Struggle……..

    I pray to My Ancestors for Strength each Morning as I set out…….

    I summon the Unknown Capacity from my European Genetic Well each day…………

    And somehow my Strength Grows…….

    ……as the Black Waters Rise around me……….

    And the Light that Exists within the AltRight…….

    What an Amazing Group of People…….

    When this reaches the Broader White Upper/Middle Classes……..


  • Martin

    What iranian intellectuals has to say about pre-islamic revolution, how and why it came about, and how their thoughts are on getting shall we say “back in prime”, etc, is something I look forward to reading. My assumption is it bears many similarities with the european – temporary – decline and that one can learn something from it.

  • Neoptolemos

    Arktos books changed my life. I eagerly await Alain de Benoist’s View from the Right.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      How about some reprints of Carl Schmitt, like Political Theology? You can’t find those anywhere but University libraries.

      • Carl Schmitt is certainly on our long, and growing list, of authors and titles we want to publish in the future. It is however too early to provide any set time-frames.

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      We need to claim the term New Right from vacuous faggots like Cernovich. It might even be worth rebranding to “New Right” from Alt Right, since so many of our antecedents are in French Nouvelle Droite.

      • Johnny Fascismo

        Isn’t this essentially what Greg Johnson tried to do with the “North American New Right”? Alt-Right is just the term that stuck.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          Maybe, but Grindr Greg is an insufferable dickhead who lives off Protease Inhibitors. We could just use New Right and Alt Right interchangably. It would piss off the Civic Nationalists just like our appropriation of Pepe, Milk, and rainbow flags pissed off normies.

  • Briacula

    We need more Kindle e-book versions of Evola! The editions floating around the web of Men Among the Ruins, The Path of Cinnabar, and Ride the Tiger, etc, are all PDF scans or crappy text dumps. Can we hope for this in the future?

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      People read e books?

      • Yes, people actually do. And to answer the previous comment: Most of our books are already available in multiple e-book formats (most often Kindle), and our goal is to make each and every title available as e-books in the foreseeable future.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          It was just a joke. I’m a fossil and prefer actual hard copies so I can annotate with margin notes and post its.

      • Johnny Fascismo

        I did once. Didn’t like it to be perfectly honest.

  • Will Windsor

    Would love to see Arktos publish an english translation of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together

  • Johnny Fascismo

    Any hopes of any of Pino Rauti’s books being translated into English by Arktos. I would love to see that happen.

    Salut on recently publishing The Future of the Intelligentsia & for a French Awakening by Charles Maurras. I look forward to reading that soon.

    • Dominique Nuit

      I would like to see more authors of the French Right from the inter-war era, in particular Drieu La Rochelle (literary fiction & otherwise). Also, from recent times, Raspail’s “Sire”

  • Pro White Kevin

    Great stuff!

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  • Ingoldo

    And now even us uninitiated know, why the relative memory-holeing of John Morgan in this interview: Just what doctor ordered . more movement drama…

    • What memory hole? This is a factually accurate story of how Arktos was founded — and I dare anyone to come forth and challenge my account of the events.

      John Morgan was never one of the founders, which everyone involved in Arktos knows. He became an *employee* months after we founded the company. That is why he never owned more than 1.5% of the shares in the company, unlike the people founding the company who all made heavy investments. Some years later we ended John Morgans employment. End of story. That he claimed that he was a “co-founder” in a speech does not make it true.

      • Ingoldo

        That’s why I made sure I included the word “relative” – Over the years I perhaps vaguely recall that I used to read/hear somewhat different accounts, which may or may have not been truthful, but still were secondary accounts of the events you were an active participant of.
        Still, there appears to be something rotten in the state of New/Alt/WN Right, unfortunately.

  • Karl

    It’s somewhat ironic that currently, the only way to purchase Arktos ebooks seems to be through Amazon, and the only way to read those ebooks is by way of Amazon’s Kindle (recall the “1984” remote-wipe incident). Are there any plans at all to become Bezos-free at some point in the future?

  • Lt. Drebin

    Mr. Friberg, will english translations of Evola’s “Sintesi di dottrina della razza” (or his German version of this work), and “Il mito del sangue”, be available in the foreseeable future?
    Any plans on bringing the work of Edgar Julius Jung into English (at least at a reasonable price), or Junger’s political essays from the 1920’s?
    Thank you so much for your work, your books have had a huge impact on my life.

  • Halford Mackinder

    I think having some of these European New Right texts available to Anglophones in the US will really help to plug some of the gaps and misunderstandings between New Right/Alt Right. Hail Mr. Friberg

  • William Rebel

    Would love to see Arktos publish any of George Fitzhugh’s books, which I believe are in the public domain now.

  • August Landmesser
  • August Landmesser
  • August Landmesser
  • August Landmesser
  • August Landmesser
  • Hitler 2

    Less talk, more Evola!

  • Maybe. We will look into it.

  • Maximus

    Im fully aware about your hard work, dedication and sacrifice for the ethnic cause and everlasting culture and heritage, that is why I and so many others respect you so much but I do envy you in a way. You have radical right-wing, national revolutionary conservatism as a full time job! That is a profession that pleases the Gods in Mount Olympus!

    Our time is here and now! Bless you Fratello!