Dey Wuz NOT Kangz!

We wuz kings of Egypt while whiteys were livin in da caves.

We Wuz Kangz! It is a meme that we have all used 100’s of times. It comes from the Black Egyptian hypothesis, which was based on a bunch pseudo-intellectual leftist people claiming that Ancient Egypt, without any real proof, was founded and cultivated by Black Africans. We are supposed to believe that a group of people that did not have a written language, no building over two stories high, or how to harness the power of the wheel, suddenly overcame some of the lowest average IQ’s ever recorded, and built one of the greatest and most complex civilizations in human history. Seem plausible? I did not think so.

We’ve had overwhelming evidence to the contrary throughout most of recorded history. Any evidence that contradicts this hard evidence in favor of the Black Egyptian hypothesis is usually from the later dynastical periods when the Black Nubians started to invade, or from anecdotal stories from historians describing what the “Egyptians” looked like at that time in the last centuries of Ancient Egyptian history, well after documented race mixing had already begun.

“Nordic Nobility in ancient Egypt: above left, Yuya, Egyptian nobleman from 1400 BC, father of Tiy, the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Yuya’s blond hair and Nordic facial structure have been well preserved by the embalming process; Alongside, his equally blond haired wife, Thuya, great grandmother of Tutankhamen.”-March of the Titans

You see, the problem with the Black Egyptian hypothesis is that is has been used by the people who hate us to deconstruct, deracinate, humiliate, and disparage us. The story basically breaks down as such: Blacks invented Western Civilization and then those evil Whites came swooping in as per usual and stole it all and then took all the credit. In other words, Whites have always been the amoral bad guys in history. This has been a vicious methodology that has been used as a tool to dehumanize and justify committing acts of violence on us. I have heard this insane propaganda in one form or another all my life.

Some of the best hard evidence in our favor was from the Authur Kemp called, March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race. It is truly a red-pilling historical work as most of you already know. In March of the Titans, the author details with a large amount of verifiable evidence that Ancient Egyptians were White. Of course, the chattering classes and the (((media))) would not allow this scientific evidence to go unsullied. You don’t want those goys getting all uppity!

Excerpt from the prologue of March of the Titans:

“If the society which has produced a particular civilization stays intact as a racially homogeneous unit, then that civilization remains active. If, however, the society within any particular given area changes its racial makeup—through invasion, immigration, or any decline in numbers—then the civilization which that society has produced will disappear with them, to be replaced by a new civilization reflecting the new inhabitants of that territory.

“The lesson is clear: a civilization will remain intact as long as its creating race remains in existence. This applies to all races equally—white, black, Mongolian or any other. As long as a civilization’s founding race maintains its territorial integrity and does not use large numbers of any other alien race to do its labor, that civilization will remain in existence.

“If a civilization allows large numbers of racial aliens into its midst (most often as laborers) and then integrates with those newcomers, that civilization will change to reflect the new racial makeup of the population.

“Any civilization—be it white, black, Asian, or Aboriginal—stands or falls by the homogeneity of its population, and nothing else. As soon as a society loses its homogeneity, the nature of that society changes. This simple fact, often ignored by historians, provides the key to understanding the rise and fall of all civilizations, irrespective of race.”

Now, we have undeniable scientific evidence that Ancient Egyptians were more closely related to Europeans and not Sub-Saharan Negroids. In fact, they are not even closely related to the so-called “Modern Egyptians”. It is astounding, to say the least. And after reading the prologue above, we now know what their fate really was, and why it is a fate that we must absolutely avoid.

It is obvious to anyone who is objective that Whites are the Alpha and Omega of civilization; the debate is over and has been for quite some time. This Ancient Egyptian controversy has been a long arduous battle that we must never forget. Our enemies have for the longest time tried to say that we are not a people, merely a social construct, and “Whites” do not really exist. But as we can see, history just became so much Whiter thanks to our very own scientific method and Aristotelian logic. Game, set, match! Commence the deafening silence.

Abu Simbel is a temple complex, originally cut into a solid rock cliff, in southern Egypt and located at the second cataract of the Nile River.


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  • The latest genetic studies firmly place the ancient Egyptians into the “Southwest Asian/Meditteranean” categories. They painted themselves as heavily tanned, which makes sense considering where they lived. It’s not fair to call them “white” though. They were their own sort of blend, kind of like the Sumerians.

    But none of that pesky evidence n’ shit matters to the deniers.

    • Well if you read the article it said that modern Egyptians weren’t genetically related to the ancient Egyptians.

  • Now imagine western man bred into mud,which is clearly the plan, and Jews then erase the evidence of who made our civ great, and spin mythology in which they are the wise noble heroes the ancient westerners persecuted. In everyone’s mind the ancient westerners are the mud people who replaced us. History is repeating. This is an organic process. We are designed to build sprawling civilizations and they are highly specialized parasites, altering our behaviors by distorting our perceptions

    Once we figure out that their predatory cycle is generations, centuries and even millennia, we can deal with them effectively.

  • Yes, just more evidence to support the truth we’ve known since ancient times. Ancient Egypt was a Mediterranean civilization, duh, not sub-Saharan. There was never even one sub-Saharan civilization. Sub-Saharans never had a written language. Any signs of civilization in sub-Saharan African were introduced by Arabs, Romans, North Africans and in modern times by Europeans.

  • Egyptians portrayed themselves as brown. They depicted Nubians as black and Libyans as light-skinned.

    One mural shows brown Egyptians killing black Africans, but another mural shows brown Egyptians killing ‘white’ Libyans.

  • There are many mummies with black features. And many Egyptian sculptures show pronounced Negro features.

    Egypt was a racial melting pot.

    The lesson of Egypt is not ‘they were white’ or ‘they were black’, but it is harmful in the long run for Caucasian races to mix with blacks.

  • The study still showed that 6 to 15% of DNA of the mummies were central African.

    Someone who is 15% black in the US would be considered black.

    Indeed, the reason why this issue is confused is the US dominates the world, and its way of identifying blackness is by ‘one drop rule’.

    So, by US rule, Ancient Egyptians could be considered black.

    Consider this crazy story.

    A white guy takes DNA, turns out to be part black, and now he identifies as black.

    • No, that’s fallacious. The origin of their civilization was a Mediterranean race regardless of later admixture.

    • You Chechen scumfuck, the “one drop rule” hasn’t applied in a LONG time. If you don’t look black, you aren’t black. Not to mention the fact that one who is 6-15% black would more than likely be very far removed from any “black” sub-Saharan African culture of any kind in any way. For example, this guy who took a DNA test and found out he was part black, do you think he had anything to do with negroid culture or life at all? No, he more than likely, from the sounds of it, went through life absorbed in non-black culture and social thinking, thus the black culture or influence would of been next to impossible during that time.

  • That black man is all over the place and wrong all the time.
    -People from continents are not the same race. “Asians” include the ‘Mongoloid” such as Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, “Negroid” as in New Guinea, “Caucasoid” as in North India, Pakistan, Iran, “Australoid” as in the Vedahs of Sri Lanka to tribes in India.
    -Africans include a heavy presence of the Caucasoid and Negroid.

    -The Americas include every race including this black man. An American is not a racial term.
    Same with any continent including Australia with the exception of the Arctic and the Antarctic.

    -4 thousand BC and in the old Kingdom the Ziggurats came first and then the Pyramids. They were built by Egyptians who were not black or Jew.

    -During and after 4 thousand 600 years the Egyptian civilization had no impact on Africa even though the Nile goes deep into her. Ethiopia to Eritrea show advanced civilizations going back 2 thousand years but they are directly connected to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt.

    -The new Kingdom is heavily influenced by Greece and Rome. Under the Ptolemeic age Egypt becomes a province of the Roman Empire.

    -Most of Europe did not have a high civilization but that does not include the Minoans to the Mycenaean’s or those who built the Stonehenge.

    -By the 7th century BC Europe had advanced civilizations while most of Africa remained in the stone age and even to this day some part of Africa remain in the stone age.

    -The development of the human race is first seen through the Science of Anthropology but now includes Genetics where the gene M30 shows a completely different pattern of evolution

  • The Mtdna of The Ancient Egyptian is very Mixed up Essentially it contain all Halpogroups found in The Near East and Western Asia . The Modern Europeans Have a largely Mixed up MTDNA with Origin in Near East , South Asia , Siberia and North Africa All Europeans are Genetically Related to Arabs , Indians , Berbers , Afghans and Pakistanis. . 3/4 of Sub Saharan Africans and Most Black people in the African Diaspora have no Martenal next of Kin ,Their Martenal DNA is the Oldest and it has remained Exclusive for the last 250,000 years. The lack of African DNA in A Rainbow society like Ancient Egypt , could be as a result of the Geography of the African Continent or Cultural Backgrounds, even to date African women rarely marry outside their ethnic Groups. How ever the Paternal DNA is widely spread occurring in High frequencies in The Near East and Southern Europe. I would not be surprised if A Y DNA test on the same Mummies show A high African Paternal DNA admixture . Most Middle Eastern Populations of Yemen , Oman, Israel , Palestinian, North Africans, Portuguese , Spaniards , Greeks and Balkan population have up to 30% African Y DNA and almost Zero African Martenal DNA Appearing White , or Black is not an Outright statement of who you are , One could be white outside and inside black or the other way round.
    The History of Humans is very Complex and can´t be understood by a simple mind making conclusions based on Assumptions . Know Your self First and you will understand the rest,

  • Great Events in White Goy History…….

    Irish Goy Physicist REFUTES Einstein-Poldosky-Rosen………

  • OMG, I remember the black activists back in the late 80’s to real early 90’s at Eastern Michigan University spouting off this crap. Everything was stolen from them. One big problem though, so all the knowledge they had in building that great civilization just was erased from their memories? They could build perfect pyramids with rather advanced engineering skills, but just because they were conquered all that knowledge was lost forever? They forgot how to write hieroglyphs? They lost the ability to domesticate animals?

  • Modern Egyptians are much like Modern Philadelphians or Modern Detroitians; two great examples of WE WUZ.

  • Can you imagine trying to explain the concept of the genome, to the negro?

    You’d have a better chance of teaching a band of chimps the intricacies of synchronized swimming.

    • How about the author of this article though?

      He made it sound like the DNA paper means they were white. They weren’t, they were closest to modern Levant Bedouins(fyi, the blonde/red hair mummies are easily explained by ancient Egyptians having hair dye and hair colour losing pigment in certain conditions). If swarthy, hook nosed Levantine Bedouins, IQ around the same as Afro-Americans are “white” then I might just have to stop being a WN.

      Knowing Spencer’s yearning for another Roman Empire, his “white” Georgian/Caucasus mail order bride or fandom of Alexander “Armenians are whiiiiite!” Dugin, I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be white in Spencer’s ethnostate.

      It’s the white version of WE WUZ KANGZ. but yes, Afrocentrists btfo(as if ancient Egyptian depictions already weren’t enough)

  • Unless you are an academic working in the field, what is the point in arguing about completely unsettled science?

    • Dude, Egyptians weren’t sub Saharan Africans. Their mosaics show them having lighter skin.

    • Unless you’re an autistic cuckold, what is the point of counter signalling biological facts?

  • A good first hand source on what ancient Blacks were like is Hanno the Navigator’s Periplus.

    Hanno was an ancient Phoenician explorer who visited west Africa in approx. 400 b.c. – thousands of years after Egypt’s heyday – and he described encountering both nomadic ‘Lixites’ (an Afro-Asiatic people) and primitive ‘Ethiopians’ (a term used by the ancients to describe Blacks). Here are a few quotes:

    “Above these folk lived unfriendly Ethiopians, dwelling
    in a land full of wild beasts, and shut off by great mountains,
    from which they say the Lixus flows, and on the mountains
    live men of various shapes, cave-dwellers, who, so the Lixitse
    say, are fleeter of foot than horses.”


    “Thence, sailing by a great river whose name was
    Chretes, we came to a lake, which had three islands, larger
    than Cerne. Running a day’s sail beyond these, we came to
    the end of the lake, above which rose great mountains, peo-
    pled by savage men wearing skins of wild beasts, who threw
    stones at us and prevented us from landing from our ships. ”


    “Landing there during the
    day, we saw nothing but forests, but by night many burning
    fires, and we heard the sound of pipes and cymbals, and the
    noise of drums and a great uproar.”

    To summarize:

    Long after Egypt had faded away, Black Africans were still hunter-gatherers with no knowledge of metallurgy, they did have drums & other musical instruments, those in the Sahel were literal cave-dwellers, and they were not receptive to Hanno’s attempts to contact them.

    If anyone wants to read Hanno’s Periplus, it’s available here:

    • “Thence, sailing by a great river whose name was
      Chretes, we came to a lake, which had three islands, larger
      than Cerne. Running a day’s sail beyond these, we came to
      the end of the lake, above which rose great mountains, peo-
      pled by savage men wearing skins of wild beasts, who threw
      stones at us and prevented us from landing from our ships. ”

      Sounds like Lake Victoria.

      • That’s an interesting theory, YF.

        I know that a lot of folks have wondered where Hanno’s lake was since the only major mountains in West Africa are the Mandara Mountains and there are no lakes matching his description in that area.

        However, if he traveled as far as Lake Victoria then he whould have had to portage his boats and trek through dense jungle. It’s possible that a big chunk of his Periplus describing such a journey is missing.

        My own two cents is that Lake Chad was once far larger and was connected to the Atlantic, and that he visited that region, but it’s really impossible to say for sure.

        • They wouldn’t have had to portage to reach Lake Victoria if they sailed down the Nile.

          • The crux of the mystery stems from Hanno’s claim that he traveled west through the Pillars of Hercules (the Straight of Gibraltar), so he shouldn’t have been anywhere near the Nile.

          • Perhaps he Sailed through Gibraltar, hooked west to get past the Skeleton Coast, round the Cape of Good Hope, up the Horn of Africa and Red Sea, then down the Nile.

          • We might have just figured out one of the biggest mysteries in the history of ancient exploration. People have literally been trying for decades to figure out how Hanno managed to describe a place that sounds like Lake Victoria and the Rwenzori Mountains all while claiming to sail to West Africa and then turn around and go home. And here’s the real kicker:

            Around the same time Hanno traveled to West Africa, there was supposedly an expedition – composed of Phoenicians – commissioned by Pharaoh Necho II with the goal of circumnavigating Africa. According to Herodotus, the Pharaoh paid these men to circumnavigate Africa clockwise. But what if Herodotus got a few details wrong?

            Hanno’s journey and Necho’s Phoenician expedition could have been one & the same. I honestly can’t believe that the history nerds haven’t made this connection before.

  • Black Africans? What we in this forum are actually talking about–when we use the term “black Africans”–is negroes. Negroes have the mega splayed nostrils, the prognathus jaw, sloping forehead, huge blubbery lips, enormous oral cavity with heavily enameled, gigantic teeth for tearing and grinding, jaw muscles with clamping power far in excess of other races, exceedingly powerful vocal chords, very long arms, bowed legs–in short, beings with pronounced pithecoid features. Far from taking these hopeless nitwits to task for asserting that they (negroes) are the progenitors of civilization, we should gently dismiss them with kindness and confidently hope for a sooner-rather-than-later day of reckoning in which they will be transported to a land somewhere (Africa?) where they will be much happier. And we will be much happier too…

  • It is my hypothesis that that ever since the current interglacial period began ten to twelve thousand years ago, the darker races have been expanding further and further north and the light skinned Aryan races have retreaded from and/or been bred out of their historical homelands that existed in Ancient Sumeria, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient India. Now we are nearing the end of the interglacial and the darkest races have had enough time to reach as far north as Scandinavia. In my view, the the next glacial period can’t come soon enough to help us push back the darker races.

    • Would’ve worked in the past, but the white man’s technology has changed the game on both the transportation side of things and the comfort side of things. Next ice age won’t deter any of them if they’re not already deterred in Chicago and Detroit. Once we’ve taught them how to wear clothes and drive cars, it’s all over. Back to square one.

      • Agree which is why the only way to win this is to destroy their technology: water, power, communications. Just destroy it.

      • I’ve thought about this. White engineering and technology could in theory allow the darker races to survive in an environment they didn’t evolve in. I think what might happen is that that soft, suicidally altruistic whites will be killed off by the dark races or mixed to the point of no return. Then only the self preserving, strong whites will remain and we will have the war to end all wars.

  • Alert! Possible lead on attacker of Richard Spencer.

    Aryeh Cohen-Wade and Hannah Gais just posted a diavlog on They gloat and cheer about the punching of Richard Spencer, endorse such actions as well as the continued harassment of Richard Spencer, Charles Murray and others and discuss how Antifa should proceed going forward. Hannah Gais does research on the alt right and was present at the NPI conference. She may be an antifa member herself and may know the identity of the attacker.

    Hannah Gais: “On the face of it, it was very, ah, viscerally delightful. My editor actually emailed me and asked, if this was me. I assured him that it was not in fact me. no you don’t have to bail me out, it’s okay”

    Hannah Gais: “So groups like Smash racism DC, which you can find on Twitter, is one of the antifa groups which is dealing a lot with, say Richard Spencer. Typically by following around the city for these different events and using direct action and protest to get in their face. The puncher was presumably part of this.”

    full video is run by Robert Wright, best selling author (Nonzero, The Evolution of God, etc.) He gets money from the Tides Foundation. The sister-site is funded by the John Templeton Foundation, a foundation that funds scientific and intellectual arguments in favor of religion and proving the existence of God. transitioned to Youtube as their hosting platform. They get hardly any views. I suspect that doesn’t get much higher ratings either. US Alexa Rank is about 54000.

    I’m not on Twitter, Gab or 4chan. Please archive, spread the news and investigate.

  • > Whites are the Alpha and Omega of civilization
    And China? It’s true civ. started in the ME but would you call them white? This author is too much of a blowhard, or disproportionately crowing goon, for my taste. Whites have plenty to be proud of without making trumpet blasts out of our butts.

  • To be precise, the ancient Egyptians were an afro-asiatic tribe, whose clear descendants are the Copts in Egypt. It is needed to be pointed out also, that they were NOT semites.

    Now we might have our civilization originate from them but we never stole it. Ancient Greeks used to go and study next to their priests (wise men is also applicable) and through them we took our spirit (I refuse to say Spenglerian but you get the idea) our love with the stars, our belief in truth etc. Even more that movement was documented by… whites, Greeks to be precise.

    So they were not white, but we stole nothing from them and they simply allowed us to learn it and unlike with every body else we succeeded.

    The belief that they were African has its base in some murals in which blacks are depicted… as slaves and entertainers! I consider everybody here intelligent enough to know why I won’t comment further on that.

    • The black Kushites did in fact conquer late in the existence of Ancient Egypt. This is where probably where that Afrocentric BS “Egypt was black African” comes from.

      • I was referring to how they try to popularize it… You refer to how they try to scientifically base this. I should have clarified from the beginning.

        I need to point out thath the Kangz thing is lacking in Greece… as with large numbers of Africans… Our current government wants to correct this…

      • Look on how Copts look like:

        This screams Afro-Asiatic of course you must remove the semite influence (trhough the Arabs).

        Once most Afro-Asiatics were not Semites, this is not true now but mostly due to the Arab conquest and the cleaner lines that exist in Lebanon:

        From which you remove the Arabs.

        Afro-Asiatics used to be closer to whites ’till the success of the Arab conquest.

        • I know a couple of white American converts to Orthodox Christianity. One of them had studied to become a priest at one time, and he told me that his church considers the Copts part of the Orthodox communion. He also says that the Catholics broke away from the Orthodox, and not the other way around.

          Of course utopian degenerates look the other way as Muslims slaughter these Egyptian Christians. Copts have preserved the core Christian tradition since its earliest days, and their continued existence just reminds utopians that their Enlightenment hasn’t really succeeded in making this religion they despise go away for good.

          • The Catholics did broke out but this due to the fact that when the Pope had once to flee to Constantinople, emperor Justinian asked him to accept a belief of the Monophysitians in his attempt to fix the schism that started to develop in the Byzantine Empire… needless to say it was due to the influence of Theodora, who was a Monophysite and whom the emperor married to avert civil war mainly.

            To understand the main belief of the Monophysites was that the human nature of Christ was absorbed by the Godly nature, the filiogue is a de facto but not a de jure reformation of it as it becomes next to impossible to tell the difference between The Father and the Son, while the holy spirit becomes somewhat diminished.

            The problem was that while the Pope had to accept the tenements and that he did, the Orthodox priesthood was adamant in its refuse. From this the filioque later came to be and from that the schism could further itself.

            Still there was one more problem for me: the fact that the Western Church was paganifying itself in order to be spread easier, something that the Orthodox understood as an anathema. In the end the RomeoCatholic Church broke due to its way of spreading the religion and due to the fact that it had a different conception for the trinity, the second wasn’t its fault though.

            Copts have their own Church and are stemming from the Monophysites (I think) from whom Theodora came, they are treated though as Orthodox, this they aren’t. For their quality of Christians I ‘ll say nothing the fact that they keep their faith under an Islamic regime for centuries speaks in and of itself. They really deserve to be called brave.

            Utopianists need to go for the survival of everything that is civilized… and white… and Christian… they only brought us Hedonism, Materialism and the decline that these bring…

            The Enlightenment should be called the Endarkenment (if you find a better word I ‘d used it immediately understand that English is my second language). The people that made it were despicable themselves and their ideas stupid and ludicrous! I know because I took my time reading Rousseau…

    • To be precise, the ancient Egyptians were an afro-asiatic tribe, whose clear descendants are the Copts in Egypt. It is needed to be pointed out also, that they were NOT semites.

      Very well put, mate.

      I personally think that it is easy to forget that the ancient world was filled with ‘forgotten peoples.’ It seems to me, based off of the data we have, that North Africa & the Middle East was once occupied by a very civilized strain of Caucasians but these people were not interchangeable with modern Europeans. I imagine that some of the Berbers who live in Morocco might look a bit like them:

      (Their brown hair, tan skin, & dark eyes would be necessary for dealing with the high local UV)

      • 12,000 years ago the climate in North Africa, the Near East and Southern Europe would have been like Northern Europe is today and thus unsuited to Blacks and Browns.

  • Perhaps dey wuz Joooz n sheeeit! The Genetic evidence from this study says that ancient Egyptians are related to modern Israelis. My theory: The Ancient Hebrews were the Hyksos, a conquering foreign people who were later overthrown, enslaved, and ultimately expelled from Egypt. This is where the Exodus myth comes from.

    • The Hyksos were offshoots of the Hurrians. Meaning they came from the Caucasus and Armenian Highlands.

      • That could be. But Armenia is a long way from Egypt and one must transverse Israel to reach Egypt from Asia. So it’s quite possible the Hyksos could have picked up Canaanite/Israelite influence on their way to Egypt.

        • Right. Well if you consider that the proto Judaism that the hebrews practiced during this time waa influenced by an outside people, like the Hyksos for example, the notion that a volcano god – yahweh – would be the jewish god makes more sense. For there are no volcanos in the deserts of the middle east nor in Palestine. But the Caucasus have former volcanos. Mount Ararat was an active volcano millions of years ago.

    • That’s not a new theory. That is Russell Gmirkin’s theory which he has written a book about.

        • I always thought Josephus was triggered by Manetho’s book and then tried to discredit it in some way. I haven’t read Gmirkin’s book yet since the only copy I have seen is well over $100, even though the book came out in 2006. I guess they didn’t print very many. I have read many reviews and articles about the book and Gmirkin seems to make a solid case.

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