European Union Officials United By Fear And Hatred Of Trump

It is hard to be hard on Trump, he gets all the right people angry at him. Mama Merkel is livid:

First, it was Angela Merkel, who was stunned after Trump refused to endorse the G-7 communique on climate change, and one day later warned that Germany may no longer rely on the US (and UK), and that Europe would have to become self-sufficient going forward, perhaps envisioning much closer ties with France. Now, it is the turn of her biggest challenger in the upcoming German elections, social democrat Martin Shulz who is challenging Merkel for the chancellorship, and who accused Donald Trump of destroying Western values and undermining international cooperation.

Stephen Miller also apparently scuttled any talk of immigrant relief and resettlement. He instead shifted the focus on “combatting terrorism”. That’s code for Muzzies.

Trump’s also gotten Martin Shultz practically foaming at the mouth:

Schulz was quoted by Reuters as saying Trump was “the destroyer of all Western values”, adding that the U.S. president was undermining the peaceful cooperation of nations based on mutual respect and tolerance.

“One must stand in the way of such a man with his ideology of rearmament,” Schulz added.

And remember that handshake Trump had with Macron?

Pool reporter Phillip Rucker of the Washington Post, who was in the room, described it:
“They shook hands for an extended period of time. Each president gripped the other’s hand with considerable intensity, their knuckles turning white and their jaws clenching and faces tightening.”

Or how about Trump literally shoving people around:

Or that speech he gave to the NATO members? Look at them shuffling and muttering amongst themselves!

Trump is acting like the brash bull in the china shop that we all wanted him to be. It makes for a good show, if nothing else.

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  • The EU is made up of 4 Presidents (none elected. All are appointed). 9 – 14 Institutes, 50 plus agencies (3 for migrants) with thousands of regulations on top of the regulations and laws of her member nations.

    If BREXIT happens it would be the beginning of ending the EU ever since it began to form by the Treaty of Rome 60 years ago.

    the EU is one of the largest un-elected Bureaucracies in the world. (European Union The Rape of Europa – Columbus Falco)

  • The hatred of Trump by the Jewish elite is captured by Kathy Griffin and her bloodied chopped off head of Trump. If a Jew can do this then we have the right to do the same with an image of Obama

  • If Trump doesn’t stop this, those Europeans might just arrange for the defense of their own continent, without the assistance of North America! Oh, the horror, the horror!

  • European “officials” are united in their hatred for the White race. They are wholly owned shabbos goy, when they aren’t actual ((())). Rothschilds own ALL the money. ALL THE MONEY. Them and their allies make all the rules. We do not have sovereign governments. That is why our governments do not behave like sovereign governments. They are stooges of central banking.

    Only people who can be blackmailed or bribed are allowed to run for office. That should be apparent, even to the most dull and ignorant of us, if it is pointed out.

    That pervert communist who just won in France is a perfect example, if Canada, Austria, and the US Senate are not perfect enough examples.

    The jury is still out on trump, but he appears to be a tribesman by all his actions so far. A traitor of the highest order.

  • Fake and gay. It’s not hard to get these people pissed off. They are petty and stupid. Fact is that Trump has utterly failed to deliver on any of his promises so far and in many cases did things he said he wasn’t going to do. Just because the dumb gremlin Merkel is mad because he looked at her the wrong way doesn’t mean he’s doing anything right. Hell Macron got mad at Trump for shaking his hand the wrong way. This is how pathetic these people are.

  • A Few Grains on the Scales……

    … Keep Momentum……..

    I’m sure we all have our own Fingerprint……

  • I find it quite humorous that that bloviating lesbian Merkel thinks she’s gonna talk tough to a US president now. She’d never dream of doing that if it was a president that the deep-state supported. Ultimately she’ll do whatever the Atlanticist power elites tell her to do.

  • I feel like Trump every time I have to talk to customer service people. They’re all Third World morons and white cucks. They try to be snarky with me and I straighten them out very rapidly and bigly!

  • I still like President Trump…….

    I don’t support everything he does………

    But, the fact that Merkel, Macron and the European Union Fear and Hate him……..

    It’s a Positive from my Station……

  • President Trump finally looked like Candidate Trump. Now, what the US and UK must do is continue to press the EU to pay for more defense spending. This means, Germany will have to pay for virtually all defense spending meant to be shared by their EU partners. When Germans feel the weight of reality set in, they will be extremely easy to push out of the EU and join the USA/UK alliance. Together, the three of us can do so much good. But for now, Trump must not relent – keep that pressure on Germany.

    • Yours is literally delusion the post. What imaginary “alliance of USA/UK” are you talking about, specifically? There is only one on this planet right now, and boy is it busy promoting mudslime import into Europe and sucking yid cock. How do you “push Germany out of EU” if Germany is EU?

      Not even mentioning the little fact of life that uniting with eternal anglo means literally death.

      • That’s the whole point – push Germany out of the EU, to get rid of the EU and it’s Cultural Marxist stranglehold on our ancestral homeland. If you’re envisioning a world with the EU in it, ask yourself – why not ask for something more?

  • Europe is angry because they want to go on ignoring their treaty obligation to spend 2% of GDP on the military. Ironically, the Europeans have the gall to say that Trump wants to ignore his “commitment” to NATO.

    • I agree, that’s where the real bitterness between the sides is coming from. No more free lunch. Now Europe is about to see significant amounts of their GDP go to defense spending (finally), which means all these social programs helping immigrants will be hard to pay for, and thus, unpopular. Welcome to reality, EU. This is the reality the US has dealt with for some time, carrying your burden. Not anymore.

    • They are so owned by the joos they don’t even care. Die for your country goyim. Or at least slave for your MIC goyim. It is all the same to Isarahell’s interest.

  • It is hard to be hard on Trump, he gets all the right people angry at him.

    So did McCain when he ran for president.

    • That’s nonsense. McCain is a total NWO pawn. He says Russia is more dangerous than Muslims.

    • McCain is an open borders war monger. He got me angry at him. Trump is allowing immigration law to be enforced, unlike Obama, but he caved on getting rid of the DACA amnesty. And he was fooled by a false flag in Syria. So, he’s better than Obama but not as good as we hoped.

  • Western Europe is on the self-destruction path and Frau Merkel is totally on the Moon with reality (on the darker side). How can Trump, the pioneer of the new cultural setting, get alone with her?

    • I just call her The Butcher. Well, she looks butch and she’s butchering Germany with third world savages. Just imagine how many lives would’ve been saved if that fukin pig just had kids of her own.

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