Alt-Right Politics – May 28, 2017 – Cucking on the Orient Express

Alt-Right Politics Sunday returns with Richard Spencer, Greg Ritter, and Hannibal Bateman. This week’s show: ISSUE 1) Hadjis, Heebs and Eurocrats, oh my! Trump’s jaunt through Riyadh, Jerusalem, Rome and Brussels. The neocons are back on top. ISSUE 2) Kushner gets Rosenberged. The Russia-narrative claims a new victim. Kushner? But why tho? ISSUE 3) Zbigniew Brzizinsky dies. Remember the good old days of FP realism? Remember when US FP had room for the occasional eclectic, non-Semitic foreigner? Take a trip down memory lane to the Johnson and Carter administrations. ISSUE 4) The Spy who Slew Me: DNC staffer Seth Rich turns up dead on a DC street. The media reluctantly blames dindus, while h8chan blames Hilary. Did Seth leak the Wikileaks? Assange strongly implies yes, Kim Dotcom offers to testify. This is nuts.

AltRight Politics
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  • Working podcast rss feed when?
    Missed 2 weeks of the podcast just assuming it was on hiatus when the feed didnt update.

  • Occams Razor. Seth Rich was a causality of DC’s subconscious war among racial groups over urban turf.

  • On Spencer’s critique of Trump’s Adventure:
    I don’t think it’s merely “brow beating” the Europeans on defense spending, trade, environmental issues, etc. Would we like him to do more, and address the importance of Whites reclaiming our ancestral homeland? Yes, of course. But for sitting US President to go to Europe and say what he said is a step in the right direction. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr, etc., none of them were willing to press Europe on these subjects. When the EU starts having to pay for their fair share, most of their member states won’t be able to do it. Guess what that means? Germany will have to pony up the money (as usual). The fiscal noose will get awfully tight around their collective neck, and they will be less inclined to shovel money into the Cultural Marxist programs they’ve been white-shamed into paying for, and leave the EU, thus ending it. Only then, can it even be possible for White Germans to reclaim Germany, which would be a major win for AR.

  • Why still no commentary on Manchester?? None on the last episode.. this episode they talk about Zbigniew Brezinski’s death, who died 4 days after the bombing, so its like they intentionally dont wanna talk about it. Weird

    • I don’t think that’s why, it’s more of a case of we’ve said everything there is to say on the subject of muzzie muzzie boom booms. We just repeat the same few talking points after every atrocity, not that that isn’t worth doing but many grow weary of repeating themselves. We know they have to go back and until they do we’ll be subjected to this violent desert religion. What else is there to say but that at this point?

      • i wanted to suggest that but this one had a particularly high kill count (highest since the 2005 london bus bombing), as compared to the relatively amateur car and knife attacks, and included several children. At the least the multi cult cuck reaction by all parties deserved some comment. It just seems strange they didn’t say even one word about it in passing despite mentioning Europe specifically.. like they’re in an alternate dimension or something lol

      • That’s just it. We had nothing new to say. All our blood gets up every time these happen, but you can’t keep saying “something needs to be done.” Moreover, Selite and Soren weren’t around this week, and they have the real expertise in this area.

        We’re all waiting for a real paradigm-shift. As Anglin pointed out today, the really amazing thing is that there aren’t more of these attacks.

        @a@atlantiannationalist:disqus, the kill-count was pretty good, but you’re forgetting about the Nice attack last summer.

        • but France is getting hit so often its almost routine now. UK is still a bit different… considering they’re even more pozzed

      • I think it needs to be talked about, but not necessarily on podcasts or even in the MSM. It needs to be talked about in face-to-face interactions with friends and family. The power of the family unit and close friendships is not to be underestimated, even in the day of reaching massive audiences from your computer.

  • Good riddance to Commie apologist and son of a Euro cuck, Ziggy Breezy, hopefully his daughter Mika, a DNC propagandist, will soon follow him to the grave. Lauded for his International “expertise” Breezy was a unapologetic Globalist, tutored at the foot of his father who fled one country after another rather than stand and fight the Commies and Nazis, Breezy was the epitome of a coward.

  • Not to defend kebabs, but the reason why the Soviets invaded Afghanistan was because the Afghans were trying to overthrow a (((Soviet))) puppet government that was trying to poz and modernize the country.

    I watched part of that movie 9th Company on youtube, the final battle at least, and it was retarded. It looked cheap and goofy and the Soviets are portrayed as multicultural, no different from the message of any Hollywood war movie.

      • Exactly. It was a reflection of America, and Russia still is a reflection of America. It’s the same sickness, which is why I don’t defend the USSR or Russia.

        • OK, got it. Samuel Huntington actually made the same point in his final book, Who Are We? Huntington said the USA was becoming like the USSR as its WASP and later White core became smaller, and that thus the USA was not united by blood and soil but rather by ideology (Muh Free Market, Liberty) just like the USSR (Communism) was.

  • It’s say-trap, not sat-rap. Whoever writes for you should keep your vocabulary in mind, or else read that stuff himself.

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