Nationalism — How to Get the Middle Class on Board

Nationalism has made spectacular progress in a short period of time, after a long spell of frustration and seeming stagnation. The time of frustration has by no means been wasted – thinkers and writers on this site, and on many other equally valuable alternative media, have carved out a philosophical basis for Nationalism that serves as an excellent basis for progress.

In point of fact, and to my way of thinking, we are in the process of exiting the heroic stage, and on our way to entering into a situation where we will hold real power to effect material change in a hitherto misgoverned world. This will place new and different demands on us. A very good time to start discussing the character of these demands, and how we should match them, would be right now. This is an attempt to get that discussion rolling, hopefully with the participation of sharper minds than my own. If scholars who are more well-read in the Identitarian philosophy of Nationalism than myself would think it meaningful to contribute, then this text will have served its purpose.

The Middle Class is Crucial

We have seen sensational events in favor of our cause happening recently – Brexit and Trump’s presidential election victory. Analysis of these will continue for years, but the message to me is that they happened through changes of mind in segments of the public that do not naturally identify as nationalists. This is extremely inspiring and hopeful, and we need to pick up on this in ways that are adapted to the target group, the group where the most minds changed – the middle class.

By the term of ‘middle class’, I will identify that stratum of the population whose members have a college education or higher, who are socially well established, and who are salaried, even highly paid, but not usually financially independent or mainly living off return on capital.

If we can get the middle class to move in our direction, we have critically, distinctively moved the political center of mass. The more members of the middle class we can get to move initially, the more dynamical effects will follow, as the band-wagon effect starts to kick in.

The middle class will need approaching, and convincing more firmly, in ways that are clearly distinct from the ways in which we, the more original nationalists, were once convinced. We need a major re-think, not in what we believe in or in our ideas, but in the way we package and market them to these new constituents and future supporters. For years, we have hammered out philosophical standpoints with dialectical and academic approaches.

In this we have, at least in some sense and in the main, been preaching to the choir. I mean no criticism by that and I wouldn’t want to be without the philosophical foundations that we have laid for the world, all I want to say is that we now need to complement that methodology – it is still needed – with a methodology aimed at a target group, the middle class, that will never see things through philosophical eyes. They are as smart as we are, and if we should ever think otherwise, we will be sorry for it. They are just different and they need to be approached differently.

Use the Enemy’s Methods off the Shelf

There is no reason to re-invent the wheel, or to be vain or stupidly proud enough to waive the enemy’s tried-and-true methods of communication. We are well aware of how the enemy has driven his points home through endless repetition of his chosen themes in his media, with exactly his angles, in meticulously selecting news and reports that corroborate his deceptive narrative. We know how he has worked for years and years to make his particular points of view the only socially acceptable points of view, through clever interplay of metapolitics and regular politics, with metapolitics leading and regular politics following.

We just have to repeat this, with our content and on our terms. In the media world that we are building, we have to report our selection of news, and we have the advantage of having a huge and ever-replenished stock of convincing news items to draw on. We have to to do this with the same technical, linguistic and editorial quality as the enemy, and then some. We should make sure to differ favorably from the enemy and his media by never telling any falsehoods, or even presenting news deceptively. Our case is just strong enough that we don’t have to – our news and our facts will convince on their own merit, and all the more so if we pick them and package them right. We have to wrest credibility away from the enemy and his media, and attribute it squarely to ourselves. We need to be better than the enemy at communicating with the public, and still package everything in formats much like the enemy’s, formats that are nice and recognizable by the target group.

Moreover, we need to report on most everything in general, not just the immediately politically relevant. We need to replace the enemy’s media totally, and become the middle class’s one stop shopping for all kinds of news, stories and debates. We need to report on sports, the weather, economy and stocks. We may even be left with no other choice than to also have to report on the Eurovision Song Contest (I KNOW this rankles). All in all, this is a big scale-up.

The enemy has led the way in opening up for personal media attacks on physical persons, and there is no reason why we should be maudlin about doing the same for our political adversaries – in point of fact, we should go one tick further because personal attacks draw a lot of public attention. They can help present a story about something more profound and interesting, for which the personal attack is just a means to an end. We need to be distinctively better than the enemy at coordinating hot news items with social media, and to time them so they have maximum impact. Friday night, when a victim and his press secretary are off their political shift, is an excellent time to break a compromising story about him – hopefully as part of a greater context that needs illuminating.

We need to have a streak of humour show up here and there in what we do when we present our side of things to the public. We need to build media personalities that engender trust, without having any silly personality cults around them. Preaching and lecturing need to be avoided like the plague. If there is cause to question or criticize politicians of our own fold, we should do this – and also make sure that the criticized gets to have his public say on the matter.

The enemy could do much of all this, and get the middle class on his side, because for years he had uncontested access to their consciousness through his media. No longer. The middle class is malcontented and restless. They are ready for change – not Obama’s make-believe change, but real change. The sooner we can make our media crowd the enemy’s media out, the sooner we can make change happen. On top of all this, the traditional media business is also financially troubled. This is all the more reason to go out and meet them head-on. They are in retreat before we have even started on them in earnest.

From Metapolitics to Regular Politics

With metapolitics well under way, regular politics can pick up on the practical side of making the word become flesh. This is already happening in many quarters, and it would be harebrained of me to try and devise any one-size-fits-all policy for all purposes in all locations where Nationalism is picking up. There seems, however, to be a few themes that are a cause for concern irrespective of context.

Our policies will need to be comprehensive and coherent. Constituents will come for the political novelty that we offer – end to mass migration, anti-globalism, a clampdown on criminality, the resurrection of the national state – but they will stay on because of our ability to deliver practical results in ALL political fields.

We have a high degree of motivation to further our core ideas and core values, let us just be aware that they travel together with our ability to think meaningfully about, and deliver reliably on, garbage collection, public transportation, credit regulation and a host of other thankless, unglamorous political endeavours. They will fail or succeed together. For all aspiring political movements who feel that political change is long overdue, now would be a very good time to think about and plan ahead for these innumerable details, which in the aggregate make or break governments. Our core ideas are worth the very best companionship of handling uncontroversial but vital day-to-day issues. Consistently resolving them is big-league politics’ ticket to ride. The middle class, the key to political power, will be content with nothing less.

Our political representatives would, ideally, be academics without academic bearing or demeanour. They would speak plainly about middle-class concerns, they would be forthright about difficulties to come, and they would have concrete suggestions for solutions. They would speak about Nationalism’s more profound philosophy only when called out by mainstream media with allegations that they have no real ideology. Mr. Trump, Mrs Le Pen, and Mr Farage have also shown that there is a market for confrontational rhetoric and that controversy sells. Of course, mileage may vary between constituencies.

Even if successful but empathetic business leaders are somewhat useful role models, the middle class has learned to contemptuously see through corporate B.S. and there is no room for it in a nationalist politician’s rhetoric. You don’t get to stay in the middle class and hold the qualified job that this implies if you believe all that you hear and if you exempt yourself from the independent, critical thinking that is your livelihood. Our political representatives need to reach out to the middle class with these auspices in mind and try to emulate their listeners’ critical, logical, practical mindset. In doing so, they will have a fine head start on the deadpan, manage-the-media-trained apparatchiks of the Old Guard’s political organizations.


Some of what I have written may seem ridiculously self-evident. Some of it may be a cue to action for anyone who feels these issues need addressing in the public discourse. I would, as always, welcome a follow-up discussion.

David Gellerman
the authorDavid Gellerman
David Gellerman is a long-time Swedish Nationalist with political roots in the movements of the early 90's. His interests run to writing and ideology, particularly Identitarianism. At present, he has no firm affiliation with any organizational entity, and in the absence of such, he likes to market mutual understanding, tolerance and a general ecumenical standpoint among Nationalists of all extractions.


  • The only real way to get the middle class over to us – is to convince them that their head is on the block – to sell them – “their diversity future”.

  • Anyone have any background on this Gellerman guy who’s claiming to be a longtime Swedish nationalist yet no sign of him exists outside this website, and seems to concern himself with primarily stifling criticism of jews.

    “The sooner we can make our media crowd the enemy’s media out, the sooner we can make change happen”

    LOL yeah and thats somehow supposed to be achieved without using violence and without naming and going after the (((people))) running the enemy’s media


    Hey, who remembers how the jews triangulated against Ted Turner and forced him out of his media empire?

    “The Jews in Israel don’t control the world from a big dashboard in Tel Aviv. No way. It’s a hallucination by the many people who have overtaxed Occam’s razor and think simplicity is always truth. Jews in Israel care about Jews in Israel. Nationalism standard A1 issue. We should allow them what we request for ourselves.”

    Retard lies that Israeli nationalism is sustained upon a larger global network that actively suppresses nationalism in itz host nations

    “We should allow them what we request for ourselves.”

    And they actively prevent what we request, resulting in white genocide, so we should counter-exterminate them.

    • Middle class people are apt to double down and work hard – they’re the core of any functioning society. It’s a general contempt of humanity that underlies your rant against productive, middle class people. They haven’t seen the light yet. Well, at one point, neither had you. Start blaming others less and see the plank in your own eye.

      I got plenty background on this Gellerman guy. I am him. I’ve been a Swedish Nationalist for the greater part of my life, and I respect other Nationalists as much as I request that they should respect me. I work under a pen name that the AltRight editors have approved. Of my time on the site, I am spending 50% defending the damn pen name.

      I write about a number of things that are on my mind. I don’t write articles on Jewish issues here or elsewhere because that would be pointless, there is enough inflammation there already, but I am not going to sit quiet when “Jews in the belfry” nuts flip out. Many Jews have worked for the multicultural lunacy that we abhor and would do away with. Far many more have not, and never would. Of all those who have engineered multiculture, most by far are our own kith and kin. Sad, but the sooner we see it and the sooner everyone with “Jews in the belfry” clears their heads, the better.

      It’s nonsense gone haywire when you say Israeli Nationalism prevails outside of Israel. Have you ever opened an MSM paper, or looked at MSM’s moving pictures on TV or elsewhere? There is never a wink of anything positive reported about Israel, never. Israel rules the media? On this planet, all MSM media are sharply – fiercely – critical of Israel.

      What, by contrast, prevails everywhere in the Occident is multiculturalism. THERE is the enemy that we need to shift.

      You are not being helpful with that.

      • ” It’s a general contempt of humanity that underlies your rant against productive, middle class people.”

        Nah, its my contempt for their cowardly risk averse nature and tendency to co-opt nationalist groups into accommodating their personal comfort zones

        ” Of my time on the site, I am spending 50% defending the damn pen name.”

        Sucks to be you, then.

        ” that would be pointless,”

        Yeah, because naming and attacking the enemy to galvanize public opinion against them is pointless. Dumbass.

        ” Far many more have not, and never would”

        They’re all on the same team – whats good for the jews? And work to shelter their fellow tribesmen from blame.

        “most by far are our own kith and kin.”

        What, you mean jews like the Bonnier family?

        “It’s nonsense gone haywire when you say Israeli Nationalism prevails outside of Israel”

        They’re reliant on weapons transfers and foreign policy tilted in their favor as a result of having a foothold in the government of basically all white nations

        ” On this planet, all MSM media are sharply – fiercely – critical of Israel.”

        Oh, you mean jews like Menachem Rosensaft who pens articles for the Huffington Post condemning White Nationalism while defending Zionism

        “prevails everywhere in the Occident is multiculturalism. ”

        Blahblah, ignore the point, ignore the people causing it, get everyone to focus on MULTICULTURALISM while deflecting blame from those causing it and the traitors serving them.

        What you are is a liar, and a bad one at that. Whether you’re doing it because you’re willfully working on the jews behalf to excuplate them from blame ala Jared Taylor, or because you simply fear retribution from them more than you can about your own people remains to be seen.

        “You are not being helpful with that.”

        Oh, hector me!

  • I think as the middle class continues to shrink more and more SWPL’s will come over to our side. Apparently Trump is planning on focusing on “skilled” immigration ie Immigrants who wear white collars to work. As these middle class jobs are threatened and as wages in these sectors stagnates, more and more from the middle class will find themselves concerned about the same things we are.

  • Hey guys, there is affect and effect, one is a verb, the other one is a noun. Try not to mix them up. It’s a very common mistake.

    • Let’s not mix them up, but let’s also bear in mind that ‘effect’ is both noun (“result”) and verb (“bring about”).

      • According to google: Most of the time, you’ll want affect as a verb meaning to influence something and effect for the something that was influenced.

        • I agree. ‘Affect’ means to have some sort or degree of influence on something. ‘Effect’ means to have something happen in a more complete and definitive way, or, as a noun, the result of some action.

  • Excellent article. We also must control our history. It is probably one of the most important aspects of Nationalism.
    We have to claim our history including the Civil war (monuments are removed due to twisted versions of history) to our role as a nation to our Christian European heritage.

    Some of the most powerful nationalistic movements have strong well documented history to support them. China has an unbroken written history of herself and a strong nationalist base today. Same with Japan to many European nations.
    PS: History and how it is interpreted supports a healthy and strong identify needed for Nationalism to grow.

    • Thanks! If the fates are gracious, there is another article from me coming on, which partly broaches your historical issues – because, as it happens, there is no other way to do that than for us to take a firm grasp of the educational system, and, more to the point, shape the educational system in our nationalist image.

      Our children need a firm historical basis on which to stand in their inevitable real-life confrontations with SJW’s and PC flakes. They need the historical truth and their historical roots. The truth will make them free – and also proud, strong, independent people in harmony with their European roots.

      • I look forward to that article.
        I agree that changing our educational system is a main goal for defining our history but there is a way towards that and that is public debates with College professors on neutral territory on a series of historical issues.
        It opens up history as a debatable ongoing process leading to our education system.
        The results of debates should get media exposure

    • We also need to claim our Rational Scientific Enlightenment Heritage…..

      …..alongside our Christian One….

  • Look at the middle class as the herd, that is mislead by infamous shepherds or reckless egoists at the negative end of moral scale. The herd represents 2x standard deviation around the average of any given human characteristics array: The average total of each moral, intelligence, diligence, courage, contrariness, cowardliness, or whatsoever you think that’s relevant, thus representing roughly two thirds of population. 100% of population minus 2x standard deviation divided by two returns ca. 16% true alt-right and 16% true antifa people (if we consider conscious deviation from average political preference being a result of chance driven by natural predisposition and individual social experience). In European multi-party elections these numbers roughly represent the average distribution of right and left wing party votes, sure with temporary variations but at the end of the day that’s more or less precise.

    Consequently this ‘middle class’ (= population within standard deviation) is ‘average’ in anything that is relevant in regard to making their decisions on the public affairs. Their knowledge is average, their interest, their intelligence, their eagerness to look behind the ruling say, you name it. Also their greed and fear is average.

    So far this is trivial. However I think this approach can help to ‘get the middle class on board’ if we take into account, that ‘average’ in this view is not the middle value on a linear scale but the most representative value that can be ‘high’ or ‘low’ in absolute terms. The curve can be skewed, therefore the average can be any value on a given scale.

    Now it’s worth looking at the most relevant characteristics for making decisions on one’s political behavior and – as their averages can be ‘high’ or ‘low’ – their averages’ absolute level. I have no study at hand, but my gut feel says that average peoples’ main concern (a ‘characteristic’ that has a distribution) is about avoiding the risk to be abandoned by their social group. This concern seems tremendously more important for any social decision than knowledge, intelligence or whatever. Losing together can be better than winning alone if this goes along with being kicked out. Evolution created humans that desperately strive for being accepted by the group, only few individuals’ characteristics deviate from this high level of most peoples’ prime desire. Also this insight is not new and it explains very well why western middle classes follow the herd mislead by malicious elites of dynamically negative selection (a system characteristic of democracy).

    It still does not explain why people vote in secret ballots the way they do, as the secret voting behavior cannot risk the individual’s social acceptance. To answer this, we need a dive into psychology and the working way of human mind. To make it short: Due to the limitations of true rational decision making humans decide more emotional and intuitive the more complex or social relevant decision situations are to them. But we are raised to believe in the power of our enlightened, educated reasoning, distinguishing us from the dumb. This makes it unacceptable to ourselves to deviate in our reasoning from our leading emotional decision. Consequently any reasoning is ‘engineered’ to fit our emotional decision. It is a self-delusion that ‘average’ people copy from what is promoted as facts, truth, moral, etc. It is required to bring oneself into inner equilibrium as we want to believe to make our decisions on our own, not as a act of social compliance.

    So if we cherish for a moment this idea of a threefold nature of public ‘opinion’ (1: Primary desire of the 66% average persons is to comply with herd’s ruling believes managed by the shepherds, 2: All peoples’ minds (also ours) build a chain of reasoning AFTER their emotional decision has been made, 3: All other characteristics appear ‘average’, thus offering nothing to expect from in terms of foresightful reasoning etc.), then we are close to a stock trading scenario.

    In a stock trading scenario you have some egoistic shepherds that manipulate the market and a huge set of investing sheeps that believe in their smartness to outperform all other participants decisions. But in fact, most investors want to be among a winner group. And there is an indefinite set of reasons to explain one’s believe on long or short, that what divides winners and losers. Most investors will argue that they found their own way why to invest as other experts / shepherds did. However their knowledge, level of information etc. is only average – on average.

    It seems that the middle class is ‘long’ on progressive bets. And it seems that they believe they did not made their decision just due to a desire to be part of a winning group but based on rational truth. Who ever did trading knows how hard it is to sell if things go in the wrong direction. Most average investors stick to their story because it is so damn true! Shut up you idiot, the stock price will recover soon, I know it, and it’s on TV!

    Selling at loss defines the moment of belonging to the losers, of having failed to make the right rational decision (that had been an emotional decision, but that’s impossible to accept).

    In this model the alt-right goes short on progressive investments. It is a matter of believe, and that’s good to understand, because their is no other reasonable investment basis for life.

    Now I see only one way how the middle class can join us going short: 1: Crash of the progressive bubble. This will occur sooner or later and there is no need to support this event to happen. It is a proofed event as there will be nobody left to buy more of the overpriced progressive stocks: No black, no muslim will invest in this ill stories, they will only grab the blown heli cash issued by the progressive controlling. However this will end in a bankruptcy of large parts of white society, so the middle class will lack funds to join our investments: They will be killed or at least marginalized and need to start from scratch if they can at all. But the good thing will be: The ill stories will be unmasked.

  • Trump had a major effect in moving the Overton window. The left is correct to bemoan how he “normalized” racism. I was not really in the WN camp until he won the primary. The easiest most obvious way to forward our message is to get trump to push policies that we would support. I was more hopeful of trump in the primary but now it seems he has moderated. I do think if there was a recession (especially a severe one) or a major terrorist attack he would lay out some draconian immigration/national security policies we would support. Imagine if 9/11 happened when he was president. We would most certainly get a Muslim immigration ban and possible internment. Imagine if the Great Recession happened. We would most certainly get a freeze on the 1mil./yr of immigrants that pour into our country and deportation of “law abiding” illegals.

  • Actually it’s simple, in order to win the middle class you have to stand for social liberalism and use it as an argument against migration.

  • The modern middle class has a lot of leisure time. You want to break into the middle class? ENTERTAINMENT! The alt-right has some entertaining media on youtube, but it’s all geared towards the alt-right. We need to entertain the middle class. We need a crowd funded alt-right SNL that’s actually funny. We need talented singers and songwriters to package our message. How hard would it be to write a sad song about 1400 gang raped White children? Make our message hit home, make them FEEL it. The current mass media sucks and everyone kinda knows it. We need to offer them quality entertainment that spreads our message and not (((their))) message.

    • Scary, have been thinking about that all week, an alternative to Saturday Night Live, sketches mocking liberals and their idols, World Peace by Million Dollar Extreme was quite edgy and abstract, maybe a bit too out there to convert the middle class, but nevertheless had a million views. I personally loved it, which is what got me thinking about alternatives to SNL, Sam Hyde has his moments, if you have never seen his two best videos, 2070 Paradigm Shift and his trolling “How to Make it as an Artist” lecture then you have not lived, some of the best, most ground breaking stuff since Monty Python when you talk about new genres.

  • Educating people that “conservatism” is a relative position that has no ideological meaning, would help a lot.

  • Doesn’t Gellerman already have his nationalism as well as tribalism in Israel and Judaism?

    Whites need our own exclusive nationalism and tribalism.

    • My nationalism is Swedish nationalism and none other.

      It is no secret to the people who know me, that I am also a sympathizer with Jewish nationalism. One of WW1’s bitter lessons is that peoples need to have nations, and more to the point, nation-states. The Jews need their state too. Building your state partly at the expense of others is no tea-party. But I fail to see what else could have materialized.

      The Jews in Israel don’t control the world from a big dashboard in Tel Aviv. No way. It’s a hallucination by the many people who have overtaxed Occam’s razor and think simplicity is always truth. Jews in Israel care about Jews in Israel. Nationalism standard A1 issue. We should allow them what we request for ourselves.

      On the other hand, many Jews in the Occident, many in the media and in other of society’s controlling heights have collectively flipped their lids. They have worked for multi-culturalism because they reminisc fondly about their place in multi-cultural Austria, prison of peoples, or similarly Ottoman Turkey. But they are wrong in that today’s enforced multi-culturalism in Europe would keep them safe – on the contrary.

      The vast majority of people in the media, politics and other weight-carrying societal institutions who have also orchestrated multi-culturalism are NOT Jews. They are, in a sense, our own, or should have been, as far as we could tell at the time. They have betrayed us. It is clear that they would have betrayed us in the same way, whether the few multi-cultural activist Jews in the Occident wil or nil.

      Again, my nationalism is Swedish nationalism and none other. Moreover, I see a need to salvage Europe as a whole, and vaguely, I have started to feel that I am White and that Whites are all in danger, all European-descended peoples everywhere. It is my calling to try to roll that whole disaster back.

      We can’t agree on everything. We need discipline and focus on the 99% of issues and ideas that unite us, and not bicker among us like some loony 60’s/70’s left. Our situation is far too dangerous to allow us that destructive luxury.

        • Snake, now. How about that. Are you sure you are doing your best to hold down any internecine strife? And when have I pretended that the Occidental Observer doesn’t exist?

        • Who let the Rothschild Banking Empire take over Western Europe? White Goys….

          Just like (((they))) killed the Romanovs….

          )))We((( could have dispatched them…

          But, the Aristocratic and Military Elite let them be…..


          • And, that’s one reason why we must focus on genes–our genes–and not on secondary things such as “middle class.”

            Once we let terms such as middle class substitute for what is most essential to us–our Whiteness–we start to accept everyone as being like us (Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Reds, ((( ))) ) when they are not like us at all.

          • It’s a hopeless sell to the many that we need to have on our side as constituents. Much better to address issues that they find concrete and pertinent, like zero immigration, return migration and cold legislative steel against those immigrants who are clearly criminals and/or parasites.

          • We do not need those who are not us with us. That is a major error in thinking. It leads to miscegenation and genocide of us.

          • We can peacefully co-exist with those who are not us, as long as they understand and respect our legitimate self-interest. My prediction is that those that don’t, soon will. Politics is changing on a tectonic scale. That’s the ticket. We can work this out peacefully. In fact, we’d better.

          • Thanks for reinforcing the belief that Jews are for Jews and they do not even see anyone else as human. If that can’t be inferred from your statement, then people need some remedial IQ training.

            A nation is its people. You are not MY nations people. I am ethnic American. My family on both sides has been here for over 250 years, and you are shitting on it.

          • Well, Jews this and Jews that. Jews, like others, want to go on with their lives, just like everybody else. They don’t have a general ‘rule the world’-mentality. Their history has just made them adept at finding their place in societies everywhere. Some of them are activists for multiculturalism, just like some of our kith and kin. Most are not. You will come around to that insight, eventually.

            But I do take exception to your accusations in the second section. Other than my native Sweden, no other nation commands my respect as much as the United States – a standpoint which I base on my conception of the United States before Lyndon B Johnson opened up for mass immigration, and the principles that prevailed before that time.

            What the hell do you mean, really?

          • Exactly. Blame the guilty, with no discrimination. Most of the guilty are our own kith and kin. See this clearly, and realize.

          • You write in relevant part: “our own kith and kin.” You are a born ((( ))) are you not? Your kith and kin are not the same as my kith and kin.

          • Sorry, you’re wrong. Hard for you to know, I guess. I am as European as they come. It might be my pen name that is deceiving you.

            You and I are kith and kin, descending from that group of a few hundred Indo-European mothers that geneticists think they have circled. We share a heritage. We don’t want to waste it, by bickering with each other or otherwise.

          • Well, you lost me there.

            Good luck trying to sell that to any Occidental constituency. And if you can’t sell it to a constituency within the system of parliamentarism and general elections, the onus is on you to devise a new system with which to replace the old, in order to make your ideas become material reality.

            You want to expound on specifically which system it is that you want, and how you, specifically, want to go about changing the old for the new?

          • It is not a system that I want to change. I want Whites to survive, thrive and fill all available niches with our kind and to evolve ever higher.

          • We are perfectly aligned as far as the objective.

            We have a basis for disagreement as far as the methods.

          • You seem to dance around the issue. ((( ))) can be European but not be White and White with a uc means Aryan and Aryan means: a non-Jewish White person of European descent no matter where he or she was born or lives.

            Your pen name is a ((( ))) name. Why would you select that if you are not ((( )))?

          • The fact of the matter is that I chose the name long ago for other purposes, with no afterthought at all to any of these oncoming latter-day implications. I kept it as a gesture to the 5-6 people who would recognize me under it. No mystery, and no deep or ulterior motive.

      • Genes are us and genes are you and they are not the same. Why would do you think we need advice from someone who is not our kind?

      • And all of you keep in mind that the jewish feeling of brotherhood is a best practice that our people never met. Don’t blame them, learn from them.

        • Word up, Einar von Vielen. WAY up. Get off the whinemobile, NatioWhinealists of all extractions, start learning from best practices. Simple as.

      • “We should allow them what we request for ourselves.”
        I agree, lets do to them what they do to us – start funding NGOs to traffic the entire 1.2 billion population of Africa into Israel to live off benefits and give full citizenship and voting to as many children as they can pop off while there.

      • Oh, missed this part
        “The vast majority of people in the media, politics and other
        weight-carrying societal institutions who have also orchestrated
        multi-culturalism are NOT Jews.”
        [citation needed]
        ~53% of positions of power is not ‘the vast majority’
        And the Jewish population being 2400% over-represented in the media is a pretty big oversight to leave out.

  • This was a Great Read……

    A Great Vision for the Future……

    Challenging, Daunting, but not Utopian…….

    We in the Alt-Right need to have Hope…….

    This was also a Call for more Personal Responsibility…….

    I appreciate that, David…….

    Thank you…..

  • SWPLs will have to be dragged kicking and screaming no matter how much reason you throw at them.

    • The only thing keeping them SWPLs is money. When their cozy little bubbles are popped either through having their careers outsourced or a complete economic collapse, they’ll come marching in voluntarily.
      Money is the only glue the Jews have to keep their experiment together.

      • The middle class is a sleeping giant. They don’t want trouble for the life of them, but they’ll start to go to trouble when their lifestyle is really in jeopardy. They are most often capable and common sense-y, excellent people to have on our side no matter for which reason they finally started moving. We can play the blame game at some later time.

        • It used to be a giant. I was a small businessman put under by both Bush and Obama. Every young white person I know wants to be a cop or join the military. No one wants to start their own business, at least not with their own money. I don’t blame them.

          • I have absolutely no reason to doubt you in your contentions, or to underestimate the seriousness of your concerns. I agree with you that small and middle-sized businesses are squeezed the Occident over, both financially because they are an easy target for tax assessors with very little potential for the large deductions that large corporations can effect, and politically because the liberal left silently fears them – they are not safely in the PC fold.

            To my way of thinking, though, the middle class consists, in the main, of salaried individuals.

    • SWPLs will not budge unless DIEversity affects them directly. They must lose their job, home, or lives to change. Either they cuck or go 1488.

      • Exactly, people usually only get radicalized when things are not so cushy for them anymore. We really need to hit the white blue collars though. They are the ones who gave Trump the win. White Middle Class has always been GOP since I can remember. The white blue collars are the swing votes.

    • I agree with what is written and as a member of the upper middle class in Greece I can attest to this… In short only if the middle class loses its money or is in immediate jeopardy of losing them they can move to our side only by… not supporting the democratic one… to go to our side they require to get mugged and face diversity eye-to-eye… nothing else can move the sleeping..

  • In terms of opening a wider media platform, Breitbart is to a degree already doing that. I recognise that contra the MSM Breitbart is not alt-right, but it is clearly pro nationalist (at least in the civic sense) and not adverse to speaking to white identitarian issues, if in a round about way.

  • Thank you! We seem to be much on the same page.

    In point of fact, and I feel that this is something of the essence of what you say, we need to form an autarchic subculture from which, at least optimally, never a red $.01 goes into the enemy’s pockets. I can’t really grasp the entirety about that whole matter in one (readable) text, but our own media would just be part of that package, as well as schools, up to and including university level, businesses &c. (There are more articles about this coming from me if the editors at Righton stay generous 🙂 ). Excellent idea to build our all-comprehensive media through pooling existing smaller media, by the way. Let’s stay out of the Left’s sphere of thinking, where they build huge white elephants from scratch to solve everything.

    The subculture would be powered from within, partially by the means that you list, and partially by the general feeling of coherence and meaning that holds in a community or subculture whose members feel, think, live and hope alike in all matters of importance. The Chinese have done this for millennia, and their group coherence is just about unparalleled. Just think about what WE could do with that coherence, no enemy inside the group, and our creativity, innovativity, drive and moxie.

  • We need to replace the enemy’s media totally, and become the middle class’s one stop shopping for all kinds of news, stories and debates. We need to report on sports, the weather, economy and stocks

    This kind of thing has been on my mind recently.

    I might be interested in investing in such a media project.

    Do we have any Nationalist VCs reading this?

    • Not to instruct you on your business, Laguna Beach Fogey, but you would have a first-mover advantage going into territory where traditional media fear to tread. Nobody owns that market, cross-spectrum media with an alt-right angle, at this time. Breitbart is a very impressive creation, but also lodged in a niche of the more controversial, politically charged sort of news matter.

      There are no journalists out of traditional media that would offer their services to an alt-right angled cross-spectrum medium. There are no editors, stringers or desk managers who would do that either. They have copped out of that business idea altogether, not because it is necessarily an ill-founded business idea, but because its more general purpose doesn’t sit well with them. You would be alone on the market and you could shape it as you would have it.

      • Thanks, David. That’s pretty much the way I look at it. In approaching this I would probably want to put together a group of advisors, from media, tech, Nationalist worlds.

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