In Response to the Fake News Revenge Article in The Atlantic

Carol Schaeffer at Daniel Friberg's birthday party in Budapest in January, 2017.

This follows her encounter with me in Budapest in January this year, where she almost set fire to my apartment during my birthday party, among other embarrassing, drunken antics.

You can read more about her in this piece by Matt Forney, who also attended my party and met Schaeffer, published on January 15th of this year:

The article by Carol contains so many malicious errors, outright lies and misconceptions that it needs to be addressed, which I will attempt to do below:

1) I’ve always been clear that I am neither a permanent resident in Hungary nor affiliated with any Hungarian political parties or groups: not even Jobbik, as Carol claims. If anything, I would say that the Hungarians seem to be doing a good job at handling their interior and exterior politics themselves, and I have no wish to engage in Hungarian politics whatsoever. I certainly live part time in Budapest, just as I live part time in Sweden, Poland and Germany, but I don’t identify myself as being part of any ”alt-right expat community,” even if any such thing existed. Furthermore, I have zero interest in party politics but work solely as an author and publisher, focused on spreading traditionalist ideas to Western Europe and the U.S. rather than central and eastern Europe, both of which are healthier.

2) I’ve never been involved in any “neo-Nazi” scene or “group” in Sweden whatsoever. On the contrary, I have called myself a nationalist, a conservative, and an identitarian, meaning one who emphasizes the importance of national and cultural identity. I have often been criticized by the more radical elements in the Swedish scene for this; indeed, I’ve been called everything from a “Zionist” to a “Secret Service agent.” This is a well-known fact in Sweden, well documented online, and something that should have been fact checked.

3) It is true that I created a forum called in Sweden (meaning “”), with the tagline “a portal for Nordic identity, culture and tradition,” with not 22,000 but rather 27,000 members. The vast majority of members were people interested in Nordic culture and identity, traditionalists or regular nationalists, and certainly not ”neo-Nazis” as Carol claims.

4) Regarding her worst accusation, which serves to portray me as some sort of criminal, anti-social element, I’ve been convicted three times in my entire 39-year old life, of which two are misdemeanours:

  • Once in 1995 for possessing a tear gas spray that is legal in most European countries.
  • Once in January 1996, at the age of 18, for possessing two firearms I was storing at my family home for a friend, rendering me three months in a low-security prison.
  • The third and final time in 2010 for a misdemeanour: specifically, for taking back something a thief stole from me. I did not serve any prison time for this and was given a minor fine.

All of the above facts are easily verifiable through public records, and can easily be fact-checked.

Between 1996 and 2010 I also earned a degree in economics and held several highly-respected jobs, including working as a researcher in economic clusters at the University of Gothenburg, as a CFO, a controller specializing in mergers and acquisitions, and so forth. My full CV and professional career, including the glowing resumés given by my previous employers, are easily available for all to see on my LinkedIn profile.

Carol Schaeffer’s attempt to portray me as a violent criminal is beyond dishonest. She makes it seem like I was repeatedly convicted and serving prison time for weapons-related crimes from 1995 to 2010. This is likely her attempt at revenge over her failed Budapest tour and attempt at interviewing me, which was aptly described in the aforementioned article by Matt Forney.

5) The title of the article, as well as the general thesis that Hungary is “a haven for the alt-right”, are both completely false for a number of reasons:

a) Few Hungarian nationalists and conservatives identify with the Western “alt-right” term.

b) The fact that foreigners are expelled or banned from the country for holding ”alt-right” views is proof of the contrary. In fact, this is something unique to Hungary, as I’ve never heard of any other Schengen country doing this with other citizens of the EU. While I am supportive of the Hungarian government and understand the strategy behind what they do, since Hungary is the number one target of the Western liberal media, this is a convenient quick fix to solve the problem with repeated bad press.

6) Finally, Carol Schaeffer writes that the daily newspaper Magyar Hirlap is a “Jobbik newspaper”. This is entirely untrue, which any Hungarian person or anyone with insight in the Hungarian media landscape would know. This is sloppy journalism and should have been fact-checked before publishing the article.

I would also like to stress that Budapest:

a) probably has the smallest number of alt-right expats among all European capital cities (95 percent of the expats I’ve met are Western liberals, that are either critical of the government or apolitical),

b) the ”alt-right” is not extremism, but a collective term for paleo-conservatives, nationalists, right-wing libertarians, traditionalists and identitarians alike, and certainly none of these ideological persuasions can be perceived as ”extremism” of any sort.

Furthermore, the article includes too many errors and conscious misconceptions to address in this short response.

In conclusion, I believe The Atlantic should have done some proper fact-checking on Carol Schaeffer’s story before publishing it. In the future, they should be more careful when publishing pieces from interns or freelancers that have barely even gotten their journalism degrees, and who possess openly radical leftist (and sometimes, as in Carol’s case, personal) agendas.

Budapest, Hungary, May 29, 2017

Daniel Friberg, Author and Publisher

Daniel Friberg
the authorDaniel Friberg
Daniel Friberg is a co-founder and editor of He is furthermore an economist from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University who has conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant, business analyst and as a CEO within the Swedish mining industry. He is also co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Arktos, 2015). (Official Facebook page)


  • The Alt Right is most certainly extremist. Who tf is Daniel Frieberg and why does he sound like a scared rabbit when he gets called a Nazi? We’ve seen what cucks like this – who can be manipulated into denouncing X or Y just by calling them names – can do to a political movement. Can we bring back Radix already?

  • I didn’t like this blog – way to defensive:

    “She called me a NAZI”
    “She says Hungary is a haven for Alt Right people, Hungary has nationalist Alt Right polices towards mass immigration”.

    So F#*&$*@ what?

    Jus tell the bitch to


  • With all due respect, you’re too defensive on this one. The Atlantic is obsessed with the alt right and they’ve given us a lot of coverage. Even if they have a few innacuracies, overall I believe the Atlantic has been positive for us. In addition so far every article they’ve written on the movement seemed quite favorable to anyone who isn’t weighed down by words like “racist” and “bigot.” Pointing out that you don’t always live in Budapest or that other capitals have dissidents too is not particularly helpful. Let’s create an image of a vast network in Budapest that is standing up to globalism. I myself have met with nationalists who moved to Budapest and I don’t think this article exaggerated at all. Sometimes enemy propaganda is helpful.

    • Yep.

      The Atlantic still allows Alt Right commons as long as they are intelligent, funny. It’s one of my favorite places to hang out on the internet.

  • The other issue is the term “Anti Semite”
    American and European Jews are not Semite, they do not speak Hebrew, or have a Semitic last name. and many Semites in the Middle East are also Muslim and Christian.
    I do not see the connection between Semite and Jew. If I am anti Jewish then I should be called “anti Jewish” not “Anti Semitic”.

  • It is also important because Jews make the rest identify with a group of European names as Jewish. But that leads to a range of problems, one of them is that anyone can adopt a name like “Goldstein”, then claim to be a Jew and attack anyone who criticizes him as an Anti Semite.

    One example would be a non Jew marrying a Jewish man and getting the last name of “Goldstein”. Then names and where they originate becomes important.

  • Thanks for sharing this nightmare you suffered because of this woman.
    Reading this article and seeing the name “Schaeffer” brought up the issue of a Jewish name. For me “Schaeffer” is European and not Jewish.

    Names like “Openheimer”, “Einstein”, to “Schindler” to “Rothschild” are European not Semitic or Jewish. So what is a Jewish last name?
    I do not know. Going by the old testament last names were never used. we have
    Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, and on and on.. but no last name.
    I have heard that across the Arab world last names are uncommon. I wonder if that is true for those who call themselves “Jews”.
    this to me is important for we need to claim back what is European and leave out what is Jewish.

  • If she set fire to your apartment then you need to press charges.. play the same game the left plays

    • If it was serious enough, I obviously would have. Luckily, the other (shocked) guests put out the fire before it managed to create more damage than some burn marks on a carpet.

  • Not sure anyone here ever reads anything in the Atlantic, and pretty sure the only people on the left who check out this website are journalists. We need to lay a trap for them as Anglin says and get them to demand that the city of Houston should be renamed, because Sam Houston was a racist.Get them engaged in battles that will make them look bad and end up looking even more unhinged than they already are.

  • Good, but comes off as a little too defensive in tone. Should have attacked/ mocked Schaeffer more. And talking to a reporter for The Atlantic is not a good move to begin with. They’ve got the story already written; they just want to pick up something they can throw in their to make it seem more authentic.

    • I think there is enough mocking going on in the article linked in the beginning. There is a good reason for me being “defensive” (or neutral/factual) in tone in this particular article, believe me.

  • Let this be a lesson, another one, again, still… Nothing good comes from talking to left wing propaganda outlet reporters. It has never worked to our advantage. It never will. It shouldn’t! Their physical presence is only required on site so that when they write their bullshit they can say they were there. When will the alt right learn? You think you are being civilized, well mannered, perhaps engaging in some intellectual negotiation about the world at large so you can make a difference by having a dialogue with the other side. You’re not. So cut out. Stop letting ‘these people’ into your life. Scorpions and turtles…

  • The Atlantic used to be a respectable journal, an organ of the Atlanticist establishment and their mainstream liberalism.

    A few years ago, it was bought by the “liberal Zionist” Jeffrey Goldberg, who promptly hired the “neo-conservative Zionist” and racist David Frum, George W. Bush’s speechwriter and the coiner of the phrase “Axis of Evil” meant to demonize Arabs. Since Goldberg moved The Atlantic to DC from Boston it has become little more than a hack blog that is now full of low-effort “Drumpf” trolling.

    Anyone is welcome to read the comments and compare the intellectual level of the audience to not only but many other right leaning and pro-white publications. It simply does not compare.

    The “left” is no longer liberal, but now instead a toxic mix of anti-whiteness and radical Jewish Zionism posturing as internationalism.

    It should also be noted that David Frum of The Atlantic has a long-standing personal vendetta against Richard Spencer going back nearly a decade, which is likely why The Atlantic attempts to smear him and related people on a regular basis.

    • Ha! I remember Frum’s now defunct Frum Forum attacking Spencer’s before it even published anything.

      • I just remember Spencer putting up a youtube video where he introduced his new site and said it was going to be called “Frum Forum” … it was then I realized Frum was obsessed with Spencer and had already been attacking him apparently going back to the Takimag days.

        The Atlantic used to be edited by legends like William Dean Howells – now it’s degenerated into the $PLC blog.

        • Frum hated Spencer because Spencer worked at American Conservative and later Takimag, two of the first right wing publications to provide an intellectual break from Jewish neoconservatism and the Iraq War. The fact that a discredited Bush Admin flunky like Frum still has a respectable Editor’s job at The Atlantic speaks to the power of Jewish nepotism.

          The decline of The Atlantic itself as the intellectual organ of Northeastern WASP liberals to Jewish hasbara mirrors the fate of other American institutions like the Ivy League that have been infiltrated and occupied by Jews.

        • Frum should assume personal responsibility and seek therapy for his delusions about Spencer, as Dr. Franklin Jefferson advocates.

    • “The Atlantic used to be a respectable journal, an organ of the Atlanticist establishment and their mainstream liberalism.”

      Which is exactly why it has become what it is today.

      “The “left” is no longer liberal, but now instead a toxic mix of
      anti-whiteness and radical Jewish Zionism posturing as internationalism.”

      The left is what you call liberalism, taken a bit further to it’s logical conclusions.

    • No offense, Daniel, you’re still the top, but I don’t think I’m alone in feeling a little alienated from the world you live in – salon parties, to which you invite unwitting airheads as evening entertainment, just to name one thing. Most of the rest of us AltRighters and nationalists are living in, like, a different paradigm.

      • Sure, in retrospect, I’ll readily admit that it was a mistake to give in to her begging for an invitation to my birthday party, which I only did to give her a more human impression of me and my friends (most of them Hungarians or temporary visitors from various countries).

        Although I do believe that this particular birthday party had very little impact on the overall narrative she is pushing (which was most likely the narrative she planned from the beginning), it certainly put me in her crosshairs for this article. And the only one ultimately affected by my actions is me.

        The article would have been written and published regardless, most likely with even more interviews (since I dissuaded everyone from giving her any further interviews after her behavior at said party).

        I would obviously not have invited her (or any other Western journalist) if she was open with her intentions from the beginning, instead of pretending to be a non-political student just wanting to learn more about European nationalism for her university essay. Anyway, lesson learned. Time to move on.

        • Yeah. David Gellerman. Alt-Right/Nationalist. No question mark.

          You have a problem with that?

          • As a matter of fact, it doesn’t happen to be my actual name, but rather the pen name under which I am trying to make some kind of headway in Daniel’s web universe, AltRight/Motpol etc. Have had a couple of texts published under that name, trying to build it as a brand. The people who knew me under my earlier activism days would recognize the name and smile to themselves.

          • He was previously a writer at (as well as our Swedish sister site), that was merged with when we started up this new exciting venture.

          • Ok, thanks….

            Glad to see you joined……

            Look forward to more of your Posts/Articles……

          • Thanks. 🙂 And how about you give me 1.5 extra points of credit on account of the fact that English is not my native language?

          • How about 10?

            You’re a Great Asset for the Alt-Right……..

            My only question is……

            With the array of forces dead set against the Alt-Right………

            Where is there time or space for Empathy??

            Richard Spencer has dialogued with many ‘Enemies’……

            Their minions mock and ridicule him and wish him further Violence……

            They want to ostracize, separate, ban, splinter, and disintegrate us……

            I only see a War with No Empathy………

          • Well, as I am trying to spell out – empathy in order to understand the enemy, what makes him tick, so we can defeat him. Sun Zi said it best:
            “If you know your enemies
            and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles… if
            you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in
            every single battle.”

            Emotions are the fuel in the machine. Emotions govern thoughts, and thoughts govern actions, and actions shape reality. Possibly, I should have made the text more philosophical, but I was just thinking to present something practically meaningful.

          • Our Enemy lies, distorts, obfuscates, and manipulates like a Sociopath…..


            Knowing myself…….

            I don’t aspire to be anything like that……

            So, let Truth be our Sword in Battle……

            Let us continue to spread the Truth…….

            … wake up our People…….

            ……lost in the Blinding Fog……

            …….from our Enemy……

          • Nice pseudonym! If Jews can adopt huwhite pen names, then why can’t we adopt Jew nom de guerres to mock Jews?

          • The curiosity is that there exist records of me, under that name, having requested court records of immigrant criminality under Sweden’s Availability of Public Records Act. 🙂

            So “David” is, of course, the Old Testament’s David. But why, exactly, is “Gellerman” Jewish? I just picked it up because I thought it sounded nice and snappy.

          • You’re Swedish?

            Gellerman is considered a Jew name in America Because a Jew actor played a Jew character on the popular TV show “Friends.”

          • Yes, I am Swedish.

            Ah. OK. Cultural competence to know which actor played whom on which show. We foreigners can think we speak English so well that none of this should matter, but these little crucial facts of culture and history don’t lend themselves to picking up (…who won the World Series in 1954? Got to know, or else…exposed as a foreigner).

      • I think if you look at it like cultural republicanism, you can see where you can do your part. He is interacting with folks higher up in the chain who have less immediate influence on your life, but a larger incremental effect on the culture at large right now. The people you might interact with could have more immediate effects on you, but less on the population at large. So you should take his examples and apply them to your situation.

        • I am not 100% sure what cultural republicanism really is, but clearly he is operating on a completely different level than I am. He is usually right about his predictions about where the political ball will end up next in the game.

          All I am trying to say is that I would never be at home in his world, throwing parties and inviting people I didn’t know, for reasons of metapolitical machinations. It’s all 3D-chess to me.

  • The Atlantic is Zionist agitprop run by Jeffrey Goldberg, who rather than sowing his wild oats by joining the US Military or banging coeds in college got his rocks off by strip searching and physically abusing Palestinian teenagers during the First Intifada. Almost everyone Goldberg hires to write for his rag is a fellow Russian Jew: Julia Ioffe, Rosie Gray, David Frum to name just a few. Probably this Schaeffer girl as well. How does a newly minted undergrad get a gig at The Atlantic? Ethnic nepotism.

    Hit pieces like this are to be expected from the Atlantic, they also did a smear piece, “His Kampf,” about Richard Spencer where the profile was written by Graeme Wood, a prep school classmate of Spencer’s.

    What’s revealing about these smear pieces is that they’re completely devoid of ideas or even good dirt that would take leaders like Spencer or Friberg down a peg. One piece revealed Spencer had an Asian girlfriend when he was a Paleocon 10 years ago! The Wood piece in the Atlantic made fun of Spencer for High School mispronunciations and lame yearbook quotes. And now some lame expose that Friberg had a few misdemeanors when he was young. I heard Mike Enoch say one time that there were very few people he knew who DIDN’T get arrested for low level crap like a DUI or Drunk in Public. This is a total non-story, but the Jewish organs clearly feel threatened by the cross-Atlantic partnership between Spencer, Friberg, and Palmgren.

    • This is why we need to stick together in the Alt-Right……

      Just like (((they))) do……

      • I’ve always said there is a great deal to be learned from the Jewish experience. They retained a cohesive ethnic identity despite spending centuries as a minority population amidst a generally hostile minority. They not only survived but thrived thanks in no small part to a culture which prioritized intelligence and which continually asked itself “is X good for the Jews?” Perhaps most important: they never forget a wrong done against their people. If the average White American had as much concern for White people and White interests as the average secular Jew we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

    • > the Jewish organs clearly feel threatened by the cross-Atlantic partnership
      Good point. Jews are global? Well guess what, whites (er, sorry Euros, /Europeans/) are global too. And for all the smearing, they are making us a bigger deal than we probably really are. But that’s a favor, per Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals:
      – we’re as powerful as our enemies think we are. No bad publicity and all that.

      • Jewish history is a tale of constantly overplaying their hand through perfidy and arrogance.

    • I heard Mike Enoch say one time that there were very few people he knew who DIDN’T get arrested for low level crap like a DUI or Drunk in Public.

      Typical young male hijinks, in other words. That just goes to show that the kind of male personality drawn to the Alt Right has testosterone.

    • If an honest journalist could accurately depict our vision of a white ethnostate fit to live in, he would show that we operate in the humanist tradition and that we have a practical model of human flourishing and the good life.

      And this vision would also show by implication that all of the groups we want to separate from – blacks, Muslims, Latinos, Jews, feminists and sexual degenerates – basically have the “job” of spoiling our lives.

      • Your concept needs to be expounded upon in stark and opaque terms so everyone can get it. Combine nostalgia with uncomfortable data to subconsciously trigger people. “Leave it to Beaver” contrasted with “Modern Family” with accompanying data to drive the point home.

      • “And this vision would also show by implication that all of the groups we want to separate from – blacks, Muslims, Latinos, Jews, feminists and sexual degenerates – basically have the “job” of spoiling our lives.”

        Excellent point. In other words, rent seeking.

        • Yeah, we really have to confront this bullshit about “More Mexicans in the U.S. = Cheaper Vegetables.”

          Why don’t we hear “More Mexicans in the U.S. = Faster Scientific, Medical and Technological Progress”? The utopians’ own propaganda implicitly admits that they want to flood the country with dumbasses suitable only for uncomplicated, low-value jobs..

          • I’ll pay an extra dollar for a damn avocado if it means I don’t have to provide womb to tomb welfare for some anchor baby. And we could still use Mexican migrant agricultural labor without the Messcans staying here. In Western Europe, they bring in seasonal laborers from countries like Ukraine to harvest the crops, then send them back home. America could easily do the same thing.

          • That’s honestly what we need to do. We also need to manipulate the wage rates to encourage innovation so that at some point we can automate vegetable picking.

            Until then the migrant farm laborers should have to pay into SS but not be eligible to receive any benefit. And of course do NOT give them citizenship under any circumstances.

            Jews like bill kristol will be the first to bemoan how after a few generations Americans get lazy. Under that assumption we should not give citizenship to those who work low end/labor intensive jobs so we do not encounter lazy Americans at the bottom rung of society.

      • Try some personal responsibility. You’re spoiling your own life. You know you’re delusional and need therapy, that’s why you hide your “opinions” from Facebook and everywhere else. Why are you afraid to get help?

        • Clearly, he needs (((psychoanalysis))). My nephew, Dr. Goldsteinberg, could give him a good rate. Perhaps you could benefit as well? After all, you do seem to be “projecting” on this private comments thing, hmm?

          • It’s astonishing how predictable the routine is. What, you criticized Jews? You are a) crazy b) a loser c) blaming “Jooos” (they always misspell it) for your personal problems!

            It’s like they teach that routine in Jewish day schools or something. So much for all that vaunted “verbal intelligence” – you could write a “hasbara bot” to post this stuff.

          • Do Jews Red-Pill themselves so that they acknowledge privately that they do the sorts of things we goys complain about?

          • MacDonald’s Culture of Critique was a big eye-opener for me. I had long dismissed most anti-Semitic literature as silly conspiracy-theorizing. MacDonald did an excellent job of explaining where the anti-Semites got it right while avoiding the tinfoil hat ranting. I respect the Jewish desire to preserve the existence of their people and to make a safe space for their children — but that doesn’t mean I want to sacrifice the existence of my people or the future of my child on their behalf.

          • How original and intelligent! I’m not projecting, I’m literally addressing his behavior (and probably yours too, since I seem to have hurt your feelings). Also, this is a “public comments thing”, genius.

        • Yes, atomized individualism and “personal responsibility” solve everything, don’t they? Funny how that comes up every time white people start to talk about collective solutions to problems.

        • Psychotherapy has become politicized like a lot of other fields in our society to make it hostile to white people’s interests. (You may have read my rants about sexology and sex education, for example.) It will have to change to reflect the humanist orientation of white identitarianism.

          BTW, I know a white psychotherapist who grew up in South Africa and now practices in Prescott. I wonder what she really thinks about the wonders of black people now. She voted with her feet to get away from them after the collapse of Apartheid.

        • I can’t quite put my finger on why my posts act as a splinter in your mind, unless I just happen to write unlike other Alt Right propagandists I know of because I use a different kind of framing. I don’t know of anyone who connects the Alt Right’s world view with the humanist tradition, for example, though Yuval Harari in his book Home Deus actually calls Nazism a form evolutionary humanism, along with liberal humanism and communist humanism.

          • No splinters here, I simply found myself confronted with your dangerous mental state, and decided to encourage you to strengthen your mind. No one else connects the two worldviews, because there’s no connection.

        • So what do you have to say now? Events in the real world support my point that Muslims let into Western countries have the purpose of spoiling white people’s lives.

          • Delusional Islamists kill many more Muslims in Muslim countries, and delusional white nationalists (e.g. Anders Breivik, Jeremy Joseph Christian [I was not speaking figuratively when I claimed you are complicit in the murders he committed], Timothy McVeigh, etc.) kill many more whites in Western countries. You have a loose grip on “events in the real world”.

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