I’m Not Scared Of Islamic Terror And Neither Should You Be

For those of you keeping tabs, Ramadan has started. Buckle up, because the fireworks are about to start.

Most people on the Right are baffled by the responses of their fellow countrymen to the terror attacks that rock Europe on a semi-monthly basis. Some even swallow “the black pill,” which, from what I can gather is supposed to be a sort of lapse into nihilistic despair engendered by the realization that no amount of muzzie terror attacks will elicit a change of heart among the POZ’d.

Of course, Liberals and the unassuming PC public will be caught with their pants down for the next attack as well, as they always seem to be. Despite their professed love for multiculturalism, they can’t be bothered to actually learn anything about the cultures they purport to love so much.

Yet, somehow, I’m not worried.

I realized a couple of attacks back that I am not the target of these Muslims.

There’s a favorite Liberal man-child adage that goes, “all I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten”. This is followed by a wistful look as they remember lessons about sharing and sitting quietly “criss-cross applesauce” on the ground like little savages.

I agree with the Liberals on this one. Everything that I needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten, on the playground. There were two black kids. They were, of course, the ones causing all the trouble. They would occasionally beat up some other kids on that playground. It was always the weaker ones that they picked on.

And did the weak kids ever fight back? No, of course not. They rolled over, again and again and showed their bellies to the bully. They never fought back. Some would actually try to befriend their tormentors. They did this because they were taught to do so by the school. Books like “Enemy Pie” taught them to be nice to their bullies in the hopes that they would eventually stop their behavior.

The kid’s boomer dad gets him to gift his bully a delicious pie, and they become besties.

But the appeasement strategy never worked, and the beatings would continue.

Occasionally, a sympathetic classmate would step in to save the weaklings from a beatdown. This was never appreciated. In fact, he would resent the other kid because he showed a better path, one that the bullied kid was too weak to take. Often times, the bullied kid would rat out his defender to the school authorities.

The bullied kid would rationalize his abuse and start siding with the bully. He basically became the bully’s bitch.

Which brings us back to Muslims and who they target. They target the soft, weak, underbelly of society. They target the hipsters of Bataclan, the gays in the Orlando nightclub, the tweens at the Ariana Grande concert.

San Bernadino saw a Muslim attacking mentally retarded people and their helpers. In St. Petersburg, they bombed the metro station with the largest university student density. The station is literally called “Technological Studies Institute” and it’s a polysci hub.

And naturally, the people that they target do not speak out against their attackers. Instead, they lay flowers, sing songs and hug it out. The Muslims never seem to target football hooligans or military veteran organizations. They have a specific target demographic in mind.

Let me try to put a face to these people.

I know a girl from Austria who got raped by a Paki. She’s very pretty, in fact, she was an aspiring actress at the time, being filmed in commercials. She freaked out when I began to talk about the immigration problem. “No, multiculturalism is good,” she said, “think about all the interesting food you can try!”.

I know a childhood buddy who lives in London now. He was beaten up and had his arm broken by Morrocans at a nightclub. He cut off all contact with me when I brought up the threat of Islam in Europe.

I know an older woman who used to drive me and her kids together to Soccer practice. She lives in Brussels. She visited us in the USA one day and talked about how dangerous Brussels had become. She’s afraid to walk home from Yoga. “Belgium will have Sharia soon, and that’s ok,” she added. She is a feminist, by the way.

I know a middle-aged woman who lives in Geneva now. She was close friends with my mother. She was in an abusive relationship with an alcoholic Arab which left her emotionally scarred and a childless spinster. She called me a “Nazi” when she heard I had supported Trump.

Will these placid herbivores ever get “red-pilled by reality”?

No, of course not. It’s just in their nature. They will even side with their tormentors against those who will try to save them. These people will never support the nationalist cause. And any progress that we make will have to be done in spite of these people. If European civilization is to be saved, these people will have to be dragged along, kicking and screaming into the promised land.

And so as this most holy of months begins in the European proto-caliphate, I wish you peace and blessings. I hope that in the wake of the next terror attack, you will not get black-pilled. Instead, I hope you realize that we were never going to convince the weaklings anyway.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Incredible insight, I didn’t think about it like that and you are right. If they didn’t realize what they are doing by now, then they never will. They would even suck an aids infested cock if society said that was a good thing to do while being ashamed of their heritage.

    There is a message in this: The world belongs to masculine men, it’s so damn easy to dominate these idiots, more power to us.

  • This is a perspective on anarcho-tyrrany. The individual has become his own ‘ideological state apparatus’ freeing the ‘repressive state apparatus’ to go about fulfilling other agenda action items.

  • She freaked out when I began to talk about the immigration problem. “No,
    multiculturalism is good,” she said, “think about all the interesting
    food you can try!”.

    This is simple psychology. You need to motivate people not by negative stimulus, but with something positive. But too many on the “Alt Right” can’t do that because they are knee-jerk reactionaries. In fact, too many people on the Alt Right are so reactionary even when someone does suggest something positive, they start screeching “cuck!” like a Tourette’s sufferer on meth.

    The “pro-white” movement has failed for over a half century because they are always trying to organize people as “anti-Black” or “anti-Muslim” or “anti-Jew.”

    Then when someone does come along and suggest something “pro-White” it degenerates into autistic displays of counter-signaling because someone’s fringe ideological fixation isn’t being catered to.

    Women, especially, can be motivated by pro-Whiteness – just see how well they respond to all the sappy pro-white baby and “White Women in Wheat Fields” stuff.

    Instead of being “anti-immigrant” maybe try being “pro-White native.” Instead of demanding ideological purity, try a big tent. Instead of being exclusive try being inclusive.

    That is, if the goals are pro-white. For many the goals are to create an internet and IRL ghetto where they can posture as more “hardcore” than everyone else and to create “radical subcultures” to distinguish themselves from normal White people.

    When you have a 50 year record of abject failure, it’s time to try something new.

    • I’m not a purist on any ideology but I do insist on doing what works and not doing what doesn’t work.

  • Absolutely correct. I estimate about 60-70% of people are followers. On the plus side, that also means we only have to “convert” about 20-30%, i.e. the “movers and shakers”, to affect a change. Once society changes direction the sheep will just follow along. Basically most people in life are zeros.

  • Why are Jews the only race on Earth organized for political work everywhere they go? During the primaries Ted Cruz was rambling about Israel and a friend of mine said “How many votes does he think Jews will give him?”. They are 3% of the US population but own at least 51% of the Democrats and (Who knows what % of Republicans.)

  • In direct reference to your article, below is an interview with the parents of victim Martyn Hett. They discuss among other things, “He died happy so that is all that matters” “He had a lot of love behind him!” “Somebody took a selfie with him before he died so that was really wonderful, a defining moment in his life”. “Martyn is up there enjoying every moment, he is now famous, it is what he always wanted!!” And finally, “I feel absolutely no need to be upset at all, I just smile”.

    It is not appropriate to criticize the parents of any victim of a violent crime, so I will not do that and encourage others to not do that, but I was kind of hoping some of these parents would show rage at the media bias and government incompetence which endorses this as ‘part and parcel of everyday life’ and the ‘we are all helpless’ narrative. The parents actually come out and reinforce the narrative which I find absolutely bewildering, absolutely determined not to be labelled as hateful or racist, they instead perceive this in a way I cannot comprehend. Very similar to what Vincent discusses in the article above.

    What I do object to is this idea that as long as you are happy and leaving a hedonistic lifestyle that is all that matters and everything and everyone else can go to hell in a hand basket. It is kind of disrespectful to other victims families who were maybe not leading such a hedonistic lifestyle and had strong, conservative family values, that scenario is unlikely though, as they were all attending an Ariana Grande concert.

  • I have a friend who “taught” for five years in the Boston public school system, where he was assaulted, had a “student” who tried to burn his house down, and was called a mother(bleeper) on a regular basis. My friend votes Democrat, of course.

  • I know exactly what kind of weakminded people you are talking about. You are absolutely right in assuming that they will never wake up. They will be beheaded with a smile on their lips. At least we were not hateful, not racists, We were tolerant all the way and that is what matters to them. If our cultures are destroyed by savages, doesn’t matter to them. They were never worth anything to start with. It’s okay if their countries become islamic. I’ve had it with these spineless vermin. If it weren’t for myself going down with them, I wouldn’t mind if their multicultural utopias came true. They really has it coming.

  • Can we adapt this Science to dealing with Islam and Other Invaders??

    Crazy Synchronicities…….

    Some YouTube poster actually posted this on the Video Page……

    – Grey Matter – 1 year ago

    ‘Make your garden great again. build a wall and keep Mexican beetles out while having THEM pay for it.’ –


  • Better to be scared of the people who allow the “terrorism” in. The people who open the gates to criminals/invaders used to be hanged for their crimes.

  • White nationalists need to become just more ruthlessly and apologetically selfish and assertive about what we want. And I for one would like to see Islam abolished from the planet because it poses an existential threat to white people.

      • Islamists have never, ever stayed in their own lands.

        The whole concept of Nationalism, Countries is a White European concept – utterly foreign to Muslims, Arabs, Pakistanis who have tribal loyalties and who believe Islam is that last, only true religion that must be spread by stealth and mass violence, terrorism.

        The only “Islamic” country to ever really go for nationalism, loyalty to ones country was the Secular Republic of Turkey after World War I. Now Turkey is regressing to Islamism and wants to be the leader of all Muslims, what’s to spread, conquer Europe the same way Turkish Islam conquered most everything in the Greek Eastern Roman Byzantium Empire.

    • You sound like the Portland murderer, Christian. The blood of civilized white men is on your hands.

  • I agree with the main thread here.We are never going to convince the liberal mind.I have no intention of dragging them kicking and screaming however.Once they cross the line they are traitors to their race and must be left in the dust.I will fight for those who are strong in racial pride.The savage will always be a savage and is almost forgivable,the liberal not so.

  • Instead of dragging them along kicking and screaming, better to just eliminate them. They are worse than jews.

    • You’re talking about people like my parents and I assure you that if you ever threaten them I will blow a hole in your skull.

  • 1st world abundance leads to an unnatural state where the weak are not culled from the population, but are allowed to accumulate. Without some sort of eugenics program, the population will degrade as the weak start to outnumber the strong.

    • This is mostly the result of socialism… any country that gives freebies enough to sustain human life will end up with great numbers of parasites and weaklings… Abundancy does not necessarily correlate to that… sadly. You can have such a proliferation of weaklings also in safe societies that are poor as there will be none to cull them.. What we forget is that human life in the end requires few things to sustain itself and as long as they can be found, even through foraging, it will be.

  • TBH, our Race would be a lot better off if the weak, effeminate part of it was eliminated by Mohammedan savages.

  • The irony of current year nationalism is that Nationalists tend to be the most individualistic people in our society. People who don’t really care what the normies think about them. Growing up if my teachers told me to go left, I would go right just to be difficult. Now all the well behaved sheeple are being led off of a cliff and refuse to be woken up. I almost feel bad for them until I realize they are libtards and are my enemies. They voted for this. Who else should suffer the consequences of multicultism?

    • That isn’t irony. Individualists care about things that makes them individualists because they are individualists so they think about things individualists think about. Is that you definition of irony?

      • I view nationalism as a group ideology. I care about my group on the one hand. On the other hand I don’t care that my ideas are unpopular to the multitude.

        • Perhaps that should be called strength?Your individualism is dedicated to your racial group,not for your individual benefit.

          • There is an individual benefit in wanting a strong racial group. Living in a society that has low crime, prosperity and technological advancements are good things for individuals.

  • I disagree. The situation is not hopeless. I believe that if the globalists are forced to repeatedly cut their friends and family from their lives in defense of Cultural Marxism, they will reach the obvious truth. And I for one, if I was one of those cut off, would welcome them back with open arms. I understand the perverse brainwashing of the Jews is extremely powerful and our forgiveness can help restore the White person to their true identity.

      • Absolutely. That’s what I mean by, I would welcome them back, implying that it has to be on their own. We simply don’t have the luxury of allocating time and resources on outreach to people who have already rejected the Alt Right. If they want to reconsider, when their only friends are queer non-whites, then so be it. Some people have to come to the truth the hard way.

        • They will come back to the fold, but only after disaster happens. It is like what Evola said in Ride the Tiger. All we have to do is hold the line and hold on to the tiger til he(liberalism) tires and be there to rebuild anew.

          • Spot on. That’s all I’m saying; we should not deny them the chance to “repent,” so to speak. If they come to their senses and want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us, then we should welcome them back.

        • Agreed!Some will never come and we must let them go.If they are no use to our future then they are no loss.

          • That’s right. If you have been told the truth and you refused to ingest the red pill, then it’s your loss, not our loss. But, as I said, if you later realize your error, I will be forgiving. I hope all of us will forgive those Whites who refused to be White. Even if they’re lost, they are still our brothers and sisters at heart, and we should always be willing to accept them if they come to the truth. Even “Moldylocks” is our sister. She’s White. Someday, she may realize it, and if she does, I will be the first to meet her, and welcome her back to our people.

  • The Serbian authorities just recently demolished an illegally built mosque in Belgrade.

    Considering the timing, I’m kind of hoping that it was a deliberate message to the Muslims for Ramadan, and not a coincidence.

    • The more I learn about the Serbs the more I love them. Would like to visit Serbia sometime soon.

          • The most de-racinated whites tend to be fascinated by hip-hop culture. Nationalist themed rap music can set them on the right path. While no such equivalent exists in the English speaking world, Slavs are pretty good at doing this. If you still don’t like that style of music, your free to listen to something else. I think its pretty great.

          • That may be true when it comes to English-language rap, but I’d beg to differ when it comes to Slavic nationalist rap, not only because of its actual content, but also because Slavic languages are very different to English and have a distinct aesthetic quality to them.

            I think English, at least when compared to Slavic languages, is a very weak and shallow language. I don’t know how to explain it, but Slavic languages seem much more forceful, deeper and somehow more emotive.

            I’ve noticed it in many contexts; football chants or protestors yelling in English to me sound absolutely ridiculous -I find it hard not to laugh when I hear it. Or in religious hymns; some Slavic church music is extremely moving, but the English language versions just sound like someone is putting on an act.

            I don’t know, it might be my own bias but I don’t think Slavic nationalist rap can be condemned and placed in the same category as English-language rap. I completely understand why you’d make the accusation though, but I don’t think it’s true of Slavic nationalist rap. I’m not even particularly a fan of rap, but it’s difficult to not feel moved when you can actually understand what a song like this is about:

          • I find Polish to be the most difficult of all Slavic languages to understand. I don’t know why, it just sounds so slippery to me. Saying that however, I still love how it sounds.

          • I don’t understand any Slavic language at all. Without subtitles I’m completely lost as far as what their talking about. I can still appreciate the beat and how the MC is flowing on it, but I need english subs to fully appreciate it.

          • I would say it’s that your native language is unavoidably more emotional to you, but actually there’s a “Fry and Laurie” piece where they say that Hitler’s speeches if done in English would be ridiculous and laughable. So you may have something.

          • For a moment there I thought you wrote “Hillary’s speeches” and had to re-read it.

            I think it’s impossible to truly have an appreciation for the feel/aesthetic of a language unless you are fluent in a second one that you can compare it to. Serbian is my native, though not main, language, unlike English which is my main language -one I learnt as a child after first learning Serbian. It’s an odd situation where my first language is not my main one, but I guess it gives me a good bi-lingual perspective on both English and Serbian (and by extension to a degree other Slavic languages).

            If I knew only Serbian, I’d lack the external perspective necessary to really get a feel for the aesthetic aspect of the language. Likewise for English.

    • “The Serbian authorities just recently demolished an illegally built mosque in Belgrade.”

      That’s a good start. Now, if they can get around to the legally built ones.

      • Nah. As far as I’m aware, there’s only one and I don’t think it should be destroyed. It’s a very, very old building that is part of the city’s heritage and I don’t see what would be achieved by destroying it.

        New mosques on the other hand are a completely separate matter.

  • -“I know a girl from Austria who got raped by a Paki…”
    – “I know a childhood buddy who lives in London now….”
    -“I know an older woman who used to drive me and her kids together to Soccer practice…”
    -“I know a middle-aged woman who lives in Geneva now. She was close friends with my mother…”

    I agree with Mr. law of the “bully” syndrome but could it also include a mindset determined to keep liberal ideas alive while being victims to liberal policies?

    these people are freaking me out.

  • I liked this quote the best from this extremely riveting and revealing article of liberalism, its abysmal failure and why it is a mental disorder:

    “Despite their professed love for multiculturalism, they can’t be bothered to actually learn anything about the cultures they purport to love so much”

    • The problem is, they’re unarmed. Recruiters, at least back then, didn’t keep weapons handy. I’m guessing they do now. But, if you’re a terrorist, you likely did your homework and found out that they’re service members, but unarmed, and therefore completely vulnerable.

  • What can we also do to spot would be Libertarians on the kindergarden playgrounds?

    The Libertarian loons like Ron Paul are still whining that there is no clash of civilization between the West and Islam because no Islamic countries have navies. Islamic agents in Libya and North Africa are using their (crude) navies to flood 3,000 plus Black, Muslim migrants on Italian and Greek beaches


    But, the Libertarian loons keep going on talking about free markets, constitutions whining that they aren’t racists and they see mass Muslim migration invasions as no different that Swedish immigration in to Minnesota in the late 19th century.

    • Sharks are also more likely to eat you if you are a fat ass. Most shark attacks don’t end in death because they only bite once and then leave. Mostly because they really don’t like the taste of humans and because humans are really bony. Sharks like fat and blubber which is why seals are one of their favorite meals.

  • Consider that the average Westerner spends the entirety of his or her formative years being psychologically-abused by j-wish “educators” and media propagandists, and their behavior is completely understandable.

    Before they were physically-broken they were psychologically-broken. It’s no different from how dogs are broken by abusive owners.

    This is why the alt right needs to become a counter-semitic movement. Whites will not wake up unless they understand that they have been conditioned to behave this way by j-ws.

  • Wow Vince, your travels are really paying off. Nice, very illustrative piece, especially if the model of the black-bullies-in-school, and following dynamics part is true (not saying it isn’t).

  • Some White Boys are Scared Weaklings……

    Some are Warriors…….

    The Former can Morph into the Latter……..

    Happens all the time……


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