English Woman Gang-Raped By Migrants Plans March Against Anti-White Police Force

Submitted by Stephen Palmer


What happens when the police repeatedly fail our people?

The campaign to bring justice for Chelsey Wright is continuing to gain momentum – despite a complete blackout by the establishment media.

Who is Chelsey Wright? She’s a young mother-of-three from Sunderland, England. Last September she was the alleged victim of a vicious gang rape by six Syrian and Iraqi “migrants”, who, she claims, abducted her after spiking her drink during a night out.

According to Chelsey, who later described the attack on social media, the next thing she remembered was waking up in a strange bed-sit with no memory of how she got there, lying to next to a man she didn’t know. She had been undressed and assaulted, and she quickly realized she had been raped.

Chelsey stated she tried to flee, but the unknown assailant wouldn’t let her out of the room, beating her and laughing at her attempts to escape. She says she was then pinned against the wall by her arms and was told that her throat would be slit. Then that she was kicked down a flight of stairs and dragged back up by her hair. Eventually, she managed to break free and run from the house.

The next day Chelsey underwent a full rape exam, which uncovered two counts of semen, one of them inside her body. The exam also showed extensive injuries and traces of Rohypnol, a date rape drug.

Surprisingly, the fact that the alleged perpetrators were “migrants” was reported in some national newspapers, such as The Sun and the Metro. This resulted in a demonstration by the Sunderland Defence League a few days after the attack, which, somewhat astoundingly, was met with a counter protest by “members of the Asian community”.

However, the assault itself wasn’t the end of Chelsey’s nightmare. Following the incident, Northumbria Police raided the bed-sit Chelsey identified and arrested the six immigrants living there. However, the police released them soon after, even moving them into a safe house. They then subsequently dropped the case.

Feeling completely let down by the police, Chelsey decided to give up her anonymity in order to raise awareness of the case, setting up the Justice for Chelsey page on Facebook. Her cause was subsequently taken up by other English activists, such as Tommy Robinson, as well as the local people of Sunderland. On May 13th, they held a march through the city streets, which was attended by over one thousand people. The march culminated at the local police station, where Chelsey herself handed over a petition signed by over 50,000 people demanding a full investigation into the attack and apparent police failings. The petition has now gained over 70,000 signatures.

A second march is planned for Saturday , June 10th, when the remainder of the signatures will be handed over, which the organisers hope will have then risen to over 100,000. You can make your signature one of them by signing the petition here.

Chelsey’s case comes at a time when British public confidence in the police is at a low. Since 2012, it has been revealed that multiple police forces ignored Muslim rape gang networks for “fear of being called racist”, effectively abandoning thousands of young English white girls to a life of helpless abuse. More recently, following the Islamic terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, the police have drawn criticism for seemingly prioritising virtue signalling to Muslims – and scouring Twitter for “hate speech” – ahead of doing anything to stop the next attack.

Fortunately, more and more people are doing what the police and the political establishment are failing to do – demanding justice for women like Chelsey Wright. The next demonstration will likely be even bigger than the last – and soon even the anti-white media won’t be able to ignore it. If you can, please join the next demonstration on June 10th, or, if you can’t, please sign the petition that will be handed to the police.

Let’s help Chelsey get justice for this horrific attack. Because if we don’t, who will?

The most implicitly White rally since the Royal Wedding.


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  • wait until (((facebook))) decides that she’s a racist for speaking out and suspends or deletes her account

  • “Who is Chelsey Wright? She’s a young mother-of-three from Sunderland, England.”
    Yeah, the hajis should get the death penalty, but… Why is a mother of three out drinking with a bunch of sand people in the first place? Where’s her husband? White Sharia.

  • I hope the whole rotten island goes under. This is what the British get for siding with jews against their German cousins in WW2.

  • The media doesn’t care about White people, it doesn’t fit their agenda. Revenge will come!

  • After a night Out? Well then. She is what kind of Girl? No Christian girl would be in that situation. But even though she is a heathen tramp, nice that she is pursuing this.

    • In country music, chicks are always going out to the honky-tonk and slamming down long-necked bottles of beer and shots of whiskey.

  • Police are the cowards that protect the anti-White system. The police stand aside when your country is overrun by the Turd World. If you interfere with your own genocide the police arrest you. In Britain if you tweet about Jews or Muslims the police arrest you. If you’re gangraped the police do nothing. I stopped caring about police a Ferguson ago. If police are killed you should send a letter to the station and express you joy that another anti-White POS is dead. They’re not your friends.

  • The police have DNA evidence, a lab test that shows the presence of Rohypnol, and extensive injuries, but nonetheless drop the case? Mind boggling!

    I have never heard of such a thing happening in the U.S., yet. But then again, hundreds of thousands of rape kits in the U.S. are not tested. Could it be because elites don’t want to find the (in all likelihood, mostly black and brown) offenders?

    • The Rockville Maryland school rape by 2 mestizo illegal immigrants of a 14 year old girl. The state refused to prosecute.

  • “However, despite the physical evidence and witness statements the refugees were released without charge.”

    Britain is long overdue for a revolution. They don’t have it in them. So all they’re going to manage is a protest and then everyone goes home.

    • Britain is long overdue for a revolution. They don’t have it in them.

      Mate, there’s no need to be pessimistic. Brits don’t tend to think the same way Americans do, but that isn’t a sign of our people being weak or suffering from a lack of resolve. Our Nationalist movement is growing rapidly and we will eventually retake our island.

      • It’s not about being pessimistic. It’s about being realistic. There’s nothing I’d like more than to see a British revolution, and one in every white country. The Brits I talk to are more interested in attacking Americans and mocking our gun rights than defending their own people and setting things right in their own country.

        The simple fact is that your country wouldn’t even vote for someone like Trump, who comparatively is a moderate civic nationalist. It would be similar to France. Even when France has a chance to put things in order, while terrorist attacks are happening during the campaign, they still wouldn’t vote for Le Pen in the majority. The people are sick.

        • The simple fact is that your country wouldn’t even vote for someone like Trump, who comparatively is a moderate civic nationalist.

          Brits don’t like Trump because his presentation & style are extremely alien. But that doesn’t mean our people don’t have good instincts:

          – The majority of the British population (and upwards of 60% of White Brits) voted for Brexit – largely because it was seen as an opportunity to get the migration issue under control.
          – The BNP has, on several occasions, nearly gone mainstream (and in each case, it’s support collapsed due to government meddling).
          – Several polls have shown that most Brits supported Enoch Powell’s 1960s era immigration plan.

          The Brits I talk to are more interested in attacking Americans and mocking our gun rights than defending their own people and setting things right in their own country.

          It’s unfortunate that you’ve seen this, but I’m guessing that a lot of it is just Brits being ‘cheeky.’ Our culture is a lot more sarcastic than American culture and sometimes that gets misconstrued as passive aggression (when I first visited your nation, I quickly realized that Americans don’t tend to relate well to British ‘banter’).

          For the record, I’ve never seen a British Nationalist who genuinely looks down at Americans for owning guns. Some of us are even a tad bit envious that you have such easy access to rifles, shotguns, etc.

  • I’m British and I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this. I’ll try and make it the June 10th rally if I can.

    • That’s not surprising. Minus the initial couple of articles last year it’s been completely ignored by the establishment press. The only places you’ll hear about it is on social media and sites like this.

  • Expel the Muslim invaders and the overthrow the jewish controlled governments of the west bringing them in.

      • Like Negroes, these West Asian subhumans generally operate in packs which just compounds the crime in my eyes. It’s evil working in concert against naive, high-trust North Euros.

    • There are certainly questions about her lifestyle. Before I get emotionally involved in any case like that I want to know the victim’s past, who they’ve dated, and in her case are her children even white?

      There are questions about the circumstances of course like why was no one looking out for her? Is she one of those feminists who thinks she can go out alone? Women generally at least go out with one or more girlfriends to support them.

      I’m not blaming her for what happened to her. Those Third World subhumans should all be lynched. At the same time one should be careful and not go through life with a false sense of security and invincibility. Chance favors the prepared mind.

      Like with stray cats that I have cared for. It’s the ones who have no fear, the sweet ones, unfortunately, who end up dead. The ones who are more feral and have fear don’t get killed.

  • When the police and people in power refuse to protect their own they make civil war inevitable. Hope for peace. Prepare for war.

  • Sounds like Chelsey Wright is a nut case playing both sides.
    She is a “victim” of rape by a gang of migrants and singles out those who oppose these migrants from coming in.
    Chelsey is against the migrants for the rape she is supposed to have suffered
    Chelsey is against those who stand up against the Migrants
    Chelsey has learned from the Jews to be the eternal victim regardless which side she is on.

      • Rhino
        Thank you for the reply. I was reeling from the article above this one, did not fully read this one while making a comment here for the article above this one. sorry will remove my comment.

  • If that was one of my female relatives there would be international news the next day about a “happing”.

  • Sadly I am Greek and it wouldn’t help much even if I signed…

    But when most people say that “survivors” are brave they tend to be wrong, well not in this case!

    I congratulate that woman who decide to name the problem and that’s that! Surely there ‘ll be feminists that will move against her as well as race traitors! It is disgrace for us to need to pray that if we are wronged we should be wronged by a white to have just a chance for justice! This is the place were we have been left!

    I wish only success, to the only nation in Europe that decided to retake it’s independency!

    • You can still sign the online petition, just make sure to use a common name and enter a postcode that isn’t that of a major city (KA21 is one of Ayshire’s postcodes – perfect for this sort of thing).

  • Put together rape awareness flyers that are designed more like public health notices as opposed to racial nationalism.

    Talk about different cultures, where North Africans are never allowed to drink with North African women and note that because of massive pornography, North African men think British women are sluts or prostitutes.

    • Just cuck out a little more and everything will be fine? Muslims will suddenly stop gangraping children and women if we just explain to them it’s wrong to gangrape little children and women? They have done it for 1400 years already.

      • No definitely not “Cucking out” – more like trying a different approach to females who aren’t open to nationalist, “Let’s castrate all the Muslim men” propaganda.

        It’s more like – cultural advisory safety tips, something you might find in “let’s go Europe, or let’s go Morocco” travel guides.

  • Another sinister example, out of thousands, of the British state’s war on the English white working-class.

    • That’s really the greater crime. British elites have turned on their own people. TREASON has always been considered the worst sin of all. The 9th circle of hell is reserved for traitors.

    • and you are example of crying rip-bitches nation, dog munching retards, who cant even care of their women.

  • Thank you for posting this Vincent……

    Depressing but Hopeful at the same time……

    Great Video…..

    • Same. A lot of mixed feelings, powerful emotions about this story. To see such blatant disregard by the media and government for what happened to this woman, it’s absolutely gutting. But, out of this darkness will come a very White light for all of England, for all the world to see, as a beacon of hope… a hope that we will not be ignored, replaced, or in any way minimized for being White. From afar, I offer my full and deepest support to Ms. Wright. #chelseyschampions

        • I literally can’t find a story about her in the MSM… The closest thing I found to mainstream coverage was from Daily Mail. Nothing from BBC, Telegraph, Guardian, etc. I didn’t look that hard, but it’s all from Breitbart, The Rebel, etc. Spectacularly awful.

    • Let’s hope that England’s children continue to prove (after the Brexit vote) themselves of the few whites that want something survive and turn the tide!

      We Greeks might not have been treated well by the English, but wishing for the decline and death of a fellow white nation out of spite is what white-niggers do!

      All wishes to you!

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