Black Serial Killer’s Life Sentences Overturned Because Whites Lives Don’t Matter

The racist American justice system that oppresses all minorities because it is run by a bunch of white devils finally reversed another horrible miscarriage of justice against another oppressed Black man whose only crime was to murder 17 people, no biggie. Back in October of 2002, the nation was gripped with fear as the first American sniper in my memory was randomly picking off mostly White people with a high-caliber rifle. The murders were committed and largely concentrated in and around Washington D.C. and Baltimore over a three-week-period while White people were doing implicitly racist activities, like pumping gas.

Over-achieving, scholarship-worthy, honor roll student, convert to Islam, and Jamaican immigrant Lee Boyd Malvo and his associate, John Allen Muhammad, whom Malvo later claimed sexually abused him in true Muslim fashion, went on a murder spree, where 17 people were executed mostly in broad daylight using a Bushmaster XM-15 rifle. The wrongs that these two Jihadi freedom fighters were trying to right was explicit White racism. Their plan, as Malvo later testified in court, was to kill 6 White people per day for 30 days.

A nationwide manhunt took place to find these maniacs. The police seemed baffled and were not making much headway in the case. The reason, as we later found out, was because they were looking for a White suspect (White privilege at work there). At the time, the (((media))) had Americans convinced that black people did not commit serial killings or acts of terrorism. I heard two black men talking about these horrible crimes while I was at a bar during the time of the killing spree.

One said, “Boy, I hope they find this guy before he kills anybody else.”, and the other replied, “Well, I am glad about one thing. I know that the guy isn’t black. Black people do not do crimes like these.”

This was true of most Americans in 2002. Muslims did terrorism, and Whites were serial killers. As we know now, the latter regarding Whites is complete nonsense, but it was definitely the prevailing wisdom then.

Eventually, these two fine upstanding citizens were caught and convicted. The police apprehended them at a rest stop of Interstate 70 in Maryland. John Allen Muhammad was executed in 2009 for his role in the murders, and Lee Boyd Malvo was given multiple life sentences without a chance for parole for his. That is until a judge named Raymond Jackson had the chance to raise up his fist for Black power in an attempt make Malvo free at last, thank God almighty, free at last.

Jackson, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton, takes every opportunity to stamp out White racism wherever he finds it. In this case, Jackson ruled that Malvo’s multiple life sentences were a violation of the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition against cruel and usual punishment.

Judge Jackson stated,

There is no evidence in the record to suggest that petitioner was aware of the existence of this right, much less that he intended to relinquish or abandon it when he waived his rights by agreeing to be imprisoned for life without parole. Crucially, neither the plea agreement nor the sentencing judge provided any notification… that, by signing the plea agreement, he was waiving his Eighth Amendment right to a sentencing hearing in which the judge must determine whether the juvenile offender before it is a child whose crimes reflect transient immaturity or is one of those rare children whose crimes reflect irreparable corruption.”

Awww, but he was only 17 and dindu nuffin, you racists!

In the 25-page ruling, the life sentences were vacated.

Malvo is currently 32-years-old, and thankfully, still in prison pending new sentencing. The scary thing about this story is that he may be released altogether if all his continuing appeals work out in his favor. I mean, he only killed a bunch of White people. What’s the crime in that? After all, I am sure that most of them at the very least had an ancestor that used the word “niggardly” once in their lives.


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  • Question for the white men…..why were your forefathers so obsessed with the Black man’s genitalia, post murder? Why did you cut off the penises and testicles of Black men, post lynching. I know for FACT, that white men kept those penises and testicles, preserved them, and kept them as keepsakes. Can we call that “penis envy”? What did they do with those severed penises? White man I patiently await your perverted responses.

  • Oh stop crying in your soup, you fuckers have killed and abused people of African heritage who caused you no harm, with no consequences throughout slavery, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement, and while wearing the new KKK uniform, i.e. so called law enforcement. I know you folks don’t believe in karma and payback, but it’s real. For you white, I mean, pink Christians, read your bible….”Be not deceived; God is not mocked: FOR WHATEVER A MAN SOWETH, THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP!!!” Cordially, GOD

  • Man I hate this stupid kind of grievance mongering, even creating. The judge relieved him on a technicality, he didn’t say it was because he’d killed white people. Sure it might have been because he had overmuch sympathy for a young black brother, but you had to add an unsupported “cuz of hate for white people” to it. Low-class. I was hoping would be better than this. Why don’t you poach some of Greg Johnson’s writers? Does seek to keep its content ‘fresh’ to the degree of lowering its (so far only presumed) standards?

    Get permission from Lawrence Murray to recycle some of his essays maybe – /those/ could really use some more exposure.

  • “A nationwide manhunt took place to find these maniacs. The police seemed
    baffled and were not making much headway in the case. The reason, as we
    later found out, was because they were looking for a White suspect
    (White privilege at work there). At the time, the (((media))) had
    Americans convinced that black people did not commit serial killings or
    acts of terrorism.”

    Also, the manhunt for the snipers was led by this guy:

    whose incompetence (or perhaps, just racial prejudice) is detailed here:

  • There is just one Muslim that anyone needs to know to know Islam and why Islam is unacceptable in our society. His name is Mohammad and he is the messenger of Allah, the moon god, supreme god of the Nabatean Arabs. His life is one of cruelty and wanton murder, one of holding sexual slaves and rape and deception of the nonbelievers. Mohammad is “the best example for Muslims”. In order to “fix” Islam, you have to fix Mohammad. Good luck with that.

  • So, if whites and blacks do not occupy the same country there is zero chance of racism, actually blacks would be freed from all of this oppression and ‘explicit white racism’ as they put it. Who would not want to be free of such hatred and just live among their own brothers so they can prosper and build magnificent cities without whites blocking them at every turn, makes perfect sense to me. They can be kangz again.

  • Affirmative action judge who has no business being either a judge or a lawyer. How do I know? One word: Crucially. I have never in all my 16 years as a lawyer, and 3 years of law school, reading thousands and thousands of pages of case law, ever come across the imperative term “Crucially” as a lead in to a condition precedent for a logical conclusion. The negro judge writes like a child, and reasons by tautology. Fn sad! Lawyers used to get a bad rap for being too clever and intelligent, but gifting affirmative action fake lawyers into the profession who have NO BUSINESS being there has made the profession intolerable. I fn HATE lawyers, mostly because they are all liberal, but especially negroes and women who both practice law by envy of the white man. Always out to prove themselves, not by scholarship, but by grandstanding and politics. So I did the only righteous thing any self respecting honorable white man would do: I quit. It’s all a charade now, full of SJW’s, injustice, lies, deception, and retards.

  • In 2012 the Supreme Court determined that mandatory LWOP sentences for minors were a violation of the eight amendment. That’s nonsense of course, but this seems to be a straightforward application of that case law. So I don’t see any evidence of racial bias, or for that matter improper action of any kind on the part of the judge who issued the ruling (it’s not his fault that SCOTUS is activist).

    The good news is that he can still be re-sentenced to LWOP, and even if the new sentence allows the possibility of parole, it’s somewhat unlikely that that would actually be granted.

  • The last cryptic message from Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose to the Washington-area sniper referred to a Cherokee Indian story about an arrogant rabbit that was duped by the duck he tried to catch. ‘You have indicated that you want us to do and say certain things. You’ve asked us to say, ‘We have caught the sniper like a duck in a noose.’ We understand that hearing us say this is important to you, Moose said late Wednesday [October 23, 2002] at a televised news briefing, called so authorities could release information on two people sought for questioning in the 13 sniper shootings.”

  • Talmudic legal system are subject to interpretation, goy, until the correct answer is arrived at.

  • This system is not fixable. it is rotten and rigged against Whites. Only a new system with constitutional protections for White Americans is viable.

    • Awwww, Boo Fucking Hoo!!! I’m glad the young brothers sentenced was overturned. Meanwhile you knuckle draggers can go drown your sorrow over cheap beer in a honkey tonk bar.

  • This is yet another story that requires no witty commentary or intellectually fascinating remarks. This situation, the whole environment, is clear: non-whites want us dead. Period.

  • Having Jews, Muslims, POCs and Cucks living among us is always anti-White. It’s always them militating against us in anyway they can. Whether it’s the murder of those who would protect us (Pym Fortune) by a Cuck, the murder of a SWPL journalist on live tv by a Negro homosexual Democrat the result is always the same – story gets tossed in the memory hole and perps are secretly rewarded with reduced sentences.

    This only ends when they’re all gone. Not before.

    • Perfectly stated. The crude language so exactly describes this crude situation. People act like we’re crazy or something, because we’re concerned that white people will be totally wiped out if we don’t action. But, I have some hope. I see more and more white people all the time who are getting redpilled and realizing *gasp*… the truth.

  • The Evidence and Rationale for the White Ethnostate……

    …..continues to Accumulate……

    • infinite justification and infinite logic. it must happen and it will happen. we will never stop and we will never accept a no. it will happen, no matter what. end of story

    • I’ve come to the conclusion that whites and blacks cannot share the same territory. As much as blacks hate whites, I think that most realize, deep-down, that without white subsidies and brains their society would go down the crapper. Like at Zimbabwe (fka Rhodesia) and South Africa. Other groups, such as the Chinese in Africa, might keep them around, but on a tight leash and subordinate status.

  • According to Radford University and the FGCU Serial Killer Database in a 2015 report entitled “Serial Killer Statistics,” 32.3% of serial killers operating between 2000-2010 were White, compared to 59.1% black, 8.6% hispanic, 0.0% Asian, and 0.0% Native American. While blacks were over-represented, and Whites under-represented throughout the 20th century, the 2010 results were higher than any other percentage throughout the 20th century. (Blacks are currently about 13% of the population)

    Blacks are overrepresented in serial killings.

      • Naw, I got shoahed there about a month ago. Interestingly, it wasn’t for pushing back on the standard narrative of jewish casualties on WW2, or for other seemingly more counter-semitic stuff, but for mentioning the link between the Yinon Plan >> “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” >> PNAC and our Middle East policy/ current wars for Israel.

      • Subhuman Negroes are overrepresented when it comes to all anti-social behavior, both the criminal and the regular everyday nonsense one encounters with Negroes.

        Spencer said, “I would never say I don’t like black people.” Try going a majority black school, Spence. Try living around them on a daily basis and having to pick up trash in your yard every day because Negroes like to litter. Try talking to Negroes in customer service and having them be both complete morons and aggressively snarky. Invariably I have to check a stupid Negro every time I talk to one and put them in their place.

        Negroes are a net negative on society. We’d all be better off without them. That’s not just an opinion but also a statistical fact.

        • Just take a look at prison populations. You have to be blind not to see it. I worked in a prison so I sort of know what I am talking about

  • Anyone remember Wayne Williams, the Atlanta serial killer during the 1980’s? Someone was killing black children in the Atlanta area, and the media was convinced that the murderer must have been a racist white man. Then they caught Williams, a black dude.

    • Yeah I remember it I lived it. And what was funny as hell is you(me being white) could not get with in 50 yards of any negro kid and the murders kept going on and the negros were still blaming the clan.

    • I read about that faggot. The thing is the FBI and police always believed it was a black guy, it was the media that came up with the racist klan theory. The reason the police knew it was a black guy is because it occurred in a mostly black area where a white guy approaching children would have been immediately noticed. Also the boys were raped, making pedophilia and sexual sadism the most likely motive.

    • Black-on-black murder along with high black abortion actually help white society on a statistical level. It’s a lot cheaper with reduced social ills when they are removed from our environment and not cared for in prison by the white taxpayer. They’re also unable to be used against whites as some form of racist disparity as they like to say that black incarceration is somehow the fault of white racism.

  • “Their plan, as Malvo later testified in court, was to kill 6 White people per day for 30 days.”

    This story received wall-to-wall coverage in the media before the perpetrators were caught. It probably would not have aroused much interest among journalists if they had suspected that the culprits were black. Big as this story was, I do not remember hearing or reading that the motivation for the killers was anti-white. I don’t think this motivation was mentioned much, if at all, in the media.

    White people have to come to understand that if blacks and browns run this country, the criminal justice system will work overtime to find ways to let black and brown malefactors off the hook.

    • ” It probably would not have aroused much interest among journalists if they had suspected that the culprits were black.”

      Yep. They’ve been doing that for a long time. Back in 1992, the trial of Hulon Mitchell Jr. (aka Yahweh ben Yahweh) overlapped with the trial of those LA cops who dealt with Rodney King a little too exuberantly after he attacked them multiple times. Which one got all the media coverage? And who was Mitchell, anyway?

      He was the leader of a splinter group of the Black Hebrew Israelites in Miami. The members had to kill a White person and bring back a body part as proof to be fully initiated into the cult. At first they were required to bring back the head, but that proved logistically difficult, so ears or fingers were accepted instead. This went on for years. 23 known victims were murdered by this cult. Mitchell was sentenced to only 18 years in prison, and served only 11 (!) for his role in ordering the murders. Half of the murderers got off, the other 7 were sentenced to only 15 years.

      More detail on the Yahweh ben Yahweh killings:

  • The judiciary is totally out of control. Trump needs to confront those lawyers whose political connections put them in black robes and direct the executive branch to disregard court orders. Home addresses of judges need to be publicized.

    • trump is owned by isreal. if trump wanted to save america, then he would immediately obliterate mass immigration and fire 99% of politicians, in power, in the USA. the fact he hasn’t fired people like maxine waters tells you everything.
      trump is part of the swamp and he lied, the whole campaign.

      • You cannot fire an elected official pal. But why people in LA keep voting for her every 2 years is a mystery. Its high time they elect an illegal alien. They are voting in some states. Why not run for office? And Waters’ district must be overwhelmed by illegal aliens by now. Don’t you think?

  • When libs, anti-whites, start yammering about how all mass-shooters are “white males”, I immediately bring up the DC snipers case. Malvo was an illegal alien, as well.

      • It wasn’t a mass shooting, they were serial killers working over a period of time. Don’t you ever tire of this?

          • Was the mass-shooting carried out (or not – I ask you) by Omar Thornton a false-flag too?

          • That wasn’t a mass shooting, because the legacy media didn’t treat it as such. QED. Teevee is real. Reality isn’t real. And the only legitimate question with respect to that unfortunate incident, as far as the (((media))) were concerned, was “Were the people he shot “racist?”

        • According to the FBI they wouldn’t be classified as serial killers but spree killers. A spree killer is someone who murders 3 or more people in a 30 day or less period with very little cooling off time in between. A serial killer will go weeks, months or sometimes even years before killing again. Serial killers work slowly and methodically, avoiding capture for long periods and sometimes never getting caught like in the case of Jack the Ripper or The Zodiac Killer. A spree killer goes on a rampage that usually won’t last for more than 30 days.

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