Speak Softly And Carry a Big /pol/

The fact of the matter is that the United States faces real threats from criminals, terrorists, spies, and malicious cyber actors.” – James Comey

Comey is the human embodiment of a shill and political hack. He was appointed by Obama in 2013 as FBI Director. While in office, he arbitrarily enforced laws of his choosing. While our people were put in prison for years based on mere accusation and no actual proof for the unthinkable crime of being White. Comey allowed real terrorists, like Antifa, to walk the streets without any real fear of prosecution during his entire administration. Antifa, a disjointed and unhinged criminal terrorist organization, was created to fight fascists; these days as much as I can gather from their multitude of targets and victims that currently means: not communist and White. Another gem of a quote by Comey is, “I believe that the Holocaust is the most significant event in human history.” Virtue signal much, Jimmy?

One such alleged Antifa foot soldier is Eric Clanton. He is a suspected Antifa terrorist and violent criminal offender who was arrested Wednesday for suspicion of use of a weapon during the commission of a felony act. He the suspect in the infamous U-lock attack that left an unsuspecting man severely injured after being  struck in the head by an unidentifiable (or so he thought) man at the April 15th Battle for Berkeley event because he was wearing the standard Antifa Black Bloc uniform, which included a mask that completely covered his entire face. The purpose of this uniform is so Antifa cannot be identified as individuals as they unleash their heinous violence on their prey. Two others were also identified as potential victims of Clanton’s violence.

Radical Professor Arrested for Anarchist ‘Bike Lock’ Assault at Berkeley

The only reason we even know the identity of this alleged attacker was because his eventual identification was exposed by the brave and noble actions from the wunderkind troll army of 4chan’s /pol/. /pol/ has been described by many as ground zero for the Alt-Right, but the reality is that they predate us, but we are glad to have their help in the culture wars.

After days-and-days of tireless research, /pol/ was able to use digital imaging and photo editing software to cross reference hundred of hours of internet videos and pics to uncover who this extremist was. If people still believed in mysticism and magic, alters would be built in honor of /pol/, where ritual sacrifice would take place on a daily basis because of their amazing talents.

For over two months now, the Berkeley police department had seemed unwilling to arrest and remove this sociopath from the streets for his purported acts of violence even though the evidence seemed overwhelming. Perhaps, their hands were tied due to the interference of the mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin, who is also an alleged communist and member of By Any Means Necessary, BAMN. Another group who is notorious for physically attacking people in a bellicose manner whom they consider White, I mean racist.

Clanton’s profession is that of a professor of philosophy. His brand of communist divisiveness has been indoctrinating young college minds for years. His Twitter page once read, “currently exploring restorative justice from an anti-authoritarian perspective“, and his OkCupid profile professed, “I spend a lot of time thinking about the REVOLUTION“, which is all communist doublespeak, meaning inflicting violent acts upon unsuspecting and peaceful people that they deem unworthy or subhuman, according to their psychotic left-wing ethos.  And for years, James Comey and his administration directly and tacitly encouraged this brand of extremism by not allowing or encouraging arrests.

Finally, Kek was once again on our valiant and righteous side on Wednesday when the Berkley police decided to stop being total degenerate Leninist puppets and arrest this sociopath. Clanton’s arraignment is today and his bail has been set at 200,000 dollars, which I honestly hope he is not able to pay so a large group of diversified individuals can culturally enrich him over-and-over again. Nevertheless, the problem with people like Clanton and his brand of insanity is that he would probably promptly apologize for the 400 years of slavery or the stealing of California that his ancestors perpetrated after they were finished to help appease his White guilt.

What else is there to be said? Ah yes, of course…

Hail /pol/!

  • Aurelius

    He’ll do some time.

    It would be so awesome if he went to jail and, after being the victim of an inter-racial raping, became a Nazi

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      I hear there’s a mean Antifa prison gang that rivals La Eme, Nuestra Famillia, and the Aryan Brotherhood.

      • Ike35

        Really!? I’ve never heard of that.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein


      • majorpinkerton

        I have it on good authority from a recent prisoner that antifa get put in Protective Custody with the sex offenders

    • Ike35

      and then died of AIDS.

      • genX140

        Aids takes too long, I’d recommend some muzzie cultural enrichment.

        • Ike35

          That’s merely another form of AIDS.

  • “I believe that the Holocaust is the most significant event in human history.”

    What, not the Moon Landing?

    • Yehudah Finkelstein

      The murder of the 6 million is the most uniquely evil event in history!

      • Chadwick D. Prestington

        Although there is disagreement on the exact number of victims among serious historians, the general consensus based on an extensive analysis of all available evidence and decades of open scholarly debate is that the number was roughly six gazillion.

        • Yehudah Finkelstein

          6 gorillion!

          • Ike35

            Dammmmn!! That’s alot! If only.

    • Ike35

      The moon!? You dirty low-down foreflushin anti-semite! How dare you!

    • genX140

      I thought it was Obama’s election, since diversity is our greatest strength. lol

  • Evolver1

    The murder and now the attempted genocide of non-Jewish White is the most significant event in human history and nothing even comes close!!

  • Johnny Fascismo

    This guy was a professor of Ethics! What are the ethics of cowardly running around in a ninja costume with a bike lock, assaulting free speech demonstrators? This guy is everything that is wrong with current year academia. Glad justice has been served to this bastard.

    • Ike35

      Professor of Ethics! LOL! You really couldn’t make it up.

      • Ken

        I recently read a ZH article, but I forgot who it was – The author was talking about how these people in ethics fields are nothing more than glorified self appointed commissars and the epitome of intellectual dishonesty. He said it really well. It might have been a PCR “interview” post.

  • Ryan McDonald

    What will be awesome is WHEN he goes to jail …. he will instantly be presented with a racist choice. Join the white faction or die at the hands of a Niger or Spic. He is about to become a race realist.

    • GermanEngineered

      I’m so happy for him. He will understand how important it is to be white like none of us can possibly imagine!!

  • GermanEngineered

    It’s so sad that he chose Antifa out of his white guilt. What can I say? I like to think there’s hope for all white people. But, while he’s in prison, he will probably become triple PhD smart on the subject of race.

  • SLCain

    Ike Clanton, Billy Clanton, ………………… Eric Clanton. The guy literally has a cowboy name – he looks like an old western gunfighter – and yet, he’s a degenerate antifa, giving a f**k about poor oppressed others. What a f**king cuck.

  • hiking

    About time! Antifa-soros like BLM-soros were useful idiots for globalists like George Soros. These are calculated moves for the domination of the planet. Antifa-soros are too short sided to see they are being used.

  • Pioneer American

    It’s /pol/ so be skeptical, but it looks like Eric may be ratting out other antifa and with good cause:

    If that’s expired (in a few days), use the thread ID to find the archive on

  • Pioneer American
  • KiddBlast

    And after the Portland riots all the comrades were black pilled and telling me “Doxxing leftists has no consequences IRL.” 😄😄😄