The Trump Train Starts Its Farewell Tour in the Orient

President Trump could not have picked a better time to leave the U.S. this last weekend, as his administration has been mired in scandal after scandal since January. Calls for impeachment due to both the firing of James Comey and claims of “Muh Russia” still plagued Trump, despite his trip. Many political experts believe that Trump could possibly be impeached as early as this summer if Mueller’s reign of terror bears any fruit on the Russian front and Trumps favorability ratings do not improve. Trump smartly decided to take his 4-D chess game that was looking more like a Zugzwang catastrophe on the road and went Kerouac on us all. However, what Trump’s critics did not expect was that the president was going to pull off what many consider a Herculean feat above all feats called: The Boomer Trifecta.

The stars aligned perfectly during his trip and we saw the Boomer Trifecta shining forth in all its dazzling radiance.  Trump managed to commit to even more Sunni-backed terrorism and an increase in funding for the Military Industrial Complex, and all while simultaneously shilling for Israel the entire time. Many people in the political classes have attempted this achievement in the past, but no one has done so with such fervor and speed as Donald J. Trump because the difficulty rating is off the charts.

Israel wants an unstable Middle East; they believe they are safer that way because they become less of a target with all the infighting. Terrorism helps achieve this end. Trump ensured unending future terror by selling $110 billion dollars’ worth of weaponry to a nation known for its intolerant Islamic theocracy, human rights violations, Wahhabism, and ability to turn out terrorists, like Detroit used to turn out GM cars. The Saudi government is supposed to use these weapons to “fight ISIS”…

You’ve got to admire their cleverness. Create a problem, then demand funds to deal with said problem.

The deal will provide the Saudis with fighter jets, tanks, combat ships and anti-missile defense systems. Does anyone else remember 15 out of 19 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia?

Donald Trump had this to say regarding the jobs created by the deal: “Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs.”

One cannot properly attack every country on Israel’s hit list without having a proper war apparatus in place to coordinate all these attacks and fighting overseas. The U.S. takes private war contracting to the highest level, and that is exactly where this money is supposed to end up. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon will all probably be getting rich off this deal. This is how Israel has us do their bidding: banking, coercion, and bribery. Eventually, Judas Iscariot rears his ugly head and takes his 30 pieces of silver.

Yet, another instance of Trump’s impassioned and undying support for the (((chosen))) people was when he gave his farewell speech on Sunday before heading to the promised land itself. Donald Trump has shilled for Israel for decades now. I’ll have to admit he is getting much better. In Saudi Arabia, he really came into his own. His biggest shill moment for the tribe during his trip before heading to Israel was this moment when he boldly stated, “All nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran”.

Men of conscience, all of them.

We often forget how much Boomer’s, like Trump, love war, defense spending, having enemies, and supporting Israel-it’s in their DNA. This may account for Trump’s dramatic rise in poll numbers recently.  Like many men before him, he has learned that Boomer Nationalism is as strong as it has ever been. As a result, Trump’s recent meteoric rise in the polls to almost personal record numbers are largely because he has his finger directly on the pulse of said Boomers; those brave men and women who will take time out of their busy lives of fighting for Social Security COLA adjustments and lowering Part D Medicare prices at the cost of future generations, and answer the tough questions of a pollster about what they think about those lazy Millennials. For now, at least, it seems that Trump has channeled his true Neocon spirit. But hey at least he didn’t bow like Obama did, right fellow Patriots?

Unfortunately, for Trump, when his trip is over and he has returned home, the Sword of Damocles will again be placed back directly over his head, but until then, he can revel in the warm glow of Boomer praise.


  • I apologize to…….

    For the Obvious……

    I’m a pretty damaged Human Being…

    Been through Hell in my Life a large part due to Bad Choices….

    Too much Vodka and the Repressed Insanity sometimes emerges….

    I do support Donald Trump….

    I also support the Alt-Right……

    I thank the Alt-Right for bringing more Hope and Meaning into my Life….


  • Greg Gianforte……..

    Body Slams a (((Jacobite)))…….

    Subsequently gets Elected to Congress……..

    The Tide is Turning…….



    • Abandoning President Trump after 4 Months in Office…

      ….for NOTHING….

      Is Sick and Disgusting…..


  • Alt-Right FAGS against me………

    I WILL break your Face and put you in a Hospital…………

  • Where’s Richard Spencer to Protect you FAGS??

    Yes, FAGS….

    I’lll Break your Necks, White FAGS…..


  • Dumb Ass FAGS in the Alt-Right…….

    Think they’ll separate themselves from EVERYTHING……….

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    These 8 Knuckles have Crushed so Harshly……

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    What will ALWAYS be mine……..

    I have Street Cred in the Scars on my Face and my Body, FAGS………

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    No Excuses, No Defense……

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  • Those of us who work like Real Men for a Living……

    ….appreciate what Donald Trump is trying to do regarding the US Economy and Immigration…….

    Those who’ve never worked like Real Men for a Living…….

    …..continue to endlessly Whine and Complain about Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Israel…….

    Why did you Vote for Trump??

    He was as Pro-Israel as you can get……..

    He met with the Egyptian President during his Campaign……..

    He wanted the Arab States to begin to Step Up and Start Policing the Middle East for themselves……..

    He was friendly with the Arab Dictators…….

    He had done Business with these Countries before…..

    Heil Victory???

    What happened???


    • “He wanted the Arab States to begin to Step Up and Start Policing the Middle East for themselves……..”
      Then why did he launch missiles at Syria over the dead baby meme?

      • Brother…….

        I’m a bit older than you……..

        And so I’m able to override certain things that seem contradictory………

        ……because when you get older you realize that FINITUDE is REAL and PRESSING……..

        And my ONE Human Life…….is Precious…….

        And I’m not going to Betray the President I voted for who might help make my Existence as a Working American White Male……

        …….a bit more Profitable……..a bit more Secure……..a bit more Easy……….

        I was once as Young and Idealistic as you…….

        Good for you…….

        Enjoy it………

        I still am Idealistic in many ways……

        But, I’m also Realistic……

        And President Trump is MUCH better for my ONE Precious Life……

        ……..than Barack Hussein Obama…….

        …..or Hillary Clinton…….

        • Way to deflect, not answer the question and try to condescend me. Whatever, I shouldn’t have asked.

          • I’m not trying to condescend…….

            You’re RIGHT…….100%……..

            But, there are Broader Spheres of Human Reality to take into Consideration…….

            ……for me……

            I agree with you COMPLETELY……..

            But, I’m a Finite Human Being…….

            And having moved across the Trajectory of Life a bit closer to the End……

            I just Focus on things differently…….

            But, we still overlap in MANY ways……

            You’re MUCH more important than me in terms of the Future of the Alt-Right……..

            When I was as young as you……..

            There was no Hip, Cool and Fashionable…….Alt-Right…….

            You are Blessed and Lucky…….

            Be Grateful……..

            Appreciate what has been handed to you……..

            Build upon it……..

            Help it grow……..

            Fight for it…….

            Your Life depends upon it……….

          • Here’s me when I was younger……

            I’m the Hi-8 Videographer behind the Keyboardist…….

            …..shining the Light……

            I guess I was famous once…….

            Or not…..



      • Because the Syrian forces had shot at Israeli planes that have been attacking them a week before, so Trump attacked Syria to warn them that self-defense against Israelis is not allowed.

        • And you’re an American White…..

          ……underpaid and undersexed………

          And you WHINE…….

        • Are you Syrian, FAAG??

          Or another WHITE Loser…….

          ….obsessing about the JEWS???

  • Gulf states killing Shias and other Sunnis and the US defense contractors get paid. Sounds like the perfect situation – what is the problem? Muslims and Arabs are mortal enemies of the West – the fewer of them the better.

    Israel will never achieve a sustainable existence in the Middle East. Once the US declines economically Israel will be thrown to the dogs. Granny’s Medicare vs. Israel – guess who wins.

    I think the Altright overestimates the power of Israel. The Gulf states have 4X the GDP of Israel. Most of that is pure cash flow which buys a lot of financial, political, academic, and media influence in DC, Wall Street, Brussels, and London.

    • That is why anti-Muslim sentiment in America is perfectly acceptable and Trump proposes banning Muslim immigration – but BDS is illegal in the US and college students can be expelled and prosecuted for participating in a boycott of Israel …

      …because Muslims have so much power in the US and the Israelis have so little … makes perfect sense.

    • China considers Israel a rival for future global hegemon. The combined GDP of the western hemisphere might as well be counted as Israeli GDP as the entire West is servile to Israel.

      Most of that is pure cash flow which buys a lot of financial, political, academic, and media influence in DC, Wall Street, Brussels, and London.

      It’s not going to buy that much influence if the only palms available to grease are Jewish ones. Gentile elites are essentially prostitutes, the legacy of liberalism and determining elite status based on meritorious shopkeeping. However our race of whores know who their pimps are, and don’t just take money from any John.

      • Problem is you are talking about an order of magnitude difference in net financial assets. The house of Saud is worth trillions based on their oil reserves. Add in Qatar, UAE, Iraq, and all of the other Gulf states – they make Jewish oligarchs look like shoe shine boys.

        I am not denying vastly disproportionate Jewish influence that exists today in the US. But outside of Hollywood media propaganda, Jewish power in the US is a new phenomenon. Jews were largely barred from the bond market and commercial banking until Milken and Weill in the 80’s – perhaps not coincidentally with the start of the Petro dollar.

        It is certain that many Jews are fronts for Arab (and Chinese) financial interests and are “opening the city gates”. But so are *a lot* of Gentiles.

        If Trump is such a Zionist, and the Saudi’s are Jews, and the media is Jewish, why so much anti-Trump rhetoric in the media?

        There is an internal inconsistency in the narrative we are being fed.

        • The ‘inconsistency’ is in your strawman, not in anyone’s actual position.

          I’ve already explained the problem with white gentiles. The leadership cohort of white gentile societies was murdered, and their ethos has been violently suppressed by a class of mercantile elites who have set up a dysgenic schema which selects for ideal shopkeeper traits. Personality traits which are necessary for rulership have been largely bred out, not being beneficial to a commercial society and have otherwise been disprivileged and are socially stigmatized as low class where they do crop up.

          Any group like Jews which has been selectively bred for ethnocentricity as a minority will be immune to these selective pressure, and Jews specifically have a rulership ethos which will make them a natural fit for ordering the heavens for the shopkeepers, who chafe at the idea of having any moral certitude. They just want a customer to serve and a boss to tell them what to do. The goodest goy shopkeeper will not stab his (((boss))) in the back by facilitating some kind of underhanded dealing with his competitors because it is exactly this kind of masterful display of political astuteness, facility for intrigue and outright cruelty which would make one a terrible shopkeeper. Which is why Arabs et al may only rent the US government. The shopkeepers are only able to conceive of a government as a kind of rental shop and their bosses are not entertaining sales offers for their lucrative rental business.

          If Trump is such a Zionist

          All US politicians are Zionists so Trump’s stance on this issue is irrelevant and his opposition has nothing to do with Zionism as the issue has been totally removed from political consideration in the US.

          Furthermore Israel is largely irrelevant. Most Jews in the diaspora are pro-Israel, but most are not rabidly Zionist and have no interest in moving there or being there personally. Jews are nomads by nature, so Israel is just another ghetto to many of them and Jews will survive the fall of Israel should that day come. Elite Jews certainly have big plans and high hopes for Israel, but they aren’t betting the farm on it.

          Trump probably is not that tied into the world of political elites. Has he ever been to Bilderberger meetings that we know of? CFR? Trump was an unknown, he went off script, and he wasn’t at the time of his campaign beholden to any known or cohesive special interests. Trump’s opposition by the establishment isn’t a mystery. US elections are supposed to be more or less rigged where no one like Trump can insert themselves forcefully into consideration for high office.

          Problem is you are talking about an order of magnitude difference in net financial assets.

          No, I’m not. The House of Saud exists because Jews permit it to. If the Saudis and Jews were not collaborators then the US military would be handing these “aristocrats” over to “moderate rebels” for humiliating and torturous executions. On top of that Jews effectively have their hand on the spigot of currency creation, which is a kind of financial asset that can’t compare to merely selling oil.

  • American allegiance to Israel is unique in the world.

    when we have Congressman who hold dual citizenship with Israel and when Jews now represent 6% of Congress in a population where they are 2% that is power.
    It becomes more so when so many Jews hold powerful positions across the Federal government.

    That is far more power than ancient Judea and the Roman Empire where there was hardly any representation from the Roman province of Judea in the Roman Senate.
    Judea was part of the political body of the Roman Empire while Israel is not part of the political body of America.

    No Mid East nation has this much power as Israel. This power extends into the Security Council

    I read an article in the “Times of Israel” which went into detail the power of the Jews in our Congress and how this means to the “tribe”.

    PS: but all comparisons fail in the uniqueness of a new nation which is the modern Jewish homeland and her relationship with the US, the world’s most powerful and wealthy nation

    • The Realist school of foreign policy has questioned its entire academic discipline due to the unique nature of US support for Israel.

      It’s rather simple though, Jews in America are extremely powerful, and Jews are loyal to their state, Israel. The US is a proxy state of Israel.

      This will change the very minute that American Jews are kicked out of power.

      • Jews in America today are growing in Congress (6% of Congress according to the Times of Israel) and in so many departments of our government
        but they are also well represented in the “Deep State”, the Resistance (Soros) and in the Antifa.

      • Money yes but not direct involvement in the Roman Senate.
        Jews and those who hold dual citizenship with Israel have a strong presence in our Congress, in our government
        also in the Antifa, the Resistance and the Deep state (Soros)
        being on both sides of a war or factions is an aspect of Jews

  • “Israel wants an unstable [environment]; they believe they are safer that way because they become less of a target with all the infighting” and absent this instability, Jews will always be a target due to the inherent nature of their collective identity which is unremittingly hostile to other peoples as a matter of principle.

    This is the Jewish modus operandi writ large.

    • wasn’t his plan but he it turns out he wasn’t playing 4d chess, he was just another spoiled dumb boomer

  • There’s not going to be any impeachment of Trump. Ain’t going to happen no matter what any of the Jews or Roman Catholics on TV tell you. There has to be evidence of a real crime like the blue dress, the Watergate break in, that sort of thing. Which there isn’t—that fact will sink in soon.

  • My only question is why do the Saudis consent to buy a bunch of weapons they will never use – that they never intend to use. The whole deal with the Saudis is that the US agrees to defend them. I guess the fighter jets make nice toys for some of the Royal family’s cousins, to keep them otherwise occupied, so they don’t sit around plotting palace coups. But tanks? They’re never going to use those. The Saudis were barely engaged at all in the Gulf War. Maybe they’re just shrink-wrapping all that stuff and storing it for the US, if Centcom ever mobilizes there again.

    • The geopolitics of the Middle East have changed drastically since 9/11 and Saudis are genuinely seeking protection from the perceived Shia axes: Iran-Iraq-Assad-Hezbollah. Our friends in the Middle East skilfully changed the regional narrative from the Palestinian struggle to independence to the Shia-Sunni cold war. This cold war turned into a real war in Bahrain and Yemen and culminated in the gigantic international struggle in Syria. Saudis need fighter jets, tanks and other high tech stuff. But most importantly, they need our assurances totally lacking under Obama.
      $100 billion is Trump’s price for our assurances.

      • Yes, that makes sense. It’s hard to crash a tank into the ground. As long as they can play soldier and stay out of court politics, I guess it’s worth it to the ruling elite.

      • 15,000, huh? They are trying to make up for in quantity what they lack in quality. I worked with a wonderful older woman who was in customer service years ago at O`Hare airport in Chicago. She said these Saudi “princes” were the most arrogant, demanding and entitled people she’d ever seen.

  • The word “oil” doesn’t even appear in the article.

    Saudi sells its oil for dollars. It used to then exchange those dollars for gold, but since Nixon ended that policy, the Saudis instead now trade their dollars for weapons and other highly valued industrial products.

    When people discuss the “de-industrialization” of the United States, they mean the USA doesn’t make comsumer goods like cars or television sets anymore, thus no longer has good paying union jobs for Whites in the midwest.

    However the US is the world’s largest manufacturer of extremely high value industrial products, just not consumer products. The US is also the world’s largest manufacturer of high tech weaponry. The Defense Industry is the core of the American economy, along side the highly subsidized Agriculture industry.

    So in the case of Saudi Arabia we see a materially useful mutual exchange. Saudi gets weapons and industrial products in return for their oil. The USA gets a petro-dollar, the US dollar remains the world’s reserve currency ( which forces the world to subsidize the US economy.

    In the case of Israel … well, what does the US get out of the US Israel relationship exactly?

    Does anyone else remember 15 out of 19 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia?

    As a matter of fact, yes, everyone does, it’s a constant refrain for the last 15 years. Various groups use this as leverage against Saudi all the time. Should we figure out the actual implications of this? We know that the Saudi 9/11 hijackers trained at an airfield in Florida, we know that the Saudis were given visas to enter the US over the objections of anti-terrorism officials. Should we look into who trained the 9/11 Saudi hijackers and who overruled the anti-terrorist officials to give them visas?

    No, of course we don’t want to ask those questions, because “conspiracy theory.”

    • “In the case of Israel … well, what does the US get out of the US Israel relationship exactly?”

      I’m shocked that you would ever ask such a question. We get lots of things out of the relationship.

      First of all, there’s………………

      Then, of course, there is………………………………..

      Well, uh, we get, like…………………………….


      Oh, and don’t forget……………………………..

      They are our closest ally. Really. They just are. Stop asking questions.

    • Arms business is the most lucrative, high-margin business after drugs. Say, Russians are dying to sell their weapons to anyone. They could arm two drastically opposing sides, at the same time, in the same conflict, like they do in the case of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

      Obama was all about Obama, that the affirmative action works and that the Black (or half Black) president could rule our country. This guy is all about money and, hopefully, about our country’s interests.

    • economy means nothing. we can easily feed and make everyone happy. its all about destabilization.

      • The economy isn’t about feeding people and making them happy, it’s a zero-sum power game.

        The official US military doctrine since the end of the Cold War is to prevent any other power from becoming equal with the US. The petro-dollar as the world’s reserve currency is a part of that.

    • I had six Saudis in one of my classes once…right after the ban on the student visas was lifted.

      They were all lazy cretins…or simulating moron status.

  • The trip was YUGE, indeed!

    Getting the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) behind is very important for the stability of Trump’s administration. MIC is an essential part of Deep State, in any country.

    Vatican and Israel are important stops to sway those voting groups.

    Also, if Trump cooperates with Saudi Arabia, the cradle of Islam, can his administration, finally, enforce the travel ban? Trump should win this case in court now as the argument of discriminating Islam does not stand any grounds.

  • The interesting thing is that Trump would probably have soaring ratings if he would can all of his advisors and base policy on the recommendations of YouTube personalities like Styxhexenhammer and Stefan Molyneaux.

    It seems that every single person in D.C. is dripping in special-interest slime.

    • What about BASED Stephen Miller’s speech that Trump read out? Thought Miller was one of us. One of the good ones.

    • At the rate Trump is going, he’s going to face a populist Buchanan type insurgent candidacy during the primaries. History shows that an incumbent President who has to fight off a Primary challenge is mortally wounded (Carter against Ted Kennedy, Bush against Buchanan).

      • Whom do the Republicans have in the pipes?

        The only reason the GOP wheezes along is that a few dozen million people are “normal” enough to be revolted by that for which the Democratic Party stands. But the days of the GOP winning with young-earth, combed-over goober candidates are over. For all of their moral ills, Leftists at least are masters at cultivating politicians. Republicans are running on the fumes of the America that was, and the future doesn’t look pretty.

        • I’m not saying Trump is going to be defeated in the GOP primary. Trump will beat whoever challenges him, whether its Rand Paul, Thomas Massie, et al doesn’t matter. The point is that Trump has pissed off a large portion of his base and has sealed his fate as a one term President.

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