Reconciliation Week In Australia Is One Big Ridiculous Anti-White Guilt Trip

Submitted by Henry Armitage


In Australia, it’s nearly Reconciliation Week (27 May-3 June). This, as you can probably imagine, is an annual festival of shame when White Australians get to feel bad about living in the country our ancestors claimed from the wilderness and made our home.

Reconciliation means gibs, pure and simple, for a race of people so victimized by us that we pay all 500,000 of them 30 billion a year just for existing.

There is a story taught in schools that Aboriginal welfare workers used to go around for decades abducting half-caste Aboriginal children from safe, loving homes in and putting them in orphanages and training schools purely out of the wickedness of their hearts, because being wicked skin-colour haters, they had an insane compulsion to breed out the melanin. (In fact, Aboriginals traditionally had their own ways of dealing with half-castes, and they weren’t pretty…)

As can well be imagined, this Shoah-esque state of affairs has resulted in both first and subsequent generations of “survivors” feeling that they are owed something in the form of hard cash from the Government.

Here is the media gearing up for another round:

Michael Welsh has a few names he goes by, and one of them is Number 36.

It is the number he was given instead of a name, at the notorious Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home on the New South Wales mid-north coast.

“They said, ‘Michael, you’re no longer to be called Michael, you’re Number 36’.”

Removed from his mother by welfare officers in 1960, Mr Welsh and one of his brothers were separated from their family.

Well, as a New South Welsh member of the “Stolen Generations,” Walsh has already had a personal compensation payment of $75,000, awarded him just last year, so understandably he‘s hungry for more.

In addition to that largesse, his former school (which in fact gave fewer canings than the average school in its day, and was in any case largely run by Aboriginals themselves) has now been turned into a “healing centre” with 5 million extra dollars of taxpayer money. Before that, it had already been repurposed once as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre…

But these Stolen Generations were just like the…

Yes, you guessed it.


I mean, children were given NUMBERS! Oh, the humanity! And we know this to be absolute fact, because of “survivor” testimony. None of whom have a direct material interest in spinning a tall yarn:

Two decades ago, the landmark Bringing Them Home inquiry found that Stolen Generations children were subjected to gross human rights violations.

Now survivors are renewing their call for a national compensation fund, and better support for an ageing population of people with deep scars.

A report will be handed to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today by the Healing Foundation, an Indigenous support organisation.

It recommends the Commonwealth share the cost of compensation with states and territories, and the institutions where children were sent.

Ian Hamm, who was removed from his mother in 1964 in northern Victoria, believes there is much more to do.

“We need to talk about reparation and redress. It is unfinished business for the country,” he said.

He said the removal of children was a “societal practice”.

Yeah, weasel words there. The thing is, there was never any federal or state law mandating or even alluding to the removal of Aboriginal or half-caste children from their families. Not that the average Australian knows this. There is no real evidence that this behind-the-scenes policy of half-caste removal existed. In fact, it would be a pretty extraordinary conspiracy if it had, because during most of the time it was supposedly going on, concurrently, in all seven States and Territories, different agencies operating under different legislation and different leadership. It’s all based solely on the testimony of “survivors.”

This propaganda circus marked the beginning of a massive public brainwashing campaign centered around the idea of Australia having perpetrated a Holocaust against its indigenous people. The comparison was made explicit in the Senate report:

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC) recommended to the Inquiry that, ‘Support be provided for the collection and culturally appropriate presentation of the stories with the approval of those who experienced separation policies’ (submission 684 page 18). Link-Up (NSW) called for the establishment of an Aboriginal Oral History Archive. This Archive would be ‘modelled on the Shoah Foundation set up to record the oral histories of Jewish victims of the Nazi holocaust’ and would ‘fund and facilitate the collection of oral histories of Aboriginal survivors of our holocaust’ (submission 186).

And like Holocaust survivors, Aboriginal Holocaust survivors don’t come cheap:

Cynthia Sariago is a Stolen Generations descendant whose mother was stolen — and she herself was fostered as a child.

Fostered? I think you mean stolen, ABC!

She views the lack of compensation delivered to thousands of Stolen Generations members as an “insult”.

“Many families have been unable to build a legacy for their children and grandchildren, unlike many Australians with regular family histories.”

She said a national scheme would make a huge difference to the “inherited poverty many families with Stolen Generations heritage now face through no fault of their own”.

In reality, it basically it made about 0% difference to their future financial standing whether these victims of  black/White miscegenation were “stolen” and raised by Whites or not. Human biodiversity anyone?

Bringing Them Home said what governments did to Aboriginal children to assimilate them into white society amounted to gross human rights violations.

Yes, this would be the report that contains such unintentionally hilarious statements as the following:

It is not possible to state with any precision how many children were forcibly removed, even if that enquiry is confined to those removed officially. Many records have not survived. Others fail to record the children’s Aboriginality.

So they were removed for no reason other than just for being Aboriginal—and yet this wasn’t recorded on any paperwork? Of course, as with another popular campfire story, the absence of any written records, orders from those in authority, or relevant legislation doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!

Another layer of the ridiculous about this sob-narrative is that prior to the era of paying single women to pop out babies, which began in the ‘70s, it was normal for any child born to an unwed mother to be placed in an institution. How many half-castes were the product of legitimate unions, I wonder, given the rampancy of prostitution in Aboriginal settlements?

Anyway, there has so far only been one successful suit by an Aboriginal man, Bruce Trevorrow, whom a court found ten years ago to have been wrongfully removed from his family, though not for any reason having to do with his race. Activists represent this case as proving the reality of the Stolen Generations, but courts disagree. In the absence of proof for their claims, money-grubbing activists want blanket compensation for any Aboriginal who was ever removed from an abusive or neglectful home.

The graph below shows how much more often Aboriginal children are abused to this day compared with the rest of the population:

(Source: Australian Institute of Criminology.) Looks like we’ll have another “stolen generation” on our hands, if we’re not careful…

Another little quirk about the Report is that it consists exclusively of 535 “survivor” statements (some of which actually break into song at various points). And just like at Nuremberg, the accused were not allowed to cross-examine their accusers. The commission didn’t even bother to get the other side of the story at all, interviewing none of the surviving bureaucrats, social workers, and missionaries who could have presented a balanced view of what happened.

The ABC’s whining continues:

The inquiry made 54 recommendations, but 20 years on, many have been implemented poorly or not at all.The national apology was a key recommendation of the Bringing Them Home inquiry, and it came a decade after the report was delivered.

Families who believe they are becoming part of a second Stolen Generation in the Northern Territory are fighting to have children cared for by relatives or Indigenous carers.

Just like in America where any time a White (or Hispanic, or black…) police officer does his job and puts down a violent thug, in Australia we have a similarly invidious situation where it’s impossible to help this violent racial underclass without being accused of institutional racism, the sole proof of which is that blacks get in trouble more and need more intervention in their communities to keep them from reverting 100% to savagery.

White man’s burden indeed.

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  • There has to be a paradigm shift.

    “This used to be a nice neighbourhood, until all those white people moved in”, said no-one, ever.

    The British Empire (and French, or indeed that of any European colonial power) was the best thing that ever happened to Africa and the rest of the places that benefited from it. The British brought with them industry and technology, they built roads and railways, created wealth wherever they went and created political and economic stability and the rule of law that in fact led to the huge population increase that now threatens the planet. It would be a better world if the British Empire was still in existence.

    The non-white world wants to move into the white world because white people build the best societies. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, are far better places now than they were hundreds of years ago when the Red Indians, Aborigines or Maoris lived there on their own because white people took possession. Europe and the USA are also very desirable places to live because they were made by and for white people. White people make the most desirable places to live.

    White people do not, strangely enough, have the highest IQ. Chinese, Japanese and Koreans have higher IQs than whites, by a few points.This is why Orientals are over represented in all the positive social indices such as law abidingness and high academic achievement, when they settle in white countries. It is strange that Orientals don’t create societies as pleasant and prosperous as whites but it is a fact nevertheless.

    Black people are less intelligent than white people. This is why their countries are poor and undeveloped and rely on Western aid. It is also why blacks are over represented in all the negative social indices such as crime and illegitimacy when they settle in white countries.

    Whitemen with their science and technology created the modern world with all its benefits and comforts, and these are shared by everyone. Vaccines, television, motor cars,electric power, anaesthetics, surgery, painkillers, the uses of oil, plastics, how the Universe began even. The list is endless. All thanks to the white man.

  • As with everything else that is horribly wrong in our society, it’s being loudly pushed by the usual (((goblins))).

    If we wanted Abos to die out we would have left them with their parents.

      • I have. RE’s stuff is good. As a New Zealander we see the same thing on our side of the Tasman Sea, except ours is tinged with a bit more leftist “moral supremacy”.

  • You can’t compare the suffering of the unchosen to The Holocaust (TM), that’s downplaying The Holocaust (TM) which is punishable by prison and eternal persecution for being the dirty Anti-Semite (TM) you are! The 6 billion lives lost will never be forgotten or overshadowed.

    Aboriginals and Natives exist in White countries because we allow it. Any other race on the planet, including themselves, would of completely obliterated them. Really, you’d think they’d pay us, but the juice’s twisted perversion is strong indeed.

  • I’m surprised you didn’t mention the historical reality of the Aboriginal abuse of their children, which was the whole reason for the widespread removals. The extent of the behaviour is deliberately hidden by the Australian government, but where it is discussed it is invariably put up to ‘White racism’. As though White racism would cause a tribe to ritually mutilate, torture, and even eat their own children. It is also never mentioned in talk about the ‘Stolen Generation’ that almost all of the abuse that happened to relocated children after removal was committed by other relocated children or Aboriginal adults. The do-gooder Whites at the time believed the behaviour could be educated out of them, but it simply repeated itself in less ritualised and extreme forms. (The section about Australian Aborigines is part way down the page)

  • Fkin White Faggts…..

    You’re NOT going to do ANYTHING…….

    And you KNOW it…..

  • I try to focus on the positives more so than the negatives, so I’ll say that I don’t get bothered by white shame at this stage in my life. The reason for it is simple: I’m too busy being as white and German as possible. Relax, liberals. You don’t need to dedicate a special month to white people or even Germans, because every day is about us.

  • Weird……

    I just got banned from The Gateway Pundit yesterday…….



    The Gateway Pundit are Alt-Cuckish……..

    They stand for MANY of the same things that the Alt-Right stands for but they won’t Explicity Admit it…..

    They are aligned with Mike Cernovich and the Alt-Lite…….

    They’re not My Enemies…….

    But, they’re Cuckish……..

  • ALL races have conquered land but ONLY whites are told to hate themselves for it.

    Whites have as much right to land they conquered as every other race.

    Anti-whites only treat whites as real humans responsible for their acts. They treat non-whites like animal as blameless for their acts as a bear or crocodile.

    You pretend to care about aborigines. Tell me, anti-white, how flooding Australia with millions and millions of third worlders helps aborigines?

    If you say whites stole Australia you are admitting that Australia is a white country.

    What rights do indigenous white Europeans have in Europe?

    • We’re all one race. The human race. Except whites whose sole function should be babysitting the entireity of the third world, to make up for colonialism and raising their standard of living. We have nothing to apologize for as far as I’m concerned.

      • Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe…. White people ARE the problem for political turmoil around the world..? Had they not interfered with so many races/cultures maybe people wouldn’t be out for blood. What you are witnessing is the global collapse of the white power structure. Countries around the world in places like Africa, Middle East, Asia and indigenous run countries in South America are rejecting Eurocentrism, killing whites and driving their companies out of the country. Because FINALLY somebody had a flash of common sense and realized their former leaders were infiltrated by Europeans.. Im sure if the white “genius” mastermind behind the collapse of and subsequent civil wars in Liberia and Sierra-Leone had any depth of thought and wisdom, he’d have known those 2 countries would have been the most constructive, attractive solution to the “African American” problem on the home front, as they were budding economies that would have bore much fruit and many black people were actually peacefully emigrating BACK to AFRICA! Your own people fooled you, sold you out and made you buy a pipe dream that they cared about you. It was all for profit and they used the fact that they looked like you to earn your trust… Billionaires are too rich to be racist they leave that to the poor and ignorant and allow them to inherit dust. Too bad, NO do overs..

        • First of all “white people” aren’t to blame for third world dysfunction. Standards of living went up in every former European colony, and today still we prop up these backwards countries, which is why their birth rates are through the roof. If we left these countries to their own devices infant mortality, starvation, disease and nature would sort the problem out.

          Second of all I’ve been firmly against every war America has engaged in my lifetime. I’m a firm believer in Autarky and Isolationism. See part 1 for nature sorting itself out. Third world civil wars are a third world problem and I don’t see it as any of my business. That is until they move into my backyard an make it my business.

          Third of all “White” people aren’t one thing. Not all of us come from Colonial powers, not all of us come from a place of privelage. We aren’t one entity that acts in unison. I’m Italian. My family didn’t move here until post-WWII. Yet still I’ve been blamed for slavery countless times in my lifetime, even though not a single person in my family tree was a slave owner. I apologize for nothing.

          Fourth of all, you didn’t mention Jews or Israel once. Therefore your approaching these issues from a place of ignorance.

          In short, I have nothing to apologize for. Go whine to someone else. I don’t care.

    • This bullshit narrative gets easily countered by pointing out that every islamic country is conquered land, yet nobody dares lift a finger at them

    • You have the right to stay in Europe and NOT interfere with and appropriate cultures as it aesthetically pleases you.. Dont blame them, blame your arrogant ancestors for the curses and peril that will befall your children. I urge you to teach them to adjust quickly if you want to preserve your blood line. By 2020 minority children will be the majority in US schools which means theres a high probability that your children’s future bosses, community leaders, Federal and so on will be black or hispanic, maybe asian. They wont bode well as a smaller group if they carry an air of superiority for being white and accomplishing absolutely nothing like the majority of their parents in present day. I cant feel sorry for self inflicted oppression. Good day.

        • Rome was never majority white, which is my it was prosperous. Not sure how you think the celts, goths, saxons, gauls, and germanic tribes just some how popped out of their caves and huts one day and learned complex mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. Those concepts came from Africa, Middle and far east… Exactly where the greeks learned it which in turn was bled down through to the Romans and Ottomans to white people as they were gradually assimilated and civilized by both empires.

          • These guys are getting desperate. They can’t believe that their bizarre interpretation of history and constant guilt tripping isn’t working anymore at silencing whites.

          • White people never came up with mathematics, astronomy and philosophy?

            Prove it.

          • yes… You need to research, India, Egypt, China, Kemet, Sumeria(Ancient Iraq), the list goes on… You guys were late to the party and unfortunately for you.. You can lie and spew all the non sense you like but it wont convince me or change the fact that this isnt even a contested subject amongst PHD’s in the academic sector… Go find some young , vulnerable, impressionable white teenager to tell your lies to. There is no empirical evidence of white men in the ancient world that contributed to the discoveries that set the foundations of modernscience and philosophy.

          • Whites deserve what they get as long as they continue to believe that they are some how superior. superior people have knowledge, wisdom and foresight. If your people had foresight they would have known slavery was a bad idea, now Africans will eventually outnumber whites, imposing on other countries and incorporating them into your govs didnt help either. That was definitely a lack of wisdom and understanding of global/political strategy and the consequences of assimilation. Now Europe is on the verge of collapse and America will be brown by 2029 much faster than what was predicted, that was a lack of foresight of the consequences that come along with trying to be conniving, greedy and manipulative. You are causing your own extinction.

          • Every race engaged in slavery and conquest. Millions of whites were enslaved by Turks and North Africans. Blacks practice slavery to this day.

            Whites have always been a minority in the world. Nothing new there. The only new thing is whites are being denied the human rights to homelands and self-determination every other race enjoys. This is temporary.

            If whites are so horrible, why does everyone want to live with them?

          • I don’t want to live next to you, in fact I Moved to Singapore out of college. It’s not that anyone wants to live with you, don’t kid yourself, it’s because most corrupt local govs disproportionately fund white communities over all others. In black and Hispanic communities who have local officials that look like them, tend to have better policing and resources, which negate the need to move, which means they stay out and don’t end up in your backyard. Why whites don’t understand that is beyond me, if it was all fair and square, black schools in the same county as white schools wouldn’t have textbooks 5 yrs out of date compared to their white peers. Make it equal and your communities stay white, don’t and you risk an avalanche of “diversity”. You can equate a prosperous “multicultural” community to a greater surrounding area of poverty.

          • ALL white lands are being turned non-white deliberately. The legal term for that is GENOCIDE.

          • You’re admitting there is a deliberate program to turn all white countries non-white through mass non-white immigration combined with forced integration. The legal term for this is GENOCIDE.

          • Nope. I’m saying ya’ll are doing it to yourselves… the only destruction Im into is savaging amateurs on the tarmac. You into road racing? I just have one question, integra type R or Civic type R? Plz don’t name a muscle car, they don’t do well in the touge.

          • Sick, self-hating white traitors are the ones committing white genocide, not us sane whites.

          • I always appreciate it when anti-whites like you admit you want white genocide. Makes my job easier.

          • Well… Japan didn’t sail the world interfering in the affairs of other countries spreading their false ideologies, beliefs, gods and so forth. So yeah I respect the Japanese for having the wisdom and foresight to not bring foreigners into their homeland (Europeans encouraged this behavior)where they could take root and breed them out of existence. I won’t be sad to see you go within my lifetime.

          • Japan has a horrible colonial record, but anti-whites like you don’t demand that Japan be flooded and force assimilated with millions and millions of non-Japanese.

          • Well, I actually can be civil and get along with the Japanese. I even speak their language fluently. Good folks, shrewd business men.

          • Nope Im not actually. However I dont really like white Americans very much. I believe they are the least intelligent branch of European diaspora. Nordics, Germans, Dutch, Danish and British are intelligent. Americans are racially mixed most dont even know it but they carry some percentage of negro, native and hispanic blood… Nothing Aryan about that . You cant join the “brother hood” packing luggage like that. lmao!

          • Aquatic rice came from white India. The man who brought Kung Fu to China had blue eyes. So did Buddha.

          • Lmao???? you really made my day man. I have your comment on live projection in class, you should be a comedian. I heard you guys were just trolls but I wasn’t expecting this.

          • You do realize blue eyes are a genetic mutation not unique to whites right? Africans/Arabs have them too. Melenesians have blonde hair and are black as coal. Besides, that’s a lie what you’ve read, please purge your mind of this poison.

          • They were brown to begin with. The only collapse I’m familiar with is when non white gov’s are stupid enough to trust Europeans and allow them to infiltrate their system. You wonder why you see more and more countries turning against the west everyday and why you are being overrun by a sea of black and brown. Its actually too late to save anything. That should have started 50 yrs ago.

          • Whatever you want to call it.. btw I just have one question, Integra Type R or Civic Type R?

          • “Rome was never majority white”

            Prove Rome was always majority non-white.

          • Prove that it was majority white… You people want to be relevant and have culture so bad that you’d lie about any and everything that places any race not your own in a positive light. Then try to latch on to it like a parasite and shift it toward your own ends… An ancient Roman or Athenian would mostly likely view you as less than trash… I can speak from my own experience having lived in the eastern Mediterranean region, modern Romans and Greeks that can trace their lineage back are VERY proud and do not recognize traditional white western heritage… In other words, you’d get told to kick rocks if you went there speaking that “white pride” BS. They are NOT your people, I know, because as nice as they are, they do not mix and match identities to suit their cause or sooth their hurt pride. If you aren’t one of them you aren’t their brothers. Plain and simple.

          • Hilarious watching non-whites using cell phones, internet, cars, electricity complain about appropriation. LMFAO!!

          • A black man made edisons light bulb work, also was a key researcher in development of the cell phone, CR Patterson (a black man) built motor vehicles before ford. A black man also developed and built what is the modern day traffic light. Because someone atleast had the foresight to understand the need for infrastructure to accommodate a revolutionary invention like the automobile. Keep trying troll??? you are only making things worse for the few decent white people left in the west.

          • When a non-white invents something it’s front page news.

            Those black inventions are all hoaxes.

          • Well when you expend trillions of dollars in resources over the course of several centuries just to discredit and oppress a single race, An inquiring mind would know there’s something suspicious about that. Anyway, whatever makes you sleep at night, It’s not my fault you guys are becoming infertile and your children are suffering from autism at 5 times the rate of other races. Blame Mother Nature and the poor descisions of your ancestors for that. I won’t miss you, glad my grand children will live a life of peace free of Eurocentrism.

          • Billion have been spent by anti-whites to demonize and demoralize white people because they want white genocide.

          • Whites have eliminated starvation.

            You’re saying whites deserve genocide for doing things every race has done.

          • Eliminated starvation? People are starving to death in western countries…Come again.

          • White run Rhodesia had no hunger to speak of. Black run Zimbabwe has starvation.

          • You’re saying you are in favor of white genocide.

            Are Japanese Japocentric for wanting to keep Japan Japanese?

          • The maths and astronomy in every part of the world apart from ancient Greece was pretty rudimentary, even if some of it, such as place value, was very important. Maths is not just arithmetic, and almost all of modern maths – topology, calculus, set theory, computability, number theory, statistics etc – and science – physics, biology, chemistry – is a fairly recent white Western creation. Astronomy only really took off after Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler and Newton. Mathematics only after DesCartes, Newton, Euler, Gauss. Even to this day most of the scientific and mathematical breakthroughs are made by white men of European extraction.

          • Yes, brown civilization is so superior and now I gotta go check the mail to see if my visa to a white country has been approved LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Well…. If your ancestors would not have did what they did, none of this would have come to past. I cannot feel sorry for you.

          • Shut up you idiot. No, they don’t deserve genocide. Jews and blacks are the ones who deserve it in my opinion. And we mixed-race people are useless also, so it wouldn’t be bad if we all die. Humanity needs to evolve and jews and blacks are making it impossible. I’m a mulato, I live in Venezuela and hate my stupid family and my country is a dump just because we stink as being humans. If it was driven by japanese or germans it would be a perfect country…

          • The only thing white people did that other races didn’t do was end slavery and build the most prosperous, fair, and equal societies the world has ever seen. Unfortunately our leaders have been infiltrated by rootless outsiders with no loyalty to our people or interests and who have spent the last damn near century relentlessly pushing destructive propaganda and advocating for every little niche group in the world’s right to self-determination and security except for ours. We’re starting to catch on to what’s happening in larger numbers all the time though, so there is still hope.

          • Catch on to what? And what do you hope to accomplish? War? That wouldn’t be smart, that’ll just end western civilization as you know it, in bloodiest most brutal way at that. The west cant even fight a small group of terrorist effectively, even with the best equipment, funding and training. The only hope you need is to learn to reconcile and move on, live your life and quit worrying about what you cant control.

          • Of course I do not hope for war. You do realize that the only reason the west is allowing a mass Islamic invasion as well as mass immigration from other parts of the third world is the same reason that colleges teach “whiteness studies” and “diversity” classes. It’s the same reason that affirmative action is still going on all these years later and the same reason that we have public campaigns such as “#oscarstoowhite”. The same reason that we allow millions of illegals to reside in our country and the same reason that the media sides with the illegals over actual citizens. The same damn reason that on any given day of the year you can turn on your TV to any channel or open any magazine or newspaper and view propaganda demonizing white people and calling for their replacement while framing everyone else in the world as pitiful victims of the “evil white patriarchy”. All this while less and less white people get married and have children, and while more and more white men die every day from drug overdoses.The only reason any of this stuff is accepted and tolerated is that white people, at large, are the least tribal, most tolerant and accepting people on Earth. Too many whites have bought into this zeitgeist of self-loathing and idolatry of “the other”. It’s incredibly sick and unhealthy, but whites are now catching on and realizing how sick and unhealthy it is.

          • Of course I do not hope for war. You do realize that the only reason the west is allowing a mass Islamic invasion as well as mass immigration from other parts of the third world is the same reason that colleges teach “whiteness studies” and “diversity” classes. It’s the same reason that affirmative action is still going on all these years later and the same reason that we have public campaigns such as “#oscarstoowhite”. The same reason that we allow millions of illegals to reside in our country and the same reason that the media sides with the illegals over actual citizens. The same reason that we are STILL talking about Trayvon, Michael Brown, and Dylan Roof, but we don’t even remember Channon Christian, Hugh Newsom, or Omar Thornton. The same damn reason that on any given day of the year you can turn on your TV to any channel or open any magazine or newspaper and view propaganda demonizing white people and calling for their replacement while framing everyone else in the world as pitiful victims of the “evil white patriarchy”. All this while less and less white people get married and have children, and while more and more white men die every day from drug overdoses.The only reason any of this stuff is accepted and tolerated is that white people, at large, are the least tribal, most tolerant and accepting people on Earth. Too many whites have bought into this zeitgeist of self-loathing and idolatry of “the other”. It’s incredibly sick and unhealthy, but whites are now catching on and realizing how sick and unhealthy it is.

          • Obviously you must be passionate about this crusade otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to type such a long detailed explanation citing your concerns. When it comes to preservation of heritage I get it. However too many people allow it to become an obsession and it often metastasizes into hatred and incoherent, unorganized thought. As a non white I too have my concerns, some relating to other non whites and to whites, no one is righteous based on racial heritage and there are those within all our ranks that would even destroy their own people without a second thought.. This is why cooperation is badly needed to reconcile differences, you may think what I am about to say sounds biased but it is based on history; many of the problems the world suffers from was caused by the white power structure elite and their thoughtless actions to secure resources and consolidate power at any cost to suit their own ends… (not for the benefit of the racial group they just happen to look like) What you are left with are the descendants who had nothing to do with white power coming to fruition however they unknowingly perpetuate the “system” because that was the normal they were raised into, this does not justify overt racism in my opinion. This leaves onlookers from the outside with the idea of “white privilege”. I don’t believe there is a “war” on white people but there is a crumbling of the facade, the image of what whiteness should represent to the world. Something that has been perpetuated far too long, a state of mind of sorts that was only reserved for Caucasian men. Something that became a shield for the white elite who used their physical likeness to the average man of the times as a psychological weapon to mobilize poor whites to unite for a common cause(because they look like you) so to speak, to place th blame on other people as a distraction from them, their wealth and profiteering. They are pushing nationalism to the poor while pushing capitalism/elitism on their children. This is how they have been allowed to operate for so many generations, the killing part is that it operates in plain sight. You ever notice the pattern? Poor whites almost overwhelmingly vote republican(GOP pushing nationalism), the same people who cut the social programs they use to subsist on, especially in rural communities( blaming minorities for abusing these programs, spreading anger amongst whites/fuels more nationalism), Promising jobs/owns large corporations, then closes those same companies/factories and moves them overseas (profiteering). Then the cycle repeats, new tactics are used (globalism) allows un-assimilated immigrants to cross the borders illegally, find jobs and subsist on a system they did not pay into, this stokes new fears and gives the public fuel for a new round of nationalism and the pattern forever repeats. For the life of me, I could not figure out for the longest why whites couldn’t see this, however as I stated above, its a system of programming from birth which becomes normalized and many don’t see life any differently. The war is not on white people, its more like pressure being applied to the white public at large to wake up so to speak. Because the demise of those elitist benefiting systems can end with you. Many whites are under a spell and people who are conscious are just trying to get even a few of you to listen. That is why so many questions are popping up in media concerning systematic abuse at all levels in all forms that have gone addressed. I realize I haven’t mentioned liberals first, mainly because they are of minor consequence yet are becoming a major problem. Collectively they are simply spoiled, passive aggressive elitist, mainly concerned with image and popularity over doing anything meaningful for the people. They are some of the most truly disgustingly racists in existence who work tirelessly with the old guard to fuel the cycle of war and hatred. Why Blacks, Hispanics and other non whites subscribe to that trash I have no clue. I believe they too are under a spell, one that makes them believe they are being victimized and oppressed daily and so the cycle repeats. They are born into the program that gives them the mindset of perpetual victim-hood devoid of confidence, free thought, self worth and determination, Its a highly toxic thought process (constructed by liberals) which causes minorities to fail at everything they try to accomplish. Basically liberal programming from the womb at its finest. The elite libs, preach “hope” and laugh behind closed doors about how stupid the n*ggers, sp*cks and gooks are they then bask in the praise received in return for giving out free stuff to the “victims” (liberals seeking glory and popularity) which in turn fuels white nationalism for giving the impression of being left out of any resources in their own country. I hope you take something from this as I am genuinely responding to your concerns and indeed some of them are valid and should be heard. In the end its all a game the elite play and they laugh at us all.. You seem intelligent, like someone yearning to wake up, however nationalism is not the answer. You are just playing your chips back into a giant high stakes Vegas style poker game. I wish you good luck in your break from the matrix, I know you can do it! Just know this, your brother is your worst enemy.

  • Abos clearly are more closely related to our Ape ancestors than any other race. This is a race that forgot how to use fish hooks and never built shelters. Europeans were shocked at the retarded development of Abos when they arrived in Australia.

  • Whites should be indifferent to the problems and ways of all non-Whites and we should not interfere in any way to help them. Let them die off or not as nature dictates. Don’t feed them. Don’t teach them. Keep them invisible in your mind and mind your own White business and demand the same courtesy from all non-White peoples to us Whites.

  • When the Australians left the Abos alone, that was “neglect.” But if the Australians provided a a foster home for neglected Abo children, that”s “stealing them from their community.”

    When police in Baltimore ignore drug gangs, that is systemic oppression. When the police in Baltimore arrest drug gangs, that is “over-policing” and “criminalizing a community.”

    If Whites move into an urban neighborhood, that is “gentrification” and “racism.” If Whites move out of an urban neighborhood, that is “white flight” and “racism.”

    If a White man marries a White women, that is “racist” and a “failure to integrate.” If a White man marries a Black woman, that is “sexualizing black bodies” and “sexual colonialism.”

    If a White person has no Black friends, that is “social segregation.” But if a White person has Black friends, that is “hipster racism” and “using a black friend as a token to deny racism.”

    • “If a White man marries a Black woman”

      Wooh wooh there goy, let’s not go creating total fantasy arguments here.

    • The detail you’ve willingly neglected to look at is, those people never asked Europeans to show up and claim what was already discovered. So yes all those problems are the faults of the white Australians and NO, they cannot win either way, serves them right…

      • The Abos had no more claim to the land than anyone else, and they never even settled the entire continent.

        You are pretending that the Abos had some country on Australia and the Europeans showed up and took it over. That didn’t happen. The abos lived in the wild, like wildlife.

        • How do you know the Aborigines did not have an established country? A country is merely territory the concept of country is a European construct which continuously blinds white people from realizing the rest of the world doesn’t look through the same window as you. For example their are whites that cant comprehend why many minorities don’t support either side of the American political system may it be dem or republican, why should they? Neither side looks like them or shares their values or concerns so there fore its a partisan system for most either way you vote. This is basically your thought process by the way I read your response. You cant see past the constructs you were born into to come to an empirical conclusion. Regardless of what you or they (your ancestors) thought the aborigines were there first, which means it was their territory and was stolen.

          • White people are not at all “blind” to how the rest of the world doesn’t look through the same windows as we do. “The rest of the world” doesn’t see things through the same window either

            Many of the reasons who list are the same reason we’re White Nationalists, thus want our own countries. We don’t want to force the rest of the world to live the way we do – every time that has been tried, it’s been a disaster for Whites and everyone else. It’s the anti-whites and “the left” that are the colonialists.

            the aborigines were there first, which means it was their territory and was stolen.

            No, “finders keeper” and “stolen” are Western constructs, Whitey. In no natural sense did the Abos “own” or had even “marked” the entire continent of Australia. They didn’t “find” it first any more than the birds and the kangaroos “found” it first and had it “stolen” from them by the Abos. Stop pushing your Western morality onto Abos.

            In any case, clearly mistakes were made – the only fair thing to do now is to mark off some reservations for the Abos and let them live in their natural state, with no Western technology and no Western interference.

  • I lived in New Zealand for one year and made some interesting observations of their indigenous people, the Maori. They adopted black hiphop culture which I found interesting especially considering the black population there is extremely low. They also had higher crime rates than their white counterparts. Similar legal battles ensued and it seemd a reflection if race relations in the US just with different actors. It seems no matter what the place, whites face the same push back.

    • Never been there, but the Abos are on a whole ‘nother level of stupid compared to the Maori. Abos sleep in the road, like Hipster Racist posted. They huff petrol all day, so Oz had to change how they refine gas so it doesn’t get you high. And on and on. Abos are a people who would disappear if Darwinian pressure still existed.

      • Yeah I saw those videos lol. I would agree with your assertion of “a whole nother level of stupid”.

    • NZ did a lot of bending over for their Maoris .. I know that much.. small country… pretty as hell

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