Whites Should Stop Paying Their Taxes

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In light of Trump’s tax reform – that has no funding to build the often promised border wall – it occurred to me: what if Whites should suddenly stop being “tax cattle?” Whites could simply choose to leach off the government until it dies. You hear it said by the Rand-bots that “taxation is theft,” but in the case of whites, that is absolutely true.

The current US government policies are explicitly anti-white. They send poor Whites to war in faraway countries for no real gain to the citizens. They enact diversity quotas, forcing diversity into our all-white suburbs. They enact special laws to prosecute whites more harshly. They hire non-citizens in our place. Consider these as you ask yourself: why should whites allow the US government to drain us for tax revenue? Why bother propping up the anti-White system through some misguided sense of being a good citizen.

Whites are approximately 60% of the US population, but even this estimate is up for debate. With a median income of $71,300, compared to $43,300 and $34,000 for Blacks and Hispanics respectively. In other words, whites are a major contributor to the tax system. If we decided to stop working, what would happen to the US?

Tax revenue would plummet. The national debt would grow out of control leading to a fiscal crisis that would cause the current system to collapse. Isn’t that really our goal? To end what currently exists and replace it with a healthy society?

Then why are we putting time into our jobs? Is there even any pride left in being a white-collar working man? Every year it seems that there are decreasing benefits for slaving away in a cubicle 40 hours a week.

Perhaps we should simply opt out. Quit that is. And then begin planning for the Brave New Brown world that faces us.

The Left is cheering our soon to be minority status. We could give them a taste of a future without high income earning whites. Use the tactics that we taught the Middle East in the 90’s: “the only way to beat the Western governments is to bankrupt them.”

As chief financiers of the US government, whites could cut them off. Removing our revenue and going on the public dole would speed up the collapse. Social security, healthcare, and various other public assistance programs take up a large portion of the nation’s debt. With whites dropping out of the workforce and collecting public assistance in large enough numbers we could force this to happen faster.

We could turn the tide entirely with a collective drop-out. Imagine all of the time we would have to design and plan our futures.  We could spend time with family. We could do more pro-white activism. We could even rebuild our cultures. I can think of a thousand things whites could do as this nation collapses under insurmountable debt that cannot be hidden through a “raised debt ceiling.” Coming together and dropping out might do us a world of good.

Would this be hard? Of course, it would.

But is the current way of doing things any better?

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • A lot of white American men that are unemployed become drunks or opiate users. That is why unemployed white men are at the biggest risk for suicide, and because they often have a gun in their house. Being a NEET may sound fun, but most NEETs play video games, abuse substances, watch tv, etc. instead of learning all these new skills.

  • As a NEET i am not sure i would recommend this, i will probably start working 2018 or this year.

    Atteacting high quality females is a bit difficult when you are a NEET (unless you look better than 95%).

  • I thought about this as well this week, good article by the way, after the Manchester attack, government says carry on as normal. Why carry on as normal, down tools in mass numbers, just go on national strike. Maybe they are so much up to their eyeballs in debt and the welfare system is so unsustainable that they are quickly importing millions of savages to deflect all of the anger away from them when it hits the fan, keep everyone occupied with fighting for their own survival instead of hunting down ex-government thieves. It’s kind of like those chase scenes in movies where the thief throws a load of marbles on the floor, and pulls down shelving units to slow down the pursuit of the cop. Unlike others that are surviving on welfare and not doing very well, whites could just opt out, form communities away from the cities and become self reliant. Would need strict codes on alcohol, drugs, degeneracy etc but not over the top, just an awareness of how important the project is and taking care of oneself and one’s community.

  • If possible, work for the federal government. Great Benefits, Good pay, you don’t contribute to the tax pool and you can undermine the system FROM THE INSIDE!

    • Bleed ZOG to death.

      Another strategy. Go into massive debt and declare bankruptsy. Do it as many times as possible.

          • You talking about yourself?

            He who dies with the greatest debt wins. Or he who goes bankrupt with the biggest debt wins.

            That is what the rich say. Maybe we should listen.

            Again, look at Trump. Bankrupt how many times?

          • I know that you’re trying hard but stop. You’re just embarrassing yourself

      • Indeed, is there any virtue in acting honorably in a society which rewards the opposite? The honest man, gets shafted, nothing parts before him. He must move the barricades to his happiness in many cases with little to no support and they are today greater than they have ever been. So yes, bleed the system, but in such a way that you still prepare for the future. That is tricky to do, you must have a dual strategy.

  • An old Italian saying from before Mussolini’s government – “With a Government like this, the only honest thing to do is to cheat on your taxes:”

  • As a corporate white collar cube worker, I can say that I do very little work that actually benefits the company in some way. The corporation basically prints a check in which I get a cut and Uncle Sam gets a cut. They could easily do that without me and just write Uncle Sam a check for a smaller amount. But as it stands, I am the legal justification for Uncle Sam to get money from the corporation. I think that rather than quit your job, just try to be as unproductive as possible while making it seem like you’re being productive. That way you are undermining the system while having the financial means to survive AND support our cause. It’s a win/win.

    • Unless you are doing something creative like writing a novel at work that sounds like an awful life you have and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. No, find something that you enjoy doing. I’m a teacher and I really like it. I have been a bartender and I really liked it. I have run a cafe and I really liked it. I was a janitor (I got to work all day outdoors at my own pace) and I really liked it. I also had jobs I hated like when I was stuck in the files room of a mortgage company and wasted my entire day online (like it sounds like you are doing).

      Men need to work and the work needs to make them feel as though they are contributing.

      • I get paid a a bunch of money to read, write, listen to podcasts and YouTube channels, and research various subjects that interest me. Save your pity for someone who wants it.

        • Well goody goody on you mr libertardian. I am talking about what is best for our people as a whole not you. Stop gazing in the mirror.

          And as I stated there are people who are artists, writers, craftsmen and so on who do well without regular jobs but that is not most men.

          • I think you need to take a step back and really consider what I’m saying here. If someone wants to be an artist, writer, craftsman, or pursue some other passion of theirs, then by all means. I’m simply saying that if one can get paid a nice salary whilst doing those things on the corporate dime or in their free time, this is clearly the better choice.

            P S

            I’m not a libertarian.

          • I’m not against what you are doing. Good for you.

            I’m about what is good for our people. And for a people as a whole it is good for our men to work. If you have ever lived in the welfare states of Europe as I have and met 35 year old men who are still like boys because they have hardly ever worked then you will know what I mean. Men need to work. Responsible men understand this.

            That being said I only work about 6 and half months a year. We also need time off from work. About every third day was a holiday in Medieval times. The world of work, work, work, is a modern assault. I do understand Americans who only get a week or two of vacation a year. I would encourage said Americans (I am American but have lived half my life, nearly, overseas) to find ways around that. Work for yourself, or get into professions like teachers.

            In the end we need good unions to ensure that our people, all of them, share in a decent life with time off for family and personal pursuits. It is only Americans that suffer with work, work, work work, in the white world.

    • I’ve found most jobs are BS for people like us. As a cubicle or some other white collar job can never give us meaning.

      • Indeed, but a job is not meant to give your life meaning, it is simply a means of survival. If one does find meaning in their job, that’s great, but we all need money to get by.

  • We need to do it in an organized way, like gypsies do, have large white families,you and the process use the free time to homeschool.

    The single most effective thing we can do is raise properly educated children to take over the intensifying Idiocracy. In the land of the 90 IQ, the 130 IQ is King.

    I own a thriving business and rental properties. I’m a sort of micro-Trump, if you will. Alt right families patriarchs could work for me while the matriarch pretends to be a single mom living in HUD housing, home schooling the kids. I’m actually an old school WN going way back, and I’ve been working for years to set up the movement to transition to a sort of Gypsy economy, albeit using the free time to do the most whol

    • If you are on welfare you are a ward of the government. Do you really think they are going to allow you to homeschool your children?

      • Yes. Hassidic Jews do it. I’ve been in this thing for 17 years, and over time I concluded that we have to emulate the religious-cultural separatism of the Hassidim, the Romani-gypsies, the Amish, or even the 12 tribes.

        I want to make a more normie friendly separatist cult, if that’s possible. I don’t want to have to adhere to weird myths or dietary laws, or “we wuz da real joos.”

        My idea of a cohesive glue would be a focus on high achievement in arts, math, science, music, and religion would be encouraged but it would be a private matter. I’m personally a Buddhist because it’s very unemotional and mathematical. Buddhism has made me able to withstand a lot of stress and get better from it, rather than let it break me. Buddhism is the religon of ZFG — zero fucks given. The whole religion could be summed up as ZFG, and how to always be ZFG and regard the world around you as an illusion that don’t matta, nunnadis mattas. That’s another way to express Buddhism — the Carl drop, “it don matta, nunnadis mattas.” Another wya to put it — “keep your cool.” Buddhism is a whole religion dedicated to keeping your cool. And accomplishing anything in life absolutely requires, above all, that you maintain your rationality and ability to get along with others. A non-monk or lay Buddhist like myself is unattached to material things but does want to manage his life and work well. I eliminate as much conflict and friction as possible in my dealings with people. They work best in a calm and contented state of mind, and so I cultivate that in them. I manage people for a living, and my goal is to keep everyone as calm and rational as possible, which is the best management strategy. So in a way, my workers are default Buddhists, because I influence them on a daily basis.

        Stress and fear reactions freeze the rational mind. Buddhism teaches to keep your rationality running at all costs, because if you are not thinking straight, you may as well die.

        To me the Abrahamic religions are very emotional, ergo they are more plebeian religions. Buddhism suits an aristocratic mindset. If I ever found myself with free time from being sick or injured or in prison, I would do math for fun.

        Anyway, the Twelve Tribes is a racial separatist cult that is allowed to exist. they get harassed, but they haven’t been stopped or liquidated. We could do something like this without the weird larpy stuff.

        The Twelve Tribes religious movement has been criticized for its teachings regarding race.[59][60] It teaches that the Jews were guilty of the blood of Christ, quoting Matthew 27:25.[59][61] Although often labelled antisemitic, the group repeatedly denies this accusation. Its members keep the Sabbath and the Jewish festivals of Pesach, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. Youth have Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, and they regularly perform Israeli folk dances.[62]

        The movement advocates against multiculturalism and forced racial integration, arguing that “multiculturalism increases murder, crime and prejudice”.[citation needed] The group welcomes people of all races to visit or join[59][60][63] and has members of Caucasian, African and Asian descent, believing them to be the offspring of Noah’s three sons. John Stringer, an African-American member of the Twelve Tribes, denies the accusation that his group is racist, stating that their teachings “accord my race with much honor and generate a high degree of self-esteem and worth”. He explains, “Racism is a definite problem in society at large. We make no bones about the issue; and it is quite clear that affirmative action, reparations, and crying ‘victim’ are not the solutions to this problem.”[64]

        Child labor and homeschooling controversies[edit]
        In 2001, The New York Post ran an article accusing the group of child labor violations;[65][66] and later attributed itself as having prompted the Investigation.[67] The Twelve Tribes responded with a press conference at the “Commonsense Farm” where the alleged child labor had taken place.[65][66][68] The Twelve Tribes reported that during a random inspection by Estée Lauder Companies the company discovered that several fourteen-year-olds had been found assisting their fathers in their cottage industry;[66] this report was later confirmed by Estée Lauder who terminated their contract with Common Sense products.[68] The Group’s official statement at the press conference stated that they believed that it was a family owned business, and children ought to be able to help their parents in the business while making “no apology” for it.[67][68] The New York State Department of Labor stated that they intended to visit all five of the Twelve Tribes’ businesses. State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer asserted that apprenticeships amounted to indentured servitude and were illegal. Robert Redford’s Sundance Catalog, who had contracted with Common Wealth Woodworks (another of the group’s cottage industries that made furniture), also terminated their contract as a response to the allegations.[68] The Labor Department later fined the group two thousand dollars for a fifteen-year-old pushing a wheelbarrow and another fifteen-year-old changing a lightbulb, according to senior tribespeople.[41]

        In Germany and France, the controversies centered on the issues of homeschooling, health, child abuse, and religious freedom. The group has several times been in conflict with authorities in Germany and France over homeschooling their children, with a particularly long and protracted dispute between the community in Klosterzimmern, in the municipality of Deiningen, Bavaria, and Bavarian education authorities.[69][70] Homeschooling is illegal in Germany, with rare exceptions.[69] When fines and arrests failed to have an effect on the community, authorities granted the group the right to operate a private school on the commune’s premises, under state supervision.[70][71] The agreement entailed that the school would not teach sex education and evolution.[70][71]

  • This is the Cloward-Piven plan the Reds outlined for THEIR revolution: bring in all the immigration, get everyone on the dole, and let the whole damn house of cards come tumbling down as a result. Problem: poverty brings lack of resources. Hence, a depressing situation made worse. Many will turn to drink and drugs. A few will have the willpower to tough it out, the real soldiers. But yes, I’ve thought the same thing. Also in S. Africa, where the tiny, persecuted White minority is constantly under threat. But most of the taxes to feed the blacks there come from the pocket of the evil, evil White man.

    • Yeah, I can see how this could backfire on white nationalists. Our adversaries already characterize us as slackers and losers. After thinking about this some more, I conclude that we need to set the example by showing our objective superiority.

  • The left wanted to bankrupt the Govt by using minorities to overwhelm the welfare system. They wanted to sign up every minority for foodstamps, section 8, SNAP, EBT, etc etc etc until the whole system buckled under the weight of it and collapsed. They called this the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy.’

    But the real welfare culprits are the corporations of America. Getting bailouts for wasting billions, outsourcing, legislation destroying import tariffs, importing H1B workers, lowering wages for domestic workers while still getting tax breaks. Marx claimed that ‘crony capitalism’ was a precursor to a communism state. He claimed that a crony capitalist state would lead to what it actually did; the ‘creative destruction’ of wealth i.e. the concentration of wealth into very few hands. Google the terms ‘creative destruction’ and ‘Schumpeter’s Gale.’

    I’m no fan of Marx, but he was right about ‘crony capitalism.’ What we need is laissez-faire freemarkets, a racially homogeneous European population, the banishment of the left & the return of the muds to their native environs.

  • Whites should not be doing anything illegal. However, Whites should absolutely game the system and taking every single penny we can. This can be done a number of ways:
    1) Create Alt Right “churches” to serve Whites
    2) Donate to Alt Right “churches” and write off those donations on taxes
    3) Alt Right “churches” hire White trade workers with donations
    4) Sanction “marriage” in Alt Right “churches” but not through gov allowing women to collect welfare as single mothers for several years until Common Law marriage occurs
    5) Start local “charities” such as writers clubs and diversity initiatives for grant money

    All of this can be done legally. It wouldn’t be ethical if America was a White country. Clearly America isn’t White so there’s no sense in putting in more than we take out.

  • Idle men often turn to drugs and too much drinking. And women have no respect for layabout men. Most men are not artists or craftsmen or writers and just waste away when idle. Not a good idea. Men need to work.

  • I think ALL taxpayers should stop. I don’t give a damn what color somebody is, so long as they aren’t a leech on society. All workers should go Galt.

  • Aimless articles about “what if whites stopped paying taxes?” This site is officially in the gutter. What kind of child would even waste time writing or reading this? Why does Richard Spencer not enforce quality?

  • The Southern Gentry acceptes Jews amongst them much as the aristocrates of England and Europe. Their interests coincided. In all the wealthy Southern cities such as Natzhez Mississippi you will find the chosenites temples. Meanwhile most Southerners never even saw a Jew.

    Also through usury, that is being the Furnishing Merchant, where the word the Man comes from and loaning money and equipment and seed to farmers the Jew often ended up the largest land owners in places like the Mississippi Delta. Now they are absentee landlords, living it up in Manhattan while collecting their millions in USA farm subsidies.

  • Just donate to pro-white nonprofits and get tax reductions, the money could go towards the white community.

    • Yeah. Pro-white people with good jobs are more useful to our cause in positions where they can make a difference. People with not so good jobs are easily replaceable by non-whites. The more I think about this idea, the worse it is. Working to pay for your own dispossession sure does suck though.

      • If people are already poor they should go on the dole, but if you make good money than just donate to white charities/advocates and take the tax deductions. I plan on doing this when I finish up med school.

    • Good idea. I think in the short-term that makes sense and it’s always good to be charitable; it’s good for the soul to give to people you care about. The long-term answer is to convince white people in the US to stop looking at each other as Republicans and Democrats. They need to start looking at each other as white people. In my opinion, that is the first major step to making the ethno-state a reality. If the Alt Right and like-minded groups aggressively message that concept, they will see that joining our movement is more beneficial to themselves than continuing to be a partisan cash cow, being milked for no benefit to themselves. Even some Democrats would be immediately redpilled… and now we have the pry-bar into the Democrat base and can start deprogramming them to resume being white again.

  • I don’t agree with this at all. Richard Spencer is much more effective advocating for huwhites out in society than he is locked up for tax evasion. David Duke already went to prison for tax evasion. Our leaders have a big fat target on them and they must follow the law.

    • Not tax evasion, it’s advocating whites to go on welfare. No one works and everyone drains the government resources at the same time. Of course no one wants to go to prison.

  • Whites work to pay for non-whites. Not paying taxes isn’t the answer. The solution is the peaceful transition to the ethno-state. There, now whites don’t have to pay for non-whites, because there won’t be any.

  • For some, deliberately making less money can be a net gain. That’s because in exchange for the money, you acquire more time and energy for other things. This isn’t practical for people who are right at the edge of their budget, but anyone who is above that edge should definitely consider it. Alternatively, you can look for ways to make the same money with less effort. After all, the real cost of taxes is not the money, but the energy you expended to make that money.

  • I hate it, but love it at the same time. It’s completely opposite to everything I believe in, but at the same time if you truly want to bring the system down and can live on the bare essentials, which by the way will help you grow as an individual, in an honest way. The whole thing is absurd that if only people realized their power and stopped working for a day or week max the entire thing would be brought down along with everyone running the show. Such a simple strategy that’s impossible to get the masses to ever by into being compelled to live within current structure that they know will never exist for them (retirement, SS, etc.).

    It reminds me of what Ron Paul would always say, “The monetary system is held up by one thing — peoples faith in it.”

  • My one point of disagreement is that we should ‘drop out’ of society and give up our jobs in order to not pay taxes. Understand that we are in genetic competition with other races for women of European descent. How does *not having a job* help us in this competition, especially when the government has set policies that advantage minorities economically, and is importing highly intelligent Asians and Indians to work in lucrative white-collar professions?

    When a white woman meets a successful, wealthy minority we want her to think “There’s plenty of ambitious successful white guys so sorry, but I’m going to pass”. This won’t happen if we all drop out of the rat-race to try to weaken the state.

  • The author is correct that the US govt is an explicitly anti-white institution. We in the alt-right should recognize that true libertarians are our natural allies and we should recruit actively within their ranks.

    These observations should also make us think twice about national socialism or any system than empowers the government. The US was founded as a minarchist, libertarian white ethnostate and it worked fantastically for 150 years.

    • Aside from Christopher Cantwell and Augustus Invictus I don’t see much hope for alliances with Libertarians. Although a lot of us are former libertarians, after getting red pilled on race issues we mostly seize to be libertarians.

      I think the idea is to gain power and purge all enemies of the regime. Maybe in some far off better time we can loosen the reigns, but until then we will need a strong government to protect our interests and enforce policies that are healthy for our people long term.

      • He’s right, Libertarians are fertile grounds for recruitment. Many white Libertarians eventually understand that you can’t have a functional, free market society if the society is not white.

        • We should definently engage in discussion with Libertarians, but with the goal of converting them. I came over to the Alt-Right from Libertarianism when I made the realization that you just mentioned. I went through a period of trying to integrate my new racialist views with Libertarianism and eventually found that I couldn’t do it.

          Libertarianism is inherently an individualist ideology and Nationalism is inherently a group based one. Thats why I don’t think they are compatible.

      • National Socialism is defined almost entirely around race.
        I think its main issue is its optics, which are unpalatable to most.
        But it’s great strength is its powerful symbols and imagery. It also has been shown to work, but it didn’t get a chance to play itself out like democracy so it’s long-term feasibility is unclear.

        • Hitler, being a failed artist, understood the power of aesthetic and symbology. We can definently adopt this aspect of Nazism and use it to our advantage. I think that recycling the symbols and imagery he used is a non-starter though. We should create our own symbology organically.

          One of the strengths of the Alt-Right is its propaganda, whether it be the parody music, Murdoch Murdoch, Memes etc so we are already doing this to a certain extent. I would like to see a more serious approach though. Pepe memes are funny and all, but I think the Kekistanis are tarnishing its effectiveness. It’s all a post-irony joke to them.

          • Right exactly.
            The Swastika and bundle of sticks are eternal symbols at this point, but they don’t show a sense of new initiative, which Pepe does even though it is silly.
            I wouldn’t describe Hitler as a failed artist considering he created an enduring aesthetic on such a grand scale, I obviously understand what you meant by that though.
            I think many people underestimate the power of aesthetics and symbol and disregard it, but it is incredibly important to have a banner that one is proud of and inspires a sense of higher purpose.

            The Alt-Right would definitely benefit from developing something like this, and could very well help pull together the many conflicting views and perspectives found within the alt-right itself. Murdoch Murdoch is close to accomplishing this in my opinion (I have literally shed a tear or two watching some of their videos), but it is still not serious enough.

          • Yeah, humour and Pepe are good for memes and draws a lot of people to our message subtley, I just wouldn’t make a flag out of it. Kekistani’s took the joke too far. The ending of ‘The Last Stand of Implicit Whiteness’ was epic. In a better world Murdoch Murdoch would have a primetime spot on TV.

            I actually wear a Fasces pin on my jacket and nobody has ever once given me any grief about it. The Italian symbols don’t seem to carry as much baggage as the German symbols do. I don’t think most normies even know what it means.

            If Hitler got accepted to Art shool when he was young he might never have gotten involved in politics. That’s definently a good point though

          • I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned before that I am Italian background as well, but I really can’t relate to the German’s experience of a lifetime guilt trip for WW2.
            Italians that I’ve met range from thinking Mussolini was evil, to completely neutral or ignorant, to seriously wishing that he would return today.
            I have experienced no guilt about WW2 from either my family/ethnic background or from society in general.
            When I speak with German friends, even those Canadianized and far removed from their history, they simply cannot discuss WW2 without apologizing for the holocaust and making sure I understand that they denounce Hitler.
            To their horror, my response has been “What’s the matter with you, Hitler was a legendary hero compared to Churchill or fucking Stalin!?”

            Btw fasces pin sounds pretty slick I’d buy one if I saw it in a store heh.

          • Yeah he’s a controversial figure to Italians, but to many he is still highly revered. Kind of similar to someone like Robert E. Lee in the states. My grandparents were definently pro-Mussolini so I was always pretty neutral on him. It’s only the past couple years that I really started embracing that aspect of Italian history.

            I don’t get why Germans still feel so guilty about it, but they really need to get over it. It was before their time, and they’ve done more than enough to make up for it. Something like this would never happen in Germany for Hitler.

          • thanks for the video – A great book to read – Fascism and Dharma by Columbus Falco – the truth about Italian Fascism – Unity, Honor and strength – viva Duce

          • I’ve heard about that book but havent had the chance to read it yet. Thanks for the rec. Viva il Duce!

    • Most Alt Righters were briefly Libertarians. I was somewhat of a Paleolibertarian, reading Lew Rockwell and supporting Ron Paul. Even Spencer was, I recall cringeworthy articles from him on Austrian economics on the first Alt Right site.

  • A lot of social capital is lost if this tactic is adopted for a long period of time. The habit of working, etc. I know there is an idea out there that working is a scam anyway, but I haven’t heard about the short term replacement for it.

  • Varg made this argument recently. Like most of his arguments I don’t fully endorse it but there is a logic to it that in undeniable. My only real problem with it is it would require a large percentage of the white working force to really affect anything, and I don’t see that happening. If only a few of us do this it doesn’t affect much except a drastic drop in quality to your own life. If your in a financial situation that you can drop out of society and contribute as little as possible I really don’t know why you haven’t done so yet. I would. Most of us work because we have to.

    • Beat me to it. I was about to say the author should give Varg credit where credit is due. His arguments are exactly the same as Varg’s. If the Alt-Right continues to grow then I think this plan is feasible. If we could get even just a quarter of Whites to go along with this plan it would severely damage the system.

      • Yeah, for it to work we need power in numbers. We have a lot of red pilling to do still before I see this as feasible.

  • An old Italian saying from before Mussolini’s government – “With a Government like this, the only honest thing to do is to cheat on your taxes:”

  • I guess I’ve started to do that by getting Obamacare health insurance, for as long as that lasts.

    Vincent Law basically advocates the Cloward-Piven strategy devised by a couple of leftist academics back in the 1960’s to force a crisis in the state and make Congress give everyone a guaranteed income, an idea which has come up again lately in response to speculations that robots will take all the jobs. Only we may have to use that to force our elites to deal with the disaster of their diversitarian social engineering.

    The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty

    Cloward–Piven strategy

  • We need to emphasize that identifiable groups in our society act as if they have the job – the job, their purpose for existing and occupying space in our nation – of making white people’s lives worse than necessary: Blacks, illegal immigrants, Jews, feminists, people with broken sexuality, Muslims, etc.

    It doesn’t take much imagination to see how much better lives we would have without these predators, parasites, culture destroyers and rent-seekers. I have yet to encounter an argument which makes any utilitarian sense for why we have to tolerate these groups in our society. The burden of proof lies on the progressive utopians who claim these lumpen-people add net value to our lives.

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