Whites Should Stop Paying Their Taxes

Submitted by Evolalinkola


In light of Trump’s tax reform – that has no funding to build the often promised border wall – it occurred to me: what if Whites should suddenly stop being “tax cattle?” Whites could simply choose to leach off the government until it dies. You hear it said by the Rand-bots that “taxation is theft,” but in the case of whites, that is absolutely true.

The current US government policies are explicitly anti-white. They send poor Whites to war in faraway countries for no real gain to the citizens. They enact diversity quotas, forcing diversity into our all-white suburbs. They enact special laws to prosecute whites more harshly. They hire non-citizens in our place. Consider these as you ask yourself: why should whites allow the US government to drain us for tax revenue? Why bother propping up the anti-White system through some misguided sense of being a good citizen.

Whites are approximately 60% of the US population, but even this estimate is up for debate. With a median income of $71,300, compared to $43,300 and $34,000 for Blacks and Hispanics respectively. In other words, whites are a major contributor to the tax system. If we decided to stop working, what would happen to the US?

Tax revenue would plummet. The national debt would grow out of control leading to a fiscal crisis that would cause the current system to collapse. Isn’t that really our goal? To end what currently exists and replace it with a healthy society?

Then why are we putting time into our jobs? Is there even any pride left in being a white-collar working man? Every year it seems that there are decreasing benefits for slaving away in a cubicle 40 hours a week.

Perhaps we should simply opt out. Quit that is. And then begin planning for the Brave New Brown world that faces us.

The Left is cheering our soon to be minority status. We could give them a taste of a future without high income earning whites. Use the tactics that we taught the Middle East in the 90’s: “the only way to beat the Western governments is to bankrupt them.”

As chief financiers of the US government, whites could cut them off. Removing our revenue and going on the public dole would speed up the collapse. Social security, healthcare, and various other public assistance programs take up a large portion of the nation’s debt. With whites dropping out of the workforce and collecting public assistance in large enough numbers we could force this to happen faster.

We could turn the tide entirely with a collective drop-out. Imagine all of the time we would have to design and plan our futures.  We could spend time with family. We could do more pro-white activism. We could even rebuild our cultures. I can think of a thousand things whites could do as this nation collapses under insurmountable debt that cannot be hidden through a “raised debt ceiling.” Coming together and dropping out might do us a world of good.

Would this be hard? Of course, it would.

But is the current way of doing things any better?

Vincent Law
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