Kim Dotcom Is The Lynch-Pin To The Entire Seth Rich Murder Investigation

Kim Dotcom is important. And while details to the story are still coming out, we can already deduce why he is the key to understanding everything that has happened surrounding the murder of Seth Rich so far. If you understand Kim’s role in this affair, you understand a huge piece in the Seth Rich murder puzzle. We’re going to skip a lot of background to this case and focus on Kim now.

He was legion.

Let’s also assume for now that Seth was indeed the leaker. This has been strongly hinted at by Assange and Wikileaks and now Kim outright claims it to be true.

Once Seth got his hands on the DNC data, what did he do next? How did he go about getting his information to Julian Assange?

This is where Kim comes in.

Kim Dotcom is the guy who ran MegaUpload. His operation was run into the ground by the FBI.

On 5 January 2012, indictments were filed in Virginia in the United States against Dotcom and other company executives with crimes including racketeering, conspiring to commit copyright infringement, and conspiring to commit money laundering. Two weeks later (20 January), Kim Dotcom, Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk were arrested in Coatesville Auckland, New Zealand, by New Zealand Police, in an armed raid on Dotcom’s house involving 76 officers and two helicopters. Assets worth $17 million were seized including eighteen luxury cars, giant screen TVs and works of art. Dotcom’s bank accounts were frozen denying him access to US$175m (NZ$218m) in cash, the contents of 64 bank accounts world-wide, including BNZ and Kiwibank accounts in New Zealand, Government bonds and money from numerous PayPal accounts.

Now, Kim wants immunity from prosecution if he comes to the US to testify about the Seth Rich murder. And that makes sense, considering that he is about to be extradicted and tried in the US anyway.

On February 20, 2017, a New Zealand court ruled that Kim, as well as co-accused Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato, could be extradited to the US on fraud charges related to Megaupload.

Kim has had a lot of bandwidth to fool around with over the years.

Remember, the files that get sent to Wikileaks aren’t stored on USB sticks, covered in bubble-wrap and the mailed to the Ecuadorian embassy. Wikileaks uses a go-between to help them get their hands on the information. Kim basically just admitted that he was the third party that relayed the leaks to Wikileaks.

And if the information went through servers first, then he almost certainly has a copy of it. And most interestingly, he can prove where it came from.

In 2013, Kim launched another cloud storage service called Mega.

Mega uses encryption to prevent government or third-party “spies” from invading users’ privacy.

Perfect service for a leaker, no?

Assange has hinted that Kim may be telling the truth:

“Other parties” means Kim. If Kim can prove that Seth was indeed the leaker, (remember Wikileaks hands are tied as they have a strict non-disclosure policy for their sources) then many facts on the ground change in the media war to impeach Trump.

Sean Hannity has weighed in as well, retweeting Kim:

And there are rumors that he may be fired from Fox for pushing the Seth Rich story.

Kim can change everything. Some possible implications:

  1. The Russian hackers angle has to be dropped. Seth is proven to be the leaker, and not the Russians. The momentum to impeach Trump gets derailed.
  2. Seth’s death becomes incredibly suspicious and begins to look like a DNC hitjob.

Here’s the situation as it stands now:

The official government line, spread by the likes of James Comey, James Clapper, Peter Schiff, Mike Rogers, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer and the entire Jewish media is that Russia was behind the DNC leaks, which they claim were a “hack” rather than a leak.

They have thus far provided no evidence to support this claim, yet they continue to present it as incontrovertible fact.

They have even admitted under oath that they never themselves examined the server, and are simply trusting the word of CrowdStrike, a private company hired by the DNC to examine the servers, that Russia did it. The DNC declined to give the servers over to the FBI for examination, and the FBI never subpoenaed them.

This is huge.

If the narrative falls apart, then Trump can wriggle out of the impeachment noose that the Establishment is trying to slip around his neck.

And we get to show the world just how deep the DNC rabbit hole really goes.

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