Black Mastermind Criminal Uses White Guilt To Steal iPhones From Unsuspecting Liberals

A black man recently realized that he could use White Guilt to get a free iPhone.

The story is funny enough to re-tell with minimal commentary on my part. But the gist of it is simple. A Black guy played the race card and got everyone to bend over backward to prove they weren’t racist.

LOS ANGELES, CA — Los Angeles police detectives are asking for help identifying a man, who used race-based guilt trips to gain access to and steal iPhones from a store in the Winnetka before doing the same thing again in Ventura County.

According to police, the man walked into a Boost Mobile store in the 19700 block of Vanowen Street, near Corbin Avenue shortly after noon Tuesday. He asked a clerk to show him new iPhones, and when the clerk refused to bring out the new phones and instead directed him to the tethered display phones, the suspect, who is black, accused the employee of being racist, police said.

“Fearing being labeled a racist, the salesperson presented the new iPhones to the suspect,” according to and LAPD statement. “Once the phones were in his reach, the suspect grabbed the phones and fled the business.”

It gets better:

Less than three hours later, the suspect did it again in Oxnard, making off with Apple and Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, according to the LAPD

This was no one-time fluke. The second robbery proved that it was a viable strategy.

There’s also a video from the surveillance camera. Enjoy:

Look at her. She is stunned. Years of combatting her internalized racism had worked so well for her up to that point.

At that moment, you can tell that a dirty thought may have crossed her mind.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have given him that phone…maybe around Blacks I shouldn’t relax…”

Not to worry though. I am sure that she quickly overcame that disquieting thought.

“If only I wasn’t a secret racist, I wouldn’t have gotten robbed.”

Yes, that is better. White oppression made the Black guy lash out in anger. He needed that iPhone to feed his family.

If he doesn’t get caught, he should tell his friends.

“Just call them a racist and they’ll let you do anything.”

On a serious note, we need to do something about White Guilt. Calling a white person a “racist” should be treated the same way as calling a black person a nagger. The effects of that word are debilitating on white people. It should be classified as hate speech or something similar because of the emotional damage that it can cause, not to mention the endangerment to private property and personal safety that results.

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  • Great story, let’s hope that he does tell all his bros. Is it possible that all those Black activists who claim that Blacks are not really less clever than other races but simply have a different style of learning, could they be onto something. Let’s hope that the Educational Establishment are taking notes.

  • Calling someone racist is manipulative hate speech. Better to be insulted than robbed. Better to be labeled a hater than a sucker.

    • This is nothing knew. The Negro just learned what Jews have been using for over a century to manipulate and exploit whites.

  • Did the people who fall for this scam lose their jobs? They should. You can’t be trusted to protect valuable merchandise if you are going to be that stupid. A normal honest person isn’t going to give you any trouble if you tell them you can’t take something out of a case before purchasing it. Only a criminal will.

    • Nah, they were hired (and if not directly hired than still working for this whole hipstery social media iPhone industry etc.) that insists on “anti-racism” and on both free trade and open borders. They’d rather lose a couple of iPhones than the free trade and open borders policy that is the material basis for “anti-racism.”

  • “On a serious note, we need to do something about White Guilt. Calling a white person a “racist” should be treated the same way as calling a black person a nagger. The effects of that word are debilitating on white people. It should be classified as hate speech or something similar because of the emotional damage that it can cause, not to mention the endangerment to private property and personal safety that results.”

    AMEN, Brother…….

  • What would make the story that much more beautiful is if all of them got fired for breaking the companies policy.

    • The employer would be dumb NOT to fire them. I can’t see how anyone can fall for a scam like this and keep their jobs.

  • Blacks have been exploiting white guilt to their own advantage for decades now. I’m aware of the race and IQ data, but in real time it would appear the basketball Americans have the advantage on us and we’re the dumb ones.

    • White women are so easily manipulated. If anything, we need to focus our entire red-pilling effort on one single group – white women.

      We need to actively target them for ideological supremacy, just as they are actively targeted by Jews and negroes.

      Time to turn the tables.

      • Lana Lokteff is doing a great job at doing this. There are definently more pro-white women around now than there was a year ago.

        • Understanding how easily they’re influenced, I think we can make some progress with concerted effort.

          Honestly, I wouldn’t even spend much time on anything else.

          • Matt Forney alone has done as much to keep women away as a Master’s Degree in Lesbian Physics. I’m dating a rather right-wing Polish girl in Brooklyn who was vaguely harassed by Forney last year on Twitter bc she got caught up in some thread between Vox Day followers talking about women. Of course, Vox Day’s followers have never met a woman, much less a hot, confident Polish one. So Forney and minion called her a “Thot,” sent like 5 DMs, and then one of Vox’s personal servants sent her a link to an “Alpha Game” article! They did this to a girl none of them could even talk to! It was hilarious from a certain perspective – the delusion of Twitter “shitlords” vs. IRL, but she did admit to me it turned her off from the scene. We just laugh about it now.

          • Hey man I wanted to try and reach out again about meeting up.
            I messaged you last night about meeting in the GTA and grabbing a drink and swapping ideas.
            You didn’t reply but I wasn’t sure if that was a lack of interest or if you missed my message.
            I’ve met up with a handful of dudes from the manosphere and some I’ve stayed in touch with over the years, even if just loosely.
            I don’t see the point in all this AltRight stuff if it’s always going to take place from keyboard.
            If you aren’t interested let me know and I wont ask again, but I wanted to follow up on it kuz you seem like a smart guy and I like your writing.

          • Hey. Yeah I’m interested. I didn’t see the message. You can send an email here marcusquinctiuscaudinus at and I’ll get back to you.

  • Blacks are definitely accelerating the move towards e-commerce. Why ever even visit a retail store where an encounter with a black might take place? Why ever open a retail store, where blacks may encroach upon your property at will?

    The concept of the retail store as great when America was 90% white, but certainly doesn’t make nearly as much sense in a society that’s 40%, or greater, hostile minority.

    e-commerce is about more than convenience — it’s also about safety.

  • I was working Department Store Retail about five or six years ago when we were told by our district manager to be on the lookout for a black guy who was pulling the exact same scam. The most expensive piece of jewelry in our stores at the time was a $6K diamond ring. He was evidently targeting white female employees, and when they hesitated to take the ring our of the case, he’d say something along the lines of “you don’t think I can afford it because I’m black.” Same thing. He’d take off running the second he got his hands on the thing. He pulled the scam a three of our stores ($18K loss) before the district-wide notification went out.

    Reflecting back on this story it makes me think: retail loss-prevention folks must be red pilled AF.

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