A Suidlander Talks War And White Genocide In South Africa

Simon Roche is currently touring the United States to raise awareness of the impeding civil war and possible genocide facing white South Africans. He is a member of a group called the Suidlanders. They are a civil defense organization constituted under articles one and two of the Geneva Convention and have a mandate to protect members of the group from violence, not if, but when, South Africa falls into anarchy.

To many on the right we often consider white genocide to be a function of the Great Replacement. We see it as the gradual elimination of the native European population through forced multiculturalism and diversity as brought about by the governments of Western Europe and the policies of the European Union. But for whites, both Boer and English, living in South Africa the prospect of genocide is something they live with every day. To talk with many on social media is to learn that they live in fear of their lives daily, and believe that genocide could erupt in months or within the coming years at the latest.

The Suidlanders therefore have become a possible refuge for members of “an identifiable group” who as Roche put it, “wish to withdraw from a conflict” effectively acting as non-parties to the violence. Thus they are not a paramilitary group, though they are legally allowed to use small arms in defending themselves. They are survivalists. They intend to survive what will come, not to take sides. They are non-political, and do not advocate for or endorse any candidates or positions.

That having been said they do hold certain beliefs which are integral to their organization. Chief among them is their Christian identity.

“We are firmly a conservative Christian organization. We are right wing in orientation very Christian and very Calvinist. However, we have many members who are not those things. We assist them as fellow people of the Boer nation. We don’t interrogate them about their beliefs.” Though the Suidlanders are tolerant of those with differing religious backgrounds they are clear about their values that they, “shall be absolutely run according to conservative Christian principles. No homosexual behavior, adulterous behavior, no worshiping Buddha, if they don’t like it they can leave. We are loyal to our God. The god of our ancestors the God that has brought us this far.”

We talked about the political situation in South Africa as well. Though they do not intervene, they do pay close attention to economic statistics, as that may be a key factor in helping predict any civil war. According to Roche the nation is in a completely untenable situation financially. Their credit rating is a junk status in the eyes of the world, and three of the major credit rating agencies. Additionally, unemployment is at levels unheard of in the United States or Europe. There are about, “3.2 million taxpayers and 16.3 million on social grants out of a population of 56 million. Unemployment of 40% and for people under 30 [it is about] 70% unemployment.” Moreover, he explained what the daily life is like for anyone simply driving through a township. There are “countless number of people of that age doing nothing.” The financial (and civil) aspects of South African life do not always reflect well on Jacob Zuma the President of South Africa who is viewed as an “extremely dishonest and brutal man… he is hated by the people who don’t love him.”

With economic prospects such as this, it would seem there would be a far greater number of whites worried about their lives. However, when I asked Simon why more whites are not worried, he explained that it’s a low-intensity conflict. People do not think about the scale of murders and rapes. It does seem to them though that the greatest worry is, “the fact that it appears to be orchestrated by the government. This is a deliberate low-intensity conflict to erode the white population and to intimidate them off the land and to cow them into submission.”

But the daily lives of the white South Africans does involve some awareness of the impending genocide. The Suidlanders have about 72 thousand active members, about 12-18 thousand daily active members, devoted to the organization and “about ½ that number again, [are] core participants in any emergency plan” many of the people they train will not stay active with the organization. Instead, they must return to their daily lives. Their models suggest that around 800 thousand people will be actively involved in the organization when war comes.

And what is life like for the average white South African?

“The average white south African is not affected by … 74k murders of whites by blacks in 23 years.” Roche explained it in terms perhaps closer to the minds of an American audience. South Africa today is, “more dangerous than being infantry in the Vietnam War. A three year old girl in south Africa has similar chance of dying as a US infantryman in Vietnam.”

Perhaps you’ve googled “Farm murders” and gone to an image search. The result is revolting. He explained that “farmers stand almost double risk of being murdered as US infantrymen stand of being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over the entire period. And Simon himself has been shot at, and attacked with rocks. His father was nearly assassinated. This illustrates the condition of white people in South Africa. “Everybody knows someone who has been affected. But if you haven’t been affected…. And you have a wall around your house as all suburban houses have in South Africa. Carry on as usual.”

With murders and rapes occurring on such a grand scale, and the destruction of an economy not seen by many, one would think the media – especially the South African media – would be willing to cover the story. Not so according to Roche. “The mainstream media is not giving fair coverage. That’s not an opinion it’s a statement of fact.” The “statistics of murder and rape to know if similar events were occurring …anywhere else…be covered day and night.” However, “alternative media has been very kind and generous to us. Conservative Americans have given us a tremendous support, not necessarily financial. But by spreading the word.”

Why would the media not want to cover the impending genocide with the fervor they covered the Rwandan genocide? “The South African media is obedient to the instructions given by the government. About 3 years ago, the media began to toe the line and not report on negative things…only report good news.” This was, “on pain of having a new media law so the media’s reaction was ‘we will tone it down a bit.’ They don’t report on ugly things, black on white violence, they avoid reporting on matters that are too politically sensitive. By and large, they toe the line of the new South African narrative.”

This is understandable the media in the west was largely responsible for pushing the “rainbow nation” narrative upon South Africa. This is not a justification of Apartheid but rather a simple fact. If the left wing media were to report on the hell project that is South Africa post-Apartheid, post-Mandela, they would be horribly embarrassed at what has happened. Indeed it may even have implications for their reporting on the immigration crisis in Europe and America. After all, if multiculturalism doesn’t work in South Africa, and if genocide is the result, it will be terribly difficult to continue feeding Europeans the line that they should embrace more diversity, and that terrorism is simply part of living in a big city, according to London mayor Saddiq Khan.

And what of that still sensitive subject? How do young South Africans who never lived under Apartheid understand and react to their nation’s history? “Young white people in South Africa today were lulled into a false sense of security for a long time because of the sheer number of murders and rapes were such that it was always someone else and not them. Over time they experienced difficulty. Many began to leave in droves to shores that have better prospects. The population was 5.5 million 15-20 years ago. Now 4.7 million.”

In addition to the “brain drain” Roche explained that, “In recent years the conscious of the injustice of the system raised through a number of incidents at universities where whites have been attacked by black students. Young white people 16-25 see themselves as people hated by their black peers. Conscious of these incidents, riots, and attacks, they are beginning to feel like pariahs in their own society. From a completely different angle. Giving an understanding similar to how modern new South African system works.”

And like many young people, Roche is abroad in the United States. However, his goal isn’t to build a home. It is to raise awareness of what is happening in his homeland. When I asked him how effective his tour had been he said, “We were meant to come to the US for three weeks, a few days before we were due to leave we were contacted and told to stay in the US,” because of the amount of attention they had received. However, the US media did not cover much. Indeed Roche explained that he feels as if there is a concerted effort, the word he used was “conspiracy,” on the part of the mainstream media to hide what was going on in South Africa.

Often times Americans (including myself, for full disclosure) will decide they want to help by starting a petition to bring white South Africans to the United States. However, Roche explained that isn’t what many want. “The last place some want to live is South Africa, however we happen to be those people who believe it is right to stand and fight and die for what is good and true for the country we love so much, the magnificent lands our forefathers built so well. We don’t have the inclination, time or energy to become involved in refugee stuff… we don’t have the time we are preparing a civil defense plan in anticipation of a race based war. We believe people should stand and remain in South Africa… we understand for some it’s not reasonable. People who have been raped, and had family murdered, watching their daughter’s throat being slit.” He does acknowledge though, that some whites do want to leave the country. That, however, isn’t a part of the Suidlander’s plan.

What can American’s do to help? They need donations. They need money. Supplies are not a top priority right now. Donations will help far more than material supplies. “Every cent counts and everything is a) governed by legal trust, and b) every cent is double audited. The most convenient way is by paypal. You can find more information on their homepage on”

Roche also told me that in a few weeks the site will be active and people will be able to help through there. He is currently in Texas, touring the United States. From there he will go on to Michigan and Ohio. Then later this summer he will be going from Maine down to Florida raising awareness of the impending genocide and of the Suidlander’s plan to avert catastrophe.

Roche has asked that his email be included in this piece and that anyone wishing to book a speaking engagement contact him there. Please do not use that address for anything other than a booking.

As Roche continues his tour across the United States and Europe we’ve promised to keep in contact. Any major development regarding the situation of war or genocide in South Africa will be covered.

Everitt Foster
the authorEveritt Foster
Everitt Foster is a former geologist and historian. He holds an MA in military history. He is also a novelist and short story writer. He is the co-founder and co-editor of Follow him on Gab at


  • I’ve had trouble finding any schedule for their bookings. I’d love to attend the Michigan tour and donate but that’s hard when we don’t know when and where :/
    Red Ice also has a solid interview with Roche.

  • The Boer, to me at least, DO seem like a people straight from the Bible. Have you ever read the story of the Battle of Blood River? Ever heard of the prophecies of Siener van Rensburg? The death of Koos De La Rey? The music of Bok van Blerk (at least some of it) really grabbed me, many years ago, and having also met a very cute little girl from S. Africa back in university, has always put the place in my mind. As I have learned more of the situation, it strikes me as being one of the most tragic happenings in the last one hundred years. South Africa is a tragedy and a warning, to Europe and America, as we continue becoming a minority and turning over political power to rival groups. The Afrikaners are an extraordinary people. Here is hoping they pass through this crucible and survive.

  • the local rotary are raising funds to send an older retired woman down to johannesburg to work in a black orphanage for three months .. she will stay at a b&b and take a taxi to work .. I don’t know where people their information about the reality of life in S. africa .. but even in the 90s it was really bad and violent for whites … made the mistake of trying to make a comment about the reality of s. africa on the newspaper online article about this travelling rotary do-gooder .. ‘community’ fucking hate when you hit those sour notes.

  • The last place some want to live is South Africa, however we happen to
    be those people who believe it is right to stand and fight and die for
    what is good and true for the country we love so much, the magnificent
    lands our forefathers built so well. We don’t have the inclination, time
    or energy to become involved in refugee stuff… we don’t have the time
    we are preparing a civil defense plan in anticipation of a race based
    war. We believe people should stand and remain in South Africa… we
    understand for some it’s not reasonable. People who have been raped, and
    had family murdered, watching their daughter’s throat being slit.

    This is utter garbage. Why would you want to stay there? You have no future! Your descendants will be hated. There is no reason to be proud of your nation.

    I think this is a huge scam. The 74k murders also sounds far-fetched.

  • “We are loyal to our God. The god of our ancestors the God that has brought us this far.”

    lol how’s that working out for you?

  • Don’t expect the MSM to even bother mentioning white genocide in SA. Hopefully they can all get out of South Africa and return to Europe or even come to the USA. That entire continent needs to be cleared of white people anyways. We don’t belong there… but I know who does, and someday we will take care of that, soon, I hope.

  • In an ideal world we would be helping out our own first. Either as refugees or helping them with arms and funding to fight. Instead we’re helping the lower races replace us and doing nothing for our own in SA. When a people refuses to protect its own, they have no future.

    • True but I’d rather help them by helping them regain power in South Africa. We should not give up this beautiful country that we built.

      • If they choose to stand and fight for their communities that is a very honourable position to take. I totally understand them not wanting to pack up and leave. Thats the only home they know. Still a warzone in no place for women and children.

      • South Africa is an African county ,not a whites only despot in Africa!! those days of blacks being subservient to you are over!!! If you don’t like it leave!!! you are a minority!!! remember that!!! if a war breaks out do you think that we whites can win!!! if I were you Roche and co leave south Africa and go back to mother England — your name is anglo saxon!!! Simon Roche!!!

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