Monstrous Attack On “Crusader” Children In Manchester

The Alt-Right is a movement obsessed with answering the question: “Who are we?”

Many of us struggled with that question in our youth, and we found the answers that modern society provided us to be woefully inadequate. So we rejected them and began to look for a better answer.

In my personal search for a better answer, I realized that I had implacable enemies. Enemies that want to destroy me and everything to do with me. And I realized that they had a much better understanding of me than I did of myself. They knew their enemy well, even if their enemy had forgotten themselves. So I began to listen to them, and in the process realized who I was.

To Blacks, I was “the White man”. To Asians, I was “the White man” as well. Strange, I always considered myself a Slav and different from the Anglo-Saxons that surrounded me. But they didn’t seem to care. They think we are Whites- that’s it.  They don’t care if you self-identify as an Irishman, Englishman, German or Russian, To them you are the White man all the same. And to the Muslims, I was a “Crusader” even though I never considered myself a Christian. But no amount of protestation on my part or on the part of society on my behalf seems able to convince them.

They don’t care if you don’t consider yourself a Christian either. If you’re a self-identified Atheist or Agnostic or just “spiritual” its all the same to them. We are Crusaders in their eyes- the descendants of their ancient rivals. And now we know that even children who undoubtedly have been raised to be tolerant and raised to be completely ignorant of their history, children who do not have any idea who they are or that they even have ancient enemies are still considered fair targets by Muslims.

The Muslims who blew up that concert knew who they were targeting. They did it deliberately.

The terrorist group released statements in several languages through its central media body praising the atrocity, claiming more than 100 “crusaders” were killed or wounded at the “shameless” concert.

The Muslims claimed that the concert was indecent and that was why it was targetted. This is complete bullshit. The target was picked to have maximum terror effect. No concern for decency was at the forefront of their efforts. If decency was a concern, it is a strange definition of decency that allows one to target children. Which is why Whites who convert to Islam for its “anti-degeneracy” stance are completely insane. Isis had some more to say:

“With Allah’s grace and support, a soldier of the Khilafah [caliphate] managed to place explosive devices in the midst of the gatherings of the crusaders in the British city of Manchester,” said the English version.

This seems to indicate that we’re not dealing with a suicide bomber here. ISIS’s tactics are changing. I’ve written about this before. They are relying less and less on suicide bombers. This is important.

There is also reason to believe that this terror attack is in response to the British government’s crackdown on extremist cells. Looks like they didn’t crack down hard enough. And now dozens of children and teens are dead.

Thoughts and prayers are all well and good, but it’s time to hold the British government accountable.

Where is the resistance? Why isn’t anyone trying to stop it? Why arrest nationalists and not Islamic fundamentalists?

The answer is simple. Our governments are filled with traitors. They hate us. They want us dead. They won’t let us talk about it. They won’t leave us in peace and they won’t keep us safe.

And this means war.

If there aren’t mass protests in the streets after this attack, then the UK is lost. Seriously. This is the rallying point. There will never be a better or more timely moment. It has to be now or never. We are all watching very closely now.

And I realize that I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already, dear reader. But it has to be said. Enough is enough. We all thought that the moment would come when the conditions would become so unbearable that society would swing round to our views. Now, it seems that this shift simply will not happen. A significant portion of the populace is terminally ill in the West. Terminally ill enough to let their kids go to an Ariana Grande concert.

They are so completely fucked in the head, that nothing will red-pill them. Our plans for the future will have to take that into account. The Muslims massacred children for God’s sake. And they gloat about it. And you and I both know that many of our peers will still shame us for openly declaring our support for closed borders.

In the wake of these terror attacks, it can be easy to forget that the real obstacle that we face to achieving our goals are fellow Whites and not-so-fellow (((Whites))).

The Muslims are a problem that can be solved if there is a will to solve it. Those who hold us back are the real problem.

And every terror attack brings us one step closer to that civil war between the Good White and the Bad Whites that we all know is coming sooner or later.


Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • The level of anger this bombing has generated in the UK is unprecedented. I mean the scales have fallen from many, many eyes. A non-political friend of mine posted a photo of Enoch Powell and called for the demolition of all mosques on his Facebook page. It’s akin to the IRA bombing of Warrington. Many feel there’s going to be UDA-style retribution for this. It appears we’re heading a future of sectarian and communal conflict here in the UK. Thanks to those in charge.

  • Here is a new video on the Manchester event from a reliable channel. Apparently, Manchester firefighters were ordered to stand down immediately after the attack. That would be consistent with a hoax. The hoax organizers would not want real emergency response personnel on the scene, aside from those who were in on the hoax. This sort of thing has occurred before. Sandy Hook is an example. Ambulances were prevented from reaching the school.

  • I wonder, Mr. Law, what you think about the comments on this and other articles you’ve written. Not only do a lot of your readers (the commenters here) not believe that these people died – they don’t believe they even ever lived.

    I guess they must figure that YOU are part of the conspiracy.

    • Some people have become paranoid. Basically they’ve been lied to so much
      that their world view has led them to deny pretty much everything.
      Posts like this are common on many public forums, I’m surprised you
      haven’t seen them before.You won’t convince them they’re wrong and it’s not up to the author to prove the veracity of his article, even if he could.

  • Some eagle-eyed American viewer was watching MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday 23rd May. Mika was interviewing a BBC World presenter called Katty Kay about the bombing in Manchester the day before. The viewer made the clip available on the internet and it was picked up by Alex Jones who has a report on his Infowars web site. Kay’s remarks were utterly appalling and she deserves to be sacked.

    She said “Europe is getting used to attacks like this Mika, we have to, because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out.” … “It was particularly awful because it was girls” … “None of us are used to having children targeted in this way.” The Infowars link is here …

    So, her message was that Europeans must accept death because the Islamist murderers cannot be beaten. She seems to think killing girls is worse than killing other demographic groups. Why? She doesn’t say. She strongly implies that Europeans have come to accept that adults must inevitably be killed by Islamists because they show heightened shock when children are slaughtered instead.

    Kay is trying to sell defeatism and resignation to the viewers and is urging Europeans to accept their fate. The alternative would, of course, be to aggressively police the Muslim community, to end Muslim immigration, and to tighten laws so that suspects are interrogated or held or deported whenever they pose any risk at all. This won’t be done because it might hurt Muslim feelings and it could interrupt the globalists’ plan to replace us.

  • At Auburn, Richard Spencer said: “We don’t have a black problem, we don’t have a Jewish problem, or an Hispanic problem. We whites fundamentally have a white problem.”

    I agree and would add we don’t have a Muslim problem. We have a white problem. Muslims did not invade by force of arms. Their invasion boats can barely float. They have no navy, air force, industry to speak of. It’s not a matter of force; it’s a matter of will. The gene pool that fought off Huns, Avars, Mongols, Turks, Moors has been demoralized by decades of anti-white propaganda and they must be deprogrammed with counter-propaganda. We have to look at the people who let those Muslims in. The people who scream “NAZI RACIST SUPREMACIST!” at pro-whites. The people who imprison those who object to the invasion. Those people are overwhelmingly white traitors. If a blogger’s door gets kicked down in Germany, those thought police breaking in are going to be all or mostly white under orders from white people.

    Certainly, we can point out that Muslims attacked Europe for centuries before Europe fought back. We can point out that Muslims kidnapped and enslaved millions of white people and “stole” (conquered) a quarter of Europe. They still have Constantinople, stolen from whites. But we do that mostly to discredit the anti-whites and point out their blatant double standards. They don’t care about slavery or conquest, they’re just anti-white.

    Muslim crime, even something as heinous as Manchester, really isn’t the issue. Anti-whites just say “not all Muslims are terrorists.” And they’re right. The real crime is that whites globally are being denied homelands and self-determination. The real crime is white genocide through mass non-white immigration combined with forced assimilation in ALL white lands. And the perpetrators of that crime are mostly white.

    It’s not a clash of civilizations. It’s a civil war: white pro-whites vs. white anti-whites.

    • With people like you I wonder if there’s anything Spencer could say that you don’t agree with?

  • Anti-whites have NO PROBLEM identifying who is white when they talk about white privilege or white supremacy or who “stole” America or colonialism or slavery. One minute they say whites are evil for doing this or that thing that every race has done, the next minute they say race doesn’t exist or it doesn’t matter.

  • If only these were the children of “crusaders”. But the children of crusaders wouldn’t celebrate some degenerate American mulatto lolita in the middle of the week.

    The feminist mothers of these children and the teenage girls in the audience are most probably the very same females who already had had blood on their hands for throwing cuddle toys at the “refugees”, for attacking white men and screaming “Refugees welcome!” before they had their own blood on their hands. (And before they now hysterically scream yet again that we can’t allow the alt-right to “exploit” this tragedy for their evil agenda against Muslim immigration…) So it’s really ironic to see white females getting attacked by their precious Muslims.

    Islam is like the common cold you could get easily rid off (borders + immigration laws) but modernism is like AIDS that weakens your immune system up to a point where even a common cold can kill you.

  • Though I agree with the article’s content and points, I also like accuracy when it comes to quantitative assertions, such as this one: “And now dozens of children and teens are dead.”

    “Dozens” did not die, twenty-two did. As it stands, we must not allow the same factual errors the MSM commits everyday to affect the ARM – Alt-Right Media.

  • We are in a war with the muslim invaders.NO more muslim immigration and deport as many as we can.

  • We need to emphasize that identifiable groups in our society act as if they have the job of making our lives worse than necessary: Blacks, Jews, feminists, people with broken sexuality, and especially Muslims.

    It doesn’t take much imagination to see how much better lives we would have without these predators, parasites, culture destroyers and rent-seekers. I have yet to encounter an argument which makes any utilitarian sense for why we have to tolerate these groups in our society. The burden of proof lies on the progressive utopians who claim these lumpen-people enrich our lives, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

  • Identifying as an “Irishman”? You are an Irishman if and only if you have been raised in Ireland, or within an environment similar enough to Ireland (parents would NOT be enough) and descend from Irish parents.

    • Ill always up vote Robert, I think that is his real name, he has been doxxed to fcuck now poor lad, since then I noticed he has manned up a lot, did him good to be doxxed although I don’t support it. His content has improved considerably, very thoughtful and introspective and makes excellent points. Like an ethno-nationalist version of Styx.

  • I’m sure the plucky people of England will respond to this outrage in the bold and decisive way that so characterizes the spirit of the English today.

    By placing teddy-bears at the site of the crime.

    • I searched the papers for at least one retaliation, not a sausage, thousands of police and army running around like headless chickens, and no-one even being arrested, some waffle about improving security procedures, are they really that dumb, the mind boggles.

      • I’d almost say that the British are the most pozzed of any country in the West.

        Until something happens in France (like the electrion of Damien Macron). Or until Trump bows and scrapes at the Wailing Wall. Or, well, until pretty much anything happens anywhere in the West.

        The fact is, there is no worst country in the West. The whole western World is pozzed.

  • yes, terrible. but the US war animal has been targeting children all its existence…especially WW2. killing something–anything–makes the US a happy bunch or devils. putin, please preempt!

    • You always know you’re dealing with a cucked anti-white when there’s so much evidence of pure anti-white hatred and murder, and their only response is to generalize and lie out of context with something like “people are sick.”

  • Right now we need Winston Churchill to declare war on Russia for invading Crimea, because we defend the freedom of its people, then after 30 million Christians are dead, hand the Crimea over to the middle east, that would be a great plan.

  • White People will NEVER be Eliminated….




    Feel it and Replay, Haters…..


  • Nothing will happen until the media gives the public moral permission to hate Muslims, the same permission they grant to “racists” and The Alt-Right. The public is so heavily gaslighted that they will not be outraged unless first prompted by the media; our people have been rendered wholly unconscious to reality.

    • Strange that there is a free for all to hate alleged racists who just want to be left the fcuk alone for wrong think, but not a free for all to hate actual bonafide murdering self confessed racists. Strange times we are living in.

    • This used to anger me until I understood:
      we humans are beings of groups: a group only functions properly by ONE direction! And that one direction is given by the group leader ! So deeply wired in us is to ONLY act upon the word of the leader.

      Jews know that exactly. They studied the psychology of how to manipulate, to direct, people, masses.

      I don´t know what to do upon that. But I´m no longer angry at the people to be passive and inactive. They are actually doing it right: the group only functions if it acts coordinatedly. Instinctively, everybody knows that there´s only success if we act coordinatedly. It´s no use doing just something individually. People act correctly with their waiting stance. We just have to deal with that reality.

  • I hope that raging bitch PM May is offended and responds appropriately. That is one middle aged woman I would not want to cross, and now that she has been crossed – we will see what she’s made of. Whites need her to evoke the powerful image and words of Queen Elizabeth I, “I may be a woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a fighting king.” … Come on Prime Minister… Do your worst.

    • Don’t get your hopes up, this is what is going to happen, she is going to say how Islam is the religion of peace, then she is going to increase the power the surveillance state which in the end will just end up shutting down right leaning opinions.

        • I admit, I’m not very good at comedy haha, I shouldn’t have even tried. But yeah, it was really just meant to be sarcastic. We all know she’s not going to do anything of the sort. She can definitely talk a tough game, but she’s just another random cuck, or I guess the female form is cuckess?

    • altright doesn’t recognize false flag staged events. It’s company policy. Apparently, few of the commentators do either. Good brainwashing

      • There may very well be government intelligence assets among the leading figures of the alt-right. We should all realize that this sort of thing will happen.

        The bad guys have an advantage over us. It is difficult to be a genuine pro-white leader because of the threat of job loss, etc. This makes it easy for the bad guys to flood our movement with non-genuine leaders.

      • Apparently, the goal of “ISIS” is to force Europeans to ethnically cleanse Muslims from Europe.

        Muslims gained nothing from any terrorist attack from 9/11 on. Every terrorist attack hurt the Muslim diaspora. There were no strategic goals realized – even Bin Laden’s stated goal of getting US troops out of Saudi Arabia was never really achieved.

        The West is the world’s preeminent military power, the Muslim world is barely above third world level and is third world level in many places. All the “ISIS” and “Al Qaeda” terrorism has done is to give a pretext for Western intervention into the Muslim world, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Libya to Syria.

        Without Muslim terrorism, Europe would have slowly been taken over by Muslims simply via immigration and birth rates. Without Muslim terrorism, America would have continued to be an ally of various oil-producing Arab nations – there was a time when Muslims were seen as conservative allies to conservative Christians when it came to social issues.

        Apparently the goal of “ISIS” and “Al Qaeda” is to unite America and Europe against Muslims everywhere and to goad them into “bombing them, killing their leaders, and converting them to Christianity” as Ann Coulter said.

        • You might as well finish it. Al Kaida and ISIS are Global World Order ops, not Muslim ops. The agenda is globalism. Friction between slave races, and whites are a slave race as well, is how they are accomplishing that

        • Excellent point! Call me an idiot but I always surmised that the vast majority of moh-terrorism is inside jobs. These attacks help us like hell ! I always wonder if in the secret services are actually sitting our guys (no irony here, don´t get me wrong). The moh-danger consists in the birth terrorism, and the daily killing, raping, maiming, terrorising of Whites. Not terror attacks. But the former, we are not allowed to address, only the latter.
          Of-course, there may well be a way different reason for why the secret services, i.e. the deep state, do it, not to help us… maybe simply to stir up ethnic war… of-course in order to distract from their crimes so that we can´t go after the deep state.

          • The idea that “ISIS” planned these attacks is an insult to anyone’s intelligence. A few years ago the British press did an article about a B-list British actor who was going to Syria to “help fight ISIS.” The article pointed out he had no experience except that he had played a soldier in some movies. If that didn’t give the game away I don’t know what will.

            A frustrated Muslim angry at “white sluts” who won’t have sex with him? Perfectly plausible.

            As usual, the security services knew who this guy was. The security services always know who these people are, and in the case of foreigners facilitate their entry into the country. The Belgium airport bombers were know to Turkey to be terrorists, the Turks told the Belgians, the Belgians said let them in anyway.

            All the 9/11 hijackers were given visas and trained at a CIA airport in Florida. The Boston bombers were from a CIA family. Sibel Emonds, the FBI whistle blower who testified to the 9/11 commission – her testimony is still classified – says it’s “Gladio B.” The original Gladio was a NATO operation that recruited among the “ultra-nationalist far-right,” but who were in fact organized crime mafioso figures, to dress as Communist Red Guards. The Italian government spilled the beans back in the 1980s.

            The Western “elites” do not live next to Muslims or any other “diversity.” They live in gated communities with security guards in nice white neighborhoods. So we know they do not believe their own BS about “multiculturalism.” They facilitate these attacks then blame Europeans and Americans for causing the attacks due to “racisms” and “Islamophobias.” It’s all calculated, obviously.

            But who will tell the public the truth about these things? Only random people on the internet, occasionally. But the public doesn’t want the truth, so I guess just say “ISIS” and use that as a reason to expel the diversities.

            “The demagogue is one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” — H. L. Mencken

        • Except sympathy for and generally pro-Muslim sentiments go up after terrorist attacks. The idea that Muslims will be ethnically cleansed is predicated on the current leadership in Europe being ousted in a coup or revolution by a tiny cohort of malcontents. The people themselves have Stockholm Syndrome and love Muslims more for the terrorism.

      • “altright doesn’t recognize false flag staged events.”

        Maybe that’s because they’re smart people who don’t want to come off as retards.

          • Why would they considering the Current War is against “ISIS in Syria?”

            Do you actually believe that “ISIS” planned this attack and gave the raghead orders? I don’t even think the “official story” claims that the ISIS press release is true. Apparently you are believing an ISIS conspiracy theory against the official story.

            Face it people just believe whichever conspiracy theory fits the narrative they prefer.

          • “Why would they considering the Current War is against “ISIS in Syria?””

            There isn’t really a “war against ISIS”. There is a war against Assad masquerading as a war against ISIS. Because ISIS is not an enemy of Israel. Iran is.

            “Do you actually believe that “ISIS” planned this attack and gave the raghead orders?”

            Plan? What planning is involved? A couple of guys could do it, given the materials. There are “Britons” who fought with ISIS and returned to Britain, who could pull it off.

            Just because some things are conspiracies doesn’t mean everything. Just because our own elites are our enemy, doesn’t mean that other people don’t also consider us to be their enemy.

          • There isn’t really a “war against ISIS”. There is a war against Assad
            masquerading as a war against ISIS. Because ISIS is not an enemy of

            I agree, that’s the point. The people putting out these press releases and the glossy lifestyle magazines called “ISIS” likely have nothing to do with the actual Saudi mercenaries on the ground fighting in Syria. There is no “ISIS” in the way it’s being portrayed in the Western media – it’s a false conspiracy theory, a boogeyman.

            A couple of guys could do it, given the materials.

            A couple of guys = a conspiracy. Your theory is a conspiracy theory. Words have meanings.

            Just because some things are conspiracies doesn’t mean everything.

            Two ragheads conspiring to murder white girls = a conspiracy. The media colluding to purposefully spread misinformation, that they were part of an “ISIS cell” = “conspiracy.” Words have meanings.

            Your conspiracy theories are different merely in detail and scope, not in kind.

          • I didn’t say it wasn’t a conspiracy. It clearly is. I’m saying there is no evidence that it is a false-flag staged by western intelligence agencies, as people like Ed Edgerton reflexively claim every time muslims commit such atrocities. Again – these attacks support only two agendas: that of jihadsts who want to prove to thier followers that they are striking thier enemy (in the only way they can), and…………ours, by making plain that muslims simply don’t belong in western lands.

            These attacks definitely do not support the agenda of western elites who want to flood the west with foreign invaders.

            You mentioned the desire to stoke up a war against Iran. Clearly, that is an agenda of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and their various hirelings and boosters in the United States. They want us to fight their Great Satan for them.

            So why an attack in the UK, which would never do anything by itself? Why not an attack here? Why the attack in Sweden? Are the Swedes going to lead a crusade against Iran?

            The false-flag narrative, as presented by its most zealous promoters, like Mr. Edgerton, is a non-falsifiable construct, Moreover, it only serves the interests of the elites, by discrediting any real criticism of their agenda, and by fostering a sense of their invincibility. Moreover, just because some things serve the agenda of governments or NGOs doesn’t mean that governments necessarily engineer them. An attack doesn’t have to be planned and carried out by a government for a government to exploit it to do what they always want to do anyway – grab more power.

            Tell me, do you believe that everything that Ed Edgerton has said is a false-flag is indeed a false-flag? Sandy-Hook? The killing of that TV Reporter and her cameraman two years ago by a disgruntled, black, homosexual, cashiered TV reporter? The Moon landings? Everything?

            By the way, all that that doesn’t mean I think there are no conspiracies by US governments or that agents provacateurs are a real thing.

          • Well who is correct about the agenda of the “elites” – you or A Hymn to Hermes? You both accept this latest attack at face value and “prove” it by appealing to the ostensible agenda of anti-white elites.

            You say the elites wouldn’t pull off a false flag because the attack hurts their interests, reducing sympathy for Muslims – yet A Hymn To Hermes says that the elites wouldn’t pull off a false flag because the attack helps their agenda, increasing sympathy for Muslims.

            You can’t both be right. Between the two of you there’s a nice non-falsifiable construct “proving” everything is as it seems.

            I object to the notion that we have to believe everything we see on the TV and that any suggestion that the TV news is actually “fake news” is tantamount to believing in the Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories. It’s a giant red herring. I find it rather easy to dismiss both your theories and Edgerton’s theories, they are all of a piece to me.

          • I find it rather easy to dismiss both your theories and Edgerton’s theories, they are all of a piece to me.

            I would rather debate these issues with you than SLCain, since you do not resort to ad hominem attacks as much. That said, I don’t like how you are trying to lump me and SLCain together. That seems like cheap triangulation.

          • News is often fake. But bodies are usually real. A lot of the false-flag types claim that there are no actual victims at all.

            I didn’t claim that these attacks help our narrative (as they don’t). I said they support our narrative. They clearly do not support the narrative of the elites. What would support their narrative would be one, two………, many Timothy McVeighs. If they were manufacturing attacks, they’d manufacture attacks like that – with perpetrators like that. The fact is that the government – the elites – have power. Therefore they can insure that everything serves their narrative, ultimately. They just steam-roller their way through any event. Are muslims not blowing people up today? See, they’re just nice people who want to take part in our society. They are blowing people up today? That’s just a minority – most of them are nice people who want to take part in our society. We have to increase surveillance and repression of everybody to keep us all “safe”.

          • The two are not mutually exclusive, of course. Remember the false flag jewish bomb threats from the Israeli teenager? The goal was probably to get some not-all-there right wing White guy to think “Hey, that sounds like a good idea” and do a copycat. That they got some black left-wing journalist trying to piggyback on their false flag with his own one against his ex-girlfriend instead was kind of comical.

            Even if many of these terrorist attacks are false flags– they serve as models, and inspire copycats. And “ISIS” is the brand that’s promoted by the legacy media, so that’s what they’re going to claim as inspiration. And if they don’t, ISIS will claim them.

          • As I said, some NA/ME Muslim who hates white people and it triggered by sexy white girls who won’t give him the time of day decides to go out in a blaze of jihadi glory? Sure, “I don’t like Mondays.” It’s like Columbine but with a more cohesive narrative because Islam provides it. It’s like an abortion clinic bomber.

            But the idea that he was in contact with “ISIS” recruiters in London who gave him orders? That isn’t even the “official story.” The serious people acknowledge that ISIS merely “claims” responsibility for these things without actually having any significant role.

            As they used to say in the 2000s, in the West they are more “aspirational” than “operational.” “ISIS” is not Cobra Commander with “suicide cells” in every major city – that is a conspiracy theory peddled to the gullible by neo-cons.

            They desperately want to make this about ideology when it’s really a function of race – same as the Muslim rape gangs. Sure Muslims may be worse than the Japanese, but all males will prey on outgroup females, this is also the point that “The Golden One” (who has been featured here) has pointed out.

            Also, the idea that the woman in the video who was fake crying was really a member of the media staff – like it or not, that is common practice in media today. You take one of your extra staff members to provide the “eyewitness” as opposed to actually using a “real” member of the public – your employees make for better TV because they know how to present. The random public is far less reliable.

            I know this makes people uncomfortable but the news isn’t “real.” They also use – gasp! – green screens to pretend to be in a location that they aren’t. This is another thing that makes people very uncomfortable, but, sorry, the for-profit news industry has no legal requirement to tell you the truth – they have gone all the way to the Supreme Court to settle this.

        • US Liberty didn’t happen. Cave ppl did 911. Where are the camera footage surrounding the Pentagon? Can’t show it for reasons of National Security? They just admitted they did it with that defense or did the media never demand the footage and you trust them?
          GO away trusting goy

          • Yours is a ridiculous characterization of recent history.

            And by the way, what has the ceaseless braying of people like you and Ed Edgerton, or the producers of Loose Change ever accomplished? Did it stop US intervention abroad? The (semi) organized alt-right, which mostly rejects the false-flag narrative, has done more to advance the cause of the real interests of western peoples (i.e., not fighting wars for Israel, the Sauds, the State Department, Billonaires, etc.) than so-called “Truthers” every have.

          • they’ve moved deck chairs and temporarily feel better for the effort. Loose Change was controlled opposition so you should be proud of them. They protected Jews of whose tribe you obviously originate from

          • Right – I disagree with you, so I must be Jewish. I am not.

            You, however, are an ass.

          • Is that like being a secret Santa?

            No, I am a rather traditional anglo-saxon/scots-irish American.

            You, however, appear to be a dipshit.

          • So you casually dismiss people who agree with you far more than I do. This is why you guys will never amount to anything. You’re incapable of forming a movement that consists of more than two people.

          • and you will keep moving around deck chairs, your leaders rising in Jew approval and the masses getting the worst crumbs but you will feel like you did something, so go for it!

          • You are a completely unimportant person, influencing nobody. So be happy – you can maintain your ideological purity, unsullied by having had any effect on the affairs of the World.

          • SLCain can’t be reasoned with. “Trusting” is the wrong word for SLCain. It is more like “trolling.” What is the one thing SLCain is most passionate about? Trying to shout down hoax and false flag claims. The troll uses insults and never agrees to disagree, as it were.

          • No, I can be reasoned with. It is you who are, seemingly, immune to all reason.

            What is it that you seem to be most passionate about? You bring up your precious false-flags at every opportunity.

            Agree to disagree? I don’t care if your feelings are hurt. You’re wrong. I’ll agree that you’re wrong.

          • They aren’t even bringing up “false flags.” False flags involve soldiers dressed in the opposition’s uniforms committing atrocities to provoke a response. They appear to be arguing that these atrocities never happened and that all the eyewitnesses and first responders are part of an enormous conspiracy.

        • Ah, the media never lies nor is anything ever staged to move an agenda. And if we see it is staged, they won’t let us in the arena if we point it out and you behave like a gatekeeper that needs to protect the credibility of the lying Jew media. I repeat, it’s official policy to accept all Jewish media declarations of truth and argue from there. I guess that means they want another goyim war for Jews and with folks like you, will have no trouble getting it

      • The alt-Right consistently recognizes the holyhoax as 70 years of daily lies… then labels any comment that points out other media deceptions as “conspiracy theory”.

        It’s one reason why many long time White Nationalists see the coalition of alt-Right personalities and websites as one big kosher misdirect.

        And it’s a good reason, basic odds say that out of all these websites and personalities there should be some variety of opinion.

    • If The System were faking attacks, they would make the fake attackers Richard Spencer and Hunter Wallace, not some muslim.


      • The troll SLCain gives itself away by ending with an abusive epithet. I generally avoid interacting with it.

        • Is replying to me “avoiding interacting”? Whatever. I don’t really care.

          You believe stupid things. You are a ridiculous clown. It is not abusive to call you a ridiculous clown. It is accurate.

        • Let’s say for the sake of argument that Manchester and Sandy Hook were staged events.

          Who staged them?
          Who is involved in this great conspiracy?
          And why would they go through the trouble of creating staged crises when they could, with far less effort, convince troubled young men to blow themselves up or shoot up a classroom full of second graders?

          You seem to think we’re living in a dystopian version of The Truman Show. I’m genuinely curious as to how you came to this conclusion and how far it all goes down before we hit reality. I’m not dismissing you out of hand or calling you names, but I have to admit that Occam’s Razor suggests a Manchurian Candidate would be far more plausible than multiple teams of actors and hundreds of people who are all in on a conspiracy to stage atrocities.

          • It is thought that the reason hoaxes (with little or no real violence) are used rather than false flag attacks (with real violence) is because the next-of-kin cause too much trouble afterwards if there is real violence. Also, with fake violence it is easier to set whatever body count you want. The same applies to the “troubled young men” scenario.

            As for “who,” it must be governmental entities. As for “why,” I don’t know. The Dunblane and Port Arthur events were successfully used to bring about restrictions in gun access in the UK and Australia, but it doesn’t seem like mass shooting deceptions in the US have accomplished any specific policy goals.

            The biggest question is “how.” How can so many deceptions be carried out and kept covered up? First, the participants face prosecution if they reveal the truth. Look up the repeal of the Smith Mundt act in the US, for instance. Next, I am guessing that no participant with true insider knowledge would make it very far if he or she tried to come forward. Mainstream news outlets are heavily infiltrated and controlled.

            I suggest that you focus on the “what” and not worry about the implications so much. Focus on what your eyes and brain tell you. If a father laughs as he is about to make a statement about his four year old daughter, who was supposedly just murdered the previous day, that tells you that there is a deception going on. Think in terms of a magic act. You may not know how the trick was done, but you know it was a trick.

    • Agree on both counts. Shills may say it looks like real crying but *there are no tears, at all.* The eyes aren’t even moist, or red. The eyes do not match the tone of voice, or the situation, it’s not even close.

      And the newscasters are working hard to hide those grins, as they talk of “almost unimaginable terror.”

      It all looks really fake.

      • There are a few more interviews with other parents who look like they might be acting. There is an overweight woman with a tattoo on her arm who “can’t find her daughter.” She has done at least two interviews. Her face gets red, but no tears appear. It reminds me of the female who did multiple interviews after the Pulse event. Later, she showed up on some awards show.

  • I post here a film about the man we need:

    It has subtitles by the menu. For this man only we should show some respect to Romania… ok and the Capitanul Corneliu Zelea Codreanu!

  • A close friend of mine and his sister were killed in the Brussels airport last year. That is why I support the alt-right.

  • The real enemy is not the other. It is among us. Eliminate that enemy and the externally-originated problem will swiftly abate.

    • Yep! I´m glad this view seems to start to sink in (as it was also mentioned in the article)! It´s our fellow-Whites who ostracize us and ruin us, absurd as that is
      -> now here´s the depressing part: with the bell curve, we may well assume that there will always be some 80+ % idiots. And… talk about depressing: this is not depending on individual intelligence but it´s the magic of the bell curve: it DESCRIBES a distribution. I.e.: this distribution is the result of an inner process: human groups CAN only be composed that way in order to function. That is: as soon as the first 15-20% non-idiot places are occupied, the rest behaves as idiots !! (the old thing of indians and chieftains: tribe only functions with many indians and few chieftains). Now try to get out of that situation! (I´m really not sure how to do that… I mean I have some ideas or otherwise I might as well shoot myself but there is some depressing truth to these distribution curves… something deterministic!).

  • Referring to anything Western as “crusader” is quite obviously retard-tier, to the point of deliberately so. Have the Muzzies a/b tested this for their target demographics, are they really that stupid – or little column A, little column B?

    • Good point. I don’t think anyone believes that Arabs are particular high on the IQ scale, but it is rather absurd to believe that they are so stupid as to unite the most powerful people on earth against them.

      • I talked to my cousins today. They are members of the Alternativ fuer Deutschland (AfD). It is similar to our Alt Right. They said the most beautiful thing to me today. Despite living thousands of miles from us, one of them said to me, “do you know about the Alt Right? We love them!” … Unification of our people is happening, even if we don’t see it. We won’t lose.

      • These same groups or ones animated by the same current in their societies united civilian Muslims against them in both Egypt and Iraq. For doing things like murdering women for handling cucumbers in markets because it was seen as sexually suggestive. They are that stupid.

    • That’s actually a Turkish method of execution. Vlad learned it from the Turks when he was forced to live with them as a child. And he didn’t just impale Muslims. To say that he was a bit deranged is probably an understatement. I’m not really into torture. I would rather just shoot them, hang them, or drown them.

      • I upvote you even if I don’t really agree. We need to kill all of them in Europe. That is the one point. The second point is to make sure that they won’t return. Torture of such a scale, strikes fear of an unimaginable proportion to anyone who might even think that he will suffer it. Impalement, like it or not, saved the small powerless Wallachian kingdom from the Ottoman conquest. In the the Ottomans required to use Rahud Bey the beautiful one brother of Vlad Tepes to manage to muster again an attack and defeat the mad monarch. Betrayal by a hated brother could make the Ottomans stop fearing impalement. We need to make non-whites fear us again. So I add that deadly gut-wrenching torture should be used as they use it upon themselves.

  • The right narrative has been hijacked and the wrong one installed. A sheer minority, even among the White people, can think straight without the narrative. Change the narrative, change the outcome.

  • Inter amra enim silent leges. We’re either slaves to the law, or masters of it. The leaders of our countries need to declare martial law, and put all Muslims into internment camps. They are all guilty, even if they’re innocent

    • Ideally this would have happened after Charlie Hebdo or the Bataclan attack. Instead they just continued to let in more Muslims and tell us we just have to get used to it. I don’t see their attitude changing anytime soon, I’m sad to say.

      • I hope you like more war, because our elites are now making civil war inevitable. Just because they have no desire to survive, our people still do.

        • It was an attack against real French people by entitled foreigners. Beyond that I don’t really care about Charlie Hebdo (or Ariana Grande for that matter.)

    • Well, they’re not “our countries” are they?

      At a minimum, we need to make neighborhoods, schools, and temples ours; nations within countries.

  • The only mass demonstrations in the streets will be calling for love and solidarity and cries of how evil we must be to deserve such hatred, and the only solution is more Muslims to show we love them too blah blah blah. The Masters will bring the full force of the law down on any demonstrations saying otherwise.
    The ship of the West is sinking. I am not optimistic that the White Identitarian movement can plug the holes and pump it out again. There are too many Whites who are too far gone to save themselves. I believe the ultimate value of the movement is to serve as a lifeboat. Those Whites who can achieve self-awareness can form the core of a new civilization while the rest go down.

    • You’ll be surprised by I don’t think really they’ll be much demostration. I think that with the current numbers that terrorist attacks they want to try to let it pass as fast as possible. As it happened with the last attack in England (Russians are devils by the media) we did’nt even see the flag filters…

      • Yep, they will sweep it under the carpet as quickly as possible, and get back to Russians and Climate Change again.

    • … core for a new civilisation… well guess what some “elites” have that very thought ! And they go fully after it. So here´s the thing: they have built underground resorts. They only need to hide some 6 months, in that time, we aboveground people will die off 90%: without electricity, breakdown of infrastructure, and ethnic war, that´s very quick. The remaining that don´t fit the “elites” will be killed with their weaponry that they have plenty.

      Now the takeaway is: WE HAVE TO GO AFTER THEIR BUNKERS ! If they don´t have the hideaway, they don´t pull the trigger!
      We need to go in mass demonstrations to their bunkers and point out that these exist and what that means. In a new “occupy”-movement, we need to oocupy their bunkers: THAT´S the way to save us from them pulling the trigger for their reset that would save them from criminal prosecution!

  • I make it a point to insult Islamists who wear Islamist garb here in Chicago. I do it the same way a teacher scolds a misbehaving student.

    • they don’t have much of a choice. they r fanatics out of fear mostly. we need to insult those that let them in here and then send them back

    • I think that is valid. Muslims, even “peaceful” ones, know what average Americans associate muslim dress with. To me, it’s similar to how blacks will drive through a white area in a pimped out car blaring aggressive rap music. They KNOW what we consider that a sign of danger, yet if we actually verbalize our fear, we’re considered bigots.

    • The elite indicate who they view as their real enemy by the actions they take.

      They defend Islam while condemning and demeaning Europeans.

    • “Theresa May has arrived at Manchester children’s hospital to visit victims of the attack”

      Have they not suffered enough?

    • The British have a long history of being anti-white. From flooding South Africa with blacks to create conflict with the Afrikaners to today where the Brexit “patriots” prefer Pakistanis to Poles. They are one of the worst influences in the world and terrible for the Alt Right and Europeans.

        • “Brexit was great! We have our independence from Brussels and will no longer be inundated with Polish plumbers who ruin British culture. I welcome Pakistanis and Jamaicans to Britain.” -Nigel Farage

      • British colonialism was the foundation of globalism and multiculturalism. First they went around the world setting up colonies trying to “Europeanize” the third world. When that failed they started importing third world people trying to do the same thing. All whites still get blamed for their colonial past regardless of what type of white they are. The French, Dutch and Spanish are not innocent of this either (before I get a bunch of insulted Anglos flaming me.)

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