Monstrous Attack On “Crusader” Children In Manchester

The Alt-Right is a movement obsessed with answering the question: “Who are we?”

Many of us struggled with that question in our youth, and we found the answers that modern society provided us to be woefully inadequate. So we rejected them and began to look for a better answer.

In my personal search for a better answer, I realized that I had implacable enemies. Enemies that want to destroy me and everything to do with me. And I realized that they had a much better understanding of me than I did of myself. They knew their enemy well, even if their enemy had forgotten themselves. So I began to listen to them, and in the process realized who I was.

To Blacks, I was “the White man”. To Asians, I was “the White man” as well. Strange, I always considered myself a Slav and different from the Anglo-Saxons that surrounded me. But they didn’t seem to care. They think we are Whites- that’s it.  They don’t care if you self-identify as an Irishman, Englishman, German or Russian, To them you are the White man all the same. And to the Muslims, I was a “Crusader” even though I never considered myself a Christian. But no amount of protestation on my part or on the part of society on my behalf seems able to convince them.

They don’t care if you don’t consider yourself a Christian either. If you’re a self-identified Atheist or Agnostic or just “spiritual” its all the same to them. We are Crusaders in their eyes- the descendants of their ancient rivals. And now we know that even children who undoubtedly have been raised to be tolerant and raised to be completely ignorant of their history, children who do not have any idea who they are or that they even have ancient enemies are still considered fair targets by Muslims.

The Muslims who blew up that concert knew who they were targeting. They did it deliberately.

The terrorist group released statements in several languages through its central media body praising the atrocity, claiming more than 100 “crusaders” were killed or wounded at the “shameless” concert.

The Muslims claimed that the concert was indecent and that was why it was targetted. This is complete bullshit. The target was picked to have maximum terror effect. No concern for decency was at the forefront of their efforts. If decency was a concern, it is a strange definition of decency that allows one to target children. Which is why Whites who convert to Islam for its “anti-degeneracy” stance are completely insane. Isis had some more to say:

“With Allah’s grace and support, a soldier of the Khilafah [caliphate] managed to place explosive devices in the midst of the gatherings of the crusaders in the British city of Manchester,” said the English version.

This seems to indicate that we’re not dealing with a suicide bomber here. ISIS’s tactics are changing. I’ve written about this before. They are relying less and less on suicide bombers. This is important.

There is also reason to believe that this terror attack is in response to the British government’s crackdown on extremist cells. Looks like they didn’t crack down hard enough. And now dozens of children and teens are dead.

Thoughts and prayers are all well and good, but it’s time to hold the British government accountable.

Where is the resistance? Why isn’t anyone trying to stop it? Why arrest nationalists and not Islamic fundamentalists?

The answer is simple. Our governments are filled with traitors. They hate us. They want us dead. They won’t let us talk about it. They won’t leave us in peace and they won’t keep us safe.

And this means war.

If there aren’t mass protests in the streets after this attack, then the UK is lost. Seriously. This is the rallying point. There will never be a better or more timely moment. It has to be now or never. We are all watching very closely now.

And I realize that I’m not telling you anything you don’t know already, dear reader. But it has to be said. Enough is enough. We all thought that the moment would come when the conditions would become so unbearable that society would swing round to our views. Now, it seems that this shift simply will not happen. A significant portion of the populace is terminally ill in the West. Terminally ill enough to let their kids go to an Ariana Grande concert.

They are so completely fucked in the head, that nothing will red-pill them. Our plans for the future will have to take that into account. The Muslims massacred children for God’s sake. And they gloat about it. And you and I both know that many of our peers will still shame us for openly declaring our support for closed borders.

In the wake of these terror attacks, it can be easy to forget that the real obstacle that we face to achieving our goals are fellow Whites and not-so-fellow (((Whites))).

The Muslims are a problem that can be solved if there is a will to solve it. Those who hold us back are the real problem.

And every terror attack brings us one step closer to that civil war between the Good White and the Bad Whites that we all know is coming sooner or later.


Vincent Law
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