The Real Right Returns — Daniel Friberg on Reality Calls

Tara McCarthy of Reality Calls interviews’s European editor Daniel Friberg.

Daniel Friberg, co-founder and European editor of as well as founder and CEO of Arktos Media Ltd, gets interviewed by Tara McCarthy of Reality Calls about his political background, women’s role in the alt-right, how to relate to the alt-light, the future of Western Civilization and the importance of metapolitics.

Daniel Friberg
the authorDaniel Friberg
Daniel Friberg is a co-founder and editor of He is furthermore an economist from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University who has conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant, business analyst and as a CEO within the Swedish mining industry. He is also co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Arktos, 2015). (Official Facebook page)


  • Is anyone going to comment on the interview, thought it was decent, a highly intelligent Swedish chap who everybody already knows by now, laying out his journey and his thoughts about future progress. Also, Tara, doing a great job as an interviewer as usual, good questions and all round good feels. All very eloquent and insightful, gave me a brain boner.

    • Thanks for your thoughts re it m8. Not sure why or how RamZPaul became the dominant topic of these comments, but oh well I guess. SMDH.

      • Good content, and everyone trying to outdo each other all the time with debates about this, that and the other, bickering over minutiae, lack of focus. We need a strong leader in the West who will clamp down on all the noise and get everyone focused, laser focused. Farage is the closest I have seen so far but he does not want to lead the country, just wanted Brexit, fair play to him, dedicated best part of his life to it. Long road ahead and many more battles to come.

        • That is the problem posting on here. Debates about crap that is irrelevant to the material presented or if you have a point of view not totally in line with others you are called a cuck. The cuck stuff has died down thank God, but many of the threads can get off track on tangents. It is the same on all political sites though with the comment sections. I frequent Russia Insider often and you have a few regulars that are usually arguing about stuff only loosely related to the article posted, calling each other names. It basically is I know more than you type stuff and it is basically all about crap that really doesn’t matter.

  • Ramzpaul mentions “Hollywood Nazis”. Being a long way from Hollywood I don’t understand this phrase. What does he mean?

    • Ramz means the idiots with the Skinhead look, 1488ers, shaved heads, SS rune tattoos, bomber jackets, Dr. Martens. Dressing up and looking like that is what Jews in Hollywood want pro White Advocates to do, it scares off normies. THAT’s the meaning of the phrase. Almost no one in the Alt Right looks or acts like that. Ramz is reinforcing and feeding into SPLC Agitprop. Which is why Vox told him, “Never make a decision based on the rhetoric of your enemies.”

      Ramz has been doing this consistently for some time. It’s getting quite tiresome. But I notice Ramz’s views are way down from 2015 or 2016. I hope Ramz enjoys his Civic Nationalist lane and irrelevance.

      • And he’s not entirely wrong. If they dropped the act and acted like regular high white culture individuals our cause would have been advanced far faster like what Dr. Pierce achieved with the NA suits before passing away and the organization collapsing without leadership.

        • Skinhead culture barely exists anymore. I didn’t see any at the protest at Charlottesville a couple weeks ago for example. Not everyone who identifies as Fascist or National Socialist falls into those negative stereotypes.

          • It’s not even about “skinhead culture” which you are right barely exists anymore and is irrelevant.

            It’s about literal Jews and their collaborators that go out of their way to associate pro-white people with Hollywood Nazism. They are not part of “skinhead culture” they are professional activists, many paid by Jews.

            Every five years one of these groups is outed as Jew or FBI and “certain people” scream bloody murder when we try to remind people of it.

          • When I think “Hollywood Nazi” I think about American History X, Higher Learning, The Believer etc. Jews want to perpetuate this image of the neo-nazi skinhead and associate it with everyone who refuses to apologize for their white skin. It exists mostly only in the movies, and i have seldom seen it in real life. Like Yehuda said, those who do adopt this image are mostly prison gangs, who aren’t motivated by politics, but by survival in prison where race is very segregated. If your actually trying to engage in politics, adopting this look is a non-starter. I’m pretty sure everyone in the Alt-Right has already figured this out. So I don’t see the value of RamZ constantly accusing people of being “Hollywood Nazis.” When we see someone playing up these stereotypes, we definently should be skeptical of them.

          • So I don’t see the value of RamZ constantly accusing people of being “Hollywood Nazis.”

            Really? You don’t see the value in warning about people like (((Weev))) – a felon who spent time in prison, wears a big swastika tattoo on his chest, has claimed to be Jewish, publishes Jewish terrorists like Joshua Goldberg, associates with people he claims to believe are FBI agents, makes border-line illegal statements supporting mass murder, and otherwise goes out of his way to LARP as the Jewish stereotype of a (((Hollywood Nazi)))?

            You keep on claiming these people don’t exist, yet when people point to those exact same people you say “don’t punch to the right!”

            (((Weev))) isn’t “to the right” of anyone, he’s a (((Hollywood Nazi))) and a Jew and an FBI collaborator trying to get people to incriminate themselves.

            Thankfully there are wise people like Ramzpaul pointing this out. If you were sincere you would helping him, not attacking him for doing so.

          • You might be right about Weev and DS. I don’t hang out around there anymore though and don’t see myself going back anytime soon. Personally I don’t trust TRS anymore, but you don’t see me constantly punching in their direction.

          • That’s obfuscation. If RamzPaul had beef with weev, OK. But he makes these regular virtue signalling statements attacking the entire Alt Right.

          • No, you are obfuscating. Ramzpaul is consistently opposing Jew infiltration into pro-white movements and often names names. Which is exactly why you are constantly attacking him, because he is exposing the Jew (((Hollywood Nazi))) scam, which you apparently do not want people to know about.

          • He’s not naming names, he’s attacking and distancing himself from the entire Alt Right. If you can’t see why people reading and posting on AltRightDotCom are done with Paul Ramsey’s Smiling Boomer Cuck gladhanding, including Spencer, then good luck with your continued screeching about larpers and Jew double agents.

        • Most people with the skinhead look are Ex Cons. Prisons are controlled and operated by racial gangs.

      • Almost no one in the Alt Right looks or acts like that

        There are various people in the Alt Right that consistently go out of their way to associate all Alt Right people with the “National Socialist Movement” which is the dictionary definition of “Hollywood Nazi” – they have the costumes and everything.

        Of course Ramzpaul is always attacked by the Usual Suspects because he’s been consistent in outing this Jew scam. Ramzpaul openly support ethno-nationalism.

          • Wrong. Ramzpaul consistently disavowed the “WN 14/88” subculture – rightly – and he supports “white countries for white people,” is NOT a “civic nationalist” but an ethno-nationalist.

            “And Ramz’s fixation on a tiny fringe is stupid”

            Says the guy who does nothing but fixate on the Jew (((Hollywood Nazi))) fringe and constantly attacks anyone who won’t play along.

            “Does the left focus so much energy condemning and attacking their extreme elements? No.”

            Yes, as a matter of fact they do – the TYT leftists have been constantly disavowing Antifa. So do normal “liberals” whenever Antifa is in the news.

            But even if they didn’t – the job of ethno-nationalists is not to ape whatever the anti-whites do. It’s not to become “Fa” to the “Antifa.” It’s to promote nationalism for white people.

            But you knew that.

            You attack Ramzpaul precisely because you know he is “red pilling” normies on the Jewish problem, and you want any white person who speaks out about the Jew problem to get stuck in the (((Hollywood Nazi))) ghetto – that is your job, apparently.

          • Nope, Ramz made onevof his patented blanket disavowals and cucked to the Jew York Times, saying he “didn’t see the value in white nationalism.” Try harder.

          • He abandoned the Alt-Right after “Heilgate” and said we don’t need the Alt-Right anymore as we have Trump now. Talk about “basic bitch Trumpism.”

          • Yeah, how’s Trumpism working out for Ramz? I predict Ramz will move to Hungary within a year.

        • But most National Socialists are trying to distance themselves from the skinhead look too. RamZ is perpetuating that myth, the same way Jews do, by constantly punching at people to the right of him.

          • No, RamZPaul is not “perpetuating” a myth. You are also lying through your teeth when you say Paul is “punching right.” That is a bald faced lie – you are not “to the right” of Paul nor are the anime trolls at the (((Daily Stormer))) “to the right” of anyone. I’m a liberal and likely “to the right” of you. “Right wing” does not mean “subcultural gamers who likes to LARP as Mussolini and wear boots.” That isn’t “right wing” – that’s a gay subculture.

            Ramzpaul is an ethno-nationalist that supports white countries for white people – NOT a “civic nationalist.” LARPers are constantly lying about this because they know that Paul is the gateway between basic bitch Trumpism and a clear understanding of the Jewish problem. Jews want anyone discussing the Jewish problem to be ghettoized as “fascists.”

            As for you being a “National Socialist” – eyeroll. Commies love to call themselves “anarchists” or “syndicalists” and have 500 different “ideologies” too. Are you pro-white or anti-white? That’s what matters. What you think about heath care policy can be interesting in a political context, I guess.

            But no normal people are particularly interested in your overarching, poorly thought out political ideology, especially since it’s long on style and short on substance. Your label is meaningless, call yourself a “My Little Pony Nationalist” for all I care, it means nothing.

          • Well I’m not a Dailystormer, an Anime fan, a gamer fag, a Kekistani weirdo or any of the other stereotypes you just mentioned. I don’t even spend all that much time on 4chan and never have. Jews have spent the better part of a century demonizing all National Socialist, Fascist or Third Positionist ideologies because they are not conducive to their interests including the dispossession of whites. Capitalism is, Marxism is and Liberal individualism is.

            National Socialism is actually a very rational and not at all extreme position to take, though not one I personally follow. Don’t throw the baby away with the bath water and don’t believe every lie about it you read in a Jewish history book. Unpacking the baggage of WWII is part of breaking Jewish control of our history and identity.

            For the record, personally I identify as an Integralist. I view the nation as an organic entity. I believe in collectivist economic models, ethno-nationalism, traditional catholicism etc. I reject the aggressive imperialism practiced by Hitler and Mussolini. As an Italian I have a great deal of respect for Mussolini as an Italian patriot and modernizer. He transformed Italy from a backwards agrarian based eonomy, to a modern industrialized one. But I’m not uncritical of everything he said or did.

            Personally I don’t see the value in taking the George Lincoln Rockwell or Adrien Arcand approach to advance this cause. I don’t really take any American group seriously that wants to ressurect the symbology of a German workers movement from 80 years ago. You didn’t see the Romanian Iron Guard or the Spanish Falange adopting German symbolism. They built their own organic movements that reflected their own cultural strength.

            Your entire attitude reeks of post-WWII Jew propaganda and are typically American.

          • “Your entire attitude reeks of post-WWII Jew propaganda and are typically American.”

            You were doing so well. I haven’t said anything negative about Mussolini, Italian or German fascism, or actual National Socialism. I have consistently and repeatedly made the exact same point you make: “I don’t really take any American group seriously that wants to
            ressurect the symbology of a German workers movement from 80 years ago.”

            But I understand your need to counter-signal and pretend that I’m “to the left” or “not ideologically pure enough.”

          • Well I’ve never seen you make that argument. I’ve only sen you call everyone who identifies as Fascist or National Socialist a Jewish shill. Let’s just agree to disagree on some points and move on. This daily bickering is getting old.

      • He does have a point. In my city whenever there is a right wing event, there is always one skinhead spouting off 1488 and Sieg Heil. Then the media blast headlines “Nazis Try to kill all blacks in the City”. Optics matter

    • When Razmpaul was growing up there was a huge media firestorm over a “neo-Nazi” group led by a man named “Frank Colin.” It was all over the news for months, Colin made (((Daily Stormer))) type statements to the media constantly, like “Hitler only killed six million Jews, I want to get the rest.” The catch phrase “I hate Illinois Nazis” from the movie The Blue Brothers was about this group.

      It turned out, of course, that “Frank Colin” was actually a Jew named “Frances Cohen” and the entire thing was an elaborate theater piece, funded by the ADL, in order to make pro-white people look like hateful violent lunatics.

      In fact, every single “neo-Nazi” group in America since the death of GLR has been theater staged by Jews. There are no real “neo-Nazis” the entire concept is absurd. In fact, the (((Daily Stormer))) itself published just such a Jewish “neo-Nazi” named Joshua Goldberg, who was getting publicity by the “anti-extremist watchdog” group SITE Intelligence (a sort of mini-SPLC.) (((Daily Stormer))) is of course run by “Weev” who has at various times claimed to be Jewish and also a stereotypical “neo-Nazi” that makes absurd and offensive statements and “just happens” to always be in and out of trouble with the law, associates with FBI agents, etc. etc.

      When you reach a certain age and you’ve seen all this cr*p before you tend to be able to notice it before others.

      • He’s been way more of an ally recently. Vox is calling out Civic Nationalists like Pajamas Watson and seems red pilled on the Jews. He’s sick of RamzPaul’s virtue signaling. I never liked Vox because he’s a video game nerd and colossal dick. But if he’s on our side, I’ll take it. The dude is highly intelligent.

        There was also a good Tweet today from Tara McCarthy calling out Ramz’s virtue signalling, but she just locked her account.

          • Ramz is a bigger faggot, and a traitor. So if Vox wants to take down Ramz and red pill some gamer dorks, Great.

        • Ramzpaul is an ethno-nationalist, while Vox is not. Both Ramzpaul and Vox are pro-white and effective activists.

          One can only assume you go out of your way to attack Ramzpaul because he exposed the Jewish “neo-Nazi” groups that you are constantly defending.

          • Literally every day, Ramz whines about the Alt Right and virtue signals. So he opens himself up to attack. It’s his own doing.

          • Literally ever day Ramzpaul calls out the Jew trolls trying to derail the movement and it triggers you Every Single Time.

            He must be doing something right.

          • So the entire Alt Right are Jew trolls? Good to know you think that and disavow the Alt Right along with RamzPaul.

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