The Left Alienates Whites From Our History And Culture

Have you ever wondered why you have to take history in school? Why do we study literature or philosophy? People today study these subjects, so they believe, to make themselves better people, or to help them understand “the human condition.” Perhaps you were told to study history because, in the words of George Santayana, those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. And so we proceed throughout our schooling living under a blanket of fear. Fear not only for the immediate ramifications of making bad grades, but also a larger and less obvious fear, the fear of failing to become dutiful, loyal, and patriotic citizens.

We’re often told that whites have no culture. Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron recently said there is no French culture, there is only culture in France. He was not only wrong, he was criminally wrong. French culture is one of the great cultures of the world. But for the globalist to succeed in destroying national identities, he must attack the history and culture of the people who carry within them the very thing globalists despise. Why would anyone believe whites have no culture? Oh because young white American and European children are taught from an early age that they do not. It’s not uncommon to hear talk of black culture, Hispanics, or Asian culture, gay culture. But what if white or European culture is celebrated in the lands of our forefathers?

Saint Patrick’s Day even comes under fire for being a parade for white pride, and in The Current Year, we cannot have white pride. Black pride, gay pride, and virtually every minority in America gets a history or heritage month. But if Europeans express pride in the accomplishments of our ancestors we are chastised and told we are immoral and blamed for the root of all the world’s problems. Stripping us of our sense of history is imperative for the anti-whites. After all, if whites start to feel a sense of pride in who they are it will make colonization of white countries by Hispanic, Arab and African people increasingly difficult. The securest measure against the demographic replacement of our people is a strong connection to the enduring legacy left to us by those who came before. History, literature, religion and philosophy are not simply classes one must take to graduate but are a bulwark against those who deny us our birthright. They are weapons in the war against anti-whites.

And that is why the Frankfurt School, a group of Marxist intellectuals who fled Europe, primarily Germany, in the twentieth century for America and Western Europe, focused so heavily on the corruption of the humanities. It seems that the humanities have become something of a joke in the past twenty or thirty years. It is important to reverse this trend in academia. But what can be done immediately? The answer is quite simple, you must read, absorb, and understand the lives of those great men and women who created our civilization and who have passed on to their posterity the achievements that led us to conquer the seas, the skies, and will one day lead us to the stars.

The past month has seen Confederate statues in New Orleans fall. American patriots and nationalists have gathered to protest the destruction of our history there as well as in Charlottesville, Virginia. Make no mistake about it, these attacks on long dead heroes are attacks on the identity of white Americans. The South has, perhaps more than any other place in the United States, a strong and enduring sense of identity. Many young whites grow up with a sense of pride in men such as Lee and Jackson. Very problematic.

But it will not stop there. Remember that Washington and Jefferson were both slave owners. One day in the not too distant future we will see petitions and legal action taken to rename streets, cities, towns, states and even the DC after someone else. Someone less problematic.

It should also be expected that we will see an attack on white history under the guise of social justice in the desecration of the memories of Cecil Rhodes and Queen Victoria in the United Kingdom. Students at some of the most prestigious schools in the world have attempted to take down statues of both in recent years. This is mirrored by the desire of the left to scrub from the halls of academia, not just the world of “dead white males” but they even remove portraits of Shakespeare in favor of promoting unknown women and minority writers, who are little more than a footnote in history. But the important thing for the social justice warriors isn’t the promotion of diversity. It is the destruction of European history and culture.

History, literature, religion and philosophy tell us who we are, not because of some grand unifying universal principle, but because they place us within the bounds of a heritage, a nation, a people. In the 1840s the concept of the “Russian Soul” or dushá came about from the writings of such greats as Gogol, Tolstoy, and Dostoyevsky. The Russian Soul was primarily literary in nature. It helped readers understand the nature of Russian spirituality. But it also spoke to the essence of the Russian people. The dushá gave the world a sense of the Russians in a specific time and place. It is not unreasonable to carry forth this concept and say that all people have a soul which is understood through their culture.

That is why we study history and literature. We require an understanding of who we are as a people so that we as a people may continue to live. We study the national character of our people so that no matter where on earth we are, the children of Europe will always have a sense of who they are, and where they came from. To steal from a people their heritage, which was left to them by their forefathers, is an abomination.

But history and literature together are not sufficient to carry forth the European understanding of the world. To truly understand who you are, and where you are going, you will need to learn the philosophy of your people. You must be suffused in the Cenacle of European religion. The questions faced by Europeans dating back to ancient Greece are often unique to the European worldview. Simple comparisons to Eastern philosophy and religion will show that the problems concerning Western philosophers arose in response to the unique place in time and location they found themselves in.

Culture without history is directionless, and history without culture is meaningless.

Thus, those who do not learn to love and appreciate the history of their people are not doomed to repeat it but are condemned to oblivion. Those who do not learn to love their identity will join the Scythians, the Hittites and the Babylonians not as a living people but rather as a historical stepping stone from the dawn of man until the present day. Civilization can be lost in a century, but it can be renewed in a generation.

History may concern the past, but it is far from dead. Quite the contrary, history is alive, but it can only live in the hearts of those dedicated to the preservation of the memory of their people. It can only live when the heirs of Europe hold their history as if it were a precious flame and must guard it against the storm. Without fire early man was dead. Without history, our civilization too shall die. Like the fire warming the hearth of a Roman home, history and culture are the fires that burn inside us to keep the legacy of our forefathers alive.

Summer is upon us, the season of renewal will become a time when nature flourishes. Take the opportunity to turn off the television, stop wasting time on Facebook, and learn about our people. Read Suetonius, Livy, or Aristotle. Learn the language of your ancestors. Read the great literature that defined not just an age, but a people. Summer is a time for travel. If you can, discover Europe. Walk the homelands of your ancestors, and see the wonders built by their genius. Gain a deeper understanding of the medieval world which is so maligned by cultural critics and yet holds within it the seeds of modernity.

Perhaps in the uncovering of your past, you too will feel a rebirth of pride not just in your family, but in your people.


Everitt Foster
the authorEveritt Foster
Everitt Foster is a former geologist and historian. He holds an MA in military history. He is also a novelist and short story writer. He is the co-founder and co-editor of Follow him on Gab at


  • In his “Reflections on the Revolution in France,” Edmund Burke wrote, “To make us love our country our country ought to be lovely.”

    I grew up being taught that the United States was the freest and the most democratic country in the world, and the best by far. I was taught that every war we ever fought was forced on us and thoroughly justified. That kind of background caused most Americans to continue to support the War in Vietnam, long after there was no rational reason to do so.

    It was not until I was in college that I learned about the crushing of the Philippine Insurrection.

    The War in Vietnam caused me to reevaluate the Mexican War and the Indian wars. The War of 1812 was a thwarted effort to conquer Canada. It failed because the Canadians did not want to be conquered. Unlike the Mexicans and the Indians the Canadians and the British had the power to stop the United States.

    I do not think the United States is unusually vicious. I do not think the United States is unusually virtuous either.

    Europe and European settlers and immigrants in the United States and the British Commonwealth have created the most advanced and humane civilization in history. We are not responsible for the problems of the third world.

  • The far radical left might be isolating white people, especially men, which I disagree with of course. But the far radical right is doing the same to anyone non white and eveyone who isn’t striaght. So really they are the exact same. Nothing makes it right or different

  • In order to avoid cultural assimilation and consequent destruction of Western Civilization one needs to have children and teach them the history of Western Civilization. To not do so is a crime.

  • I could write a book about the subject at hand. Instead, I’ll summarize by saying: everyone is allowed to be proud of who they are, except for white people. If you’re a globalist, leftist, or just a skeptic of the Alt Right and you’re visiting this website to check things out, ask yourself this question: when all the white people are gone from this world, isn’t that a tragedy according to your belief system? You love diversity, right? Isn’t a world with no whites, or fewer whites, less diverse?… well, we have the answer to solve your concerns: return people to the country which they belong and then the world will be wonderfully diverse. Every race will be securely positioned to exist forever, in harmony with people like themselves. So, now you’ve seen the truth about who we are. We actually love humanity a lot more than your globalist friends.

  • People are blind to white culture because it is all around them, it envelops every aspect of their lives, leading people to take it for granted. It is like asking a fish if he is aware of the fact that he is in water. If fish could talk he might reply “What’s water?” The world now replies “what’s White culture?”

  • if a man hits you with a hammer, do you make war on the man or on the hammer?

    The frankfurt school (and dozens and dozens of similar academic schools of thought) was the hammer….the man wielding the hammer is the big corporations and plutocrats….the real business end of the hammer however is the educational curriculum…the educational curriculum presents a twisted, anti-white version of history, which is fed to young and malleable school kids who then grow up with white guilt….whether the frankfurt school or whatever was the source (it was not) is of little import…

    if you really want to change anything, focus on the big corporations and plutocrats and the educational curriculum…

  • There is only war.

    Now, that statement doesn’t necessarily imply constant force of arms, but it does imply force and activity of mind, always fighting.

  • You can also give kids a quick history lesson with three words: “Look around you.” Pretty much everything in their lives was built and designed by white men. Sometimes we’re blind to what’s right in front of our faces.

    • Take kids on trips to historical sites to see what white men built. The first operating windmill on the West Coast was built by the Russians at Fort Ross in Northern California.

      • Sure you can do that. But you can also hand them a smart phone or iPad or turn on the air conditioning or dishwasher. Kids are notorious for not appreciating historical sites, but damned if they can do without their air conditioning when warm weather hits.

  • It also helps us that nonwhite students let into universities who lack the merit for that opportunity, kind of like the Calvinist imputation of righteousness to unworthy, depraved souls who become the Elect, don’t want to study Western writers like Shakespeare. The black university students, especially, want to replace these works with ones produced by other black people who have minds similar to theirs. Their coarse and animalistic minds simply can’t understand the unfamiliar words and difficult syntax the great writers use to express complex ideas.

  • As a Southerner I want to thank the author for mentioning our Southern pride! Though, it is now dying with transplants from liberal cities & the young generations having the internet, being exposed to much degeneracy. Not to mention the education they are receiving. “The South Shall Rise Again” is not something we hear much anymore. However, it’s not just the South, it is Our People that Shall Rise Again! European Descendants would be unstoppable if we would ever unite. With so many white leftists as well as those on the right fighting off Identitarian ideology I just don’t know how long that’ll take.
    I also want to question the motives of these “brave” people removing the statues of our heroes. If they want them gone so black people & black children don’t have to be reminded of their ancestors slave history then why teach about it in schools every damn year? My daughter has learned about slavery & the Civil War every single year since 1st grade. Are Freshman still learning that 2+2=4? No! Because you move on to the next thing. If Our history can be rewritten or even omitted then why not omit that? That way they’ll never even have to deal with it!
    Or why not teach them that their African kangz sold their ancestors & if they weren’t sold to Europeans heading to the U.S. then they’d wake up every morning still bound into slavery. Or they could be in Africa facing AIDS, ebola, famine, wild animals, EACH OTHER!
    Taking down statues just enforces their energy towards anger. And obviously more & more White people aren’t having it anymore!

    • “Taking down statues just enforces their energy towards anger. And obviously more & more White people aren’t having it anymore!”
      Absolutely correct.
      I wonder if those who are desecrating memorials have any clue how many otherwise mild people they are radicalizing with their actions.

        • Anyone who is radicalized by this was clearly an evil fascistkkknazi to begin with, and needs to die anyway, so it doesn’t matter. That’s probably how they look at it.

    • Not a Southerner, but I thought this book was pretty good:

      “The Abolition Crusade and Its Consequences: Four Periods of American History”

      Hilary A. Herbert

      Very straightforward style, and a different perspective. The most striking thing to me was the depiction of William Lloyd Garrison and the other radical abolitionists. It seemed… very familiar somehow. The utopian focus, the absolute moral certainty, the unwillingness to compromise, the conviction that they were above the law, and that the other side were, not mistaken, or living in different circumstances, but absolutely evil. I think I’ve seen that type somewhere in more modern times.

  • The older surveys of Western history deserve a look, like Will Durant’s multi-volume Story of Civilization. The later volumes credit his wife Ariel as co-author, but she probably just typed the manuscript or something.

    As for (((Mortimer Adler))), yeah, I know his name echoes. But he did us a real service by putting together the Great Books into a consumer product and writing the supporting literature to help the autodidact study and understand them.

    • Will Durant married his 15 year old Jewess student, so keep that in mind. Ariel was writing the later volumes, and Anti-German and Anti-Russian bias is apparent.

    • The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica is not hard to find online in digital form. Not a bad reference for older topics, as it’s before the poz really started to seep in.

  • Ironically Karl Marx himself grew up classically educated. Reportedly he read Aeschylus’ tragedies in the original Greek for pleasure, and he read widely in Western literature in general, and for reasons of his personal cultivation, not with the goal of destroying its influence in the bourgeois society he hated.

    • Marx also hated Christianity. when he said that “religion is the opium of the masses” he said that in London surrounded by Christians, in the mid 19th century and where any other faith was not known so well.

      What Marx intended to say was “Christianity is the Opium of the Masses”

      • England in the 19th Century had a strong working-class free thought movement, however.

      • Almost as if he was part of a tribe that instinctively hates Christians; and White Europeans.

  • History has been hijacked by the Communist Liberals since the end of the 2nd world war…if not earlier.

    Our history of world war 2. the many holocausts, the birth of Israel, the War of 1861 (Aka Civil war), to our entire US history to Europe and her history to even world history is warped, deliberately oriented to favor liberal ideology, deliberately removes blatant facts to make a point and in so many cases is a complete lie.

    History as seen in our education to Hollywood to our media is extremely controlled. Start peeling the lies and the Communist liberals holler

  • Remember that Washington and Jefferson were both slave owners. One day in the not too distant future we will see petitions and legal action taken to rename streets, cities, towns, states and even the DC after someone else.

    Jefferson, an unusually accomplished man even by white standards, designed the original buildings of the University of Virginia. I guess we’ll have to demolish those structures now as part of the clean sweep of the Enwhitenment origins of the United States.

    • Both Washington and Jefferson and all the rest of the Founding Fathers were 100% White Nationalist. Even the ones that opposed slavery – even on the grounds that it was inhumane to Black people – wanted the Africans repatriated to Africa or to otherwise have their own nations separate from White nations. The United States was conceived as a federation of sovereign White states. Even Lincoln was opposed to integration and wanted Africans in Africa.

      The majority of Whites who opposed slavery did so because they didn’t want Blacks living in their states and didn’t want the Slave Power to populate Western states with Blacks. “Free labor vs. Slave labor” was “White labor vs. Black labor.”

      “All men are created equal” meant “all European men” and for Jefferson and the others it was an assertion that White men like themselves were just as capable of leadership as the hereditary aristocracies in Europe. They wanted an aristocracy of merit.

      NRx LARPing notwithstanding, we can see that the European nations that did retain their aristocracies are in hardly better positions than the republics. Just because “all men are created equal” doesn’t mean that all men remain equal throughout their lives.

      I reject those who reject our American White Nationalist heritage and the NRx LARPers play-acting about a new “king” and other Dungeons & Dragons style silliness are just wasting people’s time. The White Man has 500 years of history on the North American continent and Americans have simply developed a different culture and a different ethnicity than our fellow Whites in Europe. We can no more make Americans into English or French or German or Polish than we can turn England, France, Germany and Poland into America.

      Whether we like it or not, America was designed to be the merger of the various European ethnicities. It started out with a British core (including Irish) with plenty of German, Dutch, French, and Nordic admixture. After 15 generations we are our own ethnicity and we have all the White ethnic diversity we need right now.

      There is really no problem with European immigration into America in the Current Year – we don’t have the “Polish plumber” problem that England may or may not have. America may in fact be unique in that we can readily absorb Whites from any White ethnicity – we’ve been doing so since the beginning.

      So, there is really no problem with European nations and the American nation (and subnations) maintaining their unique ethnicities and culture while still working together in a global federation of Whites.

      • The other side of this argument would be the “Albion’s Seed” perspective– that you can still trace regional differences in the US back to the different groups of British settlers and where they ended up, and that other immigrants (at least Northern European ones) assimilated to those regional cultures. And those differences play a large role in explaining the War Between the States, among other aspects of US history.

        “we have all the White ethnic diversity we need right now.”

        That’s the bottom line, though.

        “NRx LARPing notwithstanding, we can see that the European nations that did retain their aristocracies are in hardly better positions than the republics. Just because “all men are created equal” doesn’t mean that all men remain equal throughout their lives.”
        Nothing lasts. Governments and civilizations have cycles, of course, with or without jews and mass immigration– they just make it worse. Not a new observation, of course. That one goes back pretty far:

      • Their cultures are already destroyed. American culture is everywhere now, meaning nothing more than crass materialism. The blue collar white kid has more in common now with their black peers than with the middle to upper middle class kids of their own race. That is why this endeavor of ours is hopeless in the end. Like the conservatives failing to conserve anything, we really have not much to advance with anymore. America just means conformity, conformity to crass materialism. Even
        Toqueville observed this. We as a nation are perfect for life under a communist state.

  • My suggestion is an Alt Right Historical reading list. I’d be happy to provide a compilation with quick background notes on each text for submission. Many of these books are available at your local library.

    • I would be interested in creating a compilation of some children’s historical/cultural literature: “The Altright Children’s Essentials Reading List”.

    • Many older books are available on, of course. Sometimes just scanned pdfs, but often epub or mobi. And there’s Project Gutenberg, too, of course.

  • Well said. However we also must be about building community. Get to know your white neighbor, most people are looking for solidarity someone who can voice their discontent but in a manner that is sympathetic in nature. Feed them milk before meat.

  • Reading on ones own is the best education in the world next to personal experiences. A really well read person is smarter than a grad student. The humanities were sanitized a long time ago to fit the globalist agenda. It is time to get back to the classical education of the humanities.

    • The diversification of higher education is problematic, regardless of what the reading list looks like. A couple of years ago an Indian with a Masters degree tried telling me with 100% seriousness that Plato was a black guy, because thats what he was taught. We need to stop letting affirmative action hires with a chip on their shoulders re-write our history as they see fit.

  • You should ad “Russkaya” to “dusha”, because “dusha”doesn’t mean specifically Russian Soul, just soul in general.

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