Pregnancy Scandal At Charter School Proves That Evangelical Right Is A Complete Joke

Submitted by Henry Armitage


Evangelicals claim to stand for family values and, at a minimum, not killing the unborn, but ultimately they believe that girls who get pregnant out of wedlock should face no negative consequences but be showered with love and understanding—not to mention gratitude for “choosing life.”

One partial exception to this, apparently, is a THOT-bashing charter school in Maryland called Heritage Academy. From the New York Times:

[Maddi Runkles] has a 4.0 average at Heritage Academy, the small private Christian school she attends; played on the soccer team; and served as president of the student council. But when her fellow seniors don blue caps and gowns at graduation early next month, Ms. Runkles, 18, will not be among them. The reason? She is pregnant…

Anti-abortion group Students For Life, which took her to a recent rally in Washington, argues that she should be lauded, not punished, for her decision to keep her baby

“She made the courageous decision to choose life, and she definitely should not be shamed,” said Kristan Hawkins, the Students for Life president, who tried unsuccessfully to persuade the administrator of Heritage Academy to reverse the decision. “There has got to be a way to treat a young woman who becomes pregnant in a graceful and loving way.”

So, even though this school tries to take a principled stand on these issues, evangelical THOTS For Life begin to interfere. This same Students For THOT Life organization is actually raising money to buy Maddy a scholarship, baby gifts and more. Oh, and her father was actually on the board of the school.

Oh, and Maddi’s father was actually on the board of the school. Irony of ironies. A god-fearing father evangelical father who is literally on the board of a religious school aiming to curb pre-marital promiscuity ends up being unable to control his daughter.

Mr. Runkles, a bank vice president, recused himself from decisions involving his daughter, but ultimately he quit the board in anger over how she was treated. […] ”It’s ruined her senior year.”

Ruined her senior year! Can you even believe the callous cruelty? As if Our Lord himself didn’t verily minister even unto the THOTs and publicans!I mean, it’s all very well to teach kids not to have extra-marital sex, but then when they go ahead and do it you can’t actually punish them- so sayeth the Evangelicals.  You just have to nag and hope that works; anything more would be inhumane. You have to enable these girls to make an exhibition of themselves to liberal publications like the NYT, so everyone can make a fuss over them and tell them how brave they are and give them presents. That will definitely prevent future bad behavior:

Ms. Runkles, who considers herself “a practicing born-again Christian,” expects to raise her baby, a boy, with the help of her parents…She calls the child “a blessing,” but declined to discuss the baby’s father, except to say that they do not plan to marry, and that he does not attend Heritage Academy.
Initially, she tried to keep the pregnancy a secret. She also thought fleetingly, she said, of abortion. But after a few days, she confided in her mother, Sharon, who works in a mental health clinic, and eventually her father, who called an emergency meeting, he said, to inform Mr. Hobbs and the board members.

You know, Maddi, there was a time not so long ago when your only hope of a decent life from here would have been to get mystery man to marry you. There was a reason or two for that… Maddi seems very contrite. She even said she felt that she was being treated more harshly than students who have been suspended for, say, underage drinking and lying about it.

Overall though, Maddi seems very contrite. She even said she felt that she was being treated more harshly than students who have been suspended for, say, underage drinking and lying about it.

Because that’s a fair comparison to make.

The hilarious article goes on:

“Some pro-life people are against the killing of unborn babies, but they won’t speak out in support of the girl who chooses to keep her baby,” she said. “Honestly, that makes me feel like maybe the abortion would have been better. Then they would have just forgiven me, rather than deal with this visible consequence.”

Maybe some people think you shouldn’t have an abortion OR go ahead fecklessly as if nothing has happened? Maybe you should get hitched to the father of your child so you can bring it up together the way God and nature intended? And part of me wonders if those evangelical baby-worshippers would still give you a scholarship if you went ahead and aborted your baby, then publically “repented.” Probably.

Knowing them, as soon as she turned on the waterworks, they would cave. After all, according to the Evangelical Church of the Redeemed THOT, Jesus loves you, your THOT daughters and your lucky-dip grandkids! Amen.

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  • Truly religious people who abide by the rules they claim to or are expected to should understand this school’s decision because the school’s point wasn’t to punish her for not killing her unborn baby. That presumably never entered into their minds. Their purpose was presumably not to normalize the notion that girls could attend a Christian academy and wind up knocked up before they leave. From this standpoint, not the abortion position which isn’t even present here; it’s just been interjected by nutty pundits with their own agenda, the school’s position makes sense and is consistent with Christian principles, whereas the student everyone is martyring here couldn’t keep her legs shut until marriage.

  • They are so pro life that they want 10yr old white girl raped and impregnated by a negro to have his baby

    Also, the overwhelming majority of donations and aid to Israel and to the Israeli lobby are from christians that literally believe Jews are the chosen ones.

    The anti degeneracy, christian crowd was not that active when the Alt-Right first started. They saw us rising and wanted in on some of that nationalist market share, but we need to be cautious about the so called ((( christian )))) traditionalists. Especially the ones who put religion before race.

    • Does anyone know of any books that detail the Christianity of the Antebellum South?
      If so I’d like to read them.

    • Hey man. The real Tristan here. Heard about this from a friend and made a random profile. Could you please change the name. Don’t care about any crap you spout but don’t LARP as me. Would greatly appreciate it

  • Literally everyone has always known that rich, preppy Christian girls are not-so-secretly sluts.

  • Actions have consequences.
    Incentives work.
    If you reward a behavior, you get more of it.
    Difficult concepts– for some.

  • A couple of observations. Years ago a girl who got pregnant out of wedlock gave the baby up for adoption. There appears to have been no consideration here of that option. Like other posters I suspect Dad is a Negro and uninterested in marriage and working to support his progeny. The proper response to unwed motherhood is social ostracism. It’s best if even the family can banish it’s daughter from family activities but she should certainly not be permitted to participate in school activities. The fact that this happened at a putatively Christian school shows the degree to which modern Christianity is becoming cucked.

  • A story: Another couple are having dinner with me and my wife to catch up. The four of us used to go to the same church, but have drifted apart since we left the old church and started going to other churches. The other two start telling us about their daughter and her serious boyfriend at college, a player on the football team. She shows my wife a picture of him. I begin to get the vibe that not all is right. Come to find out the college athlete is black … big and black. The daughter is a very tall blond and pretty decent looking. The father turns to me while the two women are talking and says that he couldn’t face God and have Him ask my friend why he didn’t let his daughter date a black guy because the black guy is a good Christian, as if culture and race meant nothing to him, the effing idiot. I kept my mouth shut, because no one asked my opinion. Our friends are totally cucked.
    I have told my own daughter, in no uncertain terms, that she will NOT bring home anyone other than a white guy.

  • All those pedophile priests covered up and enabled by the church hierarchy prove Catholicism is a complete joke.

    • Strange how all of those “pedophile” priests preyed on… teenage boys. Almost as if they were actually homosexual “chicken hawks,” not pedophiles. I assume that you support the obvious solution– keeping homosexuals out of the priesthood.

    • News for you, every single institution that gives men access to and authority over children attracts child molesters. Human nature being what it is institutions will try and cover up the crimes of their members. I do not any anyway defend the church over that and personally would like to see all of those guilty (even the Pope) hung, literally. Death to child molesters!

      • Not news to me but it seems to be news to the author of this article. He said one instance completely discredited evangelicals but ignores what you just said.

  • Honestly, I am just glad she’s white. I read the words “charter school” “academy” “evangelical” and braced myself for some major cucking on the part of the Nice White People in the story for the sake of some low IQ dindu and her soon to be criminal spawn. Glad to see they are at least taking care of one of their own. She should still marry the father if at all possible though. Also, whatever the virtues of falling rates of teenage pregnancy, that trend has been part of a wider collapse in fertility across the Western world. We on the Alt Right should not view it as an automatic good.

  • Virtually all Christians and most of the Alt-Right “anti-degeneracy” crowd share this same basic hypocrisy about sex. Instead of attending single-sex schools, at the height of their sexual awakening, teenage girls and boys are forced into close relationships with each other and then people act all surprised when nature takes its course.

    In a “real” traditionalist society, the mystery man would be forced to marry her, otherwise face criminal prosecution (and perhaps a father’s shotgun) as a rapist. Even in America not that long ago, Frank Sinatra was almost prosecuted for “seduction” for refusing to marry a woman after he, well, seduced her.

    Since the Alt Right is full of reactionaries who can do nothing but react against “the left,” it reacts against feminism by becoming a mirror image of feminism. Since feminism puts all the blame on men, the reactionaries react and put all the blame on women.

    Evangelicals/pro-lifers are indeed both stupid and hypocritical. If the gal is old enough to f***, she’s old enough to be a wife and mother. Where are the evangelicals (or Alt-Righters for that matter) promoting young marriage for horny teenagers? Sure, it’s likely best to wait as long as reasonably possible, but the reactionaries, the faux-traditionalists, and the “anti-degeneracy” crowd really do fulfill the stereotype of Puritans – the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be having fun.

    What is wrong with being a “teenage mother?” Having your first child as a late teenager is normal, natural, and healthy. Motherhood ain’t brain surgery and with a supporting network of women you can learn the details.

    The problem with this Evangelical school is not that they expelled the young woman for having sex out of wedlock. The problem with this Evangelical school is that they almost certainly look down on 16, 17, and 18 year old high school girls getting married and having children. Which is bulls***, they should have a nursery at the high school for young married mothers. Having a pregnant wife on stage receiving her high school diploma should be something that the gals are proud of – they should be taking selfies with their wedding rings and baby bumps under their graduation robes.

    All the talk by Evangelicals and faux-traditionalist Alt-Righters about natalism is a lie – they are actually anti-sex prudes.

    • The girl (and the boy?), and I quote “they do not plan to marry”. There is nothing traditional about this. The girl plans on being a single mother, placing the financial burden on her parents to raise the child.

      Instead of calling a whore a whore, you are lashing out at the Alt Right for being “anti fun”, mean while this “women” is just another single mom, that will probably screw up the son she is going to raise.

      If given a preference I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of Alt Righters would prefer gender specific schooling. I know I would, and we would insist that the two get married should a teen pregnancy occur. In fact based on the story I would bet that the father DID try and get the two to marry, but muh strong independent womenz and all.

      • Et suppositio nil ponit in esse.

        Which part of “the problem with this Evangelical school is not that they expelled the young woman for having sex out of wedlock” did you have a hard time understanding?

        Calling the gals “whores” and blathering about “white sharia” does no good. Expecting horny teenage girls to not “put out” for horny teenage boys is a loser’s bet. How is it the teenage boy and the teenage girl were even alone together long enough for penis to enter vagina? How is this not the parent’s fault?

        Calling a 17 year old girl a “whore” is the most feminist thing one can do, it’s projecting sexual agency onto a teenage girl. Either she’s a “strong independent wimminz” who chose to be a whore – OR she’s a horny teenage girl doing what comes naturally due to a lack of parental and social control over her sexuality.

        Which is it? You can’t have it both ways.

        I would bet that the father DID try and get the two to marry, but muh strong independent womenz and all.

        That’s exactly the reactionary bull**** I’m talking about. The boy Dindu Nuffins and was Turning His Lifes Aroundz. He had already bought the ring but the Teenage Whore decided to be a single mother because she’s such a feminist.

        Since I’m NOT a feminist nor do I buy into the “blank slate theory” of humanity, I expect horny teenagers to do what horny teenagers do. It’s up to adults and the society to, essentially, force them to do the right thing. Instead, reactionaries want to wait around until horny teenagers do what horny teenagers do then posture about how awful horny teenagers are because they like f***ing.

        • > Instead, reactionaries want to wait around until horny teenagers do what horny teenagers do then posture about how awful horny teenagers are because they like f***ing.

          lol, who here is saying this? Jesus dude. Who said anything about White Sharia? Do you have kids?

          17 yo who manage to get pregnant, and NOT get married are a specific case level, which is what this article is about. First, with the benefits of modern birth control, pregnancy is easy to avoid. Second, if the parents are not willing to get married than the are already screwing over the child. All stats point to single parent households being more susceptible to pretty much every societal ill out there.

          Whether it is fair or not the onus is primarily on the female to NOT get pregnant. Sorry, but that is just the way nature works in a White society.

          I have no real problem with, or at least am realistic about the following –

          a) teenagers managing to have discreet, responsible sex.
          b) pregnancies that result in marriage and the involvement of both parents.

          What I do have problems with

          a) teenage sex that results in pregnancy, and the parents expecting the female parents to take all financial burden.

          • I’m obviously doing a poor job of getting my point across, so let me try again.

            Evangelicals and reactionary Alt-Rights are anti-sex instead of pro-family.

            When a teenage girl starts noticing boys and being noticed by boys, the response is typically, “keep your legs shut and don’t be a whore.” Instead it should be, “which boy you are noticing and being noticed by do you think would make a good husband?”

            Instead of telling teenage girls, “if you get pregnant don’t kill your baby” it should be “get married and have your first baby.”

            Instead of telling teenage girls, “don’t date blacks” it should be “marry a white.”

            Evangelicals and Alt-Rights typically do the former and never the latter, which shows that they are anti-sex as opposed to pro-white family. To be fair to Evangelicals, there are some that are at least starting to do this.

            I understand Spencer’s slogan “become who we are” to be a forward-oriented traditionalism. We have a tradition – who we are – and we should be carrying that tradition forward – becoming. It’s not “don’t become who we aren’t” or “go back to what we once were.” It is to create and embrace a positive good future, not to avoid a bad future or “go back to” or cling to an idealized past.

            We have no culture of young family formation in The Current Year. We have one side demanding chastity and the other side celebrating promiscuity. What we never seem to do is to tell young women (especially) to get married and start having children.

            On the Evangelical “manosphere” blogs I read, the males are constantly complaining that they are expected to “man up and marry the sluts” but when they are then given the opportunity to “man up and marry the virgins” – they balk. They would rather complain about the bad than to actually embrace the good. I’ve seen it personally dozens of times. They – rightfully – refuse to compromise with the feminists – but when the women finally break and submit – they find some other excuse to keep berating the gals.

            On the Alt-Right we finally got rid of the “WN feminists” – only to see the usual suspects then start complaining that Alt Right “trad” women are making videos instead of “shutting up and making white babies” (when they are in fact making white babies and encouraging other young women to do so.)

            Reactionaries want to fight evil instead of doing good – or to be more precise, they want to complain about evil rather than encourage the good.

            It’s always easier to destroy than to create.

          • Your ideas are so good I think you need to start your own blog.

          • You also need to blog here, HR.

            I love the way you set up how Whites seem to divide between Marxist anti-marriage idealism or Evangelical anti-sex idealism over pro-teen marriage. You illustrated how both of these positions end up being anti-White.

            Ultimately self-destructive philosophies over self-preservative pragmatism seems to be the White way, which is why we are looking at racial extinction in a hundred years or less.

            The Mormon religion may be weird, but it actually encourages young marriage. We really need to study what they do. But I get the notion that they actually get their kids to start thinking about who they want to marry the moment they hit middle school.

          • Hear, hear! Well said overall.

            They’ve already got nursery rooms and “work-life balance” at corporations and grad schools; why should high school be any different? Women’s rights!

          • I get your point. You seem to be confusing “anti sex” with “anti single motherhood”. I don’t have a problem with White people getting married and having children extremely young. In fact I have a daughter and I hope she meets a good man and marries the day after she graduates from high school.

            The Alt Right isn’t the “manoshpere” necessarily, even though there is cross over, so I am not sure why you are citing their work on Alt Right dot com.

          • Instead of telling teenage girls, “don’t date blacks” it should be “marry a white.”

            Man… this is really excellent ! For all that I´ve sought, and pondered…, I have, besides one, see below, not come up with something that would appear useful to me… but your idea, which I would call “positive motivation” instead of negative motivation, that´s about the first time I feel it´s a useful idea.

            My idea is: mixed-race people can´t live in White countries but have to move to the non-White countries, so a woman will have to move when she has mixed-race children (and since no woman will want that, they simply won´t race-mix).
            Now I still think that´s a very good approach; but your idea is much easier to apply !

          • “but when they are then given the opportunity to “man up and marry the virgins” – they balk”

            I agree with what you’re saying but…

            >implying there are virgins of marriageable age in 2017

          • I believe the eligible age of marriage for girls under the Irish Brehon Laws was 14 (or was it 12? It was 12 in areas of Europe under Roman Law). In any case, it seems that human biology dictates that women should marry much younger than they do today.

          • @craicher:disqus

            In any case, it seems that human biology dictates that women should marry much younger than they do today.

            The left tells 16 year old girls “be promiscuous with multiple boyfriends but don’t get married.” The right tells 16 year old girls “don’t have sex and don’t get married.”

            A 16 year old girl marrying a 21 year old young man and having sex with him is technically legal everywhere in the USA, but most liberals and most conservatives act like it’s the most awful and horrible thing in the world.

            The right hates sex and the left hates marriage, apparently.

          • @disqus_QiEFEX5Kwv:disqus

            If she is old enough to lose her virginity to her “boyfriend,” she’s old enough to lose her virginity to her husband.

            If “marriageable age” is out of sync with biology – it’s the culture that needs to change. Alt Right is supposed to be all about biological realism: race realism and sex realism.

          • Fair enough. It’s just the idea that any 18 year old that isn’t incredibly fat and/or ugly still being a virgin is laughable.

    • What is wrong with being a “teenage mother?” Having your first child as a late teenager is normal, natural, and healthy.

      I completely agree with this statement.

      • The problem is the equality push, putting them with boys their own age. Teenage women are ready, able, and capable of being great mothers and wives. Teenage boys, not even close to ready on any of those fronts.

        If our system was pushing teen girls entering their optimal breeding window, to socialize and form long term relationships and bonds with stable mid to late 20s men who have their lives together and are hitting their stride in a career and entering their optimal breeding window as provider, things would work far better.

    • I like a lot of things that you write but what you’re writing here is incoherent bullshit, misrepresenting “traditionalist” and “reactionary” views, using rhetorical chess maneuvers such as equating different ideological groups (i.e. manosphereans, alt-righters, traditionalists, puritans, reactionaries) with each other and claiming certain groups (i.e. reactionaries) are the “mirror” image of feminists even though not all reactionary positions are a negation of feminist positions.

      It’s true that being a pregnant young wife “should” be praised by the evangelical community, and I honestly believe it “would” be but no one within the protestant community is willing to commit to it due to the cultural times. There are a lot of paradoxes that exist at the moment for young Christian women – i.e. they need marry young to a good man while getting a career while staying chaste through college while not getting an abortion while being a submissive wife while being strong and independent – lots of paradoxes that haven’t been fully reasoned out by the Christian community.

      This is a case of Christian and traditional moral principles not mixing very well with the “moral” principles of the times.

      • I’m not particularly interested in thin-slicing all the various permutations of reactionary ideologies which all have more in common with each other than they do differences.

        This is a case of Christian and traditional moral principles not mixing very well with the “moral” principles of the times.

        It’s more of a case of conservative fathers making a choice: they would rather look the other way at their daughter’s premarital sex with “boyfriends” – as long as it doesn’t cause a scandal – then to admit that “daddy’s little girl” is growing up and doing the difficult work of guiding her into a good marriage.

        I’ve seen it in real life and read it on the reactionary blogs for a decade, over and over again.

        The feminists have one thing absolutely right: many men really do have a “madonna/whore” complex when it comes to women. They either put them on a pedestal or they denigrate them as “whores” and “thots.” Few seem to be able to simply look at women and their sexuality objectively.

        “I could hold you to some impossibly high ideal, like Angel Clare, or I could debase you completely, like Alec D’Urberville.” — Mr. Grey

        “Well, if there’s only two options, I take debasement.” — Anastasia

        • good point.

          “The feminists have one thing absolutely right: many men really do have a “madonna/whore” complex when it comes to women.”

          I don’t know if you read The Rational Male at all, but that’s a good manosphere site that gets into the meat of the madonna/whore complex, why its wrong-headed, how to get over it, etc.

  • Christian charter schools in Texas are most racially segregated schools you can legally have.

    Blacks have their charter schools. Whites have theirs.

    There is still some mixing, but NOTHING like the Texas public school cesspools.

    • I don’t know about TX private schools either. Spencer’s school, St. Mark’s, also produced Kurt Eichenbald.

  • I don’t get the author’s tone? Sure, you can be angry at Evangelicuck hypocrisy. But you shouldn’t be mad at an 18 year old girl for getting pregnant. You can be mad at her for getting pregnant *outside of marriage*, but the pregnancy in and of itself should be celebrated, assuming (1) its a white baby and (2) the father is not a POS.

  • She should sue this school and Evangelicals need to wean themselves from the Israeli/Jewish tit.

      • Eugenics is politically impossible. Just advocate David Duke’s position from his early 90s races. Make it mandatory for women on welfare to receive birth control implants.

        • I would actually be willing to pay for that. I don’t want to get too far from the topic, but in general, I think our tax dollars go to a lot of nonsense. Even though I realize what Duke was suggesting is paying for non-whites to receive birth control, to me that’s a valid use of tax revenue.

        • Make it mandatory for women on welfare to receive birth control implants.

          I recall the articles in the Washington Post about that exact proposal which was endorsed by both conservatives and liberals. Norplant was developed and the trials were promising.

          The main opposition lobby that had enough clout to stop it? A certain Christian denomination with a “no birth control” policy.

          Huh, was it the Methodists or do I have that wrong?

          • The Catholics have some full retard positions because they’re the originators of the term “social justice.” Not only with birth control, but also with providing sanctuary for illegal aliens.

            But I don’t recall Duke’s position on mandatory birth control for welfare moms winning wide acceptance from the left and right. Pretty much everything like that that Duke proposed was dismissed as Nazism for the 90s.

          • Duke wasn’t the first to propose it. Depo Provera was given to welfare blacks back in the 1970s when it was still experimental; the $PLC sued over it.

          • “The Catholics have some full retard positions because they’re the originators of the term “social justice.” ”

            Father Coughlin’s weekly magazine was actually called “Social Justice.” The Left and the Tribe have perverted the original meaning quite a bit since then, though.

          • Come on. Paul LePage already talked about this. Guys like D Money and Smoothy and Shifty come into rural white areas, sell heroin, and impregnate white girls.

          • Not saying it doesn’t happen, statistically speaking, there’s less of a chance there than in other areas.

          • I was joking with the LePage comment, but there’s a kernel of truth in it.

          • D Money Smoothie and Shitty come into my neighborhood -and the County Sheriff can drown them in the local river.

    • If Whites quit feeding, clothing and housing Blacks on a global scale it would not matter one bit if they took birth control or not. Their numbers would crash. The same for Arabs and Latin Americans. We feed them and enable their numbers to grow.

  • This is why I don’t have a hard stance on abortion at this time. Not that I am in favor of abortions, but as the father of a daughter this is an extremely screwed up situation to find oneself…. As a father you really have limited options for dealing with situations like these.

    Being left out of a will is the strongest tool in the shed for dealing with unruly young adult children. Ultimately, the Alt Right, or a movement like it needs to create a charity foundation where White men can leave their life work should their offspring screw up. You wanna be a single mother thot? You wanna be an anti White commie? Fine, your siblings will get my house and you will get nothing. If you only have one or two children, and they are all degenerate you leave your wealth to a pro White institution that helps the next generation.

    Ultimately there is no law that White parents have to financially support horrible decisions made by their children. It just takes will power, and a predisposition to look at the bigger picture. If your children forsaken you, or bring shame to your family, it is best to cut them off until they right their own ship. If they don’t correct themselves, there should be an option where as you lie in your death bed, you know that all of the wealth you generated in your lifetime will at the very least go to helping further your people and your civilization.

    • I have a daughter. She’s still a toddler, innocent to the ways of the world. However, my wife and I have had this discussion already. The conclusion we reached is that our response will be determined by the race of the child.
      If the child is white, we will encourage her to keep the baby, hope the father wants to be involved, if not marry, and if necessary, we will keep our daughter and grandchild under our supervision in our home. It’s our belief that we’d be making the best of a bad situation.
      If the child is not white, then we will encourage her to have an abortion. If she refuses, then she will deal with the consequences on her own.
      We plan to talk to her about sex and the consequences involved with pre-martial and interracial sex, and how damaging it can be her to life, when she’s old enough to hear about it. We think that’ll be when her body begins to mature and boys start to get interested in her. So, until then, we just try to raise her to respect herself enough so that she won’t fall into this awful situation.

      • Great point. My daughter is still a toddler as well. I agree with the race of the child being the ultimate decider. I also agree that preemptive action is most important, unfortunately even the strongest sometimes falter.

        • My dad only gave me one piece of advice when we had our first child, “we raised you so that you could raise her, just like your grandfather did for me. You can do it.”

      • If you want a kid who is wise to negros, make sure that she has some typical, unpleasant experiences with them. The sheltered kids who only see negros on TV will end up thinking they’re just like us. Nothing teaches like experience when it comes to negros, and to jews as well.

      • There is a funny part in the movie, Father of the Bride, where Steve Martin is looking at a four year old girl who is telling him that she has met the love of her life and is planning to marry him. The camera captures his expression and then pans back to the little girl, but there is a young woman sitting there.

        That’s the typical father and that’s also his Achilles Heel.

        A friend of mine is a single father who wants to be a grandfather. The problem is that when she was a pre-teen and a teen, he would always say half-seriously that she can’t date boys until she’s thirty. Well, she’s twenty-five now and is too wrapped up in the single life and her career aspirations to think about childen.

        Protective fathers should think more about helping their daughters find a man who will continue protecting them, i.e. a suitable husband rather than some pick up artist who will exploit them and only give them a bastard child, if they are lucky.

        The Mormons, whatever else you say about how weird their religion is, encourage boys and girls to think about marriage from the time they hit preschool. Their young people often marry right after they finish high school and complete a one year mission.

        That doesn’t mean they don’t go on to college without having children right away, but you can bet that when they finish college they do. The Mormons find some way to get their children married and ready to have children during their peak fertility years.

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