Crazy Cat-Lady Professor Harrases Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer At Gym

A devastating blow against the movement was delivered last week. From the Washington Post:

An Alexandria gym terminated the membership of white nationalist Richard Spencer last week after he was confronted by a Georgetown University professor who recognized him and lambasted him over his alt-right views.

C. Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, said she was working out at Old Town Sport&Health on Wednesday when she spotted Spencer, president of the white-nationalist National Policy Institute.

What has the world come to that a White man can’t even be left alone to make gains in peace? Naturally, the Free Market sided with a psychopathic post-menopausal schitzo. Richard got banned, and she did not. But there is a ray of good news.

From her Twitter:

I looked up the bio of this woman and realized that she is the literal embodiment of Western rot. Her entire web page is written in that stupid, self-satisfied, smarmy cat-lady tone that all of these genetic dead-ends have adopted. Revealingly, there is no mention of children anywhere in the bio.

Only a picture of a dog. Perhaps she’s not a cat lady after all.

Here’s some info from her bio:

She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Women in International Security, International Studies Association, American Political Science Association, and the American Institute of Pakistan Studies and serves on the editorial board numerous scholarly and policy-analytic journals. She resigned her membership with the International Institute of Strategic Studies to protest its consistent failure to address diversity issues.

She is a many-time survivor of the University of Chicago. She earned her B.S. in Biological Chemistry in 1991. She also completed an M.A. from the Harris School of Public Policy as well as an M.A in South Asian Languages and Civilizations in 1997. In 2004, she received her PhD in South Asian Languages and Civilizations.

She can cause trouble in multiple languages.


She’s also a feminist. Surprise, surprise, she has a section of her professional webpage dedicated to “ShitMenSay” at her. Because that’s healthy and professional. It links to her Tumblr, which you should definitely check out.

This is one crazy sheila. She’s been written about before on Daily Mail. What a headline:

Anger at Georgetown professor over her MONTH-LONG foul-mouthed Twitter rant at Muslim ex-colleague who voted Trump

  • Asra Q Nomani, a Muslim who voted Trump, says C Christine Fair is harassing he 
  • Fair was allegedly incensed by Nomani’s political choice and insulted her  
  • Nomani says ex-friend Fair told her ‘F**k you’ and ‘go to hell’ in private messages
  • She also says Fair insulted her on Twitter and Facebook from Nov 22-Dec 23
  • Fair is a Georgetown professor at the Center for Peace and Security Studies 
  • Nomani has complained to Georgetown, wanting an investigation and apology
She also spends a lot of time in India and Pakistan. Judging from the policy papers she’s written, she’s an unrepentant Obama apologist and warhawk (with possible CIA connections). Unsurprisingly, if she has a problem with Spencer, she’s clearly a big proponent of the “Invade the world, invite the world” theory. And she has spent a lot of time mucking aroung in India and Pakistan. According to some, she’s involved in some fishy business with Balochistan and Pakistan.

In the fall of 2011, Fair received a $330,000 grant from the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad Office of Public Affairs. A year later, she received another approximately $330,000 grant from the same agency, to do a “survey of Pakistanis to understand the connection between media consumption and views towards Islamist militancy in Pakistan.”

A professor who specializes in Pakistan but who asked to remain off the record expressed surprise in a message to me that these grants were so large, explaining that researchers rarely ever get so much money.

But CIA money is not the real story here.

I would bet a lot of money that she takes more than a passing interest in Third Worlders. Remember, its aging spinsters a la Merkel in the West or Christine Fair that take an interest in open borders and the Third-World boy toys that come through them. She also has fantasies about being gang-raped by Pakis:

I guarantee you that she’s one of those stronk womyn that secretly yearn for the burka. In fact, you can find some pics of her in ethnic garb splattered all over google images. She also claims she’s Jewish. I am not so sure of that claim. I think she’s just a deranged neocon. But she certainly exhibits all the characteristics of a Chosenite.

But when alls said and done, the Alt-Right cannot stand idly by and allow Deep State shills mess with our workout regimens. Richard will be appealing the decision to ban him from the gym in upcoming weeks. We will keep you posted on this developing story.

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  • Rich should have bashed in her skull with a 25-lb plate then thrown her corpse out the plate-glass window that was right behind them.

  • Yes Richard you are triggering them hard … I already left a long comment on your facebook about the message I received from Canada’s Elaine Dewar… a science writer who is convinced you are a nazi and that I am also a nazi for promoting your work on my independant media facebook page in eastern canada… despite promoting her books she now wants a divorce from me… the anger for them is real … what can I say except .. free speech about race, specifically the white race, is the trigger in 2017 … I’ve asked Elaine to get in touch with Richard directly if she is in fact a serious journalists which she claims to be… I see it clearly as a case of willful blindness since it was Elaine who alerted me to cultural survival .. in her book “Cloak of Green” 1995 which she wishes she never wrote I am sure …. no where on does the website concern itself with white Europeans their existence, future, survival… getting yourself banned from a gym by a crazy lazy sounds like a case of academia versus Spencer. I’ve been called altright in my university town before I even heard of the term … I’m anti-communitarian, and I’m sure these lunatics would rather die than expose the true elephant shitting in their livingrooms. Dewar is Jewish and her book Cloak of Green was in the local university library and had not been checked out since 1997 when I found it in 2015 .. the man on the cover was a rapist as it turned out .. a S. American who raped his European nanny…

  • Member of the CFR, brave advocate for the downtrodden, The irredeemable contradiction of the modern left in one neat, crazy package.

  • Have you all read the comments over at the Washington Post article on this?
    Pretty depressing.
    People are calling Spencer every epithet possible, but it is obvious that none of the commenters there have actually read his articles or listened to him speak.
    Pathetic how closed-minded, i.e., bigoted in the literal sense, these people are.

    • Anyone who still reads a legacy newspaper and comments on its website is a liberal faggot.

  • “In the fall of 2011, Fair received a $330,000 grant from the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad Office of Public Affairs. A year later, she received another approximately $330,000 grant from the same agency, to do a
    “survey of Pakistanis to understand the connection between media consumption and views towards Islamist militancy in Pakistan.””

    $660,000 over the course of not more than two years to do some social science in a third-world country? That doesn’t sound right. More likely she was a conduit for some CIA baksheesh paid out to the locals.

  • Based on the size of the holding company and the franchise cost, I think a lawsuit in the 20 million will work. Will buy Richard his own gym.

  • Anatoly Karlin over at Unz has noted that this woman is a far greater threat to nonwhites than Richard Spencer could ever be. She’s written policy papers defending the use of drone strikes and denying that they cause civilian casualties. At the very least, she indirectly has blood on her hands.

  • I just want to say that I am a white christian male, of the age 43. I am absolutely disgusted by you people who quote the constitution, when it benefits your point. Meanwhile, you are saying that whites are better than everyone else, while in the constitution it clearly states that all men are created equal. So basically you are disproving yourself.

    • If Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Hamilton, Jay et al thought “All Men are Created Equal”, then why did they deny blacks the vote and only count black men as 3/5 of a person? The phrase refers to EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW, blind justice, not racial equality.

    • The Constitution nowhere says “all men are created equal” you moron.

      Why do you hate the Founding Fathers, who were all, 100% of them, White Nationalists?

    • George Mason wanted to include “all men are created equal under the law”, but his suggestion obviously was rebuffed. And yes, us evil YT’s are superior to non-Caucasians. Just a fact. The truth can be unpleasant when you are on the wrong end of it.

    • when a woman declares herself a feminist today its best not to engage .. but apparently … she insisted on engaging with you Richard … which means she is looking for attention, she’s a loon.. a protected princess in whackademia who murders free speech on campus daily no doubt .. a real cunt.

      • I disagree. It’s best to engage and trigger. Make her as bad as she can possibly be and film it.

    • She’s a very odd person. She claims she was doing the gym a favor so they wouldn’t get sued for having Spencer as a member. She’s a pathological liar.

      I see some weird people obsessed with saying she’s not Jewish. She says she is and has echoes. She could be sarcastic, but her personality totally fits the profile.

  • This is just another example of why only the most retarded creatures could believe in a concept like “White Privilege.” A so called “White Supremacist” can be harassed at the gym while mining his own business and have his membership revoked by and at the behest of a female, Jewish, Georgetown professor that belongs to the Council on Foreign relations.

    When “White Privileged” and/or “White Supremacy” is implemented in the near future, I would hope it would look a little different than this?

  • Just can’t seem to find a resting place for your head can you? Winter confrontation, and now an early Summer confrontation, can’t wait to see what Fall brings! Lol

  • The Jews had Jesus killed…….

    That led to Christianity taking over the Western World…….

    On Second Thought……

    I’m not going to go there………


  • Should we hold “sit-ins” at the gym to protest their discrimination against our people?

    Should we make the gym manager “internet famous” so our fellow Whites – especially our urban, SWPL brothers and sisters – know they may be accused of “hipster racism” if they present as “too white” during their workouts?

    Will White women be accused of “cultural appropriation” for taking yoga classes at this gym?

    Is the gym itself “diverse” enough? Is the gym manager a Person of Color? If not, why hasn’t he resigned to give his position to a Person of Color who needs it more?

  • Jew doxxes normies.
    Jew takes money from foreign governments.
    Jew harasses and attacks Muslim coworkers.
    Jew uses government to force White Christians to bake homo cakes.
    Jew does all of this while getting paid by White taxpayers.

    Same Jew gets Richard Spencer kicked out of a gym.

    Do any of you still believe there isn’t a Jewish coalition in government, academia and law?

  • Another overlooked takeaway …

    The more we find out about the vaunted “deep state” the more we find out that it’s basically a paper tiger. Same for the vaunted “intelligence community”. A rotten, corrupt, gaggle of clowns, for the most part.

    Stay focused.

    • The Stasi was perhaps the most effective intelligence agency in history, with 100,000 employees in a country of 17 million.

      In the end, the Stasi could do nothing to save a hollowed out and fake system. Why will it be any different for Cubicle goobers in Langley and Quantico?

  • I’m not much of a twitter user, but I love how these guys voluntarily choose to put their names in triple parens for us. Can we expect them to also start wearing the yellow Star of David in public, or would that be too much to ask?

  • Did a quick search on “Old Town Sport and Health” to find that this story has made national news across almost every single major news outlet. That, in itself, is a huge victory for the movement. Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet for the larger cause and Richard has proven himself more than capable of doing so.

    In the end, the price paid by the movement was well worth the, literally, millions of dollars in free media provided by the major outlets exposing just who vengeful and blood-thirst these kikes really are.

    This is a huge victory for the movement. Absolutely yuuuge.

  • Bizarrely, this creature makes Richard’s case beautifully: there is simply no way that we can live together as one nation with such wildly diverging points of view. The battle is becoming tribal. If a solution for a peaceful dissolution cannot be found, the “unpeaceful” dissolution is going to be bloody indeed.

    • The (((anti-whites))) cannot let whites have anything that is explicitly just for them. Once that happens, all, or at least most, whites will be in on it, since it will obviously be better than the multiracial mess with which we are stuck now. This means (((they))) will lose their )))white((( host, which to (((them))) is the end of the world.

      When they say “never again,” what they mean is “never again will whites have anything that is just for them.”

    • Ms. Fair appears to have a serial history of anti-white activities, all while receiving funding from the (occupational) government of the United States.

      Perhaps Old Town Sport and Health is anti-white as well? Supposed you’re a business, would you really want to fall in with those who are anti-white? Would you want your clientele to be niggers and jews? Of course not.

      Old Town Sport and Health should immediately offer an apology to Mr. Spencer and reinstate his membership. They should probably pay a pecuniary price, as well.

  • and he can do nothing about this because he is white…and the reason for that is that whites have been made 2nd class citizens….why? Because the elites have been manufacturing white-guilt adults via the educational curriculum, and have been doing that for decades…until the white working class awakens to this truth, it will only get worse…

  • Notice that nothing of the sort ever happens to prominent libertarians like Ron Paul.

    This shows what our elites really care about: They allow libertarian ideas because libertarians advocate basically pro-elite policies: Open borders, race mixing, atomized individualism, proposition nationalism, identity shopping, sexual freedom and so forth. With so much agreement going for them, our elites just ignore libertarian critiques of central banking and fiat money as unimportant issues.

    By contrast, when public figures like Spencer start to question our elites’ childish utopianism about equality, human fungibility, magic dirt, white dispossession and so forth, then the elites will sic their proxies on these troublemakers.

    The difference demonstrates where our elites feel especially vulnerable; they know on some level they have based their lives on lies, fantasies and myths that they can’t defend rationally, and they have to sic their proxies on anyone who questions the reality of their magic light show.

    • That’s just the obdurate nature of man. The lynch mobs will come for you and Spencer, just like they did for Makeev. They will know they have your full support.

    • Some people consider two r’s obsolete. I guess it depends on the local judge, magistrate, JP? Whatever they do there?

  • So this college professor who enjoys a comfortable upper middle-class life and has the power to destroy the existence of poor working class folks, wants us to believe that she represents the discriminated, powerless outsiders…

    • Yes, see her reply to me below. White people aren’t a “protected class” and can be excluded.

  • So a crazed professor verbally assaults a fellow gym member, who did nothing to provoke her other than simply exist and use the same gym, and the person being attacked gets banned rather than the crazed professor? Thw rodl just gets more sick every day.

    There better be lawsuit somewhere here.

  • I would very much like to see Spencer, along with a legal advocacy group representing him, sue this gym and keep the issue of anti-white discrimination in the spotlight. Perhaps set some precedents.

  • Seems reasonable that the Old Town Sport and Health could be sued for violating Mr. Spencer’s civil rights.

    Discriminating against Mr. Spencer, on the basis of his beliefs, is no different than discriminating against those of the Jewish religion or Islamic religion or Voodoo religion.

    Old Town Sport and Health could have some serious liability here.

    • I agree. I would be getting a lawyer post haste and I’d ride this fucking gym until I put them out of business. I hope that’s what Richard will do.

      • yall know where this is headed? Not this incident in particular, but the general vibe of the country. Come on man, Richard was just working out minding his own business. It’s 1859 all over again.

    • Absolutely. In addition to that, I’d be curious to read the contract that Richard Spencer signed with the gym. I sincerely doubt it says anything about terminating membership in this fashion. Unless the contract was written by a crazy cat lady who actually predicted this situation would come up, there’s no doubt Spencer’s 1st Amendment rights were violated. Oh, muh constitution can work in mysterious ways haha.

      • Am obviously not a lawyer, but I don’t think a commercial contract can somehow take precedence over anti-discrimination laws.

        The facts appear to be quite simple – Mr. Spencer was verbally accosted by an individual with a history of serial anti-white activities and was then wrongly banned from a publicly available service based upon nothing more than his political beliefs.

        Sounds like a slam dunk to me. Might even be some money in it that could be used to further the financing of the movement.

      • I think Spencer should get in touch with the President of Georgetown in writing and seek an apology from them for her behavior. Considering she is an employee—was her assault on his person directed or ordered by them? Spencer should let them know that he is seeking an apology from her—and he has witnesses to the assault that occurred on private property in a health club of which he was a member.

        I wouldn’t let Roman Catholic Georgetown off the hook. Spencer went to exercise, not to be exorcised by one of their employees.

        If these assaults keep up were are going to have start calling Richard “Punchy”.

        I had an acquaintance of mine who was an old time prize fighter named “Punchy”. As far as I know “Punchy” has gone on to meet his maker. But, in his heyday “Punchy” was rated, ranked and got into the ring with some big names.

        Some of the best political advice, I ever got was from “Punchy”. Because of his minor celebrity status he got invited to all kinds of political affairs. Because of his condition, who would pay attention to what they said in front of a punch drunk former contender? So, to make a long story short, “Punchy” was in the habit of telling me the latest political gossip that he over heard. LOL.

        So I hope Richard chews over my little story with his lawyer.

    • I was just writing a comment like this. If this is allowed by law, they just set a precedent that people can be banned for pretty much anything. Meanwhile, bakeries are still forced to bake cakes for people whose beliefs they don’t agree with. This all sounds like a legal mess.

      • It’s also very important to start working the term “anti-white” into the popular vernacular. I’ve been seeing it more and more and it’s incredibly effective. Just as the term “anti-semitic” has been incredibly effective.

        In the case of Ms. Fair it seems that we have an individual who has been engaged in serial anti-white activities and such bigotry must be vigorously addressed both in court cases where applicable and in popular culture, vernacular, etc.

      • Turning this into a media spectacle may have some advantages as well. There’s definitely no harm in bringing attention to the fact that the establishment is an anti-white establishment.

        If they want to market their business to niggers, Jews, etc. and forgo white people as a customer base, then Mr. Spencer has a unique opportunity to help them make that point in the marketplace.

        Me – I try to avoid niggers, at least, at all costs. Helps me get a lot more done. I’ve even started using Amazon more and more, solely to avoid all of the niggers at retail establishments.

        • Also, this could bring some CLASSIC liberal lawyers to the field that want nothing more than to muzzle these neolibs/cons

      • As much as it pains me, I have to acknowledge you’re probably right. Political beliefs aren’t a protected class, and excluding specific protected classes, businesses are still pretty much free to discriminate at their discretion.

        It’s a sad, sad world we live in.

        • actually, if spencer were black and involved in a black identity movement, and some white person at the gym had gotten upset about it, etc, and the gym had kicked him out, he probably would have a cause of action….whites are not a protected class under the american legal system…nonwhites are…

      • More directly it is analogous of banning a Jew for not being antisemitic. It’s not as if the bone of contention of Spencer is just the ethnostate.

  • There’s so many things wrong with this Jewess. Before this, she was known for advocating how great it is to send out drones to kill hundreds of Kebabs. But it’s the Alt Right that’s hateful and Supremacist.

    I also easily baited this Jewess into agreeing with me that Christian are nutjobs and people can denied public accommodations based on their thoughts. Feel free to call Georgetown and use this against her.

    • Just goes to prove that if you speak like them, they will accept you.

      Also, when is the meme that the juden are smart die?

      I mean, did she really take you seriously?

    • Damn Yehudah, your name had me laughing so severly, I pulled out a couple of ribs, talk about some pain!

    • Nazis don’t have rights.

      I decide who is a Nazi.

      Therefore I am judge, jury and executioner.

      This twisted bitch really needs a taste of her own medicine

  • If anyone ever needed the taste slapped right out of their mouth it’s this “fat, ugly, pig, Jewess whore.”

    I’m joking of course….

  • Openheimer looks like a nasty Jewish bitch that her whore of a mother aborted and this pustule crawled back to her rotting life. Openheimer is d0g vomit.

  • I actually accidently discovered Mr. Spencer over a year ago, and now am a proud Identitarian, (did I spell that right?), If you see this post Richard, Thank you for opening my eye’s, and I have watched all of your videos, multiple times, as well as turned on several of my friends. Thank you…. I hope to see you live someday, will you ever be in central Florida?

    • Join a TRS Pool Party, Identity Europa, the Trad Worker’s Party or similar (you’d have to get vetted for all of these), or just otherwise keep an ear open for ‘happenings’, and maybe Richard will be at one.

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