23andMe: The Devil In Disguise

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There was a literary and artistic movement in the early 20th century called, The Lost Generation. They were a generation of people that grew up during the chaos, insanity, and aftermath of WWI. Many of the greatest writers ever are part of it. These are all people that you have read and know very well- Joyce, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Pound to name a few.

Modern Whites in America have much in common with this generation. In many respects, our generation is also lost. We have been marginalized, attacked, and hated merely for existing. We do not know who or what we are, which is the extension our deracinated Bizzaro existence that we have inherited from the Baby Boomers.

An answer for many has been to do DNA testing. By doing a DNA test, many American Whites wrongly assume that the results will satiate their passion for being a part of something, for belonging. They believe that this will bring them more of a connection their neighbors and the greater community. The answer for American Whites, sadly, is that it will not.

The most famous of the DNA testing mills is called 23andME. What they provide in summation is raw genetic data along with ancestry-related results. These DNA tests are very popular and widely used in the U.S. because of our history as a genetic “melting pot”. Many people have a desire to know who and what they are because there have been so many different races and ethnicities that have called this land home, but unfortunately my Alt-Right family, this is not our answer. All those White people that you are a direct descendant from, your antecedents, have called themselves by many different names over thousands of years. Dr. Kevin MacDonald details this history very well:

On an episode of Red Ice, Jim Goad said that when he was in prison his skin color was a permanent tattoo and the only one that mattered. No one, I’m sure, asked him for a DNA sample. That should be true in general for American Whites as well. If the people present as White, are culturally White, and fight for White causes they are absolutely 100% White. Why should it matter if their 23andMe results only read 97% European? We do not have the luxury of the axiom of choice; we are in a dogfight for survival. Remember, politics is always violence at some point. We need all the friends that we can get, even non-Whites (perish the thought). We should never do it by compromising our ideals, but we should always be honest with each other and ourselves, such as the fact that there is a large amount of bad White people. Some of our worst enemies both to us personally and our movement are 100% White. Additionally, we have the cucked-Whites and non-Whites constantly counter-signaling that we are all from Africa. This is, as painful as it may be, undoubtedly true. If you go back far enough in your DNA, you are part eggplant-sorry, not sorry. Additionally, if you go back even further in your DNA, you are also part monkey, lizard, and fish so just deal with it. Nevertheless, that should not discount thousands of years of evolution, culture, and accomplishment we are an undeniably unique and genetically separate people.

Still, many Whites in our movement or sphere mistakenly consider themselves or others White only if their DNA results read 100% European. They often accuse this person or that person of not being White, or White enough. They often marginalize Southern or Eastern Europeans because of traces of Moorish or Turkish blood and go on incessantly about their 23andMe profile if it states 100% European Ancestry. In our potentially bleak future, I bet any of those same people will happily accept those “impure” Whites with open arms as we become a hated minority. We in the AltRight need to have a big tent approach to Whiteness. There is a line to be drawn to be sure, but it is not at 100% European, according to a potentially flawed DNA sample or testing methodology.

My recommendation to AltRight people is to stay away from these DNA tests altogether. I know many people are dumbfounded by that statement, but here is why. If you present White, look White, and all the antecedents in your family that you can trace are White, why find out that you are 96% White, with a smattering of African and East Asian DNA from 30+ generations ago. The people that hate us are always looking for divide and conquer strategies. Why give them any ammunition to marginalize us even more? What if you do find out that somewhere in your DNA that you have 1% Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry as many Whites have? Are you going to run out and buy a Yarmulke and start spinning dreidels?

Alas, I must admit, I did one of 23andMe’s competitor’s DNA tests in the past because my mom bought it for me as a Christmas present. Sadly, it turns out that when the results came in that I was only 99% European with 1% Caucasus DNA to boot. Oh, imagine my horror, I guess that means no White ethnostate for me. Perhaps, I will be allowed to exist near the hinterlands of the 100% European area of the White ethnostate; one can only dream.

Obviously, this is all hyperbole and nonsense. We cannot afford this type divisive behavior anymore. We can possibly have an autistic talk about this one day when we have our own homelands again. Until then, we need to stop fighting each other and focus all our energies on our collective enemies. Our movement is making strides, but we are nowhere close to winning so we should not be trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory just yet.

As an aside, one thing that I am thankful for from doing the DNA test is that I found out that I have a HUGE percentage of Irish DNA. Many of you are thinking why is that a big deal? It is to me because, admittedly, most of my life I have been anti-Catholic, and by extension anti-Irish. I viewed the Irish as subversive to America, its history, and as enemies of the Protestant “true” Americans. The results, I must say, humbled me. I stopped looking at St. Patrick’s Day as a dissident’s holiday and decided to no longer wear orange in protest. The results enabled me to move beyond thinking of myself as a WASP and focus on who I really am to everyone I’ve ever met or will meet.

This is the new world paradigm. Above all else, I realized that I am a White man now.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Race is not solely or even primarily based on pigmentation. A quadroon with blue eyes is still a nigger, albeit an upgraded one.

    MENA is a welcome addition to the very flawed racial system we currently have which leads law enforcement to mislabel obvious mestizos and quadroons as white as well as those from the MENA region. The reality is the majority of MENA people don’t want to be called white either. Jews in Israel don’t refer to themselves as white. They’ve published articles stating that and call American Jews stupid for doing so.

    Spencer does a lot of good activism work, however he is not the end all and be all for our movement. He doesn’t set policy. No one elected him to do so. The majority of the Alt Right didn’t vote to absorb 10 million multiracial people into the white ethnostate as he advocates as “no big deal.” We didn’t vote to adopt the Latin American model of white as Spencer uses for the North American Alt Right.

  • Good points. I think we had better draw the line line, though, at people in Afghanistan or Iran who might have blue eyes, etc., because although they have white heritage, it is highly mixed with many other groups and DNA tests have proved this along the Silk Route throughout Central and East Asia. I think a line would need to be drawn in Eastern Europe somewhere. I’m not keen on an ethnostate filled with Persians and Afghans, despite their small percentages of white DNA, although Spencer has said otherwise.

  • To start, NO ONE is 100% white. If you are white, then you are at least 2% to 4% neanderthal, which is not white. There is no way to accurately tell from these test what your exact race is, it a bit more complicated than just while or black etc. Then there is the whole time and place thing, your halpogroup may show up in central europe 10,000 years ago but was in Asia before that. Not an exact science in this respect. The big disappointment may come from lack of information about your history. My halpogroup may have originated in a place called Doggerland, which is under water between the UK and Holland…what a let down or not. When all said and done, DNA and race doesn’t say much about a person.

  • I get disgusted by cucked Whites who take these tests and get excited when they find out they are some percentage non-European. Or, even worse, when they are disappointed to learn that they are completely European.
    Why the F*&K would you be disappointed in learning that you are 100% descended from the the race with the most accomplishment?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    By the way; I am convinced these tests are a complete scam. Here is why.
    If a Greek takes the test, he is told that he has some percentage Italian and some percentage Russian.
    If an Italian takes the test he is told he has some percentage Greek and some percentage Jewish.
    If German takes the test he is told that he has some percentage Polish and some percentage Hungarian.
    No one is EVER told that their ancestors originated in the same country from which the test subject hails.
    I don’t think this is a coincidence. The people taking these tests are for the most part insecure cucked Whites who have been so brainwashed into hating themselves that they are hoping to be told that they are NOT completely White.
    These companies are just telling their customers what they want to hear.
    So sad.

  • good article. I concur with the main points. While race is fundamental to anyone’s identity, White identity is not solely/simply DNA results and using DNA results to determine who’s White enough misses the point in White identity. An example from the Nuremberg race laws may be useful; under these guidelines, someone who was 1/8 Jew, the rest German, was considered German blooded and “belonging to the German race and nation; approved for Reich citizenship.” 1/4 Jew (Mischling zweiten Grades) . . . “partly belonging to the German race and nation; approved for Reich citizenship.” . . . . now get this: 3/8 or 1/2 Jew (Mischling ersten Grades). . . “partly belonging to the German race and nation; approved for Reich citizenship.” This is interesting here, because at 1/2 Jewish, many in the Alt-Right would start throwing bananas or dreidels, but it shows that identity at this point (half and half) is all about loyalty and sympathies (i.e. do you identify as White, promote White, and have loyalty to Whites). So to those of our brothers who demand only 100% European White or nothin’ at all! I would ask, “are you more woke than Adolf Hitler?” I don’t think so.

    • quick follow up: How many hundreds of thousands of Americans have a great grand parent, or a great, great grand parent who was Native American or Ashkenazi, but are nonetheless overwhelmingly White European. Why? Because it’s not a question of genetic sequences at this point; they are White because they are spiritually, emotionally, biologically, linguistically, and culturally White. and THAT is what the Nuremberg race laws understand and get to in a way that genetic tests do not.

  • Can somebody here please define the “one-drop rule” as it existed in the South? If it refers to known & recent ancestry, within past six generations, that’s one thing.

    But if we are referring to population genetics, then look at these admixture maps (which reflect hazards of a young & evolving science; issues of mathematical modeling; and issues of definition, i.e., “Red Sea” vs “African” vs “Sub-Saharan African”)

    African admixture in Europe =

    Red Sea admixture in Europe =

    East Asian admixture =

    Gedrosian (closely linked to “Aryan”) admixture =

    Hindu Kush (also linked to “Aryan”) =

    Early European Farmer =

    West European Hunter Gather =

    • You can look it up but it was before genetics and yes about traceable ancestry back when there were no Southern or Eastern Europeans to speak of in the South and near everyone had a British ancestry (most still do). It supposes that the British descended Southerners had no African blood and therefore any admixture in the New World (one drop) would make said victims of miscegenation no longer White. When, for example, Italians came to some Southern communities it caused problems as they did not know if they were really White.

      Anyway, I think it is a good rule. We don’t really need genetics for this. Any American with European ancestors who does not have the taint of African blood or some other devolved race is White. Everyone else has to go.

  • Not sure what you’re on about. No one said you had to be 100% European. If that were the case large swaths of Europe would be excluded. Southern Europe is on average 2-3% sub-Saharan, not even counting significant North African and West Asian. Finland is 5% Asian.

    DNA is a great tool for personal use and to understand population history.

    • Please take down your flag if you do not believe in the one drop rule. You are surely no Southerner and not welcome in Dixie.

      • Craicher obviously has no familiarity with population genetics. Haplogroup E1b1b, which left the Horn of Africa relatively recently, which is to say, circa 20,000 years ago, and entered Europe from the northern Levant at the dawn of the Neolithic, circa 7000 BC, as a minority haplogroup among G2a-led populations. It is found throughout Europe, if at higher frequencies on the north shores of the Mediterranean.

        Therefore, 99% of Europeans have at least one drop of African blood, and relatively recent blood at this.

        This is not to deny that the Mediterranean has not undergone more recent episodes of sub-Saharan African admixture, especially circa 400 to 800 AD. But most of the SSA admixture in Southern Europeans is in connection with E1b1b.

        But I agree with Vincent Law that the DNA testing companies are pursuing an ideological agenda. This is most apparent with how they report “autosomal” or “regional ancestry” scores. They will inform White people that they are “4% Jewish Diaspora,” “3% Asia Minor,” “2% Eastern Africa,” and so on and so forth, without any explanation or statistical support for this findings, no sense of whether the finding is a “remote signal” from ancient migrations or a more recent admixture, let alone whether the mixture occurred within the last six generations.

        One cannot help but get the sense that the findings are meant to “normalize” mass migrations and miscegenation. In truth, such phenomena should not be normalized, but rather belongs to prehistory, to the dark epochs of “ethnogenesis.”

        The European peoples have already been made, and they have built a great civilization. Any further mass migrations can only bring destruction.


        • Did I say something about genetics? No. I said the one drop rule. Anyone with any known African ancestry in their family tree such as mulattoes and quadroons and octaroons should not be considered White. Period.

          Thank you.

          • And I forgot to add, all such mixed raced people can have their own country somewhere on Earth. The Earth is large. And good luck to them but we will pull up the ladder when we drop them off and they will have to learn to feed, cloth and house themselves.

  • The issue of Whiteness amoung ourselves is easily resolved by borders. The White people of Mississipi are not exactly the same as the White people of Minnesota. The same in Europe. With less of the rootlessness of the modern world, with some exceptions, people will stay closer to home, gravitate towards their own and the problem will be solved.

  • I did Family Tree DNA, and confirmed I’m 100% European. Approx breakdown 50% British Isles, 41% Western Europe, and 9% Scandinavian. No mystery meat. Lol

  • I generally agree with this article, but it neglects to mention that the company is, for the most part, founded, owned, and run by Jews. And Google-Jews at that – kiss your confidentiality goodbye. They even have a special “Ashkenazi ancestry tool”.

    • Oh damn, they hired a Jew, well that totally invalidates their whole company and the science behind it.

    • if you’re going to take the test, send it in under a neighbor’s name and address and offer to do the same for them or give them some $$$ to make it worth their while

  • The article misses several key points:
    #1 – 23andMe is Jewish.
    #2 – 23andMe is so inaccurate it cannot identify the DNA of fraternal twins.
    #3 – Just because Negroes attack you that doesn’t mean you’re White.
    #4 – Optics matter as much as loyalty.
    #5 – Loyalty also means a loyal lineage for generations.

    • “23andme is jewish”

      also dont rule out the possibility that (((23andme))) intentionally fudges the results so that otherwise 100% european people have 1-2% african or middle eastern DNA. there seems to be some kind of a game going on on their part. apparently quite a few people reporting these type of results

  • To be considered white, a person must have—

    • a father that looks white,
    • a mother that looks white,
    • four grandparents that look white,
    • eight grandparents that look white,
    • siblings (if applicable) that look white.

    • White is relative. It all depends on the population using it. In Latin America white means castizos with some Negro.

  • Very sound advice. Although genetics is a precise science, establishing white identity certainly isn’t. Testing is a route to madness and bickering. If most white people think you and your parents are white then that’s good enough, good enough for me any way. There has to be a ‘line’ somewhere but now is definitely not the time to be too proscriptive.

    • Honestly, the whole “identity” thing sounds like gender identity nonsense. It’s just what someone chooses to believe. Sure, it has some relevance, but the important matter is ancestry and genetics. If not then people can just believe whatever they want and it’s mostly meaningless.

  • I agree that one does not need 100% European ancestry to be white. But weren’t people from the Caucasus at one time essentially white? I think people in that area were at one time Indo-Europeans.

    A year or so ago, the singer Demi Lovato announced that her DNA test showed that she is 1% African, but she is obviously white.

    • There are NO pure races. Every race has admixture. Virtually all countries have a small degree of admixture. When you analyze large populations there is a greater chance for admixture. Furthermore, we all have some degree of archaic admixture. Whites have 2.7% Neanderthal already.

      There’s a big difference between 1, 2, and 3% admixtures and 25% admixture like in Latin American countries.

      It’s about racial aesthetics, especially female racial aesthetics. If all women were swarthy Third Worlders the world would be a really shitty place. North Euro women make life worth living.

  • Very good article. To expect someone of any race to be 100% of that race is unrealistic. Even the Nazis knew this. The Nuremberg Laws stated that as long as the preceding three generations of your family were white, so were you, which is liberal in comparison to what many in the Alt-Right want today.

  • Something that I use when I think about this kind of thing is: What would a child think?
    If that annoying child in the supermarket would call you white, then you’re probably white.

  • I’ve done 3 DNA (FamilytreeDNA, AncestrybyDNA and 23andme) tests with each giving a slightly different results. They are decently accurately at determining the amount of non-white admixture but terrible at determining the amount of european subset admixture. This is to be expected though as the different ethnicities in Europe have had less time to differentiate from one another thus there will be considerable genetic overlap. Each test gave me either sub 1% Asian or Ameridian or a combination of the two. Off into the oven I go.

  • I met a Syrian gal years ago. Her skin was fair, she had light brown hair, and she was attractive. I asked if she was Circassian. She was flattered by the remark. She told me her name , and it was unusual for a Syrian, and I said so. She said that her family was descended from Crusaders, probably French crusaders. And you know what, she looked European. No kidding.

  • Fool proof test for whiteness: If anyone wants to know if they’re “white enough” or “look white,” just walk through a black neighborhood – they’ll let you know if you pass as white. Like the author, I came up 99% European and 1% Caucuses Mountians on one of these tests. Although I have brown hair and eyes, I’ve never been mistaken for anything but white by black people. They know. They KNOW who is white. On the other hand, I can’t seem to convince Chinese people that I’m white. They seem to have a very blonde Nordic idea of whiteness and it’s a very strict standard.

    But, yes, we should not be fighting over purity. I agree with the author. If you look white, were raised white, and defend white, you’re white.

    • Even though a lot of blacks are woke on the JQ they still agree with Jared Taylor: they look white to me

    • That’s a nonsensical statement. What Negroes think is white is meaningless. Negroes have been known to attack Asians and light-skinned Negroes thinking they’re white. They called Zimmerman white. They think all Jews are white.

      Clean up your act.

      No, we should be fighting over purity. That’s the whole god damn point. If it’s not then we’re wasting our time.

      What, this is all really about Spencer not liking football? This is some kind of Fight Club rant about modernity and consumerism? No one cares.

      • I hear what you’re saying, Jack – not any ol’ person can be White or pretend to be White – but ultimately White identify is not simply/solely DNA. Identity is also about loyalty, love, and honor. The problem with DNA tests – at least today – is they normally only test mitochondrial and Y-chrom DNA, so the bulk of your DNA aren’t even in the results, as I understand it. Those percentages pertain only to your mitochondrial and/or Y-chrom. so I concur with the author that DNA tests go only so far; they’re interesting, but ultimately do not speak to *identity*.

  • I agree 100% we must have a big tent approach to whiteness. That should include white hispanics/latinos (Cubans, Chileans, and Argentinians in particular) and Lebanese christians as well, amongst others.

      • That’s exactly what it means. Mongrels who are predominantly white. White is relative in Latin America. Their populations are entirely mixed.

    • I understand that most Argentinians are of European heritage. There were very few Indians in the region that is now Argentina, and the country was settled primarily by Spaniards and Italians.

      • Bullshit, look at DNA studies.

        “Argentineans carried a large fraction of European genetic heritage in their Y-chromosomal (94.1%) and autosomal (78.5%) DNA, but their mitochondrial gene pool is mostly of Native American ancestry (53.7%); instead, African heritage was small in all three genetic systems (<4%)."

    • Most american WN’s/NS’s think that being born south of the Rio Grande equals mongrel, and that’s true in 80%, but there are white race (in really tiny %) in countries so unlikely as Bolivia and Peru. I was born in Colombia, my family is mostly from Spain (with a couple of drops of german and english). I’m 1.83 mts, milky white, brown/reddish hair and beard, light brown eyes.

      The most white south american country is, of course, Argentina (been there a couple of times) where maybe 80% of the population is white. Chile has a good % of white race, but not the same than Argentina.

      • No, it’s true on average. 20% of Hispanics are not pure. Latin America is highly mongrelized more than any other region on earth.

        Obviously if there are families who can trace their ancestry back to Europe, mostly recent immigrant families, then it’s not a problem. For ethnic enclaves like Amish who only marry within their group or very rarely outside, then it’s not an issue. The general populations of all Latin American countries are mixed. There is no Latin America country where the average person is white with say a genetic integrity similar to North Americans and Europeans. They’re only “white” in a relative sense compared to predominantly non-white citizens. In the land of Negroes the quadroon is a white king.

    • Oh yeah, Spencer likes a big tent with millions of mulattoes with blond girls. Hey, as long as they’re down with the cause it’s all good says Spencer. Get sterilized.

      No, I’d really like to see Spencer say that with a mulatto girlfriend. That would be funny as hell. “Hey guys, don’t worry, we can absorb Negroes. Miscegenation is only at 10%, no biggie.”

  • I appreciate the sentiments expressed in the article and comments.

    I don’t *feel* that “pure” genetics is strictly necessary, but sufficiently impure genetics is certainly a risk. The Nuremberg laws seem a good point of discussion and perhaps of practical use (along with evaluation of character and history of action), as long as we don’t go any more lax than they were.

    HOWEVER a question troubles me:
    How does one, for example, filter out a “white-presenting” Jewish traitor attempting to penetrate and sabotage your organization?

    An apriori genetic test would help, and could be literally a question of life or death if it filters out a deadly enemy bent on treachery.

    • @disqus_cBG8dnx3iB:disqus I think the actual problem in the troubling scenario you present is the treachery itself, not the genetics. A better question would be “What would we do about white race traitors?” There are plenty of 100% white people around right now who would probably think it was their moral duty to betray WNs. What do we do about them? No genetic test will filter them out.

    • It’s a straw-man argument.

      The purpose is to maintain our current genetic integrity.

      We don’t need a movement to turn us all into quasi-white mongrels. White ancestry naturally rises to the top. We know that from India and Latin America already. We don’t need a movement for that. So if you’re not for preserving our genetic integrity and the white aesthetic then you’re wasting everyone’s time and you just like to rant for no purpose.

  • First things first – stop with the udeo-Christian crap – we are Greco-Rome Christian tradition or Nordic Roman Christian tradition – the Jew crap has to go

  • I don’t need a 23andMe test to know where my grandparents come from. Who really cares about 1-2% impurities that everyone has?

    • 23andMe is to know where you come from 100 generations back. They’ve actually progressed the technology. They can tell you the time period where your ancestral contributions started. You had German ancestors in 1800, English in 1700, etc.

      • True. It could be interesting, but at the same time I’m not very intestested in the small intangibles. I’m comfortable with who I am right now. At the same time it couldn’t really hurt anything.

    • They added a 0.1% Sub-Saharan African on many profiles that hadn’t been there the year before. It was added to mine and also on R. Spencer’s when he published his. I”m hearing many people say it popped up on theirs. I know for a fact, that I have no sub-saharan DNA.

      • Yeah, 23andMe is apparently owned by Jews so theres that. 0.1% is negligible number anyways. In my case both sides of my family have done enough ancestry homework that I have a fairly good idea of where I’m coming from. It could be interesting if I wasn’t sure though.

  • I never will trust any DNA test. I feel they will all eventually say we are african. I call BS on this “we all came from Africa”. I believe this was one of the bigger lies told to us so that we would feel disconnected from our European White roots. I already know I am European with a splash of native American. All of my Patriarchs & most Matriarchs are European & that is all I need to know.

    • My results are 100% European, with 98% North Euro. Many others report 100% as well. There are pure individuals, but there are no pure races because we have had too much migration, interbreeding and conquest for that.

      We should all thank our ancestors, especially in the South, for being so racist. We’d all be Brazilians today if not for the ardent racism of our forebears.

      We’re so soft today. It used to be a god damn fun gathering to watch Negroes hang. I’m not advocating for it, but that’s how racially strong our people were back then.

      • They knew what they were working for! They were creating a country for their descendants! They thought about us! Planned for us! It is so hard to get white people to think about their greatest grandparents & feel a connection!

  • For those of us that are indeed 100% European, the DNA test to prove it was a very nice validation that I was NOT the product of a melting pot. I now know for certain that I’m directly descended from the Scotch-Anglo settlers of Apalachia, with zero Indian, Jew, or African ancestry. Do I think this makes me more white than my Slav wife? No. But putting to rest the notion that “we are all part eggplant, so who cares” was well worth the ninety-nine bucks

    • Racism works. Segregation works. Geographic separation is ideal, but our “horrible racist past” actually saved our race and why we’re not more like Brazil today.

  • These DNA tests are pointless. Most White Americans are British Isles descended and Germanic, with smaller numbers of European ethnicities.

    • When they first came out they were too expensive. They’re so affordable now it’s not an issue. It’s totally convenient and 100% private if you opt out. Pandora’s box is within reach!

      • Why spend money confirming what I already know? My aunt already did all the genealogical research.

      • I think the Nuremberg Race laws under Adolf Hitler are more useful and more pragmatic in dealing with the reality of White identity in our movement. Parsing genetic tests for people who are visibly, mentally, emotionally, linguistically, and culturally White is an obstruction to securing the existence of our people and a future for White children.

    • while I do think the tests are meaningful to a degree, they are not fundamental to our movement or to White identity. What do we gain? Is there something meaningful in distinguishing someone who is 95% Euro between someone who is only 93%? Moreover, using DNA testing in our movement childishly ignores the cultural and visual reality that White Americans face.

  • It’s ain’t the WASPs in the WN movement who are constantly counter-signaling against other groups. There haven’t been any “Nordics vs. Meds” trolling on the average WN forums for nearly a decade. If anything, it’s the exact opposite.

    • Is it really trolling or a natural expression of our ancestors’ will? You do realize that until 1965 we had a Nordicist immigration policy? You do realize that America’s racial history was based in Nordicism? That’s what Germans used. This is nothing new.

      A majority of white Americans born around 1900 had blue eyes, on par with Britain, Ireland and Scotland. Now only 22% do.

  • The “Irish/Polish/Italian/etc. People aren’t white” meme is funny, but realistically, when there is doubt, the standard should perhaps not even be “do YOU identify as white?” but “do the anti-whites identify you as white”? I’m sure there are lots of cucked 100% European whites who don’t identify as such. So, with respect to our WASP-supreeeeemists, if a guy is Irish but is still every bit the target of anti-white exterminationism, how can we say he is not a brother? Or at least a cousin?

    • our WASP-supreeeeemists,

      There aren’t any – “WASP supreeeeeeemacist” is a straw man invented by the anti-WASP, “eternal Anglo” trolls as a way to create division.

        • No, only LARPers are LARPers and only trolls are trolls. You’re creating a strawman because you’re upset your LARPing is being called out, that’s all. No one is calling out actual Catholics as “LARPers” – only those LARPing.

          Truth hurts.

          • If there were any actual “Leave It To Beaver” LARPers, I’d be the first one complaining about them. But of course there aren’t any, so you created yet another strawman.

          • You know what I mean. People who want to return America to an earlier, more idealic time, before the Catholic LARPers undermined the American dream. Whatever though, I don’t feel like fighting about it today.

          • Yes I do know what you mean – you are creating a complete fake strawman to distract from what you yourself are doing – LARPing and constantly attacking Americans because of your completely phony resentment about Americans being suspicious of Italian immigrants a hundred years ago.

            You literally post 100 year old cartoons to complain about the Bad Americans who supposedly didn’t welcome your presumed ancestors with open arms. You repeat the anti-American propaganda, written by Jews, of “How the Irish Became White.”

            You even make common cause with Mestizo immigrants against White Americas. And you yourself aren’t even an American – you’re a Canadian – yet you STILL attack White Americans.

            Trolls are gonna troll.

          • Well your saying it’s a Jewish myth, when theres plenty of evidence showing that it wasn’t. Canada was even harsher to Italians tbh. I’m not even mad about it. I just don’t buy this united white race narrative. Southern Europeans are different from Northern Europeans. Eastern Europeans are different from Southern Europeans. That doesn’t mean we can’t work together where we have common goals and enemies.

          • Are French Southern or Northern European? What about Northern Italians who are more Germanic? I could go on, but do you see how stupid this can become? Europeans a share common heritage and have common interests.

          • I would say Southern France is Southern European. Northern France is Northern European. Northern Italy is Southern European. I see your point though. Arguing about it is divisive and at the end of the day we’re all European or of European ancestry.

            That being said constantly calling out Nazi LARPers, Catholic LARPers, NRx LARPers etc and accusing everyone who disagrees with you of being a Jewish shill trying to divide and conquer is also divisive and counter productive.

          • So you are complaining about Anglos rejecting Italians … yet you yourself are an Italian who rejects Anglos. You wouldn’t want Anglos immigrating to Italy, yet you complain that Anglos didn’t want Italians immigrating to their country.

            When it comes to chutzpah, Jews have nothing on you.

          • I’m actually sympathetic to them. America was founded as a WASP nation for WASPs. They didn’t want Southern Europeans who were culturally alien to them immigrating to America en masse. It’s to late now though. In the context of an all white ethno-state I know Italians will continue to self segregate and so will Anglos and Slavs. It is what it is. I’d rather have Anglo neighbors than Middle Eastern ones, so its whatever.

          • This is fucking dumb. Purity spiraling about southern Italians not being white enough or not belonging in The US is fucking stupid. WN can only work if you include all European Americans and extend the olive branch to other allies.

            Are you really going to pick a fight with an Italian or Greek or Portuguese person when nigs are impregnating white women? What the hell is wrong with you?

          • I’m not picking a fight with Southern Europeans. Southern Europeans are white. There are cultural differences between European groups though. I think these differences make different European groups unique and that uniqueness should be preserved.

            This argument started a couple days ago on a different page, and initially I was arguing against Pan-Europeanism. Thats not to say we can’t or shouldn’t work together on common goals when ours interests align, I’m just saying ethnicity is more complex than sharing a similar skin tone. Also historically Italians (I’m Italian) have not always been considered white, and weren’t always seen as equals to Anglos in America. HR argues this is a Jewish myth, when its not.

          • Ok fine. I must have misinterpreted what you were trying to convey. But nonetheless yes the European ethnicities are different just as the races are different. The thing is the European ethnicities are more similar to one another than let’s say blacks or moslems or East Asians.

            Yes Italians were not always considered white. My grandfather faced discrimination – whatever. It was post WW2 that Italians were considered white. even the Irish were not always considered white either. To me it seems it was more of an emotional reaction to not accept Irish or Italians as not white than an actual fact based analysis and discussion.

          • I agree. People who make those arguments still are mostly just trolling.

    • We should not lump all Italians together.

      Italy is not a country, its like 20 countries bound together.

      I’m Italian (actually my family comes from the area that the ethnic romans were from) and I have blonde hair and green eyes.

      Some Italians are swarthy af though. Some Italians would be confused with north Africans for sure.

          • This is the Jewish Disinfo that HR was talking about that perpetuates the myth that southern Italians are less white or not white. These attitudes used to be prevalent, but have thankfully mostly died out now. You still see people online making these arguments though, but I assume their mostly trolling.

          • This is nothing but (((Hollywood))) propaganda. As i wrote in another comment: Sicily was an emirate for less than a century, while Spanish people, for example, had Arabs in their country for almost a thousand years. That makes them not white? Absolutely not, because a few number of Arabs that went in Sicily or Spain to control those countries militarily isn’t enough to change the genetic of native populations. If mostly Italians, or Spanish, or Greeks have not blue eyes and blonde hair it’s simply because they’re Southern Europeans, not because they’re mixed or have not European components in their DNA. As I said yet, I saw genetic tests of blue eyed and blonde haired North American people who had 15-20% of not European genes due to mixtures with natives and other genetic tests of dark haired and eyed Southern Italians who had 100% European genes. The “purity” of race is not always linked to eyes and hair colour.

      • What part of Italy does your family come from? Northern Italians have a lot of Germanic blood and blond hair is a lot more common there.

        • My family comes from the area between Naples and Rome. That area is not super germanic, but its was not fucked over by the muslims.

          • True. My family is from Southern Lazio, so same area. Generally the further south you go the darker people get. I’ve met Sicilians with red hair and lighter complexion than me though so theres no absolute truths.

          • I imagine you don’t know anything about genetics KEK so, in your opinion a few muslims came for less than a century in some parts of Southern Italy (and yes, even near Naples) were able to change the DNA of an entire population? Obviously it’s not so, Souther Italians are more “swarthy” than Northern ones just because they’re not mixed with Celts and Germans populations who unlike Arabs migrated to Padanian countries to settle. If few Arabs were so able to change the DNA of Southern Italians in less than a century, so we have to assume that Spanish aren’t white because they had Arabs in their country for almost one thousand years? Obviously not.

          • I imagine you don’t know anything about genetics KEK so, in your opinion a few muslims came for less than a century in some parts of Southern Italy (and yes, even near Naples) were able to change the DNA of an entire population? Obviously it’s not so, Souther Italians are more “swarthy” than Northern ones just because they’re not mixed with Celts and Germans populations who unlike Arabs migrated to Padanian countries to settle. If few Arabs in your opinion were so able to change the DNA of Southern Italians in less than a century, so we have to assume that Spanish aren’t white because they had Arabs in their country for almost one thousand years? Obviously not.

        • I’m from Northern Italy,and when I was a child ,during summer vacation,all of my family used to go to a beach in the eastern-northern part of Italy(Romagna) absolutey filled with Germans,and they would come over to us and start talking German,without even wondering for a second if we understood them or not,we were Germans to them,period.
          So much that me and my sister made the effort of learning a few German sentences just to get away with answering ,greeting them and clarify to them we were not Germans but Italians.

          But it’s not so much of a Germanic influence in Northern Italy as much as a heavy Celtic influence.
          Some Northern Italians look like “separated at birth” with an Irish or Scottish man.
          True,not very well known, but absolutely true.

          Anyway :
          Northern Italians ,let say from Toscany and Umbria up,are 100% white, period.
          It is very,very hard to even find a northern Italian with black hair.
          And I ,personally,test 100% ,as opposed to the author of this article.

          The whole moorish,turkish,northern African influence it’s definitely there,visible, ,but almost exclusively in southern Italy,up to central Italy.
          (which is where most of the Italian-American immigrants of the beginng of the century came from by the way)

          Look at how all the artists of the Renaissance looked.
          And,more generally, it would be very hard not to consider Italy a major part of the white culture

          • I would never say that Italians are not white or part of European culture. I don’t think many people would seriously say that anymore.

          • Good point. Honestly, before this spiraled out of control, I was only trying to make the point that the different cultures of Europe should take pride in their own national identities. In America and Canada a lot of white people lose that and just identify as ‘white’ which is largely meaningless and empty to me. In general though Italians retain their strong group identity no matter what country they live in and Eastern Europeans tend to be the same way. I think this is healthy. I mean, you don’t see Asians talking about Pan-Asianism. They focus on what makes them unique rather than the similarities they all share and it makes for stronger communities.

      • I’m Italian and I have blue eyes, blonde hair on my head and reddish-brown facial hair. No one in my family has brown eyes and we’re all light-skinned. Only my brother has dark hair.

        There’s a fair amount of ignorance among White people about themselves and much of that has to do with a certain Jewish religion.

        • Yea, I have a reddish and blonde beard… There are brown eyes in my family, but they are very very very light brown.

          Its kind funny cause my uncle (100% Italian) married this gal, right. They had two kids who are a mess physically. Overweight and pretty unattractive. For the longest time I was lumping myself in there with them and then recently I my aunt told me she had a bunch of admixture in her lineage.

          I breathed a sigh of relief.

      • In reality genetic tests demonstrate that Italian DNA is continuous along all the peninsula, only different DNA is the one of Sardinian people because they’re not mixed, and in big part still mesolitic proto-Europeans. The very few “swarthy” Southern Italians you’re referring to, are just East med and Berid phenotypes residual from mesolitic and not from arab invasions or something for example. I noticed that “more light” Italians are the most fucked up and the best allies of Jews who claim that Italians aren’t whitel, because they want look “WASP” so much that that they are ready to betray their own people spreading the fake myth that a lot of Italians are’nt white. “Look dude, I’m Italian and I’m light haired and eyed but yeah sure, I’m special because a lot of Italian aren’t white like me”. So pathetic.

      • In reality genetic tests demonstrate that Italian DNA is continuous along all the peninsula, only different DNA is the one of Sardinian people because they’re not entirely mixed with indoeuropeans, and in big part they are still mesolitic proto-Europeans. The very few “swarthy” Southern Italians you’re referring to, are just East med and Berid phenotypes residual from mesolitic and not from arab invasions or something for example, and are referred to as whites by Coon and other taxonomists. I noticed that “more light” Italians are the most fucked up and the best allies of Jews who claim that Italians aren’t whitel, because they want look “WASP” so much that that they are ready to betray their own people spreading the fake myth that a lot of Italians are’nt white. “Look dude, I’m Italian and I’m light haired and eyed but yeah sure, I’m special because a lot of Italian aren’t white like me”. So pathetic.

        • Yea, I didn’t say that Italians aren’t white. You projected that unto innocent ole me.

          I see that you have a dog in the fight as I do, but all I am trying to say is that Italy is not an organic country, but is instead multiple ones tied to together.

          Different types of Italians behave and look differently. It’s not outrageous to assume some of that difference comes from admixture.

          I will fully concede your point about the genetic continuity across the penninsula. In fact that is happy news for me as it means that our family remains larger and diverse.

          • Sure diversity of our country from North to South is undeniable and should be preserved, I was replying to all people (both Anglosaxons and Italians, even Southern ones, who unfortunately are a lot brainwashed by Jewish propaganda) that think Southern Italians are “less white” than Northern Italians or other European populations for mixing with Arabs or something like that for example, when the genetic and phenotypic diversity between Northern and Southern Italians are due to the mixing of firsts with Celtic and Langbard populations in ancient times and Middle-Age, because the Mediterranean sea was a strong barrier than Alps in preserving Italian DNA. Indeed, the Southern Italian DNA is more related to Greek one, while the Northern Italian DNA is more related to Spanish one, but both are equally continuous and fully European DNA. Here’s an interesting article in English language about that:

          • Yea, I think I saw that one.

            I actually love the Southern Italians. They are, as you say, related to the Greeks and both of those groups are related to the Indo-Aryans.

            Lol, Southern Italians are the like he whitest people there are

          • Southern Italian aren’t the most nordic white people for sure, but that doesn’t mean they’re not white. I mean, I saw DNA test results of Canadian people with blue eyes and blonde hair but with 15% non European DNA (MENA and East Asian) and DNA tests of dark eyed and haired Southern Italians who are 100% European. In which way firsts are superior than seconds? Just because they have more light color of eyes and hair?

      • Exactly. Etruscans weren’t even “Italian.” People need to know that modern-day European borders and even countries didn’t exist up until the mid 19th century. Also Italians have a lot of Lombardi/Gothic blood.

      • Non-Sicilian Italians used to petition the government to stop letting Sicilians into the US because they were giving all Italians a bad name.

      • SIcily was an emirate for less than a century, while Spanish people, for example, had Arabs in their country for almost a thousand yeat. That makes them not white? Absolutely not, because a few number of Arabs that went in Sicily or Spain to control those countries militarily isn’t enopugh to change the genetic of native populations. If mostly Italians, or Spanish, or Greeks have not blue eyes and blonde hair it’s simply because they’re Southern Europeans, not because they’re mixed or have not European components in their DNA. As I said, I saw genetic tests of blue eyed and blonde haired North American people who had 15-20% of not European genes due to mixtures with natives and other genetic tests of dark haired and eyed Southern Italians who had 100% European genes. The “purity” of race is not always linked to eyes and hair colour.

  • “Out of Africa” origin of modern man is a theory, and is being questioned by more mainstream scientists all the time.

  • “White” with a uc W is a synonym for Aryan. Aryan means in general terms a non-Jewish White person of European descent. The Nuremberg Laws are a pretty good general guide to who is Aryan and thus White and who is not and should be considered.

  • Any society in which single combat to the death is not the appeal of last resort in dispute processing, is in a de facto state of war — mortal competition between groups. Violence is not necessary nor even desirable. In “The Art of War” ‎Sun Tzu places violence as a last resort after psychological warfare and its base manifestation: deception. While group cooperation can yield positive sums, perhaps the most disciplined theoretician of war as a natural phenomenon, George Price, died in despair over his conclusion: That defection is an evolutionary certainty — so the positive sum rewards will always differentially inure to the defector who may not even intend to defect. It’s just what he does. In this sense, politics is the continuation of war by other means — contrary to Carl von Clausewitz’s aphorism.

    In a state of war, individualism means defeat. People who evolved with single combat — similar to the vast majority of other sexual species — as the appeal of last resort in dispute processing, are congenitally individualistic. Their only advantage in war is that a culture of true individualism is a culture of individual integrity. Having integrity as individuals gives meaning to their words and makes their agreements binding. If they are word-twisting demagogues or fraud artists, they find themselves isolated or pushing up daisies at the hands of one of their victims.

    For people of individual integrity, their only hope of surviving the presence of cultures of group integrity is to reach agreement binding them into a temporary group integrity. This is a formal Declaration of War — the defining character of which is that it sets forth an object, the achievement of which, terminates the state of war in the minds of those bound by it. The reason this is a superior mode of making war is that the full force of human cognition is available for its coherent and disciplined conduct. This is in contrast to evolved group integrity, in which the degraded “individuals” needn’t even be conscious of the fact that they are part of a group let alone that it is in conflict.

    So, what is the Declaration of War that may bind those suffering from congenital individualism?

    I propose a Declaration of War implied by defining the State of Peace as one in which individuals may, if they choose, resolve disputes by agreeing to disagree until such time as they are excluded from all bodies politic. Those so excluded enter a nature preserve — a State of Nature — where natural duel is the appeal of last resort in dispute processing. This, “sorting proponents of social theories into governments that test them,” I call Sortocracy.

    Thus the “Us” vs “Them” is best not expressed as “White” vs “Non-white”, but, rather, as “Fair” vs “Unfair.”

    • You wrote: ‘”Thus the “Us” vs “Them” is best not expressed as “White” vs “Non-white”, but, rather, as “Fair” vs “Unfair.”‘

      Nope. If we are to survive as Whites it must always be Whites vs. Non-Whites. It is nature’s way as genes and genomes struggle to be and to be more.

      • You’re identifying with a state of being rather than a process of becoming. Identifying with a a state of being is defensive and static. Identifying with a process of becoming is superior because, to the extent that genetic decay has set in, which it has, it remediates so we can “become who we are”.

        If you disagree, lose your moniker “Evolver1” and choose something else.

        • Wrong. Identifying as White is not identifying with a static concept of what White means, which is what you seem to mean. We are constantly changing for the simple reason that what exists moves and what moves changes, however, we must change along a White trajectory and not become less White. And, saying, as you do, that we must focus not on Us vs. Them (by which you mean we must not focus on White vs. non-White) is the road to a slow blending back in with non-White humans.

          • Saying “We must change along a White trajectory and not become less White.” begs the question, for which I have provided an answer and for which you have not.

            Like I said, lose your moniker until you can operationally define “White trajectory.”

          • Anyone serious about “white identity” must be equally serious about the environment of evolutionary adaptation that produced “whites”. Using your words, “genes and genomes struggle to be and to be more” do so under selective pressures and did so under the selective pressures of the “white” EEA. It is there that one must look for the essential attributes of any “white trajectory”. In its origin “culture” meant artificial selection, whether of plants, animals or of humans by humans. In this sense, race is the result of culture but not in the degraded sense of “culture” used by pozzed anthropologists.

            So, the question is, “What is white culture?” in the true sense of “culture”. In modern usage, one might ask “What is white eugenics?”

            My answer has been laid out at the website in a series of relatively incisive posts that all focus on reconstructing the critical aspect of the EEA that produced whites:

            The culture of individual integrity.

          • Well, I looked at your blog and didn’t find much there about the survival of Whites and that is my interest.

            BTW in your About section you use the word “affect.” I suspect you actually meant “effect,” so you might want to change that.

          • So, a world in which there is recognized absolute right to exclusionary border enforcement, territorial exclusion for any reason whatsoever, doesn’t bear on “survival of Whites”. Got it.

  • Who is White

    Those of you who have over the years or decades either observed or participated in the resistance to the murder of the White race know that provocateurs have attacked the racial purity of professed leaders to impugn their motives. In my opinion part of the reason this has successfully worked for the enemy is a mind set grown from an alien religion. A basic tenet of Judeo-Christianity and part of its fatal allure is that it allows inferior men to claim superior status without corresponding effort. A Judeo-Christian with an IQ of 90 and a dismal life history can get baptized, repeat a few ritualistic words and presto, suddenly proclaim divine status superior to that of a man a million times his superior in intellect and character. The “blue-eyed blond” syndrome is typical of this mentality. And I say this advisedly since I appear Nordic, tall, slender, blue-eyed blond. Yet I can only guess at the purity of my ancestry. My father of record sold my mother to his buddies and to strangers for booze money, so the Gods alone know all. What I do know is this. I look White. I fight for White. I recognize the achievements of the White race. I want to preserve our kind. I am horrified that the beauty of the White Aryan woman may soon perish from the earth forever. I suffer for each White child tormented in America’s inter-racial nightmare. I see beauty in a Celtic princess with brown or red hair and green eyes. I see beauty in the statuesque Nordic Goddess with blue eyes and golden hair. I see beauty in the freckle-faced Irish lass. I see heroism in Robert Jay Mathews and Richard Scutari with their dark hair and eyes of green or brown as well as in Frank DeSilva, a fair skinned Bruders with a French Portuguese name. Theirs is far greater nobility than 99% of those “Nordic Ideals,” I might add.

    For those who boast of their “purity,” you have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents and so on. Go back 500 years or so and you have a million ancestors. A few more generations and everyone who ever trod the lands of Europe is your ancestor, including Huns, Mongols and Moors. There are no 100% pure Aryans as per 10,000 years ago. But we still do exist as a distinct and unique biological entity. The cultures and civilizations we create are beyond comparison. The beauty of our women, blondes, brunettes, redheads, green-eyed, blue-eyed, brown-eyed, is the desire of all men and the envy of all women. So, we do not want to be derailed by gossip or speculation on who may be 1/16th Indian or have some Italian, Spanish or Portuguese blood. We are not going to debate over whether the collective remaining White gene pool is 95% or 97% pure Aryan.

    Surely it would be a tragedy if the various divisions of our race lose their distinctive traits and beauty. And after we have secured the existence of our people and a future for ALL our children, hopefully we can take steps to preserve this diversity. But for now, we are going to accept the facts and circumstances as they exist. We are going to work together for the holy cause and we will not tolerate provocateurs, divisions or dissension. If someone looks White, acts White, fights White, then until their actions prove otherwise, they are our Folk. On the other hand, regardless of pedigree or appearance, those who oppose, criticize, hinder or fail to support our cause are no friends of ours.

    David Lane

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