Goal To Replace Whites Made Obvious In Miss USA 2017 Pageant

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The Miss USA 2017 pageant recently concluded, and it was one that the progressives who follow such events will recall fondly as the best pageant ever for its overwhelmingly brown color. I didn’t watch the show, nor did I know it was even occurring until the winner, a black woman, was announced, and social media went nuts for this victory for “women of color.”

The pageant opened with the song “Black or White,” by the black and white Michael Jackson. “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white,” goes the song, but the obvious theme of the pageant, diversity, seemed to contradict that sentiment. The racial makeup of the top ten finalists was such an extreme statistical improbability that it could only have been the result of the judges’ belief that it matters very much indeed whether you’re black or white.

Not one woman in the top five was white, which, in itself, is not the issue. (One might feel compelled to consider Meredith Gould, the third-place contestant, to be white, but I’m fairly certain she’s Jewish—Gould—and since neither DNA nor Jews themselves classify Jews as white, I’d like to stop you from making that mistake. Besides, if we were to consider Miss Gould white, that would mean the top ten still only had four whites in it, and my forthcoming point stands.) To understand the issue, we must first consider the facts:

People who make up 62% of the US population (whites, excluding whomever the US Census Bureau means by “Hispanic whites”) made up only 30% of the top ten Miss USA 2017 finalists; people who make up only 14% of the population (blacks) made up 50% of the top ten; and an Asian-Indian and a Jew placed at all, which alone is highly improbable, considering they make up only 1% and 2% of the population, respectively.

I’m being generous by counting one of these women as white, by the way—one of the actual white ones, not Gould. Alyssa London likes to consider herself a Native American, but because she appears to have as much Injun in her as Elizabeth Warren, and because I don’t want to be accused of setting too high a bar for white racial purity, I’m calling her white.

It used to be considered a silly notion that beauty pageants were about more than just outer beauty. Everyone knew that although the contestants had to pretend to be smart, ambitious, moral, talented, and to have hobbies, such demonstrations were just filler for the pageant; it really was all about physical perfection, as the name “beauty pageant” implies. But the judges for the 2017 Miss USA Pageant have, it seems, truly considered at least one value other than beauty, placing perhaps even more importance on it than on anything else.

As People Magazine put it, and as the judges made absolutely clear, the contestants were there to represent diversity. Entertainment Weekly characterized the top ten as “beautifully diverse.” Not long ago, white women dominated these pageants, but gradually the white women have been replaced by non-whites. No longer do we have to suffer seeing whites make up the majority of American beauty-pageant contestants. It’s “beautifully diverse” now. praised the night by saying that putting “seven women of color” into the top ten—i.e., replacing whites in formerly and traditionally white positions—was “a huge achievement.”

Let’s look at the core point being made by such accolades. Diversity is good, I’m hearing, and it can be achieved by adding more and more “color.” Now let’s imagine a top ten made up entirely of whites. Is that a diverse lineup? No. And diversity is good? Yes. So this lack of diversity in the finalists is bad? Yes. However, it can become more diverse, and therefore it can become more good, by replacing one white person with a colored person. Now you have a situation where nine of the top ten are white, and one is, let’s say, Hispanic. We’ve headed in the right direction, obviously, because we’ve added more “color” to the finalists. We’re approaching diversity, but we’re not there yet. How can we add more color? How can we make them more diverse? Swap out another white person for another colored person. In other words, every white person you replace with a non-white brings it closer to being more diverse. Remember,

In other words, every white person you replace with a non-white brings it closer to being more diverse. Remember, diversity is good; therefore, the fewer white people, the better. Replacing whites is “a huge achievement.” If you think I’m  being dramatic, let me illustrate it another way.

Imagine the judges are considering putting only non-whites into the top ten. They haven’t officially decided on it yet, but they’re about to, and somehow this fact gets leaked to the public. The leak reveals no names, only that they’re considering exclusively women “of color.” Naturally, this leak causes some hubbub, particularly among blacks and the self-loathing whites, so the judges announce they are going to replace three of the colored women with three white women. Would such a change make the top ten more diverse? Yes, obviously, of course. Instead of ten coloreds, you’d have seven coloreds and three whites. That is definitely more diverse than the top ten being all brown. Now ask yourself, and answer honestly: Would the worshipers of diversity like this idea?

Not one—damn—bit.

Having ten white contestants, as in beauty pageants of old, reducing them down to only three, and replacing the rest with non-whites is beautiful because brings us diversity (seven dark, three light); but having ten non-white contestants and replacing three of them with whites (still, seven dark, three light) would not be celebrated, even though the racial demographics would be the same. Doesn’t this demonstrate that it is not actually the diversity that is being praised, but that it is simply the lack of whites? (And by the way, don’t for a second believe that this applies only to beauty pageants. Diversity always means adding brown to white populations, never adding white to brown populations.) This is why we say, correctly, that “diversity” is just a codeword for “anti-white.” A diverse world is the progressives’

A diverse world is the progressives’ ideal; fewer whites means a more diverse world; therefore, a world with fewer whites is their ideal. We whites would do a great existential service to ourselves and our people to simply listen to what the non-whites and progressives are telling us and demonstrating for us, not just in beauty pageants, but in all areas of society: they want us replaced.

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  • Im not attracted to white women anyway. They all fall into about 5 cookie cutter personality types, plus they have some wicked nappy pubes for being white.

  • Although beauty pageants may be kind of silly contests, they are yet one more example of the racial displacement and dispossession of white people in countries in which they have been the dominant race. In its own way it’s like tearing down Confederate battle ensigns and statues of Confederate Army leaders and replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the twenty dollar bill with an illiterate Negress. White people need to wake up to what the objective here is.

    As an aside, white women are the gold standard of female beauty. These beauty pageants become a self-mockery when they award prizes to preposterous mulatos and Mestizos. The absolute lowest was the award of Miss Helsinki to some frankly, ugly African.

  • Well at least the girl who won gave those conservative answers to the liberally loaded questions. I put the value of a hot black conservative woman like her or Stacy Dash over Triggly Puff or Rosie O’Donnell by a long shot. That said, the finalist judging is obviously fixed.

  • Well pageants are going the way of sports! Can you just imagine the types of ghetto baby mamas that’ll be finalists 10 years from now? The chimping out & gun shots from baby daddies over who wins & loses? Maybe Maury Povich will host! What will happen to the Miss Black USA pageant? Oh, that’s right! We have to keep that because hispanics, asians & muslims are in the regular Miss USA. Should we change it to the Miss African USA Pageant! Maybe even add a twerking-talent part to the pageant!

    • I googled. There is a YUGE difference between Miss USA (diversitopia) and Miss America.

      Fortunately, the judges for Miss America still know beauty when they see it and vote accordingly.

      Compare the top 3, 5, or 10 women from Miss USA to the comparable group from Miss America.

      The good looking women are winning Miss America. Miss USA is a second rate knockoff.

  • They have to stack the deck to get a non-white to win.

    That’s what I say when they race change a white character into a dindu like they did with The Dark Tower. Just make them all dindu. Why stop at just one? If one dindu is good, then all-dindu is best!

    When they made a black version of Wizard of Oz called The Wiz that was at least culturally different. It had its own flavor. To just race change one character is obnoxious.

    We know it’s not even to honor blacks. It’s to defecate on whites. It’s all weaponized media against whites. Just remember all of this when it’s time to make them pay. Don’t hesitate and don’t have sympathy because they sure don’t.

  • The author’s argumentation needs to be strengthened against an open flank: The progressives will argue that it is not about replacing whites in general but only in the (limited) sets of social power groups. That’s why whites will never be added to brown (because browns exist only in disadvantaged groups, whereas whites live in privileged groups that need to be mixed to share privileges).

    At the end of the day the question to be answered reads: Is it possible to create a social environment without ethnic privileges at all? I as a white could live with such a society very well if power positions were truly only staffed according to specific performance criteria and race wouldn’t make a difference.

    However this scenario is not realistic as communism and lotusland are not realistic as well. The high level of ethnic egoism among (even long since) privileged sub-groups of blacks gives proof that there is no such thing as ethnic irrelevance. Else, these blacks should be promoting the idea of fair shares, not of black supremacy as an act of compensating unfairness of past generations and times. This is not an accusation, I think blacks behave and argue very rational. People of the same kind stick together, that’s a fundamental principle of evolution that cannot be cracked by social engineering. Due to this, ethnic groups will always favor to work and share access to power with peoples alike, and the alike is determined by the final criteria of trust in critical situations. Although it is always also a question of individual relation whom you trust, on average this will happen among people of sam ekind more often than among people of different kind. Consequently any concept of ‘mixing’ will create a new set of competing groups which are homogeneous inside and heterogeneous towards each other. This will create trunctuated societies, with less social peace as there will be distrust among the power sub-groups (in contrast to an ‘unfair’ equilibrium in which one homogeneous power group rules without fear of being attacked, thus providing stability to all members of society).

    Sharing rule over the same property doesn’t work. It’s us or them, stupid!

  • Why not institute a White History month? No one in power will suggest it, so it needs to come from an organ like the alt-right. Take it seriously. Debate who and what should be included. Get it trending on social media. Publish an important person who contributed to western culture each day for a month. Push the conversation and subsequent consciousness.

    • We need one month for all of the major white ethnic groups in the US. One month for Germans. One month for Irish. One month for English, etc.

      The retards who edit Wiki actually put Mexicans as a white ethnic group, LOL.

      “The largest ancestries of American Whites are: German Americans (16.5%), Irish Americans (11.9%), English Americans (9.2%), Welsh Americans (6%), Scots-Irish Americans (12%), Italian Americans (5.5%), French Americans (4%), Polish Americans (3%), Scottish Americans (1.9%), Dutch Americans (1.6%), Finnish Americans (2%), Danish Americans (5%), Norwegian Americans (1.5%), and Swedish Americans (1.4%).”

      • It’s not counter-signaling, it’s just an observation how most people here despise normies while desperately wanting to be normal.

        • That’s your observation?

          You’re about as perceptive as the average Shitlib. Everything you think you’re seeing is a projection.

          • Not really, I’m pretty normal and have made peace with the fact the world will never reflect my fantasy larping.

  • Blackpill……..

    Two White Nationalists killed by another White Nationalist who converted to Islam…….

    Maybe time to distance ourselves from the White Sharia thing??

    These things are going to keep happening in the White Nationalist Movement…….

    … some Leaders who want to be as Edgy, Radical, and Rebellious as possible………

    ……..confuse Younger and Weaker Minds……

    Personally, some things are getting Weird…..

    Like I’m supposed to now be a supporter of Syria, Iran, and Bashar Al Assad…….

    …..and not President Trump…….


    And ZOG has taken over the Trump Administration…….

    …..when it’s probably the Obama Holdovers, Dina McPowell, and hired NeverTrumpers……

    ……doing the Subversive Leaking…….

    And where was ZOG during the Obama Administration??

    Netanyahu hated Obama…….

    Obama tried to interfere in Israeli Elections against Netanyahu……..

    Most people can handle the Memetic Wilderness Chaos that exists in the Alt-Right…….

    A lot of us are Educated and used to Cerebral Complexity……….

    But, some people will Crack and convert to Islam and start shooting their White Brothers……

    • He wasn’t a white nationalist. He was a Muslim who became radicalized.

      No ones saying you have to support Bashar al Assad, Syria or Iran. No ones even saying you have to be against US intervention and regime changing (though if your pro-white you probably should be.) I just strongly advise you to not give blind support to Trump as he is not pro-white and has never claimed to be. Do with that advise what you will.

    • (((Weev))) of the (((Daily Stormer))) involved with someone he claims he thought was an FBI plant who was promoting illegal activities and later winds up murdering someone?

      I’m shocked I tell you, shocked. Here I was completely convinced that the (((Daily Stormer))) wasn’t the most obvious (((Hollywood Nazi))) website since (((Frances Cohen’s))) (((American Nazi Party.))) Just good “goys” who really care for the White Man (not white women though, they are all mudsharking whores, amirite guys?)

      Gosh I don’t even know what to think about this.

      • The story is from DS. The people who were involved in this incident were Ironmarch guys. Do you think their Jews too?

        Say what you will about DS. I don’t hang out around there anymore for a reason. To much negativity and unnecassarily extreme positions. It is what it is.

      • Totally agree with your sentiments regarding Daily Stormer. Anglin and Weev are toxic and they attract other toxic types.

        Those morons create an anti-social environment, cultivate “White Sharia” nonsense, and then when we see the homicidal outcome they scatter and claim that Muslim Caucasoids aren’t white and they will ban them.

        These people are pathetic. They’re just another version of VNN psychopaths who produced that imbecile who thought he was going to kill Jews, and ended up shooting white people including a child.

        • Yeah, I stopped hanging out around there before the white sharia stuff started, but their attitudes towards women was definently one of the motivating factors.

          Also a lot of the people there wear the title of ‘white supremacist’ as a badge of honour. I have never considered myself a white supremacist. I’m an ethno-pluralist. I think multiculturalism is a failed social experiment, and I think we’d all be happier in our own communities, but I don’t think whites are superior to all other races either. We’re unique and deserve our own homelands. So do non-whites.

          There are other reasons too, but those are the two main ones. I think Anglin does good work and does bring a lot of good to the table also, but it wasn’t a good fit for me personally.

  • It’s about time they called White genocide what it truly is: The colored people of Earth have decided to commit suicide.

    • That is about the best articulation of what it means to be Alt Right that I have ever seen. There are some beautiful writers on, whether it be the actual content generators or just users like us. But, it’s really quite simple at the root of it all – whites own white countries.

  • It wasn’t too long ago that liberals and feminists were bitching about beauty pageants for being “sexist” and “degrading” towards women. But now they celebrate those same pageants because they have been weaponized as instruments of anti-White propaganda.

    • I heard China is really high in diversity as well.
      Over a billion people and hardly any whites at all.

      • In Asian countries they count other Asians ethnics and even their own native expats as “minorities.” They take in ZERO Muslim immigration.They’re smart those Asians.

        #1 They didn’t convert to self-flagellating Christianity.

        #2 They don’t allow Jews to run their institutions and media.

        • Asians, despite their flaws, are way ahead of us in terms of racial consciousness and national cooperation.

  • It doesn’t matter how many black women win beauty pageants. Everyone still thinks that white women are more attractive. Just ask O.J. Simpson, Tiger Woods, Bryant Gumble, etc. I understand that a new biography says that Barack Obama was seriously dating a white woman at one time. Obama decided not to marry a white woman because he knew it would be bad for a political career.

  • I would like to think that if the Alt Right was in charge of the USA, there would be no more beauty pageants. These wholesome girls have been exposed so many times in all kinds of scandals (e.g. pornographic films). There is no good coming from these contests. This beauty pageant culture promotes all kinds of absurd behavior, none of which is actually useful for WN.

    • That’s quite a fallacious leap from beauty pageants to porn.

      Nothing wrong with the celebration of European beauty. You must be one of those White Sharia fools.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much; ten quid says at least half of those boys are Jewish (and the other half are probably gay).

    • Gay White Trannies, White Lesbians and White Female Miscegenaters ARE allowed……

      I reached out BLM, NYTimes, CNN, WashPost, and the DNC for clarification…….


    • Wouldn’t they still want to maintain some number of White people rather than no White people at all? Whites still make the best Janissaries, are very good at keeping the lights on, getting things done and working as tax serfs. In addition White women have value as trophies for the highest achieving Masters of the Universe.
      I’m guessing at this point none of them are thinking about exactly how to sustain an ideal balance of just few enough Whites to still be useful and powerless, without becoming totally extinct. They are still in the initial campaign of marginalizing and culling Whites and wil think about the end game when they get closer.

    • I think we need to really crank up the intensity with our actions and words on the matter of code speak for liberals. By that I mean, diversity = fewer white people. Immigration = fewer white people. Social tolerance = demeaning white people… A famous US men’s ice hockey coach famously told his players, “everyone thinks about how to defend against the Soviets and nobody can figure it out. The trick is, you don’t defend – you attack… you take their game and shove it right back in their face.” This too is how we must approach the globalists. We should be calling them out for what their code language really means, and put them on the defensive.

      • Bob Whitaker and the White Rabbit people have it covered – “the Mantra.” It outs all the “code words” anti-whites use and it’s impossible for them to deny it.

        “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

        Once people see it, they can’t unsee it.

    • The dating website OKCupid puts out their data and it’s always quite interesting. Time after time, the most “racist” demographic is white women, and the second most “racist” demographic is white men. Of course for the SJWs at OKCupid this is a “problem” to be solved but it’s nice to know that even after 50 years of TV propaganda white men and women are really only interested in each other. They may pay lip service to “muh diversity” but when it comes to sex they are all White Nationalists.

      • Racist or Normal……

        …..White People??


        Well, they’re one and the same for the SJW’s……

        • It’s okay, guys, don’t worry, Richard Spencer says we can absorb all mulattoes. He said assimilating millions of hybrids is perfectly fine and not a threat to our race.

          • As a Southerner I go by the one drop rule and believe that should be our standard. i realize that not all Whites agree but most Southerners do. If we can return to a Traditional society the rootless modern world will be upended and this will take care of itself.

          • There are reasons why Richard Spencer is not worried.

            You do realize that that “ten percent” intermarriage also includes inter-ethnic marriage? IOW, people of different European ethnics are intermarrying a lot more. Moreover, these stats do not take White Duplicity where pesky poll takers are concerned. Here is the truth about White dating habits by a verifiable source, an online dating service:

            The data show that black women reply “about a quarter more often”
            than women of other races, that white men get more responses, and, to
            quote from the post, “White women prefer white men to the exclusion of
            everyone else–and Asian and Hispanic women prefer them even more
            These three types of women only respond well to white men.
            More significantly, these groups’ reply rates to non-whites is

            The percentage of Whites who end up with Blacks is about two percent. I predict we will hit its peak this decade. Then it will go down. There is a logical reason for this. “Once you go black, you’re a single mom.” Since they are normally BM/WF pairings, the WF is certain to lose lots of social status and her children are folded back into their father’s community. The great majority of mulattoes marry Black or Hispanic, if they can get them.

            The percentage of Whites who end up with Asians is higher because they are usually WM/AF and White men do NOT lose much if any social status when they engage in race mixing. Most HAPA men end up with Asian women. HAPA women have a better chance of ending up with White men.

            Both White men and White women trend Hispanic, but not in many numbers as you might think. Visiting the Southwest they are still few, but when they exist, the Hispanics are very Caucasoid in appearance and would blend in pretty well in a White Mediterranean community. I see no pairings of either sex with very Indian looking Hispanics.

            My gut feeling is that we are seeing Peak Race Mixing right now. I think it’s going to go down sharply after 2020 where B/W pairings are concerned and taper off where A/W pairings are concerned by 2030. H/W pairings will taper off even more slowly. I believe Whites will be extremely resistant to race mixing by 2040 as it becomes more clear that they are a minority. There is going to be a bigger push to marry White and have White children. JMO.

  • White women that are in to pageants should find something else to do. There’s no future in it. May I suggest making more beautiful children.

    • No. What White women need to understand is the system is rigged and anti-White. They need to realize that anti-Racist is code for anti-White. They need to know and understand that the system hates them, hates their family, and hates everything about White people. They need to know and understand that non-Whites cannot create our civilization, they can only ruin it.

      Once White women understand this then the pressure to conform will be seen as an external threat rather than an ingroup or peer pressure.

    • Well, they use to be great for young White girls. They taught me how to be beautiful! They showed me that beauty is important as well as being in good shape & to always smile. Of course this was BEFORE!

  • Beauty Pageants today more than ever is to make political statements by using women who usually are bimbos. It is more a “Bimbo Pageant” than anything else and no I did not watch it, or know it happened till it hit the news and this is my first comment on this charade.

  • Our Enemies in the Fake News MSM…..

    …….are Celebrating…….

    – Trump base shows signs of cracking –

    Just 4 Months of Relentless and Vicious 24/7……..Deep State/Fake News DNC-RINO Complex…….


    ……and President Trump’s Base begins to Fold……


    Not me……

    F the Deep State/Fake News DNC-RINO Opposition Party……


      • He’s not a Coward……

        AT ALL…….

        If he would have done something Physical to Retaliate……

        He might have been Arrested and gone to Jail……

        He is fully Doxxed and still goes out into the World……


        • I never said he was, Spencer acted like a dignified person and did the smart thing. Had he done anything else they would have called him a coward if he screamed back at the Jew, attacked her, or walked away.

        • Not even a little bit? So if you go up to someone, you know who they are, and they deny they are that person, what exactly does that make them, brave? That’s a bitch move, and a dishonest one.

          So we now know that Spencer will lie to your face, deny he is Richard Spencer, just to save himself some trouble.

    • How satisfying would it have been to drop that fukin fat kayak with an uppercut. Of course he prolly would’ve been given a life sentence for doing so.

      • If she would have gotten too close to me…….

        I would have put her on the ground and held her there until the Cops arrived……

        ……and charged her with Harassment……

    • Question: How can Spencer win the white revolution when he won’t even stand up to a fat Jewess?

      She’s actually right. She punked Spencer and got him banned. Spencer did nothing. Spencer even denied he was Richard Spencer. Bad optics.

  • Let the Beautiful White Women be replaced in all Beauty/Swim Suit Pageants, etc…….


    Let them get Red Pilled as to why…….

    Let them get back to Making White Babies……..

    …..and building White Families…….

  • The sprinkles on top of this nightmare situation is that you can’t even talk to most White girls about race. Even if you don’t use racial slurs or say anything derogatory about any race, they will call you a racist just for wanting to have a racial identity.

    Also, it seems race-mixing may be more widespread than I once thought. I just randomly came across an entire series of YouTube videos where pretty White girls were dating Asian men. I honestly wasn’t even looking for these types of videos as they always trigger me. But after I watched the first one, I kept clicking the recommended ones in the side bar, and it was like visiting some parallel world I had never heard of before.

    When did pretty White girls start dating and marrying Asian men? Because, honestly, they were pretty. Way above average. And the Asian men were ugly as sin and not wealthy.

    • When Asian men started pushing white men out of white collar jobs. Those women are gold digging whores.

    • You don’t need to “talk” to White girls about race, certainly not in a dating context. Their actions speak louder than words, they are really only interested in white men at least in the context of a community where white men are in charge. The “trick” is simply for white men to be in control of their environment. It’s just the evolutionary nature of women.

      Those videos are literally a propaganda campaign by Asian men to try to compensate for the fact that in interracial dating they are one of the losing groups. White men dating Asian women is not completely uncommon in areas with lots of Asians, the reverse is extremely uncommon.

      There was an Asian guy that used to spam reddit with pictures of White women with Asian men – most of it was just pictures of people who knew each other, in some cases selfies with strangers at public events and the like.

      I’m not worried about Asian men taking White women, the thought is laughable.

      • I went to a Chinese majority High School and saw plenty of white women with Chinese men, specifically from Hong Kong. It has nothing to do with them being ‘better’ men. It’s entirely because some women, not all, are highly attracted to wealth and the material comforts it affords them. It’s the same with Saudi men. These wealthy immigrants are a bigger problem than your average low skill immigrant.

        They also buy up all the real estate and make housing unaffordable for middle class locals, but thats another story.

        • Toronto is basically unaffordable to native Torontonians, but whenever I bring up the fact that the Chinese middle/upper class is gentrifying the city I get shut down for bringing up race.
          Spending time around normies is becoming impossible for me.

          • I hear you man. I live in the GTA too. The MultiKulti is severe here. In Canada the Chinese and Indians are a bigger problem than Blacks or Muslims, but you’ll never hear (((The Rebel))) mention any kind of immigration except Muslim immigration…

          • Oh snap you live in the GTA as well? No wonder your avatar is Mussolini.

          • Yeah man. Most of the white people that are around are god awful normies. There’s only a handful of us sane folks left.

          • The aged boomers at my workplace are practically retarded.
            While they’re worrying about new health trends, Donald Trump, and jigsaw puzzles, I’m worried my future kids will have no Fatherland or dignity.

          • Yeah, trying to talk sense into Boomers is mostly hopeless. At this point their set in their ways. Even Millenials who are now 30+ are hard to wake up. Gen Z can still be molded. Hopefully the mind virus stops with them. And I think it will to a large extent. I grew up in the post 9/11 Bush era and viewed the religious right as the enemy for the longest time. Their growing up in the SJW, BLM, politically correct, 85 different genders era, and are largely rejecting the blue pill. The youth are the future so this gives me some hope.

    • Must be a California thing. I’ve never seen a White woman with an Asian man in my entire life, and I’ve lived in a lot of states. There is no where near as much race mixing among Whites as the media would have you believe. According to a recent study, only 11% (still much higher than I would like) of American Whites have been in a mixed race marriage. Whites are the least likely of all races to race mix.

      • It’s prolly less than 11% because jews love them some asians and they’re considered white even though they’re not. Also North Africans and Middle Easterners, ie durka durkas, are also considered white in the US, so when they hook up with whatever that’s counted in the 11% too. Also an Anglo marrying a white cuban from South Beach would also be counted in that 11%.

  • I wish we didn’t have to repeat this talking point, but because the brainwashing of my people has been successful for the most part, we have to fight fire with fire.

    I mean, really it’s not just this type of replacement, you can hear other nonwhites actually specify that they want us all gone, whether or not we adhere to their culture. They. Want. Us. Dead.

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