Women Get Harrassed In Paris On The Daily By “French” Men

A story came out in Le Parisien recently about the state of women’s rights in Paris. In summary, they are getting equal lefts now too:

They are several hundred square meters of bitumen abandoned to men alone, and women are no longer entitled to a city. Cafes, bars and restaurants are prohibited. Like the sidewalks, the subway station and the squares. For more than a year, the Chapelle-Pajol district (10th-18th centuries) has completely changed its face: groups of dozens of lone men, street vendors, aliens, migrants and smugglers,hold the streets, harassing women.

Don’t forget, Paris voted overwhelmingly against Le Pen. The total vote count for her was something around 5%. Perhaps there was just a margin of error, because I have yet to ever meet a Parisian who would admit to being a nationalist.  Especially not a Parisian dame. I’ve met quite a few of them, they are sprinkled throughout just about every European city. They are all Globalist Girls to a tee.

Revolted, the inhabitants of the neighborhood decided to launch a large petition to denounce the situation. And a daily more and more oppressive. The young girls, who can no longer go out alone, wear a skirt or trousers too close to the body without receiving a lash of insults: one of them tells of having suffered a jet of cigarette lighted in the hair.

Harassment by Muslims isn’t uncommon but used to be confined to no-go suburbs outside of Paris, what’s new is that the enrichment is now cropping up even in gentrified areas of town.

Aurélie, a young woman of 38 years, admits that she does not recognize the quarter where she has lived for 15 years, rue Perdonnet (Xe): “The simple act of walking around the neighborhood has become problematic. The cafe downstairs, a bistro once friendly, has turned into an exclusively male haunt and is constantly crowded: I get harrased when I pass by, especially since they are almost always drunk: A few days ago, when I took a look out of my window, they saw me and threw a flood of insults my way. I had to lock myself in my apartment. Some time ago, I used the Boulevard de la Chapelle from Stalingrad, even late at night … It’s unthinkable today.”

Several points. These “Muslims” seem to be drinking. How do you square that circle?

Well, it’s simple. These are second and third generation immigrants. These are the assimilated ones. You know, the ones that shouldn’t be any different from regular blood and soil Frenchmen. They eat pork, drink alcohol and claim they’re Muslims when/if it suits them. Usually, these are the ones that end up regretting their hedonistic lifestyle and joining up with ISIS later on in life.

So what are the women to do?

How to combat the phenomenon? The women of La Chapelle know that filing a complaint would have little effect. Then, by mutual agreement, and on the advice of Nadine Mezence, deputy for the equality of men and women of the mayor (PS) of the eighteenth arrondissement, they decided to organize a march in the near future. Together, they will travel to all the places in the district where they are banned from entering.Then,report to the public authorities their observations …

Ah, yes. A march for women’s rights. That only works if you are marching against the men of your own tribe, not that of a foreign tribe. They don’t care about your rights. You are their captives. A follow-up article continues in the same vein:

“From 4 o’clock onwards, dozens of men aged 15 to 22 begin squatting in my building hall and I have to lower my eyes: it has become unbearable,” says Laurence, mother of an 8 year old. “My 17-year-old daughter is constantly harassed,” Nadia continues. Recently, she was robbed of her wallet. Now, when she leaves the subway, she pretends to call to avoid being approached or not to face the insistent glances. “Fatima admits to being exhausted:” My 5 year old daughter comes back from school and asks me, “what does “bitch” mean? I find it unacceptable.”

Reading between the lines, it seems that many of these women don’t have men in their lives, just vulnerable daughters. It seems that Parisian women got used to relying on daddy government to keep them safe and secure. And now, they are finally starting to feel the squeeze. Do these girls and women realize that they have voted for this? Are they aware that actions have consequences? Some anti-racism campaigners apparently crashed a gathering of these concerned citizens. They took issue with the group’s slogan, “Feminism is not racism”.

They claimed that the campaign was targetted at migrants. Speaking of which, the leaders of the anti-rape campaign had this to say:

…we exclude all members of the association who make extremist comments…We are not targeting all migrants, but the violent ones. Jean regrets, however, “that the Facho-sphere has used their movement” to their struggle. “But this megabuzz will perhaps make things happen,…

Even at the risk of their wives and daughters getting raped and harrassed in the streets, these Parisians are unable to admit that maybe, just maybe, those “fascists” may have been right about the migrants all along.

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  • I am a single whit American woman and I have to say that I am absolutely disgusted by all of the misogyny and sheer idiocracy on this site. I am perfectly capable of intelligence and common sense and my analytical skills are perfectly functional, thank you very much. I am not less than you or less deserving of being in politics. I would rather put an axe through my abdomen than go back to “traditional” gender roles. I take great pride in keeping a roof above my own head and supporting myself through hard work. I connect that wanting terrorists out of my country is not racist but, I would like to point out that most of you are speaking like said terrorists. You should all be ashamed of your selfs. I would be horrified if any of you were in my life. Also as a feminist I am not a failed woman I’m gorgeous. Now Inknow how most of these conversations go and I’m going to tell you flat out that as an American woman I am a badass and if anybody tries to take away my rights or harm me in anyway I know my constitutional rights as well as local and federal….. take that how you will.

  • This is off topic, just a recommendation, notice the whole religious question has been coming up lately, a need for a unifying belief system, this video seems to sum up the whole question beautifully

  • The Muslim pimp hand is strong. White knight faggots: Time to put muh Aryan princesses back in their places. They’ll thank you for it

  • For any society and for the whole of humanity, the treatment of minorities is not a matter like many others; It is, along with the treatment of women, the elderly and children, one of the most revealing data ethical progress or retrogression. A world that respects every day human diversity, where everyone can express themselves in the language they prefer, profess in peace their creeds and quietly assume their origins without exposing themselves to hostility and vilification or the authorities or of the majority population

  • All this sh** happened before in French Algeria 1950s.

    The White French didn’t give in so easily then – they sent in the Paras and used torture against these low lifes.

  • This is what Western women have been asking for for the past fifty years or more. I hope that they’re happy with it.

  • As the cliché goes, “you reap what you sow.” The French are finding this to be painfully true. Look no further than France to understand why we can’t afford to lose here in the US.

  • To use the old classic line: frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. You voted for this, you deserve everything that is coming for you.

  • Contemporary feminism prioritizes the interests of non-white men over white women due to its anti-white and intersectionalist framework. Furthermore, it does not have the ideological will to recognize that feminism as a political force is entirely dependent on the existence and dominance of white societies, and ultimately, white men. Here, for example, are two articles from a “radical” feminist website published in the immediate aftermath of the Rape of Cologne:

    Red herring after red herring mixed with a healthy dose of whataboutism and statistical ignorance. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t expect logic from feminists, but come on. Even some of the feminist commentators saw through it. No ideology this incapable of advocating basic self-preservation can possibly have a future.

  • She will get exactly what she voted for in spades, complete enrichment, she needs to stop complaining about it and start celebrating it. I have absolutely zero interest in European cities, they are cesspools, it is the areas outside the cities I am concerned about, hopefully the cities will provide enough information to wake up the people outside the cities before it is too late.

  • “Do these girls and women realize that they have voted for this?”

    No. Women have an incredibly difficult time connecting cause and effect.

        • Lack direction and independent thought, hive mind mentality, keeping up appearances, always concerned about how they appear to others, should not be involved in politics.

          • Women never think they’re wrong, never take responsibility, and never ever hold themselves accountable. Allow women to get in control and look at what we have today.

            Feminism is codified female psychological dysfunction. All women are feminists to some degree and at some point whether they admit it or not. It’s observable. They’re literally being gang raped and refuse to speak out against Muh-norities. They’re mudsharks demanding Welfare from White people. They adopt Negroes and cry “racist” when “equality” doesn’t occur.

            White men should be asking themselves, “Who is worth saving and why?”

          • I moved to Asia, I can’t stand feminists, they poison everything they touch, am free of it all now, feel sorry for guys still living in Europe and US, it looks painful

          • Feminists are just failed women. They can’t play the game as most of the hardcore feminists are really butch in looks and demeanor, thus they have to tear down real women and femininity.

        • I would guess that some of it is that women just aren’t that concerned with thinking about or being ware of potential threats of these kinds, especially not in modern day welfare states. Dealing with threats has always been the domain of men. I don’t have any data to back that up, it’s just something I’ve noticed, so it’s anecdotal.

      • Majority of white women voted for Trump.

        It’s not about being bright or not. It’s the fact that traditionally it was viewed that fathers and husbands voted for women. Women only need to vote if they disagree with men. Women are used as a wedge against men politically.

    • As a White American Woman who has recently discovered this site, you are not giving me much incentive to stick around. I am disgusted by the idiots, male and female who have opened their arms to “refugees” and I cannot understand how ANY person would welcome a person who hates the culture of said “welcoming country” into their country! Seems rather counterproductive to me.

      I also do think it is rather counterproductive to alienate ALL women, many of whom could be your allies, by insinuating that we are all stupid. Why further the gap? Isn’t it necessary for men and women to work together to stop Muslim invasion?

      Please do not punish ALL women for the stupid decisions of a bunch of other women.

      I agree, men and women are different. I personally do not think women belong in politics. However I severely dislike being grouped in with a bunch of other women who made bad choices just because we all have vaginas.

      Why alienate your best ally? (your mothers, wives, daughters etc) ???

      • I’m happy that you commented. Firstly, we don’t need you to stick around. Honestly, men are the vanguard of change, not women. Women like winners and, in the long-run, more or less adopt the ideas of the victors. It’s a survival strategy forced upon women by the viciousness of evolution. Most women are already alienated from us because, objectively, we are losers. We aren’t the winning team right now. It has little or nothing to do with what we say.

        I want to talk about your solipsism. Female solipsism is the reason why women have difficulty linking cause with effect. Women cannot analyze their environment to the same extent that men can because they don’t need to. Women are very valuable at birth because they have eggs. Men are born worthless because we have sperm. Men have to understand their environment in order to accrue the resources necessary to attract a mate. No woman accepts only sperm from a man. They demand a package complete with social status and economic resources. Men, however, will accept eggs and a pretty face in exchange for everything they’ve labored their entire young lives for because women/eggs are so valuable. This is why women are solipsistic. There were never evolutionary selection pressures to not be that way. In fact, solipsism probably helped you extract the maximum amount of resources for yourself and your offspring.

        A note on your solipsism – I made a general statement about women and by the end of your comment my general statement becomes all about you with your demand for NAWALT treatment. This is your solipsism on display. Also, with respect to your lack of capacity to link cause with effect, your shaming of white men for questioning the appropriateness of the current position of women in society will play into the destruction of white civilization. men drfend civilization, not women. If you and other white women continue your collective shaming of white men then your granddaughters will wear the burka. Men defend civilization, not women. However, if women are in revolt then those men will not defend it. Your depend on us. It’s not the other way around.

        • “There were never evolutionary
          selection pressures to not be that way. In fact, solipsism probably
          helped you extract the maximum amount of resources for yourself and your

          That’s a bold claim to make, and as far as I know, only based on the fact that women tend to identify more readily with people who are close to them, while men are more inclined to identify with abstract groups such as nationality, place of origin, local sports team etc. Of course this doesn’t mean that men don’t use their immediate relationships to form an identity. That would be absurd. Or that women don’t identify with abstract groups. We have enough examples of both to make it clear that it’s more likely a matter of degrees than of evolving distinct mental modules to make for a qualitative difference between the two groups.
          Furthermore, your statement minimizes the strength of assortative mating as an evolutionary mechanism in assuming that females of our species wouldn’t have a strong interest in mating with partners who are genetically similar i.e. exercising strong group preference in mating.
          Afaik none of the two theories has a much stronger backing than the other (you could point towards Asian females mating habits in the West in an attempt to undermine the latter, but social causes tend to have such a strong impact upon the Asian psyche as to invalidate the example), and they don’t necessarily exclude each other, but I find it pretty dubious that someone calling himself a White Nationalist would prefer to take account of the former but not the latter.

          “A note on your solipsism – I made a general statement about women and by
          the end of your comment my general statement becomes all about you with
          your demand for NAWALT treatment. This is your solipsism on display.”

          That’s not solipsism. She merely showed an implicit understanding of the relation between an individual and a broader category. The two are not necessarily identical in all respects. That’s called “common sense”.
          On a side-note, I’ve noticed that many of the newly awakened Saxons in the Alt-right can’t really work that into their thinking. They can’t perceive of someone at an individual and at a social scale (identity group) simultaneously, at least not to the extent that people I personally know are capable of doing. It’s weird, and I find it hard to articulate it, but it’s like Alt-right commenters can either switch between the two perceptions or only dead-set themselves on the latter. Since it’s more common among Westerners, I suspect this has something to do with the strong bias towards individualism hammered into them since birth. A strong focus on the individuals as such might of left Western kids epistemological handicapped in regards to individuals as members of groups, and when they come upon more group-specific notions, they don’t know how to work them appropriately.

          “Also, with respect to your lack of capacity to link cause with effect,
          your shaming of white men for questioning the appropriateness of the
          current relationship between men and women in the West plays into the
          destruction of white civilization”

          She wasn’t “shaming” (honestly, are you only capable of thinking in buzzwords?) you for your attitude regarding feminism, she plainly agreed with our assessment of the current state, she only pointed out your inability to make a functional distinction between groups and individuals. Needless to say, she was correct.

      • Although I agree with some of the things the above-mentioned commenter has said, nevertheless I think it is unneccessary to alienate women for no reason. However, it isn’t surprising that many in the alt-right community share the sentiment that women have themselves to blame and shouldn’t been given the vote, because women are to a extent to blame for this situation due to female mentality and voting patterns, among other things.

        That said, I think the few women that are interested are more than welcome in the nationalist right.

        • From a biological imperative standpoint it’s irrational.

          BTW, being pro-race means men+women. Racial nationalism is fundamentally about reproduction.

      • Semi agree, but the misogyny which exists on the Alt Right is primarily caused by a refusal among the majority of white women to embrace anything associated with “far right” nationalist politics, and the disproportionate representation of women in multicultural leftist movements. Like its attitude towards jews, the enmity of the Alt Right towards white women can sometimes cross over into irrational scapegoating, but it is nonetheless based in a genuine statistical reality regarding the left-leaning nature of white women’s contemporary political and voting preferences.

        On the other hand, we should remember that making repealing women’s suffrage and instituting a white version of sharia a plank of the Alt Right platform is, at this point at least, counterproductive LARPING. Promoting such a view runs the risk of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy in which white women vote against nationalist parties in ever greater numbers so as to maintain their rights in society, which leads to a cycle of mutual resentment and alienation between increasingly liberal white women and increasingly nationalist white men. We don’t want that.

        We should also remember that the majority of white American women voted for Trump, and women in Eastern Europe are probably more nationalist than men in Western Europe and the Anglosphere. My theory is that women tend to have a pro-establishment and conformist bias in their politics. If the establishment is leftist/multiculturalist, women will tend to support that, and if the establishment is rightist/nationalist, than they will support that as well. So focusing on attacking women’s suffrage is a bit of a red herring. Men are more likely to have an anti-establishment bias, which is why leftist agitators, revolutionaries, and intellectuals were overwhelmingly male until about the 1960s. Even most suffragettes weren’t all that liberal, as Jonathan Bowden and Richard Spencer note here:

        TL;DR: The suspicion of white women on the Alt Right probably goes too far, but white women should know where it comes from and take responsibility for playing a disproportionate role in the promotion of suicidal multicultural leftism, as well as redeem their collective reputation by constructively advocating for nationalism and white preservation.

        • That’s nonsense and untrue.

          A majority of white women voted for Trump.

          Online dating studies show that more white women prefer white men than white men prefer white women.

          These facts don’t matter to bitter betas of course. They will continue repeating their nonsense and only troll harder.

          Maybe you guys missed the fact that Le Pen, a woman, was the only serious nationalist choice. The others, white men, were all globalist stooges especially Macron.

          The biggest divide among white men and women is when white women are SINGLE. Single white women are much more toxic than married white women. Why? Unlike what moron and implicit cuck Anglin from Daily Stormer says about white women being natural race-mixing whores as he sado-masochistically posts Negrophilic porn on his website, that’s actually NOT the reason. When women don’t have a white man to guide them, then the JUDEO-LIBERAL DEEP STATE is their surrogate husband and that’s who they listen to.

          • It helps to actually read a comment before responding to it. I note that a majority of white women voted for Trump.

          • Single White women seem to be more leftist, because all the men they date seem to be leftist and the further you get up the social class structure, the more leftist socially acceptable behavior becomes.

            I suspect single White men pretend to be more leftist, because they believe single White women are leftist. But if you get past the way these leftists talk and vote, you will see that they live in lily-White neighborhoods with gated communities and avoid so-called people of color like the plague.

            Support for leftist causes, even among White men, especially among White men, is a mile wide and an inch deep for those who don’t suffer from racial Stockholm Syndrome. The same for White women. Otherwise how do you account for their lily-White gated communities?

            The dirty little secret is that single White “leftist” women want to be traditional wives as much as their foremothers did. They want to please their men who they believe to be leftist, so they parrot the party line. And it works if you go by the statistics that leftist upper class (redundant) Whites tend to marry more than the right leaning conservative lower class who voted for Trump.

            When all White men lean right and especially if they push traditional marriage, I predict any feminine support for leftist causes will evaporate like dew. Those who control the propaganda control the outcome.

        • I think the ‘white sharia’ meme is a negative direction for the movement to go in. We should be trying to get women on board with white nationalism. A white ethno-state without women is neither sustainable nor desriable. Rejection of feminism and a return to traditional gender roles doesn’t have to mean treating women badly. Should women be voting? Probably not. But neither should most men to be perfectly honest.

      • >Why alienate your best ally? (your mothers, wives, daughters etc) ???

        You’re not my mother, wife, or daughter. You’re just some random poster on
        the internet lecturing us. The fact that you actually believe any of us
        would alienate our family yet you still want to join in tells us just
        how desperate you are.

        >As a White American Woman who has recently discovered this site, you are not giving me much incentive to stick around.

        Where are you going to go? It’s a serious question. What else is there? Are you going to run off to the Cuckservatives who will just talk about taxes as they sell you out? How about the Shitlibs who have decided that White women are interfering with Feminism? And that’s really why you’re here. You’re being chased out of your safe social space as a White women.

        >Please do not punish ALL women for the stupid decisions of a bunch of other women.

        After a century of Feminism your time has past. You squandered any and all social capital you and all other women will ever have. It’s gone and it’s never coming back. The past 100 years will be an indelible mark on our history taught from father to son.

        • “You’re not my mother, wife, or daughter. You’re just some random poster
          on the internet lecturing us. The fact that you actually believe any
          of us would alienate our family yet you still want to join in tells us
          just how desperate you are.”

          I think she was speaking in general terms. People do that.

      • Most Alt Right males on forums are bitter betas and Asperger nerds.

        They can easily insult you because they will never get a woman anyway and have nothing to lose. They’ve had very little if any real personal experience with women other than rejection. They’ve never known love if they can even love at all.

  • >Aurélie, a young woman of 38 years, admits that she does
    not recognize the quarter where she has lived for 15 years, rue
    Perdonnet (Xe): “The simple act of walking around the neighborhood has
    become problematic.

    What’s the matter, sweetheart? Can’t slut around like you used to do in your early twenties when you left your small “””ignorant””” French town to move to the big. glittering shitheap of Paris?

    It’s the future you chose.

  • Save the children, leave their mothers in the mess they no doubt voted for. These women are terminal cases.

    • I’ve been saying this for a decade: leave any anti-white woman older than child-bearing age to their fate. Only focus, laser-like, on young fertile women, who are the future.

      In fact, leaving the aging anti-white women to their fate will make a powerful statement to the younger women. There is only so much “white knighting” we have to spare.

      This method has already worked rhetorically. Five years ago there were still “WN conservative feminists” complaining that men need to do this or that. These were leftover aging feminists, many without families, who simply didn’t like naggers and beans for obvious reasons. But they were in fact poisonous to the movement because instead of actually mentoring the younger women in natalism they were trying to organize younger white women into a “Bitch Coalition.”

      They all dropped out thanks to well deserved hostility. Now we have a whole new generation of “tradwife” type WNs like the kind around Lokteff. They are putting traditional natalism first for the young women, and the minority who are actually cut out for a more general role are welcome to it.

      We won the whole feminism thing, there’s no point in fighting it anymore as it’s beating a dead horse.

    • Bingo. The fact that station has not had its name changed is a disgrace to the French nation. And so is the continued use of Karl-Marx-Allee (previously Stalinallee) in Berlin. These bastards should be forced to revert to calling it Große Frankfurter Straße.

  • “women’s rights”? No, that only works if you’re foolish enough to take them seriously. Conceding to the insatiable demands of dumb whores got us into this mess.

  • Never liked that place. Took a train from Charle de Gaulle to Central Paris about 15 years ago. The first couple of stops saw so many Africans getting on the train, I felt like in Senegal or Mali. They did not act like Blacks in the South, they could just come and sit right next to you. It was a weird feeling in Central Paris too. Not for me.

    My best experience in France was taking a domestic flight from Orly to a 99% White town somewhere in South West. The French were extremely polite and nice, so I actually enjoyed “flying”. There, you actually enjoy the feeling of Europe.

  • “A fool learns from his own mistakes, a wise man from the mistakes of others”.

    Women of course will learn very little.

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