Who Are Russia’s Black Hundreds?

I recently met up with a group calling themselves the Black Hundreds here in Russia.

Historically, the Black Hundred were a pan-slavic nationalist group from the early 20th centuries. The word “black” is better translated to mean “common” and does not necessarily reference the color “black”. Unlike the Black Hundreds of old, these new Black Hundreds are a bit more well-to-do.

I found them to be quite similar to the Alt-Right back at home. The Black Hundreds are middle-class race realists and nationalists first and foremost. They do not have a political party, nor do they have much of a political apparatus at all. They are a youth movement predominantly, and an intellectual one at that. They are concerned with promoting books and spreading their ideas, first and foremost.

In general, I am struck by how ready Russia is for their ideas. There is almost no resistance to the ideas that these people have from the Russian populace. The resistance all comes from the government, the influential oligarchs and even then, from specific factions within the government. There is no White Guilt in Russia, and it makes red-pilling so much easier. The only ones who are pushing crap like anti-racism or feminism are the daughters of oligarchs who have spent the last decade whoring in the West:

Ksenia Sobchak

The Black Hundreds group did not like Putin. They claimed that he does not care about the rights of the White majority in Russia. This is in stark contrast to other nationalist groups in Russia like the nationalists from the Rodina party that I spoke with earlier this year. They called themselves Putin’s shock troops and they agreed on all the same doctrinal points as the Alt-Right. They were also much more in the know about political comings and goings. I think the Rodina approach is far more pragmatic. If you are to push for changes, do it in the name of the Emperor, even if the Emperor doth not approve.

But the Black Hundreds members also had some good points. There are hate speech laws in Russia now, and you cannot publically denounce the Muslims or any other group for that matter on TV or in any political discourse. I remarked that Russia had an older and cruder form of censorship and method for enforcing political correctness. Back in the United States, you can say what you want…in theory. But there are consequences for exercising your free speech rights. Most of the time, it will be your friends and colleagues that censor you. From there, it can go on to your employer, and eventually, the media might lynch you as well. All the while, the government won’t touch you, but you will still lose everything. Systems of coercion are far more subtle and refined in the United States.

In Russia, you can speak freely among your peers, and they will not report you. There’s a consistent “us vs them” attitude that the people still have vis a vis the authorities in Russia that has not changed since Soviet times. In that sense, it feels much freer in Russia.

There were also some divergences in opinion that did not jibe well with ours. While some had read Kevin MacDonald and seemed to know what was what, other, younger members of the movement seemed to be dismissive of the JQ. This struck me as a rather strange omission. The JQ is seen as a sort of capstone to any young goy’s red-pilling process back in the West. But they seemed loath to bring it up. I interpreted this as a bit of counter-signaling against the older generation. Remember, in Russia, you have a very red-pilled population that doesn’t even know its red-pilled. From what I understood, the younger Black Hundreds had a bone to pick with the older Soviet generation, who they view as being inept and incompetent, holding the country back from adopting the free market and making necessary reforms. In that sense, it’s similar to our disdain for Boomer Nationalism here.

But it also must be said that on the Alt-Right, many have already moved past a blind adherence to free-market ideology. There are many critiquing unbridled free-market capitalism on the Alt-Right now, and some even advance the argument that Capitalism ended up being more damaging to the West than Communism.

And just like all the other nationalists I have met so far in Russia, they seem keen on adopting the aesthetic of the Alt-Right. In that sense, Russia remains the same as it always has, looking West for inspiration. And I have to say that the Black Hundreds are the closest I have come to finding an Alt-Right parallel operating in Russia.

In general, Russia has a variety of Far-Right groups to choose from. I feel like a kid at a candy shop, looking at all the different colors and variants of Russian nationalism. You have the more proletarian side of things with the soccer hooligans turned racist MMA fighters (the Ultras) on one end. On the other end, you have political parties like Rodina that came very close to full-fledged legitimacy, even holding seats in the Duma. In between, you have Zhirinovsky and his LDPR party. They are a softer version of nationalism that appeals to Soviet folks more with its deliberate evocation of USSR nostalgia. Even the Russian Communist party is pretty damn nationalistic. Especially if you believe the rumors that they have been infiltrated by “fascists”.

I’ve found that even National Bolsheviks (basically Russian Antifa) are quite racially-conscious. Even the Liberals seem to be flirting with nationalism to win votes. But party politics are largely irrelevant in Russia. The Kremlin calls the shots and there you have very organized and wealthy ethnic lobbies influencing policy.


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  • If you want to learn more about the Russian Black Hundreds you should read the monograph of Razmolodin M.L. “The ideology of the Black Hundreds in Russia in 1905-1917”.
    The monograph reveals the conservative essence of the Black Hundred movement and its ideology aimed at the protection of Christian and national traditions in Russia in 1905-1917. This task is solved on the basis of an analysis of the origins, foundations of the theoretical constructs and programs of the extreme right monarchist parties in comparison with the system of views of Russian nationalists. The subjects for consideration are a set of basic ideological principles, postulates and provisions of ideologies of the Black Hundred organizations; the Orthodox religious foundations of the right monarchist ideology; conservative bases of political problematics and the problem of “Russia – the West”; approaches to the definition of nation (nationality); Imperial and national perspectives; the role and place of the Russian people; attitudes to pogroms and terrorist methods of struggle. The research proposes a system of criteria for the identification of party and personal affiliation to the Black Hundred spectrum in Russia the early 20th century, allowing a clear border to be drawn with nationalist (including fascist) parties.
    The urgency for this research has been caused by a poor development in the historiography. Intended for historians, sociologists, political scientists.

  • / – – ! Господа галковскоманы. !/
    / – – ! Мне кажется весьма странным и довольно неправильным, что в статье о современных альт-райтах и, тем более, комментариях (весьма ветвистых) не упомянут Дмитрий Евгеньевич Галковский. !/
    / – – ! Поэтому я оставил этот коммент, который предлагаю всем апать, довнить и дополнять–возражать ответами. !/

    Moderate russian semi-noviop ((find above on thread with ‘Ctrl+F’)) liberal here.

    Guys, sorry for my poor english but.
    Why shouldn’t you have a look and get acquented with a real russian (‘Russkiy’ not ‘Rossiyskiy’) intellectual and cultural lleader?

    Dmitry Galkovsky, the one who created modern russian national political social and historical discurs, and outlook and stands for the most actual modern philosopher, humanities writer, enlighteners and social provisionist and (social) sci-fi writer among russians. Most of modern russian intellectuals, espetially those of enlighted-national direction agree to admit themselfs as his disciples, say, those who were described in mainpost.

    His internet-projects are many in russian internet by now, because of about 25-30 years of gaining sufficient popularity among intelligence on the one hand, but refuses and bans in russian mainstream (post-soviet) press on the other hand,
    But the very main of his public resources is undoubtly his blog at http://galkovsky.livejourna
    This URL is the most popular and important educational resource for smart russians since 2003 up to nowdays.

    Also, the’re many groups in VK and other socials for his citations and funs.
    BTW, his latest post there is a drastically catastrophic and nuar overview on modern situation and state of affairs in the USA. The main iea is that USA has the same unturnable culture and society destruction proceses that had taken place in Russia hundred years ago.

    I see that Galkovsky’s russian language is quite rich and therefore complicated, while the quantaty of his works is but as author of the main post had easy overlooked many sites of suitable direction — hence it seems for me that you, guys may be interested after Galkovsky’s works overlook by Vincent or, may be, at least, named post translation.

    May be even it should be possible that Dmitry Evgenievich will give you an interview

    • PS
      Well, to be honest, im sure that this D.E.G.’s works may turn to be very important for the US-guys, bc his enlightment had already helped Russia to pass through serious social dangers and can help you to overcome some other ones.
      May be, we could even alll in all, save it all from nuclear breakdown LOL.

  • Moderate russian semi-noviop ((find above on thread with ‘Ctrl+F’)) liberal here.

    Guys, sorry for my poor english but.
    Why shouldn’t you have a look and get acquented with a real russian (russkiy) intellectual and cultural leader?

    Dmitry Galkovsky, the one who created modern russian political social and historical discurs and outlook and stands for the most actual modern philosopher, humanities writer, social provisionist and (social) sci-fi writer.

    His internet-projects are widespread in russian internet after years of refuses and bans in russian mainstream (post-soviet) press on the one hand, while gaining sufficient popularity among intelligence on the other hand. But the main one of his public resources is his blog at

  • I would like to give a meaningful reply, but the phrase “racist liberals” confuses me. Could you elaborate, please?

    • Everyone in Russia is a racist. Being a racist is not a big defining feature of a political ideology in russia. Adoption of liberalism, however, is.

      • You mean that they are anti-Putin?(at least last time I checked, I actually stopped paying attention a long time ago)

        • Free-market, pro-European, anti-Soviet (in the sense that they see nothing worth salvaging from that period).

          • Yes, antisovietism of Prosvirmin and co. is wee too on the nose, but I don’t see what’s the problem with free market. Surely, you wouldn’t advocate for planned economy. That’s one part of Soviet period that does not require salvaging.( and yes I am perfectly aware that “free-market” is not a panacea from all problems)

          • M8, it doesn’t matter what you privately believe. But you need popular support. Counter-signaling national myths is stupid.

          • And opposition to free market will get you popular support? Really? And since when it’s a “national myth”?

            P.S.: тамбовский волк тебе мейт. No offense.

          • Sputnik & Pogrom exploits the Russian Empire and the White Army national myths. This makes sense, as Soviet Union was a terrible anti-russian dictatorship run by ethnic minoritities. It was a worst nightmare of any Russian nationalist.

          • Soviets crudely repressed Russian nationalists and enforced marxist beliefs in people’s heads for 70 years. It is very difficult to fight those beliefs, especially as they are considered part of soviet national identity, that is still widespread among the people. It is anti-soviet to praise Russian Empire and Russian nationalism, and it is anti-soviet to praise the free market, so that makes Sputnik & Pogrom strictly anti-soviet. And it’s still quite popular.

          • “Still quite popular”

            Yeah right. Putin enjoys 80% support in Russia. The only people you are appealing to with S and P are urban intellectuals who were already anti-Putin and just needed another reason for their disdain.

          • I may say the same about american and EU political regimes. If it’s approved, it does not mean it’s good for the people.
            Common voters don’t see the alternative, as any real opposition is oppressed and pro-western leftist noviop liberals are supported just to be a scarecrow.

          • pro-european in what way? they are anti-EU but consider that Russia is an integral part of the European civilization
            >(in the sense that they see nothing worth salvaging from that period)
            not true

      • Sputnik & Pogrom online magazine is the main think-tank, and Black Hundred is just an affiliated side-project. It is a publisher team founded by Sputnik & Pogrom readers, re-printing pre-revolution and white emigrant books, banned by the Soviet government, and modern Eastern Ukrainian War memoires written by Russian nationalists.

      • Sorry for my english, but It’s no secret, that the US is a racist state. It emerged as
        a racist state, the whole history was racist and will die from racism too.

        The true scale of vice is manifested in subconscious bloopers. At the level of
        consciousness, any person keeps himself within bounds of decency, so it
        is very naive to judge the Americans by their beautiful statements. Any
        American will tell you a tons of politically correct garbage, but what will he
        really think, and even feel … you will hear this:

        – I’m fine with African-Americans. We, white people are very guilty before
        them, and I approve the government’s decision to provide black citizens of
        America with additional social benefits as compensation for centuries of

        It’s okay. But then he will say something like this:

        – I have a lot of black among my good friends and colleagues. Here, for example, John Smith, you seem to know him, too.

        “Uh-uh … But Smith is a blond with blue eyes and his wife is an Italian.

        “I’m sorry, but he’s an African American.”


        – One of his great-grandmothers was black. Her father is half Indian, half Irish, and her mother is a Creole from Haiti.

        At this point, the european will sigh and run from the PATHOLOGICAL racist to the
        other side of the street. Under no circumstances he will never talk to a sick racist
        on ethnic topics.

          • Jester wants to underline the fact that American nationalists and European (including Russian) nationalists are different. Americans tend to concentrate on racial problems and tensions, their “white nationalism” ignores cultural and even racial differences among whites.

            Russian nationalism is more about strengthening Russian national identity and cultural purity. Cultural and linguistic characteristics of men are equally or more important if compared to racial, and other whites can be enemies too. We want to build a new democratic state based on national consensus, a state that asserts ethnic Russian interests over other nations (including our neighbors like Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus with huge oppressed Russian population), rebuilds our economy through the free market, brings back our basic civil rights taken by Putin, and solves our migrant crisis.

            One of the most famous Russian anti-soviet philosopher and ideologist, Dmitry Galkovsky, is the mind behind the curtain of Prosvirnin’s Sputnik & Pogrom democratic nationalism. By the way, he recently wrote some articles about the Great Decline of the US, as its political elite has been constantly downgrading since the 1991. The 2016 election and the current state of affairs were just another step in the process of “brazilisation”. In the following 10-20 years America shall become more like Brazil, a weak country with unstable and corrupt political system and no united nation, as English is no longer the only popular language with hispanics growing in numbers. He believes Trump is not capable of stopping the process. Other Russian people in the comment section asked me to tell you that you should read Galkovsky’s essays if you know Russian, as it may be helpful for American alt-right movement too.

            Thanks for your attention.

          • May be my compulsiveness gets out of bonds, but nevertheless i should point at the certain text by Galkovsky, writen the other day, reсently. — The Decay Chronicle

          • Yep. In geopolitics Americans are primitive and stupid hillbillies compared to old european carnivorous predators.
            For the last 1000 years Europe have seen a shitloads of such “Americans”. Where are all of them now?
            They will eat you alive without notice: “Something cracked under the feet”. If you don’t understand that it’s your problem.

        • Сорри фром май харт ин ингриш бат итс но сикрет зет СиП из а плагиэризм стейт.

          Ат зис поинт юропиан Дмитри Евгеневитч will sigh and run from the PATHOLOGICAL плэгиэйрист to the other side of the street. Under no circumstances he will never talk to a sick клептоманиак on sufficient topics.

          Не, просто в самом деле, зачем бы не указать автора цитаты?
          И, раз уж зашли, зачем не апнуть комментарий про альт-райт лидера всей интеллектуального России подветкой ниже (ссылка)

          • Так себе “открытие”. Период “Галковский своими словами” СиП уже давно прошёл. Так, в общих чертах дискурс соблюдается.

          • Did you give your house and money to BLM, rasist?
            Soon you will.
            United Cuckolds of America, lol.

          • Not an American. Keep talking and die kid. I don’t joke around with fucking peoples computers over for fun. Just a friendly warning.

  • I’m sure we have friends in Russia, but it’s important to follow the old cliché, “keep your eye on the ball.” Our mission as “adherents” to the Alt Right Gospel is to fight for the White State. Even if a group has similar ideas, and we may make efforts to support them, if their ultimate goal is different from our own, then that friendship has noteworthy limitations. A Russian Nationalist like this MP probably falls into that category. No?

  • Even though I kind of like Spencer’s habit of trolling the militant Estonian nationalists on the web, it seems like in Russia the good guys from a WN perspective would be some kind of Russian ethno-nationalists, who are at least somewhat anti-Putin, and possibly being actively suppressed by him.

    We kind of like how Putin stands up to our enemies (the enemies of humanity), but it’s wrong to ever think that he is “our guy” , rather than merely a “far enemy” who is useful because he fights the “near enemy”.

    There is a tension between Spencer’s love of big empires and Spencer’s focus on race, and in Russia we see this in play. Racism, xenophobia, ethno-nationalism, WW2 revisionism are obstacles to the stability of the Russian empire, and consequently, they are suppressed. It may not be as bad as it is in the West, but in time migration patterns could become quite destructive to the Russian ethnic group.

    I don’t see any easy resolution to this tension, but it’s something to keep in mind. Russia might simultaneously be supporting nationalist insurgents in some foreign countries, while suppressing them at home; helping the side that opposes mass immigration abroad and crushing their own people through the use of mass immigration at home.

    • This is a good point, but we cannot be simplistic about Russia. It is, ultimately, an empire of the old fashioned sense. The non-whites that it has in its borders are imperial subjects. Nationalists in Russia would want to let Chechnya go independent, but they don’t have forward thinking that the geography of the caucuses means such a move would leave Russia very militarily vulnerable. While I do think enclavism needs to be enforced, with very limited freedom of movement between the ethnic areas, the idea that Russia should shrink down to a mini-Ukraine is ridiculous. Ultimately, white Russians need to reassert themselves (especially in birth rates) as the owners of Russia. While I support ethnic integrity for Estonians, they, like the Scots, have in many cases oriented their ethnic attitude around muhh persecution, which gets annoying.

  • A Russian nationalist here. ✋?

    First of all, it is “Black hundred” (singular) and it is a publisher rather than political movement. Good guys, I respect what they do. Their site:

    Putin isn’t an Emperor, he is a typical red criminal which build corrupt, authoritarian, anti-Russian regime in Russia. There is not a single independent political movement in Russia which supports Putin. The movements like “Rodina” are created artificially by Putin’s administration and work for wages from the state budget.

    The article shows how far the rights in the west from understanding of the internal politics in Russia. If you want to find something similar to Alt-Right inside Russia, this is the main site around which majority of the Russian nationalists revolve.

    If you want to know something about Russian nationalism I would suggest to contact to the editors of the magazine and maybe begin to collaborate. I personally would be glad to see the collaboration. ??

    • The internal politics of Russia do not concern the Alt Right. The only concern the Alt Right has with Russia is making sure an anti-(((Washington/New York))) regime remains in power. The Jews in Washington and New York HATE Putin, and that means we have to support him. So please feel free to pursue whatever policies you please in Russia, but do not try to bring anti-Putinism into the American Alt Right. We don’t care if Putin is corrupt and anti-Nationalist in his domestic politics – that does not concern us. All that concerns us is that he opposes the Jewified West. Anti-Putinism will rightly be met with hostility in the Alt Right.

      • > The Jews in Washington and New York HATE Putin

        Do they? Or they just act like they do?)

          • Russian oligarchs are a mix of Jews (mostly), Armenians, Georgians and various Middle-Asian muslims, only a few of them are ethnic Russians. Putin is deeply affiliated with them.

          • He sided with the Eastern Jews over the Western Jews.

            There is a rift within the Jewish community.

          • I actually don’t believe in Jewish conspiracy. Our history through the XXth century was much more complicated. The Soviet Union was afraid of any nationalist movements, especially Russian, as they could be the main threat to the communist government. Therefore it encouraged race mixing, especially inside its own elite. By the 1960-s it created a social strata without a national identity, race, or religion, a coctail of various anti-russian minorities, usually with some russian blood. We call them noviops, from the “New historical community” (novaya istoricheskaya obschnost’). Noviops were ideal soviet citisens, as they associated themselves with the Soviet Union only. Most soviet rulers, bureaucrats, approved artists etc were noviops, as they were favoured over others, including pure jews. By the way, some noviops became liberal opposition to the regime, as they had the best education and were allowed to think more critically. The plan was to make the entire population noviops, but 70 years were not enough for that.
            As the USSR collapsed, noviops remained the main power in Ukraine and Russia and got the best parts during the privatisation of ex-soviet industry. They used to believe in communism, now they don’t believe anything. They don’t care about Israel or their own countries, they even rarely side with each other, all they care about is money. Russian government is so corrupt, as most businessmen and government officials do not believe in the mere existence of national interests, they are here just to make money. Their rule is protected by Yeltsin and Putin’s dictatorship and hate speech laws, and they pragmatically pretend to follow any popular beliefs in order to keep the regime popular, as it’s profitable for them. The entire Putin’s so-called “alternative for the West” is just a way to keep domestic ratings high and to crush any real nationalist opposition to the anti-national regime. Pro-western liberal opposition leaders are mostly noviops (or pure national minorities) too, therefore they are not popular among common people and the Kremlin does not see a threat in them.

          • Лучший способ разочароваться в американской политике и в альт-райтах в частности – поговорить с местными политическими активистами. Сначала я не верил Галковскому, что США скатывается в Латинскую Америку, но теперь потихоньку проникаюсь этой мыслью.

          • Хваленые альт-райты оказались обществом “Память”))

          • Именно 😀 Им только язычников в волчьих шкурах и фолк-хистори не хватает, разоблачать (((judeo-christian values))). Как-то даже грустно стало.

          • Пост-то от сегодня читали?

            Попробуйте ИТТ продвинуть его для уважаемыых собеседников, не? Чисто из человеколюбия. “Бомбанет или нет”.

          • Я не буду переводить его на английский, много мороки.

          • Не, ну нафига переводить… причем тут это-то?

            Не пойму, разве автор исходного поста мог написать его не зная русского? Мне трудно ээто вообразить. Или что я не понимаю?

            А так это конечно неподъемно если переводить.

            Но ДЕГ это и есьт наш Альт-райт просто, это же как бы очевидное и важное понимание.

          • Короче.
            Написал коммент про ДЕГа.

            Прошу апать и добавлять свое мнение/коррекции к моему фром-май-харт-инглиш.

          • Как оцените мой перевод цитатки ДЕГа? Критика приветствуется. Давно хотел на английском диванном фронте повоевать, но как-то ссыкотно – засмеют. Ну да и пох. Короче покритикуйте мой перевод. Когда делать нечего будет.

          • Перевод-то сам по себе неплохой, но по нему видно, что он дословный. То есть человек пытается перевести текст в точности так же, как он был в оригинале, и сохранить фирменные галковские интонации, но это в принципе не возможно. Вот и получается английскими словами, но по-русски.
            Но даже хороший перевод сильно бы не помог. Проблема еще и в том, что Галковский пишет, ориентируясь на “нашего” читателя. Для нас американский расизм – новое и диковинное явление, для американца он – безальтернативная реальность. Все, что янки увидел в цитате – оскорбления в свой адрес, он не понял идеи, ему нужно, наоборот, долго объяснять, что в Европе люди мыслят по-другому. И тут уж проще написать свой текст “по мотивам”, чем пытаться перевести.

          • Ну в принципе и в России абсолютно то же самое. Люди говорят про прабабку-татарку потому что у нее дед был татарин и НЕ ПОНИМАЮТ, что это расизм в своей предельной, крайней форме. Боле того – не просто не понимают, а еще и всерьёз считают это “антифашизмом” и даже “дружбой народов”.

          • То же и с цитатой про американских хилбилли. Для американца история европейских империй находится на периферии, где-то между Войной за Независимость, Отменой Рабства и Холокостом. С таким багажом ему в десятки раз проще начать мыслить категориями великой расовой войны и мирового сионского заговора, чем думать как мы. Чтобы объяснить что-то такой публике, нужно сперва написать для нее краткий учебник европейской истории глазами европейцев.

      • The thing is Putin isn’t that hard boiled strong politic as he seems to you. He actually plays international politics for the reasons of internal propaganda. His closest friends and partners have their nice appartments in Miami and are very happy to be in good relations w/ US establishment.

        Before Trumps election Putin actually appointed mr. Kirienko as 1st deputy of Head of President’s administration (basically, this instituion runs country and the parliament and ministries are just for show). You know why this is funny? Because Kirienko was kinda responsible for connections with Clintons back in the end of 90’s when he signed very shady nuclear deal with Hillary herself. So Putin was more then happy and ready to cooperate with US establishment. Whole this antagonism between Russia and US is just for public. Your establishment needs external threat as the enemy image to keep the discussion about their faults silent. So does Putin. They are found each other, the perfect couple.

        Russian nationalists ideal candidate for president of Russia is somewhat mythical character “Ivan the Hatchet” (because nationalism in Russia is strictly prohibited therefore no right-leaning politics are allowed to appear and speak in public) and this “perfect president” will never forget and forgive all this messing up with our nation by US establishment and deep state in a past few decades.

        It’s actually sad, because as nations Russians and White Americans could get along really well. There’s a lot in common in national spirit between our folks. We just had a rough past century due to a fucking communistic revolution.

  • So the Russian words translate to “Common Hundreds” yet we’re arbitrarily deciding to call this pro-White group “Black?”

    Good thing I’m not a master propagandist cause I would say this makes no sense.

    • I believe it is like how the Egyptians called their land “black land” due to the color and fertility of the soil rather than their skin color. So referencing their soil references the fact that they’re peasants or commoners.

    • It’s actually “Black” as in “Black Flag” as in “the lower classes who rose to the challenge of defending the Motherland from random assholes because elites dropped the ball”.
      First happened when Poles invaded Moscow and put a marionette “czar” on the throne (see Smuta, LzheDmitry).

  • Would that interpretation of ‘Black’ also hold up for Gavrilo Princip’s organization?

  • Excellent article.

    I would be more skeptical about the KPRF. It’s not totally bad by commie standards – they are less enthusiastic about Central Asian immigration than the Kremlin elites, and have been consistent in their support of the Russian uprising in the Donbass – but they are unequivocal supporters of Article 282 (Russia’s primate hate speech law).

    • Our american comrades may be surprised by the fact that “nationalist ” LDPR party is run by half-jew Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, who was raised by his ethnic Russian mother and father-in-law. Now he is a pro-Putin nationalist politician, famous for his bright, but rude and intolerant speeches on TV. You may find some of them on YouTube and have some fun. Don’t take what he says seriously, this guy is just a walking meme, despite his party is third most popular in Russia. Here comes an example:

        • Yes, a Putin’s puppet anti-semithic populist socialist clown with jewish ancestors. This is the only kind of nationalist politician that is approved on TV by Putin.

          • Yes, he was not a puppet back in the Yeltsin times, but he was still anti-semithic populist socialist clown with jewish ancestors with no chance to win any election.

          • He is a clown because he often change sides, say stupid things and don’t back them with facts. He is not a responsible and persistent politician with clear beliefs and agenda, he was more like a troll back in the days – no real deeds or law projects, just rants in order to gain some popularity among the least educated people. Now he is even worse, he is kind of a joker in front of the tzar, he is allowed to say feasible things on TV sometimes, just to test voter’s opinion on them, and then throws some ridiculous bullshit to ruin his reputation again.
            And he is not really anti-semitic, after all.

  • Do Russians actually have a sense of racial identity? Seeing as Russia is essentially an empire-turned-nation with a multitude of different races/ethnicities and spanning two continents, I’ve never really understood how a form of race-based national identity can exist. If I was an Alt-Right Russian, I would be looking at two different options: the establishment of a separate white Russian ethnostate or the introduction of segregation (similar to that of the US). My preference would probably be the former. I’m at a loss as to how a sense of white identity can exist within a country containing areas which have always been populated by Asiatic and other non-white populations. Perhaps those areas could be relegated to a colony status or something of the like, but I think the right way to go would be to divide the country up on racial lines.

    • The Asiatic parts of Russia are so thinly populated that it really isn’t a problem, Russians can just absorb them. The real problem for the Russians is their huge population of defiant Muslim ethnicities like the Chechens.

      • Yeah, right. Let’s forget about Khabarovsk, Blagoveshensk, and the Chinese expansion. Chinese peasants have high IQ.

    • Lots of people want to carve Russia up.

      Most of them can be found in Washington, DC.

      You should share your ideas with them.

      • The people who want to carve Russia up all had their grandparents pogrommed at the hands of the original Black Hundred.

    • … “a multitude of different races/ethnicities and spanning two continents”

      This is a myth spread by Russian liberals and sovoks.

      The diversity of nationalities hides the fact that Russians are more than 80% of the total (all Slavs – close to 85%).

      Greater Russia – the current Russian Federation + Belorussia, Novorossiya, ethnic Russian North Kazakhstan, and perhaps Malorossiya – will be close to 90% Slavic.

    • The English word ‘Russian’ fails to make a very important distinction which goes to the heart of your confusion.

      In the Russian language, there are two words that can be used to describe a person (or a thing) as “Russian”:

      1- Russkiy: This is a person that belongs to the ethnic group called the Russkiye. This is a matter of birth/blood and has absolutely nothing to do with the state, geography or citizenship. Russkiys are A PEOPLE, not a place or state or country. Think of Russkiys the way you would think of Jews, Armenians, Hans Chinese, the Japanese or Serbs.

      2- Rossiyskiy: This is a person that belongs to the nationstate of Russia via citizenship. If you’re a citizen of the Russian Federation, you’re a Rossiyskiy. Think of this category of people the way you would think of the British, Canadians, Americans or Australians -or even the Soviets.

      The two groups overlap, but are distinct categories. John Smith from London, or Babongo from the Congo who moved to the Russian Federation and became citizens are now Rossiyskiys but NOT Russkiys, while little Slavic Vladimir who lives in Arkansas and is not a citizen of the Russian Federation and doesn’t speak a word of Russian, is a Russkiy but NOT a Rossiyskiy.

      Not every Russkiy is a Rossiyskiy, and not every Rossiyskiy is a Russkiy, yet ALL of them are simply called ‘Russian’ in English.

      All of those Asiatic peoples in the Russian Federation are Rossiyskiys, not Russkiys.

      So to answer your question directly, yes, there definitely is a sense of racial identity: Russkiy!

      I hope this settles your confusion.

    • Let’s make sure we counter-signal against all pro-whites that aren’t “hard core” enough, the last thing we want is a broad pro-white coalition full of normal people.

      Have we decided on a uniform yet?

      • Triggered. Let’s make more lame virtue signalling Youtube videos about the mean, Nazi Alt Right and Russian repression of Ukrainian heroes.

      • Goes both ways. Ramz, though I like him, loves a good old punch to the right now and again.

        • That’s the problem with Ramz. He’d be left alone to do his thing if he wasn’t constantly punching right.

          • Yeah, agreed. Even a guy like Anglin is, from what I can see, always only punches them if they start with the “FBI shill” narrative.

          • Ramz really can’t help himself. He wants to be seen as non-threatening in the eyes of the media and Alt Lite. He doesn’t get that Spencer’s damn the torpedoes actions since last November have been successful.

        • Some would say those bashing their 50s and up brothers based on nothing but their age group are the worst example of doing just that. Not directing that at you of course. 🙂

          But yeah this intergenerational squabbling that I’m seeing throughout the alt-Right acts the same as a punch to the right, it seems ill thought out at best.

          • Don’t take it personally. If your reading this site and thats what you take offence to, then your one of the good ones.

          • I guess that puts me out of the alt-Right altogether then, cause it’s everywhere today. Can’t get away from constant digs against the Boomer generation.

            On the Stormer they’re now calling for our complete culling after they win Rahowa lol.

          • Yeah, I hear you. Not a week goes by that I don’t see an article somewhere about how millenials are loser bums that refuse to grow up. There’s some truth to those criticisms and theres some truth to millenial criticisms of the boomers. Every generation blames the one that came before it for all of the problems in the world. Someday it will be our turn.

          • Every generation plays a part in the degeneration of the civilization or culture. It is easier to just keep your nose clean and mouth shut and play the game. I am an Xer like I have plainly stated in the article that blasted boomers, but that article was way over the top. Sexual mores were always lax in America and were getting worse gradually since day one. The Boomers were the ones who saw this and said “What they hell?” just have fun. Nobody from Gen X,Y, Millenials, and Gen Z when they grow up did anything or are going to do anything to reverse the trend. Maybe someday in the not too distant future, maybe a call for sanity will be heard, but it will take a major global crisis for that to happen.

          • Yeah and milquetoast Civic Nationalist Lauren Southern wrote a whole book blaming the Boomers for everything.

            You need to take the Stormer less seriously. It’s National Enquirer type sensationalism that uses trolling and memes to attract teens and early 20somethings to the Alt Right.

          • The Stormer already has Rahowa won. Just a question of what they’re going to do afterward now.

          • No, Ramz has earned the Boomer Cuck moniker. David Duke never gets called that.

          • It is self defeating. You need to build up numbers, but you trash older generations of white males. The ones that are established and have at least done their part procreating. With whites being divided as is this inter generational bickering is pointless to say the least!!!!

    • i have to disagree with Spencer’s conclusion that Ramzpaul is a civic nationalist. I mean he’s deff not all “gas the kikes!!!” but you really can’t say that and expect any sort of main stream platform in which to espouse your views. Need proof Ramzpaul is NOT a civic nationalist? See below:

      I suppose its a coincidence the third reich book is in the background…

      • Ramz openly identifies more now with people like Cernovich and McInnes. He’s also on record disavowing White Nationalism and the Alt Right.

        That’s fine. But when he attacks us as he does, he’ll get hit back

        • I agree 100% and any of those alt-lite cucks who punch right should get reamed as well.

          Ramz mentioned in his video jewtube demonetized his videos because of “hateful content” or some nonsense. In all honesty, I think a lot of these alt-liters are crypto WNs but know they can’t openly say it just yet and not everyone has Richard Spencer type money so they have to virtue signal for jewtube.

          Fact is, this whole debate the alt right at large is having, we are WINNING. I am forever optimistic that each and every day we are gaining more and more people to our cause and movement. Not every one is ready to openly admit it but they know personally that race and religions matter. Any person who is open and honest with themself understands the differences between white and non-white, Christian and non-Christian. Each and everyday more and more people are taking the red pill and awakening to the plight and enlightenment of white nationalism.

  • Vincent, your Russian narratives are getting weaker and weaker. The Black Hundred is a pure Russian creature and an arm of the Russian shovinism. They hate Poles, Ukrainians as the hate anyone not Russian. What this bunch has to do with AltRight?

    Dude, you really need to check on your Russian skills.

          • Why do you refuse to answer what ethnicity you are on a site that talks about ethnic identity? Just admit you’re a Balt or a Ukrainian, already.

          • Da, blyat’, xoxol. Listen, the point is that you are misrepresenting the Russian reality in the second article in a row. Chernosotentsi is not even close to Altright, in the sense that Spencer and others lead the movement.

          • So many of the Anti Russian commenters have to be Ukrainian or some such petty nationality aggrieved by Russians. A few months ago one of them was portraying Russia as the Great Satan, so I just asked him point blank if he Was Ukrainian and he refused to answer! He even said ethnic identity doesn’t matter, here on this Identitarian website!

  • The young Russians must not have read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together”. While it’s no “Culture of Critique”, it certainly offers sufficient objectivity to the JQ in the Russian context to free Russians from the Jewish Moral Zeitgeist. In addition, it is written in their native language and is uncensored. The english translation was, until a recent project to provide the missing chapters, censored of the most critical aspects of the history that led to the horrors of the 20th century.

    • Not experienced dealing with Russians in this regard, but I know Syrian Christians and they are wont to just spill the beans and reveal their true feelings about Jews to someone they just met. Most people are like that and are going to be guarded about what they reveal to strangers.

    • The Russians, Poles, Czechs, Bulgarians and the like I have met and I have not met them in any political arena but just in normal life at a bar for example, seem to all have a consciousness of the role of the Jews both in their national past as a parasitic people and today.

      So I have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe you don’t know any young Russians?

  • Were those telling you the story buying the drinks, or were you buying the drinks?

    I would think that you will be reading an expose of the Russian “Black Hundreds” by Yehudah Finkelstein in the next issue of Time Magazine or the Politico.

    That’s the way the world works.

    • The expose on the Black Hundreds will be written by DiStefano Gemignani, the New York Times token Catholick who works in league with the Jews to destroy American Whites.

    • Next time, you can buy me a drink and I’ll listen to you tell me about the Roman Catholic conspiracy to take over the White world.

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