White Man Goes On Killer Rampage In Times Square

The attack in Times Square, NY happened suddenly and randomly.

No one seems sure what narrative to go with. The driver wasn’t a Muslim (liberals are breathing sighs of relief), but he was brown (liberals are squirming uncomfortably). The story is still developing, but the main details are already coming out.

Richard Rojas, a 26-year-old from the Bronx, was charged with murder after killing 18-year-old Alyssa Elsman and injuring 22 others when he sped down one of the busiest sidewalks in the US in his car for three blocks on Thursday.

He was arraigned in a Manhattan court on Friday where he was held without bail and did not enter a plea.

According to the criminal complaint, Rojas told police after his arrest: ‘I smoked marijuana. I laced the marijuana with PCP.’

Rojas mowed down a bunch of pedestrians near Times Square, ISIS-style. He chose a very target-rich and very symbolic place to suddenly snap.

Whether or not he was insane, or had some other motivation, all we know for certain now is that the suspect, Richard Rojas, is considered White by law enforcement. He’s been arrested before. Pay attention to what ethnicity they list.

That’s right. They think that this guy…

…is White.


Not only that, but I’ve just learned that a lot of criminals get listed as “White” in the United States that are quite clearly various shades of brown. Here’s a Texas Most Wanted list screenshot:

White as fresh-fallen snow.

Law enforcement has an incentive to liberally apply the “white” label for several reasons. The first is that they don’t want to be accused of racism, so they have to somehow explain away every year why so many non-whites get arrested for committing crimes. By increasing the amount of “whites” that get arrested, they can fight accusations of racism.

The second reason might be more sinister. They simply need to maintain a narrative that such a thing as White crime exists in any significant capacity in the United States, especially compared to the crime rates of non-Whites.

Who knows.

But I don’t want to gloss over the most disturbing part of this whole story- the loose definition of who is considered White or not in the United States. Can we reasonably rely on demographic statistics that allow for such a loose definition of white? How many Whites are left in the United States? Are we at 62%? 54%? I’ve heard all sorts of numbers thrown around.

Vibrant Diversity leading to deaths is now old news. It happens so frequently now that I honestly think the only reason this story was covered was because it happened near Times Square. The real scandal is the strange “white-washing” that is going on in this country.


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  • It has always been mans quest to kill off the other Tribes. Humans are built to kill each other. It’s what we do best, and are inherently 6 times more likely to do so than all other mammals on the planet. Our DNA, or genetic makeup, even some of our physical attributes are especially designed for killing. Man has killed millions of its own kind since the beginning of time. It might be a good thing to do because the Earth can only sustain 10 billion people, according to science. Maybe there are too many people on this planet and some leaders think we need more death and destruction… In my life time the world population more than doubled since the 60s from 3 billion to 7.4 billion people. Wont be long and people will have to die and the strongest Tribe will survive!!!!!

  • You look like a great site, but really I don’t think a serious news outlet should use sarcasm in a headline!

  • The solution is to use a sensor on the forehead & rate the guy on a pigment shade scale from 0-10 (0 = albino no pigment; 10 = black as the ace of spades). Imagine getting a driver’s license: NO, I AM NOT A 6, I AM A 4, put your sensor on my palm. Or put your sensor right above my belly button, not on my forehead. No, you put the sensor over a freckle.

  • Why do you think George Zimmerman, a Hispanic with a Jewish name, was branded “white” by the media? If a real white man had killed Zimmerman, said white would automatically be a racist, Jew-hating NAZI skinhead, regardless of the circumstances. Same guy has to shoot a young black man, “WHITE KILLS UNARMED BLACK TEEN!!!”

  • According to the Census Bureau, ethnicity and race are independent of each other, so you have white Hispanics and non-hispanic whites. It’s been that way for decades although I truly can’t remember exactly when or why.
    I did find this on Wikipedia (I rarely trust Wikipedia but in this case, it’s pretty much what I read a long time ago)
    “In the United States, a white Hispanic[3] is an American citizen or resident who is racially white and of Hispanic descent. The term white, itself an official U.S. racial category, refers to people “having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa”.

  • American’s are being lied to daily y the media to support the skewed political agenda of liberalism, none could argue that, and any that do are indoctrinated liberals that are unable to think any other way. Eve the government under Obama was lying to American’s with fictitious made up facts and numbers to also support the insanity of their liberal socialist agenda, and they were totally wrong to, what they want is totally wrong, and is not good for America, or American’s. Lying about city’s facts, Crime facts, and racial facts help no one, you need real facts to come up with solutions, and a means to fi the problems, fictitious information and false facts just make all the problems even worse, and make our country more dangerous for our citizens.

  • Wow. All these newcomers came to because of this article. And now I truly see the depth of the problem. Good god, are these supposed to be our allies?

    • Yeah, it’s kind of weird. It’s not as if it’s an article about Clinton misdeeds or some other topic that reliably draws shills. Calling this guy White would be an uphill battle with cucks, let alone the Right. Any idea as to what the point is? I’m not really seeing one. Did it get linked to or something? Seems kind of a pointless target for a raid.

  • They said white man … U mean fkn dark skin.. If this kid is white my names JAMAL and im from Somalia lol wtf

  • Lesson for the day….If a Hispanic is the victim of a crime our government labels them as Hispanic. If a Hispanic is the perpetrator of a crime, our government says he’s white. Look it up…they’ve been doing this forever.

    • Correct. There is a Hispanic victim category in crime states, but no perpetrator category.

  • ThomasER916, please crawl back into your parents basement where all trolls lurk. When anyone denigrates someone’s child in a public forum that act shows you’re no more than a pathetic, lonely, demented loser. Hiding behind a computer screen and thinking,( in your warped mind), that your being taken seriously is the sad part. You have to tear someone down to make your pathetic life feel more meaningful. A sad, hateful little man.

  • Hey…we just had a president for eight years who called himself black when he was half white. I called that racially mixed. He wasn’t black, he wasn’t white, he was racially mixed.

  • Why does it say not of Hispanic origin? Where did his name come from? What was he doing in NYC??

  • The political correctness causes people to be unable to find fugitive criminals. This is counterproductive. ‘Mixed race’ is a good term to use when the fact is obvious.

  • There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.
    — Disraeli
    So apparently the amount of crimes committed by non-Whites is significantly higher than supposed statistics indicate.

  • Children, please! No bickering. That’s NOT what this space is for, ok? The man in question is NOT CAUCASIAN by my own and most everyone else’s definition. Law enforcement would be perhaps

  • First off, one of those men in the picture is clearly listed as “black.”
    Second, I assume those men are listed as “white” because their skin is not dark. Dumb, but still. Quite nitpicking, it’s not an all exclusive club.
    Third, what does his race have to do with anything?

    • Race has to do with everything. Blacks commit disprortionally crimes in USA and Western Europe. Around 50% of murders are committed by them in USA, and 40% of robberies in UK,London.

  • Leave the jews alone! They always get the wrong end in this and other countries. They are people just like you, how would you like it if someone “oh the christians are to blame for all the wring in the world? It’s not the religion, it’s certain people in tdhe religion or cry religion on;y when it suits them,

    • how would you like it if someone “oh the christians are to blame for all the wring in the world?

      What do you mean If? I’ve never heard anything else in my life.

  • Looks Puerto Rican or Mexican to me! I guess when they’re driving around killing people they’re white!

  • For most forms, the only races at White, Black, Asian, Pacific Islander, and American Indian. Technically, “Hispanic” is an ethno-linguistic group and most Hispanics identify as White, Amerindian, or Black racially. I myself am Hispanic having grown up in a spanish speaking household, however racially I am a bi-racial mix of White and Asian as my Father is of Mexican descent (White) and my Mother is Korean (Asian). Confused yet? Now, throw in Muslim, which is a religous group. If I were Muslim, then I would be a Muslim White & Asian Hispanic.

    The bottom line is most people completely confuse racial, ethnic, linguistic, and religious groupings.

  • When I lived in Nebraska the State Patrol put pictures of criminals wanted I believe. The criminals were mostly Hispanic looking with race listed as Caucasian/White. I called the State Patrol and asked them why. They replied we have to list them as they claim to be. So apparently these perps say they are white whenever they get booked.

    • You got lied to. They are not required to adhere to perps self-identification. These standards are set by the FBI so if local LE want to cooperate with the FBI they will use those standards. I don’t see anything in Nebraska state laws which would require categorizing perps based on self-ID. They are classified as white because there isn’t a Hispanic/Latino/Mestizo perp category. All Hispanic criminals are classified as white unless some local LE develop their own metrics, which there is no reason for them to do.

      • There is no Hispanic category? I can think of several times filling out various forms that have the option : White, Non Hispanic.

  • Rojas is also a VERY Spanish name. I know – I live in Panama. And almost everyone here is mixed race. Definitely mixed-race, and certainly not ‘white.’

    With political correctness run amuck, the next police APB will be:

    “Be on the alert for a human being – could be male, female, transgender or no gender – weight and height withheld so as not to ‘fat-shame’. Nationality withheld so as not to offend anyone or intimidate illegal aliens. Driving a car – model withheld to avoid offensive allusions to socio-economic status. Armed and dangerous – wanted in the recent murders of three people. If identified, do not approach, but call law enforcement immediately.”

  • I see the white in him. From what I see here he has tan pigmented skin. And is obviously mixed with a few other things but I dont doubt he has white in him shoot he can even be mostly European and have tan skin.

  • Actually I’m very tan and have plenty of European in me. I am also Hispanic. Anyways my point is in the future most people will be mixed with something other then European dissent and so will the pigment in most people’s skin in the future will be tan.

  • The idiot that said he was white may have a brain problem. Rojas is a Mexican name, but he looks half Black.Someone needs to check out his Parents. Tired of people blaming whites with a crime when they know it a lie.

  • I suspect this is mostly just cops not wanting to be accused of racism by arresting too many non-whites. But it does mean those FBI Uniform Crime Reports are going to be skewed, showing more white crime than actually exists.

  • Do you people hear and see what you’re posting? The story is about a slimeball that killed and maimed people and being labeled as white,(which he’s clearly not), but somehow this debate turned into Jews wanting to kill whites. If this doesn’t prove that college’s today are no more than indoctrination centers for libtards I don’t know what does.

  • Wait, the guy is white, and is of non Hispanic origin? Are they saying this because he is supposedly of “white” origin? Or is he of Middle Eastern origin? Confusing. The name “Rojas” is the tipoff. He is of Hispanic origin. So why don’t they say that? If that guy is not of Hispanic origin, I’ll eat my sombrero.

  • America is a melting pot. Just ask white supremacist Craig Cobb. Race is a bullshit useless classification scheme.

  • They need to use the DNA test they do to see what the highest percentage of WHATEVER shows up; that will solve the problem, who knows, maybe solve more problems. Will probably have to expand the categories. Not just black, white, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian. Looks like test would be more objective instead of subjective. Some people don’t actually know what they are according to Ancestry .com commercial. I don’t know.

  • That is the reason why those men are on the most wanted list, because policemen out there are looking for “white” men instead of blacks and hispanics. HELLO!!!!

  • That guy is NOT white, not even close. Just look at his features, He is either black or of mixed races, but he is not white. And at least 7 of the males on the most wanted list are ABSOLUTELY HISPANICS!!! Whats wrong with these people! MORONS

  • For purposes of being politically correct and protection against being noted as a racist, they are purposely lying to the public by branding a criminal as white when they clearly are not is actually racist. It seems no one wants to tell the truth anymore just so they won’t offend anyone. Well pardon me, but your lies must cease immediately and start calling a spade a spade. Bunch of wusses! He’s obviously Hispanic, no question!

  • He most certainly does not look white! He’s probably a closet Muslim! We can’t trust our politically correct mainstream media.

  • As an incurable liberal, I must advise each and every one of you that Rojas is definitely a “white male” with white supremacist agendas!!! Any liberal looking at his photo and reading the story about him knows this! See…that’s the problem with you right-wingers…you are all a bunch of delusional nitwits who hate everyone and everything, including cancer. I, on the other hand, have the temperance to see all things about all issues in life, and “I” know how the rest of you people should think, speak, write, walk, eat, breath, and so on. Either you stooges come over to my side of society or I will make you all miserable. Search the deep, dark chasms of your impudent minds, conservatives! You are all evil…’cause I say so! Us liberals are so pure and always right that we don’t even need God. We are even too good for “that.” Thank you, fools, for allowing me to exercise my right to free speech…something none of you conservatives deserve. From: A Liberal…the paragon of liberty. (Rocky soundtrack playing in the background)

  • As an incurable liberal, I must advise each and every one of you that Rojas is definitely a “white male” with white supremacist agendas. Any liberal looking at his photo and reading the story about him knows this. See…that’s the problem with you right-wingers…you are all a bunch of delusional nitwits who everyone and everything, including cancer. I, on the other hand, have the temperance to see all things about all issues in life, and “I” know how the rest of you people should think, speak, write, walk, eat, breath, and so son. Either you come over to my side of society or I will make you all miserable. Search the deep, dark chasms of your impudent minds, conservatives! You are all evil…’cause I say so! Us liberals are so pure and always right that we don’t even need God. We are even too good for “that.” Thank you, fools, for allowing me to exercise my right to free speech…something none of you conservatives deserve. From: A Liberal…the paragon of liberty. (Rocky soundtrack playing in the background)

  • What’s funny is that even with the mislabelling of race, whites are still underrepresented in, for example, in rape stats.
    So how low really is white crime?
    And how low really are whites as percentage of population?

  • I live in Indiana and I have seen WHITE put on very obvious Mexicans. WHY?
    I called them out & they had NO ANSWER. This needs to be fixed by you complaining to your local law enforcement agencies if you see a mug shot of a non white labeled as white!

  • Um no , not at all white . His name sounds like it’s Hispanic . He looks like a mixture of black African and Hispanic , like maybe mixed with Mexican . It’s very very clear that he is not white of European descent .

  • He could have been a recent convert to islam. Jail and prison authorities allow islamists to recruit at will behind bars. But yeah, he’s definitely white. SO white, he’s probably a Swede.

  • Why hasn’t anyone reported on what he was yelling upon exiting his vehicle?? It’s clear he was ranting about something..what? Sounds like the US is taking a page outta Sweden’s playbook. Alter ethnicity to alter statistics.

  • Why is our government committing white genocide and how long has this been going on ? I pinned a video on twitter from Joe Biden former Vice President bragging about white genocide

  • We are sure in the last days. The Bible told us that this would be so. Good is evil, black is white, up is down etc.

  • Sheeeiiiit they’s all white if you bleach ’em enough dawg. Race don’t exist, DNA is pseudoscience invented by racists to support they ignance.

  • Wake up people. the global elites PLANNED all of this. And if you don’t stop them, they will soon get complete control of the USA.

  • Fake news, they talk about Times Square and show a police report from Jacksonville Florida.

    • It’s a copy of one of his previous arrests prior to the times square “incident”.

    • Andrew Steele, you need to go back to grade school and learn to read:

      “Prior Arrest”

      Did you understand that? Probably not.

    • Clearly, traveling from Florida to NY is a race-changing experience. To leftists, anyway.

  • Definitely not a white guy lol. Smoke pcp and go for a ride? Wtf! Cops should be forced to tell the truth about race and crime stats. Everybody knows its probably not a white guy doing xyz. Usualy they are brownish.

    In the preface to the 1932 edition, Kalergi expanded on his mongrelization plan and included a clear call to genocide the White race in Europe:

    Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race … similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples … Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, will against its own will … turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros … through this artificial selection process.

  • Mestizo is not white. Mestizo is white, native American and north African mix. Jewish media hates white people.

  • Post for the second time, first was removed, I wonder Why.———–Fake News.—The date on the Arrest Warrant is Sunday 23/9/2012 @ 02:30

  • If this guy is white, I’m a freakin unicorn! And by the way, isn’t classifying anybody by anything they might not define themselves as a sin to the liberal media? How dare they break their own rules!

    • MSM hates White people.

      Criminals become White to smear White people. When criminals are not White then race is never, ever mentioned in the headlines. When victims are non-White then perps are magically White. The MSM will also invent crimes to blame White people (Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse, et al). The agenda is always the same: demonize Whites, sanctify non-Whites.

      • “The MSM will also invent crimes to blame White people”

        Most egregiously in the case of White-on-Black gang rapes, as in the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax that you mentioned– the UVA rape hoax was a similar scam. This is because, while Black-on-White rapes are quite frequent (thousands a year), there are essentially zero gang rapes of Black women by White men. It’s a statistically nonexistent crime, so they’re “forced” to make some up.

  • What happened is more than what this garbage said. From reports, dip was coherent when attempted to haul his butt after hitting everyone and when picked up. No insanity plea here.

  • Reminds me of the take off that Ernest Hemingway quote.. how did u go broke..the answer…gradually then suddenly
    How did u go white……answer. Gradually then suddenly

  • Imagine the outcry if it really was a white guy who was the perp but the police said he was black. CNN would be demanding that the justice dept investigate the nypd for racism

  • False News ! Has anybody looked at the Date and time of arrest of this so called White person ? “23/9/2012”

    • That was a prior – in Florida…. He committed his latest crime in Times Square. That is in NYC. Get a map.

  • What’s that horse piss they keep making our kids drink? “Diversity is our strength?” Keep on believing that foolishness ……

  • All a good DA has to do now is order a DNA test. Once they establish his ethnicity, they can file “falsifying police and civil records” charges against the people that allowed this to go forward.

    • But we both know that will never happen. It’s just another one for the books and it will only be reported on here and a handful of other “racist” websites.

  • If you are Hispanic YOU ARE NOT WHITE! People who fall into the ‘WHITE’ category have ancestry from EUROPE!

        • Spain is in Europe…DUH! Been there done that, The Spanish are both Hispanic and European.

          • The longevity singularity is behind us. I expect another thousand years of life. Smoke that in your crack pipe Tom!

          • All Europeans have Jewish ancestors. I however am primarily German and Norwegian. DNA screening also shows me to be a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. The percentage of my Jewish ancestry is unknown.

          • >All Europeans have Jewish ancestors.

            You’re a fucking retard. Thanks for confirming it.

          • We should screen-cap all his post for the next time I write an article bashing boomers and get grief for it.

          • He’s a model Conservative and Boomer all rolled into one.

            Perfect maymay material!

          • OH did I hit a nerve there? Jews have been throughout Europe for close to two thousand years. In that time there have been many marriages between jews and those who were not jews. It is a near certainty that every European has Jewish ancestors. I hope that burns all the way to the bone!

          • So you exclude mestizos, Indios, and mulattoes from your definition of “Hispanic?” Better tell the census people.

          • You truly are an idiot aren’t you? My statement did not exclude other hispanics as hispanics. Bless your heart you are almost too stupid to even be a Democrat.

          • So you have difficulty distinguishing between Indios and mestizos vs. mulattoes vs. Spanish people? Is this a vision problem, do you think, or a cognitive one?

  • Why have we not yet reached point in time when we stop defining a person by the color of their skin any way. Chances are if you do a DNA test on most of us you will find we are all pretty much a mixture of a lot of different ethnicities from different countries. Skin is an organ of the body; the color of that skin should not make any more difference that eye color or hair color. Treat people the way you would want to be treated and this world would be a nicer place.

  • Alyssa Elsman? They probably would have called it a mental illness something something or some other b.s. but for the fact that he killed what sounds to me like a likely Jewess. That’s why he magically became “White” and evil instead of a mestizo with an unfortunate medical condition.

  • It’s a silly tactic for the left to try. Dumbest dindu on the internet, Tariq Nasheed, tried this tactic before. Even normies know that’s not a white guy. Blacks will buy it because they’re suckers for anything. Whites will repeat it because they want the narrative to circulate.

  • hmmmm, wonder if they would list me as Asian or white???
    Well with the tan maybe white since Mexicans are getting white privilege.

  • He’s “George Zimmerman” white. An obvious Latino with a Latino name was called Not a Latino in the report. Cops being ordered to Lie by the Democrats…

    • Yes. That’s because it’s an arrest report from 2012. The location also says “Florida” – because it’s an arrest report from Florida.

  • If he were White his White pribbleges would have given him a ride home and a pass on all dems raysis charges.

  • Once they all identify as white, there’s no racial disparity in capitol punishment. Let’s start killing lots of these “white” guys.

    • Who told you we were racists and losers? I’m a white man, I have a wonderful family, good job that I love, went to college, served on active duty in the US Army for 5+ years with two years in Iraq, have a wonderful home, etc. Everything about me is what the country says is “good,” right? So, why do I talk to people from the Alt Right, all these racist losers? You’ll be surprised to hear that based on what I’ve told you about me, I agree with the Alt Right’s political platform because I’m aware that white people are what make society function properly. Have you ever noticed, that areas that do not have a white-majority are very poor and riddled with crime, among other problems? I assume you live in Waco, TX, based on your name. I’ve been to Waco many times – I was stationed at Fort Hood a long time ago. Don’t you notice that the best parts of Waco are where the whites live? The reason for that is of course, white people working together for a common good can do wonderful things. But, non-whites are angry because their cultures fail to produce similarly positive outcomes. White people are aware of this, and that’s why even non-Alt Right whites don’t usually associate with non-whites. It’s in our best interest to keep non-whites at a distance. In fact, it’s best for non-whites to think about living with their own kind and building their own success stories. And, I think I speak for most everyone on the Alt Right side of the debate when I say, we encourage non-whites to do just that. We want to see all the Mexicans for example, return to Mexico and make it a great country. This is our country, and it’s designed to reflect our values as white people. That’s why non-whites don’t succeed. I know that’s a hard truth to accept, but the fact we would love to see everyone thrive in their own country is in fact quite a good cause, and is very far from racism. Best of luck to you in your quest to find the truth, whether you’re white or not.

    • Very sad that you are so consumed with this toxic anti-White hatred, rage, and virulent Gentilephobia. Try to be more tolerant.

  • Fucked up they don’t call school shooters or the guy stabbing people at schools terrorists.

  • The census still relies on self-reporting. So accounting for idiots who think their 1/100th ‘cherokee’ blood makes then multiracial/native and arabs who put down white instead of ‘other race’ I think it’s probably fairly accurate when it comes to our racial demographics.

    Any crime reports that don’t reply on what the victim said rather than what the cop put down? Probably not so much.

      • Yeah. Look up Bill John Baker, former head of the Cherokee nation. If he’s an indian, then I’m chinese.

        Self-reporting on race is usually pretty accurate. If anything, what it does usually show is that people who think they’re white are whiter (less black/whatever admixture) than they thought, and people who aren’t white are as well. What reason could massive numbers of blacks and mexicans have to put themselves down as white, anyways? If there was a latino category instead of “hispanic” being an ethnicity we’d probably get better numbers, but I doubt they’d change.

        • Self-reporting is only accurate if people are honest. As a group, only White people are honest.

          • Yes, but what reason would non-whites have to list themselves as white? All incentives are actually for whites to list themselves as non-whites, not the other way around.

            You don’t get any free handouts for being white. The reverse isn’t true. It actually works in our favor.

  • They changed Hispanic to “white” in the federal census and in federal documentation long ago in an effort to maintain the narrative that “whites” are still the “majority” in this nation. However when it comes to applying for racially distributed benefits such as welfare, “Equal opportunity” hires or scholarships, etc, then they’re suddenly “Hispanic” again.

    • Modernity is a grotesque blend of 1984, Brave New World and Harrison Bergeron. Revolt Against the Modern World!

        • The big evil in “1984” was Ingsoc, an amalgamation of English Socialism or as an ideology English Socialist Party. Naming it English explicitly connotes a racial and ethnic component. This pervades his work as Whites, Hindus, and East Asians all form their own hive mind ideologies.

          Orwell didn’t see that Jews “fleeing” the Soviet Union they once dominated would end up in England (all of Western Europe really), Rhodesia, South Africa, America, Australia, and Canada to ply their trade as nation wreckers and propagandists. The major difference and how it diverges from his own work is at the end of the day the English would still remain racially and ethnically English, even though Ingsoc was destroying the culture. As it stands today it’s merely genocide through mass immigration, forced integration, and forced miscegenation..

  • Joe Biden stated that 2017 is the year when Whites went below 50%. Clearly he knows something the census won’t admit to.

    We’re already well below 50% and as the Boomers begin to die off in earnest we’ll be down to 30% before you know it. And it won’t stop there…

  • The census says Deep South states like Mississippi and Louisiana are majority White. Go and look and you will know you are being lied to.

  • Interesting. There seem to be differences in procedure between the US and the UK over who has the right

    to say what race someone is. In the UK it is self-determined (honest). So a police officer would have to ask you what category you were in. If you declined to name one then that alone would be recorded. In the US it sounds like the arresting officer makes the determination independently. Both systems sound as if they are open to manipulation. This drug addict obviously isn’t white. If Obama’s black then he’s black.

  • I picture this guy in prison trying to join the neo Nazis and being like well the police categorized me as ‘white’.
    Neo Nazis be like welcome to the club brother.

  • Not at all related, but Julius Evola would have turned 119 today. RIP to one of the greats.

  • I was thinking when I saw that picture, “yeah, looks like a normal guy from Dortmund or Stuttgart.”

  • they are now trying to skew the statistics.. i wonder how many non-whites are filed as white crimes?

    • Which makes criminology research very hard to do when the police are falsifying records. Another win for Team Yellow Star! Seriously, it’s one thing to hear the media spin nonsense to fit their narrative, but look at Dick Red here and say he’s white is pretty wild.

  • You know, that crime stat about 96% of violent crime in NYC being non-white is probably less if these brown guys are being recorded as white

  • Don’t worry goys, if he’s shanked in prison by the AB or Mexican Mafia, he’ll be black again.

      • You are as stupid as a rock, this fool you are speaking of is a die hard liberal, she has nothing to do with Judaism.
        I would tell you to do a little research, but lets be frank, you seem to thrive on being stupid.

          • Oy vey goyim! She’s not Jewish even when she quotes the Talmud. It’s all a Cohencidence! Don’t be a racist anti-Semite goy!

        • Exactly. All you have to do to prove that is to give an example of a Jewish organization that supports a reasonable, patriotic immigration policy– for the US or Europe, that is. They all support restrictive immigration policies for Israel. Funny how that works.

        • Right… Being a Jew has absolutely nothing to do with Judaism. How could I have made that mistake.

      • “Without that transition Europe will not survive.” – We had to destroy the village to save the village.

  • The guy is clearly a mix between African and Amerindian. I doubt he has any European in him at all. No one would consider this guy “white.” Stupid police.

      • Most Jews about 90% are what you call biologically White. They have the R15 DNA which makes one a white person. They have more R15 DNA then Greeks or Italians and slightly less then French. Since, Greeks are white, Italians are white, and French are white, then most Jews have to be white as well. Therefore, does not make sense. Further, are there bad Jews? Yes, but there are also very bad Gentiles as well. WE are all need a Savior and a Jew named Jesus died for us on a cross. On the third day he arose. But Jesus makes the way….

        • The issue with Jews is they see themselves as a separate/outside/and persecuted group from white christians.

          Jews will generally do whatever is best for them and will be hesitant to commit to a side. Ie: if it makes sense to identify as white they will. When there is danger or bad press when identifying as white they will not. Jews only have loyalty to themselves(other Jews) and Israel. They do not feel the same warm fuzzy patriotism that me and you feel. They feel like outsiders or minorities. A forever persecuted group (even if they are not).

          Ever since WW2 they have infiltrated American and European politics, media, academia, and business to exert their multiculturalist views on society. The idea being that a country that is not homogenous will be safer and more stable for them. No one group will have enough strength to organize a second holocaust.

          Additionally, Jews were able to live peacefully amongst ‘lesser’ racial and religious groups, notably muslims. They view the importatation of browns and blacks into our country as a way to dilute the white race and create dumber society they are better able to control and manipulate for their benefit

        • The power of the Jews has been destroyed thanks to the Holocaust. I am not sure where you think that Jews hate the whites, for they are considered whites as well. As for the Hooton Plan, the real powers that be are trying to do this plan right now here in America, but in 1940 it would never have happened to a society as strict as Nazi Germany.

        • “Most Jews about 90% are what you call biologically White. They have the R15 DNA which makes one a white person.”

          Don’t tell us, tell them:
          Jewish Children Join Together To Sing “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish”

          Jewish Journal

          Jews are not white people, or why Jews support the Left (a response to Dennis Prager)
          Tom Teicholz Sep. 2, 2016 at 11:13 am


          Not that they’re necessarily wrong. An argument that Jews should not be considered Whites could be made, highlighting the following points:

          Population genetic data

          indicate that Jews are a Middle Eastern group and that there is substantial genetic distance between Europeans and Jews.

          Jews typically do not identify with the people and culture of Christian Europe and its offshoots; traditional Jewish attitudes conceptualize Judaism as separate from White, Christian society. Partly because of their lack of identification with White Christian culture, Jewish groups have led the campaign to remove Christianity fromthe public square;

          There is a long history of very mainstream Jewish activism and identity that sees Christian Europe as an evil outgroup:

          Jews and non-White immigration:

          The Hart-Celler Act led to 59 million immigrants entering the US, 85% of which are from the Third World, representing 51% of US population growth. As a result, Whites in America are forecast to become a minority by 2055. In addition, 51% of these new Americans are on welfare, of which 70% of Latinos.

          Though Kennedy was the face of the 1965 Act,he was a freshman senator with little clout. The Act was the culmination of a 40-year effort by Jewish lobbies including the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, B’nai B’rith, the American Federation of Jews from Eastern Europe and Jewish members of Congress.

          It was the American Jewish Congress that proposed the basic elements of the 1965 bill – nine years earlier in 1956.

          As for the legislation, this was written by Norbert A. Schlei, a Jewish lawyer who also drafted the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

          Or, to put it another way, name a single Jewish organization that supports a reasonable, patriotic immigration policy– for the US or Europe, that is. You won’t find one. They all support a strictly limited immigration policy for Israel, while pushing open borders for the US and Europe.

        • This is complete nonsense. By this standard all African-Americans are “White” and so is like 80-90% of Latin America. Regardless “White” is an ethnicity and ethnicity is only partly biological but also includes other social, cultural, religion, linguistic and historic specificity. Specificity which in this case is exclusive of Jews.

      • Jews do not, as a general rule hate whites….there are bad people in every race!
        we all need Jesus, he is the Jewish man/God that died on a cross, buried, and rose again! He did that for you!

        • Jesus is a Jewish invention for the purpose of subjugating whites under a central authority. It is a ridiculous “religion”.

          • I feel sorry for you, like it or not I will pray for your soul. Jesus died on the cross, rose up after 3 days, ascended to sit at the right hand of God. He will come again to reign over his earth for 1.000 years,,,I want you to be there Brother.

      • Wrong! Its Muslims and p.c. white college graduates who want to eliminate the white race. These modern p.c. college graduates are brainwashed by leftist/liberals and feel guilty about being white!

        • Wrong! It’s Jews and autistic White cucks like you. Muslims wouldn’t be in White countries if it weren’t for you.

          Noel Ignatiev – Jewish
          Tim Wise – Jewish
          Joe Slovo – Jewish
          Ed Miliband – Jewish
          Genrikh Yagoda – Jewish
          Francis Fox Piven – Jewish
          Barbara Lerner Spectre – Jewish
          Ralph Miliband – Jewish
          George Soros – Jewish
          Wesley Clark – Jewish
          Rahm Emmanuel – Jewish
          Susan Sontag – Jewish

          The list could go on forever. It’s all just a magical Cohencidence goy!

          • What is your issue with Autism? I have an adult autistic son and I find your rhetoric disgusting! I get that your ability to have a discussion is hampered by your lack of intelligence and therefore you must call names and be abusive, but really? Autism? Clearly ThomasER918, you should not be typing without supervision of a nanny, please ask mommy or daddy to get you one!

          • ThomasER916 In think it best if you get off this web, and go back to school. You are sounding like a spoiled punk thug.

          • Totally agree- my adult autistic daughter has more intelligence than this idiot.
            I have a feeling he is on a “Watch List”, after reading more of his drivel.

          • Pharmer1 appears to be a normalfagge, sowing division among Whites, and needs to get uncucked.

          • Normies are the cancer; irony is the answer. Maintain your frame. Don’t get sucked into it.

        • Why are you trying to undermine Judeo-Islamic unity in such an egregious fashion? smh

      • claiming they all hate is a form of bigotry since it generalizes all jews. too bad you are not smart enough to understand this.this would be the same thing if someone were to say all black people hate whites. see where im getting at?

        • You’re not White. You turned California into a Turd World shithole.

          See what we’re getting at?

        • It’s very problematic to promote this sort of virulent anti-White hatred and toxic Gentilephobia in the current year. What do you think this is, 2015 or something?

          • Goyishe kop! Oy gevalt! We must crush these Amalekites! Who told them they could have free speech, anyway?

      • The problem isn’t Jews, its marxism. Its fair to say there are a lot of marxist Jews, perhaps a disproportionate number but blaming Jews? Marxism has infiltrated Liberalism over the past 50 years. It has created several generations of young communists who will hand over their rights and freedoms without a struggle – all for “the greater good”. But blaming it on Jews? Nah, there are many very outspoken Jews fighting against the global government, like Michael Savage, Adam Corrolla, Ezra Levant, Milo Yanoppolus, Mark Levin, etc etc etc.

        • What is interesting is the attack on Jews is rooted in the antisemitism of Socialist and those who need someone to blame. Jews lived in Europe without a problem with anyone except where someone need to blame a identifiable group for something that “blamer” was trying to avoid responsibility for.. And since Jews tended to live separate lives they were identifiable. The Internationalist and Nationalist Socialist used Jews as scapegoats, as did many people in power. To be a Jew in an Islamic controlled areas was to ask for death in many cases. Of course, Jews that rejected Judaism for Socialism have been some of the worst attackers of Jews. Remember, Karl Marx was Jewish and his family rejected him due to his being a lazy bum who refused to work and bathe (from some of the documents I have read). And we see the same patterns today in places where socialism has gotten a foothold – even in the US – where “Whites” and Jews are constantly attacked and blamed for everything bad that occurs.

          • Very sad to see people still promoting this sort of toxic, virulent semitism and Gentilephobia in the current year.

          • Socialist, Marxist, and people like them need convenient scapegoats. And Islamics do this blame game very well.

          • Why do you constantly try to undermine Judeo-Islamic unity in such a hateful manner? smh

          • “Judeo-Islamic unity”? The Islamics actively work to kill the non-Islamic and especially Jews. And pointing out the facts is not hateful. And it you are trying to be satirical you are a failure at it.

          • Well put. I think it is also because Israel and America represent capitalism – the chief target of marxists.

          • I have to agree with that. Real Capitalism has produced benefits for everyone. And Marxist don’t like that since it undermines their agenda. What is also interesting is the first group to try “Marxism/Socialism” was the Pilgrims. It almost resulted in them starving to death. Their Indian friends help save them. It is interesting when one looks at the Mayflower Compact, which is a share regardless of contribution, it was basically Marxism/Socialism”. People have also distorted the real history of the Pilgrims as well.

      • No Jew I have ever known wishes that. As for the political activists, who knows what they want.

      • That’s a lie at best and a ‘racist’ assumption at worst. Jews do not hate white people.

        • Of course Jews love gentiles. We fund their ethno-state and fight all of their wars for them. Whats not to love about that kind of relationship.

    • He’s Hispanic even though that Arrest & Booking Report from 2012 states he isn’t. I really don’t know what skin color most identify with as they DO range in skin tone from white to very dark. This guy is not white in my estimation.

      • Maybe he stole the white guy’s identity and he’s really just an illegal Mexican immigrant who bought the ID of a ex-Navy guy in Florida. The 3000 Mayport Road address is very close to the Mayport Naval Station outside of Jacksonville, FL.

        • The booking report states that as the address where the incident took place & also states it’s a public government building. I would think when he was fingerprinted if he had stolen or “bought” the ID of a former military person it would have been discovered at that time.

    • He appears to be a hispanic mulatto (black-white mixed ancestry — very common in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Central and South America.)

      • White-black mixed ancestry is not common in any of those places. The vast majority of people living in latin american countries are amerindian with some other mix, either European or African. In Chile for instance about 53% of people claim to have some European ancestry, however it is estimated that 99% of the population has some amerindian.

  • Ugh!! This turns my stomach! They don’t even try to hide the lies. They are proud & laughing at us. If a liberal saw those pics they would agree that they’re looking at white men (2+2=5). At least we are aware! Hopefully this will push us forward. It is good that we are all getting angry!

        • If your pic suggests correctly that you are an older white baby-boomer with absolutely no clue about the hellish world younger whites now have to deal with, then you have a lot of catching up to do sir.

          • From your post you are a product of the left’s inculcation of canards over many years and quit likely a dead loss to the republic. Hie yourself off to a nation where the left has already attained their desired tribal rule.

          • That’s very intolerant of you, promoting that sort of blood libel about the Right.

          • You, I am afraid, are incoherent. First a “blood libel” is a falsehood. That the left repeats endlessly their lies is a fact. You are correct in that I am extremely intolerant of the lying left and their continuing efforts at destroying the republic.

          • Wow. I am honored to be able to witness this level of Boomer-posting on one of my articles.

          • So you are stating all Europeans are anti-semitic. You are even too stupid to be a moron.

          • Very sad that intolerant people like you continue to promote this sort of ignorant, hate-filled semitism in the current year.

      • I watched this before. And each time I just get more angry! What’s worse is that so many white people hear this but literally do not pay attention!

        • The most disturbing part is the ending where she says “if Europe does not learn to be multi-cultural, then Europe will not survive.”

          The definition of dishonest Jew verbal diarrhea.

          • Right! She said it with such ease! As if it were fact!
            Is it any wonder that the world has been fooled by (((them)))?

          • They are to hypocrisy and deception what blacks are to athletics, what Asians are to social order, and what white men are to civilization.

            They seduce everyone by justifying and manipulating people’s most basic and destructive instincts, while maintaining an enclosed and elitist social environment for themselves.

            Is it any wonder that the world always discovers reason to hate (((them)))?

  • That looks real to me, although there is still a remote possibility that the footage showing the car crashing into people was faked, somehow.

    Note that there was nothing like this surveillance video for the Nice “attack” or the recent London “attack.” There was a bit of video footage for the Nice event showing a truck approaching a few pedestrians, but the camera view veers away before the truck actually hits the people, leaving the possibility that they jumped out of the way just in time.

  • Multicultural states need massive police state apparatus in order to keep everyone in line. However the moment the police state slackens as happened in Yugoslavia, the System comes tumbling down.

      • Indeed. The funny thing about the multicultural bloodbath of Yugoslavia is that all the combatants were just different groups of Slavs and their cultures were comparatively quite similar. Forcing people as different as Arabs, Blacks, Mestizos, Whites, and every other featherless biped into the same space and then forcing integration is a recipe for one of the worst conflicts ever imagined. When the police state slackens, even a little, the violence will be unparalleled.

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